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Coreix Colocation Brochure v10

Published by Coreix Ltd, 2016-02-25 16:33:19

Description: Coreix Colocation Brochure v10

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Who We Are Coreix Limited is a London based managed hosting, colocation and network services provider. It offers secure, agile, scalable and robust hosting solutions to clients in varying sectors ranging from enterprise and financial services to healthcare and government. Each of our clients has a different bespoke requirement, so we offer tailored hardware and software solutions ranging from single dedicated servers to managed multi-server clusters, as well as public and private cloud services. How we can help Coreix offers energy efficient premium colocation services from its enterprise grade datacentre facilities which are all situated within the M25. The team at Coreix offers a host of tailored solutions to clients ranging from quarter cabs to dedicated private suites from its enterprise grade secure and robust datacentre facilities. Coreix provides the ultimate hosting environment for mission critical IT services with its numerous stringent physical and network security accreditations, policies and procedures including ISO 27001 and PCI DSS. These standards help us ensure that your business does not experience even a moment of downtime.2 Fourth Floor, Refuge House, 9-10 River Front, Enfield, EN1 3SZ

COLOCATION BROCHURE0800 022 6734 [email protected] 3

Our robust andsecure datacentrefacilitiesStratford Enfield Situated within a 1.2 million sq. ft  Cooling With a capacity of 8MVA, our primary campus on Queen Elizabeth Olympic datacentre is situated within an energy Park, our newest datacentre facility will D istrict cooling and heating efficient enterprise grade 32,000 sq. ft be launching in Q2 2016. connection taken from the on-site Tier 3 facility. It provides best in class Cofely Energy Centre colocation, network connectivity and Power Supply C ooling capability is 8MW expandable disaster recovery hub for our clients. to 14MW, heating capability is 100MW T he Olympic Park is connected by 3 x F ree cooling CHW services offering an Facility and location 132KV power supplies annualised target PUE of 1.25 at 50% - 1 from the Hackney Supergrid load and above With over 32,000 sq. ft of technical - 2 from the West Ham Supergrid A SHRAE TC 9.9 compliant space, our hosting facility in Enfield T he primary substation that services offers a secure low profile for your the site is rated at 160MVA with Space mission critical infrastructure a capacity from the Supergrid of ~147MVA D ata Halls are typically 1,000sqm S ecure low-profile location with Infinity HereEast is connected by a offering ~2MW IT per Hall excellent transport links 35MVA power supply via redundant C ontainment systems are provisioned S ituated two and a half miles from power circuits (2N) to support cabinet load demands the M25 Junction 25, which is 11 miles C oncurrently maintainable M&E at low, medium and high densities from City infrastructure (40kW/cabinet) R ange of power configurations from T otal IT power is 18MW deliverable to 8A to 32A a number of Data Halls Fire Suppression On site car parking D irect rail connection to London Resilience A Fire detection, gas suppression and Liverpool Street (30 minutes) HSSD provision to all critical areas. R ack power densities 3kWatts to E lectrical infrastructure is designed P erimeter walls will have a minimum 10kWatts with N+1/2N redundancy of 1-hour fire rating with key plant C olocation services from individual M echanical infrastructure is designed rooms having minimum of 2-hour and racks through to large private data with N+1 redundancy 4-hour ratings halls Intelligent PDU’s providing power, S tatic UPS systems supported by temperature & humidity monitoring N+1 standby diesel generators with a 24x7 access, 24x7 security,24x7 minimum of 48hrs fuel reserve support helpdesk & Remote Hands capabilities C arrier Neutral - Connectivity options include; Dark Fibre, Wavelengths, VPLS & MPLS, Ethernet & IP H ot desks available with network & power points4 Fourth Floor, Refuge House, 9-10 River Front, Enfield, EN1 3SZ

COLOCATION BROCHUREO n premise network operations S ecurity` A ll personnel are processed atcentre our secure receptionF ree Wi-Fi and client facilities N on-branded facility V isual identity checksH ot and cold aisle layout B iometric entry system and processes 3 metre high perimeter fence S ecure on-site parking baysPower P rotected by a perimeter fence A ccess to the technical areas is and monitored by CCTV restricted by biometric scanningS erved by two 8MVA incoming E ach Data Hall has uniquepower supply (Active-Active) O n-site NSI Gold accredited access protocolsE ach rack is powered by a minimum 24x7x365 security personnel C CTV systems in operationof 1.5KW/m S ecurity bollards at perimeter throughout the facility2 N UPS configuration as standard M anned vehicle entry gate to siteS tandby power is provided via A ll external plant is contained F ire protectiondiesel generators that are capable within a secure compoundof providing 72 hours of continuous Z oned FM200 fire suppressionpower at full load capacity N+1 Docklands systemconfiguration D ual knock zone monitoringD iverse fibre entry into site Disaster recovery site systemsD iversity of carriers offering fully R apid discharge and localisedresilient connectivity Our disaster recovery site is an flame suppression to minimise the enterprise grade Tier 3 datacentre damage to equipment, systems andCooling which is situated in the London personal in the event of a fire Dockland’s region and is supportedC hilled water cooling infrastructure on a 24x7x365 basis by both an onsite S ecurityC ooling infrastructure is designed to technical remote hands and a securitybe concurrently maintainable management team. O nsite security teamA ll chillers and CRAC units are built C ard reader control and log accesson an N+1 configuration F acility and location to each zone restricts access toC hiller plant with free-cooling authorised personnel and pre-functionality. 114, 162 sq. of technical space authorised visitors onlyC old Aisle containment 7MV of high voltage mains power A facility wide PCI compliant CCTVC hilled water system N+1 air-cooled 2 4x7x365 onsite NOC and system monitors both internal andchillers and pumps serving the support team external areastechnical and plant areas via a ring Good transport links M ovement detectors, proximitymain circuit readers and low light functions, all P ower supported by a 90 day recordingF ire Detection and retentionSuppression 7MVA of high voltage power F ive diesel generators with 25,000C entralised N+1 water mist litres of generator fuel providing 15fire suppression system with hours on full loadVESDA detection T he facilities fuel supply isL eak detection system categorised alongside emergencyF ans and pumps controlled via services for fuel provisionvariable speed drives N +1 onsite backup power N +N UPS configuration with fullC onnectivity load autonomy for 10 minutes D iverse power feeds to each cabinetC arrier Neutral facility with M ultiple 10 Gbps DWDM MPLS Ciscoaccess to Tier 1, Tier 2 and Internet network with 100% infrastructureexchange points on site availability guaranteeA verage Power Density 1.5Kw/m2D ual A & B suppliers to all data C oolinghalls and racks2 diverse meet-me-rooms 4 x1 MW of N+1 facility coolingD iverse routing of fibre within Z oned DFU N+1 cabinet andthe data centre. aisle cooling 0800 022 6734 [email protected] 5

What makes us stand out from the crowd?Flexible terms Experienced responsive Customers will be able to scale their operations team hosting requirements with the abilityAt Coreix, we offer tailored flexible to monitor their power headroom ascontracts and solutions in order to Our experienced and qualified front appropriate using this portal.enable you as a customer to up or line technical support, datacentre,downscale your service as required. operations and network connectivity Complimentary services teams are available 24x7x365. EachRemote hands member of the team is trained in all At Coreix, we pride ourselves on aspects of managing the day to day providing best in class customer serviceOur technical services are available on operations of the colocation facilities. where each customer is treated as aboth on an ad-hoc and contracted basis The technical support team is able to valuable client no matter what timewith a five minute first response SLA offer advice on backup and restoration, of the day or night it is. As such, ouras standard. It provides customers with database optimisation, hack recovery, company offers:the reassurance that their equipment security auditing, virtualisationis being stored in the ultimate mission technologies as well as control panels O ne hour’s free remote hands servicecritical hosting environment. and web hosting technologies. every month H ot desksAs part of its bespoke remote hand Further to this, the company’s network F ree secure onsite parking baysservice, customers can request fully engineering team monitors and F ree Wi-Fimanaged colocation solutions including manages the network from its onsite 14 days free securetape backup management and storage, Network Operations Centre in Enfield. storage/build areassoftware licensing, disk to disk backup All of our network engineers are there O n demand migration serviceand offsite republication as well as to advise and assist with any client A ccess to the first line datacentrebeing able to avail of our wide array of requirement to include clustering, and network connectivity teamhardware and software solutions. emergency diagnostics, firewalls, which ensures that you as a load balancing, routing and switching customer can be reassured that your topology design and implementation. equipment is being monitored on a 24x7x365 basis. Client portal As well as this, customers are also Coreix has recently launched a real encouraged to take part in joint time client portal which enables the marketing and PR initiatives to help company to monitor overall power enhance their reputation in the utilisation across its London colocation marketplace as a best in class provider. facilities and scale future requirements. It also enables our customers to submit access requests, submit access requests and tickets, organise contracts and SLAs. Customers can also speak to their account manager, make payments and have complete visibility of their datacentre and network connectivity activity and usage including rack and bandwidth activity levels. Customers will be able to speak to the experienced technical support and network teams on a 24x7 basis.6 Fourth Floor, Refuge House, 9-10 River Front, Enfield, EN1 3SZ

COLOCATION BROCHUREDatacentre migration Our proven design and managementMigrations can often be a daunting experience capability includes:for many service providers. With over 10 years’experience in the industry, Coreix provides an Current baseline assessmentsarray of migration services to enable you to L ogical to physicalfocus on what you do best, leaving us to look infrastructure mappingafter backend operations. Computational fluid dynamics Intelligent infrastructureCoreix offers clients a dedicated account MTP/MPO optimised fibre connectivitymanager enabling them to know in real time IP securityhow their migration is progressing. It also Electrical bondingprovides access to a DCIM portal where the Intelligent lighting controlscustomer has full visibility as to where the Containment, cabinetscustomer’s hardware is. Physical network deployment M anagement/maintenance contractsOur migration package includes: and technical migrations A dedicated account and project manager S tructured copper cabling and Flexible migration terms fibre optic installation Tape rotations Containment design & installation Cabling Equipment and cabling rack build Short term storage and build facilities Electrical installation work Moves, adds and changes L ow energy LED lighting design and installation Cable and equipment recovery Equipment migration and disposal IP CCTV Range of DCIM solutions Asset ID tracking P anduit “ICE” 3D Data centre design software 0800 022 6734 [email protected] 7

Network MapsLondon Superior network World monitoring solutions Coreix has recently collaborated with Border 6 to deliver a first of its kind networking solution to customers which will look to independently audit the BGP Internet Routing table. This new service enables Coreix to be able to identify when ISPs are experiencing packet loss. This analyses the data and selects the most optimal network transit strategy for customers. DDoS Solutions Coreix has developed a robust and resilient in-house anti-DDoS solution in order to mitigate against any attacks to the network. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team - [email protected] Fourth Floor, Refuge House, 9-10 River Front, Enfield, EN1 3SZ

COLOCATION BROCHUREOur Primary DatacentresStratford Enfield London DocklandsOur newest enterprise grade Tier 4 With a capacity of 8MVA, our primary Our disaster recovery site is andatacentre launching Q2 2016 will be datacentre is situated within an energy enterprise grade Tier 3 datacentrebased in Stratford and look to be one efficient enterprise grade 32,000 sq. ft which is situated in the Londonof the most efficient facilities in London Tier 3 facility which provides best in Dockland’s region and is supportedwith an annualised target PUE of 1.25 at class colocation, network connectivity on a 24x7x365 basis by both an onsite50% load and above. It will also have a and managed hosting solutions. technical remote hands and security100% Uptime SLA offering N+1 power management team.redundancy and N+1 UPS protectionto protect against downtime.Connecting DatacentresConnectivity TechnologiesInternet Exchange PointsNetwork Extensions 0800 022 6734 [email protected] 9

Why choose Coreix?Production sites Superior diverse network connectivityWhether you are a large enterprise,financial services organisation, Coreix provides ultra-fast low latencygovernment body or a small to medium connectivity to customers via its fibresized business, your company needs network which offers access to an arrayto ensure that its servers, systems and of national and international carriersinfrastructure are secure in multiple (including three of the top five), localproduction sites away from flight paths Internet Service Providers and Internetand flood plains. This is to ensure that Exchanges. Our dedicated fibreyour organisation experiences minimal network between sites offers sub 1msdowntime. Being reliant on one site to latency for replication as well as speedsstore your infrastructure is no longer a of up to 10Gbps.viable solution for businesses.Each of our independent colocationfacilities offer diverse network pathswith onsite IP Transit. All sites are atleast ten miles apart with multipleoperators and power grids.10 Fourth Floor, Refuge House, 9-10 River Front, Enfield, EN1 3SZ

COLOCATION BROCHUREConsultation services Experienced remote hands teamAt Coreix, our experiencedmanagement and operations team It is imperative for your organisationwill work with you to understand your to know that there is an experiencedconcerns and challenges. They will put team available on-site on a 24x7x365a plan in place which offers a unique basis at each of its productionsolution for your company. We can sites. This is important to mitigateoffer solutions ranging from active- against any attacks to your networkactive global load balancing solutions which could be detrimental to yourfor your mission critical applications, company’s systems and infrastructure.through to a managed backup andrestore program for smaller projects. Uptime Guarantee (SLAs)The team at Coreix offer an array of The Coreix team answers all requestsdisaster recovery products including within a five minute period and aremanual and automatic failover available when needed. This givesincluding: you the reassurance that you’re not just a ticket number and put a solution in A n automated Disc to Disc managed place in the unlikely event that service backup solution which is stored off- is disrupted. site with managed restoration. P rovision of Hot-Spare Equipment As of 2011, the company has been able H osting in multiple datacentres to increase its uptime guarantee to within the M25 100% on both its network uptime and C onstant replication across our Metro power and infrastructure. Ethernet at up to 10Gbps A ctive-Passive site configuration with Accreditations virtualisation used on secondary site to minimise costs The company also holds an array of M ulti-Site load balancing and accreditations including: clustering for automatic failover and restoration Information Security Management A ctive-Active site configuration for (ISO 27001:2013) the most mission critical solutions Q uality Control (ISO:9001:2008) P CI DSSAdditional services G Cloud (HMG IL3) Information Governance (IG Toolkit)Coreix is able to provide an array E mployment Screeningof additional services which can be (BS7858/BPSS)tailored to your business requirementsincluding managed colocation,shared firewall, DDoS protection,load balancers, physical hardwaremigration, solution design, networkdesign, support contract and hardwarepurchasing. 0800 022 6734 [email protected] 11


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