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The PictureOfDorianGray-OscarWilde

Published by jsbbcm, 2022-11-13 22:09:50

Description: The PictureOfDorianGray-OscarWildeAddapted version for 12th grade students in a 45 minutes class.

Keywords: Reading in class,Enlglish Literature


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Storytelling Time! The picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde October, 2022

Can a name be a CLUE? D o r i a n G R AY

The story begins with Lord Henry meeting Dorian Gr ay, w ho is being painted by Basil Hallward.

Lord Henry became a bad influence to Dorian. He only valued Beauty and Hedonism.

Inspired by Lord Henr y, Dorian desired one thing: That his picture would age, instead of him.

He got his wish! So, he decided to dedicate his life to d eb a u che r y.

He made his first victim: Sybil Vane, a young actress, commited suicide because of him.She loved him, and he broke up with her. Her brother promised he would kill Dorian for revenge.

Slowly, the picture started to change. ( h t t p s : / / w w w. y o u v=s3gWHUbn2MQ It revealed his SOUL, not just a body aging.

He was so terrified, that he decided to hide the portrait in the attic..

18 years have passed. His reputation was getting worse and worse.

Basil confronted Dorian and asked him if the rumors were true. Dorian showed him the painting. What he saw, shocked him.

He tried to convince Dorian to save his soul, but it was too late. Dorian blamed Basil for everything that happened. Dorian murdered Basil.

Then, he calmly blackmailed his friend Alan Campbell. He wanted Alan to help him get rid of Basil’s body.

Remember Sybil Vane’s sister? His name was James Vane… And he still wanted vengeance!

During a hunting par ty, James Vane was “accidentally” killed. Dorian was, once again, free and safe.

He told everyone that he wanted to change his life and become a good person… … but he was cheating himself. And the painting knew.

In an act of desperation, he stabbed the painting.

The servants heard cries from the attic… … and all they found was a dead old man, and a painting with a beautiful young man!

Em colaboração com o Departamento de Línguas Agrupamento de escolas nº 2 de Serpa Biblioteca/Centro de Recursos

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