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If You Are a Nurse, Let's Learn English

Published by englisfonuph, 2021-04-26 00:49:02

Description: This essay telling about the reasons why nurses should learn English

Keywords: Communitation,Learn English,Improving skills


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If You are a Nurse, Let's Learn English Faculty of Nursing Pelita Harapan University Angeline Magdalena - Bernadete Anastasia Rachel A Leviana - Shofia K Dhosa

This essay will discuss about the reason why nursing student or even nurses must be learning English for communication or litherature

As a nurse, we need to communicate to build mutual trust between patients and nurses. In Indonesia, according to the Statistic Indonesia (2020), the number of foreign tourists coming from ASEAN countries to Indonesia throughout 2019 was 6,157,190 people. The high statistic data, certainly greatly affects many aspects that exist in Indonesia, one of which is Nursing. According to research conducted by Swedarma (2016), the role of nurses in providing nursing to tourists is still not real. Indeed, most have been very good as health care providers as well as their abilities. However, foreign language skills that become inhibition and potentially 3 times cause the service provided less. So, that's why as a nursing student need to learn English. English is an international language and it the important of causing people to use it around the world. Because English has emerged as a lingua franca in scientific and expert work (Badrov, 2017).

As we know, English is a language used as an international language where everyone of the world can communicate with someone who has a different language by using English. According to (Emaliana et al, 2020) the importance of English as an international language is needed to support it work and communicate especially as a nurse, considering that patients come from various backgrounds back includes speaking multiple languages. A nurse was sued to be able to communicate with patient fluently then ability to be able to communicate with language English is absolutely necessary to remember the patient come from various backgrounds including in speaking multiple languages.

To assuage the patient's fears and anxieties, the nurse's communication skills must be effective and flexible (Andriyanto, 2019). In addition one of the role of nurses is as a collaborator where nurses must be able to communicate and collaborate with other health staff such as doctors, nutritionists, laboratory assistants or other hospital staff because this is very important for a nurse, especially when dealing with patient problems. Thus, as a nurse candidate, Nursing Students must learn English well in order to become a nurse who has good language competence, especially if they are placed in an international hospital, it is necessary to use good and correct English communication.

In addition, there's a long-time period purpose of gaining knowledge of English for nursing students. According to Ria (2019), The healthcare specialists need to apply English so as to attend global conferences, they will upgrade their knowledge by attending international meetings, talk with global colleagues, and deal with English speaking patients which are residing, or doing commercial enterprise withinside the country. And also such a huge medical science and practice development needs further development Improve medical language. It often describes rather than defines the understanding of natural phenomena is incomplete. This is why nursing students should learn English in long term period because of the rapid medical development and many new terms that need to be quickly absorbed and understood (Abdelmajd, 2017).

As the conclusion, as a future nurse we must learn English to improve our skills in communication and to gained our knowledge over the world. Indonesia is one of the country that has a lot of tourists and its one of a lot of reasons for health workers to learn English. Moreover, in the future nurses need to gained their knowledge over the world to improves skills as a professional nurses by joining in International Conferences,talking with global colleagues, and deal with international patients

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