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Issue 9 YOUR Bucking the trend on apprenticeships Support still growing for payment reform Also in this issue BESA members to the rescue P04 SKILLcard Profile P12 First HIU test standard revised and updated P18 2018 BESA National Conference P20 @BESAGroup BESA Group

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BESA chief executive David Frise Welcome YOUR BESA - ISSUE 09 In this issue: MEMBERSHIP P04 PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE P07 REPRESENTATION P08 TRAINING P12 TECHNICAL NEWS P15 David Frise 2018 NATIONAL CONFERENCE P20 It’s all in the mind MEMBER SPOTLIGHT P24 P30 EVENTS CALENDAR 2018 Welcome to the latest issue of Your BESA. take on more work; and invest in recruitment national scandal and BESA is at the forefront As ever, the content ranges far and wide, and skills. It is also piling enormous stress of efforts to push the government to act. which is a reflection of just how much on owners and staff with record numbers We have had numerous voluntary fair payment is going on in our industry and in your of people in construction now suffering codes over the years, but when push comes Association these days. from panic attacks, anxiety, depression and to shove, the old behaviours re-surface and feelings of extreme anger. suppliers come under pressure again. 2018 is shaping up to be a year that will live long in the memory. Big changes Health Dame Judith Hackitt has called for a are coming: The Grenfell Tower inquiry ‘culture change’ on quality in the wake of is creating a whole new climate around According to the latest annual research the Grenfell tragedy and the same should competence and compliance; while the carried out by the Prompt Payment Directory apply to payment. The ‘aggressive cash continuing fallout from the collapse of (PPD), 48% of small business owners in management’ practices revealed during the Carillion must lead to a new payment construction-linked fields believe problems Carillion inquiry should disbar proponents culture (see pages 8 and 9). with cash flow had affected their mental from government contracts. health – a rise of 27% on last year. These are major issues and, set alongside We are close to legislation that will make a other meaty challenges like the skills 74% of 400 small construction firms real difference (see page 8) and there is so gap (see pages 12 and 13) and Brexit, contacted said they had already been close much momentum behind our fair payment illustrate just how demanding it is to run a to bankruptcy or liquidation this year. That is campaigns that 2018 must surely be the year business these days and why big changes 30% up on the same period last year. when we finally make that breakthrough. are what we need. Yes, Carillion has had a huge impact, but The pressure on business owners and it was not a one-off. Aggressive financial Your BESA Magazine is produced and managed managers – particularly SMEs – is almost behaviour is endemic in construction and by Open Box Media and Communications Ltd. intolerable for far too many people. There is the most damaging type of bullying. The Tel: +44 (0)121 200 7820 are huge commercial opportunities out damage extends beyond the business into Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy there for building engineering firms and people’s personal lives. of the information given, the publisher - the BESA much to be optimistic about, but many Group; or Open Box Media and Communications of our business people find themselves Hundreds of small business owners said Ltd - the production managers; cannot accept in a constant battle just to keep perfectly the knock-on effect of being paid late or liability for loss or damage arising from the information supplied. sound companies going. not at all affected their marriages; forced them to cancel family holidays; sell personal The inclusion of adverts and information herein Late payment is the biggest single factor assets; and cut the pay of their staff. Many does not in any way imply or include endorsement undermining our sector’s ability to grow; said they had considered suicide. This is a or the approval of, or from, the BESA Group. 3

MEMBERSHIP BESA members to the rescue Seven Vaughan Engineering apprentices Difficulties have been swiftly re-employed after losing As news of Vaughan’s difficulties began circulating, BESA staff their jobs following the collapse of Carillion. contacted all of the apprentices –based at the company’s divisional hq in Edinburgh – and advised them to update A number of BESA members in Scotland moved swiftly to their CVs. When the administration was confirmed and find positions for all of the apprentices after Vaughan was its 160 staff made redundant, details of all seven, who are forced into administration because of the collapse of the either in the third or fourth year of their training, were then construction giant Carillion. circulated to other BESA members in Scotland. Vaughan was owed more than £600,000 for projects already Three of the apprentices were taken on by Blantyre Park completed on behalf of Carillion and was contracted to carry (BPS) ; with one each going to Servest Arthur McKay; John G out a further £1.1 million worth of Carillion work in the first Mackintosh; James Frew; and FES. quarter of this year. The 53-year-old company’s Belfast-based operation* was not affected and continues to trade, but Ross Farrell, an apprentice taken on by BPS, thanked his new Vaughan’s businesses based in Newcastle, Manchester and employer and BESA for “helping us out through a tough time”. Edinburgh were forced to close. “I heard about my redundancy on the Tuesday; and by Friday BESA chief executive David Frise described the swift I had a new job, which shows how well both BPS and BESA re-employment of the Vaughan apprentices in Scotland as a handled our situation.” “lone bright spot in an otherwise tragic tale”. Michael Laidlaw, who is also now with BPS, said he had “There has been a string of bad news following the collapse feared his hopes of a career in the industry might be at an of Carillion and the loss of this long-established and highly end. “When I was made redundant, I was only a third year respected company is heart breaking,” said Mr Frise. “However, apprentice and thought it would take months to find a job. the speed with which fellow BESA members have moved to However, all I had to do was send in a CV to BESA and within rescue the careers of these apprentices is remarkable”. a week I had a new job with a great company.” BESA Group 4 Companies: KNOWLEDGE TRAINING

of BESA Scotland and Northern Ireland Iain McCaskey for I would like to thank BESA stepping in at a difficult time. for pointing me in the right “Iain thanks for everything you and your team have done, direction towards a new simply awesome,” they said. “The network of companies you have built in Scotland has really supported us at a time employer and also FES for of need. Being made redundant can be a very challenging giving me the opportunity to experience as I know only too well.” continue my apprenticeship. Challenging RYAN SIMPSON, FES “For a young apprentice at the start of their career this can be very challenging, which really makes the support you have provided all that more valued by us as parents. Within a matter of days, you had CVs circulated to the strong network Deborah Sands, who runs the BESA Scotland office in Penicuik, of companies and interviews scheduled which resulted in was instrumental in placing the Vaughan apprentices with positive placements for all of the apprentices. That result is new employers and Darren Raeburn, the third to join BPS was tremendous and I cannot thank you enough. very grateful. “Debs at BESA was great with the help she gave me,” he said. “It was amazing how quickly they managed to “Keep up the great work. You have not only secured my find a new company for me after what happened.” son’s career, but helped us, as parents, to sleep easier.” This is a great example of how the BESA ‘community’ is able to This is not all one-way, of course, and the employers realise they are gaining valuable new talent. pull together, according to membership director Wayne Terry. “It is often forgotten in the blizzard of headlines around major “James Frew Ltd has a thriving apprenticeship programme company insolvencies that the hopes and aspirations of and knows the value of having young talent being developed young people are at stake – and that vital skills can be lost to for the years ahead,” said the company’s operations and our industry forever,” he said. “The way member companies performance manager Brian Johnstone. “We were pleased to rallied round shows what can be achieved when we work assist with the placement of apprentices from Vaughan with together as an organisation and as an industry.” the support of BESA – and we wish all the apprentices well for the future,” he added. To become part of the BESA membership, find out more at There are also a number of relieved parents around the country, who clearly feared the worst. One, who preferred *Family-owned parent company Vaughan Group in Northern Ireland is a to remain anonymous, was particularly grateful to Head separate company which is unaffected and continues to trade strongly. 5


PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE Payment reform builds up a head of steam The payment reform campaign continues to grow and strengthen, but we still have a lot of work do. You can be assured that the Association workings of Westminster will not waste the extra time we have remain mysterious, but been given on the second reading support for long-awaited of the Aldous Bill in June. The last payment reform is now at few months have been extremely unprecedented levels. instructive about the often mysterious workings of our parliamentary 130 MPs (from all parties) and democracy and the Bill’s champion 78 trade bodies, representing Peter Aldous MP remains optimistic more than 355,000 UK (see his comments on pages 8 and 9). businesses, are now behind the Aldous Bill. This is an BESA President Tim Hopkinson So, we are far from downhearted and extraordinary coalition – the remain excited by the progress being most powerful ever seen made on the vital issue of payment on the issue of late and reform. In fact, the postponement gives unfair payment. It includes These figures show just why the us valuable extra time to keep building highly influential organisations such work being led by Peter Aldous is so support for the cause and, in this, our as the Institute of Directors and the important and the level of support work with the Specialist Engineering Federation of Small Businesses as well shows that momentum is now clearly Contractors’ (SEC) Group as industry associations from right behind payment reform. is proving invaluable. across the construction spectrum (see report on pages 8 and 9). Thank you to all of those members I was delighted to present one of the who took the trouble to contact their industry’s top honours – the BESA Gold We all have a common goal and are MPs about this issue and to urge their Award – to SEC Group chief executive determined that small businesses, support for the Bill. We still need BESA Rudi Klein and chairman Trevor in particular, should never again members to write to their local MPs Hursthouse at this year’s H&V News suffer in the same way so many urging them to support the Bill and Awards. This accolade recognises that have from a major contractor help it get through the vote. Your efforts we would not have been able to reach insolvency like Carillion. will not be wasted and, whatever the this point – tantalisingly close to much progress of the Bill, it is getting harder needed legislation – without their Our political work has been given and harder for the government to ignore dogged determination and expertise extra impetus because business the growing clamour for change. over many years. failures across the construction sector soared by more than 73% in the first If you want to write to your local The Bill, which seeks to ensure quarter of this year. The collapse MP to support the Aldous Bill, retentions money owed to sub- of Carillion, which was holding download our letter template from contractors is protected from £800m in unpaid retentions to sub- misuse and loss, was given another contractors, was a huge contributor, possible reading date of June 15. but the research (from Creditsafe) also However, further postponements revealed that bad debts, in general, Follow Tim on Twitter: are very possible as the internal leapt by 66% in the same period. @BESAPresident 7

REPRESENTATION Support still growing for payment reform The decision to postpone the second reading This issue was given added urgency by the revelation that of the ‘Aldous Bill’ means BESA’s public affairs business failures across the construction sector soared by team has had more time to build support for more than 73% in the first quarter of this year. The collapse lasting change to unfair payment practices. of Carillion, which was holding £800m in unpaid retention monies to sub-contractors, was a huge contributor to this surge in insolvencies and has given added impetus to BESA’s The Bill, which seeks to ensure retentions money owed to campaign against late payment. sub-contractors is protected from misuse and loss, was re-scheduled to be put before the House of Commons on The research from Creditsafe also revealed that bad debts in June 15 following its postponement from April. construction, as a whole, leapt by 66% in the same period. BESA helped to draft the Bill and has been instrumental in Shocking galvanising pan-industry and widespread political support for its payment reform ambitions. Those efforts continue to “These figures are truly shocking and show just why the work bear fruit and, at the last count, 160 MPs and 80 trade bodies being led by Peter Aldous is so important,” said BESA’s public (representing almost 500,000 businesses) have given their affairs and policy manager Alexi Ozioro. backing to the Bill championed by Peter Aldous MP. “However, momentum is now clearly behind reform and “Industry support for the reform of outdated payment the Aldous Bill has generated a tremendous level of political systems is at unprecedented levels,” said Mr Aldous. and industry support,” he said. “The campaign continues to “Construction is an essential underpinning of our lives and develop and strengthen, but we have a lot of work to do and work, and we need to support the industry and especially the extra two months gives us a great chance to further grow SMEs to ensure future growth and prosperity.” the support for change.” BESA Group 8 Companies: KNOWLEDGE TRAINING

He said that levelling the playing field would mean small firms are not continually “forced to go cap-in-hand to large contractors”. “Ironically, we were ahead of the game on this issue back in 1993 when Sir Michael Latham carried out his first review of the construction industry,” said Mr Aldous. “If his proposals had been adopted back then we would not have to be doing this now.” The Aldous Bill has support from right across the political spectrum and a future Labour government would legislate on the issue, according to the shadow minister for small business Bill Esterson. He told an industry meeting at the House of Lords that unsecured debts were crippling many SMEs in construction supply chains. He also attacked the current government’s record on enforcing late payment legislation and for its “lack of oversight and corporate governance” during the run up to the collapse of Carillion that has left up to 30,000 other businesses with financial problems. “There is already legislation in place to ensure government clients pay their prime contractors within 30 days, but it also says they must make sure money due to sub-contractors is passed promptly onto the supply chain,” said Mr Esterson. “The sad fact is that many contractors will not get paid anything at all following [the collapse of] Carillion.” Appetite “There is a real appetite in Westminster to change this now, but if this government fails to act; you can be assured that the next Labour government will.” BESA chief executive David Frise was part of a group of senior Mr Esterson also praised the work of the industry leaders representing Specialist Engineering Contractors’ (SEC) more than 355,000 businesses, Group in promoting the use of Project Bank who joined Mr Aldous to present Accounts, which he said had been adopted a petition on late payment to the in Scotland, Ireland and Wales to improve Prime Minister in April. cash flow in construction supply chains. “ So why not here in England?” he asked. Mike Cherry, chair of the Federation of Small Business, He was speaking at the annual CIBSE Patrons along with his counterpart Brian lunch, hosted by Lord Martin O’Neill of Berry at the Federation of Master Builders and the director Clackmannan, who told the audience, including BESA members general of the Institute of Directors Stephen Martin, joined and staff, that main contractors were relying on “your charity in the David and ECA chief executive Steve Bratt in accompanying form of retentions and refuse to cough up when they should”. Mr Aldous to 10 Downing Street. He said the impact this had on companies’ cash flow was directly “This is the largest coalition on fair payment ever and we affecting their ability to invest in training and recruitment. are stepping up the pressure,” Mr Aldous told a large group of supporters in Parliament Square. “We have a golden opportunity to improve the industry for the better, level It is vital for everyone in the industry to write to their local MP to the playing field for SMEs and protect thousands and support the Bill. The more MPs who support it, strengthens the thousands of jobs. The industry loses around £1m for vote in Parliament. You can write to your local MP by downloading each working day, mostly from SMEs.” our letter template from 9


SKILLcard PROFILES 2018 marks the Government’s ‘Year of Engineering’ campaign to actively encourage young people to choose a career in our industry. To help showcase the wealth of jobs and opportunities available in the UK engineering services industry we have created a series of profiles on our cardholders. If you would like to feature as one of our SKILLcard profiles, please email [email protected] SKILLcard Profile ‘YEAR OF ENGINEERING’ > NAME: BOB HURLEY > COMPANY NAME: RETAIL ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS > JOB TITLE: DIRECTOR > SKILLCARD TYPE/COLOUR: YELLOW > HOW LONG HAVE YOU WORKED IN THE ENGINEERING SERVICES INDUSTRY? 37 years. > HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE ENGINEERING SERVICES INDUSTRY? Like many, by fate. I felt I was drifting in 6th Form so wanted to leave School and go to a T echnical College. There just happened to be a vacancy on the Refrigeration Course at my local college, so I went for it. > BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR: After 26 years at T esco I set up my own consultancy firm, Retail Engineering Solutions. Focusing on the retail area looking at product development, energy efficiency, cabinet testing, store lighting and retailer engagement. > WHAT DOES YOUR CURRENT JOB ROLE INVOLVE? As a Refrigeration Consultant my work is varied, ranging from visiting manufacturers of cabinets, to advising on maintenance friendly features and cabinet temperature testing in laboratories. I visit sites to review issues such as new installation snagging, assist in product development TO FIND OUT and support companies with tenders and product reviews. ABOUT THE TYPES OF SKILLcard AVAILABLE > WHAT IS THE BEST ASPECT OF YOUR JOB? VISIT: The fact that it is varied and makes a difference environmentally; there is never a dull day. > WHAT SURPRISES OTHER PEOPLE THE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? The potential of a career in refrigeration just surprises people. This career has allowed me to live in Poland for two years and travel extensively around the world, always working to reduce environmental impact. > ARE THERE ANY HIGH PROFILE PROJECTS THAT YOU / YOUR COMPANY HAVE WORKED ON THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO MENTION? I continue to work on food safety and energy efficiency - a significant project was Bang Pra in Thailand - the first carbon zero retail store in Asia. Small charge hydrocarbon refrigeration with water loop, that is still working well today and winner of an RAC Magazine International Award. Recently, I was at the Williams F1 ‘Advanced Engineering Centre’, as I have started to do some work with Aerofoil, which is an energy saver for chilled cabinets and they partner with Williams for their advanced CFD capability. I recently published an article on this topic in the ACR Journal. > ARE THERE CERTAIN SKILLS YOU THINK PEOPLE NEED FOR YOUR TYPE OF ROLE? An enquiring mind and an interest in what makes things work. Also, good communication and an understanding that to be able to do ‘the service work’ (on the tools) as well as the office work will make you a fully rounded individual who really understands your profession. > ARE CERTAIN QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED? These have increased as with most jobs and there are specialised centres of learning for refrigeration, on leaving school a reasonable attainment at maths and English will help but are not essential. Drive and interest can overcome a gap in exam certificates. > WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE SOMEONE LOOKING TO GET INTO OUR INDUSTRY? Try to work on the tools before moving into the office, even if you have been to University. You will have a better understanding of refrigeration and an edge on your ‘office only’ colleagues, as well as being guaranteed job opportunities for life - not bad in the modern world. > COMPANY WEBSITE ADDRESS: 11

TRAINING BESA bucking trend on apprenticeships Applications for BESA apprenticeships are hitting new highs despite complaints about the Apprenticeship Levy, according to BESA’s training director Tony Howard. A 25% fall in apprenticeship starts this year was a bitter were struggling to access the funding and that much of the blow to the government’s plans for creating three million training on offer by the 2,500 recognised providers was not new apprentices by 2020 and led to heavy criticism of fit for purpose. However, we think the government is, more the Apprenticeship Levy. However, BESA has seen a 27% or less, on the right track and deserves to be given time to increase in applications for its New Standard apprenticeship get this right. courses – so something is going right. “The figures are disappointing, but apprenticeships are The Department for Education (DfE) revealed that new going through a time of unprecedented change,” said BESA apprenticeships had dropped to 194,100 in the first half President Tim Hopkinson. “It is not just the Levy itself that of the current academic year, but said the success of its is at fault – employers are finding the changes challenging strategy could not be properly judged until the full year’s and too many training providers still deliver courses that are figures are released in November. simply not relevant to the modern workplace. Business leaders were scathing and the CBI called for the “SMEs, in particular, are just starting to get their heads Apprenticeship Levy to be scrapped. Many SMEs said they around how the funding from the Levy works – and the BESA Group 12 Companies: KNOWLEDGE TRAINING

impact of larger employers passing on a share of their funds to supply chain partners has not kicked in yet. That could be a game-changer,” he added. Targeted The government needs to get behind the whole principle of training designed by employers for employers. This is the model for the New Standard apprenticeships, which are just getting up and running and need to be backed up by more fleet-footed course providers willing to offer practical and targeted training. That is where the DfE could intervene. Rather than scrapping the Levy, which is designed to raise £3bn a year to fund the training of a new generation of skilled workers, there should be renewed focus on making sure employers can access the funds. The DfE could make the system more flexible by increasing funding to the training providers able to deliver specific courses for the industries in most need. Currently, employers are restricted to a relatively small number of large organisations able to provide non levy- funded apprentice training on programmes that employers evidently don’t want – and many of those do not cater for specialised industries like building engineering services. Employers are frustrated by this, but we are still dealing with a record number of enquiries from companies of all sizes Myth wanting apprentices. We have also seen a 27% increase in new apprentices signing up to our New Standard courses. The aim of our careers video, developed with members, is to encourage more people into the building services sector. The Employers can see the potential in the new training video seeks to dispel the myth that this is a ‘dirty’ industry and approach so, given time, the situation will improve and it showcases the wealth of career opportunities on offer. the fact that final ‘end point’ assessment of candidates has been revamped is another positive. The process is now Senior executives, managers and apprentices have all been more meaningful and geared towards life-long learning. interviewed on film and all repeat the message: “A job in It also provides real evidence that the apprentice has the building services is the start of a career for life”. knowledge, skills and behaviours to operate as part of a The new apprenticeship standards pathway enables those modern workforce. who start their career as a Level 2 apprentice to work their Our model is for apprentices – of all ages and all stages of way up through Levels 3, 4 and onto an apprenticeship their careers – to have a qualification for life that can be degree and even a masters qualification. You no longer need easily updated. Employers were naturally distrustful of the to go to university and end up with a gigantic student debt. previous system that used to focus on a lot of untargeted repeat training, but the New Standard schemes are changing all that. They are introducing apprenticeships A big thank you to our members who have taken part in that deliver relevant and practical skills – and can evolve as the BESA Careers Film: E Poppleton & Son, End Systems, markets and technologies change. FG Alden, Pro Ductclean and Tree Building Services. The apprenticeships are also available to people of all ages Watch this space for the news of the movie premier and all and different stages of their career – or even those looking those industry stars on the red carpet…well, at least, look for a complete career change – and this is one of the out for it on the BESA website and social media. messages contained in our new film. Yes, BESA has gone into the movie business. 13


TECHNICAL NEWS Asthma shock puts IAQ experts on full alert The UK has one of the worst make a major difference and reduce the asthma rates in Europe, number of people referred to hospital according to research suffering from asthma attacks. published on the recent This will be one of the messages the World Asthma Day. BESA Indoor Air Quality group will highlight during National Clean Air Day In the past five years, we have seen a rise on June 21 - of 20% in deaths related to asthma, which puts the UK fourth from bottom of the BESA staged a highly successful event European list and just ahead of Estonia, during last year’s day and this became Spain and Cyprus. Our death rate is 50% a platform to press for wider national higher than the EU average. recognition of the pollution issues linked to buildings. An estimated five million people suffer from asthma in the UK, including a very The issue is now receiving high level high number of children, but it is still not political attention: An early day motion treated as a serious health condition in was submitted by Helen Hayes MP for a “It is marvellous to see MPs recognising the many parts of the country. debate in parliament that recognises the British public’s concerns about air quality public’s desire for guidance on how to and the important role of the Clean Air Day Rising air pollution is clearly a tackle air pollution. It also proposes that campaign in providing public guidance to contributory factor and the building Clean Air Day becomes the vehicle to tackle air pollution,” said Chris Large from services industry is trying to raise disseminate information to the public in Global Action Plan, which organises the day. awareness of the fact that measures to the absence of any central, government- improve indoor air quality (IAQ) could backed resource. Welcome to Altecnic, BESA Affiliate Scheme a BESA Bronze Affiliate Are you a supplier, manufacturer or service provider supporting Established near Stafford since 1987, Altecnic has positioned the building services industry? Do you want to gain exclusive itself as the leading provider of high-quality heating and access to 1,000 BESA members and industry experts? plumbing products for the commercial and domestic markets. Join the BESA Affiliate Scheme to receive benefits tailored to As part of the Caleffi Group, its Italy based manufacturing your business needs including: partner and parent company, they have continuously developed over 30 years in the business, precision products to satisfy the needs of a wide range of industry sectors such as trade merchants, original equipment manufacturers, engineers and specifiers, while complying with all UK and BE SEEN BE HEARD LEARN MORE European industry legislation and standards. • Your BESA magazine • Regional meetings • Take advantage of • The BESA Book • Specialist Groups discounts for technical Altecnic’s specialist renewables division provides professional • Affiliate Directory • Regional Training Awards standards & publications • Award winning website • National Conference & • Subscribe to SFG20 at installers with the latest solar, geothermal and biomass • Award winning e-news Awards discounted rates of up technology, and their commitment to significantly investing in • Social media • Public Sector Forums to 10% new technology has brought innovative products to market. Altecnic are the first business in its industry to be a CarbonNeutral® company, and proud to be ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and 18001:2007 certified, as well as a To find out more about which Affiliate Scheme is right for Chartered Member of the HWA – Hot Water Association. you, please email [email protected] 15



TECHNICAL NEWS UK’s first HIU test The test regime calculates the annual volume weighted return standard revised temperature (VWART) from the HIU and provides evidence of compliance with other performance and reliability metrics, such as domestic hot water response time. and updated Following feedback from manufacturers and as part of the revision process part of the revision process, the Steering Group overseeing the Test Regime has been expanded The UK’s first Test Regime for Heat Interface and a technical sub-committee – comprising of industry Units (HIUs), which is managed by BESA experts and three test houses – has been set up. It will make and developed by an industry led Steering recommendations to the Steering Group on developing the Group, is being revised and updated in standard, including a planned expansion of the regime. HIU Manufacturers’ forum has also been established and response to growing demand from the had its first meeting in London on May 9. district heating industry. The HIU Test Regime allows developers of UK heat networks to procure HIUs based on comparative performance data for the first time. There has also been a significant response from manufacturers and the results of six of the tests have been published and are available on the BESA website ( HIUs extract heat from district heating networks to feed individual buildings and dwellings. How they perform is central to the overall efficiency of a district scheme. The revision aims to improve the consistency of outcomes so that more test houses can offer the Standard. Three test houses took part in the revision process and are currently undertaking “One of the Standard’s great strengths is that it has been tests using a ‘reference HIU’ to ensure consistent results. developed by users, for users,” said UK HIU Steering Group chair, Gareth Jones. “It provides users with a clear basis on which to Comprehensive evaluate HIU performance and is rapidly becoming the default The BESA Standard originally emerged from a heat network point of reference for those making procurement decisions efficiency research project supported by the Department within the industry. for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. Testing to the Standard is helping to create a comprehensive product “As a result, HIU manufacturers must now ensure that their HIUs database and improve performance of UK heat networks. perform well and we are seeing a significant increase in R&D. Ultimately this raising of standards will help improve the health It is modelled on a well-established Swedish methodology, of the heat network industry as a whole.” which is being adapted to suit typical UK operating conditions, and makes it possible to compare products and equipment For timings for the release of the revised standard and types so that network designers can evaluate the performance clarification on the process being undertaken with the Test of individual HIUs against their design parameters. Houses visit : BESA Group 18 Companies: KNOWLEDGE TRAINING


BESA NATIONAL CONFERENCE Engineering the Future EXPERT SPEAKERS • INNOVATIVE EXHIBITIONS • PANEL DISCUSSIONS SPECIALIST GROUPS • SECTOR GUIDANCE • INDUSTRY DEBATES Headline Sponsor BESA Conference will enter ‘uncharted waters’ The second annual BESA Conference A range of expert speakers and political will shine a spotlight on payment commentators will help delegates focus on the actions companies, of all sizes, should be taking. reform; the likely economic impact They will challenge contractors to consider whether of Brexit; and the massive technical they are ready for the likely upheaval caused implications of the Grenfell review. by radical changes to the Building Regulations; a shifting financial situation that could disrupt construction markets; and the impact of political The BESA National Conference, which takes decisions taken both here and abroad. place at the Park Plaza Victoria hotel in London on November 1, will focus on how building “The ability to demonstrate competence and engineering firms can win profitable work and compliance is even more important when the deliver high quality projects against a hugely market enters uncharted waters – as it will do disrupted economic and technical backdrop. next year,” said BESA chief executive David Frise. BESA Group 20 Companies: KNOWLEDGE TRAINING

“Therefore, our conference will focus heavily on technical excellence with guidance on how firms can develop the range of skills they need to compete and thrive.” There will be specific technical sessions dedicated to key market areas including fire safety; ventilation hygiene; air quality; and digital construction. The BESA Conference will also have detailed sessions on late payment, project finance and legal matters – alongside the very latest updates on apprenticeships, skills and recruitment. The expanding healthcare and residential sectors will be examined in some detail as will wider issues like diversity and mental health. There will also be ‘meet the buyer’ sessions with key clients and specifiers. More details of speakers and topics will be released in due course, but early bird delegate packages and exhibition areas can be reserved now by visiting We would like to say a big thank you to our headline sponsor Milwaukee. They have been an avid supporter throughout our regional awards by providing toolkits for our apprentice winners so we would like to thank them for their continued support. 21

THE BESA BOOK 2018 Download the free BESA Mobile App! The BESA Book is used extensively by clients and end users as an integrated one-stop approach to the procurement of building and engineering services and is available to download on the mobile app. Our enhanced digital edition is now open to all our customers giving all of the benefits of digital marketing and social media which play an Search for the BESA increasingly important role in marketing and business communications to:- l Build relationships l Build loyalty l Reinforce your brand l Connect you with on-the-go customers l Give you tools that are driving the “New App Economy” l Update and expand information every month l Enhance your social networking strategies l Increase exposure across mobile devices l Increase your visibility l Increase your accessibility l Use video With functions like video, image carosels, scrolling text and rich media you can constantly add to and update your company’s message and interact with your clients. Please contact the Publishers, Open Box M&C, who will be delighted to advise you on how best to take advantage of these opportunities. OpenBox media+ communication Regent Court , 68 Caroline Street Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham B3 1UG e. [email protected] t. + 44 (0)121 200 7820 BESA Group 22 Companies: KNOWLEDGE TRAINING


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT No dinner for He is introducing a greater level of automation into the way the company produces its post-clean reports so that duct cleaners the documents coming back from site are already in an editable format. This will help streamline the process and support further expansion but will also be very beneficial for our customers and their insurance records. The company joined BESA almost as soon as it was founded because Mr Smith “wanted the credibility of being associated with the people who set the standards”. “There were a lot of cowboys in the market at that time and we knew we needed to rise above all that.” His experience in computer sales at IBM gave him “great corporate training”, and Pro-duct Clean now provides vent hygiene services and fire damper testing for many of the country’s best-known retail and hotel brands. “We operate at the end of the market where it is not all about cheapest price,” he says. “These companies want a proper, professional service, but even some of them fell victim to cowboys in the past. Because ductwork is out of sight, too many people got away with not doing the job properly.” Nigel Smith says that when he worked for We wanted the credibility IBM, invitations to dinner parties came in of being associated with the quite regularly, but since setting up his people who set the standards. own ventilation hygiene business, they seem to have dried up. NIGEL SMITH, MD PRO-DUCT CLEAN The managing director of Colchester and London-based Pro-duct Clean has few illusions about the lack of glamour The situation across the sector has improved markedly in in what his company does. In fact, they make no secret of it recent years and more firms are adhering to the stipulations on the company website: of the industry-recognised standard TR/19 created, “We know that what we do is not at the top of everyone’s maintained and published by BESA. agenda, but we also know the consequences of the job not “BESA has really upped its game in this area and we are being done correctly. We care about what we do and seeing a lot more compliant cleans,” says Nigel. “There we ensure we get the job done right first time, for are still between 10 and 12 fires every week in your complete peace of mind.” London that start in kitchen extract systems. Mr Smith started the firm from scratch Commercial kitchen users are acutely aware 14 years ago and today it employs 30 of the risks and the compelling insurance people and has an annual turnover reasons to get their systems cleaned. of £1.3m. It grew by 20% last year “We know this is a dull job, but we do it well and Mr Smith expects a similar level – and our clients appreciate the fact that we of expansion in 2018 as the demand get this compliance issue off their desk.” for kitchen extract and ductwork cleaning continues to grow. Flash - the company mascot “We could grow faster, but I will only If you would like to take part in our expand at a rate that allows us to maintain Member Spotlight feature, please email our current level of customer service,” he says. [email protected] BESA Group 24 Companies: KNOWLEDGE TRAINING



Have you ever stopped to ask whether you are getting value for money from the fees you pay to your pension administrator; and whether you are getting good – and personal – service? And what about charges? too much time on this when it could be spent more productively on your core business. Welplan Pensions is able When it comes to charges, not all pension schemes are equal - to provide this service. a number of schemes charge set-up fees, which will also apply if an existing scheme is transferred to a new provider. Some For any enrolment scheme, but especially when moving schemes also charge fees of as much as £50 per member per schemes, it is not unreasonable to ask the scheme month so the costs can really ramp up. administrator to provide things like template letters, which Welplan Pensions gives employers access to. Or to offer When there are schemes in the market with cheaper fees a fully automated process for uploading member details, (and in some cases, no, employer fees), it can pay to consider which again, Welplan Pensions offer. It is important that the moving. Welplan Pensions, developed specifically for the operation is kept simple so staff are not tied up for hours on building services sector, does not charge employers any fees. unproductive activities like trying to upload data. Monitoring performance The Pensions Regulator lists those schemes on its website that have achieved the ICAEW Master Trust Assured status Employees will also want to be able to see how their pension (AAF 02/07), which indicates the highest standards of funds are performing – so it is important that your provider governance and administration. allows them to check online how their hard-earned cash is building up for their retirement 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Welplan Pensions is one of only 13 master trusts to be Welplan Pensions provides this functionality for all employees, listed on the Regulator’s site and it also holds a Defaqto enabling them to check investment performance, fund 5 Star rating, which is the highest achievable. Being selection and contribution levels. listed as ‘Pension Quality Mark Ready’ is another good way for employers to rate a scheme as this measures Consolidation of Legacy Schemes communications and governance. Welplan Pensions holds Some employers have built up a number of pension schemes that status too. over the years and are now considering consolidating them with one provider. If you are in this position as an employer, If you are considering moving your workplace pension moving to one provider can considerably cut down on admin scheme visit or call our friendly team time and cost – after all, you don’t really want to be spending on 0800 195 8080 to find out more. 27

AT THE HEART OF THE HVAC INDUSTRY ATTEND HEAR MEET DISCOVER CPD accredited the latest top HVAC brands 10,000 Innovative workshops about improvements on including Daikin, products and Building Safety Air Quality at the Eltex and Discrete services from over and Wellbeing HVAC Theatre Hub Heat and more 650 exhibitors FREE TO PART OF EXHIBITORS INCLUDE: ATTEND PART OF 2018 UK CONSTRUCTION WEEK 2018 9-11 OCTOBER NEC BIRMINGHAM BESA Group 28 Companies: KNOWLEDGE TRAINING

UK CONSTRUCTION WEEK ADVERTORIAL Evolution gathers pace Much has been written about how the Hackitt Review and the demise of Carillion will impact on the construction industry, an impact which will no doubt reverberate for many years to come. What the industry does next will be under immense scrutiny and AR, modern methods of construction as well as many – more than it has ever felt before. No one can argue that other technologies & innovations. This is our chance to fundamental reform is critical on retentions and building show the next generation as well as the educators that regulations and the industry must be seen to adapt quickly construction is at the forefront of the design and tech to them. However, this should also be seen as a massive revolution, and that a career in the built environment is opportunity for the sector. The spotlight will remain on exciting, dynamic, rewarding and allows you to play an construction for some time yet, I think we can all agree, at a influential role in shaping our world of tomorrow. time of great transformation. BESA members have an Building more efficiently and incredibly important role quicker, making our buildings The future of construction to play in this theme, at the smarter and sustainable, and theme will showcase heart of UK Construction improving quality are all now Week. The kind of innovations imperative, not options. We need digital construction, 3D and products that will the skills and new talent to do this printing, robotics, AI, capture the imagination and that requires us to portray this of trade professionals and exciting industry in all its glory. and AR, and the modern the next generation alike So for this year’s UK Construction methods of construction. will come from innovations Week, our theme for 2018 is in how we maintain our designed to show the industry buildings, the new innovative in the innovative and pioneering products we will have to light it should be shown. The future of construction theme do this and how regulation will improve efficiency and will showcase digital construction, 3D printing, robotics, AI, safety. We will be staging a number of CPD workshops to help keep BESA members up to speed on these aspects of their day-to-day job. This year’s event will be inspiring to see, and I hope that BESA members will also be inspired, as well as benefiting from a whole load of thought leadership and workshops. Whatever your role in this industry, you really do need to be there, networking, learning, being inspired and shaping the future together. UK Construction Week (9-11 October, NEC) is the UK’s largest construction event and consists of nine shows including the Build Show, Timber Expo, Civils Expo, Plant & Machinery Live, Energy 2018, Building Tech Live, Surface & Materials Show and HVAC 2018 and Grand Designs Live. To register your free place visit 29

EVENTS CALENDAR 2018 EXHIBITIONS AND CONFERENCES Facilities Show Tuesday 19 -Thursday 21 June - Excel, London & Public Sector Show 2018 Tuesday 26 June - Excel, London Healthcare Estates Management Conference: The future of health infrastructure Tuesday 10 July - AJ Bell Stadium, Salford ConstructionLine Meet the Buyer Tuesday 4 September - Bolton Whites Hotel, Bolton ConstructionLine Meet the Buyer Thursday 20 September - Allianz Park, London National Conference & Awards: Engineering the Future Thursday 1 November - Park Plaza Victoria, London & UK Construction Week Friday 9 - Sunday 11 November - NEC, Birmingham & CIBSE - Build2Perform Tuesday 27 & Wednesday 28 November - Olympia, London To book or for more information on any of our events, please visit BESA Group 30 Companies: KNOWLEDGE TRAINING


1MW Penthouse power, OUTPUT 1m 2 box room footprint FOOTPRINT OUR SMALLEST FOOTPRINT, HIGH OUTPUT CONDENSING GAS BOILER The very best in design • Precision-engineered aluminium heat exchanger and components delivering designed for reliability and optimum efficiency maximum power while • Low NOx (<40mg/kWh) and up to 97% gross seasonal efficiency saving valuable space. • Identical gas and water connections on all models simplify design and pipework How much space could you save? 01202 662500 | [email protected] | @heatingatwork SUPPORT BRITISH MANUFACTURING 6321_Ham upton ph2 BESA 210x297 V1.indd 1 18/08/2017 15:22

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