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CCLS Customer Service Overview

Published by Chester County Library System, 2018-08-03 15:24:34

Description: CCLS Customer Service Overview Learning Module


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CCLS Customer Service: An Overview Rev. 2018 EMA

Notes about this Learning Module • Please review the links to documents and websites in this module. Information in these references could be part of the final quiz! • The Quiz button will take you to the module quiz. • The Fill Out CE Form button will take you to the CE form. • Directions for navigating the module plus printing and saving your quiz results: User Guide Any other questions? Please email the Staff Development Coordinator 2

What you will Learn … • How your actions and behaviors contribute to positive library experience for patrons. 3

QUIZ • There is a 10 point quiz at the end of this learning module. • You need to get 100% on the quiz to get credit for completing the learning module. 4

Customer Service The member libraries of the Chester County Library System are a key community resource. Our libraries are safe places where people can find the materials and information they need for life, work and pleasure. 5

Essential to libraries achieving their mission is: EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE Five Stars for five areas that support Excellent service! 6

I build strong relationships and create customers for life. I anticipate and fulfill each customer’s needs. I am responsible for providing an inviting and comfortable library. I continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve the library experience for the customer. 7

The highest level of customer service is attained when you demonstrate certain attitudes, habits, knowledge, skills and values. The Chester County Library System has identified nine Customer Service Core Competencies: • Communication, • Customer Service • Ethics and Values • Flexibility • Learning and Personal Growth • Library Savvy • Policies and Procedures • Services • Teamwork Let’s look a little more closely at each of the nine areas! 8

Communication Clear and effective communication is the basis for success in your relations with co-workers and customers. Communication is integral to customer service. It is important that we greet customers promptly and in a approachable manner to make each feel welcomed. 9

• Presenting ideas clearly and concisely • Fostering an inclusive, affirming and respectful climate of communication • Practicing the techniques of active listening and asking open-ended questions • Understanding of the perceptions, perspectives and communication styles of different audiences • Selecting appropriate communication strategies to manage conflict constructively • Using negotiation skills to achieve acceptable outcomes 10

Customer Service Customer service is every bit as important in the library as it is in the other settings. While there are some differences between library services and a commercial enterprise, the behaviors and expectations of the people you serve are universal. 11

• Treating each customer in a welcoming, professional manner • Serving each customer at their level of need • Maintaining a calm, professional manner in difficult situations • Maintaining a clean, safe and attractive environment 12

Ethics and Values The library plays a crucial role in society and the community. Library ethics and values have been carefully formulated to fulfill the commitments of intellectual freedom, confidentiality and freedom of information and to guide the practices of everyone who works here. 13

• Treating everyone with honesty, respect and fairness to build an environment of trust • Embracing diversity • Reading the Library Bill of Rights and ALA Code of Ethics, and understanding their relevance to library service • Knowing, understanding and following the system’s confidentiality policy • Understanding and promoting intellectual freedom and freedom of information • Understanding the importance of lifelong learning and actively participating in continuing education 14

Flexibility The ability to adapt to a changing environment in a positive manner is essential to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. You should be exploring ways to meet these changing needs. If a customer has a need and we don’t have a ready-made solution, you need explore possible options to meet those needs. 15

• Accepting change and to adapting with curiosity and enthusiasm • Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of challenges and unanticipated changes • Exploring and adopting new technologies for their potential to deliver new ideas, products and services • Contributing to a problem-solving environment and works toward mutually acceptable solutions regardless of position 16

Learning and Personal Growth No matter what position you occupy or what your career future holds, lifelong learning and continual improvement will enrich your professional path and your life. It is important that you pursue learning in multiple formats and practice self-directed learning. 17

• Formulating personal career goals, identifies learning needs and creates a learning plan to achieve them • Understanding and using resources and strategies for keeping up with new ideas and technologies • Applying new knowledge and sharing best practices, research and experiences with colleagues • Practicing ongoing self improvement in response to feedback 18

Library Savvy Providing library services to the community is no easy task, given the diversity of needs and interests to be met. It is essential that you know how to use the basic resources available to our customers and are aware of the wide range of services and programs offered by your library. Take time to review the many resources of the Chester County Library System! 19

• Knowing how to use the system catalog, core library databases, email, and internet search engines • Understanding the basic aspects of library operations: reference service, circulation (including interlibrary loan) , collection development, and the classification systems used in one’s own library • Understanding the role of libraries in society, both in general and in the particular community • Understanding how local libraries are governed and funded and the relationship of the library to the local municipality. • Knowing about the CCLS and the services it provides customers and member libraries 20

Policies and Procedures Policies and procedures help us to be effective and efficient in our relationships with our customers. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures your library has in place. Find out where you can locate them should you need to refer to them. 21

• Applying local and system-wide policies and procedures • Knowing and understanding the Chester County library System mission and vision 22

Services Relying on past reputation and word- of-mouth appreciation from customers is not enough to ensure that our community is aware of the breadth of our services. It is important that you know what services and programs your library provides so you can communicate this information to the public. Partner libraries throughout the System offer a wide variety of unique services from processing passport applications, to notary public service, to meeting rooms and film discussions. Learn what special services your library offers 23

• Communicating local library and system-wide services to customers 24

You must interact productively with others in order to accomplish your own and the library’s goals. Master these teamwork competencies and you have a recipe for success for both you and the library! • Acknowledging the strengths and contributions of others • Contributes to a collaborative and collegial work environment • Sharing new knowledge and expertise with colleagues • Assisting with the maintenance of an attractive, orderly and clean library • Knowing to whom to turn for assistance when a customer’s technical needs exceed the staff member’s knowledge or abilities • Taking responsibility for actions and adjusts when needed • Understanding and applies effective conflict resolution strategies • Managing time well to deliver work on time 25

Our Customer Service Values • We provide equal and unfettered access to all regardless of individual abilities or differences. • Inclusion, multiculturalism, and engagement are hallmarks of the library’s collections, programs and services. • We provide targeted services for customers of different ages. • We respond quickly to the requests and concerns of our customers – both internal and external. 26

• We design policies, programs and services based on what residents actually want and need rather than on staff or library competencies or convenience. • Our collections, programs and services are innovative and creative. • We continuously assess the changing requirements of the community and respond with innovative approaches supported by current technology. 27

Good customer service isn’t a one time goal that we can achieve and then work on something else. It is a moving target. As people and their expectations change, we need to change and adapt to them. 28

You are now ready to test your knowledge! QUIZ Please Fill out your Continuing Education Form! Fill Out CE Form Thanks for taking this Learning for Success Module! 29

This publication is produced by the Chester County Library. © 2017 LMA The Chester County Library System is committed to equal access to programs, facilities and employment for all persons. 450 Exton Square Parkway, Exton PA 19341 Phone: 610-280-2600 ~ Fax 610-280-2688 ~Home Page: http://www.ccls.org0471. 30

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