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CalNeva Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2018

Published by diana.gonzalez, 2018-07-13 18:10:02

Description: CalNeva Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2018


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Bossy’s Corner2nd Quarter | 2018

2 | Bossy’s Corner AprilTotal Funding Volume $76,283,173 Total Funded Units 267 Funding Volume by Volume Funded Units by Branch: Top 5 Top 5Modesto $12,656,149 Modesto 49Yuba City $11,192,248 Yuba City 47Stockton $6,511,886 Bakersfield 25Santa Cruz $6,247,872 Stockton 24Manteca $4,968,821 Sonora 19 Funding Volume by Loan Officer: Funding Units by Loan Officer: Top 5 Top 6Charly Bates $4,298,684 Charly Bates 16Monica Bowman $3,460,850 Allison Carroll 11Rebecca Billington $3,226,885 Tammy Hammond 11Mike Houghton $2,744,000 Ian Essary 10Allison Carroll $2,658,528 Brandi Elgen 9 Tiare Ferguson 9 Quality Ach Ellen Ball completed her Chase Jumbo test cases during April and has b product does require a 2nd level review by another Chase Jumbo Under levels on each others files. Th Thank you, Ellen for your h

2nd Quarter 2018 | 3May Total Funding Volume $73,664,044 Total Funded Units 305 Funding Volume by Volume Top 5 Funded Units by Branch: Top 5Modesto $11,279,123Yuba City $10,604,562 Modesto 60Manteca $6,202,512 Yuba City 53Reno $5,619,461 Stockton 28Stockton $5,219,515 Bakersfield 24 Funding Volume by Loan Officer: Reno 22 Top 5 Funding Units by Loan Officer:Jim Thielmann $4,215,750 Top 5Charly Bates $3,755,329Lauren Morris $3,554,570 Sonny Aguilera 21Ian Essary $3,483,998 Charly Bates 17Monica Bowman $3,178,150 Ian Essary 16 Brandi Elgen 16 Lauren Morris 15hievementbeen released to Underwrite these types of loans! Please note this loanriter. Debra Birr sits in the same office as Ellen and they can do the 2ndhis is a great win for CalNeva!hard work and dedication!

4 | Bossy’s Corner JuneTotal Funding Volume $65,000,733 Total Funded Units 277 Funding Volume by Volume Funded Units by Branch: Top 5 Top 5Yuba City $9,939,064 Modesto 43Modesto $9,641,990 Yuba City 42Reno $6,827,196 Reno 30Manteca $6,584,184 Stockton 23Stockton $6,021,976 Manteca 22 Funding Volume by Loan Officer: Funding Units by Loan Officer: Top 5 Top 6Charly Bates $4,304,455 Charly Bates 15Monica Bowman $3,430,111 Sonny Aguilera 12Dwight Millard $2,509,579 Michelle Camacho 11Brandi Elgen $2,192,172 Melanie Prather 10Garrit McGuire $2,148,698 Brandi Elgen 9 Doug Kaller 9

2nd Quarter 2018 | 5Laguna Beach 2018

6 | Bossy’s CornerLauren Morris Nick Maynard Jim Carpeneti Loan Officer Loan Officer Loan Officer Modesto Manteca San Jose Michelle Sturdivant Jerome Witt Misha HerreraTransaction Coordinator Loan Officer Processor Grass Valley Modesto Grass Valley

2nd Quarter 2018 | 7 JpAuallnniseeo.lnSdhCuerainrdrgiodlMlawnaasatsmeirnamvziiitnnedgdijntoobLsarpesepVareekgsaeatnsatiinnligve CalNeva North region. If you missed this expert live panel, or any of the recent Single Property Website webinars, click below to view the recordings.• Week 1: Building a listingwebpage, Listhub• Week 2: Pricing scenarios, feetemplates, and groups• Week 3: How to attract, nurture,and retain leads and Partnersusing SPWs• Week 4: Expert-panel webinarfrom Mastermind with MarkGreen, president of Top of MindNetworks; Jason Klaskin, DistrictManager, Lansdale, PA; AllisonCarroll, Loan Officer, Oakdale,CA; and Chris Eastman, ProducingBranch Manager, RollingMeadows, IL.

Loan Officer Testimonial:I wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to Geoff Ogden, Mandy Melhan,& Diana Gonzalez for all of their help with the A+ Agent videos.When this program was first introduced, I thought there is no way thatI could ever shoot or edit these videos and thought this was going to betoo complicated to even introduce to my realtors. I truly had no interestof doing this type of marketing.Well this is no longer the case. I have agents that absolutely LOVE thisservice we provide and also how well received the videos are whenposted on their Facebook. One agent had over 900 views in just 2days. Geoff & Diana do an amazing job of filming, Mandy does all of thescripting, and all three work on editing the videos. So basically, you showup at the listing and the entire video process is done within 30 minutes.We, as LO’s, get a lot of credit for something that Academy gives usat no cost. I truly believe having this type of marketing for our referralpartners definitely sets us aside from the other Mortgage Companiesand I want to thank Geoff, Mandy, & Diana – you guys ROCK!!!!Susie LacondeguyLoan Officer | Stockton Branch Watch these video’s we’ve done with my agents!

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