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CalNeva Newsletter May 2017

Published by diana.gonzalez, 2017-06-17 00:40:19

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Bossy’s Corner | May 2017

2 | Bossy’s Corner Total Funding Volume $94,020,531 *RECORD BREAK* Total Funded Units 239 Funding Volume by Branch: Top 5 Funded Units by Branch: Top 5Yuba City $15,161,447Modesto $14,326,293 Modesto 58Reno South $8,940,439 Yuba City 55Stockton $8,017,364 Sonora 36Sonora $7,725,203 Reno South 34 Funding Volume by Loan Officer: Stockton 31 Top 5 Funding Units by Loan Officer:Monica Bowman $5,971,950 Top 6Charly Bates $5,148,829Ian Essary $4,118,187 Charly Bates 19Rebecca Billington $3,944,483 Christy Balsbaugh 18Bryan Gerdau $3,552,091 Michelle Camacho 17 Ian Essary 16 Bryan Gerdau 14 Allison Carroll 14 Quality Achievement The following submitted files with zero defficiencies: Kish Morris, Brenda Irwin, and Lynn Rentie Lynn Rentie had 3 clean submissions and the following was said from the QA UW:“This was truly a VERY WELL DONE FILE, especially when you consider the complexity. Borrower had 14properties, and the net difference in rental income I calculated was off only $12, and the net income on the 2 businesses was spot on!!!The underwriting AND processing on this file was great. I really have to stress the level of organization thefile possessed. The folder that had all the property profiles, and hazard declaration pages flowed perfectly to the REO schedule, and flowed with the schedule E’s on taxes.”

May 2017 | 3Jonathan Lusk Carol Krawchuck Leah Snyder Loan Officer Loan Officer Closer Fresno Sonora Sacramento Clint Holmes Dawn BrownAdministrative Processor Assistant Walnut Creek Manteca

4 | Bossy’s Corner Congratulations to Aaron Nemec and Leif Boyd, who were recently named to Mortgage Executive Magazine’s “100 Most Influential Mortgage Executives” Mortgage Executive Magazine has named Aaron Nemec, Academy’s Executive Vice President of Production, and Leif Boyd, our Regional Manager in Nevada and California, to its prestigious list of the “100 Most Influential Mortgage Executives.” The magazine includes quotes from Aaron and Leif about the challenges and opportunities the mortgage industry is facing today. You can find theri quotes on pages 46 and 54. Congratula- tions, Aaron and Leif!Teams/Loan Officers Club Pacing Club QualifiersCharly Bates Pacing For President’s Club Qualified Top Producer’s ClubTeam Charles Sterni Pacing For President’s Club Qualified Top Producer’s ClubMonica Bowman Pacing For President’s Club Qualified Top Producer’s ClubBryan Gerdau Pacing For President’s Club Qualified Top Producer’s ClubSusie Landoeguy Pacing For Executive ClubLeslie Kight Pacing For Executive ClubSonny Aguilera Pacing For Executive ClubMichelle Camacho Pacing For Executive ClubIan Essary Pacing For Executive ClubRebecca Billington Pacing For Executive ClubGarrit McGuire Pacing For Executive ClubBranden Bates Pacing For Executive ClubTeam Dan Trevino Pacing For Executive ClubBrandi Elgen Pacing for Top Producer’s ClubAllison Carroll Pacing for Top Producer’s ClubTeam Leanne Odom Pacing for Top Producer’s ClubKimberly Petrie Pacing for Top Producer’s ClubChristy Baalsbaugh Pacing for Top Producer’s ClubBilly Nathaniel Pacing for Top Producer’s Club

Get to know your Ops Team May 2017 | 5Cory Boyce Diana Rosas Ann Whited Closer Processor Processor Granite Bay, CA Manteca, CA Modesto, CAHire Date: 6/8/15 Hire Date: 10/27/08 Hire Date: 3/3/16Do you have a favorite quote? “You have made If given a chance, who would you like I’m the happiest when:this day a special day, by just your being you. to be and why? I’m happiest when I’m outside. I loveThere’s no person in the whole world like you!!” I don’t have a specific person I would being outdoors; whether it’s hiking,What do you like to do in your spare time? I like camping, or just relaxing. Myto craft, go to Estate/Antique sales, play with my husband and I have an Australiandog Jackson and reorganize my organized mess. like to be (as there are too many Cattle Dog mix and she keeps usWhat is on your bucket list? a) Watch my amaz- active and outside a lot. We have toing daughter fall in love and be with her on her wonderful powerful/ motivational walk her daily, rain or day, b) have grandbabies to spoil, c) visit women to choose from) but I would Where do you see yourself in 5the corporate offices of Academy, meet all of the love to have the resources to try and years?people I talk to and email daily to insure we get Well, the last child will almost be outour borrower in the home they love, d) learn how of college by then, so we talk aboutto relax. make this world a better place for the doing more traveling in our new travelWhat does “Operational Excellence” mean to To be Proactive not reactive! future of our children. What is your most treasured1. It’s all about you: No one else is going to get What is your favorite sport? possession?you where you want to go – it is up to you! They Love baseball! Go A’s!! Besides my family? It would have tocannot succeed for you. Only you can do that. be 2 charm bracelets that my dadTake ownership of your problems, and realize bought me when I was a little girl. Hethat nobody else is going to solve them for you. What TV show/movie are you used to have to travel for work and he2. Be solution-focused: One of the greatest traits would always bring me backof effective people is good problem-solving skills. ashamed to admit you love? something.We are all going to run into problems, but it is My guilty pleasure used to be Real What does “Operational Excellence”how you handle them that makes you effective. Housewives of New Jersey. mean to you? Operational excellenceThe most effective way to handle a problem is to means doing your best all the time.focus on finding a solution. Focusing on things Being proactive, looking ahead forthat are out of your control is a waste of time, However, nowadays my TV time any potential focus on what you can control with the finaloutcome. consist of Mickey Mouse Club House3. Make your own luck: Being successful is not and Paw Patrol.about having the right kind of luck or expecting Tell us something that might surprisethe right break to come your way. It is not aboutthe mere expectation that you will succeed. It isabout taking steps every day to be better than us about you?you were the day before by moving in a positive,forward trajectory. Things do not come to fruition I’m a book worm. I love to read in myjust because you really, really want them to hap- free time.pen. You have to make them happen. What does “Operational Excellence”4. Be consistent: Ultimately, success is notabout getting everything right. It is about beingconsistent. Are you consistently and persistently mean to you?taking steps every day to steadily move towardyour goal? Do you stop making progress or do Operational Excellence to me meansyou continue on when you encounter a seemingly everyone doing their job to the bestinsurmountable problem? Be consistent in what of their abilities, all while helpingyou do, and even though the steps may seemsmall at the time, doing the right things day inand day out will move you further down the path each other out when success.5. Honesty is the best policy: Be humble andtake a hard look at what you are doing and howyou are doing it. Be completely honest with your-self about what is not working instead of makingexcuses. It is easy to stay busy and tell yourselfyou are taking the right steps, but it is harder tobe honest that you are not actually making prog-ress. At the end of the day, if you do not hit yourgoals, you are only doing a disservice to yourself.You cannot get better if you tell yourself, “Oh, it’sokay; I’m fine where I am.”

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