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CalNeva Newsletter November 2017

Published by diana.gonzalez, 2017-12-06 19:46:02

Description: CalNeva Newsletter November 2017


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Bossy’s Corner | Novemberw

2 | Bossy’s Corner Total Funding Volume $78,057,590 Total Funded Units 281 Funding Volume by Volume Top 5 Funded Units by Branch: Top 5Modesto $13,572,920Stockton $7,621,153 Modesto 48Yuba City $7,414,500 Yuba City 34Reno South $6,958,976 Stockton 29San Luis Obispo $6,777,471 Reno South 26 Funding Volume by Loan Officer: Sonora 19 Top 5 Funding Units by Loan Officer:Leslie Kight $5,812,580 Top 5Monica Bowman $5,492,788Kimberly Petrie $2,891,830 Sonny Aguilera 16Michelle Camacho $2,858,636 Leslie Kight 14Melanie Prather $2,669,683 Michelle Camacho 12 Monica Bowman 11 Kimberly Petrie 11 Kudos to the following: Brenda Merrell“I don’t say it enough and I’m certain you don’t hear it enough but you are a Phenomenal Processor Brenda! - Allycia Rhodes, UW Jennifer Irwin, Lynn Rentie, Janet Buzzarellos, Michelle Want, Crystal KengeleThis team collectively closed a loan in 15 business days. “The buyers and their agents are blown away at our success! Thank you Team!” - Kimberly Petrie, LO

November 2017 | 3 Congratulations to this months club qualifiers!!Dan Trevino is now qualified for Executive Club. Billy Nathaniel (1st time club qualifier) and Kim Petrie have qualified to Top Producer’s Club.Several of the qualifiers below are still pacing for the next level club. We’re cheering you on!!Teams/Loan Officers Club Pacing Club QualifiersCharly Bates Qualified President’s ClubTeam Charles Sterni Qualified President’s ClubIan Essary Qualified President’s ClubMichelle Camacho Qualified President’s ClubSonny Aguilera Pacing For President’s Club Qualified Executive ClubMonica Bowman Qualified Executive ClubLeslie Kight Qualified Executive ClubRebecca Billington Qualified Executive ClubGarrit McGuire Qualified Executive ClubSusie Lacondeguy Qualified Executive Club Team Dan Trevino Qualified Executive ClubDwight Millard Pacing For Executive Club Qualified Top Producer’s ClubChristy Balsbaugh Pacing For Executive Club Qualified Top Producer’s ClubBranden Bates Qualified Top Producer’s ClubBrandi Elgen Qualified Top Producer’s ClubKimberly Petrie Qualified Top Producer’s ClubAllison Carroll Qualified Top Producer’s ClubBilly Nathaniel Qualified Top Producer’s ClubMelanie Prather Pacing For Top Producer’s ClubTeam Cherie Bowen Pacing For Top Producer’s Club

4 | Bossy’s Corner Team Billington - Modesto The Monday before Thanksgiving, Team Billington volunteered to distribute food Second Harvest Food Bank in Modesto. organization acquires donated food and help from volunteers is able to distribut those in need. “We met so many wonde people who were grateful to have food f their Thanksgiving meal” - Rebecca Billi Modesto As part of the local Association of Realtors, the Modesto branch participated in Real Estate Wednesday Kettle Challenge to raise funds for The Salvation Army on November 29th. The branch came in second place by raising over $3,000 and was able to raise more funds than any other lender participating in the challenge.

November 2017 | 5m The Sonny Aguilera Team - Stocktond for This team kicked off giving season in November by delivering baskets to 35 women at . This the Haven of Peace Women’s shelter in French Camp, CA. d with A few days before Thanksgiving, Sonny and his team donated 20 turkeys to a local te it to food shelter in Stockton, CA.erful During Thanksgiving weekend, Sonny helped feed the homeless in Oakland, CA for by partnering with a chef who donates his time and skills to feed those in need. In ington addition to his service, Sonny and his referral partner also donated 28 cases of water and boxes of fruit. Folsom Each year, the Folsom branch holds a sock drive to benefit the Francis House Center in Sacramento County. This year, they were able to donate 250 pairs of socks. They also hold a Christmas card signing in their office. The cards include handwritten notes and are handed out to veterans by Mather VA Hospital. These Academy team members are “inspiring hope, delivering dreams, and building prosperity” in our communities. Thank you for your efforts!

6 | Bossy’s Corner Get to know y Andrea Pearsall: What is your greatest fear and why? My biggest fear is not living I just existed and did what I needed to, to get by. I am working on n memories with my son and finding joy & gratitude in the small thin What is the one thing you cannot resist and why? A GOOD cup o Ranch, a small local coffee shop in Chico. It is amazing coffee and What is the first concert you attended? Sting. I had no idea who What does “Operational Excellence” mean to you? Providing exc throughout the loan process. Maintaining quality work while multi Mary Timmermeyer: What’s your biggest pet peeve? People who only do something h doing. From my kids with their chores to people in the workforce w something fully. What are your hobbies and interests? Camping, boating, and rea If you could be someone for a day, who would you be? My cat – s sleep all day if you want to. When are you the happiest? When my kids aren’t fighting! What’s your greatest achievement? Seeing my oldest son grow fr good to now being in the military and making it a career. How do you define success? Success is doing something to the b help. What’s something that may surprise us? I still have a baby tooth. What does “Operational Excellence” mean to you? Working as a is, from the smallest to the largest. Operational excellence is givin

November 2017 | 7your Ops Teamg my life to the fullest. I have had years go by where Andrea Pearsall not overthinking and living in the present, making Processorngs in life. Chico, CAof coffee! My favorite is Danger Monkey from Coffeed helps get me through the day. Hire Date: 8/17/2015 he was at the time, but now I do. Mary Timmermeyercellent customer service to all of our partners Processing Manager i-tasking (like a ninja). Modesto, CAhalf way and don’t put full effort into what they arewho don’t make that little extra effort to complete Hire Date: 2/12/2015ading. someone feeds you, cleans up after you, and you get to rom a troubled teen who was on a path to nothingbest of one’s abilities and also knowing when to ask for . It cracked and has a crown, but I still have it.a team to accomplish a task. No matter what the taskng 100% of your effort and time.

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