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Tuck Everlasting 2021

Published by Broadway Training Center, 2021-05-18 16:58:58

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Broadway Training Center of Westchester’s Production of Book by Claudia Shear and Tim Federle Music by Chris Miller, Lyrics by Nathan Tysen Based on the novel Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt Directed by Jason Brantman and Fiona Santos Music Direction by Fiona Santos Choreography by Sarah Hicks “BEST Theater Celebrating Classes in Southern our 29th Season Westchester!” -Westchester Magazine ® Broadway Training Center of Westchester, Inc.

THIS SCHOOL YEAR — Visionaries ($15,000+): Barnard Family Champions ($10,000-$14,999): Baron Family Mrs. Barbara Brantman Producers ($5,000-$9,999): Moore Family Schoenfeld Family Mark Zweibon Benefactors ($2,500-$4,999): Bosco / Ormond Family Johnn Family Ceccatti / Tassini Family Clark and Pru Montgomery Ed and Norma Sacks DiMona Family Emanuel Family Patrons ($1,000-$2,499): Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP La Cruz / D'Ascoli Family Bosco Johnn and Company, CPA, P.C. Luke / Malarkar Family Gonzalez / Leon Family Susan Santos Gorn / Joseph Family Schoenberg / O'Malley Family Greenfield Plumbing & Heating Sledge Family Haydock/Smith/Morris Family Yarnold / Smith Family Friends ($500-$999): Caroline Baron Hegyi Family Wendy Zimmermann & Steve Cutler Lowry / Ng Family Fondiller Family VIP Supporters ($200-$499): Matthew Albert Elliot and Susan Lesser Madeline & Stephen Anbinder Lin / Chen Family James Baron Amy Listerman-Ramsey Jill Baron Manzi Family Brosnahan / Dunn Family Murphy Family Brown Family Richardson Family Doug Collins Lucy Richer Aagun Connell River City Grille Dring / Gstalder Family Lisa Sacks Kevin R. Free Andrea Saposnik Green / Rosin Family Snyder Family Barbara and Herbert Gstalder James & Karen Timko Kahan Family Ida Welsh Karthikeyan / Juthani Family

BTC gratefully acknowledges the following donors whose generous gifts were received during this school year: Anita Absey DiMona Family Lea Haber Kuck Lucy Richer Matthew Albert Dirksen Family La Cruz / D'Ascoli Family Stanley Richer Greg Allen Alison Dolinger Labriola / Stefano Family Jonathan Riss Tracy Allen Dring / Gstalder Family Robin Larkins River City Grille Amazon Smile Ehrenreich Family Nancy Lasher Janet Roseff Lane Amster Rothstein Ebenstein Elyssa Bass Designs Le Breton Family Matthew Rosenberg Adrienne Anbinder Emanuel Family Elliot and Susan Lesser Barbara Rosin Helen and Paul Anbinder Epoch Investment Partners Lin / Chen Family Margaret Rubin Madeline & Stephen Anbinder Farberman / Riley Family Amy Listerman-Ramsey Robert Ruley Mark Anbinder First Street Maya Lopez Catherine Ruley Condon Tyler & Lisa Anbinder Ellen Flaks Heather LoSchiavo Patricia Ryan Mary Pat Archer Judith Flamm Meg Ruley & David Lovett Lisa Sacks Tal Aviezer Anna Fondiller Jenna Ng Lowry Sacks Fund/CF Santa Cruz Michelle Baker Fondiller Family Lowry / Ng Family Susan Santos Banino Family Ryan Frame Luke / Malarkar Family Andrea Saposnik Alvin & Gloria Baron Kevin R. Free Maass / Suhocki Family Janet Schait Becca Baron Patricia Gabriele Macedo Family Scharf / Levine Family Caroline Baron Galván / Vassalo Family Rachael Maglienti Ruth & Ernie Schlenger James Baron Amie Getis Vivian Malloy Schoenberg/O'Malley Family Jill Baron Gonzalez / Leon Family Michael Manzi Schoenfeld Family Baron Family Jennie Gorn Manzi Family Cathy Sears Cheryl Bass Kobe Gorn Marciano / Button Family Shotton Family Benevity Community Fund Gorn / Joseph Family Matt Miller Culinary Prod Joanne Skokan Cathy Bobenhausen Bonnie Grande McCann Family Liz Skokan Bolger / Westrate Family Jean Greco Extrom Carol McCarroll Sledge Family Barbara Bonomo Green / Rosin Family Maura McDonald Ann Smith Concetta Bosco Greenfield Plumbing Ali McWalters Marina Sneider Bosco / Ormond Family Riley B. Greenspan Alexandra Merrill-Lovett Sneider Family Bosco Johnn and Co, CPAs Greenspan/ Angeline Family Michael Mincieli Snyder Family Tracey Boyd Barbara & Herbert Gstalder Janet Mitchell Somma Family Mrs. Barbara Brantman Maureen Hagan Dina & Paul Monte Elizabeth Stanley Jason Brantman/Fiona Santos Hammacher Schlemmer Clark & Pru Montgomery Marcia Stiles Brosnahan / Dunn Family Sharon Hammer Taylor Montgomery Lili Taylor Brown / Goodman Family Hardesty/Ferraro Family Julia Moore James & Karen Timko Brown Family Harvest on Hudson Moore Family Michael Tunney Melanie Burg Haydock / Smith / Morris Patricia Moro UBS Co. Burg Family Jeanne Geddes/John Hayes Django Morrison Vanguard Charitable Mary Carroll Cannon Hegyi Family Maddy Murphy Verba-Beaudoin Family Julie Ceccatti Sarah Hicks Murphy Family Michelle Warren Marianna Ceccatti Chef Jessica Muskin Family Karen Wasserman Ceccatti / Tassini Family Carly Jezik Mary Anne Myers Miriam Wazeter Abby Church Johnn Family Nathenson Family Ida Welsh Clark Family Jones / Murphy Family Newman Family Westchester IDA Grant Edie Cohn Lynn Joseph Joan Nimmo Williams Family Cindy Collins Mary Ellen Joseph Inara deLeon / Todd Norbitz Noah Wynn Doug Collins Joyce Theatre Odyssey Reinsurance Co. Nicole Yarnold Richard Conley Kahan Family Pascoe Family Yarnold / Smith Family Aagun Connell Thea Kaizer Penny Lick Ice Cream Yuval Grill Mariana Cook Karthikeyan / Juthani Family Eva Price Joseph Zeolla Ellen Crane Kolman-Mandle Family Julie Reinemo Arnold Zinman W Zimmermann & S Cutler Nicola Kraus Caroline Richardson Zuba Family Phillip Cutrone Meredith & Eric Kropp Richardson Family Mark Zweibon mPaolByerragdosaeaensdiicwzghanaetayciotkTenrw.yaoiiWtnuhiernyggdoieufCtereptneooltmyrebgaprepeloounpfyserWeeerrdace,ilasfwBottcheTrhoCSyecompshurtaoeorylrgtaarimrsaxsamha-dtiscnpe.hosd,tuy-Cocfaotuiprrb-iltpceaorlocnIoftimrntitbp5rur0ibot1iuvo(etcnim)o.(nYe3sno).uts,

Karli, Congratulations to our very own Winnie! All our love, Dad, Michelle, Brian, Kevin, Steven, M2, Judah, Perry and Ginny

Zoe, You already look famous! We are excited to see you on the screen! Josie, Congratulations! My love for you is everlasting. - Mom Mimi, We love you and are so proud of you! Your biggest fans: Mom, Dad, Ozzy and Ephraim To our Chloé - AKA LB!! You are our shining star, lighting up a room or the stage. We love you and all your creative spirit in everything you do. xoxo Mom, Dad, Ley and Luna

Thank you BTC for all the memories! We love you Madeline! Break one last leg and enjoy your final BTC bow! Love, Mom, Dad, Seb, Adelaide, Croissant & Crescent

So proud of you Maddie for this and all your BTC performances! It has been such a joy to watch you and your friends grow up on stage. Love, Grandma Pat

Another wonderful BTC production! Congratulations to Lucy and the entire cast and crew of Tuck Everlasting! from Lucy's proud family: Jon, Lisa & Gigi Boosters BTC wishes the best of everything to our graduated student and graduating seniors: Santiago, Bear, Ella, Maddie and Emma Rose! BTC extends congratulations to the talented and delightful cast, crew, and designers for their wonderful work.

Congratulations Karli and Tuck Everlasting Cast and Crew Keep Following Your Dreams Keep Reaching for the Stars Possibilities are Endless in your Journey Ahead Love, Mama, Frank, Nick, Lauren, Bentley and Theo Miss Karli, You are truly the joy of our family. Over the years we have watched you work tirelessly at perfecting your many talents. We are excited to see you perform in Tuck Everlasting. Break A Leg! Love you always, Grandma and Pa

® Broadway Training Center of Westchester is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to inspire, nurture, challenge, amaze, educate and empower artists and audiences. At BTC, we see theatre as a vehicle for personal development. Our teaching mission is to offer the most professional training in the most nurturing environment to bring out the best qualities of an individual: honesty, responsibility and commitment, with passion, imagination and generosity. Students take away an increased self- confidence, paving their way to successful futures. Broadway Training Center of Westchester was awarded Best Theatre Classes in Southern Westchester by Westchester Magazine. This premiere performing arts school provides year-long training programs in Acting, Voice, Dance, and Performance Ensembles for grades K-12 and Adults! No experience is necessary at any age, just a desire to learn, work hard and have fun in the process. Our faculty is comprised of established industry professionals who focus on the joy of accomplishment and the enrichment of personal expression through classroom and performance work. We offer classes 6 days a week throughout the school year and summer performing arts programs. To find out more, call 914.478.7065 or visit our website

Broadway Training Center of Westchester’s Production of Book by Claudia Shear and Tim Federle Music by Chris Miller, Lyrics by Nathan Tysen Based on the novel Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt Originally Produced on Broadway by Grove Entertainment, Arlene Scanlan & Michael Jackowitz, Howard & Janet Kagan, and Barry Brown World Premier Produced by Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, GA Susan V. Booth, Artistic Director Orchestrations by John Clancy Vocal Arrangements by Chris Miller Ballet Music Arranged by David Chase Broadway Training Center of Westchester June 4, 2021 Directed by Jason Brantman and Fiona Santos Music Direction by Fiona Santos Choreography by Sarah Hicks Assistant Directors - Kaia Dirksen, Sasha Marciano, Isabella Muskin Costume and Prop Designers - Fiona Santos & Carly Jezik Design Assistant - Ann Sarfaty Performance & rehearsal musical tracks provided by Right On Cue Services “TUCK EVERLASTING: THEATRE FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES EDITION” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals.

Tuck Everlasting Cast SANTIAGO ADAMS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Angus Tuck BEAR BOSCO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Man in the Yellow Suit JOSIE DRING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jesse Tuck KARLI JOHNN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Winnie Foster ELLA KAHAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mae Tuck CHLOÉ LE BRETON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Constable Joe YUMAY LIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Woods Spirit / Talullah CHRISTINA MOORE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Woods Spirit / Cindylicious LUCY RICHER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Woods Spirit / Fredtastic / Toad ZOE SCHOENBERG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hugo MADELINE SLEDGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Miles Tuck MIMI VERBA-BEAUDOIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mother

Tuck Everlasting Crew Video Editors: Fiona Santos, Jason Brantman, Sarah Hicks, Santiago Adams, Josie Dring, Ella Kahan, Sasha Marciano, Christina Moore, Lucy Richer, Madeline Sledge Filming: Jason Brantman, Fiona Santos, Sarah Hicks, Kaia Dirksen, Sasha Marciano, Ann Sarfaty Closed Captioning: Carly Jezik Tuck Everlasting production team thanks: Julia Unger, Poster Designer Susan Schoenfeld, Program Designer Steve Loftus from Sceneworks Inc. Lauren Extrom, our Administrator Heather LoSchiavo, our Managing Director The BTC Board of Directors Our Amazing Instructors at BTC

Tuck Everlasting Cast Lucy Richer is in 9th grade at Hastings High School. This is Lucy’s seventh year at BTC and Santiago Adams is currently on a gap year. 15th Ensemble show. She loves the whole cast He last performed with BTC in Peter Pan. He and is so happy to be part of the production for was active in his high school’s theater commu- Tuck Everlasting. nity. Shows there include Circle Mirror Trans- formation (Schultz), Wizard of Oz (Tin Man), Zoe Schoenberg is a sophomore at Ardsley and Be More Chill (Michael). High School. Starting in 5th grade, BTC has Bear Bosco: Following the excitement of The been a great joy to her - starting as a pirate in Wizard of Oz, Bear ramps up the spirit in his Peter Pan and now onto being a member of eighth show at BTC, Tuck Everlasting! An Senior Ensemble! amateur showgoer and Rock N’ Roll maestro, Madeline Sledge is a High School senior. She Bosco shrewdly defends his 2002 award for is very grateful for the eleven years she has spent with BTC, and is excited to be a part of “Chillest Guy From Irvington.” Josie Dring is a junior at Irvington High the cast of Tuck Everlasting. She sends her School. This is her 11th show here at BTC and love to everyone involved. she is so grateful for her theatre family. She Mimi Verba-Beaudoin is a tenth grader. This sends everlasting love to all!! is her eleventh show at BTC. She has two dogs Karli Johnn is a junior at Irvington High and she enjoys reading. School. She is so grateful to be in her 18th Tuck Everlasting Production Team production at BTC. Being able to perform amidst current circumstances is a humbling experience. She believes that theatre brings us Kaia Dirksen is an eighth-grader at Farragut together in a life-changing manner. Middle School. She has been at BTC for the past eight years. She's so excited to be assist- Ella Kahan is a senior at Dobbs Ferry High ing on Tuck Everlasting and so grateful to be a School. This is her 21st BTC show! While she’s part of the BTC community. saddened that her BTC journey won’t end how it began, she’s thrilled for this musical. Ella is Lauren Extrom (she/her/hers) is the Theatre eternally grateful to BTC for 11 years of love! Administrator at BTC. When not performing Chloé Le Breton is a junior at Dobbs Ferry admin duties, Lauren spends her time creating, High School. She has been taking acting at performing, and teaching art through song, BTC for 3 years and tap for 2. She has dance, poetry, visual arts, and theatre. She performed in Newsies (Pulitzer) and The also practices yoga and meditation, and aims to bring love, kindness, and healing into all Wizard of Oz (Wizard). aspects of her work in the arts. Lauren is so Yumay Lin is a junior at Hastings High School. grateful to be a part of the BTC community! This is her ninth show at BTC, but her first with Sarah Hicks is very excited to be at BTC. She Zoom rehearsals. This has been a special has been dancing, acting, and singing since experience and she wishes the best of luck to age 5. Sarah has been lucky enough to share the stage with Patti LuPone (and fellow faculty everyone! Christina Moore is a 9th grader at The member, John Scacchetti) in the 2008 Broad- Masters School in Dobbs Ferry. Some of her way revival of Gypsy directed by Arthur Lau- past shows include, The Wizard of Oz (Wicked rents. She's also performed all over the US & Witch) and Imaginary (Milo). She is extremely Canada in productions of White Christmas, excited to be in her first senior ensemble show 42nd Street, Chicago, Cabaret, and more. at BTC!

Carly Jezik is thrilled to be working with BTC Donate to BTC’s as a part of her return to theater after a long COVID hiatus. She graduated with an MSED in Deaf Education from Hunter College and currently Expense Fund works as a Teacher of the Deaf at St. Joseph's School for the Deaf in the Bronx. Heather LoSchiavo loves her BTC Family! To hold classes safely during the Many of her students are working profession- pandemic, we incurred expenses als on Broadway, National Tours, Series, and Major Motion Pictures. As a performer she is a to build an outdoor stage and longtime member of SAG/AFTRA having classroom with electric, lighting worked all over the country and abroad. and heaters, acquired specialty Heather also holds prestigious acting faculty video equipment and expanded positions at The Neighborhood Playhouse and PPAS in NYC. wifi for Zoom classes, and continue to incur ongoing Sasha Marciano is in eighth grade at Sleepy expenses for specialty PPE to Hollow Middle School. This is her second time keep our students safe. assistant directing, and she loves working with the awesome cast and crew. She thanks BTC for keeping the magic of theater alive. Isabella Muskin is an 8th grader at Farragut Middle School. She has been taking classes with BTC for five years. This is Isabella's first time working as an Assistant Director on a BTC production. She has had an amazing experience working with everyone! Ann Sarfaty is currently a sophomore at Hastings High School. She is proud of every- one’s hard work and dedication to the show. Jason Brantman and Fiona Santos are the Artistic Directors of BTC. They have directed and taught at many prestigious institutions from the elementary to the university level, including NYU, Cornell, Long Lake Camp, TADA!, and Walt Disney World. Since 2000, they have been on the directing team for the US Open Tennis ceremonies, working with such legends as Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin, Art Garfunkel, Carole King, Idina Menzel, Leslie Odom Jr, Ben Platt, Diana Ross, and James Taylor. In their free time, they foster kittens and direct Rock Concerts around the world. Jason and Fiona extend deep gratitude to the talented cast, crew, designers, and or- chestra for their amazing collaboration, and they thank the actors' families for their marvel- ous support.

Congratulations to the cast, crew, designers, orchestra and production team of Tuck Everlasting With everlasting appreciation for all your wonderful work! The BTC Board of Directors Tracy Baron Dave Fondiller Steve Schoenfeld Susan Schoenfeld Theresa (“Terry”) Smith Marie Tassini-Ceccatti David Yarnold

Please patronize these community businesses who support BTC

Please patronize these community businesses who support BTC

Please patronize these community businesses who support BTC Penny Lick Ice Cream Company Congratulates the cast and crew of Tuck Everlasting on a fantastic run! Penny Lick Ice Cream Company 580 Warburton Avenue Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706 Retail. Wholesale. Events.

Please patronize these community businesses who support BTC Bravo BTC! KGD Studio Physical Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Acupuncture & Massage Irvington, NY [email protected]

Please patronize these community businesses who support BTC

Artistic Directors: Fiona Santos and Jason Brantman Managing Director: Heather LoSchiavo Administrator: Lauren Extrom Volunteer Board of Directors: Tracy Baron Theresa (“Terry”) Smith David Fondiller Marie Tassini-Ceccatti Steve Schoenfeld David Yarnold Susan Schoenfeld BTC’s New Student Referral Program The best compliment you can pay us is to mention BTC to your friends. Refer a new student to BTC! After the new student’s enrollment is completed (see referral guidelines), you will receive one private training session with your choice of Jason, Fiona or Heather. Contact us for details. 914-478-7065 BTC is an Amazon Associate!! Order merchandise from by clicking the Amazon button on our website BTC will earn up to 10% back on every purchase! Spread the word and help raise important funds for BTC! IMPORTANT: You must click through using the Amazon button on the BTC website BEFORE you add items to your cart, and then checkout in the same session, in order for BTC to benefit from your purchase. No cost to you. BTC is an independent entity from

BTC SUMMER To sign up, call Heather at 914-478-7065, [email protected] or Register Online at

BTC SUMMER To sign up, call Heather at 914-478-7065, [email protected] or Register Online at

Break a leg!! …and if you do we will fix it!! Congratulations!! to BTC on another Great production. NYU Orthopedics 311 North Street White Plains, NY 10605 Phone: 914-681-8808

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