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saamoohya Patom_Social mediaPolicy_Guide_V1 doc

Published by kgmanoj, 2022-02-17 11:09:59

Description: saamoohya Patom_Social mediaPolicy_Guide_V1 doc


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“kmaq-ly-”]mTw ssa-^n-≥ tkm-jy¬ aoUnb t]m-fnkn

tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b- -t]mfn-kn- F-¶m-Â- F-´m-Wv ? H-cp- I-¼-\\nsbbpw- B- I-¼-\\n-bnse Po-h-\\-¡mscbpw- kw-_-Ôn-¨v h-fsc {]-[m-\\s¸«- -tcJ-bm-Wv tkm jy- ao-Un-b- -t]mfn-kn-. km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-§-fn-Â- Po-h-\\-¡m-À- C-Ss]Spt¼mÄ- A-h-À-¡v I-¼-\\n-bpsS `m-K- ¯v \\n-¶p-Å- Nn-e- \\n-Àt±i-§-fm-Wn-Xv. km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-§-fn-Â- C-Ss]Sp-¶-Xns\\ hn-e-¡p-I- F-¶-X-Ã- I-¼-\\n-bpsS \\-bw-. a-dn-¨v \\-½psS I-¼-\\n- A-Xn-³sd D-b-c-§-Ä- F-¯m-³- \\n-§-Äs¡m¸w- \\n-§- fpsS kp-lr-¯p-¡sfbpw-  ]-cn-N-b-¡mscbpw-  F-§s\\  Im-cy-£-a-am-bn-  ]-¦m-fn-I-fm-¡mw-  F-¶-  \\n-Àt±i-am-Wv  Cu- \\-b-¯n-³sd D-Å-S-¡w-. H-¸wCu- {]-h-À-¯-\\-§-fn-Â- G-Às¸Spt¼mÄ- {i-²nt¡- N- n-e-Im-cy-§-fp-am-Wv C-hnsS \\n-Àt±in-¡p-¶-Xv. km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-§-fpsS _n-kn-\\-kv km-[y-X-Isf ^-e-{]-Z-am-bn- D-]tbmKn-¡m-\\m-Wv -ssa^n-³- B-{K- ln-¡p-¶-Xv. A-XpsIm-p-Xs¶ tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b- -t]mfn-kn-, Po-h-\\-¡m-cpsS km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a- {]-h-À-¯-\\-§sf H-cp- L-«-¯n-epw- \\n-cm-I-cn-¡p-Itbm X-S-Ê-s¸Sp-¯p-Itbm -sN¿n-Ã-. I-¼-\\n-bpsS tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b- -t]mfn-knsb Ip-dn-¨v Po-h-\\-¡m-À- -t_m[-hm-·m-cm-Ip-¶-Xv I-¼-\\n-bpsS {_m-³-Uv hm-eyq- \\n-e-\\n-À-¯p-¶-Xn-Â- Gsd {]-[m-\\-am-Wv. tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b- -t]mfn-kn I-¼-\\n- HutZymKn-I-am-bn-, {]-kvXp-X- D-Å-S-¡w- \\n-§-fpsS km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a- A-¡-u--n-Â- {]-kn-²o-I-cn-¡- Ww- F-¶v \\n-§tfmSv B-h-iys¸Sp-¶- ]-£w- am-{Xta I-¼-\\n-bp-am-bn- _-Ôs¸«- -t]mkväp-I-Ä- km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-§-fn-Â- ]-¦psh¡m-hq-. C-Xv I-¼-\\n-bpsS HutZymKn-I- km-aq-ln-I- A-¡-u--p-I-Ä- -ssIIm-cyw- -sN¿p-¶-h-À-¡pw- _m-[-I-am-Wv. -taÂ- ]-d-ª- h-gn-b-ÃmsX -t]mkväv -sN¿s¸Sp-¶- D-Å-S-¡-¯n-sâ ]q-À-W-am-b- D-¯-c-hm-Zn-X-zw- {]-kvXp-X- km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a- A-¡-u--v D-S-a-bv¡v B-bn-cn-¡pw-. I-¼-\\n-bpsS `m-K-am-b- H-cp- Po-h-\\-¡m-c-\\m-Wv C-§s\\ -t]mkväv -sN¿p-¶sX¦n-Â-, D-Å-S-¡w- I-¼-\\n-bnse X-sâ -tPmen-bp-am-bn- _-Ôs¸«-Xm-Wv F-¦n-Â- \\n-À-_-Ô-am-bpw- 'C-Xv hy-àn-]-c-am-b- A-`n-{]m-b-am-Wv, I-¼-\\n-bptSX-Ã-' F-¶v ]-d-ªn-cn-¡-Ww-. km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-§-fn-eqsS {_m-³-Uv hm-eyq- D-b-À-¯p-¶-Xn-\\pw- {]-N-cn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn-\\pw- Po-h-\\-¡m-cpsS kl-I-c-Ww- I-¼-\\n-¡v A-Xy-´mt]£n-X-am-Wv. -ssa^n-³- -t]mbn- n-³sd G-ä-hpw- kPo-h-am-b- {_m-³-Uv Aw-_m-Ên-U-À-am-À- B-Wv Po-h-\\-¡m-À- F-¶- \\n-e-bn-Â-, Po-h-\\-¡msc km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-§-fn-Â- ]n-´p-S-cp- ¶-h-À-, I-¼-\\n-bpsS IqsS `m-K-am-Wv. tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b- So-an-sâ `m-K-am-b-h-À- H-gnsI asämcp- Po-h-\\-¡m-cs\\bpw- km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-§-fnse I-¼-\\n-¡v -th-n-bp-Å- {]-h-À-¯-\\-¯n-\\v I-¼-\\n- \\n-À-_-Ôn-¡p-I-bn-Ã-. F-¶m-Â- Hmtcm Po-h-\\-¡m-c-\\pw- I-¼-\\n-bpsS -sjb-dn-\\v D-S-a-bm-Wv F-¶-Xn-\\m-Â- kz-´w- I-¼-\\n-¡m-bn- \\-S-¯p-¶- B-ßm-À-°-am-b- tkh-\\- am-bn- A-h-À- \\-S-¯p-¶- km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a- tkh-\\-§sf ]-cn-K-Wnt¡-X- p--v. -ssa^n-³- kv-tämdn-I-fpsS -sjb-À- -sN¿pt¼mÄ- D-]tbmKnt¡- `- m-j tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b-bn-Â- H-cp- -t]mkväv ]-¦psh¡pt¼mÄ- A-Xv F-¯nt¨cp-¶-Xv \\n-§-fpsS kp-lr-¯p- ¡-fpsS A-Spt¯¡m-Wv. A-XpsIm-p-Xs¶ I-¼-\\n- D-]tbmKn-¡p-¶- X-cw- `m-j-bn-Â- Xs¶ A-Xv ]-¦psh¡-Ww- F-¶n-Ã-. kulr-Z- kZ-kp-I-fn-Â- \\n-§-Ä- A-Sp-¯- Iq-«p-ImtcmSv kw-km-cn-¡p-¶-Xp t]m-se -thWw- A-Xv -sjb-À- -sN¿m-³-. Asæn-Â- H-cp- -s{]m¸-Km--bpsS `m-K-am-bm-Wv \\n-§-Ä- C-¯- cw- I--- p-I-Ä- {Kq-¸p-I-fn-Â- -t]mkväp- -sN¿p-¶-Xv F-¶v -tXm¶p-. hy-àn-]-c-am-bn- \\n-§-Ä- B-Às¡¦n-epw- A-b-¡p-I-bmsW¦n-epw- C-¡m-cyw- {]tXyIw- {i-²n-¡p-atÃm. C-hnsSbpw- k`y-am-b- `m-j- D-]tbmKn-¡-Ww-. F-¶m-Â- A-Xv C-³t^mÀ-a-Â- B-b- kw-km-c-`m-j- B-hp-¶-Xm-hpw- \\-Ã-Xv. tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b- -s{]mU-£-\\n-Â- \\n-¶v D--m-hp-¶- ho-Untbm Hm-Untbm, -sSIvkväv F-¶n-h-bpsS `m-j-bn- “kmaq-ly-”]mTw 3 ssa-^n-≥ tkm-jy¬ aoUnb t]m-fnkn

epw- C-¯-cw- Im-cy-§-Ä- ]-cn-K-Wn-¡p-Ww-. tkmjy-Â- kv-tämdo-kv F-¶v A-dn-bs¸Sp-¶- C-¯-cw- kv-tämdn-I- fpsS `m-jmssien- ]-c-¼-cm-K-X- am-[y-a-I-fptSXv B-h-cp-Xv. C-Xv {]tXyIw- {i-²n-¡-Ww-. \\-½-Ä- kw-km-cn-¡p- ¶-Xv H-cp- Ip-ª-³- kv{Io-\\nt\\mSv BsW¶pw- A-Xv Im-Wp-¶-h-À-¡v C-ãw- -t]gvkW-Â- -sS¨v D-Å- I- -â- p-I-fmsW¶pw- \\-½-Ä- a-\\-Ên-em-¡-Ww-. C-Xm-Wv tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b-bn-epw- Un-Pn-ä-Â- ao-Un-b-bn-Â- -s]mXp-hm- bp-ap-Å- X-X-zw-. I-a-p-ItfmSp-Å- \\n-e-]m-Sv- H-cp- C--dm-Îo-hv kv-t]kv F-¶- \\n-e-bn-Â- I-a-p-I-Ä- h-fsc {]-[m-\\s¸«- H-cp- tkmjy-Â- Sq-Ä- B-Wv. P-\\- §-Ä- \\-½-Ä- -sImSp-¡p-¶- I--- ns\\¡p-dn-¨v F-´m-Wv Nn-´n-¡p-¶-Xv F-¶-dn-bm-\\p-Å- F-ä-hpw- \\-Ã- am-À-K- am-Wv I-a-p-I-Ä-. \\-½-Ä- -sN¿p-¶- kv-tämdn-I-fnse -sXäp-I-Ä- Nn-e- ka-b-§-fn-Â- a-ämsc¦n-epw- GsX¦n-epw- tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-bm- ¹m-äv-t^man-Â- ]-¦psh¡m-\\p-Å- km-[y-X-bp--v. C-¯-cw- kµ-À-`-§-fn-Â- A-Xv F-gp-Xn-b- B-Ä- Asæn-Â- ho-Untbm Hm-Untbm -sNbvX- B-Ä- hn-Im-c- ]-c-am-bn- B- -t]mkvänt\\mSv {]-Xn-I-cn-¡-cp-Xv. a-dn-¨v F-Untämdn-b-Â- Sow- Aw-K-§tfm F-Un-ä-À-amtcm-tSm kw-km-cn-¨v Iq-«m-b- H-cp- Xo-cp-am-\\w- F-Sp-¯v am-{Xw- {]-Xn-I-cn-¡p-I-. Asæn-Â- A-¯-cw- -t]mkväp-I tfmSp-Å- \\-½psS {]-Xn-I-c-Ww- am-{X-am-hpw- h-en-b- N-À-¨-bv¡v C-S-bm-hp-I-. C-Xv H-gn-hm-¡-Ww-. F-¶m-Â- Iq-Sp-X-Â- I-a- v h-cp-¶-Xn-\\v ap-³-]v C-¯-cw- -t]mkväp-ItfmSv \\-½-Ä- {]-Xn-I-cnt¡p--v. A-XpsIm-p-Xs¶ F-§s\\ C-¯-cw- -t]mkväp-ItfmSv {]-Xn-I-cn-¡-Ww- F-¶-Xn-Â- Xo-cp-am-\\w- D--m-¡m-³- B-h-Ww-. \\-½-Ä- ]-¦psh¡p-¶- -t]mkväp-I-fn-Â- I-a- v -sN¿p-¶-htcmSv kv-tämdn- -sN¿p-¶-h-À- Xs¶ {]-Xn-I-cn-¡p-¶-Xv an-I-¨- C-â-dm-£-³- D--m-¡m-³- km-lm-bn-¡pw-. Im-c-Ww- -ssa^n-³- F-¶- {_m- n-\\v ]p-dsa H-cp- hy-àntbmSv kw-km-cn-¡p-¶- F-¶- H-cp- ^o-Â- D--m-¡m-³- C-¯-cw- I-a-p-I-Ä-¡v B-hpw-. {In-bm-ß-I-am-b- \\n-Àt±i-§-Ä- A-S-§p-¶- H-cp- I-a- v Bsc¦n-epw- -t]mkväv -sNbvXm-Â- h-fsc Xm-Â-]-cyt¯m-sS -thWw- A-¯-cw- I-a-p-ItfmSv {]-Xn-I-cnt¡v. C-§s\\ ]-¦psh¡p-¶- -t]mkväp-ItfmSv I-a- v sk£-\\n-Â- \\-½-Ä- \\-S-¯p-¶- C-Ss]S-en-eqsS H-cp- I-½yq-Wn-äsb ]-Xnsb \\-ap-¡v D--m-¡nsbSn-¡m-³- km-[n-¡pw-. C-h-À- ]n-¶o-Sv A-h-À- -t]mep-a-dn-bmsX \\-½psS {_m- v Aw-_m-kn-U-À-am-cm-¡m-\\pw- \\-ap-¡v B-h-Ww-. I-a- n-Â- Pn-^v D-]tbmKn-¡mtam? Xo-À-¨-bm-bpw- D-]tbmKn-¡-Ww-. F-¶m-Â- A-Xv I-a- n-Sp-¶-hsc A-htlfn-¡p-¶- X-c-¯n-Â- B-h-cp- Xv. am-\\y-am-b-Xpw- c-kI-c-am-b-Xp-am-b- Pn-^p-I-Ä- \\-½-Ä- I-a-p-I-Äs¡m¸w- -tNÀ-¯m-Â- A-Xv an-I-¨- {]-Xn-I-c-Ww- D--m-¡pw-. \\n-e-hn-Â- asämcp- a-e-bm-f- am-[y-a-hpw- Cu- H-cp- X-e-¯n-Â- tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-bm- cw-K-¯v {]-h-À-¯n-¡m-¯-XpsIm-v \\-½psS C-Ss]S-Â- {i-²n-¡s¸Spw-. ]t£ Ir-Xy-am-b- Pn-^p-I-Ä- D-]tbmKn-¡m-³- {i-an-¡-Ww-. tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b-bn-Â- -t{Smfp-I-Ä- D-]tbmKn-¡mtam? _n-kv\\-kv am-[y-aw- B-b-XpsIm-p-Xs¶ B-fp-I-Ä-¡v \\-½tfmSp-Å- H-cp- Xm-Â-]-cy-an-Ãm-bv½- am-dn-¡n-«m-³- -t{Smfp-I-Ä- D-]tbmKn-¡p-¶-Xv \\-¶m-hpw-. {In-Xy-am-b- co-Xn-bn-Â- -t{Smfp-I-Ä- D--m-¡m-³- \\-ap-¡m-bm-Â- A-Xv \\-½-Ä- -sImSp-¡p-¶- ho-Untbm, Hm-Untbm, -sSIvkäv F-¶n-h- P-\\-§tfmSv I-½yq-Wnt¡äv -sN¿p-¶-Xn-³sd ]-¯n-c-«n- I-½yq-Wnt¡j-³- C-XpsIm-v km-[y-am-hpw-. kzm-Xn- N-Xp-ÀthZn- F-gp-Xn-b- I am a Troll: Inside the Secret World of the BJP’s Digital Army F-¶- ] p-kvX-Iw- Hm-À-¡p-I-. F-§s\\bm-Wv Xn-csªSp-¸v -t]mep-Å- k¦o-À-W-am-b- H-cp- {]-{In-b-bn-Â- -t{Smfp-I-Ä- h-fsc ^-e-{]-Z-am-bn- D-]tbmKn-¨-Xv F-¶-Xn-sâ kw-km-cn-¡p-¶-Xn-sâ -sXfn-hm-Wv B- ]p-kvX-Iw-. H-cp- CtaPv _n-Â-Uv -sN¿m-\\pw- A-Xns\\ A-c-¡n-«v D-d-¸n-¡m-\\pw- -t{Smfp-I-Ä- -t]m-se ^-e-{]-Z- am-b- asämcp- am-[y-aw- C-Ã- F-¶-Xm-Wv bm-Ym-À-°yw-. a-e-bm-f-¯n-Â- h-en-b- cq-]-¯n-epw- kw-L-Sn-X-am-b- co-Xn-bn-epw- ^n-\\m-kv cw-K-¯v C-¯-cw- -t{Smfp-I-Ä- h-¶p- “kmaq-ly-”]mTw 5 ssa-^n-≥ tkm-jy¬ aoUnb t]m-fnkn

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(intellectual property rights) {]tXyI- {i-²- D--m-bn-cn-¡-Ww-. Pm-Xn-,a-Xw-,cm-{ão-bw- ap-X-em-b- hn-Im-c-]-c-am-b- -taJ-e-I-fn-Â- A-`n-{]m-b- {]-I-S-\\-§-Ä- \\-S-¯pt¼mÄ-, km- aq-ln-I- am-[y-a- C-S-§-fnse ]-c-kv]-c- _-lp-am-\\w- D-d-¸p-h-cp-¯p-I-. {]-h-À-¯-\\- ka-bt¯m, Asæn-Â- I-¼-\\n- D-]-I-c-W-§-Ä- D-]tbmKn-¨psIm-t-m A-\\-utZymKn-I- kw-`m-j-W-§-Ä- \\-S-¯m-³- ]m-Sp-Å-X-Ã-. C-¯-cw- km-l-N-cy-§-Ä- D--m-hsX {i-²n-¡-Ww-. \\n-§-Ä- Hmtcmcp-¯-cpw- kaq-l-¯n-epw- -tPmen- -sN¿p-¶- C-S-§-fn-epw- I-¼-\\n-bpsS {_m-³-Uv Aw-_m- Ên-U-À-am-cm-Wv. A-Xp- -sIm-v Xs¶ a-äv Po-h-\\-¡msc-tbm I-¼-\\n-¡v ]p-d-¯p-Å-hsc-tbm km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-§-fn-eqsS `o-j-Wns¸Sp-¯p-¶-Xv, Nq-j-Ww- -sN¿p-hm-³- {i-an-¡p-¶-Xv, Xp-S-§n-b- Im-cy-§-Ä- -t_m[ys¸«m-Â- \\n-b-a-]-c-am-b- \\-S-]-Sn-I-Ä-¡v I-¼-\\n- \\n-À-_-Ôn-X-cm-hpw-. I-¼-\\n-bp-amtbm I-¼-\\n-bnse hy-àn-I-fp-amtbm _-Ôs¸«- Du-lmt]ml-§tfm, A-\\-utZymKn-I- hn-h-c-§tfm km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-¯n-Â- ]-¦psh¨m-Â- A-Xv I-¼-\\n-bpsS {_m-³-Uv hm-eyq-hn-\\v lm-\\n-I-c-am- Wv F-¶v, I-¼-\\n-bpsS C-sâÀ-W-Â- I-½n-än-¡v a-\\-Ên-em-Ip-¶- ]-£w- I-À-i-\\- \\-S-]-Sn-I-Ä- D--m-Ipw-. tkmjy-Â- C-³sdW-Â- I-½-än H-cp- Un-¸m-À-Sv-saâ n-Â- \\n-¶pw- Un-¸m-À-«saâ v -slUv, Po-h-\\-¡m-cn-Â- H-cm-Ä- (A-§s\\ F-Ãm- Un-¸m-À-Sv- saâ n-Â- \\n-¶pw-), No-^v F-Un-ä-À-,No-^v Hm-¸tdän-Mv Hm-^o-kÀ-, No-^v F-Ivkn-Iyq-«o-hv Hm-^n-kÀ- F-¶n-h-À- D-Äs¸«-Xm-Wv Cu- C-sâÀ-W-Â- I-½n-än-. I-½n-än-bnse 50 % Aw-K-§-Ä- h-\\n-X-I-Ä- B-bn-cn-¡-Ww-. km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-¯nse Po-h-\\-¡m-cpsS C-Ss]S-Â- kw-_-Ôn-¨v D--m-Ip-¶- Btcm]-W-§-Ä- Cu- C-sâÀ-W-Â- I-½n-än- ]-cntim[n-¡p-I-bpw- \\-S-]-Sn-I-Ä- \\n-Àt±in-¡p-I-bpw- -sN¿pw-. Cu- I-¼-\\n-, CtX -taJ-e-bn-Â- {]-h-À-¯n-¡p-¶- a-äv I-¼-\\n-I-fp-am-bn- a-Õcw- \\-S-¯p-¶p--v F-¦n-epw- ku-lr-Z-hpw- ]-c-kv]-c- _l- pa- m\\- h- pw-Im¯- pk- q£- n¡- m³- -B{- Kl- n¡- p¶- p.- s- Xän²- c- n¸- n¡- p¶- tXm,kXya- Ã- m¯- tXmBb- -Imc- y§- Ä- - a-äv I-¼-\\n-Isf kw-_-Ôn-¨v km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-§-fn-Â- ]-¦psh¡p-¶-Xv am-\\y-am-b- a-Õc-asö-Xm-Wv -ssa^n-³- I-cp-Xp-¶-Xv. A-XpsIm-v I-¼-\\n-bnse Po-h-\\-¡m-cpw- A-¯-cw- -t]mkväp-I-Ä- km-aq-ln-I- am-[y- a-§-fn-Â- ]-¦psh¡m-Xn-cn-¡p-I-. I-¼-\\n-bpsS `m-K-am-b- Po-h-\\-¡m-cpsS hy-àn- kzm-X-{´y-¯n-Â- H-cp- X-c-¯n-epw- I-¼-\\ntbm I-¼-\\n-bp-am-bn- _-Ôs¸«-htcm C-Ss]Sn-Ã-. A-¯-cw- km-l-N-cy-§-Ä- D--m-bm-Â- C-sâÀ-W-Â- I-½n-än-¡v ]-cm-Xn- \\-Â-Imw-. I-¼-\\n-bp-am-bn- _-Ôs¸«- lm-jv Sm-Kp-I-Ä- bmsXmcp- Im-c-W-h-im-epw- I-¼-\\n-bp-am-bn- _-Ô-an-Ãm-¯- - t]mkväp-I-fntem, hy-àn-]-c-am-b- A-`n-{]m-b-§-Ä- D-Å- -t]mkväp-I-fntem D-]tbmKn-¡p-¶-Xv H-cp- an-I-¨- km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a- {]-h-À-¯-\\-a-Ã-. C-Xv B-fp-Isf -sXäm-b- [m-c-W-I-fnte¡v \\-bn-¡m-\\pw- I-¼-\\n-bpsS {_m-³-Uv aq-eyw- Ip-d-hm-\\pw- Im-c-W-am-Ipw-. hy-àn-]-c-am-b- -t]Pp-I-fn-eqsS I-¼-\\nsb -t{]mÕm-ln-¸n-¡p-¶- -t]mkväp-I-Ä- -sjb-À-sN¿pt¼mÄ- #iwork4myfin F-¶- lm-ãm-Kv D-]tbmKn-¡p-¶-Xv Iq-Sp-X-Â- hy-à-X- {]-kvXp-X- -t]mkväv Im-Wp-¶- B-fp-I-Ä-¡v h-cp-¯pw-. C-¡m-cyw- {i-²n-¡p-I-. sXmgn-en-S-§-fnse ku-lr-Z- A-´-co-£w- \\n-e-\\n-À-¯p-I- F-¶p-Å-Xv {]-[m-\\-amsW¶v I-¼-\\n-¡v A-dn-bmw-. A-XpsIm-p-Xs¶ Po-h-\\-¡m-À- Aw-K-§-fm-b-,ku-lr-Z-§-fpsS -t]cn-Â- kr-ãn-¡s¸Sp-¶- km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a- {Kq-¸p-I-Ä- I-¼-\\n- \\ntcm[n-¡p-¶n-Ã-. F-¶m-Â- Cu- {Kq-¸p-I-Ä- h-gn- {]-N-cn-¸n-¡s¸Sp-¶- bmsXmcp- hn- [- D-Å-S-¡-¯n-\\pw- I-¼-\\n- D-¯-c-hm-Zn-b-Ã-. GsXmcp- km-l-N-cy-¯n-epw- Cu- {Kq-¸p-I-fn-Â- h-cp-¶- k-tµi- §sf HutZymKn-I- A-dn-bn-¸m-bn- I-W-¡m-¡p-I-bp-an-Ã-. Cw-¥o-jv F-¶- BtKmf- `m-j-bv-s¡m¸w- C-´y-bpsS {]mtZin-I- `m-j-I-Ä- Iq-Sn- \\mw- \\-½psS _n-kn-\\-kn-sâ “kmaq-ly-”]mTw 9 ssa-^n-≥ tkm-jy¬ aoUnb t]m-fnkn

`m-K-am-¡p-¶p- F-¶-Xn-\\m-epw-, kz-X-{´- C-´y-bnse H-cp- ]-u-c-³- F-¶- \\n-e-bn-epw- km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-§-fn-Â- C-Ss]Spt¼mÄ- Po-h-\\-¡m-À- -sshhn-[y-§sf Aw-Ko-I-cn-¡-Ww- ,_-lp-am-\\n-¡-Ww-. (including age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability, or marital status or any other legally-recognized protected basis under federal, state, or local laws, regulations or ordinances). tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b- -t]mfn-kn- H-cp- kvYn-c-am-b- -tcJ- A-Ã-. kmt¦Xn-I-hn-Zy-bn-Â- h-cp-¶- am-ä-§-Ä-¡v A-\\p-kcn-¨v t]mfn-kn-bn-epw- am-ä-§-Ä- D--m-Imw-. C-Xv C-sâW-Â- I-½n-än- N-À-¨- -sN¿p-I-bpw- ImtemNn-X- am-ä-§-Ä- -t]mfn-kn-bn-Â- h-cp-¯p-I-bpw- -sN¿pw-. am-ä-§sf kw-_-Ôn-¨pw- ]p-Xn-b- -t]mfn-knsb kw-_-Ôn-¨pw- Po-h-\\-¡msc HutZymKn-I-am-bn- A-dn-bn-¡p-hm-\\p-Å- D-¯-c-hm-Zn-X-zw- C-\\v-tdW-Â- I-½n-än- sk{I-«-dn-bptSXm-Wv. km-aq-ln-I- am-[y-a-§-fpsS ap-Jw- Xs¶ am-dp-¶- co-Xn-bn-em-Wv -saämthgvkv, hn-À-N-z-Â- dn-bm-en-än- A-S- ¡-ap-Å- ]p-Xn-b- kmt¦Xn-I-hn-Zy-I-Ä- F-¯p-¶-Xv. A-¯-cw- ]p-Xn-b- kmt¦Xn-I- hn-Zy-I-fp-am-bn- I-¼- \\n-bnse Po-h-\\-¡m-À- ]-cn-N-bn-¡p-¶-Xns\\ I-¼-\\n- -t{]mÕm-ln-¸n-¡p-¶p-. kmt¦Xn-I-hn-Zy- h-f-cpt¼mÄ- A-Xns\\m¸w- k©-cn-¡m-³- I-gn-bp-¶- Po-h-\\-¡msc I-¼-\\n- A-`n-am-\\-]q-À-Æw- Aw-Ko-I-cn-¡p-¶p-. C-Xp-am-bn- _-Ôs¸«- \\n-c-´-c-am-b- -s{Sbn-\\n-Mv skj-\\p-I-Ä- I-¼-\\n-bpsS `m-K-¯p-\\n-¶v D--m-hpw-. tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b- F-¶- -tlmw- -t]Pv- tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-bm- Im-e-¯v i-cn-¡pw- H-cp- am-[y-a- kvYm-]-\\-¯n-sâ '-tlmw- -t]Pv ' F-´m-Wv F-¶-Xv h-en-b- N-À-¨sN¿s¸Sp-¶- H-¶m-Wv. \\-½-Ä- h-en-b- -tXmXn-Â- Kw-`o-c-am-bn- cq-]- I-Â-¸-\\- -sNbvX- -tlmw- -t]Pnte¡v km-[m-c-W- F-{X- -t]À- h-cp-¶p--v F-¶-Xv H-cp- h-en-b- {]-iv\\-am-Wv. Un-Pn-ä-Â- ao-Un-bm- cw-K-¯v {]-h-À-¯n- ¡p-¶- \\-½-Ä- Xs¶ F-Ãm- Zn-h-khpw- F-{X- -sh_v-t]mÀ-«-ep-I-fpsS -tlmw- -t]Pv Im-Wp-¶p--v F-¶-Xv {]-[m-\\s¸«- Im-cy-am-Wv. tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b-bn-Â- -sjb-À- -sN¿s¸Sp-¶- en-¦n-Â- \\n-¶v -t\\-sc GsX¦n-epw- \\yq-kv -sh_v sskän-sâ C-¶-À- -t]Pnte¡m-Wv km-[m-c-W- \\n-e-bn-Â- {Sm-^n-¡v -t]mIp-¶-Xv. Asæn-Â- GsX¦n-epw- \\yq-kv A-{KntK-tägvkn-Â- en-kväpsN¿p-¶- kv-tämdn- en-¦n-Â- \\n-¶pw- {Sm-^n-¡v F-¯p-¶-Xv kv-tämdn-bpsS C-¶-À- - t]Pnte¡m-Wv. A-XpsIm-v F-{Xt]À- -tlmw- -t]Pv Im-Wp-¶p- F-¶-Xv H-cp- -tNmZy-am-Wv. C-hnsS \\-½-Ä- -t]mepw- A-dn-bmsX \\-½psS tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-bm- -t]Pv \\-½psS -tlmw- -t]Pv B-bn- am-dm-³- km-[y-X-bp--v. A-hnsS -sImSp-¡p-¶- I--â- p-I-fpw- ho-Untbmbpw- Hm-Untbmbp-am-Wv - ssa^n-³- F-¶- am-[y-a- kvYm-]-\\-¯ntâXm-bn- G-ä-hpw- A-[n-Iw- B-fp-I-Ä- Im-Wm-³- -t]mIp-¶-Xv. A-XpsIm-p-Xs¶ \\-½psS Im-c-ä-À- F-´m-Wv F-¶-Xv -t^mw- -sN¿p-¶-Xv tkmjy-Â- -ssSwsse\\p-I-Ä- B-bn-cn-¡pw-. C-¡m-c-W-¯m-Â- Ir-Xy-am-b- [m-c-W-bn-epw- N-À-¨-bv¡pw- -tijw- B-bn-cn-¡-Ww- tkmjy-Â- -ssSwsse\\n-Â- kv-tämdn-I-Ä- -t]mkväv -sN-t¿-X- v. h-en-b- km-[y-X-I-fm-Wv tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b- \\-ap-¡v ap-¶n-Â- Xp-d-¡p-¶-Xv. Iq-«m-b- {]-h-À-¯-\\w- -sIm-v B- km-[y-X-Isf ]-c-am-h-[n- {]tbmP-\\s¸Sp-¯m-³- \\-ap-¡v B-h-Ww-. -ssa^n-³- \\-½psS kz-´w- I-¼-\\n- BsW¶- k!!ss!!³-kv Hm-^v Hm-W-À-jn-¸n-em-h-Ww- \\-½-Ä- {]-h-À-¯nt¡-X- v. At¸mÄ-, F-Ãmw- ]-cn-K-Wn-¡p-I-, F-Ãm-hscbpw- ]-cn-K-Wn-¡p-I-. I-¼-\\n-bpsS tkmjy-Â- ao-Un-b- -t]mfn-knsb C-§s\\ Np-cp-¡mw-, “kmaq-ly-”]mTw 11 ssa-^n-≥ tkm-jy¬ aoUnb t]m-fnkn

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