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Thailand National Children's Day

Published by pimpasaewang2543, 2022-02-05 03:31:38

Description: Thailand National Children's Day


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thE activities rEFERENCES ChinNildaTrtheiaonin'lsaanlDday This day is celebrated with fun BKK Kids. (2022, January 4). Thai TTHOCEHMBIEALSDKTREEWTNHAEGYMOTOOHDAMIPSAPKYE activities for children. Both private Children’s Day 2022. – Oscar Wilde – organizations and government organizations provide various childrens-day-2022/ activities, events and privileges on this day such as discounted CentrePoint. (2018, January 12). Thai amusement park tickets and Kids Go Children’s Day 2018. Green Event. thai-childrens-day-2018 When I was young, the most special activity was Thairath. (2022, January 5). History of probably Children's day. National Children's Day including Since I could remember, children's day slogans from past to there would be a present 2022. specialty at children's day events where I could /culture/2006827 take part in the school show, essay writing Mod, (2016, January 8). National contest and quiz contest. Children’s Day in Thailand. Learn That year, a horse was Thai With Mod. brought for us to try riding. It was very fun for /2016/01/national-childrens-day/ us. -Kaimook- I still love to go to kids day events. In January, 2022. I joined a children's day event at Central Sri Racha. It had a lot of games and activities such as kill the monsters on the LED, an astronaut mascot to take photos, information board about space and kid’s shows. This event is the opportunity for many children to have fun, learn new things and show their talents.\" -Gift-

Children are the most important THE history thE MOTTO resource of the country. In Thailand, people stated “ Children are the Of CHILDREN's DAY Children's Day mottos are given future of the nation”( BKK Kids, every year by the Thai Prime 2022). If the children are hearty, Thailand National Children’s Day, Minister. In 1956, the motto for virtuous, responsible and intelligent, or it is known as “Wan Dek” in Thai, Children's Day was first created the country will be prosperous. They is celebrated annually on the when Field Marshal Plaek are the ones who will grow up to be second Saturday in January Phibulsongkhram was Prime adults and take care of society, (CentrePoint, 2018). It is a public Minister. In 1959 Field Marshal Sarit economy, culture, and the changes holiday that is not compensated for Thanarat was the Prime Minister of the country. Therefore, supporting the next day. The first Children's who first gave the motto on childhood learning is an important Day event was started on October Children's Day; therefore, it is responsibility of parents and the 3, 1955, which was historically set considered as a tradition that government. They need to encourage to be the first Monday of October. continues until the present time. education in both theoretical and In1965, It was decided to change (Thairath, 2022) practical learning activities, health, National Children's Day to the child rights.and much more. second Saturday of January and to Some examples of the slogan: organize Children's Day in 1966. In 2009, Prime Minister Abhisit ttp:// Wan Dek is held to bring up the Vejjajiva: “Think smart, think pure importance of children. and to thought, inspire dreams and create awareness for children to promote unity”. see the importance of responsibility their roles and duties in society In 2014, Prime Minister Yingluck and the nation Shinawatra: “Be good and grateful, know your duty, have discipline, and help build the nation” In 2022, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha: “Thoughtful, prudent, socially responsible\"

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