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The Syntax | Volume 01 Issue No. 2 - September-December 2021

Published by Phyre Ethan Reion, 2022-01-30 18:52:42

Description: The Syntax | Volume 01 Issue No. 2 - September-December 2021

The official newsletter of Information Technology Student Society.


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{>>> PAGE 02} EVER UPWARDCICS ORGS’ GRANDEST 10 YEAR-ENDER— EXCELCICSIOR IN ITS SECOND YEAR of virtual setup, Integrated Information Technology Student Society further expands its reach in digital platforms to better cater students amid online classes, holding various virtual events and projects. With more events done virtually, IINTESS’s Facebook page remains the biggest medium of organizations’ activity execution , having 3,300 followers as of writing. “Conducting online events are still a challenge for us,” Mr. Arjonel Mendoza, IINTESS adviser confessed. “However, my officers always manage to come-up with successful events even amid challenges. Mr. Mendoza promised to eventuate more meaningful and useful activities for its members’ betterment. 07 During the first semester, IINTESS was able to have HOIST THE RED a total of 7 events and projects. IINTESS officers sail leadership improvement, ventures EMERGE v5.0 Crimson Anchors lands Southern Horde’s Third Place and Best Organization Yell. TBHEHEONLODBLES Kingdom of Aithen Rete rules noble Acrehurst 04as HYPERLINK 2021 {IN FRAME} IINTESS Froshie 2021 title-holders, Marc Kenshin Cabrera (right) and Nathalie Ellaina Anicas (left) pose for the camera in their uniform wear.

{02} THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF INTEGRATED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STUDENT SOCIETY VOLUME 01 | ISSUE NO. 02 SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2021 ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT Helping our In the shift to online classes, the fellow students prime concern of students is internet connectivity. This is the matter that is our primary the Integrated Information Technology objective as an Student Society aims to address. organization, and MalasakIT is a load assistance project MalasakIT is one that is targeted for students to use during major examinations. of our steps in accomplishing so. On October 8, an infographic was posted in the IINTESS’s official Facebook page GUILLAN MAURHYN FAJARDO regarding the launch of the said project. In the post, a Google Form is attached Project Head, MalasakIT wherein interested students can fill up their External Vice President information as application to the activity. IINTESS aids students Presented in the Google Form are fields for personal information and open-ended through load assistance, questions as to why they are in need of the load assistance. Ask in it is the student’s initiates MalasakIT name, SR-Code, year level, section, Facebook account, address, active contact number, AIDING students experiencing difficulty with internet connectivity, devices used in online classes, internet Integrated Information Technology Student Society distributed load connectivity, and the question of “Why are you assistance to 50 student beneficiaries, October 11. fit to be a beneficiary of this load assistance?” 100-peso worth load were granted Fajardo, External Vice President At the end of the form, a certificate of true to students, timely to the midterm emphasized. information is displayed. examinations. Fajardo also stated that IINTESS is The said load assistant project adamant in coming-up with projects MalasakIT Load Assistance project is is under the organization’s student that serves students’ needs, most headed by the organization treasurer, Mary service project titled ‘MalasakIT,’ a importantly amid the challenged Joyce Llabres with her co-head, Trisha Fae filipino word that translates to ‘care.’ brought by the current set-up. Sarmiento, assistant treasurer. “Helping our fellow students is our MalasakIT is a year-round activity primary objective as an organization, that will extend to the next semester, The application closed on October 10, and MalasakIT is one of our steps in every major examination. 2021. A total of 77 responses were recorded accomplishing so,” Guillan Maurhyn in the application. On the same day, the committee for selection have filtered and concurred to have 50 students as the beneficiary of the project. The committee for selection is composed of the president, Gideon Kyle Conrad De Roxas, vice presidents, Guillan Maurhyn Fajardo and Christian John Pabito, and the organization adviser Mr. Arjonel Mendoza. On the morning of October 11, 2021, the first day of midterm examinations, the load assistance were distributed. Each beneficiary received 100-peso load to be used for their examinations. Distribution of the load was done the treasurer. An infographic is posted in the official Facebook page to notify the students about the load assistance’s roll-out. An email and a text message were also sent to the beneficiaries. MalasakIT Load Assistance project continued to serve its purpose for the final examinations as IINTESS teamed up with the CICS Student Council in providing load assistance to the students in need. iintess • thesyntax

THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF INTEGRATED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STUDENT SOCIETY {03} VOLUME 01 | ISSUE NO. 02 SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2021 RUN DOWNIINTESS SOCIAL MEDIA IINTESS supports annual events through social media posts 3,172 Likes IN SUPPORT of events and celebrations observed all over the world, Integrated Information Technology Student Society posts infographics 3,303 reflecting timely commemorations. Followers 511,465 Page Reach Ramos prevails as new third year representative AFTER a semester of vacancy, a third year representative position had been filled as Jax Blaire Kristoffer Ramos was assigned after a vote of IINTESS officers. Prospect students were asked to respective departments in front of provide their profiles that served as the Principal Body and shall extend basis in the voting procedures. information to their respective As defined by the organization’s departments about the organization’s Constitution and By Laws, a activities and projects. representative shall discuss matters Ramos says he looks forward to pertaining to the academic and working with the officers as this is a extracurricular activities of their new challenge for him. iintess • thesyntax

{04} THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF INTEGRATED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STUDENT SOCIETY VOLUME 01 | ISSUE NO. 02 SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2021 BEHOLD THE NOBLES ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT Froshies revel in a royal feast Kingdom of Aithen Rete rules noble Acrehurst as HYPERLINK 2021 IN THE SHIFT TO ONLINE CLASSES, students are primarily affected—not only in academic-wise, but mostly to their well- being. Thus, Integrated Information Technology Student Society came-up with an activity that focuses on students’ enjoyment, eventuating HYPERLINK. Aiming to build camaraderie among page with photos and videos posted. high school to college. The talk revolved freshmen students and create bonds Trivia games were posted targeted to the around the theme “Feeding Noble Red between their batchmates in a virtual seniors of IT department. A Facebook Spartans’ Minds.” setting, IINTESS steered HYPERLINK[2] Frame was also posted as publicity for Introducing the guest speaker, Verna Feast of the Froshies, November 13, 2021. the event. Liza Babasa, public information officer of HYPERLINK is IINTESS’s get-together On the actual day, the morning IINTESS saluted Mr. Nicole G. Leonor. He annual event for the first-year students session started by a prayer led by Keith is an assistant unit manager of Premiere of Information Technology under the Dexter Aguilar, organization’s auditor Licensed Financial Consultant from Pru- College of Informatics and Computing and a national anthem led by the CICS Life UK – Prime Summit Life Insurance Sciences. The event highlights a talk, a Cultural Guild Singers. Through their Agency (PRISLIA). pageant, and bonding activities. energetic stints, Jhomari Ramirez, second Mr. Leonor discussed his experiences In its second installment, HYPERLINK year representative and Guillan Maurhyn during college and working in the is dubbed as “Feast of Froshies,” with Fajardo, external vice president greeted industry, an overview and idea of what the theme “Celebration of Inclusivity audiences in the Zoom meeting. awaits IT freshmen, and general tips on in Diversity.” This activity aims, in a Officially opening the program, Mr. being an IT student. His talk sparked ideas virtual context, to foster camaraderie Arjonel Mendoza, adviser of IINTESS, within the students with every sentiment among freshmen students and establish welcomed freshmen students in his short he expresses. connections among their batchmates and concise discourse. It was followed by His talk ended with an open and through an informative discussion, an inspirational message by Dr. Princess forum that further converses about provide freshmen students with the Marie Melo, Dean of CICS. the freshmen journey. A certificate of required knowledge and guidance Continuing the program, the hosts recognition was presented to Mr. Leonor to effectively navigate the terrain of announced the first segment of the as the organization’s way of expressing becoming a Red Spartan. event. FINE DINE. It is a talk session that gratitude to sharing his time and expertise Event before the actual event, digital will focus on ways for froshies to adapt in for the said talk. content filled IINTESS’s official Facebook a new environment, as they forward from After that, sections competed in iintess • thesyntax

THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF INTEGRATED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STUDENT SOCIETY {05} VOLUME 01 | ISSUE NO. 02 SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2021 a fun game. CHARADES CABARET is a Maurhyn Fajardo then introduced the voted through Facebook post reactions, virtual activity game of charades where judges for the endeavor. were Dave Mark Magnaye and Stephanie participants from sections will compete Andal. IT 1104 woke most hearts as they in guessing the acted word. The activity This first judge is the 1st Runner won best advocacy video represented by was facilitated by John Francis Macuha, up of Binibining Lungsod ng Batangas their candidates, Dave Mark Magnaye and fourth year representative. 20 categories 2019 and a graduate of BS Petroleum Royce Ann De Chavez. where prepared. A spin wheel decided Engineering of Batangas State University, the category the sections played. Each Ms. Patricia Irish De Castro. Crowned as After awarding the special and section was given only 1 minute to guess Dalagang Filipina 2019, Ms. President’s minor awards, the top 4 to proceed with the word. Laughter and shouts filled the Cup BatStateU Season 8, a Finalist of the pageant was announced. They then Zoom meeting as the sections enjoyingly Binibining Lungsod 2018, and a BS proceeded to the question-and-answer played the game. Tourism Management of Batangas State portion. The questions were asked by University, Kristin Angela Catilo served judges. Before ending the morning session, as the second judge. Last of all, the Aerolle T. Sana, project co-head, third judge is Mr. AMA Batangas 2019, Before the awarding of major award discussed the next activity done offline. 1st Runner Up, Mr. Sta. Clara 2019, an winners, certificates of appreciation Recipe conquest is a team-building ambassador of BarakoPH, and a student were presented to the judges. Reigning activity pushed students in each section of BS Computer Engineering, Mr. Orvin title holders, Marc Aaron Manansala and to work together in a race. Joshua De Villa. Florie Mae Cordero had their final walk and message. The said activity revolved around this Candidates wowed judges and storyline: After the first day of the feast, as audiences alike in their opening Hailed as 3rd Runner Ups were everyone is riding their carriages on the introductions wearing their uniform. The Arajane Paz and John Densel Ilagan. The way home, the recipes have gone missing. 16 contestants stated their name, section 2nd Runner Up position were filled by If not found, the Masquerade of Royalties and represented kingdom along with a Yasmin Galak and John Charls Mayor. will not continue. It is the nobilities’ duty saying or quote. The spectacle was then Placing 1st Runner Up were Angela Motel to find the recipes. followed by their casual wears. and Dave Mark Magnaye. Crowned as Mr. IINTESS Froshie 2022 was Marc Kenshin There were five stations that the As an ice breaker, Jhon Francis Cabrera, with Ms. IINTESS Froshie 2022, sections had needed to conquer. In each Macuha interviewed the candidates in Nathalie Anicas. station, a challenge must be completed a segment called ‘MINSTREL’S FAIR.” to proceed to the next. Station 1 dared Humorous questions were asked to Overall, IT 1103 was dubbed as Inline participants in a tongue twister. Station 2 the participants. Laughs and smiles Link, placing fourth. Tied in the third required for a ‘Bad Romance Intro’ video, enveloped the competition. spot, IT 1108 and IT 1101 shared the title a viral singing challenge. Students danced of Anchor Link. Winning 2nd place, as their way through Station 3. Creativity and The exhibit of beauty continued as Xlink, was IT 1105. Ruling as champions, resourcefulness were exerted in finishing the candidates strutted their theme wear. capped as HYPERLINK is IT 1107. the ‘Low-Cost Cosplay’ challenge of The attires focused in gowns and suits as Station 3. Lastly, participants posed as 10 the pageant revolved around the theme Access full event brochue here: emojis in Station 5. of “Masquerade of Technological Royalties.” Appearing in their The morning session was formally own masks, the participants closed in a message by Gideon Kyle truly embodied the theme. Conrad De Roxas, organization president. Not only of entertainment, As its main event, HYPERLINK[2] the candidates came with a Feast of Froshies crowned its Mr. and purpose. Advocacy videos of Ms. IINTESS Froshie 2022. This activity is the participants were played. pageant that aims to boost participants’ Each section prepared for the confidence and highlight the students’ motion picture content. natural beauty and talent through submitted videos and photos of the Dave Mark Magnaye candidates. dominated the male stage as he won several minor The afternoon session started in a awards—Best in Uniform, prayer by Mary Joyce LLabres, treasurer. Best in Casual Wear, and Once again greeted by Guillan Maurhyn Best Catwalk. Best in Fajardo and Jhomari Ramirez, audiences Theme Wear was won by were excited to watch the candidates as Marc Kenshin Cabrera. the event went live at IINTESS’s official For the female stage, Nathalie Facebook page. Anicas ruled, winning Best in Unform, Best in Casual Wear, and Best in Theme Christian John Pabito, internal Wear. Angela Motel won the Best Catwalk. vice president, read the mechanics and guidelines of the pageant. Guillan People’s Choice Award winners, iintess • thesyntax

{06} THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF INTEGRATED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STUDENT SOCIETY VOLUME 01 | ISSUE NO. 02 SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2021 IT freshmen flaunt beauts, wits and talents, nab various awards in Froshie Fair 2021 TOGETHER with all first-years of Batangas State University Alangilan, information technology students engage in the campus’ biggest event for freshmen, Froshie Fair with the theme “Seeing What’s Next for the Red Spartan Circle,” held via Zoom and Facebook Live, September 17. Froshie Fair is an annual activity by the Supreme Student Council Alangilan, which serves as a warm welcome to freshmen as addition to the Red Spartan community, filled with a webinar, talent contests, and a pageant. Students indulge in a path of self- development and advancement as Mr. Alec Cuenca conversed the rationale for all the “I think, therefore I am” in a webinar as part of the said event. Along with it, seven froshies take on the challenge of representing IINTESS in “I-CHANT na yarn!” performing an organization chant with improvised musical instruments. Just as well, Jan Chester Peren illuminated the center stage as he bagged 3rd Runner Up in Froshie Star, a singing competition. In contrary, darkness prevailed the runway as IINTESS representatives, Danyeal Austin Comia and Angel Rose Villaruel dressed up as Joker and Harley Quinn in Mr. and Ms. Campus 2021, reigning as second and third runner up respectively. “The experience was unlike any other,” Villaruel commended. “Though the activity is done virtually, the fun and excitement were like as if we are physically together.” Overall, IT freshmen students were amazed from Froshie Fair 2021, catching a glimpse of what being a Red Spartan is all about. iintess • thesyntax

THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF INTEGRATED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STUDENT SOCIETY {07} VOLUME 01 | ISSUE NO. 02 SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2021 HOIST THE RED IINTESS officers sail towards leadership improvement, ventures EMERGE v5.0 Crimson Anchors lands Southern Horde’s third place and Best Org Yell Integrated Information Technology Student Society set sailed in a journey to the seas of leadership as its officers partake in EMERGE v5.0 with the theme “Setting the Sails of Change,” mooring as Southern Horde’s Third Place and Best Organization Yell, October 29-30 via Zoom Meetings. EMERGE is annual leadership training Bustos, sports television anchor and and seminar for student leaders headed commentator. by Supreme Student Council Alangilan, In between the plenary talks, 24 which aims to strengthen the relationship student organizations, divided by 4 among campus organizations and foster cohorts, battled in team competitions healthy competition that will develop aimed to test the skills and wits of the their intellectual strength and social skills. student leaders—The North: Island and In its fifth installment, SSC Alangilan Treasures, The South: Sailors Feud, The themed the endeavor as an expedition of East: Emoji Galleon, and The West: Ready, the seas, with webinars and competitions Set, Sail! following the concept of sailing and “From really relevant and fruitful talks seafaring, with participants dubbed as to fun and exciting activities, everything sailors and each organization came- about this year’s Emerge is remarkable,” up with their own ship names; IINTESS Jhomari Ramirez, IINTESS second year termed as the Crimson Anchors. representative, a first-time participant of Four esteemed speakers were invited the leadership program exclaimed. to talk various topics revolving leadership, He also stated his excitement for the innovation and vision, communication, EMERGE for the coming years, a same and volunteerism—Hon. Jose Gabriel sentiment which participants of the event Bayan, SK Chairman of Santolan, Pasig, Mr. shared. William M. Aranilla, President of YouthLead In the end, Association of Civil Philippines, Ms. Chiara Amisola, the Engineering Students (ACES) won as the founder of Developh and a product Emerging Organization of the Year. designer at Spotify, and Mr. Miguel Carlos iintess • thesyntax

{08} THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF INTEGRATED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STUDENT SOCIETY VOLUME 01 | ISSUE NO. 02 SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2021 BatStateU CICS and OMSC CAST collaborate in progressing research and development, kicks off REACHED ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT MARKING the beginning of two and Development or REACHED is a The morning session propelled the universities’ synergy towards project of CICS’ Research, Development, first discussion and was pioneered by a common goal of producing Extension Service, assigned to Integrated the department chair of BS Computer substantial research, Batangas State Information Technology Student Society Science, Dr. Rowell M. Hernandez wherein University’s College of Informatics in its execution. he highlighted the Priority Areas for and Computing Sciences partnered Research and Development and subtopic with the College of Arts, Science, The program began with an it embodies as well as the opportunities and Technology from the Occidental invocation followed by the singing of the grounded for the benefit of scholastic Mindoro State College Mamburao Philippine National Anthem performed by initiatives and professional endeavors. Campus, kicking off with a webinar the CICS Cultural Guild Singer. It was then titled REACHED: Synergizing and followed by the opening remarks and the Next in line, the comprehensive talk Developing Research and Publication introduction of the first speaker, Dr. Alvin about the Current Trends in IT filled the Culture attended by OMSC’s students S. Alon by Dr. Princess Marie B. Melo, the virtual space as the department chair of and faculty, December 6 via Zoom current dean of CICS. BS Information Technology, Dr. Ryndel V. and Facebook Live. Amorado engaged the virtual audience to For the momentous collaboration, recognize and implement technology into Research on Emerging and Advanced the dean of the College of Arts, Science, an upgraded approach. Thereafter, for Computing TecHnology Engagement and Technology, Dr. Maricris Usita stated the last speaker for the morning session, their commitment to the partnership. {>>> PAGE 09} iintess • thesyntax

THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF INTEGRATED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STUDENT SOCIETY {09} VOLUME 01 | ISSUE NO. 02 SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2021 Ms. Jecamarie Pasay, the Program Lead for Business Development and Communications filled the students’ hunger for new perception towards the Technopreneurship and Innovation. This discourse was in coordination with the Batangas State University Center for Technopreneurship and Innovation; a university-based technology business incubator that spearheads technopreneurship and home of young startup companies in Region IV-A. The first half of the REACHED collaboration was accomplished with an open forum and interactive games as intervals to guarantee the utmost participation from both ZOOM and Facebook live audiences. As for the afternoon session, it was mainly dedicated to faculty and lecturers. The conversation about funding institutions and research thrust was moved by Mr. Poul Isaac De Chavez, the CICS Coordinator of Research Development and Extension Services. He exposed the essence of implementing and reaching for maximum potential on the larger scale, to step up and serve the broader community thru converting the blueprints of research papers into good and productive use for stakeholders’ directives. Subsequently, Dr. Rowell M. Hernandez established the dialogue about Selecting Reputable Journals and Conferences and Writing Publishable Research Paper. This is technical lecture entails the DO’s and DON’T’s towards research convention to further the literacy of every academic lecturer and impart the aforementioned practices to the young brilliant minds. In the same manner, the supplementary talk regarding the Techniques and Tools in Writing Publishable Paper was conveyed by Dr. Ryndel V. Amorado to aid and develop the academic writing of the present practitioners in the field of Information Technology. This webinar entitled, “REACHED: Synergizing and Developing Research and Publication Culture”, was formally concluded with a closing remark as expressed by Mr. Poul Isaac De Chavez, the CICS Coordinator of Research, Development, and Extension Services. The program was mediated by Ms. Fatima Marie P. Agdon. This webinar entitled, “REACHED: Synergizing and Developing Research and Publication Culture”, was formally concluded with a closing remark as expressed by Mr. Poul Isaac De Chavez, the CICS Coordinator of Research, Development, and Extension Services. The program was mediated by Ms. Fatima Marie P. Agdon. iintess • thesyntax

{ 10 } THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF INTEGRATED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STUDENT SOCIETY VOLUME 01 | ISSUE NO. 02 SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2021 EVER UPWARD CICS organizations conclude 2021 united in ExcelCICSior ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT “Always together—ever upward” was the message exhibits a wide-range of activities including raffles, games and organizations of the College of Informatics and Computing a conversational talk among various categories of academic Sciences demonstrated as they unite in the college’s constituents. grandest year-end activity “EXCELCICSIOR: Festivity of Trust; Celebrating Upward Bonds and Companionship,” Each organization under CICS fashioned their own activities held through Facebook Live, December 12. under the said event—’Bring Me, Like…’ by CICS Student Council, ‘Trust-talkan’ by JPCS BatStateU Alangilan Chapter, ‘Songs, Bro’ ExcelCICSior is a one-day, year-end party for all students in by ACCESS, and ‘Ravan sa Dagasaan’ by IINTESS. the field of information technology and computer science that iintess • thesyntax

THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF INTEGRATED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STUDENT SOCIETY { 11 } VOLUME 01 | ISSUE NO. 02 SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2021 IINTESS shares gifts and giggles in Ravan sa Dagasaan Ravan sa Dagasaan is an online gameshow where students can win prizes amounting up to 1000 pesos. Participants were invited to join a Zoom meeting, granting them a chance to be picked as a lucky player. Before the actual game, they were asked few trivial questions. To continue the participant was asked to pick an eco-bag containing the prize. When the lucky player already picked their eco bag, they will be asked if they are sure with their chosen eco bag or not. If the lucky player is sure, they need to shout ‘Ravan’ and if not, they need to shout ‘Dagasa’ to then pick another eco. Each player has only one chance to change their pick. The exciting part of this each eco bag contains varying prizes, with higher amounts accompanied with fun dares to do in their homes. Winners are then asked to message CICS SC’s official facebook page to claim their prize. With 20 winners of prizes amounting to 10,000 pesos in total, the conduct of Ravan sa Dagasaan was deemed successful. iintess • thesyntax


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