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Annual Report 2019

Published by hohk, 2020-09-02 23:39:00

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“Be the Change. Volunteer.”




OUR MILESTONES • HandsOn Hong Kong • HandsOn Hong Kong • Organized 1,000th established Advisory Board volunteer activity established • Received charity • HandsOn Hong Kong status under the name changed registered “HandsOn China” charity name to “HandsOn Hong Kong Ltd” • First volunteer activity organized 2009 2012 2007 2008 2010 2013 • HandsOn website • Held first gala dinner • Reached 5,000 launched raising funds to registered hire first full-time volunteers • First corporate staff member volunteer activity • HandsOn Hong Kong organized • Reached 1,000 Facebook page registered volunteers launched HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019

• Staff expanded to • Launched our Skills • Over 22,000 7 full-time staff Workshop for students registered volunteers with disabilities • Listed on WiseGiving • Over 82,000 • Received HK$1 million • Over 25,000 volunteer citizens served hours achieved grant from Operation • 15% of service Santa Claus to develop • Over 15,000 registered programs are a social enterprise volunteers family-friendly • Over 15,000 volunteer hours achieved 2014 2016 2018 2015 2017 2019 • Became member of the • 10-year anniversary of HandsOn • Over 27,000 registered UN Global Compact and • Over 46,000 citizens served volunteers Hong Kong Council of • Launched Serve-a-thon, Social Service • Over 3,500 community Hong Kong’s first-ever service programs run • Launched our Soup for community service week the Elderly program • HandsOn Hong Kong new • Launch of HandsOn digital platform launched Design Thinking Space & • Over 20,000 volunteer skills-based volunteering hours achieved 05-06

LETTER FROM OUR FOUNDER AND CHAIR OF THE BOARD Dear Friends, As HandsOn Hong Kong entered its 12th year of operation, we could not have predicted what a challenging year 2019 would be for all of us. However, while each of our daily lives were affected, none were impacted more than the forgotten: those in our city who were already living below the margins. More than 20% of our city’s nearly 7.5 million residents live in poverty, including one in three elderly and one in four children. HandsOn Hong Kong, like many of our non-profit partners, was hard hit financially and programmatically, forced to cancel or scale back upwards of 30% of our programs. Yet despite these difficult times, our community continued to come together to serve those in need. In fact, thanks to the support of people like you, HandsOn even expanded its services over the course of 2019. Some highlights include: adding 62% more volunteer programs; expanding the week-long community service initiative, Serve-a-thon, to deliver 7,500 hours of service to 21,000 people in need; strengthening our youth and family volunteer programs; and much more. Please read on to learn more about our programs and achievements. Lastly, I want to thank you for your continued commitment to making Hong Kong a better place through volunteer services. I look forward to serving together for years to come. Sincerely, Shaun Bernier Founder & Board Chair HandsOn Hong Kong HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019

LETTER FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Dear Friends, Going into 2019, we had no idea what events would be in store for our city and the eventual impact on our work. Upon reflection, I must say that I couldn’t be more proud of the resilience of our team and the commitment of our wonderful volunteers and supporters. Despite the challenges gripping Hong Kong, we saw nearly a 10% increase in the overall number of volunteers engaging in community service and an expansion of our services to support even more local charities. Over the year, HandsOn volunteers gave 36,455 hours of their time to serve more than 70,000 people in need. As an organization dedicated to innovating to meet the changing needs of our community, we launched two new services to benefit our non-profit partners. Our skills-based volunteering platform provides non-profits with access to pro bono expertise and enables volunteers to use their professional skills to support capacity-building needs. In 2019, our team successfully matched 50 volunteers to support the missions of our charity partners. Another challenge for under-resourced charities is having the space to bring teams together in an uplifting and inspiring environment to plan, strategize and brainstorm solutions to critical community challenges. With this in mind, we launched the HandsOn ‘Design Thinking’ Space for NGOs. It’s been a thrill to see our non-profit partners putting the space to great use. Against the backdrop of last year’s events, several of our fundraising programs and corporate activities were postponed or cancelled, significantly impacting our revenue. But our work never stopped and our commitment to service never wavered. We are grateful to so many of our long-time volunteers, supporters and friends— who worked hand in hand with us to ensure community needs were met, even in the most uncertain of times. Sincerely, Sue Toomey Executive Director HandsOn Hong Kong HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019


HONG KONG: AN UNEQUAL SOCIETY Despite robust economic growth, Hong Kong’s disaparity between rich and poor is the greatest it has been in 45 years. The monthly household income of Hong Kong's richest 10% is 44 times greater than the bottom 10%. 25% 1 in 3 of the city’s children elderly in Hong Kong do not receive are poor three meals a day Over 80% 1.4 of domestic workers million in Hong Kong report Hong Kong citizens being in debt live below the poverty line of 1 in 5 HK$4,000 per month of Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities live 60% in poverty of people with disabilities are economically inactive ©Photo courtesy of ImpactHK Limited

EMPOWERING EVERYONE IN HONG KONG TO VOLUNTEER In January 2019, the HandsOn Hong Kong team and OUR MISSION board members were guided through a half-day Mission and Vision workshop run pro bono by the Empowering everyone in Corporate Responsibility team at PwC. Hong Kong to volunteer. This session helped us to reflect on our charity’s OUR VISION purpose and identity and how we harness our volunteers’ time and talents to create positive impact. We envision a Hong Kong where After an afternoon of reflection, brainstorming and everyone serves together to meet healthy debate, we ended the workshop with an updated HandsOn Hong Kong Mission and Vision all social needs. reflective of our organization and what drives our work. SCHOOLS NON-PROFIT SERVING COMMUNITY NEEDS PARTNERS To fulfill our mission, HandsOn develops service FAMILIES, programs in partnership with local, CHILDREN under-served non-profit organizations and & YOUTH connects them with the volunteer manpower they need to achieve their own mission. INDIVIDUAL CORPORATE VOLUNTEERS PARTNERS Each month, HandsOn runs up to 200 volunteer activities as a free public service, in support of over 100 charity partners. We also develop bespoke volunteer programs for companies that want to empower and equip their employees to serve community needs. By providing a variety of meaningful volunteer opportunities year-round, HandsOn brings Hong Kong together—charities, individual volunteers, companies, schools, families, children and youth—to support the needs of our most vulnerable citizens. HandsOn Hong Kong Limited is a tax exempt organization in Hong Kong under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112). We perform our work for the community as a free public service — at no cost to our non-profit partners or individual volunteers. 11 HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019

ADDRESSING HONG KONG’S MOST PRESSING ISSUES HandsOn Hong Kong volunteer programs are designed to serve a variety of causes needing attention in our community. We connect volunteers with our non-profit partners so together we can collectively make positive changes for the betterment of Hong Kong. Our diverse programs reflect the broad range of groups we help. CHILDREN & YOUTH2 MIGRANT WORKERS6 1 in 4 Over 80% of the city’s children live in of foreign domestic helpers poverty report being in debt in Hong Kong ELDERLY3 ANIMAL WELFARE7 1 in 7 1,400 elderly people in Hong Kong exhibit signs of depression animals put down by SPCA in one year, due to lack of resources ENVIRONMENT4 REFUGEES & ASYLUM SEEKERS8 300+ tons 160 of textile waste are discarded each day in Hong Kong asylum seeking claims out of 21,285 granted in Hong Kong over ten years PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES5 ETHNIC MINORITIES9 Only 39% 1 in 5 of people with disabilities in of Hong Kong’s ethnic minority Hong Kong are economically active individuals are living in poverty 2. “60% of children from low-income households unable to take part in any extracurricular 6 “The Value of Care: Key Contributions of Migrant Domestic Workers to Economic Growth and activity due to financial constraints” (Report on the Living Conditions of CSSA Children by Family Well-Being in Asia” (Report by Enrich & Experian: March 2019) Society for Community Organization: November 2019) 7 “Are Hong Kong’s laws on animal abuse and neglect outdated?’’ 3. “One in seven elderly shows signs of depression, study finds” (The Standard: 30 Jan 2018) (South China Morning Post: 4 February 2018) 4. “All dressed up and nowhere to go … except to landfills: fast consumer fashion habits add to 8 “Facing poverty, precarity and unable to work, asylum seekers and their families in Hong Kong Hong Kong’s textile waste” (South China Morning Post: 20 December 2018) remain trapped in limbo as they long for a dignified life” (South China Morning Post: 29 June 2019) 5. “People with disabilities in Hong Kong need jobs, not just handouts” 9 “Close to one in five ethnic minority individuals in Hong Kong are living in poverty, government (South China Morning Post: 25 January 2017) report shows’’ (South China Morning Post: 8 Feb 2018) HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019 12


BY THE OUR VOLUNTEERS IN 2019 NUMBERS Each year HandsOn Hong Kong recruits and manages thousands of 36,455 volunteers on behalf of our non-profit partners as part of our mission to mobilize and empower the community to help address social needs. Individual volunteer In 2019 we recruited 7,297 volunteers to take part in 3,682 activities—a service hours 9% year-on-year growth in the number of volunteers and a 62% increase in the number of programs. 3,682 Our volunteers serve the local community in many ways. HandsOn service programs range from mobile literacy workshops that help the Volunteer activities elderly to stay connected, to programs that equip youth with organized disabilities with employable skills or tree planting and reforestation days that allow families to play a direct role in conservation. 7,297 HandsOn volunteers also continue to be some of Hong Kong’s most Active volunteers dedicated. In 2019, Alan Wong performed 1,125 hours of community service, with another 47 volunteers each giving more than 100 hours to support HandsOn projects—a group that we see continue to grow each year. What drives HandsOn volunteers to serve? We conducted our annual survey of active HandsOn Hong Kong volunteers to gain insight into what motivates them to continue serving the community: 99% feel volunteering had an impact on their lives 79% feel they made a di erence in the life of someone in need 77% experienced happiness and satisfaction when volunteering 62% enjoyed learning about social issues in Hong Kong 40% feel volunteering gave them a strong sense of purpose 22% feel that volunteering builds them a larger social network 21% gained new practical skills through volunteering 14

OUR VOLUNTEER LEADERS HandsOn Hong Kong’s Volunteer Leaders are instrumental to the running of our year-round calendar of volunteer activities. Typically, they commit to manage a specific program for a minimum of three months, but many of these individuals have worked with us for years. These Volunteer Leaders manage their respective service programs by coordinating pre-event reminders, taking attendance, conducting onsite briefings and providing post-program outcomes and feedback to our team. Our Volunteer Leaders’ contribution to HandsOn Hong Kong—and the charities and beneficiaries we serve—is invaluable to our work. Stephanie Leung leads workshops and outings for children with disabilities My genuine interest and passion are the There was one time I was really impressed main things that drive me to serve the when a group of volunteers and I led kids community. In fact, I gain energy from with special needs through rugby training service users. I always feel revitalized after one Summer. I was so grateful to the completing service activities. Due to this, I Hong Kong Rugby Club for their sponsor- consider myself a beneficiary instead of a ship and contribution in providing all the person who donates time and energy. resources to make these workshops a success. We all had a great time and I was I believe giving service users a sense of moved by the mission of the organization companionship and belonging is the and their commitment. biggest impact that I have made. EricLoArelmexipasunmian leads skills training for students with disabilities and Kindness Walks The power of a team is fantastic–think One of these many meaningful experiences about a beach that you have to clean by was when I invited some special needs yourself after a typhoon...and suddenly one teenagers to my shop. I offered to teach hundred people come to help you. If each them some skills about food and beverage. individual does their little part, it can make The kids were awesome! All with good a big change. heart , positive attitude and willing to learn. I have no doubt they can make their I used to dream of unrealistic big goals. Then difference a strength. Once again, I put two words in my mind: “small” and HandsOn did a fantastic job connecting “now”. Joining a team of volunteers where people who care. everyone is doing something small, makes all those small things become meaningful. 15 HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019

Our work was supported by 54 dedicated Volunteer Leaders in 2019: Ada Fan Jessmin Tay Adrian Aw Jett Wong Allan Song John Ko Angela Lee Jonathan Cheng Anna Au Joseph Lam Bertinla Lai Joyce Kwok Bo Chan Lawrence Tsang Brian Kwok Lovelyn Padernal Carmen Lai Mandy Cheung Carolyn Cohen Matthew Au Cheng Ying Ying Meg Fung Chia Chu Neal Sarwal Chris Wong Nikita Fong Clara Tang Olivier Hui Colette Aw Pei Shan Hoe Corinna Kasiman Pia Warburton Davina Soo Rebecca Ng Debbie Lam Richard Payne Edith Chiu Sanday Kabange Elvis Li Severine Barry Eric Alexanian Sharon Fung Esther Lau Stephanie Leung Eva Kwok Sylvia Wong Evelyn Mak Tay Tse Grace Lam Tisa Fan Hilda Ng Wilson Ma Jane Kühne Yvonne Li Thank you!

VOLUNTEERS USING THEIR SKILLS TO HELP OTHERS In addition to thousands of volunteers who serve with us by literally being “hands on” to provide support, there are many others who use their professional skills on a pro bono basis to assist us with our business operations. In 2019 our work was supported by financial advisors, lawyers, grant writers, IT specialists, graphic designers and one particular group of professional coaches. The amazing team at Transcend International embarked on a pro bono partnership with HandsOn in 2019 that saw our whole team receive six sessions each with their own personal coach. They guided us in areas such as setting appropriate goals, exploring options, finding self-value and taking “skillful’’ action. We could not recommend them more highly—or give enough thanks to our coaches Amy, Elaine, Fernanda, Liza and Victoria. ELAINE LUEY A CERTIFIED COACH, TRANSCEND INTERNATIONAL Our Director of Corporate Partnership & Development, Lisa It is my privilege to be part of the Transcend coaching with Elaine during their coaching session team that provided individual coaching to the HandsOn team. Along with Transcend Alumni, Amy Wong, Fernanda Baker, Liza Rosen and Victoria Fung, we each partnered with two of the HandsOn team members. Through the feedback from the team, we are delighted to know they valued the support on both personal and professional development. They were empowered to explore different perspectives and generated creative and practical options to continue on their development journey. 23


OUR NON-PROFIT PARTNERS IN 2019 BY THE In 2019 HandsOn Hong Kong supported 106 NGO partners and 70,831 of NUMBERS the beneficiaries they provide services to. Our team works with charities we believe can most benefit from volunteer support. With this in mind, our 70,831 focus is primarily on supporting under-resourced non-profits directly serving the local community. HandsOn provides its services of program development Beneficiaries and volunteer management to non-profit partners at no charge. served HandsOn Hong Kong volunteers served a range of groups in 2019: NGO 2%2% 4% 33% Children and youth 106 Impoverished citizens and the homeless 24% 1% Ethnic minorities NGO partners 10% 20% Elderly care 4% People with disabilities 32,393 Environmental protection Refugees and migrants Hot meals Community delivered Other activities—including art, animal welfare, empowerment of women, health and LGBT support While 33% of our activities directly support young people in Hong Kong, most of our services for people with disabilities, refugees and ethnic minorities also focus on supporting youth, enabling more than half of our programs to empower young people across various community groups. We regularly review and accept new non-profit partners, based on capacity, and maintain the following criteria for all charities we work with: • Must be registered as a charitable institution under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance or government recognized • Primary focus of work is serving local needs in Hong Kong • Activities for volunteers are service focused, rather than fundraising • Commit to report on impact of volunteer programs, including number of beneficiaries and volunteers • Provide event photos for record and external communication • Participate in annual evaluation survey • Maintain open communication with HandsOn sta

HOW WE WORK WITH OUR NON-PROFIT PARTNERS RELATIONSHIP FRAMEWORK THE VALUE WE ADD The HandsOn Hong Kong program team follows a defined process when first Our annual survey is an important tool for us to connecting with a new non-profit monitor how effectively we are addressing the partner, and that continues once the needs of the Hong Kong community and relationship has been established: enables us to determine how best to strengthen and improve our services to our non-profit Site-visit conducted by HandsOn Hong partners. The survey is taken online, with Kong program team—needs assessment follow-up meetings and evaluation conducted conducted and review of past/current as necessary. volunteer programs HandsOn Hong Kong team conducts Our December 2019 survey was completed by post-visit debrief; reverts with volunteer 62 non-profit partners—91% of whom believe program recommendations that working with HandsOn Hong Kong Once partnership with a non-profit provides them greater access to volunteers. partner is confirmed, HandsOn helps to plan for activity logistics and organize Our partners reported additional ways they required materials if necessary found working with HandsOn Hong Kong to be When an activity is ready to launch it is most valuable to them: listed on the HandsOn Hong Kong activity calendar online 58% were able to develop more activities for their The first time a non-profit activity runs service target. with our volunteers, a member of the HandsOn team will lead a volunteer 53% gained more opportunities to collaborate with briefing session and take on-site notes to corporates or other non-profits debrief with the charity’s sta Subsequently a regular Volunteer Leader 46% were able to improve the quality of services for their may be assigned to manage the activity beneficiaries and volunteers on-site and provide ongoing feedback to our team; HandsOn 43% were able to serve more beneficiaries consultancy provided throughout the 42% had been promoted to a new audience program HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019 20

SIGNATURE VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS The 3,682 volunteer activities supported or run by HandsOn Hong Kong in 2019 served a wide range of social needs across the community. Here is a closer look at three signature volunteer programs our team was instrumental in developing for our non-profit partners and their service users. 1. EMPOWERING THE ELDERLY WITH MOBILE LITERACY SKILLS Community Challenge Program description On average, 68% of people aged over 60 in Hong Kong Throughout 2019, HandsOn Hong Kong own a smartphone, according to the latest Census and partnered with two elderly centres that Statistics Department figures. But while smartphone serve people in the Lai Chi Kok and Choi ownership amongst the elderly is growing, this group Hung districts—to run a year-round series of often lacks the adequate support to properly utilize their mobile literacy workshops. own technology10. 80 elderly individuals participated in this Empowering the elderly with mobile literacy skills allows support program, facilitated by trainers them to fully access the capability of their smartphones. from the social enterprise WebOrganic. This helps them to maintain social connection with family Each elderly participant was paired up with and friends, use their phone to access information and a caring volunteer during six in-depth place orders, and ultimately improves their quality of life. training sessions. They received support in four areas including basic smartphone functionality, instant messaging, taking photos and useful everyday phone applications. Elderly participants shared that learning how to use applications and functionality such as WhatsApp, WeChat and voice dictation typing, made a significant di erence to their daily lives and ability to stay connected to loved ones. This program was made possible by the Vera Ruttonjee Desai Charitable Fund. 10 Gerontechnology Landscape Report (Our Hong Kong Foundation, June 2017) HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019 21

2. WORK PLACEMENTS FOR YOUTHS WITH DISABILITIES Community Challenge At the end of 2018, HandsOn ran a 10-week, volunteer- supported program teaching practical o ce skills to young people with intellectual disabilities, led by facilitators from SENsational. Census and Statistics Department estimates suggest that close to 50% of people with intellectual disabilities in Hong Kong live in poverty. Securing suitable employment for this group is incredibly challenging, with just 8% of school leavers going on to find work. One of our focuses at the start of 2019 was to actively seek work placement opportunities for graduates of this program, enabling them to contribute to society and their families in a meaningful way. When Harbor first joined Robert Walters last year there was plenty of excitement and enthusiasm for all of us. Harbor was happy to be working and we were happy to have him. As we all know, 2019 was not an easy year for Our network of corporate partners was highly tohneitssmfarHmdolluonoIrmntri-neglpginoaKtefcohteanaHsgccKethiatvtaeneiltsdlaieteminn2sgg0iaes2tn.i0amdbHeimlsaesviphtsionrasoigsomvbniHane.aigenrntbtaoaoirnpbowfeowitceehuvrsfeuunsl supportive of e orts to secure employment for these individuals. By the end of the 2019, two vaevAroonseslluuaunnnrreetteeevsarofineeeteuehsnetnrrrmlhmsaveatgeoidtnirortnrfvcoohstfodienmhruarehromehlporwahuasetrvtihghsaeshnioorenhatwgncmlpgtmeodooottetHnruhhuesskltrieae.edrtrirninsaivebwpsgnbdHiutlidaysasayitanlOetr!kcmfubddsnootnoio.imvrTmrefrtmi’uoeoxdsmel,plutiyoaotaeIawmmnncmllhsgyimtepfeoaeentanoondihtntcrrahegetgtwsgaoHyaienezeKpnhsenihotdeessthicsalrehtpieavtttaouiiiiinennrosrvfliggney- graduates had paid roles with international firms. HKHiaonnnddgnseOKspdconsoleenntWagessri.vdeayoIelonkdlruusiontnnwghit’ntaeheteel2menr0ytspte1chl8aouerypry,iirnnaehIgrnmasttviipacxeeaicpHslcoooaatncHtnmeoadKdmtusicOoihchnneistclnopgoarenoacddffdr6ioeut52iraso0.4stnes, Our program graduate, Harbor Ho, began his job at Robert Walters Group in March 2019. He homeless individuals find perSmoamnemnterhoNmisebseot continues to support their admin department the street. every Friday and has been embraced by the HR Director - Greater China 100-strong team at their recruitment firm. Robert Walters In September 2019, another graduate, Sze Kwai Ming, began his once-a-week role at the law firm, White & Case LLP. He started working in the o ce pantry and then moved on to support other departments such as the mailroom. HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019 22

3. FAMILY-FRIENDLY VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS Community Challenge Program description Volunteering as a family is an excellent way to spend To celebrate the launch of our community time together while giving back to help people in need. service week, Serve-a-thon, in May we Serving as a family helps to instill a sense of gratitude in brought HandsOn volunteer families both children and parent volunteers and educates together to pack and create essential items everyone involved on Hong Kong's social issues. for groups in need, including children from low-income and asylum seeking families, Knowing that the biggest obstacle to family impoverished elderly and the city’s volunteering is a lack of opportunities, HandsOn made homeless. it an organizational objective to proactively develop and feature more of these programs on our calendar. This Family Volunteering Festival brought together 150 volunteers, aged five years old By the end of 2019, nearly 15% of our programs and up, to pack food staples, hygiene items welcomed the participation of children and youth, and stationery kits—each piece donated by helping to bring families together in the name of children from ESF’s Kennedy School, Beacon service. Hill School and the Peak School. The youngest volunteers made and decorated by hand beautiful gift cards with messages of support and upcycled bags made from donated T-shirts, for distributing these items. The older youth and teens ran our Kindness Mat station, making colorful water-resistant mats from unwanted plastic bags for the city’s homeless. By the end of the morning, 400 care packages were assembled and ready for delivery to vulnerable community members. This Family Volunteering Festival was made possible by support from the English Schools Foundation. 23 HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019

MEET AN NGO LEADER SUPPORTED BY HANDSON We worked with 106 non-profit partners in 2019, managing almost 200 volunteer activities each month to support their operations. By mobilizing volunteers for these organizations—and being an extension of their teams—we free them up to focus on their frontline work and larger mission. Meet Wong Siu Man, social worker at the Harmony Garden Lutheran Centre, which looks after elderly living in the Siu Sai Wan district. His small team works tirelessly to support service users in the neighborhood, leaving little time for recruiting volunteers or managing the inquiries they receive from interested volunteers. Wong Siu Man Officer-in-charge & social worker, Harmony Garden Lutheran Centre for the elderly We are always grateful to partner with HandsOn Another great program from HandsOn involved a because they enable us to diversify programs o ered group of volunteers beautifying a small farm area next to the elderly and bring them new experiences. to our centre and turning it into a nice green space. This HandsOn is very thoughtful when organizing programs provides a place for isolated elderly with dementia or to serve the community. low mobility to stay active and make use of their skills They once brought a team of volunteers to support and abilities to take care of the plants. the elderly and their carers in a workshop making With HandsOn’s professional management of icy mooncakes to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. volunteers, our team’s workload is lifted. They always The involvement of carers was a great initiative, as respond to our needs promptly and proactively look this group of people is often overlooked. for resources for us. HandsOn is truly supportive of our centre. Volunteers from Amex join a Mid-Autumn Festival cooking workshop with 2224 eldeHralnydsaOnndHothngeKironcgarAenrnsu,alsRueppporot r2t0e17d by Harmony Garden Lutheran Centre

OUR 2019 NGO PARTNERS • Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association Social Service • Ark Eden • Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service Mong Kok • Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service Tsuen Wan • Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service Wan Chai • Books and Beyond Reading Club • British Council • Business Environment Council • CantoGather • Cat's Star Hong Kong • China Coast Community • Centre for Refugees - Christian Action • Christian Action Ethnic Minority Centre • Clean Up Hong Kong's Trails • Clockenflap • Community Business • Conservative Baptist Jubilee Centre • Crossroad Foundation • Ebenezer School • Ecotour 330 New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association • Enrich HK • Fair Employment Agency • Feeding Hong Kong • Food Angel • Food Grace • Friends of the Earth (HK) Charity Limited • Fung Kai No. 1 Primary School • Greeners South • Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong • Harmony Garden Lutheran Centre for the Elderly • Health in Action • HELP for Domestic Workers • HeroesToo Foundation Limited • HK Saving Cat and Dog Association • Hong Kong Mutual Encouragement Association • Jane Shu Tsao Social Centre for the Elderly • HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre • Hong Chi Lions Morninghill School • Hong Chi Morningjoy School, Yuen Long • Hong Chi Morninglight School, Tuen Mun • Hong Kong Animal Adoption Centre • Hong Kong Christian Service Pui Oi School • Hong Kong Christian Service – Mama Deli Project • Hong Kong Christian Service: Centre for Harmony and • Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER) • Hong Kong Cleanup • Hong Kong Family Welfare Society • Hong Kong Family Welfare Society Senior Citizen Centre • • • (Kowloon City) • Hong Kong Paws Foundation Limited • Hong Kong Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre • Hong Kong Roller Derby • Hong Kong Rugby Union • Hong Kong Society for The Deaf • Hong Kong Unison Limited • Hong Kong Women Foundation Ho Kwok Pui-chun Social • Centre for the Elderly • ImpactHK • InspiringHK Sports Foundation • International Church of the Foursquare Gospel - Hong Kong • • District Limited Lung Hang Elderly Centre

• Karen Leung Foundation • KELY Support Group • Kids4Kids • Li Sing Tai Hang School • Lizzie Bee Foundation • LocalHood • Mary Rose School • Methodist Center, Multi-disciplinary Outreaching • Support Team for Elderly • Mind HK • Mission Healthy Greens • Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Ltd. • Pink Alliance • Plastic Free Seas • Po Leung Kuk Yu Lee Mo Fan Memorial School • (Boarding Section) • Po Leung Kuk Anita L. L. Chan (Centenary) School • Po Leung Kuk Chow Hung Piu Day Care Centre • for the Elderly • Po Leung Kuk Law's Foundation School • Po Leung Kuk Tung Chung Children Integrated Services Centre • Pok Oi Hospital Mr.Kwok Hing Kwan Neighbourhood • Elderly Centre • Project Space Limited • Redress Limited • Resolve Foundation • ReSource The Counselling Centre Ltd • Rhenish Church Grace School • Riding for the Disabled Association • Run Hong Kong • SAHK Jockey Club Elaine Field School (Boarding Section) • Sai Kung District Community Centre • Sai Kung Stray Friends • Sailability Hong Kong • Sam Shui Native Association Huen King Wing School • Saviour Lutheran School • Soap Cycling • Sovereign Art Foundation • The Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and • • • Services • The Hub Hong Kong Children and Youth Centre Limited • The Mekong Club • The Nesbitt Centre • Tun Yu School • TWGHs Centre for Family Wellness and Child Development • TWGHs Jockey Club Tin Shui Wai Integrated Services • • • • Centre • TWGHs Tsui Tsin Tong School • United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service, • Good Neighbour Network (Sau Mau Ping) • World Green Organisation • Yan Chai Volunteer Group • Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service • Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service- • Choi Hung Community Centre for Senior Citizens • Yau On Lutheran Centre for The Elderly • Yau Tsim Mong Integrated Centre for Youth Development

OUR CORPORATE PARTNERS HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2015

BY THE CORPORATE VOLUNTEERING IN 2019 NUMBERS Community engagement provides businesses with the opportunity to 7,646 demonstrate their values, engage their employees and contribute towards a more inclusive society and sustainable future. Many companies today report Corporate volunteer that community involvement contributes to key business goals, including service hours improved reputation and the attraction and retention of top employees. 62 Developing employee volunteer programs that create value for companies, while also supporting the needs of Hong Kong’s non-profits is key to the Corporate partners HandsOn mission. By leveraging our expertise in community engagement, our corporate partners are able to connect with the needs of the community 2,904 and participate in meaningful programs to meet their CSR goals. The HandsOn team ran 65 corporate service programs in 2019. Corporate volunteers Employee volunteer programs have been shown to help organizations: 8% 21% • Attract and retain top talent • Support employee engagement • Promote leadership deve19l%opment • Promote work-life balance amongst employees • Develop emp21l%oyee’s9%hard and soft skills • Meet corporate social responsibility and business objectives • Create additional brand value According to the Journal of Business Ethics, 90% of civic 50 companies report that they encourage employees to participate in community engagement at least once a year11. The same article cites that many employees across the world—millennials in particular—are increasingly viewing corporate volunteering as a crucial component of a positive work environment. 11 What Keeps Corporate Volunteers Engaged: Extending the Volunteer Work Design Model with Self-determination Theory Insights (Journal of Business Ethics, 2018). 28

7 PRACTICES FOR EFFECTIVE CORPORATE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT When working with our corporate partners at HandsOn, we follow the ‘Seven Practices of E ective Employee Volunteer Programs’12 to help our clients drive the success of their community engagement. The framework was established by Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, of which HandsOn is an a liate. 1. The Plan Identify your employee, social and business goals for volunteering. 2. Design Harness employee passion and 3. Leadership skills, and adopt the right incentives, programs and policies to create a culture of service. Secure buy-in and empower leaders at all levels of your organization. 4. Partnerships Cultivate strategic, high impact partnerships with government, private and non-profit partners. 5. Employee Inspire enthusiasm, support and Engagement stewardship for volunteering to drive employee engagement. 6. Measurement Evaluate business and social impact. 7. Success and Recognize and celebrate success, Growth and continually improve your program. 12 Seven Practices of E ective Employee Volunteer Programs (Corporate Institute: A Points of Light Enterprise, June 2014) HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019 29

BESPOKE CORPORATE PROGRAMS The community engagement programs we ran for our corporate partners in 2019 ranged from large-scale, one-o company-wide events to regular programs allowing ongoing employee engagement as part of a larger global initiative. Here is a closer look at three of these types of programs. 1. CHINA EVERBRIGHT—A HALF DAY OF SERVICE Because we can see, we would ignore lots of small but beautiful things. I learned today the importance of paying attention, and really feeling the people and things around us. There is always a solution for everything—we just need to think creatively sometimes to figure it out. - China Everbright volunteers In 2019, 14 China Everbright volunteers participated in a sports fun day for 27 students with visual impairments. This specially designed day provided volunteers with valuable experience in interacting with, and supporting the needs of, these students. ENHANCING FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT SKILLS: Students with visual impairments often lack opportunity to practice Fundamental Movement Skills such as balancing, running and throwing—all of which are building blocks for participation in sports and the physical and emotional benefits this brings. This program developed these skills by introducing sports such as table tennis and football and use of a Balance Ball. EMPOWERING STUDENTS WITH VISUAL IMPAIRMENTS: Volunteers were coached to provide clear and descriptive verbal instructions to the students in order to help them complete different tasks. They also provided physical guidance and support throughout the activities. Volunteers exchanged ideas and experiences with students during the morning, expanding their perceptions and understanding of this important group. HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019 30

2. PVH—HARNESSING EMPLOYEE PASSION PVH Asia teamed up with HandsOn Hong Kong to engage a 133 group of primary four students to participate with their associates in an upcycling workshop. Together they turned STUDENTS ENGAGED surplus branded T-shirts into useful tote bags for low-income UPCYCLED TOTE BAGS CREATED elderly. This service program highlights how leveraging business purpose—and harnessing employee passion—can ELDERLY SUPPORTED e ectively create a chain of impact. *Additional surplus T-shirts donated to Redress PROMOTING ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: The program provided an opportunity for volunteers and students to learn more about textile waste issues in Hong Kong and inspired them to bring-to-life their own upcycling ideas. The activity also encouraged them to reuse materials creatively instead of disposing of them, in their daily lives. UNLEASHING STUDENTS’ CREATIVITY: Through the process of turning unwanted T-shirts into tote bags, students used their sense of creativity to paint and decorate the material with festive elements. By the end of the program, each participant had created upcycled bags of their own design. CARING FOR THE ELDERLY: The tote bags made by volunteers and students were then used in a care pack delivery program supporting local elderly, bringing warmth and support to the community and expanding the environmental sustainability of the workshop. Being in the fashion business, our associates have wardrobes full of clothes. Participating in clothing drives or upcycling workshops is a meaningful way for them to do good. Something that we love to tap into are CSR and volunteering activities such as these that are accessible and relevant for our team. We are always thrilled to partner with HandsOn Hong Kong to use our associates’ time and passion to support the community. Joseph Chegia SVP Human Resources, PVH Asia Pacific 31 HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019

3. METLIFE — HIGHLIGHTS FROM A YEAR-ROUND PROGRAM HandsOn Hong Kong and MetLife have worked together on the company’s volunteer programs to engage and provide service opportunities for their Hong Kong sta since 2017. In 2019, HandsOn developed and ran four programs with MetLife. Three of these are highlighted below. IN-OFFICE ECO-WORKSHOP: HongKongers send an average of 1.53kg of waste to landfill daily. MetLife ran two eco-workshops in their o ce in 2019 to enhance employees’ understanding of reducing and re-using for environmental protection. Guided by an instructor, volunteers spent an afternoon using sustainably-sourced ingredients to make eco- friendly mosquito repellent balms. The final products were distributed to local elderly for their use. SOUP DELIVERY FOR VULNERABLE ELDERLY: Over 10 percent of elderly in Hong Kong reportedly show signs of depression—and even more are lonely. MetLife volunteers visited local elderly who live alone or su er from low mobility, delivering nutritious soup and care packs and chatting with them to provide social connection. Through the visit, volunteers also helped the elderly centre to understand the needs of the elderly and any health concerns they might have. Program description HALLOWEEN CELEBRATIONS FOR STUDENTS: A third of Hong Kong children have some kind of special educational need, but many lack access to adequate community support. MetLife volunteers and their families welcomed students from a special school to their office on Halloween as an opportunity to celebrate and engage with the larger community. The children—most of whom had never joined a Halloween party—spent their afternoon making candy bags with volunteers and enjoying the festive traditions of “Trick or Treat” and “Piñata Smashing”. 149 NUMBER OF VULNERABLE PEOPLE SUPPORTED BY METLIFE IN 2019 HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019 32

OUR CORPORATE VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS In 2019, HandsOn ran 102 volunteer programs with our corporate partners, many of which are listed below: JANUARY JUNE MetLife Eco-product workshop AIA Aon Chinese New Year cooking workshop with English Learning Fun Day PVH elderly English Learning Fun Day L'Oréal Bloomberg Beach cleaning State Street Eco-product workshop with elderly Serving in a community kitchen Yum Cha with elderly Distribute donated goods to underprivileged Icy Mooncake workshop with elderly Daiichi Sankyo elderly Chinese New Year celebration with elderly Pack and sort donated goods for elderly OCTOBER Sort recycled goods for underprivileged PVH households Amex Beach cleaning Beach cleaning Poon Choi with elderly MetLife Eco-product workshop Harbourvest FEBRUARY Bowling fun day with students Pernod Ricard AIA Responsib’All Day - upcycling KPMG Organic farming with students Food rescue and a banquet for the elderly JULY Alvarez & Marsal MetLife Soup delivery and elderly home visit Allegis Halloween party with students with intellectual Recycling discarded soap for distribution to disabilities MARCH disadvantaged communities Schneider Electric Harrow Charity Service Day Amex Tree maintenance Beach cleaning Serving in a community kitchen Wills Tower Watson KRC Moody's Organic farm visit with students with intellectual Rugby Community Day Financial literacy workshop disabilities NBA Telstra NOVEMBER Circle painting with students with disabilities STEM fun day with students Nvidia APRIL AUGUST Organic farm visit and fence beautification AIA BlackRock State Street Football fun day with students with intellectual T-shirt upcycling workshop Tai Kwun visit with kids from low-income families disabilities PVH Zurich Bloomberg Plastic bottle upcycling workshop Beach cleaning T-shirt upcycling workshop State Street DECEMBER Neuberger Berman Dog kennel clean-up Latte art workshop with students with KRC intellectual disabilities Trinseo Rugby Community Day and Christmas party with Eco-product workshop students MAY SEPTEMBER Natixis Serve-a-thon Serving in a community kitchen Hong Kong's Community Service Week Alvarez & Marsal Rooftop gardening Cooking workshop with students with featuring 37 corporate programs intellectual disabilities Neuberger Berman Amex ChrisTmas party with students with intellectual Amex disabilities Latte art workshop with students with Icy mooncake workshop with elderly intellectual disabilities PVH China Everbright China Everbright T-shirt upycling workshop with students Sport fun day with students with visual Latte art workshop with students with impairments Schroders intellectual disabilities Outing and lunch with elderly Willis Tower Watson K&L Gates Recycling discarded soap for distribution to Varian Care pack delivery and elderly home visit disadvantaged communities Cooking workshop with students with intellectual disabilities

OUR CORPORATE PARTNERS IN 2019 HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019 34


HONG KONG’S COMMUNITY SERVICE WEEK MAY 4TH - 12TH, 2019 Hong Kong’s community service week, Serve-a-thon —organized by HandsOn Hong Kong—returned to the city from May 4th to 12th, bringing together individual volunteers, families, companies, schools and universities and over 50 local non-profits for nine days of consecutive volunteering. The 2019 edition of Serve-a-thon returned against the backdrop of a recent city-wide study undertaken by HandsOn and Nielsen showing that 83% of volunteers believe that community service has a positive effect on their well-being and mental health. Serve-a-thon was launched as a way to help people take that first step in volunteering—providing each participant with a platform to turn their good intentions into action! MORE THAN 2,400 VOLUNTEERS IN ONE WEEK The tremendous support for Serve-a-thon 2019 from across the larger community resulted in considerable growth of the initiative. 2,484 volunteers of all ages came together for Hong Kong’s community service week, giving their time at 152 activities across the city. 7,522 hours of service were performed by volunteers, a growth of 20% from the previous year. Hong Kong is definitely a place where we can lose 152 SERVICE ACTIVITIES touch of what is important. Going out there, seeing 2,484 INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTEERS people that are in need and being able to help them 7,522 VOLUNTEER HOURS really lets me go home and appreciate my job, my family and just live a happier life. Allan Song HandsOn Hong Kong Volunteer

MORE THAN 21,000 PEOPLE IN NEED SUPPORTED The Serve-a-thon mission is to help those who serve. Many of the non-profit partners the HandsOn team supports year-round depend on volunteers to make their programs possible. 52 non-profits participated in Serve-a-thon 2019, with their main drivers being to enhance public awareness on the importance of community engagement and to raise the profile of their organization and the work they are doing. Joining Serve-a-thon allows more people to know about our school and students, let them know we are here, and we are taking volunteers. It also enables students to interact with 21,194 PEOPLE IN NEED people from all walks of life, and lets their abilities and SUPPORTED talents be recognized by the community. 52 LOCAL NON-PROFITS Ms. Ng SERVED Teacher, Po Leung Kuk Anita L.L. Chan (Centenary) School 30 COMPANIES GIVING THEIR TIME AND TALENTS Serve-a-thon 2019 received another year of fantastic support from the business community with 30 companies participating and helping to make the week of service possible. Most of these organizations put forward volunteer teams, each giving their time and talent to help transform Hong Kong. Their teams spent time combing hiking trails to clear debris, accompanying isolated elderly on cultural excursions, baking cookies with children with a family member affected by mental illness, and much more. At Allen & Overy we believe that by involving our staff, clients and alumni in community service, we can raise awareness of critical issues impacting our community and encourage meaningful change. HandsOn helps us to achieve this change through our participation in their volunteer activities. I encourage other organisations to support the Serve-a-thon and look forward to our continued partnership with HandsOn. Catherine Husted Head of Pro Bono and Community Investment, Allen & Overy Hong Kong


INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER DAY International Volunteer Day was initiated by the UN General Assembly as an opportunity to recognize the power and potential volunteers have to effect positive change in their communities. HandsOn Hong Kong marked the occasion by bringing together 90 leaders from business and the community to focus on practical steps companies can take to meet community engagement goals. Pat Dwyer, Founder of The Purpose Business, looked at best practices in leveraging and reporting on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). HandsOn Board Member Ann Chu of Bloomberg led a discussion with Joe Chegia of PVH, Sara Cheong-Ingham of Moody's and Karen Seymour of human at work that provided insights on innovative approaches to engaging volunteers. This event was generously hosted by Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel for the fourth year. SHARING A ‘HANDS ON’ PERSPECTIVE As part of the program, the HandsOn team provided an overview of Hong Kong’s social needs and ideas for corporate service programs that are proven to have impact. HandsOn Associate Program Director Sophy Lai delivered a talk on the shifting landscape of Hong Kong's social needs and priority areas for the government in the coming year. Focus areas included meeting the needs of carers, competitiveness of youth and supporting mental well-being. Lisa Lam and Sue Toomey then shared our ‘Top Ten’ list of innovative service programs, showcasing some of the creative ways that volunteers are making a difference. Some of these included financial literacy, empowerment through technology and using Design Thinking to support non-profit operations.

HIKE FOR HONG KONG For the sixth year of the Hike for Hong Kong fundraiser, it was fantastic to see the Hike for Hong Kong is an annual social responsibility members of the HKEX Listing Committee initiative driven by and participated in by the Listing further their collaboration with HandsOn Committee of the HKEX. The hike makes possible a by planning how to e ectively deploy the year-long series of HandsOn service programs. The sixth funds to assist vulnerable women with edition of the hike was held on 2nd November 2019. financial literacy training. Funds raised from this year's hike will enable a series of More than 150 people took part, completing a new route workshops that will empower low-income for this annual hike—a 8.5km section of Hong Kong Trail and disadvantaged women with essential Section 4 which begins near Wan Chai Gap. Each hiker skills to make informed financial raised money to fund financial management training decisions—which we ultimately hope will workshops for vulnerable women. These workshops provide lasting positive impact to both the help to cultivate healthy financial practices for women women and their families. from low-income families and single mothers, while also promoting social inclusion and connectedness for Andrew Weir participants and volunteers. Chairman, Listing Committee of the Funds raised from Hike for Hong Kong 2019 will Stock Exchange of Hong Kong; make possible13: Senior Partner, KPMG Hong Kong; 20 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT WORKSHOPS Vice Chairman, KPMG China 50 WOMEN EMPOWERED 200 INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES TO SUPPORT THE PROGRAM 13 These workshops, scheduled to launch in early 2020, had to be postponed due to COVID-19. At the time of printing, it was due to begin in Autumn 2020. HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019 40

VOLUNTEER CELEBRATION PARTY KRAV MAGA SELF-DEFENSE FOR WOMEN The work that we do at HandsOn Hong Kong to support the local community would not be HandsOn Hong Kong board member, Clinton possible without our volunteers and partners. Yang—together with Derek Poon, National We took the opportunity on May 30th to Director of International Krav Maga Federation bring our community together for drinks and (IKMF) Hong Kong—planned and ran a self- canapés at our annual Volunteer Celebration defense seminar for women on November 25th. and to reflect on all we had achieved The workshop was held to mark the United together in the past year. Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in a meaningful way. During the evening we recognized 23 HandsOn volunteers who had gone above All proceeds from this intensive workshop went and beyond in support of the local commu- towards HandsOn community programs nity, completing close to 2,500 hours of supporting social inclusion and connectedness service between them. for women in need. We also presented trophies made from beautiful upcycled wood to 30 of our corporate The volunteer instructors from the Hong Kong partners to recognize their support of HandsOn branch of IKMF shared their expertise in a in the past year and to celebrate their challenging 3-hour session, teaching participants participation in our community service week, practical techniques on how to quickly react Serve-a-thon. Our top fundraiser also and protect themselves with simultaneous received two round-trip tickets from Hong defensive and o ensive moves. All the female Kong to London, donated by British Airways! participants left the session feeling empowered Our thanks goes to WeWork for generously with useful tips on how to approach potentially providing the venue for our event and to dangerous real-life situations. D-LUXE Lifestyle for sponsoring the wine. We are grateful to Clinton, Derek and Optimum Performance Studio for hosting this special workshop. 41 HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019

SKILLS BASED VOLUNTEERING Carman Lam applied for the Enrich CRM volunteer role that HandsOn Hong Kong kindly Hong Kong has a vibrant non-profit sector working advertised for us and has now started working to address many of the city's social issues. A with us regularly. common thread among this diverse group of organizations is the need for resources—funding Carman has the perfect experience with CRM and manpower. This is where volunteers can play a systems that we needed and is someone we critical role in supporting non-profits by using their would never have found without this skills professional skills to support capacity-building based volunteering platform to support local needs. non-profits! In May 2019 HandsOn launched a skills-based Lucinda Pike volunteering platform for non-profits to post volunteer roles, either project based or longer-term, Executive Director requiring specific skill sets. Volunteers with Enrich Hong Kong expertise in areas such as accounting, HR, translation, design or IT are well placed to provide lasting impact to an under-resourced charity. For non-profits, this platform provides access to expertise they may not otherwise have or be able to afford. For volunteers, the engagement empowers them to leverage their professional skills to drive positive social change and develop meaningful community relationships. The Enrich Hong Kong team By tShideeewnadyosf2240H19o,uHr aRnadcseOrnaisheadd opvaeirred HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019 5H0 VKO$L2U2N0TE,0E0R0S withtoprsoufpepssoiortntahl esk1i0lls0t+ovsoulpupnotertetrhpermogisrsaiomnss of 11 CHARITIESHandsOn runs each month as a free public service 42

HANDSON ‘DESIGN THINKING’ SPACE Spending the day in the HandsOn collabora- tive space, was a perfect way for the Habitat 2019 marked the opening of HandsOn’s ‘Design for Humanity Hong Kong team to step out of Thinking’ Space on the same floor as our o ce in our usual o ce setting to creatively strategise on Lai Chi Kok. A unique space, where our non-profit developing our impactful housing programmes partners and peer organizations can come to be in Hong Kong. The space is beautifully inspired by elements of ‘design thinking’— designed to be an inspiring combination of innovation and creative problem solving—when relaxed lounge and serious business. The Hands developing ideas and solutions to address Hong On team were their usual accommodating and Kong’s social needs. friendly selves and made the entire booking process as easy as can be. Thank you! In the spirit of making this an uplifting and energizing place for teams to think, plan and Jo Hayes brainstorm, we were thrilled that the talented team at Indigo Living took on the challenge of designing CEO and outfitting our space. Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong By the end of 2019, five charities had hosted off-sites in the space, including Enrich, Habitat for Humanity, KELY Support Group, Resolve and Hong Kong Unison. These teams took the opportunity— away from their office environments—to focus on important strategic priorities including annual planning, brainstorming, creative problem solving, training workshops and more. 43 HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019


FUNDING MODEL aHHsaannaddfssrOeOennpHHuoobnnlgigcKKsoeonrnvggicrreeeccweeiiitvvheessnnonoocghgoaorvvgeeerrnntmmoeeonnuttrffuNunnGddOiinnggpaoorrrtnssueurppsppooorrrtti..nWWdieveipdprurooavvliidvdoeeluoonuutrreyyeeerasa.rr--Orroouuurnnwddoccraaklleeisnnddmaaarrdooeff aapccottsiivvsiiittbiieeless tahsroaufgrehetphuebfleicessetrhvaict ewwe icthhanrogechfoarrgoeutrocoourpr oNrGatOe pwaorrtnk,eorsuor rfuinnddirvaidisuinagl veovluennttesearns.dOtuhrewgorarkntiss amnadddeopnoastsiiobnles wtwheerorreuecgceehiivvteheeffrrfooemmesiintnhddaiivtviiwdduueaacllssh,,accroogrreppfooorrraatoteeussr aacnnoddrpffoooruuanntddeaawttiiooornnkss,..our fundraising events and the grants and donations FFIINNAANNCCIIAALL SSTTAATTEEMMEENNTT 22001198 Income and expenditure account (HK$) for the period of 1st January to 31st December 201812. TInhcisofimneanacniadl esuxmpemnadriytuisrebaascecdouonnta(uHdKit$ed) ffionratnhceiapl setraiotedmoefn1tsst, wJahnicuhaaryretaov3a1ilsatbDleeucpeomnbreerqu2e0s1t9. 14. This financial summary is based on audited financial statements, which are available upon request. Statement of income and expenditure for the period from 1st January to 31st December 2018: Statement of income and expenditure for the period from 1st January to 31st December 2019: Income HK$ Program expenditure HK$ PrIongsurraamnceexpenditure 37H,8K8$9 Donations 1,442,439 MInPsuFracnocnetribution 6971,634326 CGFInuoracnFCrnpdouotonsrmsprdraaoertairesaiesstidenpgospnsoonrssohrisphip 1,708H,K57$1 ROSPSSRMOtaareeppPaollnnaaeeFtpttirrrroeiicaaaaeenrottnnsstiienooddyaartnnymnnrrraaiaaddballattnueeccnwwdtsosoaiaaossgpggttnersseeimnssteinngt fees 2111,,,7,9525161721298111547355282392,,,,,,,,06,,1,,0847633368,010026549829270069657040935 TSehliepcpoinmgmaunndicdaetiloivnery IntDeroensat tiinocnosme 32,,267179,,588501 TSrtavtieolnlinegry and printing 414,8,18329 1,558517,4,16245 UTrtailviteiellsing ToGtaralnitnscome 4,0492,40,92561 6,9185,02788,1909,,33,,811523124381 ToUttaillitpiersogram expenditure 4,633,137 Interest income 5,827,874 Total program expenditure Fundraising expenditure 11,531 ETxoptaelnidnictourmee 5,000 FuInndsuraraisnicneg expenditure 12347,822138 4,283 22373,,887953 AExdpmeindisitruarteion expenditure 45,000 IMnsaurrkaentcine g 411,,374572 MMaPrFkectionngtribution 112,2,85809 Audit fee 135,052008 MOOOpPpeFerccraeaotitnoeiotnxrnapiblaeuclntocisosoetnsssts 239450,2,23172 21,491167 SSRSTTRPSSTrhtaeertareaaaliaonlpalvnteavttiprepoticreiaoleeiinloanlenisnlrneginmdstnegarydyaganrrmayndmnart,duandewpatndsdenwraiecpisganlaariegvtigtniseeinetormigysnngeanntdfedeeslivery 743645957811158,,,5,,,100146338,,,,0,6704208556326983216668852533711 AdBmanikncishtarragteison expenditure 5,45921 UUttiililtitieiess 11,,229003,,443372 91,06853 TToottaall ffuunnddrraaiissiinngg eexxppeennddiittuurree OOSMLIEEUPTSTRCSDABDEEILMOOSRSSTTnnerettanrxereeotttanuxeatPuusatPsaaoaiaalglchtlnglchntlueennadvueeFtaveiFptehceathtcaeisscrtkreiscrireroireoaeatlricueaaleoriacttloaetatleacnlrannrnolaalannrgsoniamgenismntteasnhneanngceinnngcaidyenxndexdingadairmedgarnetmeddnnentpnpmymrymnrrnrristiesg,iepunaele,inpucaldbuodbeuoperafnteprngrnotgnreuabsneuabsonnewrossiwrsniselctsisstlctiestsfaenfinsaoiecaaooecasogstutgrstgrtsninieiilnsiinespotepomicgaicsgostnotnenieienoanoataenaennannnfxtlxdsldesdpfpffeeededeeueeeenentssslislsiliveiveteseiserrsyy 132,753237 56,9,62248,9,10406 5128,5,19409 TToottaall eexxppeennddiittuurree TToottaall aaddmmiinniissttrraattiioonn eexxppeennddiittuurree 6450,,45386 343,,6728 365382116026311412,1,,,,,,,63980766,,,7291560659789365350099388357711 578951,,35677 124 SSaallary, rentt,, uuttiillititieiessaannddtrtarvaevleal raereapaoprptioornteiodniendthinistfihnisanficnialnsctiatlesmtaetnetment HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 20189 445

FINANCIAL OVERVIEW 2019 INCOME 15 18.7% 9.1% 27.2% Total income from corporate sponsorship: HK$2,619,851 Total income from fundraising: HK$1,581,425 Total income from donations: HK$528,354 Total income from grants: HK$1,089,131 45% Total Income: HK$5,818,761 15 For the purpose of this pie chart “interest income” of HK$9,113 has not been included 46 HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019

EXPENDITURE 18.2% 11.9% Total amount of expenditure on programs: HK$4,633,137 Total amount of expenditure on fundraising: HK$1,203,432 Total amount of expenditure on administration: HK$791,577 69.9% Total Expenses: HK$6,628,146 47 HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019


OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS Shaun Bernier Board Members Sam Lau - Founder and Chair of the Board Theodore Lau (untill April) Ann Chu Clinton Yang Alexander de Laiglesia Katherine Creedon - Vice Chair of the Board Kathy Kukreja OUR TEAM Alex Ng - Program Manager Bixian Lin - Program Manager Bindiya Rupani (from June 2019 to January 2020) - Part-time Communication Manager Bonnie Ho - Office Manager Catherine Dannaoui - Associate Director Dexter Li (until June) - IT Project Manager Gloria Cheung (from March to September) - Volunteer Service Executive Iv-yPTrsoegram Officer L-isaDLiraemctor of Development & Corporate Partnerships M-onPirqougeraYmauCoordinator S-opPhryogLraaim Manager S-ueETxoecoumtievye Director W- inPgroYgirLameeA(fdrmominiOstcrtaotobrer) Y-unPgarWt-atiimLeinAgccountant 49 HandsOn Hong Kong Annual Report 2019

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