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Jackson Township Fall Newsletter

Published by fmesco, 2017-09-28 13:29:17

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Replacement ladder truck in service Pictured (from left) are Jackson Township Fire Chief Randy After 16 years in service, Ladder 202 was retired in Little, Deputy Fire Chief Shawn Quincel and David Burris, chairman of the Jackson Township Board of Trustees, with2017, and the Jackson Township Fire Department added new Ladder 202.a new Sutphen ladder truck to its fleet. “The priority of the Jackson Township Fire Departmentis to provide for the safety of our community andour firefighters,” said Fire Chief Randy Little. “Weaccomplish this through excellent training, equipmentand vehicles. Without the continual support of thiscommunity and the board of trustees led by ChairmanDavid Burris all this would not be possible.” Burris, who is the board’s fire department liaison, hasan ongoing commitment to keeping the community andemployees safe and has wholeheartedly supported yearafter year to help provide the Jackson Township FireDepartment with the best equipment and facilities.New road signs improve township safety “Trustee Jim Rauck, who is the road department liaison Jackson Township received an Ohio Department of for the board of trustees, provides road department crew members with oversight from his vast knowledgeTransportation grant for nearly $25,000 for new high- and subject-matter expertise,” said Service Directorreflective roadway safety signs. The new signs include a Rex Blair. “Mr. Rauck’s ongoing support allows thevariety of regulatory signs such as stop signs, speed limit township’s road workers to do the best job possible andsigns and cautionary signs. The township received 195 provide residents with exceptional services.”signs to replace nearly half of all of its signs saving thetownship $14,055. Jackson Township Road Department employees pictured with Trustee Jim Rauck (from left) are Tony Mowery, seasonal The new signs meet all the current regulations for worker Jarrett Poole, Pat Stage and Bob Snyder.sign reflectivity meaning they are more visible alongdark country roads than previous signs because ofspecial coatings and paints used when the signs weremanufactured. The new signs offer safety benefits evenduring daylight hours because many of them are larger orhave different size lettering to make them easier to readand see. Additionally, township officials in cooperationwith the village of Urbancrest secured approval for anadditional 154 signs for the village totaling $11,196. Behind-the-scenes cooperation among county, stateand local governments saves money and oftentimesimproves their communities in tangible ways.

PAGE 2 Jackson Township News FALL 2017Get Grassy! Clean water by the yard Keep it on the lawn for clean water. Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District Fertilizers and lawn-care chemicals are intendedrecently launched its Get Grassy! lawn-care program for the lawn not driveways, sidewalks or roads. Grassto complement its suite of backyard conservation clippings and mulched leaves can also be kept on theprogramming. Although FSWCD did not usually lawn or composted, but should not be allowed to clogconsider lawns when thinking about conservation, storm drains or wash away. Even “natural” products cannumerous studies demonstrate that healthy lawns do a cause nutrient pollution and spur algae growth. If yougood job of absorbing rainfall and are an effective way decide to use pesticides or herbicides to meet your lawn-to prevent polluted runoff. care goals, be sure to follow label instructions, consider spot application and safely dispose of any unused Get Grassy! is reinforced by the U.S. Environmental products properly as hazardous waste.Protection Agency that recognizes lawn-care practicesas part of its national menu of best-management Choose natives for biodiversity.practices for storm water. Because urban Franklin Healthy bird, butterfly and bee populations are notCounty residents work, play and live around turf grass,there is a lot of potential. Lawn-care and environmental supported by lawns because turf grass is not allowedstewardship are not mutually exclusive however; care to bloom, provides no pollen, nectar or shade, and isfor both with the following few simple guidelines. functionally limited. Native plants provide energy to animals directly or indirectly as much as 29 times more than non-natives. Learn more. Lean more about our Get Grassy! lawn-care program and the Community Backyards rebate program at Find simple, common-sense lawn care tips at, and take the pledge to remind you to keep your lawn healthy. Article was reprinted with permission from FSWCD.

PAGE 3 Jackson Township News FALL 2017 Fire Chief’s Space heater tips corner • Keep three feet of clearance on all sides of spaceWith summer coming heaters. • Never place clothing or other objects on space an end, it is never too • Turn space heaters off when leaving the home. • Do not locate space heaters near furniture or drapes.early to start thinking • Never use extension cords to power space heaters.about keeping your Holiday tips • Use battery-powered candles to light Halloween jack-family safe during the o-lanterns instead of candles.cooler months. Busy • Make sure your child’s costume is made of flame-school schedules and retardant material. • Use only fire-retardant holiday decorations.several holidays make Fire Chief Randy Little • Ensure that all lights and extension cords have beenprotecting your home tested by an organization like Factory Mutual orand family from harm more important than ever. Underwriter’s Laboratory.Please use the following list to ensure your home Smoke alarms • Check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxideis safe. detectors every spring and fall when changing clocksFireplace tips for Daylight Savings Time.• Have your chimney and fireplace inspected once Lt. Josh Hammond Firefighter of the Year a year to make sure it is safe to use. Jackson Township Division of Fire named Lt. Joshua• Use fireplace screens to prevent sparks and debris Hammond 2017 Firefighter of the Year during its annual inside the fireplace. awards banquet. Hammond’s peers were impressed with• Never use accelerants like gasoline or kerosene his drive toward excellence in all aspects of the job. to start a fire.• If your fireplace uses natural gas or propane have the connections and lines inspected prior to use.• Never leave a fire unattended.• Never store or place combustibles within three feet of your fireplace; this includes firewood.• Outdoor fireplaces can be just as dangerous.• Observe all safety precautions when using them as well.

PAGE 4 Jackson Township News FALL 2017 Trustee Fiscal Officer Trustee TrusteeChairman David Burris Stephen Bowshier Jim Rauck Ron GrossmanVisit for important phone numbers and meeting schedules.From the Franklin County Sheriff play in making Franklin County aCommunity and law enforcement great place to live. In today’s volatile atmosphere of perceived mistrust, PACT — Pastorsthese two entities have experienced a rift that calls for and Cops Togethera positive response. After all, it is a known fact thatwe are stronger when there is a solid bond between the PACT is modeledcommunity and those charged with protecting it. after a similar program in Dayton When I first ran for sheriff, I made it one of the planks in and brings faithmy campaign that there was going to be a new dedication leaders together toto strengthening the ties that bind us all together. With partner with thethe start of our new Community Response Bureau, the Franklin Countypledge is being fulfilled. Sheriff’s Office I must say that within Franklin County there is in working to help during sudden tragedies, or othermore harmony that in many other locales. Under my violent events in giving comfort to those in need.predecessor, Sheriff Scott, there was a good relationshipbetween each other. However, I have felt that there could Sheriff’s STARbe much more, and that more is happening. Consider thefollowing programs. There are so many unsung heroes within Franklin County, and it is time for them to be recognized. Community Advisory Council Each month, a personal certificate of recognition will be presented to shine the light on a resident doing Members of the community will be invited to extraordinary things making a positive impact in hisparticipate in this program where citizens come together or her community.quarterly to discuss issues of concern in various countyneighborhoods and how we can come together to find I invite you to be a part of strengthening our commoncreative solutions. bonds and continue to make Franklin County a great place to live. The Community Liaison Unit For more information about these programs, contact Whether it is interacting with some of the vibrant minority Ariel Link in the Franklin County Sheriff’s Communitycommunities or working with townships, the members Response Bureau at [email protected] this unit will build stronger, personal relationships or (614) 525-4265.that allow everyone to better understand the roll we all Jackson Township News and Updates editor:Public Information Officer Lynn Bruno / [email protected] or (614) 945-5045 Printing by Wright Graphic Design Ohio Revised Code Section 505.07(a) permits the use of public funds for newsletters.

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