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Zenith-FloorWalk Engineered Flooring Catalog (2)

Published by Zenith SC, 2020-09-23 07:14:58

Description: Zenith-FloorWalk Engineered Flooring Catalog (2)


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floorwalk Engineered Wood Flooring Authorised Partners :

Guaranteed quality FSC certificate – material calCOMPliantTM from controlled sources Phase 2 CE – Conformite Europeene Protection against poor quality products Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor EN 14342 : 2005 Holztechnologie GmbH

European Collection floorwalk Oak Elegant Oak Caramel Oak Coffee Brown Oak Castle Blanc Oak Deep Brown Oak Grey Oak Truffle Oak Villa Oak Gunstock Lacquered Brushing Hand Scraped

Nature Collection floorwalk Jatoba American Walnut 15mm Teak Merbau American Walnut 13mm Herringbone Oak Herringbone Teak Herringbone Walnut Oak Country Brushing Hand Scraped Lacquered

floorwalk Technical Data Description Boards are constructed in plywood structure with 8 layers in order to minimize expansion and contraction within the floorboard. Crossed Range of using: layers counteract the natural movements of the timber. Varying the direction of the fiber in the timber in various layers allows more durable floors that are not affected as much by changes in humidity in the indoor climate Floor intended for finalization of walking areas in interiors, in residential and commercial areas. FLOORING STRUCTURE c a b ab Aluminum Oxide Layer Face Veneer Provides superior wear-through Provides outstanding protection and gloss retention texture and natural beauty than traditional hardwood. into every single ? oor. c Multi-Layer Construction Cross-ply assembled for more stable ? ooring that is less susceptible to shrinkage and expansion. Product European Collec�on Jatoba, Teak, Merbau, Herringbone - Oak, Teak, Oak Country American Walnut-15mm American Walnut-13mm Walnut Size 1820RL x 180 x 14mm 1820RL x 140 x 15mm 1210RL x 125 x 13mm 462 x 77 x 13mm Weight (kg/box) 6.8 kg Qty (per Box) 20.02 kg 20.13 kg 15 kg 24 pcs/9.19 sq. Ft Joint Tongue & Groove Core Material 6 pcs/21.06 sq. Ft 8 pcs/21.82 sq. Ft 12 pcs/19.42 sq. Ft Poplar / Eucalyptus Finish Edge Unilin on long side and 5G Valinge on short sides Unilin Square Moisture Content Insects Eucalyptus Formaldehyde Emission Aluminium Oxide Fire Classifica�ons Cer�fica�ons Bevelled Square Square Approximately 6-9% The board are delivered free of insects, woodworms, etc. This is secured by the process temperature EU E 1 norms CflS1 in accordance to EN13501-1 and EN 14342 Web :

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