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Q1 Newsletter 2017_FINAL

Published by monikad, 2017-01-30 16:21:19

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2017 Q1 Newsletter

medi. I feel better.I would like to start by wishing everyone a happy While we ran into some challenges with thisand healthy New Year! acquisition - learning an entirely new process andBy the time you read this, we will be well into system, and managing multiple manufacturinganother year filled with its own challenges and sites in the US and Dominican Republic - weopportunities. I am confident we will be able to soon realized our best course of action was toovercome and seize this new year because of the consolidate all of the production into 1 facility,team we have built and become within the last our North Carolina facility. This came to fruition5 years. Some of these accomplishments have in October of 2016 and we are now the solesurpassed even my own expectations, and I am manufacturer of the circaid product line capablehonored to be able to work with such a diverse of producing over 7,000 units per week. Theand truly special group of people. manufacturing team has made this possible byOur circular knit phlebology production has streamlining the processes with new automatedincreased by more than 20% since 2011. We have technology that improves the overall efficiencyproduced over 1,000,000 finished units in 2015- and quality of the products.2016, and 2017 is projected to be our largest year In closing, let me give a big 'thank you' to everyoneto date. who has contributed in making this all possible,With the acquisition of circaid in 2012, medi once but know we still have a lot more to accomplishagain proved its commitment to being the industry together; it's a great time to be a part of theleader in medical compression. With this purchase, medi family.we gained an innovative product with features that Travis Faucettecomplimented and expanded our product portfolio. Plant Manager

HappyNew Year!It is amazing to think we are back at it again in a Michael Potter has taken on the new role ofnew year. We capped off 2016 with the transition Director of Ecommerce. Michael will be taskedof our prosthetic division to Össur. In medi’s with helping us increase our ecommercerich 65-year history, it may be the only time a business across the entire company. Thisdivision has been sold. This was a calculated will come from driving online sales with ourmove to enable the company to focus on our core designated online resellers and on CEP’scompetency, compression. All those involved in ecommerce site. He will also help us maintainthe transition did an exceptional job of making brand consistency on Amazon, not just for CEP,it a success. Now in this new year, we are more but for the entire medi product portfolio. Michaelresourced and more focused then we have ever will also focus on improving our own direct-to-been before. Our external and internal teams consumer websites in our Lifestyles division. Thishave clear objectives and the tools they need will come from changing the way we talk aboutto exceed. medi’s degree of success will be our products, and the content we use to expressdetermined by each of our individual drives to our message. With the help of our product team,excel and propel the company forward. Michael will help us increase revenue with our strategic online partners and on our ownI am looking forward to the National Sales direct-to-consumer websites, and drive trafficMeeting in Memphis. At the meeting, we to our other corporate websites. In addition towill spend some time recapping 2016, but managing online sales and traffic, Michael willthe emphasis will be on the future and the be working on launching new technologies thatopportunity that exists in our marketplace. The will improve processes, efficiency and increaseprogram is very comprehensive and will focus revenue. Specifically, he will help us launch anon training and education with a look into our exciting new Doctor Direct drop-ship program,strategy for 2017 and beyond. and he is creating a new Samples & Literature Portal for our salesforce, both of which heAs we begin the year, we are making a few will preview at the National Sales Meeting insignificant organizational changes. Memphis. Michael will report to Erik Berens in his new role.

Luke Rowe joined our organization after a brief CEP offers a comprehensive portfolio ofconsulting agreement. Luke will assume the compression products for a wide variety of sports.role of Senior Vice President of CEP and will be CEP products enhance performance and recoveryresponsible for all activities of the division. through the targeted use of compression toHis new role is best described in the press improve blood circulation and speed up lactaterelease below: metabolism. CEP offers the right product for every athlete to achieve a perfect balance betweenCEP Appoints New Senior Vice President health and performance. The superior quality of CEP is guaranteed by the unmatched expertiseWhitsett, NC – January 1, 2017 - CEP, the sports of our German parent company, medi, the globalbrand of medi GmbH& Co., announced that Luke leader in compression therapy with over 60 yearsRowe has joined the CEP division as the new Senior of experience.Vice President to further grow the CEP brand in theU.S. Luke Rowe comes with a wealth of experience Congrats to Michael, Luke and to each of you forwithin the sports industry, having spent the last 13 making medi a success in 2016 and beyond. I lookyears as Senior Vice President for Fleet Feet Sports forward to medi’s bright future in 2017.where he oversaw vendor partnerships, trainingand education, store development and support John Codyat Fleet Feet.In his new role, Luke will continue building uponthe current success of the CEP team, and willwork to maintain and elevate the CEP brand asthe premium sports brand for compression. “Ilook forward to building on the amazing culturethat I have found here with the CEP team whileusing my own passion to create energy aroundthe brand and grow our business in a sustainableway,” Luke says. “The CEP product has helped merun thousands of miles and finish marathons andultra-marathons, and now I will be in a positionto help others discover what I know from personalexperience: CEP is the best compression productin the market!”John Cody, President of medi USA, says,“We are excited to have Lukejoin our team in leading our CEPbusiness with his 35 years ofindustry experience. We knowhe will prove invaluable bypromoting the importance ofquality compression products thatimprove performance and recoveryfor today’s athlete.”

New Medical Products: New Medical Products: on the garment. The list price is $9.95 per location and can be ordered immediately. This option has On December 27, new anti-slip silicone dots were already been added to the custom flat-knit lower added to our custom flat-knit portfolio. These new extremity form and will be added to the other forms anti-slip silicone dots allow for greater stretch of shortly. This option continues to expand the ways the garment than silicone pieces (which are sewn in which our flat-knit product line is innovative, into the garment separately), have no seams, and patient-oriented, and superior to competitors. provide an improved grip on the arm or leg. Please review the new flyer for more information on this option as it is only possible in certain locations custom lymphedema [email protected] therapy made easy • Multiple options for flat knit garments & inelastic wraps. • Custom styles and options for upper & lower extremity. • Team of lymphedema educators to support you. • Flexible return policy.

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Foot Care News: OForothtcoapreediDc iv&isions I hope everyone had a great Special C+ Holiday Season and have returned Carbon Clip refreshed, recharged and ready for a strong 2017. Thank you to those igli Allround representatives that helped build Light C+ the Footcare sales for 2016 and we look forward to greater success in the coming year. Very soon we expect the long nticipated launch of the Plantar Fasciitis Kit (PF Kit), which will help propel your Footcare sales as this condition is a significant issue for many people and is responsible for 20% of all podiatry clinic visits. Ed Wilbourne Sr. Category Manager, Orthopedic & Footcare Divisions carbon insoles for active patient’s feet. The igli Allround Light C+ model is a low-profile version of the popular igli Allround carbon orthotic that incorporates a stronger carbon base for higher stress and weight applications. medi. I feel better.

Prosthetic News Prosthetic News:Happy New Year! Along with many other changes this year at medi USA, on December 31,2016 we said good bye to our prosthetic division, as it was absorbed by Össur. There was a lotof hard work, team work and patience involved in the transition, and it is so very appreciated.The Össur team has commented multiple times on how impressed they are with medi’shelpfulness and efficiency. Thank you everyone for your part in building a good workingrelationship with Össur, as well as easing the transition for our prosthetic customers.As a reminder, medi USA will continue to manufacture our stump shrinker line, and we willdistribute solely through Össur. Please refer all stump shrinker questions or order requeststo Össur Customer Service at: *** Be on the lookout for a new, streamlined, online version of our New Account Setup Form! More information to come [email protected] (northeast)[email protected] (southeast)[email protected] (central)[email protected] (west)Thanks again for making the prosthetic transition a successful endeavor!~ Jen HuberJr. Category Manager

Compression News: Where did 2016 go? A year of change to be sure. I Wow, want to thank everyone in the organization for here the very professional, organized, and coordinated we are efforts each person involved exercised in exiting the in 2017! prosthetics’ business. Exiting a product line can be as complex as launching one, and the medi team we can bring to the National Sales Meeting, that’s exceeded all expectations. Össur is now a customer, for sure! We have significant circaid improvements and they have expressed repeatedly the high level of in the pipeline that are poised for 2017, a redesigned professionalism and careful organization the medi assure and patriot portfolio, new innovations in flat- team has shown through this process. We have knit options and fabrics, as well as service-related the best people, in all areas from Manufacturing, complements to our products, including online Distribution, Customer Service, Finance, HR, IT and custom order entry and a simplification of our custom in the field, and having the best people is vital in this circular and flat-knit processes with the assignment competitive environment. of new part numbers. medi also combines a robust and powerful portfolio 2017 is going to be HUGE for medi and the entire of products with our top notch people. As you all Category Management Team looks forward to have noticed, our competitors continue to emulate working with all of you to make this the most us by adding on inelastic products to their offerings successful year ever. and acquiring companies to compete with medi. Our competitors have also adopted our service policies for Thanks for all you do! custom products and remakes because they see the difference our products, people and policies make in Glenn Anderson the field, and fear breeds copycats. But, are we sitting Director Category Management, idle? Absolutely not! Medical Products John Cody mentioned Michael Potter’s new role focusing on ecommerce support and aiming to execute better, faster and stronger in the ecommerce arena. This is a huge, or as I am accustomed to saying, a WICKED HUGE, opportunity for us as we realize the potential for improvement and growth in this critical arena. With our products, and we have many new ones planned for 2017, we can launch better, faster and stronger with a more complete presence in the marketplace than ever before. The medi USA Marketing Team continues to deliver consistent and high-quality results which enable excellent support and content in the ecommerce arena. So what does 2017 hold in store for the product selection in the medi medical portfolio? More than

cMoemdpicraelssionIt’s hard to believe that, at long last, 2016 hascome to a close. 2016 was full of ups but 2016 alsomarked a very special year for one of our products:the circaid reduction kit. Many of you may recallwhen the reduction kit was launched in late 2014and when it came into your bags in 2015. Maybeyou remember thinking, “There’s no way this kneepiece works…” or “This is the strongest Velcro I’veever touched!!” Maybe some of you even thought,“Wow, this product is going to change lives.”In 2016, the reduction kit passed one milliondollars in sales since its launch – and it passed thatlandmark by a long shot. Getting to this milestonewasn’t easy though; we reached it thanks to theingenuity of our R&D team, the dedication ofour sales force, and the incredible passion of oureducators. All of you have seen with your owneyes and hands the great work that this producthas done, not only for medi but also for patientsand therapists. It truly is amazing to see what adifference it can make in someone’s life to managetheir lymphedema like they never have before.The reduction kit has come a long way since itslaunch just over two years ago, and is poisedto succeed at an even higher level in 2017 if wecontinue our collaborative work (here’s where I’lldo a small plug for the educators – take advantageof this amazing resource!!). I can’t wait to writeto you all in a newsletter not too far down the linesaying we’ve helped our millionth patient.Looking forward to all the wonderful things that2017 will bring,Maggie MoriartyCategory Manager - Medical Compression


PLANTAR NEW FASCIITIS SLEEVESFOREARM SLEEVES NEW MEDICALLY BASED. ATHLETE DRIVEN.NNEEWW PRODUCTS LAUNCHINGThere is lots of great news for CEP as we head into 2017. Arm Sleeves to the assortment. These innovative newWe have a new team leader, great new products, and items will help us penetrate new markets and continuelots of excitement around the brand for the New Year. to grow the business! Look for more information onEffective January 3rd, , Luke Rowe is the Senior Vice these in the coming weeks. Some of you have seenPresident of CEP, and he will further grow the CEP the Rebellica line in the catalog. Please be aware thatbrand here in the U.S. Luke has lots of experience there has been a delay with this product, and we willwithin the sports industry, having spent the last 13 not be in stock until fall.years as Senior Vice President for Fleet Feet Sports Event sales were again the big driver for the CEPwhere he oversaw vendor partnerships, training business in 2016. We did more events than everand education, store development and support before and we’re planning for greater things from thisat Fleet Feet. business in 2017. If you have an account interested inNew spring colors and styles will arrive early this year. doing a retailer event, please feel free to reach out toAlong with new colors of our top selling Progressive any member of the CEP team.and Dynamic socks, we are introducing Griptech and

Marketing Kit: Stages of Lymphedema The Lymphatic System Stage – Interval / Latent stage Midsagittal watershed Thoracic duct The lymphatic vessels are already damaged, but there is not yet any Supraclavicular Cisterna chyli visible swelling. This is often referred to as sub-clinical lymphedema. watershed Transverse Confluence of the Axillo-inguinal Stage – Reversible Stage thoracic duct with the anastomosis The swelling is only seen in the venous angle Inguinal lymph nodes evening and it disappears when Interaxillary Interinguinal the affected arm or leg is elevated. anastomosis anastomosis Symptoms become visible in this Axillary lymph nodes Superficial cervical stage and a heavy sensation in the limb or fatigue can be felt by cRoemliepvlienxgdeedceomngaewstitivhetthheehraeplpyo(Cf DT) many patients. mediven® and circaid® In conjunction with a healthy diet and the patient’s Stage – Spontaneously self-motivation, optimal therapy can be achieved Compression for Lymphedema irreversible stage with easy steps: Rx Pad The edema can start hardening and no longer recedes with rest or Hygiene and skin care medi. I feel better. elevation. Initial skin changes can Therapy begins with thorough skin care, during which any cracks take place including hardening in the skin or similar symptoms are treated. Meticulous skin care P – lymphedema script where indentations no longer and skin hygiene are important in order to avoid further injuries pad. This new addition to our happen when pressed. and infections. lymphedema marketing material provides a comprehensive Stage – Lymphostatic Manual lymph drainage prescription sheet for both upper elephantiasis Using various massage techniques, over the course of several and lower extremity garments. Swelling reaches extreme treatments, the therapist can increase lymph formation and Available for order now! proportions and limb is misshapen. improve the transport capacity of the lymphatic system. This The skin has hardened and allows the lymph system to aid in the decongestion process lymphatic fluid can leak from and reverse signs and symptoms of lymphedema. wart-like growths, small blisters or fistulas if they develop. Risk for skin Compression treatment infections and deep/poorly healing Initial treatment is with a compression device to reduce the wounds increases. excess limb volume, promote lymph drainage on movement and prevent the backflow of lymph fluid. Once the optimal degree of Positive Stemmer’s sign decongestion has been achieved, this is replaced by a flat-knit compression stocking which is made to measure according to When making this individual requirements. diagnosis, it is not possible to lift up a skin Exercise and movement fold at the base of the Mobility exercises are very important while wearing compression toes or fingers. garments, as their effect can only fully develop with movement. You should avoid overexertion. The movements should be Source of images: Lympho-Opt Clinic, Hohenstadt performed deliberately and in a controlled manner. P – Lymphedema Overview Flyer. This single-page flyer provides an overview of the stages of lymphedema and the lymphatic system, as well as our elastic & inelastic products. Tired legs? Swollen ankles? You could have vein disease and not even know it! Sign up for your free leg health test Make your appointment today! Date: Time: Location: Phone: 8DO YOU KNOW THE P1104RevA Warning Signs of Application videos – we have added Vein Disease FOUR new videos to our “Donning & Doffing” playlist on the medi USA • Tired, heavy-feeling legs YouTube channel. These new videos • Leg pain from prolonged sitting or standing show how to apply harmony arm • Swollen ankles at night sleeves with an arm butler, how to • Varicose or spider veins apply flat-knit arm sleeves with an arm • Tingling, numbness, burning, or cramping butler, how to apply stockings with the medi 2 in 1, and how to remove in legs and feet stockings with the medi 2 in 1. • Discoloration of the skin • Open sores or ulcers on lower leg • History of vein problems in the family LRR Kit – In addition to the Physician Information Brochure (P ) which was updated earlier this year, we have now updated the two flyers and counter card that are included in the LRR kit. These new pieces will be in stock in early January.

National Shows Events: See y in Memphis! National Sales Meeting January 23-26, 2017 Memphis, TN Hanger Education Fair American Venous Forum AAOPJanuary 31-February 2, 2017 February 14-17, 2017 March 1-4, 2017 New Orleans, LA Las Vegas, NV Chicago, IL On February 14, medi will participate in the Lymphedema Advocacy Group’s third annual Love the Lymphedema Treatment Act Valentines Walk in support of their 2017 Lymphedema Lobby Days, which are being held March 26-28. As in past years, this is a virtual walk, so anyone can participate and set whatever goal they would like. medi has set a goal of raising $1,000 by February 14 in support of the LTA. We would love to have as many medi employees & friends donate to our team (all donations go directly to the Lymphedema Advocacy Group) or to join us in the walk. We will be sharing our team on our social media pages and would appreciate it if you shared with your social networks as well in support of this walk!

Human Resources: New Hires 9/26/16 Sovandara Chea Turner Sewing 10/3/16 Erin Sokalsky SR Product & Education Specialist Sales 10/17/16 Savannah Gill Customer Service Rep I – Customs Customer Service 10/31/16 Graham Taylor Territory Business Manager Orlando Territory #241 11/7/16 Eddie Galvan Customer Service Rep I – Readymade Customer Service 11/8/16 Kara Huyett Assoc. Sales & Marketing Rep N. St. Louis Territory #227 11/14/16 Noelia Guido Sewer Sewing 12/6/16 Derek Stowers Territory Business Manager Charlotte Territory #183 1/1/17 Allegra Doherty ITEM m6 Retail Sales Specialist ITEM m6 1/1/17 Luke Rowe Senior VP – CEP CEP -Year Anniversaries Krista Barnett – January 10 -Year Anniversaries Jamie Segar – December 6 -Year Anniversaries Travis Faucette – November 4 Holidays Good Friday Friday, April 14, 2017

H&eaWltehllnessNEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR YOUR WELLNESS PROGRAMMost of the time, the New Year’s resolutions we • Start asking. What are employees talking aboutset are for personal gain. Setting SMART goals at the water cooler? Maybe you hear them say they(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) didn’t get enough sleep last night. Help addressis an integral part of self-improvement; what New their pain points by offering a solution. Create aYear’s resolutions would you like to set for your own wellness challenge by asking employees to keepwellness program? a sleep log for two weeks. Also, it might be time toIf you’re unsure where to start, consider doing this: ask your leadership to get involved. Whether they• Take a look around. What does your workplace are leading an exercise (e.g., Walk with Leaders) orlook like? Is there signage encouraging employees in strategic discussions, having leadership involvedto take the stairs? Are there healthy options in your in your wellness program will create a positivevending machines? Do you have desks and chairs impact on your culture.that allow employees to easily adjust them to If you’re interested in learning how BCBSNC’sachieve proper posture? Are people walking during Health and Wellness Experts can help you with thebreaks? This year, do an environmental assessment tasks mentioned above, please talk to your Healthand identify 3-5 things you can improve throughout Promotion Specialist or visit our website tothe course of the year. learn more.

Education: 9:45 AM iPad3 All of customer service has now been classroom trained in compression 101-401. This was a 2016 goal, and we accomplished it. In 2017, we will continue the customer service training of 101-401 and add new courses as needed. We are in the process of putting together a trouble-shooting course on flat-knit fittings. We should be able to significantly increase profitability by reducing remakes. One point that becomes clear in the process is that the Reduction Kit could solve a lot of remake issues as well as provide the patient with a garment that can be used for nighttime. The multi-media training manual is available for everyone through AirWatch. In 2016, I was able to help with field training in regions that lacked a district manager and will be able to continue with that service in 2017. The week of March 13, we will host a new hire training in Whitsett. I am looking forward to meeting our new TBMs and having a rigorous sales training that week. Happy New Year to all! I wish you the best in 2017. John Lanze Get creative, and share your success stories. Email: [email protected] with your story!

medi for help: Although we will be transitioning our prosthetics assistance to others in the industry, we will continue our other projects in Haiti including Wound Care classes, Lymphedema courses and continuing education courses. We honor our pledge to Haiti, and will continue to give sustainable assistance and train the local population!

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YEARANNIVERSARYOn Tuesday, November 29, mediUSA honored its 20th anniversarywith a celebratory lunch filled withGerman delicacies and music! TheWeihermullers were in attendanceas we reflected on the last 20 yearsand looked ahead to medi USA'sbright future!

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