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Windstar Cruises Voyage Guide

Published by, 2015-05-05 12:04:08

Description: Windstar Cruises Voyage Guide

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EXPLORE MORE OF GREECE & TURKEY on the World’s Best Small Ship Cruise Line Enter the world of Windstar’s Greek Isles & Turkey to find a place where the past comes alive with the lyrical beauty of an ancient lyre. Where civilization holds court in palaces and palm lined lanes. A place where tiny villages, secluded islands, and hidden coves beckon your small ship to discover their secrets. While others stand and wait, kept at bay by the crush of tourist crowds, you will be swept past them into places others simply cannot reach. Enjoy a complimentary candlelit dinner in Ephesus’ legendary Library … share an ouzo toast in a sidewalk café … and hear the whisper of ancient cultures welcome you to a world of small ship magic.2 I WINDSTARCRUISES .COM


D I S C OV E R The Best Value in Luxury Cruising Here is your perfect vacation, complete with two complimentary nights to begin or end your cruise in Athens or Istanbul. Everything you need is at your fingertips, waiting before you even think of it — plus, we’ve enhanced your cruise to make sure you enjoy an authentic cultural experience, including: • A beautiful, exclusive Private Event on a special evening on every cruise • Our ondeck barbecue with an extensive grilled buffet of regional specialties and popular favorites (not to mention entertainment that takes guest participation to a new level) — the best party on the seas • Local entertainers who join us on board for an evening of fun and enrichment • Delicious upscale dining is always complimentary in every dining venue • Our award-winning service named best in the world by Condé Nast TravelerW4 I IN DWSITNADRSCTRAURICSRE US .ICS OE SM. CIO M4

EXTENDYOUR TRIPIn Athens or IstanbulTake your pick of these beautiful hotels to extend your vacationin the Greek Isles & Turkey.Athens, Greece Istanbul, TurkeySaint George Pera Palace HotelLycabettus Hotel Pera Palace Hotel welcomes its guestsRenowned for its famous Greek back to the glamour of old Istanbulhospitality, this chic modern hideaway with its classic and uniquely furnishedfor discerning travelers features rooms and suites. Along withlovely views of the Acropolis. politicians, artists and writers, kings and queens have also stayed here.Includes breakfast. Includes breakfast. WINDSTARCRUISES .COM I 5

GEMS OF THE AEGEANATHENS TO ISTANBUL (or reverse) | 9 Days | Star PrideF ind wonders across the breadth of the Aegean Sea, from the azure tip of Crete to the soaring spires of Istanbul, in one comprehensive 9-day voyage. Themonuments of Ephesus and Rhodes are calling, and Santorini’s blue-and-white charmsare on your list of “must sees.” Yet it may be the personal moments on board that arethe most memorable. Black Sea DAY 1 • Athens, Greece GREECE Istanbul Fill the day with legendary sights. The Acropolis. The Parthenon. The ancientAthens TURKEY Agora. The sight of your beautiful white Cesme yacht in the harbor.(Piraeus) Kusadasi DAY 2 • Monemvasía, Greece Monemvasia Chania Kalymnos This Gibraltar-like town holds treasures that Rhodes are old even by Mediterranean standards. Climb to the upper town for a look at the Santorini Mediterranean Sea castle and Agia Sophia. Wander the lower CRETE town lined with Venetian mansions.Athens to Istanbul, or reverse DAY 3 • Chania, Crete, Greece9 DAYS Hints of Florence, Venice, and Istanbul areStar Pride: May 12, 28 ; Jun 24; everywhere. Explore the old Venetian harborJul 17 ; Aug 29; Sep 14 , 23, 2015. from the Arabian Lighthouse to theMay 8 , 17; Jun 16, 25 ; Sep 11 , 20; Kioutsouk Hassan Mosque. Pause in one ofOct 6, 2016 the picturesque tavernas for some dácosReverse Route = (Cretan bread) and mizithra cheese.6 I WINDSTARCRUISES.COM I 8 0 0 -24 0 - 975 6

Monemvasía, GreeceDAY 4 • Santorini, Greece DAY 9 • At Sea Some say the ruins of Atlantis remain hidden Cruise through the Dardanelles in one of the in these beautiful waters. Find beauty above world’s unique yachting thrills. The haunting as well, in the whitewashed village of Oia and history of Gallipoli surrounds you, as you see the ancient city of Akrotiri. Europe on one hand and Asia on the other.DAY 5 • Rhodes, Greece DAY 10 • Istanbul, Turkey This was home to the legendary Colossus, one Take advantage of our 3-day, 2-night tour to of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. discover this ancient city. From the beautiful Pass through quaint villages and lemon Pera Palace Hotel you’ll explore the groves to the ancient Acropolis of Lindos. indescribable Hagia Sofia, the stunning Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and much more.DAY 6 • Kalymnos, Greece Call your travel professional or Tucked away in the sunniest corner of Greece and off the beaten path, Kalymnos is known Windstar Cruises at 800-240-9756 as the home of the sponge fishermen. Stop by the local market for a spongy souvenir A Complimentary Windstar and a taste of wild thyme honey. PRIVATE EVENTDAY 7 • Kusadasi, Turkey KUSADASI: The well-preserved ruins of Ephesus form one EVENING IN EPHESUS of the world’s greatest outdoor museums. This evening we present our Private Event — Join us for a dinner in the moonlight and a concert at the complimentary Celsus Library in Ephesus. moonlit dinner event and liveDAY 8 • Cesme, Turkey concert at the Celsus Library Today is a cornucopia of delightful choices. in ancient Explore the 14th century Genoese Castle, the Ephesus, Turkey. alluring thermal springs, or wander among the fig and aniseed groves.8 0 0 -24 0 - 975 6 I WINDSTARCRUISES.COM I 7

BLACK SEA TAPESTRYISTANBUL TO ISTANBUL | 7 Days | Star PrideY ou’ll experience the transcendent magic of Istanbul and the enigmatic, once hidden, wonders of the Black Sea in signature Windstar style. Discover the Turkish delights of Istanbul. Write your own Romanian Rhapsody. Glimpse the quickly vanishing lifestyle of Bulgaria’s rural villages. And find yourself back where you started with a deliciously broader sense of the world. UKRAINE DAY 1 • Istanbul, Turkey Odessa Board your beautiful yacht in this ancientROMANIA Black Sea city. Cruise between continents under the Constanta iconic bridge that connects Europe and Amasra Asia as we make our way towards more (Bucharest) intriguing Black Sea ports. (Bartin) Varna DAY 2 • Amasra (Bartin), Turkey Nessebar Istanbul BULGARIA TURKEY A complimentary shuttle from Bartin takes you to Amasra, off the radar ofIstanbul to Istanbul • 7 DAYS most foreigners. Climb to the 14th century citadel for a breathtaking panorama of redStar P ride: May 21; Sep 7, 2015 roofs and twin coves, then explore the Old Town. Or take an optional excursion to the UNESCO town of Safranbolu with its well- preserved Ottoman homes and traditional artisan workshops. DAY 3 • At Sea8 I WINDSTARCRUISES.COM I 8 0 0 -24 0 - 975 6

Varna, BulgariaDAY 4 • Odessa, Ukraine DAY 8 • Istanbul, Turkey You can credit Catherine the Great with Take advantage of our 3-day, 2-night this sparkling city, designed by the finest tour here to discover the former European architects in the late 18th Constantinople. From the beautiful Pera century. Tonight is our Private Event at the Palace Hotel, explore the indescribable Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Hagia Sofia, the stunning Blue Mosque, known for its unique acoustics. Topkapi Palace, and more.DAY 5 • Constanta Call your travel professional or Windstar Cruises at 800-240-9756 (Bucharest), Romania A Complimentary Windstar We extend our stay into the evening hours. Bucharest, once known as “Little Paris,” is PRIVATE EVENT nearby. Don’t miss the chance to watch the locals playing chess in beautiful ODESSA: ARTISTRY IN Cismigiu Gardens. ARCHITECTURE AND DANCEDAY 6 • Varna, Bulgaria You are the VIP in this Beautiful Varna, surrounded by gardens, magical vineyards, and groves is Bulgaria’s largest evening, at city on the Black Sea coast and their main the Odessa port for both naval and commercial National shipping. The oldest gold treasure in Opera and the world was found here. Ballet Theatre.DAY 7 • Nessebar, Bulgaria The terracotta rooftops come into sight as we approach Nessebar. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is easy to cover by foot. Further inland, glimpse the quickly vanishing lifestyle of Bulgaria’s rural villages, and sample warm Bulgarian hospitality.8 0 0 -24 0 - 975 6 I WINDSTARCRUISES.COM I 9

GREEK ISLES & TURKISH DELIGHTS ATHENS TO ISTANBUL | 7 Days Wind Star | Star Pride | Star BreezeExplore the hidden delights of the Greek Isles, the Turkish coasts, and the greatest icons of civilization on this, our signature voyage. You’ll discover thousandsof years of humankind’s greatest feats — from the Acropolis of Athens to the grandpalaces of Istanbul. Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes — discover the Greek Isles as they weremeant to be traveled, in private yacht style. Black Sea DAY 1 • Athens, Greece GREECE Istanbul Follow the past to the Acropolis, facing the brilliant blue waters of the Aegean, Athens TURKEY and the Parthenon, standing majestically in honor of Athena. (Piraeus) Kusadasi Mykonos DAY 2 • Mykonos, GreeceMediterranean Sea Bodrum Wake this morning to the postcard-like Rhodes scene of Mykonos, the classic Greek isle dotted with hundreds of whitewashed Santorini churches and thatch-roofed windmills. A scenic ferry ride takes you back to the 6thAthens to Istanbul • 7 DAYS century B.C. to the tiny island of Delos, theWind Star: May 2, 16, 30; Jun 13, 27; mythical birthplace of Apollo.Jul 11, 25; Aug 8, 22; Sep 5, 19;Oct 3, 17, 2015. May 7, 12; Jun 4, 18; DAY 3 • Santorini, GreeceJul 2, 16, 30; Aug 13, 27; Sep 10, 24;Oct 8, 2016 As our yacht approaches the spectacularStar Pride: Jul 10, 2015. May 1; Jun 2, cliffs rising from the deep azure sea, you’ll4, 18; Sep 4, 2016 understand the magic of this area, whereStar B reeze: Aug 3, 17, 2015 some say the ruins of Atlantis remain hidden. And don’t miss the picture postcard village of Oia.10 I WINDSTARCRUISES.COM I 8 0 0 -24 0 - 975 6

Santorini, GreeceDAY 4 • Rhodes, Greece DAY 8 • Istanbul, Turkey This gracious oasis, known as the “island of Take advantage of our 3-day, 2-night tour Roses,” was home to the legendary here to discover this ancient city. From the Colossus, one of the Seven Wonders of the beautiful Pera Palace Hotel you’ll explore Ancient World. Our Private Event here the indescribable Hagia Sofia, the stunning features the charming, family-run Hatzikelis Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Seafood Restaurant. much more.DAY 5 • Bodrum, Turkey Call your travel professional or A myriad of activities fills your day, from Windstar Cruises at 800-240-9756 SCUBA diving with a certified master to lounging on the beach of a luxurious A Complimentary Windstar resort. Or get away from it all on a romantic wooden gulet schooner, where PRIVATE EVENT you’ll moor in beautiful inlets to swim and sun. RHODES: THE TASTES OF GREECEDAY 6 • Kusadasi, Turkey Enjoy a special Legendary sights await in Ephesus, one of evening at the the greatest outdoor museums in the award-winning world, and on Bulbul Mountain, where the Hatzikelis roof of one house forms the terrace of the Seafood next. Cap the day with fine Turkish cuisine Restaurant, and the region’s best wines. acclaimed for the best cuisineDAY 7 • At Sea on the island. We cruise today through the Dardanelles in one of the world’s unique yachting thrills. The haunting history of Gallipoli surrounds you, as you see Europe on one hand and Asia on the other.8 0 0 -24 0 - 975 6 I WINDSTARCRUISES.COM I 11

GREEK ISLES& TURKISH DELIGHTSISTANBUL TO ATHENS | 7 DaysWind Star | Star Pride | Star BreezeA single voyage covers thousands of years of civilization. Escape to Delos, the fabled island of Apollo, to walk in the footsteps of the gods. Listen for echoesof history in Ephesus, the world’s largest outdoor archaeological site. From thecoffee houses of Bodrum to the country lanes of Rhodes, the Greek Isles are even moreenchanting in private yacht style. Black Sea DAY 1 • Istanbul, Turkey GREECE Istanbul Welcome to the only city in the world that rests on two continents. Wonders appearAthens TURKEY at every turn: the Byzantine beauty of the Hagia Sophia, the Grand Bazaar, and the (Piraeus) Kusadasi Blue Mosque. MykonosMediterranean Sea DAY 2 • At Sea Bodrum Rhodes Indulge yourself today — as though it’s your own private yacht. But don’t forget Santorini the utter beauty and compelling history around you as we sail through theIstanbul to Athens, 7 DAYS Dardanelles in one of the world’s uniqueWind Star: May 9, 23; Jun 6, 20; yachting thrills. The haunting history ofJul 4, 18; Aug 1, 15, 29; Sep 12, 26; Gallipoli surrounds you, as you see EuropeOct 10, 24, 2015. May 14, 28; Jun 11, on one hand and Asia on the other.25; Jul 9, 23; Aug 6, 20; Sep 3, 17;Oct 1, 15, 2016 DAY 3 • Kusadasi, TurkeyStar Pride: Jul 3; Oct 10, 2015.May 26; Jun 9; Jul 11, 25; Sep 29; Kusadasi is your gateway to Ephesus,Oct 15, 2016 the best-preserved classical city of theStar Breeze: Aug 24, 2015 Eastern Mediterranean. See the “glass houses” built into the mountainside, legacy of the upper-class Romans who12 I WINDSTARCRUISES.COM I 8 0 0 -24 0 - 975 6

Istanbul, Turkey once lived here. This late call gives you scenic ferry ride takes you back to the a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to 6th century B.C. to the tiny island of Delos, experience an exclusive moonlit dinner the mythical birthplace of Apollo. in the Celsus Library in historic Ephesus, at our Private Event. DAY 8 • Athens, GreeceDAY 4 • Rhodes, Greece Here, in the city that cradled western civilization, walk in footsteps that echo This gracious oasis, known as the “Island with the history of 3,000 years. Pull of Roses,” is a yachting paradise whose yourself back into the present in Athens’ shores are lined with sparkling beaches charming shops and coffee houses. and lush green mountainsides. Call your travel professional orDAY 5 • Bodrum, Turkey Windstar Cruises at 800-240-9756 Whitewashed stucco houses watched over by St. Peter’s Castle, the Mausoleum (one A Complimentary Windstar of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World), diving with seahorses … this lush PRIVATE EVENT resort has much to offer. KUSADASI:DAY 6 • Santorini, Greece EVENING IN EPHESUS As our yacht approaches the spectacular Join us for a cliffs rising from the deep azure sea, you’ll complimentary understand the magic of this area. moonlit dinner Spend the day falling in love with the event and live whitewashed villages of Fira and Oia, or concert at the in the ancient city of Akrotiri, a UNESCO Celsus Library World Heritage Site. in ancient Ephesus, Turkey.DAY 7 • Mykonos, Greece Admire Little Venice with its captains’ mansions, quaint windmills, a friendly pelican wandering the waterfront. A8 0 0 -24 0 - 975 6 I WINDSTARCRUISES.COM I 13

VENETIAN PASSAGEWAYS ATHENS TO VENICE (or reverse) | 9 Days Star Pride | Star Breeze | Star LegendEnjoy all the wonders of Venice, the Queen of the Adriatic, as we overnight in this magical city on a voyage that takes you along the ancient trade routes throughthe narrow Corinth Canal, to the ancient oracle of Delphi, and into the stunning fjordsof Montenegro. Each new experience is intoxicating, provocative, makes you yearn formore. And more is exactly what you get.Venice CROATIA DAY 1 • Athens, Greece ITALY Hvar Dubrovnik The Acropolis, the Plaka, and the MONTENEGRO Acropolis Museum are must-sees. But seekMediterranean out lesser-known sites too, like the metro Sea Kotor stations that serve as mini-museums for ALBANIA the relics that are constantly being unearthed. Butrint GREECE Itea DAY 2 • Hydra, Greece (Butrint (Delphi) National Park) This is a town where pedestrians and Athens donkeys take the place of automobiles. Zakynthos Stop at a pastry shop for some (Piraeus) amigdalota (almond cakes) and wonder at Corinth Canal the tranquility of a village where there’s Hydra not an engine or modern building in sight.Athens to Venice, or reverse DAY 3 • Corinth Canal & Itea9 DAYS (Delphi), GreeceStar Pride: Jun 6, Jun 15 ; Jul 26;Aug 20 , 2015. Aug 1, 26 , 2016 This shortcut is reserved for petite shipsStar Breeze: Aug 31; Oct 12 , 21, like ours, and we are the envy of the2015. Sep 30 , Oct 9, 2016 ancient Romans who once portaged theirStar Legend: May 10 ; Sep 26, 2016 ships along this very route before thereReverse Route = was a canal. Delphi, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was once known as the center of the world. Explore the Delphi Archaeological Museum, which contains some of the finest works of art in Greece.14 I WINDSTARCRUISES.COM I 8 0 0 -24 0 - 975 6

Venice, ItalyDAY 4 • Katakolon, Greece only streets whose gleaming white granite is polished by centuries of footsteps. Charming and scenic Katakolon is the gateway to Olympia, the original home of DAY 8 • Hvar, Croatia the Olympic Games. You can visit this memorable site only 30 minutes away or if Celebrities from Prince Harry to Beyoncé you want to stay closer to the yacht, the have made Hvar their go-to place. Follow Domaine Mercouri winery offers delicious the city walls to sweeping views from the red and white wines less than 2 miles away. fortress on the hill.DAY 5 • Butrint/Butrint National DAY 9 • Venice, Italy (Overnight) Park, Albania No other sea approach in the Adriatic raises goose bumps like Venice. Add your own sigh Encroaching marshes perfectly preserved to the Bridge of Sighs, sip a spritz al bitter as history for you on a lovely bluff you plot your agenda, cherish serendipitous overlooking the sea. When you’re ready discoveries around every corner. for a break from the parade of cultural treasures at this UNESCO World Heritage Call your travel professional or Site, walk along the saltwater channel watching for birds, otters, and the Windstar Cruises at 800-240-9756 occasional loggerhead turtle. A Complimentary WindstarDAY 6 • Kotor, Montenegro PRIVATE EVENT The approach offers one breathtaking fjord-like view after another. The charming BUTRINT: BRONZE AGE streets of the Old Town remain car free, TO VENETIANS filled with 12th century Baroque palaces and Romanesque churches. This exclusive tour featuresDAY 7 • Dubrovnik, Croatia some of the world’s most Unlike larger ships, we anchor right outside significant this beautiful walled city, the better to ooh Roman ruins and ahh at its medieval magnificence. including Enjoy a leisurely stroll atop the ancient the beautiful walls and a wander through pedestrian- Baptistery.8 0 0 -24 0 - 975 6 I WINDSTARCRUISES.COM I 15

ENCHANTING GREECE& THE AMALFI COASTROME TO ATHENS (or reverse) | 7 DaysStar Pride | Star Breeze | Star LegendI dyllic islands, charming cobbled villages, spectacular scenery, intriguing history. Capture the heart of the Mediterranean in a single voyage. Each small harbor is especially suited for small ship exploration. Enjoy the best of the region and the pure indulgence of the Mediterranean lifestyle.Rome DAY 1 • Rome, Italy(Civitavecchia) The amazing Eternal City seems as old as time, yet as vibrantly engaging as next ITALY season’s fashion. From the chic shops of Capri Via Condotti to tastings of classic cucina Romana, Rome is filled with unexpectedLipari GREECE wonders. SICILY Athens DAY 2 • Capri, Italy Giardini (Piraeus) In English, it’s ka-PREE. In Italian, KAH- Naxos pree. In person, it’s simply spectacular.Mediterranean Sea Monemvasía Whether you seek the stunning splendor Gythion of the famous Blue Grotto, or simply meander among lemon-scented lanes, thisAthens to Venice, or reverse island will captivate you.9 DAYS DAY 3 • Lipari, ItalyStar B reeze: Jul 27, 2015. Aug 1;Sep 5 , 2016 Take time on shore to explore the beautifulStar Pride: Oct 9 , 2015. Oct 22 , village and enjoy the exclusive access thatApr 24, 2016 only a small ship can provide in a portWind Star: Apr 25, Oct 31 , 2015. large cruise ships cannot reach.Apr 30; Oct 22 , 2016Star Legend: May 19 ; Sep 19, 2016Reverse Route =16 I WINDSTARCRUISES.COM I 8 0 0 -24 0 - 975 6

Capri, ItalyDAY 4 • Giardini Naxos (Taormina), DAY 8 • Athens, Greece Sicily, Italy Explore the city in a 2- or 2-day Windstar Land Tour. From the gracious Hotel Grande An excursion to the popular hillside town of Bretagne you’ll discover Athens’ Taormina will be a highlight of your voyage. celebrated treasures — the Parthenon, the Take a more adventurous tack and explore stunning new Acropolis Museum, the Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano. Temple of Zeus, and many more — in the care of knowledgeable guides who will notDAY 5 • At Sea only share the city’s ancient secrets and modern enchantments, they’ll also escort Sun yourself by the pool, let us make sure you with expert ease in complete comfort you have a cool drink in your hand and an and confidence. appetizing snack on your plate, treat yourself in WindSpa, and live like the Call your travel professional or royalty you deserve to be. Windstar Cruises at 800-240-9756DAY 6 • Gythion, Greece A Complimentary Windstar Cheerful pastel houses are littered among intriguing whitewashed lanes and PRIVATE EVENT staircases. Playful sculptures welcome you to the harbor’s cheerful shops, coffee GIARDINI NAXOS: houses, and waterfront cafés. This is a TASTE S OF SICILY perfect place to enjoy a cup of rich coffee or a glass of ouzo while you watch the Enjoy a tour world go by. and lunch at Vinicola Benanti,DAY 7 • Monemvasía, Greece a family-run Sicilian winery This beautiful hamlet might have been with a passion forgotten by time. Accessible only by a for perfection. narrow causeway from the mainland, the city is a myriad of streets wide enough only for pedestrians, lined with picturesque shops, and ancient still lived in, houses.8 0 0 -24 0 - 975 6 I WINDSTARCRUISES.COM I 17

STAR PRIDE and STAR BREEZEWindstar’s All Suite Power YachtsWindstar’s all suite yachts complete their debut in 2015. The beautiful Star Breezejoins her sister ship, Star Pride, in carrying you to the exotic shores of the Aegean.You’ll recognize the Windstar touch in each yacht. Easy-going style and casualelegance have graced these beautiful small ships with airy, sophisticated colorsand inviting, contemporary furnishings. New finishes, upholstery, lighting, wall andwindow treatments, and floor coverings are beckoning you to relax.Each spacious suite. Every delightful dining venue. All the spaces, nooks andcorners. Everything is designed to make you feel completely at home. Just likeyour own private yacht.Owner’s Suite Relax on deck AmphorA Restaurant18 I WINDSTARCRUISES .COM

WIND STARThe Essence of Small Ship SailingSailing with a mere 148 guests, the luxurious Wind Star is like being on your ownprivate yacht. The ship has recently been updated with contemporary furnishingsand enhanced spaces. Gourmet cuisine is served course-by-course nightly inAmphorA, while Veranda offers breakfast and lunch made to order in fresh “market-style” buffets. For a special treat, make a reservation to dine under the stars atCandles, our romantic outdoor deck restaurant.Additional Wind Star amenities include the lavish WindSpa, a pool and whirlpool, theWatersports Platform with complimentary water toys, a Casino, and our internationalcrew of 90 on hand for 24-hour pampering.Wind Star stateroom Delicious meals Watersports Platform WINDSTARCRUISES .COM I 19

World’s Best Small Ship Cruise LineCondé Nast Traveler Travel + Leisure2014 Readers’ 2014 World’s Best AwardsChoice Awards #2 Best Small Ship#1 Small Ship Cruise Line Cruise LineCondé Nast Traveler E2dPi0itc1ok4rss’ Cruise Critic2014 Gold List Award 2014 Editors’ Picks#3 Overall Cruise Linein Ocean Cruises Best for Romance 1 5 - 0 03 7/5 . 4 .1 5

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