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HR Newsletter - Employer/Employee Relations

Published by HR Newsletters, 2022-08-30 18:19:20

Description: Inside the 13th issue of the HR Newsletter: find out what your roles and responsibilities are in Employer/Employee Relations, learn about the Wellness Challenge, meet some interesting members of Team MEGJC, and see some highlights of recent HR activities. This short issue is packed with information and you might just see yourself inside...

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issue no. thirteenThe HR Newsletter Employer/ Employee Relations

KATHRINA WELCH HR OFFICER (LEAVE AND PENSION) [email protected] ext: 2200 CUG: (876) 561-6208

Inside this Issue 01 Employer/Employee Relations 02 The Wellness Challenge 03 Meet Team MEGJC 04 HR Sensitization Sessions 05 Administrative Professionals' Day

1 Employer/Employee Relations Our Roles and Responsibilities The International Labour Organization defines the employment relationship as the legal link between employers and employees. To broaden this definition, employee relations is concerned with the contractual, emotional, physical and practical relationship between employer and employee. The importance of the employer-employee relationship cannot be overstated. In fact, how well this relationship is managed is a large determining factor in the success of any organization. In this Ministry and the wider Government service, this relationship is guided by the Staff Orders for the Public Service (2004). Protocol: The development of good management practices and industrial relations policies is the joint responsibility of the Ministry with responsibility for the Public Service, employees, and the entities representing employee interests (Staff Associations, Trade Unions, etc). Recommended Both the employer and employee bear some Reading: responsibility in these relations, as well as the Chapter 16, organizations that represent employees and their Staff Orders interests. for the Public Service (2004)

The role of the Employer Some key roles and responsibilities of the employer are to: Recognize the rights of trade unions and staff associations to represent their members and to advocate on their behalf. Respect the rights of employees to belong to staff associations and trade unions and to take part in the activities of these bodies. Ensure that the established procedures are known, understood and implemented by all members of the management and supervisory team. Ensure that all supervisory staff have clearly defined responsibilities in the organizational structure, are in charge of manageable work groups, understand their responsibilities and have the necessary qualities and industrial relations training and exposure to do the job. Ensure that supervisors are cognizant of management policies as they affect their individual work groups and that they maintain an effective link between management and members of their work groups. Adopt policies and practices for the social and educational improvement of employees, in addition to discharging obligations in respect of the terms and conditions of employment. The role of the Employee Some key roles and responsibilities of the employee are to: Know, understand and familiarize himself/herself with the terms and conditions of his/her employment. Perform his/her duties to the best of his/her abilities with due regard to the performance and behaviour expectations established by the organization. Ensure that his/her actions and behaviour do not prejudice the health, safety or well-being of clients customers or fellow employees. Exercise his/her right to belong or not to belong to a staff association or trade union, to support it financially and to vest in it the necessary authority to represent his/her interests. Know understand and abide by the established procedures for dealing with disputes and grievances. The role of the Employee Representative Some key roles and responsibilities of the employee representative are to:

Represent the interests of their members judiciously. Maintain jointly with management and other trade unions effective arrangements at all levels for consultation and communication and for settling grievances and disputes. Take all reasonable steps to ensure that their officials and members observe all arrangements. Provide for the training of delegates in the scope of their powers and duties and the day-to-day operation of the union. Provide adequate educational opportunities for the advancement of their members. Be properly staffed to serve the needs of its members, and allow for effective lines of communication between such staff and the rank and file membership. Make information pertaining to the rules and policies of the unions available. Provide adequate advisory services for their members and assist them to understand the terms and conditions of their employment.

2 The Wellness Challenge Every health journey begins with small, consistent steps in the right direction. Pioneered by Ms. Nicola Martin, Director, Employee Relations, Occupational Health & Safety, the Wellness Challenge is a fun way to make healthy choices during the work day. It is a community driven endeavour with a built-in support and accountability system, and, if done right, is a great way to team build while individually improving your health. How it works - Chapter five Team members participate in different challenges each day. If you fail, your picture is displayed on the wellness board and you are fined. Succeed and you stay off the board. Stay off the board all week and you earn rewards.

MONDAY CHALLENGE: Devotion/Motivation/Mindfulness Mental and spiritual health is just as important as physical health. Gather for 10 minutes for a short devotion or practice mindfulness. TUESDAY CHALLENGE: FRUITS & VEGETABLES DAY Eat fruits or vegetables with a meal or as a snack WEDNESDAY CHALLENGE: NO JUICE WATER ONLY ALL DAY Throughout the day, even at lunch, only water is allowed. THURSDAY CHALLENGE: No rice or French fries Choose low-carb substitutes instead. FRIDAY CHALLENGE: NO ELEVATOR DAY This is perhaps the toughest challenge of all. Only take the stairs all day. The HRM&D Branch encourages you to join in on the fun! Set up the Wellness Challenge in your own Division, Branch or Unit, choose your own challenges for each day, and decide your own rewards together. We are happy to help you get started. Send an email to Ms. Martin at [email protected].

3 Meet Team MEGJC: Ms. Orlalee Green Meet Miss Orlalee Green. She is a very confident, goal oriented, and practical person who radiates a vibrant and positive energy. Her positive outlook in all things in addition to her work ethic make her an invaluable member to the team. Ms. Green is probably known to you as a Meteorologist working in the Meteorological Branch of this Ministry. When asked to share her favourite thing about her job she stated \"I am a qualified meteorologist who provides forecast daily. As such, I provide a service to the media and even to the general public. This is the most important aspect and also the part of my job I take pride in. The end user who is provided with weather related information daily does not have all the necessary tools to get this information themselves and this is where I am required. This is the best and favorite part of my job to be able to meet the need of others.\" Ms. Green is very enthusiastic about personal development. Eager to grow, she is always trying to get involved with influences that can make positive changes in her life and further she seeks to be that influence for others. Outside of work, Ms. Green is family oriented and so prioritizes her time and efforts to be with them. She says \"Its all about my family making every memory count and treasure every second I am around them. There is also time that I reflect, meditate and rejuvenate my mind, body and soul.\"

Meet Team MEGJC: Mr. Omar Alcock Meet Mr. Omar Alcock. He is a father, a husband, likes tranquility and greatly values his personal relationship with God. As a part of Team MEGJC, he is a Senior Technical Officer with responsibility for mitigation action in the Climate Change Division. Mr. Alcock is the quintessential civil servant in the way he values service. When asked to share his favourite thing about his job he stated: \"as a civil servant I get to serve the people. My assignments allow for engagements island-wide at all levels of society and the opportunity to influence regional and international policies towards enhancements in global change.\" One key policy tool being pursued right now is the implementation of Jamaica’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). The NDC articulates efforts towards decarbonization of the energy sector (some focus on renewable energy technologies and other clean technology potentials) and supports land use change and forestry activities to improve sequestration by reducing deforestation, enhancing afforestation and maintaining existing forest reserves. Jamaica, through these practices, will reduce its contribution to GHG emission levels and support national resilience as a co-benefit. Of life outside of work, Mr. Alcock shared: \"I relish spending time at home, in relaxation mode if possible. I have an energetic daughter who demands her time and so I also have to gladly oblige. I enjoy watching a good action movie and comedies when I can because laughing keeps my face looking young. Being thankful and grateful are recurrent musts.\"

4 Highlights: HR Sensitization Sessions In February 2022, the HRM&D Branch began a series of visits to all the Divisions/Branches/Units under MEGJC. The primary goal of these visits was to sensitize staff on some pertinent Human Resource matters, namely Leave, Punctuality and Attendance, Health and Welfare, and MyHR+. However, the happy bonus was getting to meet all of you and hear from you in a familiar, relaxed environment. The HRM&D Branch hopes to do this again soon so we want to know what areas you want covered. Send an email or let us know via the HR E- suggestion Box. Until then, here are some highlights!

5 Highlights: Admin Professionals' Day 2022 Administrative Professionals’ Day is a day “No one is to highlight the important role of more cherished secretaries, assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support in this world than someone This year MEGJC celebrated our Admin Professionals by taking them out to Jewel who lightens Paradise Cove for the day. the burden of another. Thank Here are some highlights. you.” - Joseph Addison


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