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Published by Akshay, 2019-07-22 23:35:24

Description: Bodhi International School Newsletter MAY 2019


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Newsletter Issue: May-June 2019 Highlight of the month Bodhi Junior MUN Katha Manchan Mother’s day Celebration Industrial Visit Community Outreach Empathy and Social Inclusion Nukkad Natak Interact Club Student’s Corner Departmental Writeup Career Hub

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HIGHLIGHT OF THE MONTH Bodhi Mermaids Parihan Dave, a Grade 7 student of Bodhi International School, has set a new State record of 1 minute and 8 seconds in 100 meters freestyle swimming, won gold medal and secured her position in the National Swimming Championships. She has also won medals in 50 meters and 200 meters freestyle. Vedanti Dave, Grade 7 student of Bodhi International School, breaks Rajasthan State record of 50 metres butterfly stroke and qualifies for nationals. 1.


PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME THE IB LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTES In the month of May, the students of grades 4 and 5 were provided an opportunity to engage in the Junior Model United Nations held at the school. It was for the very first time that students were exposed to such a platform. They had to represent the MUN countries, consider their issues and different perspectives related to them. They worked towards seeking resolutions through debate with other students, hence, modelling the process utilized within the United Nations. As I reflect on the learning that such an engagement provided our children, I am reminded that one of the key features of Bodhi is the focus on ‘international-mindedness’. I define ‘international-mindedness’ as the ability to understand and evaluate issues from different perspectives through the lens of intercultural understanding and a respect for others. And, within the IB Primary Years Programme, international-mindedness is defined by the attributes listed in the IB Learner Profile. These traits direct us to focus on the learning experiences we provide for our students throughout the curriculum. In order to achieve this, we offer a curriculum that provides opportunities for learning about issues that have personal, local and global relevance and significance which are covered through the six transdisciplinary themes. This begins with fostering an understanding of culture and personal cultural identities (the signs, symbols, languages, and traditions etc. that make us who we are). This exploration enables learners to develop an awareness of different cultural perspectives and appreciate the commonality of human experience. In doing so, we further develop the concept of global perspective, so that through intercultural understanding and respect, our students understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. This is particularly relevant in our world today which is entwined in conflicts based on cultural, religious, economic and political differences. As a ‘community of learners’, we strive to offer an inclusive ethos which values and reflects the diversity of cultures and perspectives within our school community. As we discuss issues and events within our classes and in our homes, it is important that we consider this ethos and various perspectives in order to model the IB Learner Profile for our children and peers. 3.

As the IB Mission Statement states: We aim to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. Einstein once cautioned, ‘The thinking that got us here is incapable of getting us out of here.’ As we view all the issues that surround us both locally and globally, we need to purposefully continue to shape our school culture to not only focus on student achievement but also to provide our students with the competencies that they, as global citizens, are going to need to confidently embrace and challenge the complexities and opportunities of our world, and to achieve this endeavour we seek your support as parents. Ms Shikha Srivastava Primary Years Programme Coordinator 4.

BODHI JUNIOR MUN 4th May 2019 The school strongly believes in nurturing individual viewpoints. On this note, it hosted the first ever Model Simulation of UNICEF for primary students of grades 4 & 5 which dealt with children and their welfare across the world for grades 4 & 5. This academic activity helped students to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. The participants also learnt the art of listening, speaking and debating in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities; they also explored the worldwide issues of poverty, child labour, war, inadequate shelter and malnutrition. 5.

KATHA MANCHAN 7th May 2019 “Stories are wonderful, stories are fun, they make me enjoy, they help me learn”. A confident child in today’s world is the one who has the ability to express himself in front of others. A Hindi Story Telling competition for the students of grades 3-5 was organised to hone the oratory skill in our young Bodhians. Tales of Tenali Raman/Panchatantra, Tales of Akbar- Birbal, Motivational Stories by Swami Vivekanand, Munshi Premchand or Shri Vishnu Sharma were the themes. Costumes/Props, Pronunciation, Confidence, Voice Modulation and Dramatization by students made the event engrossing and enthralling. 6.

MOTHER’S DAY CELEBRATION 10th May 2019 MOTHER'S LOVE IS ETERNAL! Though all days are Mother’s Day, but following the tradition children from EYP to Grade 2 hosted a celebration for their mothers. Mothers were entertained by heart-touching presentations by the students that included songs and dance performances and games. ‘Letters of Love’ written by the students for their mothers were also gifted to them. The day was marked by enjoyable moments; both the mothers and children took back fond memories of the day well spent. 7.


COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAMME 4th May 2019 The school believes that the Community Outreach programme helps to promote the integration between students and the local communities of Jodhpur. With this notion, the students of grades 6 to 11 got a wonderful opportunity to visit different venues. It is imperative for students, in the process of being trained to become global responsible citizens, to learn and understand the importance of agencies that contribute at global level and also empathy to characterize humanity. Grades 6 and 7 visited India Map service headquarters in Jodhpur. The students learnt about the art of cartography and saw political and physical maps of different states, country and the world. They witnessed the process of map generation beginning with the inputs from satellites to image editing through CorelDraw and AutoCAD software and finally printing it through drum plotter printers. They were also showed the planning, sequencing and final printing along with folding of maps using 4 primary colours. It was an educative trip. 9.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAMME (8th - 9th) 4th May 2019 Grades 8 and 9 were engaged in plantation drive at school. They brought plastic bottles from home and cut them to make flower pots. They were trained by gardener and experts on how to prepare soil for planting saplings. Then they learnt the technique of using roots of a single sapling to plant multiple saplings. Each child prepared their pots, planted saplings and took an oath to nurture them. The students wrote a reflection sharing their first-hand experience and initiatives of similar nature they would take outside school. Few parents were also a part of plantation drive. 10.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAMME (10th - 11th) 4th May 2019 The students of Grades 10 and 11 visited Bal Basera and Bachpan Girls Home, a child care home for HIV infected orphans; the trip sensitized them towards the lesser fortunate and they became empathetic. It was an excellent way to make our students develop an attitude of caring, giving and fulfilling their responsibility towards their underprivileged counterparts. The students mingled with the youngsters, played games with them, sang songs and spent a couple of fruitful hours entertaining the children and finding out about their way of life. 11.

NUKKAD NATAK 7th May 2019 Nukkad Natak has always been an effective medium to touch and raise awareness about a social issue. Owing to its relevance and deep impact that it leaves the audience with, the school organized an inter house nukkad natak competition for the middle wing. The four houses presented beautiful and thought provoking themes- Dimaag ka kachra, desh ka kachra, Mahila sashaktikaran, Sadakon par shanshaan, Bin paani sab sun. The performances enthralled the judges, guests and audience. 12.

INTERACT CLUB “Take action, build international understanding, and make new friends around the world. ” Interact clubs bring together young people aged 12-18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of ‘Service above Self’. Interact clubs organize at least two projects every year, one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding. Rotary club sponsors mentor and guide Interactors as they carry out projects and develop leadership skills under: • Developing leadership skills and personal integrity • Demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others • Understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work • Advancing international understanding and goodwill Interact club of Bodhi was instated in July 2018 . The oath of office to the office bearers of the club was rendered by the president of Rotary club of Padmini Mrs Rajni Sancheti . Under her, the interact club undertook many activities throughout the year. 1. Plantation drive in july 2. Hosts and participants in the youth conclave RYLA 3. Selling of Rakhi within the student community to raise funds for the blind school. 4. Organization of the Bodhi marathon, the first of its kind to involve the whole city, which involved all age groups right from 2 years to 75 years The school has been awarded the Rotary citation for the year 2018-19 13.

STUDENT’S CORNER WHEN I WAS GOING TO THE PARTY MY VACATIONS “I kicked the ball, in the hall “I Goodbye vacations There was a call, of the mall Hello to school To make a cake, near the lake Hello new class Then I saw a girl, wearing a hat With a cat, sitting on a mat Goodbye old pool Vacation time is over When I was going home School time is here I saw a man, under the fan Now we welcome With a can, in his hand A new school year ” When I reached home I forgot to go to the party Dev I called my friend Marty Grade IV C To drive the Bugatti To the party ” Ayesha Choudhary Grade IV A 14.

MY CRICKET BAT AND BALL MY BEST PAPA “ I wake up early in the morning “ Whenever there was darkness in my life When I play cricket with my running You have been my source Whenever I tried to strive I used to play fast And never come last You have opened all the doors Whenever someone like Thanos came In a ground I found that I’m so curious I know how to play and win for all of us You have been my Iron man On a hard note I found my fitness is going You are the absolute cream of the soup very hard Helped me out in every loop You are my super hero I’m the most valuable player in my class My bat is made with tough wood Always, today and tomorrow. ” Which can help me to prove that I’m good Pratham Grade IV A My ball is of red colored, and having a thread Sealed with a leather and covered I usually say that it is my leather ball I love to play cricket and come when someone call ” Manan Grade IV B 15.

DEPARTMENTAL WRITEUP THE EFFECTIVE ART OF BUSINESS Business education plays a significant role in today’s era. Different companies are also concerned about the phenomenon and think that whether the executives in future will be able to manage the companies by the use of concepts and techniques or not. The industry now needs the graduates in business studies who should have a real personality and be capable of the responsibilities of teamwork, leadership skills, professionalism, ability to identify problems, analytical skills, and the best communication skills that lead to the efficient public relation. Therefore, our business education should focus on enhancing these skills of students to make them capable of facing the changing world of business rather than memorizing the theories. For this purpose, there is a need for adopting practical approaches in the teaching methodology which can be as follows: Case Study Students can learn the practical situations in business with the help of case studies of different companies. Case studies give a clear knowledge of the tactics of business that are required when a student enters into the practical working environment. Projects based Learning The learning activities based on the research in any projects provide the opportunities to students to work on the problems that are faced in the real business world. The teachers who are efficient make the project, that are relevant to the world outside a classroom and help the students in understanding the link between activities that are conducted in the classroom and a practical environment. Industry Visits Teachers can take their students to visit the companies that can help them in understanding how different companies operate. A great way to enhance their basic understanding is to connect them with the various start-ups and business houses in the neighbourhood areas. There is a need for every individual to understand business and have knowledge about the enterprise activities. Therefore, it is the responsibility of teachers to try the efficient methods of teaching business studies to make a better tomorrow for their students. Dushyant Bafna Upper School Coordinator 16.

EXPLORING CAREERS IN COMMERCE Someone has very rightly said, “Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”, and we are preparing our stake holders for just that Bodhi Career Education Hub organized an interactive session for our students on “Exploring careers in Commerce” as a part of the career information series. Ms. Khushboo Bali, the associate career counselor and an expert in legal studies interacted with the students to apprise them of the wonderful opportunities available to them in the field of business. 17.

Students from grades 9 to 12 were exposed to the various career options/paths available to them in the field of commerce. The major highlights of the session were: • Explained the basic difference and similarities in professional degrees like BBA, BBM and BMS. • Informed about the entry requirements for Cambridge board students in good commerce courses in India. This helped in setting up the right expectations for the students which will lead to better academic performance. • Informed about the eligibility criteria for various professional commerce degrees along with the job opportunities each degree will unfold. • Informed about the new upcoming technical courses that can be taken by any commerce student post grade 12. • Shared a list of top colleges available for commerce, BBA and technical courses along with the eligibility criteria and admission process for few reputed colleges. We will keep sharing the best opportunities, career options and the latest happenings in the world of work with the students and parents through this column. Look out for the next in this series- “The STEAM effect”. Signing off for now! Chetna Sabharwal Head, College Placements & Guidance. 18.

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