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Published by Akshay, 2018-10-13 00:21:09

Description: BIS Newsletter Sep.18

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EVENTS OF THE MONTHSr. Event Name Event Date1 Teachers Day Celebration 5th Sep. 20182 Dining Finesse (Grades 3 - 11) 05th – 07th Sep. 2018 Industrial Visit (Grades 6 - 11)3 07th Sep. 2018 Career Orientation Session4 Hindi Saptah Actvities 12th Sep. 2018 SLC - Expression (Pre-Primary, Grades 3 - 5)5 IH One Act Play (Grades 6 - 11) 15th Sep. 2018 Guest Speaker : Abhi Pasari6 SLC - Expression (Blossoms ) 22nd Sep. 20187 Disney Ball Day 28nd Sep. 2018

Dear Sir/Ma’am,Greetings!My team and I are in a state of euphoria; the prestigious Education World SchoolRankings, the world’s largest and in-depth survey of top-ranked schools, ranked BodhiInternational School as Rajasthan’s No. 1 International Day School once again in2018 – 19 academic year; you may recall that we were in the same position last year aswell.We are further taken to Cloud Nine when we were told that we had been adjudged 5th inIndia for Extraordinary Leadership by Education World Grand Jury Rankings (wewere in 8th position last year).I have another inspiring news to share with you as well; Jodhpur District has wonrunners up trophy in under 14 Girls category in the RBSE State Swimmingchampionship by securing eleven medals in total of which ten were contributed byBodhian students Parihan Dave, Vedanti Dave and Akruti Singh.We are devoid of words to express our gratitude to you for your advices, guidance andsupport that complemented our endeavours to maintain and improve our position.We do not want to be complacent. We still have a long way to go. We all understand thatin modern times, academic excellence and its narrow unidirectional path do not sufficeto awaken the innate human potential. Bodhi is committed to be different, unique andnovel.We value our association and are hopeful of your unceasing support to match theraised expectations.PranamDr Venunadhan B. PillaiPrincipal

Dear Bodhian Parent,Bodhi International School is growing and developing from onemilestone to another. The association of experienced people tothe team paves way for better opportunities. We have been opento adopting the best practices from all around the world. Theschool's primary phase is in the process of embracing the PYPlearning methodology which is a well acclaimed pedagogyglobally. This demands the service of an experienced personnelwho is adept in the system. After a prolonged search, we havefinally identified Mrs Shikha Srivastava, who is a seasoned andhighly experienced PYP person who joined us recently. She will take over the role ofthe Pre-Primary and Primary Coordinator of the school with immediate effect.A post graduate in educational leadership & learning and a diploma holder inSpecial Education Needs, Mrs Srivastava has come along a wealth of experiencegained by working in metropolitan cities of the country and Brazil. Thirteen out ofher seventeen years of working, she has held administrative posts of a Coordinator/Team Leader in renowned schools like Indus International School - Bangalore,Ecole Mondiale World School – Mumbai, The Graded School of Sao Paulo, Brazil.Mrs Srivastava has a track record of success which will prove to be virtuous inplanning, preparing and developing the teaching- learning of the Primary Phase ofBodhi. This will renovate to the new desirable standards and practices in theforthcoming session.The school welcomes her whole heartedly as a new Bodhian added to the family.Sincerely,Dr V.B. PillaiPrincipal

Teachers Day Celebration 05th September 2018The biggest gratitude to the teaching profession is the overwhelming love of the pupils towards their teachers. A rewarding surprise cameto all the teachers by the young Bodhians who presented a scintillatingprogramme on Teachers Day. The dance performances and bandperformances coupled with interesting games to amuse teachers befittedthe day and the occasion.Teachers blessed students for their endeavours to make the day special andmemorable for them.

Dining Finesse (Grades 3 - 11) 05th September 2018We live in a world where people are compared and judged all the time andwe are always looking to give the right impression. So when we knowproper dining etiquette, you can really focus on much more importantthings such as conversation. Dining skills say a lot about a person and notknowing it can be more damaging than you would think, especially forpeople in high positions. If you haven't learnt to eat correctly, what else didyou miss learning on the way to growing into the position you are in?Table manners are more than using the correct cutlery and napkinprotocol. There are more about subtle behaviors of a person. We at Bodhiteach our students the finer skills to stand strong in the outside world. Allstudents from grades 1-11 are confident and able in the art of diningfinesse.

INDUSTRIAL VISIT 08th September 2018Learning beyond books is crucial for holistic development. Bodhians from grades 3 to 11 went to different venues for an educationalexcursion; it was, indeed, a day full of learning. Grades 3 to 5 visited TheScience Park and learnt about various fascinating aspects of science.Grades 6 to 8 visited Contemporary Furnitures to learn how a raw log ofwood is modified to beautiful pieces of furniture. Grades 9 to 11 visitedSomi Conveyor Beltings Ltd. and got an understanding of differentaspects of Manufacturing, Commerce, Export-Import procedures,Finance, Engineering etc. The students returned with a big bag ofknowledge gained with them.

Career Orientation Session 08th September 2018A career orientation session by Univariety for the Bodhians of grades 9 to 11 gave a great insight into the myriad career opportunities andrecognized universities within and outside the national boundaries.It was an informative session where the platter of options was servedbefore the students and their parents to make a choice and work towardsachieving it.

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SLC - Expression 1st Set 15th September 2018The primary phase of the school organised SLC to demonstrate and exhibit the teaching learning process at school. Students led thesession and parents sailed through the journey with satisfactory smiles ontheir faces. They were contented to see the confidence of their children anddepth of understanding of topics. A wholehearted appreciation was givento the school and teachers for making learning visible through groomingthe children.

Guest Speaker : Abhi Pasari 15th September 2018Abhi Pasari - India's youngest Parenting Guru, and a Motivational Speaker blessed the portals of Bodhi oday. The Interact club ofBodhi under the guidance of the Rotary club of Padmini organised aninteractive session of his and the Students of grades 8-11. The mantra ofhandling the adolescent period was shared beautifully by him. He talkedabout communication with elders and setting and revising your goal on aregular basis. His all-time favourite line 'ABHI NAHIN TOH KABHINAHIN' was a show stopper. The students opened up their hearts to himand discussed a lot of their personal issues. Mr Jay Sharma, CAIE Head ofthe school gave away a token of love and gratitude.

One Act Play (Grades 6 - 11) 15th September 2018Drama has been and always will be a tool to learn and express the exemplary writings of famous authors.This time the Bodhians gotan opportunity to express their gratitude to the famous short story writerswhich they expressed in the form of One Act Play. The stage settings, thedialogue delivery, language attributes etc,all set the audience sail throughthe famous characters. Aryabhatta house performed on the famousO.Henry’s short story ’The Gift of The Magi’, Agastya house performedon ‘While The Auto Waits’, Drona house performed the play of Guy DeMaupassant’s ‘The Necklace’, and Chanakya house enacted on the TheMonkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacob. The jury members were MS. Nidhi Singh-Founder of Spell bee in Rajasthan who is associated with English Wizardfoundation, Kolkata and Dr. Shushma Arora, Retd. Professor and Head ofPhysics Dept. JNVU who witnessed the show and appreciated theperformance of the students.

SLC - Expression 1st Set 22nd September 2018The pre-primary phase of the school organised SLC to demonstrate and exhibit the teaching learning process at school. Students led thesession and parents sailed through the journey with satisfactory smiles ontheir faces. They were contented to see the confidence of their children anddepth of understanding of topics. A wholehearted appreciation was givento the school and teachers for making learning visible through groomingthe children.

Disney Ball Day 28th September 2018Disney Ball Dance enlivened the ambience when the Kindergarten phase of the school gave tantalizing performances. Beautifullydressed boys and girls danced to the tunes of the most sonorous songs andthe audience couldn't resist clapping and foot tapping.

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