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Published by Akshay, 2018-08-27 05:33:06

Description: BIS Newsletter June - July 2018

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EVENTS OF THE MONTHSr. Name of Event Date of Event1 Educational USA Tour 2018 16th June 2018 IH Mental Math Competition (Grades3-5)(Grades9-11)2 29th June 2018 Sai Dham Visit (Kindergarten) IH Basket Ball Competition (Grades 3 - 8) 30th June 20183 02nd All India Squash Competition 2018 IH Calligraphy (Grades 1 - 5)4 IH Rangoli Competition (Grades 6 - 8) 02nd July. 2018 IH Business Studies Quiz Competition (Grades 9 - 11) Health Checkup (Seedling to Grades - 2) 06th July 20185 Buddies Potluck (Seedling to Grades - 2) Health Checkup (Grades 3 - 11) 07th July 20186 IH Basket Ball Competition (Grades 9-11) Confluence Day (Grades 3 - 11) IH Hindi Poetry & GK Quiz Competition (Grades 3 - 5) 10th July 20187 IH French Monologue Competition (Grades 6 - 8)8 IH Hindi Poetry Competition (Grades 1 - 2) 13th July 20189 IH Math Quiz Competition (Grades 6 - 8) 18th July 201810 Interact Club 20th July. 201811 GEO Club 21st July 201812 Cambridge Inter School Fest. Day - 1,2,3 26th - 28 July 2018

Educational USA Tour 2018 16th June 2018The first overseas educational trip of the Bodhians, the much awaited trip to the US, has come to an end with a bouquet of enrichingexperiences. A fortnight long trip gave a great exposure to the children intheir formative years of grooming and career decision. The studentsvisited the marvels of the US- The Niagara Falls, White House, UniversalStudio, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Air and SpaceMuseum alongside the dream Universities for Higher studies: Harvardand Yale. Besides entertainment and adventure, the trip was an endeavourto provide a chance to the see, feel and witness the ambience of the mostsought after universities of the world. The enriching baggage of first handexperience has added to the confidence of the learners and this practicewill continue so that Bodhians experience the world independently duringtheir school life.

Sai Dham Visit (Kindergarten) 29th June 2018The classes of Early Years till Grade 2 paid a visit to the shrine of Sai Baba. The weather complemented the trip to SAI Dham. Thestudents enjoyed soothing bhajans in the peaceful serenity and chantedmantras with the priest, hence seeking His blessings. The studentsconducted themselves in the desired manner.

02nd All India Squash Competition 2018 30th June 2018Bodhi International School felt proud to be the first ever school in Jodhpur to host the Two Star National Level tournament which was aprestigious event of Squash Racket Federation of India (SRFI). Thetournament commenced on 27th July for boys & girls under 11, 13, 15 and17, and men and women too. It was an enthralling sight to see thechampions like Ravi Dixit, Sandeep Jangra, Vikas Jangra and RadhikaRathore play and compete with over 300 participants from across thecountry. Participation from major schools and colleges like Delhi College,Mayo College, Mayo College Girls School, PPS Nabha etc. was alsoregistered. This gala squash tournament was concluded on 30th July.Squash lovers were invited to grace the premises as enthusiatic spectators.

Guest Speaker : Mr Rehan Poncha 02nd July 2018You are not defeated if you fall down, you are defeated if you refuse to get up. Bodhians were privileged to spend a promising morninghour with Mr Rehan Poncha, the Arjuna Awardee and SwimmingOlympian. Mr Poncha shared the bitter sweet moments of his journeyfrom a swimmer to an Olympian. He had six records to his name, of whichtwo are still unbroken. The students were inspired by the saga of highs andlows in Mr Poncha's life; they applauded his undying spirit and tirelessstriving to realise his dream.

Buddies Potluck 06th July 2018 'Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.'The Pre primary and Early Years of Primary School brought sumptuousfood from home for a grand potluck. The courtyard of the school became asplendid venue for the gala feast. Delicious home cooked food garnishedwith mothers' love was a heartening treat for all; kids enjoyed the occasionwholeheartedly. The school felt thankful to the parents for their effort.

Health Checkup 06th July 2018 'A healthy minds rests in a healthy body.'Bodhians of Preprimary to Grade XI have had a medical health check upsession by known Opthalmologists and Dentists. The students were givenmany health tips by the doctors which they promised to follow in theirdaily routine.

IH Hindi Poetry & G.K. Quiz Competition (Grades 3-5) 10th July 2018 Emotions and Awareness of the students of grades 3 to 5 were put on display in the Inter House Hindi Recitation Competition and GK quiz. The two venues overwhelmed with the awe inspiring performances of the participants who proved their mettle before the competitors and the audience.

IH Hindi Poetry (Grades 1-2) 13th July 2018Emotions and Awareness of the students of grades 1 & 2 were put ondisplay in the Inter House Hindi Recitation Competition. The venueoverwhelmed with the awe inspiring performances of theparticipants who proved their mettle before the competitors and theaudience.

GEO CLUB 20th July 2018Geo club visit to Bodhi was a life-changing experience as it filled uswith emotions and sentiments. We were lucky to get an opportunityto meet the Geo club members along with their students. After theirarrival they were welcomed with Tikka and drinks, then they visitedthe entire school. These children were really talented; they showcasedtheir talents through various forms. Simply observing their talentmade us feel happy and we wished we could spend as much time withthem as possible. They played the Tug of war, danced, did plantationalong with our young bodhians. They came with some interestingscience projects also, and together shared the token of love.

Rotary Interact Club 21st July 2018Bodhi International School partnered up with Rotary Interact ClubPadmini for developing leadership skills in students and giving thema level playing field to become global leaders. Rotary interact clubprovides support and guidance to the students to lend a hand in thesocial service sector and be empathetic towards the underprivileged,hence sculpturing leaders of change.Bodhians participated in the oath taking ceremony and swore in to beinstrumental in all the initiatives taken by the club.

Confluence 2018 : The opening ceremony 26th July 2018Friendship is the best form of celebration; it's a primary virtue of theBodhians and we take pride in it.Confluence: The Bodhi Fest 2018, was a maiden venture of the schoolto celebrate the spirit of camaraderie by offering a platform tostudents from different schools to exhibit their multiple talents.The opening ceremony of the event was celebrated with elan andgusto. The teams from different parts of the country were welcomedin a traditional manner. The cauldron of energy, vigour andenthusiasm, Bhangra was presented to give vivacity to the day.The two day events began from 26 July and the participating teamswere:1. Podar International School , Mumbai ( Maharashtra)2. Cambridge International School Indrapuram3. Bodhi International School - Team 14. Bodhi International School - Team 2

Confluence 2018 : Satolia 27th July 2018The first day of Confluence: The Bodhi Fest 2018 began withamicability and team building. The participants were placed in mixedteams to play a traditional game Satolia. It was a fun filled task andparticipants developed bonds with each other.

Confluence 2018 : Rangrez 27th July 2018Rangrez, the depiction of a touching poem- Prayer Before Birth byLouis MacNeice, took the spectators by awe. The participants, intheir respective teams, painted their thoughts on the poem; furtherthe poem was recited and performed, hence showing the myriaddimensions of the vast subject- ART.

Confluence 2018 : Spectacle 27th July 2018The Ad Mad Show, the second event of the day, tickled the humourousnerve of the audience. The theme was Artificial intelligence and theteams depicted how AI will make the lives comfortable and better in2050. The products like Bio Toilet Capsule, Wonder Dog and RoboDomestic Help were advertised. It was a very creative presentation.

Confluence 2018 : JUGAD 27th July 2018Jugaad, the logo redesigning activity unleashed the critical andcreative thinking of the participants. The teams redesigned the logosof social networking sites.

Confluence 2018 : Hotchpotch 27th July 2018Hotch Potch, the accessories making competition using biodegradable material, was an unfathomable ocean of creativefuturistic ideas. The participants designed beautiful jewellery,clutches, robe etc. so mindfully that the audience were amazed andcould not stop applauding them.

Confluence 2018 : Battle Of Bands 27th July 2018Battle of Bands turned out to be a musical extravaganza. It wasmesmerizing to hear the rhythmic synchronization of instrumentsand the melodious voices. The bands presented beautiful fusion ofwestern and classical music and took the audience off their seats togive a standing ovation.

Confluence 2018 : JEOPARDY 27th July 2018Jeopardy, the quiz contest, was a unique replication of the famousAmerican quiz series. The teams were given answers as questions andthey came up with the most suitable question to the answers providedto them. The areas were wide and diverse that included Science,Politics, Sports, Film & Media and IT.

Confluence 2018 : Gumbo 28th July 2018Gumbo, the cookery contest, put to display the culinary skills of theparticipants. They prepared a beverage, snack, main course anddessert using ingredients given in the mystery box. The preparationswere as delicious as they artistically laid.

Confluence 2018 : Maskhari 28th July 2018Maskhari tickled the funny bone of the audience. The performancesincluded vidhyarthi chalisa and sarcastic poems/ songs on the mosttargetted subject- POLITICS.

Confluence 2018 : Robo Soccer 28th July 2018Robo Soccer, the soccer played by bots prepared by the participantsof the competing teams, was a treat for the tech savvy innovativeminds. This new age concept which was a part of the fest exhibited theinclination of youth towards STEM.

Confluence 2018 : Hoedown 28th July 2018Hoedown, the international folk dance competition, enthralled theaudience with Spanish and African folk dances that abode with thetheme of the fest- Scripting the future. The dances had fathomlessgrace, elegance and energy.

Confluence 2018 : The Closing Ceremony 28th July 2018Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter.'CONFLUENCE: THE BODHI FEST 2018 reached its successfulculmination after two days of intensive yet enjoyable schedule. Themost awaiting judgment of the events was announced and prizes weregiven away. The Chairman of the school expressed his gratitude to theparticipating teams for their zestful spirits that brought success to themaiden event. The Principal of the school bid adieu to the guestschools with a promise to meet soon.

Confluence 2018 : JUDGESVeteran judges with great experience and extensive exposure wereinvited to judge` the events. Their expertise and keen eye for detailswere evident in the judgment.Sr. No. Event Name Judges 1 JUGAD Mr Basant Mehta Mrs Jyoti Katju2 Battle of BANDS Mr Abhishek Purohit Mr Rishi Mutha3 HOTCH POTCH Ms Kumkum4 SPECTACLE Ms Seema Siddique Mr Ajaykaran Joshi5 RANGREZ Mr Narendra Singh6 GUMBO Ms Gajal Ms Shekhar Tanwar7 ROBOSOCCER Chef Arshad Beg8 MASKHARI Ms Rashmi9 HOE DOWN (DANCE) Mr Mukul Parihar Mr Kamlesh Parihar Mr Shivang Trivedi Mr Ram Arora Mr Rahul Ms Piyushri

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