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Published by Akshay, 2018-09-10 03:18:38

Description: BIS Newsletter August 2018



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EVENTS OF THE MONTHSr. Name of Event Date of Event 1 English Recitation Competition (Grades 1-2) 03rd Aug. 20182 Plantation Day (Kindergarten) 10th Aug. 2018 SLC (Grades 1 - 2) 11th Aug. 20183 IH English Storytelling Competition (Grades 3 - 5) IH Science Quiz Competition (Grades 6 - 8)4 IH Math Quiz Competition (Grades 9 - 11) 13th Aug. 2018 15th Aug. 2018 Independence Day5 IH Patriotic Song and Dance Competition6 IH Swimming Competition (Grades 6 - 11) 18th Aug. 2018 IH Sulekh Competition (Grades 1 - 5)7 Graphic Story Writing (Grades 1-2) 20th-24th Aug. 2018 Srijanatmak Lekhan (Grades 3-11)8 Guest Visit : Dr Vandana Lulla 25th Aug. 2018 31th Aug. 2018 Visit to Arna-Jharna (Grades Seedling to 2)9 RYLA

English Recitation Competition (Grades 1-2) 03rd August 2018Bodhians of grades 1 and 2 participated in a class poetry recitation competition which offered a good opportunity to exhibit their talentand confidence. Theme of the competition was 'Nature'; they enjoyed thebeauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme and rhythm. Thecompetition inspired the children to come forward and recite in front ofthe class.

Plantation Drive (Kindergarten) 10th August 2018The kindergarten phase of Bodhi International School made a visit to the most solemn place, named Konark Sarv Dharm Sthall forplantation drive. Church, temple, mosque and guru dwaara can be seen atthis place, symbolizing unity and integrity, showing that every religioncan stay together with lot of love and affection. Its a religious place for oneand all. The Army Cantt welcomed the young bodhians, teachers, and thewhole team with great warmth and hospitality. The kids enjoyed the placeand left their memories by planting saplings. The kids were very activeand happy about the activity. They made small groups and did plantationin a very organized and disciplined manner. Team spirit and cooperationwere evident.

SLC (Grades 1-2) 11th August 2018A Student Led Conference for the students of Grades 1 and 2 was organized which offered a great opportunities for the facilitators toreflect on and exhibit evidence of their learning and perpetual growththrough their portfolios. The students work showed how they takeresponsibility and ownership of their learning by involving them in thegoal setting and assessment process.

IH English Storytelling Competition (Grades 3-5) 11th August 2018Grandma's tales are the fondest part of a person's memory. Growing up with stories is a fun altogether.To relive this fun and to revive the gradually fading culture of story telling,the school organized an Inter House Story Telling Competition for thestudents of grades 3 to 5. A variety from the most loved Akbar & Birbaltales was selected for narration. The participants, with their adeptness inintonation, entranced the audience.

IH Science Quiz Competition (Grades 6-8) 11th August 2018An interesting Science-Quiz to test the scientific proficiency wasorganized. The quiz was divided into five rounds: Identification and visualconnect, Phenomenon and scientific process, Audio visual round,Jeopardy round and Rapid Fire. Every round was a mixed bag withquestions from Environment, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and scientificenquiry. All the students were at the edge of their seats to know theanswers and the participants were very active. The questions put forth tothe teams were intriguing, exciting and made the audience applaudexcitedly when the teams answered correctly. This quiz truly was alearning experience, for both the audience and the participants.

IH Math Quiz Competition (Grades 9-11) 13th August 2018Mathematics, a concept based skill, is an important subject for students. An Inter House Math Quiz was conducted to test theproficiency of the students of grades 9 to 11. Different rounds challengedthe speed, IQ level and computation skills.

Independence Day IH Patriotic song and Dance Competition 15th August 2018 INDEPENDENCE IS BEING RESPONSIBLE Bodhi celebrated the 72nd Independence Day with elan and gusto. The tiranga unfurled in the azure sky followed by the pride of our country- The National Anthem. A couple of inspiring speeches were delivered with a common messsge that 'true independence is in being responsible and humantarian. The excitement and fervour multiplied when the students enthralled the audience in Inter- House patriotic song and dance competition. Melody and rhythm couple with zeal and fervour dominated the air. Adrenaline rush could be experienced with the thunderous round of applause after each performance.

IH Sulekh Writing Competition (Grades 1-5) 20th - 24thAugust 2018

Guest Visit : Dr Vandana Lulla 25th August 2018Learning is unceasing and development is perennial; these two attributes structure the firm grounds of an educational institution.Bodhi International School has always been welcoming of positivelearning and development, and therefore, invited an audit team under theguidance of Dr Vandana Lulla, Director, Podar International School,Mumbai. The academic performance of the school was keenly analysed.

Visit to Arna Jharna (Grades Seedling - 2) 31st August 2018Today the pre primary and the 1st and 2nd grades of Bodhi International School made a visit to Arna Jharna, the desert museumof Jodhpur. Set against the stunningly beautiful natural landscape, thechildren saw a collection of different types of brooms, different traditionalfolk instruments, puppetry and pottery that focussed on contemporaryartifacts from rural societies. The museum built in the hut forms, withtraditional construction methods, blending in with the environmentcreated a harmonious aesthetic appearance on us as visitors.

RYLA 31st August 2018Bodhi International School hosted the opening ceremony of RYLA-A leadership programme for the youth organized by Rotary ClubPadmini, Jodhpur. The aim of the programme is to develop leadershipqualities in the young stakeholders of tomorrow.Mr Pradeep Kumar Ambastha, Commissioner, Income Tax, was the chiefguest of the day. A total of 216 students from different parts of Rajasthancame to attend this two day residential programme.Bodhi welcomed their counterparts with overwhelming Band and danceperformances in the opening ceremony. Quiz, as an ice breaker, wasorganized to acquaint the participants with their new friends.

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