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BIS Newsletter September 2019

Published by Akshay, 2019-10-11 06:01:16

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Newsletter Issue: September 2019 Highlight of the Month : ISSO Coffee Morning with Parents (Grade : EYP) Math Quizilla (Grades EYP - 5) Mono Act (Grades 3 - 5) International Peace Day Special Assembly (Grades EYP - 5) IH Lawn Tennis Health Check up (Grades EYP - 5) IH Debate (Grades 6 - 12) Prime Minister Birthday Celebration IH Science Quiz Career Education Hub Student Corner Innovative Approaches

International Day Schools (EDUCATION WORLD AWARDS 2017-18, 2018-19 & 2019-20) 3rd Career Counseling Leaders (EDUCATION WORLD AWARDS GRAND JURY RANKING 2019-20)

FROM PRINCIPAL’S DESK Bodhi is growing; our first batch is ready to graduate. As a school, we deem it as our primary responsibility to hold their hands at this decisive juncture and take them to the global realm of educa on. College readiness is not le to me but students have to be exposed to it and its processes well in advance so that informed choices can be made. The no on that we call design thinking has been helping us to design this successfully. We have a comprehensive school wide college prepara on programmme that addresses college readiness of our students. We focus or four dis nct dimensions in line with 21st C Skills. They are cogni ve strategies, content knowledge, self-management skills, knowledge about postsecondary educa on. Cogni ve Strategies “Students entering colleges are more likely to succeed if they can formulate, inves gate, and propose solu ons to non-rou ne problems; understand and analyse conflic ng explana ons of phenomena or events; evaluate the credibility and u lity of source material and then integrate sources into a paper or project appropriately; think analy cally and logically, comparing and contras ng differing philosophies, methods, and posi ons to understand an issue or concept; and exercise precision and accuracy as they apply their methods and develop their products.” It is a ma er of pride that Bodhi's curriculum is carefully designed to meet these demands.

Content knowledge “Content knowledge is a manageable set of big ideas, key concepts, and organizing principles that form the structure of each academic subject area, and they emphasize the importance of students making connec ons among the big ideas. This focus on the structure of knowledge enables students to scaffold their understandings in a way that postsecondary educa on can build on.” Our curriculum meets these demands too with the help of a world class team of educators. Self-Management Skills “In college, students must keep track of massive amounts of informa on and organize themselves to meet compe ng deadlines and priori es. They must plan their me carefully to complete these tasks. They must be able to study independently and in informal and formal study groups. They must know when to seek help from academic support services. These tasks require self-management, a skill that individuals must develop over me, with considerable prac ce and trial-and-error.” Self-management skills are embedded in our curriculum through our unique mentoring programme. Knowledge About Postsecondary Educa on “Choosing a college, applying and then adjus ng to college life require a tremendous amount of specialised knowledge. This knowledge includes matching personal interests with college majors and programmes, how and when to complete appropriate forms; registering for, preparing for, and taking required admissions exams; applying to college on me and submi ng all necessary informa on; and, perhaps most important, understanding how the culture of college is different from that of high school. Students generally demonstrate uneven mastery of these dimensions. Although it is important for schools to meet the needs of all students, some students require a much more inten onal, comprehensive programme of prepara on that is carefully calibrated to their needs.” We have a dedicated placement cell to meet this aspect of college readiness. We try to achieve our desired outcome by trying to design a culture which projects a schoolwide belief that all students can succeed well and be ready for postsecondary educa on in renowned ins tu ons. We Keep reinforcing this. A school's job does not end with gradua on from grade 12; it should target that we look forward to achieving is the most suitable, desired and promising placement of our pupils on the global pedestal. We are proud that our journey has begun and with our preparedness for our pupils we are sure to ensure their successful future. I am very proud to men on here that our effort brings sweet fruits: we are once again ranked No. 1 in Rajasthan in Interna onal Day School Category by Educa on World. We are also ranked No. 3 in India in Career Leadership.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE MONTH ISSO ISSO Interna onal School Sports Organiza on ISSO Interna onal School Sports Organiza on for Interna onal schools.At Pune at Balewadi Stadium. Na onal Level. Our students did really well. Schools all around the country Par cipated. Bodhi made its mark high. The students were compe ng with more than 2000 students from all around the na on in different sports and different categories.



COFFEE MORNING WITH PARENTS 7th September 2019 In our con nuous endeavor to have an equal partnership in students' development, the primary phase organised a Coffee Morning on September 7th, 2019 for EYP. This was an opportunity for the parents and the teachers to come together, share ideas, seek advice and work in unison. It was a well a ended and much appreciated event. It also catered to addressal of parental queries.

MATH QUIZILLA 13th September 2019 “Math Quizila” simulated a healthy compe on among the student; the quiz was an inter-sec on Math Quiz with various rounds. The rounds comprised Direct Ques ons, Visual Rounds, Puzzles and Rapid Fire where each student competed with their peers who were selected through a screening round. We are very happy with the progress of our students; they showed great improvement in their qualifying test scores.

MONO ACT 20th September 2019 In connec on with their Unit of Inquiry, students of grades 3,4 and 5 were encouraged to perform One Act Play. They displayed their understanding of the Transdisicplinary Theme through this act. This was a pla orm to provide an opportunity to each student to hone and exhibit their oratory and ac ng skills. Students were encouraged to write their own script, plan, direct and execute the play independently. It was a delight to see all the students performing gracefully and presenting their act with full confidence. The effort of the students and the teachers in bringing the act together was evident.

INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY ASSEMBLY 20th September 2019 The School celebrated Interna onal The ac vi es emphasized on the Day of Peace on Friday, 20th importance of working together as a September 2019. The day was marked team to achieve one goal. by various programs by & for the kids. It was a delight to the eyes to watch li le The Celebra on of Interna onal Peace kids, who themselves are symbol of Day has allowed the students to love, harmony and happiness on Earth, understand the importance of peace, to par cipate in ac vi es. The day unity and making a posi ve difference started with medita on for inner in the world. peace and followed by various ac vi es.

HEALTH CHECKUP 27th September 2019 Healthy mind rests in a healthy body When students are healthy, they yield the best results. Mindful of the benefits if being healthy, the school, as a rou ne, invites doctors in the premises to conduct health check-up of the learners and staff. A team from Kamdar Eye Hospital and Global Dental Hospital came for the same; students of grades 1 to5 on were checked for their vision and dental hygiene.

OPEN FORUM 28th September 2019 The Primary phase of the school organised an Open Forum for the parents of grades 1-5. It was a pla orm where the parents were encouraged to share their concerns and ask ques ons, and vice versa. The en re teaching body of the primary phase was present to address the concerns and ques ons along with the Primary Coordinator. It was heartening to see the building partnership between the parents and teachers and their collec ve effort in providing an enriching and wholesome learning experience to the students


IH DEBATE 9th September 2019 Only Intelligent Can Debate....... The students of grades 6-8 and 9-11 par cipated in an Inter House Debate Compe on. The topics, interes ng yet intriguing, witnessed a vehement deba ng over them. Students presented their views convincingly on whether technology can replace teachers and seniority makes one strive harder. The realis c relevance of the views kept swaying the opinions of the audience.

Prime Minister's Birthday Celebrations 17th September 2019 An event organized by Rotary Club Garima Jodhpur where 32 Interact club students along with their Club Coordinator Mrs Prakash Rathore and Mr Rahul Chouhan, became a part of crea ng the Largest Mosaic of Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to be featured in India Book of Records and taken a pledge to par cipate in Jal Shak Mission in all possible ways. The event took place in Railway stadium on 17th September 2019.It was a wonderful and enriching experience for the students.

IH SCIENCE QUIZ 18th September 2019 Science and technology revolu onize facts and applica on of scien fic our lives, but memory, tradi on and principles. It was, indeed, a me of myth frame our response. -Arthur M. erudite regalement for the audience; Schlesinger they learned many new things and also cheered for their respec ve houses. The science smarts of grades 6 to 8 Aryhabha a house won the quiz and were put under the scanner during the Drona House became the runner-ups. IH Science Quiz Compe on for checking their knowledge of science

Bodhi Career Education Hub Making the Right Choice Being in the senior most class in a school always gives a different high. The right to lead, discuss and freedom is what each one of the senior grade student loves and relishes. As parents and educators, we may always have a difference of opinion and yet, few of us are experienced enough how to take everything in our stride and keep guiding. Choosing a college for the higher educa on is nevertheless a daun ng task that can some mes be too stressful for all. As a career coach, my advice is to start early and avoid last minute decisions as it's a ma er of spending 3-4 years in a place that will prepare you for life. Ÿ Research, Research & Research Duplicate, redundant and incorrect informa on may be available on various sites that claim of being updated, authen c and reliable. Never take a chance on this; rather than searching, learn how to research about the courses and colleges. The best way is to look for the official website of the universi es and entrances offered by them. You may also keep a record of last year brochures, cut offs and tenta ve list of colleges. An in- depth look into the course structure of degree offered helps in making the decision. Ÿ To Follow or not to follow Friends, Siblings and cousins who already have chosen their career path can be the great mentors provided you and they share the same ap tude, interest and personality. Similarly, you and your best friend in the same class may or may not land up in the same university inspite of trying your best. So, the key is to keep your goals aligned towards the right fit for you.

Bodhi Career Education Hub Ÿ Carrying the Legacy Parents are the key influencers when it comes to choosing a career, college or course. Their enlightenment about the current scenario may not be up to date though. Be careful of succumbing to the pressure of legacy of profession that has been followed in your family from the centuries. What you need is neither to be a rebel nor to be a blind follower. Analyze yourself deeply and then take a decision. Psychometric Tests are definitely helpful in finding the direc on. Ÿ Big City Brand My personal preference of sequen al steps towards finalizing the college list is Course always First. Second preference is the college review about the exposure a student will get in the 3-4 years. Thirdly, the personal traits of the students are important to consider. A small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond- the choice has to be yours. Survival could be a challenge for those who lack skills like adaptability, cri cal thinking and communica on. Ÿ Be the Excel King Keeping a list of colleges ready in the beginning of grade 11 is always recommended. You may keep adding or dele ng it once your research, discussion with mentors or change in course choices happens. The last two years of school are crucial in building up the right profile for the university that you are targe ng. An excel sheet comes handy when you have to keep a track of entrances, eligibility criteria, standardized tests, meline and country preferences. Remember Rome was not built in a day! Follow the stated mantras in any order and you will make it to the right college!! Chetna Sabharwal Head, College Placements & Guidance

STUDENT CORNER My kind of Robot From centuries, humans are evolving and developing their skills and performances with advancement of technology. And today I'm going to speak something related to this topic. A.I, have you heard this word? The first keywords which come to your mind must be about technology, intelligence, mul task and useful e.t.c. But my topic is 'My kind of Robot'… Tejas Vijayvargiya Robots include variety of kinds such as: Self tasking Robots, Expert Grade : 7 B Robots, Humanoid Robots, Helper Robots, Ar ficial Intelligence, Mul purpose Robots and Community Helping Robots. My Robot will totally focus on Society/Community Development and Advancement. It will be very useful if people and government adopt and use this idea; this will be a really proud moment for me even. Also it will be efficient and cheaper. So, what's my IDEA? Actually I want a Robot/Machine to keep any par cular area/landmark clean and hygienic. Nowadays, we can find rubbish-smelly garbage spreading everywhere, causing millions of unknown harmful diseases. Especially, in India, people are not even bothered or worried about their families and society to sort out this problem/situa on in day-to-day life. I've found an excellent way of managing this… In today's era people use a lot of Internet everyday. For anything being efficient and successful, we need the access to the Internet. It had become one of our basic need/necessity. And Internet requires Wi-fi which is hard to find/access in public and costs a bit more if you don't have one. I've combined both of these necessi es or ideas and come to a conclusion a er thinking a lot that 'Let's make an A.I. Robot called GSUc020 Robot…

STUDENT CORNER My robot can provide free Wi-fi to anyone only in exchange of garbage which means provide it with 1 Kg li er or garbage and enjoy a free ½ hour Wi-fi access which is seriously much more. We can ask the government to launch this program in different countries and soon it will be tremendously successful; I'm pre y sure of it!!! Now you might think that where all that rubbish li er goes? Why not, you should think. Friends the recyclable material will be detected by the machine and will go the recycling unit located in the robot. And the rest non-recyclable ma er will go the huge landfills situated outside the town/city. I think my idea would guarantee work… The structure of my robot will be as follows: v A huge Garbage carrying container. v Weighing machine- for weighing the garbage. v Recycling unit- to store the recycling material so to be carried to the recycling plant. v Operator/Computer- To control and guide the Robot. Through this idea, I want to spread knowledge and awareness and my opinion about community helping. I've used a Robot as an example to prove my point/idea correct and useful. I hope you'll take a small step for a big approach to help your society and your loving family members…

INNOVATIVE APPROACHES Sports: The unspoken dimension Sports at Bodhi is an excellent tool for the development of new knowledge and skills including a wide range of competencies that are used in everyday life. They can also make a significant contribu on to lifelong learning, which is meant to have an impact on developing the knowledge-based society, enabling ci zens to improve their knowledge, skills and a tudes. Among the best-prac ce examples and ideas to promote tolerance and diversity through value-based physical educa on and sport, some benefits of PE and sport are health, posi ve impact on daily habits, motor skills, compe on versus co-opera on, movement and choice, as well as fitness tests that incorporate assessment with cohesion and inclusion. Few of the unique features that we offer are: · Regularity: Each Bodhian from grades 3 to 8 gets a dedicated slot of 240 minutes in each cycle that is spread over a week. This ensures that the physical, social-emo onal and spiritual development of the student takes place in the state of art and well equipped environment. · Opportuni es & Accolades: A well - graded, researched curriculum when translated into ac on by the expert coaches, results in the maximum par cipa on and mo va on to perform to the op mum level. Our students have been recognized at Na onal Levels in Swimming, Lawn Tennis and other sports because of the ac ve collabora on among the parents, students and coaches. · Learning to Lose: While it's always important to win as it gives recogni on, losing a game steers the students towards pa ence, diligence and consistency in performance. With the philosophy of “No one le Behind”, the teachers, housemasters and the coaches ensure that every child learns to play a sport as per their ap tude and skills. Mr Pradumn Buddhiraja HOD, Sports

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