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Published by Akshay, 2018-05-21 04:09:31

Description: BIS Newsletter Apr.18


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BRAHMAM BODHI NEWS LETTER His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji Saheb APRIL 2018

EVENTS OF THE MONTHSr. Name of Event Date of Event1 Good Touch Bad Touch (Parental Talk) Grade - 1 02nd Apr. 20182 Hand Impressions (Pre-Primary) 06th Apr. 20183 TEDx Event 07th Apr. 2018 IH Paper Collage (Grade 1 - 5)4 IH Doodling (Grade 6 - 8) 09th Apr. 2018 IH Graffiti (Grade 9 - 11)5 Meet - Greet (Pre-Primary) 13thApr. 2018 20thApr. 20186 Test Your Senses (Pre-Primary) 21thApr. 2018 IH Squash (Grade 9 - 11)7 Parent Orientation8 Good Touch Bad Touch (Parental Talk) Garde - 2 23rdApr. 2018 25thApr. 20189 IH Narrative Poetry Recitation (Grade 1 - 11) 27thApr. 201810 Good Touch Bad Touch (Parental Talk) Pre-Primary 28thApr. 2018 IH Earth Day Poster Making (Grade 3 - 11)11 Investiture Ceremony

Good Touch Bad Touch 02nd April 2018An informative session for the early years of primary on 'Good Touch, Bad Touch' was conducted by Dr Snigdha Bhandari, Mrs MuskanPamnani and Mrs Amita Bissa who were invited to address the students onthis sensitive topic. The students were interactive; they shared what theyhave learned from their aware parents. Mrs Amita BissaMrs Muskan Pamnani Dr Snigdha Bhandari

Hand Impressions 06thApril 2018There is nothing more adorable than a craft made with little hands. The little ones of kindergarten phase of Bodhi International School didhand impressions. The children splattered their hands with differentcolour paints and printed the impressions of their palms. All this was donewith the help of the facilitators. The children were amazed and delighted,and admired their piece of art.

TEDx Event 07th April 2018The Day Dedicated to Sharing Ideas: The Maiden TEDx Talk organized by Bodhi International School was a highly appeciated event of the city. The beauty and graceof the event multiplied manifold with the presence of HH Maharaja Gaj Singhji as thechief guest. Maharaja Saheb inaugurated the talk; in his inaugural address HH talkedabout one of the topics- Destruction of desert habitat- mentioning desert is his home andwho would know his home better than him. The positivity radiating from HH, filled theaura with divinity. The other prominent speakers from different parts of the country addedto the fervour which was further carried on by the Bodhian Teachers and students whowere added to the list of TEDx speakers. The day was well spent amidst myriad thoughtsand ideas that flowed from the experiences of the 21 speakers for the day. His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji Saheb

Lighting the lamp by honorable chief guest H.H. Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji Saheb Mr Naresh Bothra, Chairman Organizer’s Brief byWelcoming the prestigious audience Dr V.B. Pillai, Principal

Fitness en-cashed Youth's perspective on education Ms Ankita Parakh Master Lakshya BothraDr Shankar Goenka Honesty V/s Practical WisdomCol. Inderjeet Singh Miss Ira Ali Cyber Citizenship Cyber Citizenship

Honesty Vs Practical Wisdom Youth's perspective on educationMrs Rashi Rohtagi Mrs Sreela Sujikumar Dr Vikas Baliya Youth's perspective on educationMr Praveen Wadalkar Master Yashwardhan Bhati Cyber Citizenship Destruction of Desert habitat

Fitness en-cashed Fitness en-cashedMiss Cherish Mundhra Dr Sonal Parihar Mr Jay Sharma Cyber citizenship Master Rajat Bothra Miss Meghal JainHonesty Vs Practical Wisdom Cyber citizenship

Destruction of Desert habitat Destruction of Desert habitatMs Padmaja Kumari Dr Kuldeep Kothari Fitness en-cashed Youth's perspective on educationMs Radhika Sisodia Ms Mimansha CharanMr Harshit Adhikari Miss Harshita Baid Fitness Encashed Honesty Vs Practical Wisdom

IH Paper Collage (Grade 1 - 5) IH Doodling (Grade 6 - 8) IH Graffiti (Grade 9 - 11) 09th April 2018Art is a unique way of linking imagination and creativity with the shades and tints of life experiences. Imagination is not restricted to age; it justneeds wings.Bodhians brought their creativity and imagination to life with collagemaking, doodle art and graffiti competition. The primary phase of the schoolprepared collages, the middle school beautified large alphabet with doodlingand the senior school coloured the canvas with vibrant shades to exhibitdifferent themes.The competition tickled the aesthetics of the onlookers.

Meet-Greet 13th April 2018A special assembly *'Meet & Greet* was conducted by the students of Kindergarten to celebrate the New Year of different states of India.Children dressed up in the traditional fashion of the states they belong to; theylooked graceful. The kids greeted each other in their respective mother tongue;the place echoed with the sweet medley of 'Khamma Gani, Sat Sri Akal,Namaskaram, Suprabhat' etc. The colorful attire and their greeting gestures stolethe hearts of their peers and facilitators. The objective of the assembly- to makethe children aware of the diverse culture of our nation- was successfully met.

Test Your Senses (Pre-Primary) 20th April 2018Our senses allow us to enjoy our food, the sound of music, the beauty of a sunny day, the softness of a child's hair -- in short, our lives! Toteach them how the five senses of ours work, an activity was conducted forthe Kindergarten phase of the school. Five counters with the materials fortouching, seeing, smelling , tasting and hearing were arranged. Kidsexplored each area and their enthusiastic faces were a treat to watch.

IH Squash Competition (Grade 9 - 11) 21st April 2018A work and no play make Jack a dull boy. The new session began and the sports lovers of the school pulled up their socks for Inter HouseSports Competitions with a rejuvenated zeal.An awe inspiring ambience was set with the relentless IH Squash and IHTennis matches. The spectators cheered the players and the players puttheir heart and soul together to embrace victory.

Parent Orientation 21st April 2018An orientation session for the new parents who have joined Bodhi family recently was held today. The session aimed at acquainting thenew entrants with the school, its policies, hierarchy of communication,vertical grooming, teaching pedagogy, homework policy and theprogrammes of study.

Paraspar 23rd April 2018The collectrate of Jodhpur initiated an awareness programme- Paraspar- on the most sensitive issue of today, Women Security, owing to the risingbrutality inflicted on this gender.Two RAS officers came to sensitize the boys of grades 7 to 11 towards therights, respect and dignity of girls and women. An oath to protect and respectthe counterparts was administered by the boys. An open interactive session,where girls and boys came up with their questions, was also held.

Good Touch Bad Touch (Parental Talk) Grade 2 23rd April 2018\"An angel thought or a devil thought is what the kids have to discriminate andunderstand\"...... Mrs. Sunaina Vaswani, a proud Bodhian parent, interactedwith the kids of Grade 2 and briefed them about what is the difference between agood touch and a bad touch. The students were eager to listen to the talk as thestory started with the angelic thoughts which come to their minds in themorning. The children connected well with the speaker and raised questions towhich Ms. Aswani answered very patiently. Ms. Aswani also thanked theschool for offering a platform for the parents to volunteer in the grooming of theyounger kids. The joy was double when Ms. Aswani gifted the kids some goodbooks of general awareness.

IH Narrative Poetry Recitation (Grade 1 - 11) 25th April 2018Poetry is the language of expression; it is the music of life. The melody and melancholy of the poems arouse the latent emotions of the hearts.The students of grades 1 to 11 participated in a narrative poetry competitionwhich tickled the emotive faculties of the audience and judges. While somepoems caressed the subtle humour, the others touched the sensitivity and grief.The presentation of the participants was enchanting.

Good Touch Bad Touch (Parental Talk) Pre-Primary 02nd April 2018The jaunty finale of the Parental Volunteering series for the month saw the Parents of Seedlings, Buds, and Blossoms interacting with the children on the topic of Good touch and Bad touch. The speakers for the day were Mrs Aditi Singh, Mrs Priya Singh, Mrs Ridhi Lodha and Mrs Neetu Chhajer. The children were briefed about how to identify good and bad intentions of others and keep themselves in a safe circle. They were also advised what safety measures to be taken in case of an emergency. The speakers used AV aids, flashcards and conducted role plays to make the tiny tots understand the subject matter better.

IH Earth Day Poster Making (Grade 3 - 11) 28th April 2018Earth Day is the largest celebrated international event to highlight Earth’s unique place in the universe. As a mark of respect the students of all the four Houses celebrated Earth Day with greatenthusiasm. An Inter House Poster Making Competition during theEnvironment Week was held on April 19th for grade 1 and 2 and on 28thfor grade 3 to 11, 2018. Children made striking posters touching on issuesof environmental concern. The competition was really enjoyed by all thestudents.

Investiture Ceremony 28th April 2018WITH AUTHORITY COMES RESPONSIBILITY Shouldering the responsibility with grace is a significant trait of leaders. Leaders are notborn, but made. Schools usually play a great role in the making of LEADERS.Bodhi International School conducted its INVESTITURE of the studentcouncil ceremoniously with formal etiquette and protocol. The office bearers ofSenior and Junior wings solemnly pledged in their offices. The student councilcomprises of Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Prefect, CCA Prefect, HouseCaptains and their Deputies.

Mr Harsh JainMrs Binny Raj Gupta Ms Namrata Mishra Mrs Razia Mekrani

Student Council 2018-19 Head Boy Head Girl Lakshya Bothra Meghal Jain Deputy Head Boy Deputy Head Girl Abhay Jain Purvi Tatiya Vice CCA PrefectCCA Prefect Sports Prefect Vice Sports PrefectYashwardhan Bhati Juhi Bhandari Manish Khatri Devendra Singh Head Boy Lakshya Bothra Head Girl Meghal Jain CCA Prefect Sports Prefect Yashwardhan Bhati Deputy Head Boy Manish Khatri Deputy Head girl Abhay Jain Vice CCA Prefect Purvi Tatiya Vice Sports Prefect Juhi Bhandari Devendra Singh

Junior Student Council 2018-19 Head Boy Head Girl Darshan Chajjer AnandalekshmiCCA Prefect CCA Prefect Sports PrefectHimangi Kachhwaha Kriti Jain Reyansh Bohra Head Boy Darshan Chajjer Head Girl Anandalekshmi CCA Prefect CCA Prefect Kriti Jain Sports Prefect Himangi Kachhwaha Reyansh Bohra

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