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McLeansboro Now August 2014

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McLeansboro August 2014A delicate move for An “Ageless’piece of Hamilton traditionCounty history for tractorRoping and enthusiastsWrestling to National A ‘Quilt of Hope’Recognition and LoveThe art & scienceof soap

contents FeaturesMcLeansboro 4 An ‘Ageless’ Editor tradition for tractor Tesa Glass enthusiasts 4 [email protected] Editor 6 A ‘Quilt of Hope’ Jeremy Hall and [email protected] 8 A delicate move for a piece of Hamilton Advertising Manager County history Sheonna Hill 12 Art & science of soap [email protected] 14 Roping and 8 Circulation Director Wrestling to Jimmy Bass National Recognition Advertising Account Executives from the cover Cord Webb competing at Nicole Pipher the Illinois High School Rodeo Sheonna Hill Brenda Tarlton Association’s state finals. Mailing Address P.O. Box 489 • Mt. Vernon, Illinois 62864 Street Address 911 Broadway • Mt. Vernon, Illinois 62864 Phone Numbers 618-242-0113 Fax 618-242-8286 Web Site A Publication ofMcLeansboro NOW Magazine© 2013 by Mt. Vernon McLeansboro 14 August 2014Register-News. All rights reserved. Reproduction in anyform without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.2

August 2014 McLeansboro 3

An ‘Ageless’ tradition f Story by Jeremy Hall What scholarshipstarted as and families all have made the to aa handful Ageless Iron a national attraction. graduatingof tractor Hamiltonenthusiasts “It’s called the Hamilton County Countygathering at Ageless Iron,” said Bayler,“but Highthe Hamilton we’ve got members pretty well SchoolCounty from all over Southern Illinois student.Fairground and Indiana.” Bayler said he recallseach summer members from Kentucky while Each yearhas developed visitors have come from throughout has allowedinto an event the nation to attend the event. for newthat draws ways fornational The Hamilton County Ageless membersattention to Iron club has grown to roughly andMcLeansboro and Southern Illinois. 100 members “with the intentions visitors to of preserving participate in the Ageless Iron The Hamilton County Ageless the background event. In 2007, a few games forIron club formed in the late 1990s of antique farm women were added, according toby a group of those men and women equipment.” Times-Leader archives. A rollingwho had held the annual gatherings The growth and pin game and fisherman’s contestat the fairground. Official formation popularity have been were added to the show that year.of Ageless Iron came following the such that the club “We have a lot of women whoget-togethers that had started in the awards an annual come here, and we needed somethingearly 1990s. Roughly 35 members for them,” said then-Ageless Ironwere part of the club when it formed, club president Bret Webb.according to member Harold Bayler. Webb added at the time that the “There were quite a few in it tostart with,” said Bayler.“We hadgotten together every year beforewe started the Ageless Iron club.” The event has grown in popularityand activities over the years. A 4-Hrodeo, exhibition of machines thatspan decades – and in some casescenturies – and activities for children4 McLeansboro August 2014

for tractor enthusiasts Photos provided McLeansboro children’s games, tractor games and games for men and womenAgeless Iron event had become a are held at the single-day event.year-round project for club members. “Things are going pretty “As soon as we’re done today, we’ll good,” said Bayler.“We hadstart on the next one,” he said. a real good show this year. A lot of visiting goes on,” said Ageless Iron Vice President Bayler.“People come to visit.Justin Webb has said the tractor It’s just a one-day show [but]show is a nostalgic way to we have different things goingreminisce on traditional methods on... things for the kids to do.”of farming over the years. For more information on the “A lot of guys grew up on these Hamilton County Ageless Ironold tractors,” he said.“It’s nice to club or annual event, contactremember when people were able Andy Miller at 231-2556 orto make a living off these machines Jason Kirsch at 383-0498.vs. the equipment we have now.” 5 This year’s theme for the AgelessIron show was the IH (InternationalHarvester) machines that werepatented in 1834 by a company thatenjoyed decades of success beforeits merge with Case. There is anIllinois connection to the original IHtractors as a production plant wasconstructed in Rockford in 1926. But this year’s event was not limitedto IH equipment. As is tradition,participants are welcome to bringany of their antique machinesor equipment to the show. The Ageless Iron show has been puttogether with no cost for attendance,another perk for tractor enthusiastsand participants. In addition to the August 2014

A ‘Quilt of Hope’ and love Story by Jeremy Hall Hope shines “Red” and Holly Ann Counsil. Craddock – a 40-yearbrightly through “We are doing this in hopes that survivor of breastdeep hurt and cancer – took keenpersonal tragedy by the money received from the sale interest in craftworka trio of Hamilton of raffle tickets will help aid in the displayed at theCounty siblings. research for a cure of cancer,” the trio hospital. Craddock of sisters said in their statement. inquired as to the A “Quilt of Hope” craft’s creator and twohas been created How the quilt came to be is a days later received aby an Indiana combination of coincidence and telephone call fromwoman who shared passion against the disease. Mary Wilson, whohappened across had produced thea McLeansboro While visiting a women’s cancer item that caught thewoman undergoing unit at the Evansville hospital, Lovella eye of Craddock.follow-up testingat a hospital in Craddock andEvansville. The Grubb delivered aquilt took between handful of T-shirts5 ½ to 6 months from various cancerto complete and awareness andits creator donated research fundraisersthe massive quilt to Wilson and a bondto help local formed instantly.funding toward cancer research. “She’s a special person,” Craddock said of Wilson.“We both just fell Now complete, the “Quilt of Hope” in love with her. She asked ‘is itis being raffled this summer and OK if I give you a hug?’ And Ifall to raise money toward cancer said ‘I would love to hug you.’”research. Announcement of the quilt’s All three sisters have been hurt bycreation and raffle was made via a cancer and its effects. In addition topress release issued by sisters Pearl Craddock’s four decades of survivingRubenacker, Lovella Craddock and breast cancer, Rubenacker has survivedDee Grubb. The quilt is being raffled the same disease for roughly 10 honor of their parents – Herman “Cancer has had a drastic effect on our family,” said the statement B&H released by the three.“We lost both of our parents to cancer, as well as Construction & Sales a 9-month-old niece, a sister and Dee’s husband. I [Craddock] and my 4320 Fickas Road • Evansville, Indiana 47714 sister Pearl are survivors of breast cancer. There can never be enough Office: (812) 476-9102 • Paul Rhodes Cell (812) 484-5642 (24/7) research done to battle the disease, so we all should be willing to do A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau whatever we can to help the cause.” Wilson can relate, as cancer CALL NOW FOR A Absolutely No Out Of has affected several of those around her within her family. FREE INSPECTION Pocket Expenses To You! 042905021943 “I’ve also had a special place in my Local ReferencesHelping Homeowners Receive ALL Entitlements on Damages!6 McLeansboro August 2014

heart because cancer has run through The most family,” said Wilson. Her husband Now at the best price.died from cancer in 1988 and threeof her six brothers have had cancer Ask about packages starting at $2999. CALL TODAY.– one suffered from colon cancerwhile two others battled melanoma FOX 618-643-4600(skin cancer). In addition, a sister COMMUNICATIONSof Wilson fought breast cancer fora lengthy time and survived it, but Your Local Authorized DIRECTV Dealerlater died from other ailments. 073104749943 Pricing subject to change at any time. Hardware and programming available separately. “It just pulls you kind of ©2014 DIRECTV. DIRECTV and the Cyclone Design logo are trademarks of DIRECTV, LLC.toward cancer,” she said. McLeansboro 7 Her passion toward cancerresearch and funding – alongwith her sincere hope for thosesuffering from the disease – drivesWilson to volunteer her time atthe same Evansville hospital whereshe first encountered Craddock. “We all have seen what cancer cando to families as most every familyhas been touched by this disease,” saidthe statement released by Craddock,Rubenacker and Grubb .“Our family’sway of helping is in donating this quilt,donating our time and efforts to sellraffle tickets and donating the moneyreceived for the cancer cause. Allproceeds will go for cancer research.” The quilt will make the roundsthroughout Southern Illinois andIndiana over the next few months.Craddock has arranged it to bedisplayed at local businesses andwill carry it with her to cancerfundraisers and survivor celebrationsalong with local festivals. Those interested in purchasinga raffle ticket for the quilt may callCraddock at either 643-2586 or838-3081.“We really haven’t set adeadline or cutoff for the raffle yet,”she said.“After [displaying the quiltat many locations] us girls are goingto get together and see what, whenand where.” She added that the raffledrawing may be held in October. Wilson methodically crafted thequilt over the course of nearly ayear, stopping only long enoughto undergo and recover from asurgery. She said the work camefrom love and nothing more. “I wouldn’t ever think of charginganything for that quilt,” said Wilson.“That never even crossed my mind. Ihad the time; I was able to do it andjust more or less devoted my timeto doing it for them. I enjoyed everyminute of it and hope it helps them.” August 2014

A delicate movefor a piece ofHamilton CountyhistoryStory by Jeremy Hall One of the largest and most its move. Hamilton County Historical Society,significant relics of Hamilton The move to logged hours upon hours of researchCounty’s past has been revived its current on the jail while working withand placed in a new home. location took those who did the actual – and place in early literal – heavy lifting for the move. After roughly two years of planning July and theand refurbishing, the Hamilton structure “Marion found out about the it andCounty jail used in the 1800s has was paraded asked me to go down and look at it,”been cleaned, slightly altered and through said fellow historian Howard Ritchey.placed near Farris Restaurant. The downtownhope by many is the old jail will McLeansboro The jail was constructed in 1860,remain a highly visible “live” piece of with a police a year before Abraham Lincoln wascounty history for years to come. escort en route to the Farris Restaurant. sworn in as 16th president of the United States and one year before the The tiny jail that contains only four “It’s been a long time coming to get start of the American Civil War. Aftercells packed quite a punch to those that it there,” said local historian Marion its use was deemed no longer necessaryworked to clean and move it. The jail, Russell.“It’s very rare to go back for the county it was sold to Larkoriginally estimated at weighing two that far in history and restore it.” Barker, whose family donated it to thetons, wound up a seven-ton structure Hamilton County Historical Society.that proved a daunting challenge in Russell, as a member of the The jail is 154 years old this Local Family Owned & Operated year. It was constructed 20 yearsHome Medical Equipment Provider before construction of what many local residents now see as the • Oxygen and Respiratory Care • Sleep Apnea Therapies People’s National Bank building• Home Medical Equipment & Supplies • Orthopaedic Supplies & Bracing August 2014 • RNs and RTs on Staff 618.244.5000403 N. 42nd St, Suite C • Mt. Vernon 0630049269438 McLeansboro

on each side of structure for several years under a shed the dark corridor. attached to his barn to protect the steel. It contained no windows within By 2012, the barn had collapsed each cell. and the steel jail was exposed to the elements. Based on the tip by After a fire Russell, Ritchey notified Rick Moore, heavily damaged president of the Historical Society the Hamilton at the time. Ritchey then contacted County courthouse the Barker family and the structureoriginally built by A.G. Cloud. in 1894, the was donated by Alan Barker. According to information provided jail and the “I called him,” said Ritchey,“and he “fireproof ” wereby the Hamilton County Historical torn down in said ‘yeah, [he] would donate it to theSociety,“the bricks for the building 1938 under Hamilton County Historical Society.”that housed the old jail were made the directionby Loften Echols, a brick maker who of then-Sheriff Ritchey, acording to informationlived west of McLeansboro. Shelby Sam Malone.Echols once wrote in a letter that At that pointhis father was given the contract for a new jail wasthe jail about 1857 or 1858. He said installed insidethe bricks were made at home and a reconstructedhauled to town with a yoke of oxen. courthouse that remains at the center of the “[He added] that he and two McLeansboro downtown square.cousins assisted in building the jailand learned to lay brick here. The The old steel-lined jail was sold toold jail was a steel lining inside this Lark Barker in Flannigan Township forbrick building that sat on the east use as a granary. Barker had used theside of the courthouse lawn.” Strong Foundations for High Expectations 042904469943 The jail housed the only prisoner ALL STEEL PRE-ENGINEERED BUILDINGSto be hanged to death in HamiltonCounty. Fred Behme had been SALEScharged with the murders of his Jason Burkefamily members and sentenced to (618) 231-1123death by hanging. He awaited his McLeansboro, IL 62859hanging by residing in the old jailfrom April 6, 1896, until his public McLeansboro 9hanging on Dec. 4 of that same year. Behme had been convicted of killinghis wife by beating her to death beforetaking their 3-year-old son to thefamily barn and hanging him to death. The Hamilton County HistoricalSociety has newspaper clippings ofthe crime and subsequent hanging,for which tickets were issued bythen-Sheriff Martin E. Buck to thepublic to view the execution. According to the Historical Society,the old buildings that once stoodon McLeansboro’s public squareincluded the “fireproof,” which housedthe County offices and records, andthe “old jail,” which was on the eastside of the courtyard. At that timea courthouse stood between them.The old jail was a two-story brickbuilding with the steel jail inside. Thesteel jail had a corridor and two cells August 2014

from the Historical Society,“took hired to paint the jail with industrial donatd money – ranging fromon the project of having it moved gray paint. Penny Van Winkle joined $15-20 to much higher amounts –to town, where it could be restored. Ritchey in the restoration project. toward the restoration project.Howard first contacted Lloyd Darnell,who brought his bulldozer, cleaned “Through donations of money from “That really makes us feel good,”up the weeds and sprouts around individuals and Historical Society said Ritchey.“When we all comethe jail and loaded it onto a winch funds, steel was purchased for the together we can really get somethingtruck. He then took the jail to Mark floors and lattice work on the windows. done. We’ve been real proud toMiller’s welding shop property. We were blessed to have the use of a have had so many come forward welder donated and a real good welder, to help. It took time and [everyone “The fire department came out and Larry Futtrell, who donated many who helped] makes it a good job.”washed a lot of dirt out of the jail on hours of his time welding on the jail.”Sept. 11, 2012. Afterward, the use of a Prior to construction of thepressure washer was donated, allowing A fresh coat of paint was added to refirbished old jail, a contract hada lot of loose paint and rust to be the jail as it finished the restoration. been let for construction of a jailremoved. A painting company was In addition to Historical Society for the county in 1821. William Hall funds, local businesses and individuals was awarded the contract with a bid of $780 and he completed a log HARRE 042902180943 jail within a year. The jail was then replaced by a brick jail. Following FUNERAL HOMES & AMBULANCE an escape from the brick jail, county commissioners ordered another jail P.O. Box 37 to be constructed of brick and lined 310 W. Randoph St. with sheet iron. A prisoner died in McLeansboro, IL 62859 that jail from a fire. The prisoner, according to the Historical Society, was 618-643-2011 arrested for stealing a watch and was intoxicated at the time of his death. [email protected] Plans for the jail moving forward Dahlgren 618-736-2146 include allowing visitors to view the structure, perhaps classrooms of pupils and students being given tours of the facility and the possibility of a permanent marker placed by or on the jail noting its history. The Historical Society remains thankful to those who worked tirelessly and donated funds or products to restore the old jail. “This is a great project coming into completion, thanks to many people – those who were mentioned and those not mentioned – for fear of forgetting someone.,” states information provided by the Historical Society.“This old jail is 154 years old, the oldest structure we know of in Hamilton County.”10 McLeansboro August 2014

The Staff at York’s Pharmacy 032804860943 Looks Forward to Serving You in 2014 Come in and meet any of our staff, Malissa Hopper, Rhonda Mitchell, Dr. Greg McFarland, PharmD, Lisa Barnard and Dr. Samantha Anselment. Our store hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM. You may contact us at 618-643-3524. 107 E. Main - McLeansboroStanding L-R: Malissa Hopper, Rhonda Mitchell, Dr. Greg McFarland, PharmD, Lisa Barnardand Dr. Samantha Anselment. 63001947943August 2014 McLeansboro 11

artThe &scienceof squceleaakny Story by Tesa Glass The days of grandma saving up the several stuff that I made that first time.”wood ashes and lard from butchering years ago But that first time wasto make soap for washing everything to tryingfrom dirty faces to muddy clothes their hand enough to hook him.may have passed, but for Curt and at making “You study and look more at whatAngie Anselment, getting back to soap.the basics of soap making is as much people are doing and you think, I canabout heritage as it is about science. “I got make this look better. I can make it “We were looking at trying to get online and smell better. I can make it feel better.”away from chemicals and additives startedand be more natural,” Curt Anselment looking In the meantime, Angie Anselmentsaid.“After all, what you put on your at lye found a whole foods store in the goes into the body. We try to soap,” Curt Louis area that sold home made soapskeep things as natural as you can.” Anselment and found one she really liked. That quest brought the couple said. “I ordered “It was a coffee almond some unscented basic ones online.” soap that smells really good,” Anselment said he and his Angie Anselment said. wife liked what they purchased, but he wasn’t content with just “I got that and thought it would ordering other people’s products. make the perfect Christmas gift for “The Internet is a wealth of people if I could make it,” her husband information,” Anselment said.“I said.“I thought, I can do that, and that’s figured, if I can make my own soap, when I started playing with fragrance.” then I know for sure what goes into it.” Anselment said he discovered Also about that time, Anselment a basic soap recipe and started realizing the science in soap decided to “tinker” with it. making, measuring ingredients to the “Anyone can follow the recipe, even gram learning the values of different if you are as dumb as a box of rocks,” oils and the properties of the oils. Anselment joked.“It was some crude “The first couple of years was a learning process,” Anselment said. “Yeah, I made soap and it was good, but then I started making my own recipes. I made the coffee almond for Christmas gifts, and looking12 McLeansboro August 2014

back, that first batch was terrible.” soap is glycerin. “It wasn’t bad at all,” Angie The commercial soaps removeAnselment corrected.“It just the glycerindidn’t look the best. What he and sell it as amakes now is definitely better.” by-product.” Anselment Anselment said over the years said the soaphe has learned the balance of takes on differentfragrance with the old adage, properties“a little bit goes a long way.” depending on the oil added “The first batch had way too much with the and too much fragrance,” “Olive oil Photos by Tesa GlassAnselment admitted.“That’s whenI started playing with colors.” has certain markets and online. They decided properties, on the name Bath House Basics. Angie Anselment said sometimes coconut oil has certain properties,it’s hard sharing her kitchen with castor oil has certain properties, beef “We’re still learning about thingsher husband and his soap-making tallow has certain properties and lard like labels and packaging,” Anselmentequipment, but the benefit of the has certain properties,” Anselment said. said.“We learn that part like wesoap makes it worth the hassle. “All oils are used. People use canola, learned about soap, trial and error.” palm oil — every single one brings “He comes up with some crazy a different aspect to it depending on They have also set up a webhobbies sometimes,” Angie Anselment what oil is used. For example, if you site at www.bathhousebasics.comjoked.“He’s better with the recipes use coconut oil, too much will dry your and are working on additionalfor soap than I am and has never skin, but a little will enhance lather, products such as lip balm,been afraid to try something new. moisturizing and enhance cleansing.” laundry soap and lotion bars.I liked the soap he was turningout from the beginning.” Family and friends who have used “Once you get started with this, you the soap encouraged the couple to just can’t stop,” Anselment said.“You Curt Anselment said making start selling their products at flea keep trying more and more things.”homemade soap is “like baking acake, a lot goes into it, and not just McLeansboro 13ingredients. You have to considerhumidity and temperature. Then,there’s a lot of technical in it too.People don’t understand soaps. Thisisn’t the lye soap your grandmaor great-grandma used to make.People got away from doing stufflike that. Now, we know the scienceand technology behind it.” Wood ash — that’s how grandmagot her lye. Anselment said heuses food grade lye, the samethat is used to make pretzels. “One hundred years ago, it was a lotof guessing and estimating amountsof ingredients. Now, you know it’sgoing to be consistent because youweigh it all out to the gram. ... Whenyou talk about old soap, it was verylye heavy and people are afraid of lyesoap today. They think lye is harsh.But, if made properly, all the lye leavesthe soap as part of the process.” Anselment said commercialsoaps are made with detergents,which are synthetics. “Natural soaps are made with lye— sodium hydroxide,” Anselmentexplained.“You have to have someform of that and the only other wayto get that is with a detergent, whichis a chemical. A by-product of making August 2014

cRoping and Wrestling toStory by Jeremy Hall Hamilton County is home to a Photos providedpair of state champions. Tristan Flannigan and Cord Webb each earnedstate titles recently at the Illinois High School RodeoAssociation’s state finals. Flannigan won the calf-roping division of the state contest held at Altamont,while Webb placed first in the steer wrestling event. Additionally, Flannigan finished 11th inteam roping; while Webb placed ninth in calf-roping and 16th in team roping. For theirefforts, Flannigan finished fourth in overallpoints at the state finals while Webb finishednot far behind at seventh in the points total. Both students were invited to the 2014National High School Rodeo Association’snational finals held at the SweetwaterEvents Complex in Rock Springs, Wyo. place after the second attempt. Flannigan Flannigan also earned national recognition for the overtook the lead with a strong showing in his third attempt and held on for the win, edgingcombination of his academic and athletic success during the out Morrison’s Kyle Vanderleest by scores of2013-14 academic school year and rodeo season. Flannigan 25.0 for Flannigan and 22.5 for Vanderleest.was one of 13 members of the Illinois Team Cinch, whichhonors a select number of participants from each state. Webb also faced an uphill battle in earning his state title in steer wrestling. He was tied for third after his According to the National High School Rodeo first go, tied for second after his second attempt andAssociation,“Team Cinch is a gathering of the elite needed – and received – solid times for his thirdcowboys and cowgirls in high school and junior and fourth attempts to overtake Glenarm’s Kylehigh rodeo. Only those who have excelled in both Eike for the state title by scores similar to those ofthe arena and the classroom qualify for this unique Flannigan – 25.0 points for Webb and 22.5 for Eike.honor. Team members receive a shirt and a pair ofjeans from Cinch or Cruel Denim, while captains of The Illinois State Rodeo Association is noteach state or province team – as voted on by the team governed by the Illinois High School Association,members – will also receive a captain’s patch.” which holds state, regional and local events for 22 sports and activities for member schools throughout Both Flannigan and Webb had to rally to win their the state. The Illinois State Rodeo Associationrespective state titles. In the calf-roping event, Flannigan requires similar standards as those by the IHSA,ranked fourth after the first go and climbed to second- requiring competitors be high school students between ninth and 12th grades, under the age of 20 and also must maintain grade elegilibity and behavioral standards set forth by the students’ high schools and the IHSRA. Flannigan has qualified for the national rodeo contest each year of high school and declined this summer’s invitation to the event. According to information provided by the National High School Rodeo Association, the national finals include more than 1,500 contestants from 42 states, five Canadian provinces and the nation of Australia – making it “the world’s largest rodeo.” Up for grabs at the national finals were more than $200,000 in prizes as well as more than $350,000 in college scholarships. The championship rounds were broadcast on the RFD-TV “Cinch High School Rodeo” program and live performances were broadcast throughout the14 McLeansboro August 2014

o National Recognition bevent online at at the IHSRA state finals. Mikayla Dickirson of McLeansboro. A pair of other local students Johnson finished third in goat tying Flannigan is the son of Richard and while Madison Johnson placed fifth inhad success at the Illinois High goat tying and 11th in pole bending. Jenny Flannigan of McLeansboro.School Rodeo Association state Mikayla and Madison Johnson arefinals. Freshmen twins Mikayla and Webb is the son of Robin andMadison Johnson, representing Norris Teresa Webb of McLeansboro, daughters of Jay and Lori Johnson ofCity-Omaha-Enfield, earned high grandson of Gaile and Velma Norris City and granddaughters ofrankings in their first experience Webb and great grandson of Sally Gig and Kay Johnson of Norris City. (618) 294-8472603 N. Commercial • Harrisburg, IL 62946 Ayn Bartok, Managing Broker/OwnerCome see these Eldorado homes! Just 20 miles south of McLeansboro!WHY PAY FOR 3 WHEN 2 WILL DO? JUST ONE LOOK 2 BR, 2 BA 3 BR, 2 BA on .80 acre on 1 acre $154,000 $130,000 MLS #327227 MLS #326573 LAKE FRONT HOME BRAND NEW & READY FOR YOU! 4 BR, 2 BA 3 BR, 2 BA 073104841943 on 1.634 acres on .488 acre $279,000 $145,900 MLS #325770 MLS #315027Visit our website for additional offerings in Hamilton Co. and in neighboring White and Saline Counties. Our personal and professional brokers look forward to helping you find your next home!August 2014 McLeansboro 15

07310197294316 McLeansboro August 2014

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