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Double Wired Fence In Turkey

Published by asfence, 2018-04-10 07:48:12

Description: Welcome to integrated security fencing specialists Asfence which is the trademark of KKS Engineering Ltd in Istanbul, Turkey specialised in security fence systems and Gate Automation systems since 1992.


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Thanks for visiting our web page. We hope to cooperate with you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.The use of galvanizing for structural steel protection gives you ten major,measurable benefits.1. Lowest first cost. Galvanizing is lower in first cost than many othercommonly specified protective coatings for steel. (The application cost of labourintensive coatings such as painting has risen far more than the cost of factoryoperations such as galvanizing.)2. Less maintenance/Lowest long term cost. Even in cases where the initialcost of galvanizing is higher than alternative coatings, galvanizing is almostinvariably cheapest in the long term (because it lasts longer and needs lessmaintenance). And, maintenance causes problems and adds to costs whenstructures are located in remote areas, and when plant shutdown or disruptionto production is involved.3. Long life. The life expectancy of galvanized coatings on typical structuralmembers is far in excess of 50 years in most rural environments, and 20 to 25years plus, even in severe urban and coastal exposure.4. Reliability. Galvanizing is carried out to Australian / New Zealand Standard4680, and standard, minimum coating thicknesses are applied. Coating lifeand performance are reliable and predictable.5. Toughest coating. A galvanized coating has a unique metallurgicalstructure which gives outstanding resistance to mechanical damage intransport, erection and service.

KKS Ltd - asfence Securty Fence Systems Asfence is the trade mark of KKS Engineering Ltd in Istanbul / Turkey specialized on Securtiy Fence Systems and Gate Automation Systems since 1992. KKS Engineering Ltd. is known as ASÇİT / ASFENCE trade mark and serve you solutions for nation wide and international projects with principle of “Quality and Confidence in Fence”.Asfence is the trade mark of KKS Engineering Ltd in Istanbul / Turkeyspecialized on Securtiy Fence Systems and Gate Automation Systems since1992.------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact UsIkitelli Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, Demirciler Sitesi, C4 Blok No: 233, Basaksehir / Istanbul / TURKEY Phone: (+90 212) 549 80 90 WhatsApp: (+90 533) 556 60 39 [email protected]

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