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Ways To Make More Money In Network Marketing

Published by daniel, 2015-01-28 23:22:46

Description: Network Marketing is an excellent way for the "average Joe or Jane" to make an extra income. This business concept has been around for decades, and it will not disappear any time soon. The reason for its popularity is simple... It Works! It does however, require lots of work and most importantly, dedication and persistance to get the job done. The best part is, once you are able to set up a solid network, your business becomes MUCH less time intensive. Almost like going on "autopilot". The key is to get there as fast as possible.


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Title:Ways To Make More Money In Network MarketingWord Count:983Summary:Simple and powerful, yet often overlookedstrategies to expand your network marketingbusiness.Keywords:mlm, network marketing, downline, businessopportunity

Article Body:Network Marketing is an excellent way for the\"average Joe or Jane\" to make an extra income.This business concept has been around for decades,and it will not disappear any time soon. Thereason for its popularity is simple... It Works!It does however, require lots of work and mostimportantly, dedication and persistance to getthe job done. The best part is, once you are ableto set up a solid network, your business becomesMUCH less time intensive. Almost like going on\"autopilot\". The key is to get there as fast aspossible.Here are just a couple of tips I have found to behelpful in maximizing your Network MarketingBusiness:1. Use your products regularly. This is Number1 for a reason, this is the most ignored part of

ANY network marketing business. How do youexpect your business to succeed if you will noteven use your own products? It does seem sillyto even have to bring this up, but there are manywho are not using their own products, and wonderwhy they are not making any money. Make acommitment to use your products for a year, andsee where your business goes.2. Educate yourself constantly. This is veryimportant! You must rid yourself of negativeideas, sometimes referred to as \"stinkin thinkin\".This can be done in a variety of ways. Irecommend reading at least 15 minutes a day, buttry to shoot for 30. Business and self-helpbooks are a great way to start. Don't forget yourMulti-level magazines, as they are full of tipsand advice. Lastly, listen to cassette tapes onmulti-level tips from top earners in yourbusiness.3. Spend as much time as possible with your

upline. Your upline should have only one goal inmind, To Help You Succeed! They are a vast sourceof knowledge and information. Mingle with topdistributors in your group, or other groups, andask how they made it. Most everyone should bemore than happy to provide you with excellent tipsand advice.4. Present your products and marketing planpersonally to at least one person daily.Remember above when I said you are going to haveto work, well here it is. Now here is the key, theprospects to whom you present your plan, do nothave to be yours personally. Show the plan foryour downline, and not only will you create\"security\" by placing members in your downlines'downline, it will also give you a boost in yourpersonal income! I can guarantee if you were tofollow this rule for 6 months, you would createa downline with enough width and depth to createan income to sustain you and your family for life.

5. Care for your downline. An entire book can bewritten on this topic. Usually, it's the littlethings that show you really care. Try tomaintain regular contact, and always praise yourdistributor's accomplishments. You can evenoffer incentives for specific achievements, suchas money, travel, recognition, or other rewards,to help motivate your group.6. Duplicate yourself by making distributorsindependent of you. This will help to multiplyyour time, thus making you and your group moreeffective. Always lead by example. Never stoprecruiting, training and retailing. Rememberthe KISS formula - \"Keep It Simple, Sweety\" I know,I know, I changed the last word, but it maintainsthe meaning. This can be done my conductingsimple, brief, yet dramatic presentations, andteaching your downline to do the same.7. Create a large customer base. This is anotherlargely ignored, yet very important, piece of

your network marketing business. Many try sohard to build a huge downline, that they forgethow much profit they could also make by sellingtheir products to retail customers. Some peoplewill just not want to become part of your downline,no matter how great a product/system you may have.This does not mean they will not be personallyinterested in your product. Try to make everyoneyour customer. Once you earn their trust, theywill come to you more, and perhaps even join yourdownline later. Always \"leave the door open\", aspeople's needs do change.8. Focus on your customers needs. You must givecustomers more than they expect, and alwayssatisfy your customers complaints immediately.Try to listen 80% of the time, and talk only 20%.As stated above, your customers can be a hugesource of future referrals and/or business. Youmust earn and maintain their trust. Once youhave their trust, you can always ask for referrals,which leads to even more business and a larger

downline.9. Set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals- and Write Them Down! You may have heard theexpression, \"How do you eat an elephant? Onebite at a time.\" Breaking up a larger goal intosmaller easily attainable goals, is the key tosuccess. You cannot just jump to the end, youhave to make progress everyday. Writing themdown is another largely ignored, important tip tohelp you succeed. A goal is just a \"passingthought\", or \"wish\" until you put it in writing.That is when it becomes concrete and real. It isalso a great idea to keep a business journal ofyour daily activities, as it will help you tobecome more productive and time-conscious.10. Get Out There And Do It Now! All of theknowledge in the world is useless andunprofitable, until you put the most importantingredient of them all in place. This \"secret\"ingredient should come as no surprise at all, but

this is the #1 reason for failure at anything inlife. It is ACTION! Remember, knowledge isuseless without action.Following these steps will almost give youimmediate results. Thank you for reading this,and I truly hope this has provided you withvaluable information to help you and yourbusiness grow and succeed.

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