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Kids Naturally Magazine Spring 2015

Published by AthenaDing1, 2015-10-27 02:06:14

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Spring 2015www.kidsnaturally.cabeatingspringallergiesnaturally!chores vs. OILS w~ Mithusntattruyr!al SPF how to get your kids to help outPOOP?How’s your (Yes, it’s ok to talk about it!)

• Oakville’s largest kids consignment sale!• Spring / Summer clothes, baby gear, toys, furniture and more!• Newborn to age 12• More info at:

10 IN THIS ISSUE 12 6 | Getting on the Right Path16 Where should I start? 8 | Simplicity Parenting Behaviour is all about chatting 10 | Beating Spring Allergies Here’s how to do it naturally 12 | Chores vs. Electronics If they want it, they must work for it 14 | How’s your Poop? Here’s why it looks like that 16 | How much Sleep is Enough? Kids not sleeping enough? 17 | Wood & Sand in my Fast Food? The ingredients may surprise you 18 | Natural SPF in Oils 19 | The New Face of Fibre It sure has come a long way baby! 22 | Dinner with the Farmer’s Daughter Experience true farming, first hand 26 | Earthing: Unlock your body’s healing powers 28 | Budgeting: Why it Matters 29 | Free Math Help is Here! 30 | ONLINE STUFF See what’s been happening! Spring 2015 3

Join our Mission! Less electronics. More outdoor play. No junk food required!Spring 2015 – Volume 1, Number 4 More clean, home cooking. More quality time, together.Kids, Naturally! is published four times per year: Spring (March, April, May) /KidsNaturally Summer (June,wJwuwly.s,iAlvuergguosldtm) Why It Matters Fall (September, October, November) WinterSP(DRIeNcGem20b1e5r•, VJoalunmuea8ryN,uFmebebrr4uary) 75% of parents NEVER spend any leisure time outdoors Silver and GoldPSpMurabingglaiz–sinhMeeaisrrcph&ub/ lEAispdhreiidlt/ofoMru:arytimes per year: SSuuzmamnenr –eJuSnoet/oJu-lDy /aAvuigeust The average parent spends 2.2 hours a day with their children Fall – September / October / November 25% of parents never teachPLUMS emloisnWsthTaliynhBteie-sarnee–iwsrDs;sleueScteetteme’rspb–echrroae/annJcathineriuniagbDryouov/tedForeir1bes0rru,:0,a0Rr0yHsuNbs;cribers their children how to cook JackPlyunbliFsheernr a&nEddeitzo,rH: N; 92% of kids say theySuzanne SPoator-uDlavFieesrriseu,[email protected], sDilvCerHgoMld; would rather spend time with friends thanCaroline FarquhaAr,dRveHrNtis, iBngA; Judi Remigio;Suzanne Soto-Davies [email protected] watching TV Mark Jenkyns Canadian kids (grades 6-12) AdvertisCinongtrRibautetosrs& Info: spend 7 hours and 48 minutesRita BeneSdeuttzoa, Dnrn. eChSaroletnoe-BDraanvnoiens, J:ac9k0lyn5-F2er2na0n-d0ez7, A6n2gela Goldrup, per day in front of screens Bob HaPwaukslieuntszt,[email protected],,eVDraelgebrooierladJhomnSeeasig,geElaj,aOzziNlngaaedS.ehceeamwcMhAu,nC,FP, CLU, SuzanMneaSroktoJ-Deanvkieys,nTsre: v9o0r T5r-o5w2er0, -M6a9ria2n1ne Vogel. 65% of kids 18 and younger don’t know how to boil an egg [email protected] Nearly half of a family’s meals are Silver and Gold Magazine* fast food, frozen, delivery or take outPublished by SKilviedrsa,nNd GaotuldrPaulblylis!hiinsg,paudbivlisisiohneodf 2b11y3801 Ontario Inc. The proportion of kids who play SilverP.O&.MGBoaoxill:d8S0i0Plv2eu6r,baBlnuidsrlhiGnigontlodgnP,,uOablNidshiivLn7igsL, i6oBn1 of outside after school has dropped 14% 2113P8h0on1eO90n5t-2a2r0i-o07I6n2c. [email protected] Mail: PO TBe*oTPlrerxianpd8tweeh0mwdowa0innr.k2sCeil6ova:fen,9r2aBgd10oa1ul35drI8m-Sl0iS2an1Ng2gaO0z1tin9no-t1e0an3.rc-7iao1O62I3n2N2c. L7L6B1 Email: [email protected] YES! DPirsotruibdulytiopnri/nSteudbsicnripCtaionnasda! Cadounlttrsosllheodpc, iprclauylaatIniSodnSwaNot rkk1e9,ya1rn3edt-ab1iyl2ar3ned2sidseernvtiicael mpoaiilndtselwivheeryre. Also available by subscription in print and online. YeTarhlyeprfinint seubpscrriinpttio~nsO$2u5r.9P3 o(inlcicluideinsg:HST). N©oCpoSapbpreytcysiuarolbigfoscnhtrlhiitnpiets2ioe0npdi1rtu5eiobqnuSleimicslatvaytetoiinr:[email protected]&deolvdPridmeueapobgarfleziosiandtheuu.ircneacsg,e.d or coSpilvieedr awndithGoouldt Pouubrlipshriinogr Pcoolnicsieesnt.Adve©rCtiospeymrigehtn2t0s15dSoilvneroatndimGopldlyPurbelicshoinmg, ma deivnisdioantoifon2113w8oi0t1hroOeutnntpdarrioioorrIswnecr.mitNteeonnpcator,ntusoenfnttlhebissyspSuilcbvelliecraaatnirodlnyGmsoatldyabPteuebrdleis.phriondg.uced ASilrvetricalnedsGaorldednoeostnomt eimapnlytreincoamnmyenwdaatioyntoor ernedporlasecmeentof anympreodduicctaolrasdervviicceea.dvOerntilsyeda, ulnilcesesnostheedrwhisee aclletahrly stated.practitioner cPanrivaadcyviPsoeliycyou on healthIndmiviadutatles rwsh.oIfcoynotauct hSialvvereanad hGeoaldltehlecctroonniccaellyrnw,ill beauptroommaotticioanllpys lpaeduadrpesodesteovs ioosunirltyc.yoYonotuuacrmt adliysotofcpottrooeuvret. nattsaonry special time.WaenJdgouwaiinrllanbUteesen!einiCtfhooerrmnsatotrlidoibnnuorertceper!iovePvdidawerdtillitcobeiapnkyaeoptnteep!reilvsaet.eWe’re always interested in connecting withindividufaaclesbwoohko.cobmel/iesivlveerinanodugor lmdmisasgiaozninaendwould like to take part in making our world [email protected] Drop us a line! McDougalls Flour study + “Life at Home in the 21st Century”, UCLA +Statistics Canada + Active Healthy Kids Canada + Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute.4 /KidsNaturally

Why It MattersI like to think we are a little different than other parentingmagazines: We don’t just focus on new toys and trends,but we focus on giving parents the guidance and tipsthey need in order to raise healthier kids. More consciousof the time spent together. And more aware of how thistime will affect their futures.When we were approached by the Sound of MusicFestival (Canada’s largest!) to join them in turning their‘family zone’ around, I was thrilled! They too believe in themission we have, and it’s truly an honour. So you probablywon’t see so many inflatables and junk foods there, butmore true family support, back-to-the-roots goodness.Can’t wait!So if you like what we’re writing about, tell us! Like us,poke us, write to us or call. Participate. Contribute. Isthere a topic you’d like to write about? Are there newsyou’d like to share? Cool events you’ve heard of?Kids Naturally is really about community, because it’s truethat it takes a whole village to support a family.Happy Spring! Enjoy this issue;Suzanne Soto-DaviesFounder & [email protected] 2015 5

getting on the rightAs a Holistic Nutritionist, I have often 3 Time to shop. For real goodies.been asked, “Where do I start in order If you have goodies that areto offer my kids the healthiest possible actually good, and they’relifestyle?” available to kids in a cupboard they have access to, they willIt’s not easy, with so much conflicting eat them. Always keep in mindinformation and so many opinions out that with every good item youthere – especially online. buy, you’ll be making a world of difference in your child’s health.Bottom line is, you have to start withsmall steps. Baby steps. And any 4 Get cookin’change you decide upon has to work for You don’t have to makeyou comfortably before you implement elaborate meals. You just haveanother change in your household. to pick a time of the week (like Saturday afternoon) to prepareHere are some tips to get you started: snacks and meals ahead of time.1 It’s OK to say ‘NO’ Ideas for your ‘cooking day’ If your child asks if they can have a treat, a chocolate bar, a In 2 hours you can make these bag of chips, you must learn to foods for the following week: almost immediately say NO. Be • Roasted sunflower seeds sure to follow with something • Blueberry muffins positive such as “but when we • Home made chicken noodle soup get home I will make you a fruit • Chicken salad for sandwiches bowl”, or “why don’t you have • Pot of rice with peas & corn these crackers instead?” • Prep salad for suppers • Gluten-free pancakes with fruit Children can be very persuasive • Oven-roasted sausages and persistent. Be strong, don’t • Steamed potatoes with butter get upset, and insist. • Fruit salad, yummy yummy (Recipes available on our website)2 Out of sight... Once and for all, clean out your cupboards! Get rid of all the junk. Don’t even think about it. You know it’s not good for them (or you), so dump it. Gone. Once that’s done, select an accessible cupboard where the kids will be allowed to pick the acceptable munchies and good snack choices that you will make and buy for them.6 /KidsNaturally

path CFeilnedbraOtiuntgWouhra1t0MthaykeaersoUf sprDovifidfienrgeenxtcefrlloenmcetihnedaRnecset!! – By Jacklyn Fernandez5 Reward the improvements Technical and creative excellence in a warm and Your kids will get to know the friendly environment for students age 3 to adult. new routines you’re forming and will respect you for them – Academy Director: Heidi Knapp no kidding –they will! Especially if you talk with them about Fellow and Examiner with The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing the benefits of these changes. Provide good rewards that they will be excited about, for example:• Friday movie night – have each of them choose a special Classical Ballet • Modern Theatre Dance/Jazz treat, or order a pizza, go out Tap • Musical Theatre & Acting • Hip Hop for a special dessert, etc.) 905.338.0210• Take them to the bookstore (or better yet, to the library) 785 Pacific Road, Unit 1, Oakvilleand have each of them pick abook to read. ad_quarter.indd 1 09/07/12 9:02 AM6 All together now. Thanks Dr. Philip! Kids love spending family time Registered Naturopathic Doctor together. They need it. And regardless of how exhausted • Anxiety parents are, you need family • Autism time too! Make time with your • ADHD kids by turning off the iPhones, • Eczema games and television, and just • Down Syndrome spending time together: • Digestive Issues • Teach your kids to play a card 20% DISCOUNT game like “Go Fish” Naturopathic appointment • Pick a board game and set for children aside even half an hour for it Dr. Philip Lee, BSc, ND • Buy a large canvas and paint it together Burlington Natural Health Centre 1066 Brant Street, Burlington • Teach your kids to cook something simple, like eggs! 905.634.8598 • All of you, take part in 5 minutes of stretching, or go for a walk together. Spring 2015 7

SimplicityParenting:All behaviouris communication – By Judi RemigioHere we are, trying to be the best A work book is used, with non-demandingparents that we can in a time when ‘homework’ that inspires hope. Parentsindependence is valued at a premium. and even their children when young, can feel despair due to exhaustion, whichDetached from the communities of can make their personal quirks shift overextended family from which our parents to disorders. In Simplicity Parenting, weand grandparents received their support, offer support to create “small, doablethe culture of parenthood today has changes” which decrease stress and shifttransformed. The practical capacities these disorders back to quirks, allowingpassed through the generations are now our genius to shine through. We supportshadows. We question our instincts for the parents in making and tracking theseraising children: changes around the children, creating a vehicle for transformation. What are our children asking of us? When we slow down, we can come closer How do we parent? together and deepen our relationships with each other. By simplifying, we How did our lives get so stressful? increase our children’s capacities for Why do our children feel overwhelmed and conflicted?If you too have this experience, welcometo the club!Enter Simplicity Parenting, a series ofstep-by-step classes where parents areintroduced to the basics of a simplerfamily life so that ideals, goals and dreamsmore closely align with their own reality.Here, we examine themes such asdecluttering our homes, rhythmicmoments for connection and calm,scheduling, and unplugging to reduceinfluences such as adult concerns,media and consumerism.8 /KidsNaturally

“We offer support to createsmall, doable changes which decrease stress.”getting along with others. We clear the Our path is unique, no longerspace for them to cultivate powers of determined by heredity, geologicalattention, healthy play, ease of transition, location or even ethnicity. But likeform deep relationships with others, and those who parented before us anddevelop personal expression. who strove to break free from their own tribal ties, we are raising ourBy working in small groups, the children during a time in which wesharing of stories awakens compassion have an opportunity to truly changeand interest, and helps to build trust. our approach to parenting, through theAlthough for some people it may be strength of our own individuality.difficult to speak into a group, therealization that we are not alone as Acting and thinking outside of the boxparents provides hope and courage to is par for the course for us. Findingpersevere and bring about change and like-minded parents is the oil in thesustainable transformation. machine. Strategies such as those presented in Simplicity Parenting, Simplicity Parenting is interested in become positive tools and the anchors the potential: What is going well? of our journey to be content individuals and united families.•Where there is dissatisfaction, how canwe harness the power of imagination ?Want to findto create a picture of how things willlook when they are much better? out more about SimplicityThe small, doable change is the Parenting?springing board from which we canshift our habits. By tracking our Judi Remigio, parentcommitment to living these changes, and child teacher atwe hold each other accountable and Halton Waldorf School,share in celebrations. Sometimes, we will host seven Simplicityalso share in each other’s glorious Parenting Gatherings ondefeats. Why is failure good? Because Wednesdays, 1-3pm.failure is a sign of our awareness, andall the little failures along the way help April 15 through to May 27us to evolve to get us where we needto go. in Burlington. Although we are surrounded by millions For more information, pleaseof people, it is easy to feel isolated, and contact Judi at:a bit of despair. We reach out to eachother through social media and find [email protected] with people we will, in alllikelihood, not often see in person. Itmay sound glum, yet this is a propercondition of our time. Spring 2015 9

BEATINGSpring Allergies, naturally! – By Parul Ferrie, BSc., DCHMSpring is finally here, and for millions of up in other ways. Dairy producesCanadians, so is allergy season. more mucous in the body, adding to the pre-existing symptoms ofIf you are looking for natural ways congestion. It’s important to get ato treat your allergies, Homeopathic food allergy screen through yourmedicine offers safe & effective natural health practitioner to helpsolutions. Common allergy symptoms you eliminate any offending foods.include sneezing with a runny nose,coughing, and/or red, itchy or watery 2) Vitamin D status: Allergies are aneyes. Triggers include pollen, dust, or overreaction of the immune system.weeds. Adequate vitamin D is essential for balanced immunity. Your doctor orBefore prescribing a remedy, I often natural health practitioner can orderevaluate my patients in the following this test for a minimal fee.ways: 3) Environment: Minimize exposure1) Food sensitivity: 75% of us don’t to pollen and dust in your home digest dairy products. We have by installing a high-efficiency either heard of, or know someone particulate air (HEPA) filter on your who has lactose-associated diarrhea. furnace. But, sensitivity to dairy can showDid You Know...?Dandelions are extremely good for your health!Leaves and flowers can be cosumed in salads, the rootcan be dried and ground up to make natural “dandelioncoffee”, and a slightly steamed leaf concoction canrelieve pain and inflammation for Eczema sufferers!In order to use and consume, plant in a separate planterand pick the leaves in early Spring and Fall, when theyare most tender and not so bitter. Always wash well.However... do not use if you are an allergy sufferer!10 /KidsNaturally

Hope for peanutallergy sufferers?DBV Technologies, a French biotech firm, hasdeveloped a patch to prevent allergic reactionsin peanut sufferers. The patch administers smallamounts of allergens to the skin, so over timethe immune system becomes used to peanuts.The patch is expected to be launched in themarket by 2017.There are several homeopathic bolster immunity on a deeper level,remedies that can help you manage thereby reducing allergic reactions andyour allergy symptoms naturally and overall flare-ups. •without side effects, when prescribedunder the guidance of your health Parul Ferrie is a Homeopath & Nutritionalcare practitioner. Here is a list of top Products Advisor practicing in Hamilton. She can5 remedies commonly used to treat be reached by phone at 905 524 1881 or online:allergies for adults & little ones: www.gojiberryhealthfoods.com1) Allium Cepa – patient has a clear, Drop in bland or acrid discharge from the to WIN! nose, itchy and watery eyes, and sneezing. The FIRST 8 PEOPLE to bring this ad will2) Euphrasia – will treat allergy win a free box of Boiron Sabalia! symptoms that are predominantly in the eyes such as redness, burning, or Location: stinging. Goji Berry Health Foods 944 King St. West, Hamilton3) Apis Mellifica – will treat burning and itching in the eyes, nose or throat, with swelling as the dominant symptom. Sabalia relieves symptoms caused by4) Bromelain – the enzyme derived seasonal allergies (hay from the pineapple fruit, can reduce fever and pollen) and inflammation in the nasal passages environmental allergens and help you breathe better. (dust, mold and animal hairs), such as sneezing,5) Sabalia – made by Boiron runny nose, itchy, watery Laboratories, is a combination eyes, and scratchy homeopathic product used to treat throat. Non-drowsy, mild to moderate allergy symptoms. antihistamine-free and pseudoephedrine-free.In order for intake the proper dosage,consult with a homeopath or naturopath. Expires: April 30, 2015Classical Homeopaths also offerconstitutional treatment, which helps Spring 2015 11

chores electronics vs. – By Suzanne Soto-DaviesStatistics show that Canadian kids If you want it,(grades 6-12) spend 7 hours and 48 you must work for it.minutes per day in front of screens.Whose fault is this? Here are some tips for having the ‘chore conversation’ with your kids:Parents are struggling with keeping up,juggling between working at home and 1. If you spend an hour on electronicsout of home. It’s time to change how a day, you will spend an hour doingthings work around the house! chores per day.Having the kids involved in household 2. If you want the WiFi password, youchores is not only good for them, but will have to complete your choresnecessary. It’s part of healthy parentingto teach children how to clean, fix, shop 3. Aside from your daily chores (cleaningand cook. This does not only relieve the bedroom, lunch bag, putting toys away,amount stress parents feel but it helps etc.), here’s a list of ‘special chores’children become self-sufficient adults. which you must complete before Friday, in order to have a weekend free It’s too much work to teach of chores. them, I may as well do it myself as I can do it faster. 4. I want to spend some more time with you; if you help me do some of these89% of parents have said this to chores we can do that (or go out, etc.)themselves at some point, yet mostcontinue to pay for their kids’ cell The Special Chore listphone usage, or allow for them toplay countless hours on electronic (dependent upon age/maturity level)games and watch television, withoutrepercussion. • Clean the doggy-do outsideHelp your children understand that • Fold cleaned laundry/pair socksthey are part of the family – thismeans they must also do their part • Plan and make one meal per weekfor the household to function. No (great for teenagers, meal can be easy)‘weekly allowance’ should be neededhere, as they should also be taught • Water the plants/fill with fresh soilto appreciate the work parents do athome without pay, plus what they • Empty dishwasher (take turns withalready spend on their kids. other kids at home) Make one big list and have kids pick the chore they’re most comfortable with. Then make a chart. And be sure you take time to spend with them after, rather than taking on more work! •12 /KidsNaturally

cedar kidsnaturally mar015_Layout 1 2015-03-10 12:58 PM Page 1$$$ $$$ One ENTIRE SUMMER atWeekend Cedar Springs atGreat WolfSumm=er MembershipsLodge NOW AVAILABLE OPEN24 Hours FOR STUDENTS, ADULTS AND FAMILY Membership includes: Basketball Gymnasium Fitness Equipment Fitness Classes for whole family Indoor/outdoor Water Parks Pay as you play tennis UPGRADE TO INCLUDE: RACQUETBALL, BADMINTON & SQUASH960 Cumberland Ave., Burlington 905-632-4800

Poop?How’s your – By Stephanie Dodier, RHNOur poop is a direct reflection on the Should it smell?status of our health. Do you look atyour poop before flushing the toilet? If you are leaving a “foul” smell behindDo you know how many times a day you; if you have to start the fan after theor week you poop? What does it smell “bomb”; your partner or kids want tolike? Do you see food particles in your die when they walk into the bathroompoop? Do you have gas? after you’re done – then let me say that’s not a good sign! It shouldn’tTo explore these questions we must smell anything particularly disastrous…first start by looking at the “end” resultin the toilet bowl. So when you do have What should it look like?a look, compare it to the chart on theopposite page. Then let’s have a closer Have a look at the Bristol Stool Scalelook at your health: to the right.Examine your poop Type 1: This first poop illustrates constipation.Have you looked at your poop in the These little lumps may look friendly,last 24 hours? Did you even poop in but they require a lot of straining. Thisthe last 24 hours? For many people it is constipation is typically caused by anan absolutely abnormal, awkward and imbalanced diet lacking of fruits andbizarre concept to be looking at their vegetables, fibre and water, and apoop. Well, rest assured you are not diet high in animal proteins, fats andalone. processed foods. May also be enhanced by stress, medications, allergies orNow let me share this with you: Once long-term laxative start to understand the impactpoop has on your health, you will Type 2:never, ever flush again without looking! Just like Type 1, an imbalanced diet isWe have been taught by society that usually the case. This poop is typicallytalking about poop is wrong and heavy and may sink right to the bottomimpolite, but how about if we think of of the bowl, after much strain andit this way: Is talking about your health effort.wrong and impolite?? Type 3:The basics This poop is much healthier than the two above, and quite typical of thoseWe should all have a bowel movement on a balanced vegetarian diet. It slides(a fancy way of saying poop) daily, easily without leaving marks or strongat a minimum. Anything less than smells.once a day is a sign that somethingis disconnected between your mouth Printbatohutrooamfnadfmorpiloytsthteionwrhetaholdee!and your rectum. The longer the timebetween each bowel movement, the /KidsNaturallybigger the concerns.14

Bristol Stool Scale (AKA: Poo Chart) This chart is a medical aid designed to classify human feces into seven categories. Sometimes referred to as the “Meyers Scale”, it was developed by Dr. Ken Heaton at the University of Bristol and was first published in 1997.Type 1 Separate, hard lumps, like rabbit poop (hard to pass).Type 2 Sausage-shaped, quiteType 3 lumpy, difficult to pass.Type 4Type 5 Like a sausage but withType 6 some cracks on its surface.Type 7 Typical of vegetarian diets. Perfection! Like a snake, smooth and soft to pass. This is what you’re aiming for. Soft blobs with clear-cut edges, passes easily. Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool. Like refried beans. No solid pieces whatsoever. Very liquid. Illustrations: Kyle Thompson

Type 4: such as food poisoning, intolerances,This is the optimal poop! Slides easily parasitic invasions, antibiotic use,without having to strain, push too hard, laxative abuse, Anorexia, Bulemiaor wait too long. Typical of individuals and other bad diet habits. It requireson a well-balanced diet including a much rest, water, and may requiresmall amount of high-quality animal consultation with a health careproteins. practitioner.Type 5: Next…This is a very common form of poopin the North American diet, due to the What can you do to improve yourhigh content of greasy and fatty foods, poop? If you need help in planning outalcohol consumption and canned fruits. a proper diet that will not only improveIt’s foul smelling and usually leaves skid your digestive system but also yourmarks on its way out. overall health, consider speaking to a Registered Holistic Nutritionist likeType 6: myself. Together, we can resolve manyUsually comes with urgency and is of your family’s health issues!•contains undigested pieces of food.Looks like refried beans and may come Stephanie Dodier is a Holistic Nutritionist, Holisticwith much gas and stomach pains, and Lifestyle Coach, Biosignature Practitioner,usually lighter in colour. Corporate Speaker, GAPS practitioner, Whole Food and Ancestral Diet educator. She has beenType 7: on her very own challenging health journeyNeeds no explanation. This is Diarrea – visit her site! www.stephaniedodier.comand may be associated with illnesses Facebook/StephanieDodiernutrition Lack of sleep = Food cravingsResearchers found that people who sleep less than they need to, typicallyexperience an increase in appetite. This sleep deprivation tends to lead to foodcravings, particularly for sweets and starchy foods because your brain is fuelledby glucose (blood sugar).When lack of sleep occurs, your brain becomes desperate for carbohydrates inorder to keep going throughout the day. Eventually, giving in to these cravingsguarantees weight gain – including to children. How much sleep do children need? Although everyone’s sleep requirements are different depending upon age, activity level, stress and other health factors, children need significantly more sleep than adults. Generally per night, experts recommend: • Toddlers (1-3 y/o): 12-14 hours • Pre-schoolers (3-5 y/o): 11-13 hours • School-aged (up to 12 y/o): 10-11 hours • Teens: About 9 hours16 /KidsNaturally

Wood & Sand inmy Fast Food??Caramel colouring Wood PulpIt’s not melted sugar like traditional Otherwise known as “cellulose”, woodcaramel. It’s actually synthetically pulp is used to thicken and stabilizemade by reacting sugars with ammonia foods, and provides some added fibre.and sulfites, – a process which has Feeling like a Beaver already? It’sbeen linked to thyroid issues, liver usually used as a cheaper alternative tosluggishness, Leukemia and even lung oils and flour. Oh yes, and also makescancer. In fact, the Centres for Science ice cream even creamier. May also beand Public Interest (CSPI) has it on called Carboxymethyl Cellulose, ortheir “list of additives to avoid”, stating Cellulose Gum. (Generally speaking, ifthere is clear evidence of it being a you cannot pronounce it, don’t eat it!).carcinogen. Regardless, many sweet & Otherwise, you can have a taste of it insour sauces still use it. Bon appetit! fast food’s popcorn chicken, frosty’s, or nacho chips.MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Feathers and Human Hair?You thought it was gone? And especiallytaken off Chinese food menus? Wrong. Also called “L-cysteine”, this aminoIt’s used as a flavour enhancer and acid is made of duck feathers and(or)seasoning agent in many (most) fast human hair, and it’s used as a ways tofood joints, just called something improve the texture of baked goods.different. It can cause headaches, No it will not harm you, but it’s just…nausea and weakness, even chest gross. Next time, think twice beforepains. It’s usually disguised as a yeast ordering a fast food ‘Apple Pie’.extract, or many of the ingredients thatinclude the word “hydrolyzed” –  such Dimetylpolysiloxaneas most chicken nugget recipes, frenchfries and even in pizza. Can you say that ten times fast? It’s a type of silicone used to keep oil inSand the deep fryers foaming, which we suppose it makes it last longer. Yum.Otherwise known as Silicon Dioxide or And it’s also used in silly putty, makeupSilica, is often used as an anti-caking and industrial oils. And in most fastagent in many fast food meat-based food french fries, fish sandwiches, andproducts such as chili and processed nuggets. Doesn’t that make up for abeefs. Funny enough (well, not really) happy meal?... Anyone?’s also used in ceramics, cement, andpackaging items to prevent mildew. If you can’t pronounce it,Think twice next time before having a don’t eat food chain’s Chili Salad! Spring 2015 17

don’t getBurned!These natural oils provide natural sunscreen options and may be purchased onlinethrough sites such as, or ordered through your local health food/vitamin store under the “essential oils” section. Some may even be purchased inlarger quantities. Check our website for recipe: www.kidsnaturally.caCarrot Seed Raspberry SeedOil: SPF 40 Oil: SPF 30Wheatgerm Avocado Oil: Soya BeanOil: SPF 20 SPF 15 Oil: SPF 10 Other good sources for natural SPF protection include: Coconut Oil: SPF 8 Olive Oil: SPF 8 Macadamia Nut Oil: SPF 6 Almond Oil: SPF 5 Jojoba Oil: SPF 5! IMPORTANT! Be sure to take precautions and buy the highest quality oils available – not only because many will be absorbed by your skin and digested through your organs, but also because natural oils oxidize over time (lose their efficiency). Always test before use to ensure they work well for you and no allergic reactions occur. Most oils will need to be reapplied after exercise, sweating and swimming.18 /KidsNaturally

Fibre has had a facelift!We’ve all heard of the wonderful benefits – By Caroline Farquhar, R.H.N., B.A.of fibre, but did you know that sometypes of fibre are better than others? The reality is that most people do not eat a proper diet including enoughWhen most people think of fibre fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains.supplements, they envision the gritty Over time, this leads to a build up oforange-flavoured powder that is found undigested food in the intestinal tractin many people’s medicine cabinets. and colon which ferments, putrefiesThe good news is that there are better and becomes toxic. These toxinsoptions for increasing your fibre intake. seep into the bloodstream and lead to poor health and chronic disease. AThere are two types of fibre: soluble low fibre diet can also contribute toand insoluble. Think of the common constipation, some cancers, and hashousehold cleaning sponge – soluble even been linked to obesity.fibre is the yellow sponge side, as itabsorbs excess toxins, lowers cholesterol It is recommended that peopleand balances blood sugar. Insoluble consume 25-35 grams of fibre dailyfibre is like the green scrubby side – It for optimal health, but the average‘scours’ the intestinal tract and colon Canadian gets less than 15 grams! Thisclean. Both types are essential for good is why adding a fibre supplement tohealth and found in a balanced diet. your everyday routine is advised.Easy Fibre Tips: look online• Shred some brussel sprouts in your salads• Instead of the usual mashed potatoes side dish, try mashed parsnips combined with sweet potato• Add finely minced raw broccoli in your salad• When’s the last time you poached a pear in the oven? Get our 15-minute, easy Naturally sweet, and full of fibre! Red Lentil recipe online:• Next time you cook up some chicken soup, add in a handful of Quinoa• When cooking rice, combine finely chopped carrots and quick red lentils• Add a tablespoon of flax seeds to your cereal. They may also be ground and kept in the fridge for freshness• Avocados may be used to replace any fats (butter, oils) in a dessert recipe, plus they’re packed with fibre• Rather than spending $3 on a bag of fried chips, spend it on raspberries, which are naturally full of fibre Spring 2015 19

5 compelling reasons to eat loTserywineigghtto?more fibre 5 Fibre helps to control appetite, Fibre is essential for healthy bowel making weight loss easier: It function and will improve bowel helps to physically fill you up movements. As fibre passes by expanding in your stomach, through the bowel it absorbs creating more volume. It also stimulates the production of the1 water and increases the bulk of satiety hormone, cholecystokinin the waste matter. It also softens (CCK), which sends the message the bowel movement making it “I am full, put down the fork!” The easier to pass. This makes fibre ability of fibre to stabilize blood key to eliminating constipation. sugar levels also helps to control cravings and hunger.2 Fibreplaysalargeroleinmanaging Diabetes. Fibre slows down the Choose the right option for conversion of carbohydrates to your family sugar, slowing down glucose absorption and stabilizing insulin. There are many different options when It also increases insulin sensitivity, shopping for a fibre supplement, so it which is the measure of how well can be confusing to choose the right cells respond to insulin. one.3 Fibre helps to maintain healthy Many of the fibre supplements on the cholesterol levels by lowering market are psyllium-based which some LDL cholesterol (the “bad” people find harsh and constipating. cholesterol) and increasing HDL, Psyllium is 97% soluble fibre and or “good” cholesterol levels. It absorbs 40 times its weight in water. also helps to inhibit production of Psyllium can absorb most of the free triglycerides by the liver. water in the colon, which leaves it dehydrated and constipated.4 Fibre can help protect against heart disease and stroke. This A gentler option is flaxseed or acacia seems to be because of its positive fibre. These forms of fibre will absorb effect on cholesterol, circulating excess cholesterol and toxins and blood sugar and blood pressure. creates proper bulk in the colon Studies show that for every 10 without dehydrating it. grams of fibre you consume daily, your risk of heart attack may drop Regardless of your age, a diet rich in by about 14%. Those 10 grams of dietary fibre has far reaching benefits. fibre may also reduce the overall Consider adding this superstar to your risk of dying from some form of daily routine today, in order to begin cardiovascular disease, including feeling its many benefits tomorrow! • stroke, by 27 percent! Caroline Farquhar, RHN, specializes in digestive care and cleansing, and has been lecturing and educating the public on how to achieve better health. Caroline also teaches at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.20 /KidsNaturally

fibreWhich is right for you? Choose FibreSMART if you: • Are looking for the “Gold Standard” in a fibre supplement for daily use. • Are doing a whole body or candida/parasite cleanse. • Suffer from digestive disorders such as IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Colitis and Constipation. Choose Organic Clear Fibre if you: • Have elevated blood cholesterol levels. • Are diabetic (either Type 1 or 2) or trying to lose weight. • Suffer from diarrhea. Choose Fibre-Tastic if you: • Are looking for a fibre supplement that the whole family will love. Fibre-Tastic can be used by children over the age of 4. It tastes delicious and mixes well.Available wherever natural health products are sold.To learn more, please visit

Dinner with the Farmer’s Daughter – By Melissa Baer, “The Farmer’s Daugher”I host Dinners With The Farmer’s create. The sense that the outdoors isDaughter – an experience where you my pantry and refrigerator, that greathave the opportunity to tour around a food is abundant, and optimal health areal working farm, no caution fences, realistic and accessible 25 cents to feed the donkeys or“don’t stick your fingers through the The participants generally come fromfence” type situations. Here, you get to the city or urban centres and are abe up close and personal with all the little timid at first, since it’s usuallyfarm animals. one person who organizes a group of willing or semi-willing participants. It is my experience that laughter is themissing ingredient in our food and our They get out of their cars in what ishealth. definitely not farm-wear. I try to set them at ease, but the energy is veryThese dinners started because I wanted wary at the beginning. We tour aroundto share my love of the animals and the to see beef cows grazing in the grassconnection I feel with the food I get to and little baby calves running full tilt,22 /KidsNaturally

See the difference a truly holistic education makes Quietly Revolutionizing Education Halton Waldorf School aims to:• Educate the whole child: head, heart and hands.• Integrate a rigorous academic education with artistic and hands-on learning.Waldorf education anticipates and responds to the developmentalneeds of the child. Our confident, resilient graduates have a strongsense of self and passion for learning. Parent & Child Program (12m – 3 yrs) Preschool (3 - 4 years) Kindergarten (4 – 6 years) ~ Grades 1 – 8 OPEN HOUSE ~ April 18th, 10am - 1pm All welcome! 905-331-4387 CELEBRATING 30 YEARS AS AN ACCREDITED, INDEPENDENT, NON-PROFIT ALTERNATIVE.

I have a theory that each one of us has a part in us that wants to be close to our food, close to animals and to nature. It’s amazing to see how a baby calf can de-armour even some of the manliest men.with tails in the air making circles We cannot force it, we must ask. It feelsaround their mothers. This usually like an honour to have a horse trust youbreaks down a little tension because enough to eat straight from the palmsomeone inevitably giggles at the sight. of your hand. I have a theory that each one of us After the horses come the chickens.has a part in us that wants to be close These little guys are spunky. I alwaysto our food, close to animals and to think that they are maybe the leastnature. It’s amazing to see how a baby exciting part of the tour. Almost alwayscalf can de-armour even some of the I am proven wrong! By the end of themanliest men.  chicken portion of the evening people are chatting and laughing and gigglingThen we venture to the horses. and asking questions. Although we don’t use the horses forwork on the farm, they are magnificent Next we move into milk some cows andcreatures that put us in our place. this is always the clincher! SometimesThey make us realize that we must people are nervous at first. The conceptwork in harmony with things like our that an animal that weighs over 1000environment. pounds could be trusted to stand stalk24 /KidsNaturally

still while you milk her is a concept Join us at this year’sbeyond many people’s comprehension. Nervous laughter ensues and most Sound of Musicpeople give it a shot. The milking of Festivalthe family cow is often the closest andmost intimate most people have ever “Kids Naturallybeen with such a large animal.  Children’s Village”Once we finally sit down for dinner there and join the healthyis camaraderie and playfulness that parenting movement!only farm air can really bring out. Theusual farm jokes and the awe-inspired June 20-21, 2015discussion of everyone’s experiencesfollow. The questions abound at this Interested in a BOOTH atpoint. The energy is buzzing andtangible. Appetizers are served, then the Kids Naturally Children’s Village?another round, followed by salad, main Contact us!course, and dessert. Everyone is fullof nourishment, and of connection. 905.220.0762You can see the sense of satisfaction or email Michelle:reflected in their eyes. There is a [email protected] dull roar of conversation,with nobody really making the firstmove to leave. The crickets are singingand the stars shining bright as the nightturns cooler. I head in to start dishes,my soul satisfied in a way that couldonly come from sharing this love affairI have with food, animals and the land. Laughter burns calories, laughtercreates connection. But food is somuch more than calories or fuel – it isconnection; it is community and it isa special experience. I wonder whatwould happen if we laughed more whilewe ate, if we cherished each other moreover a wonderfully prepared meal? I wish you lots of great belly laughs asthe warmer weather approaches! •Melissa Baer considers herself to be “just a girl,who happened to be blessed to grow up onan Organic Grass Fed, nutrient-dense focusedfarm.” She is also an educator, consultant,marketer and writer, out of Kitchener/ Spring 2015 25

Earthing how walking barefoot unlocks your body’s natural healing abilities - By Jacklyn FernandezEvery modern method of alternative every nook and cranny of your body.medicine talks about “energy”, When you’re grounded there’s aalthough they may use different words transfer of free electrons from theto describe it. But what is this “energy” Earth into your body, and these freeyou keep hearing about? electrons are probably the most potent antioxidants known to man.The concept of Earthing, or grounding,has turned up some very interesting But Earthing is not hogwash, it’s actualyand compelling information about how science. Dr. James Oschman – an expertthe energy from the Earth can help in the field of energy medicine, with ayou live a healthier life. Simply stated, Bachelor’s Degree in Biophysics and aEarthing is the act of walking barefoot, PhD in Biology from the University ofgrounding your body to the Earth. Pittsburgh, has provided the basis of the studies of Earthing for the purposePeople have always known that of this article: walking barefoot feels good. “Even the slightest bump can causeHowever there is now scientific the immune system immediately togroundwork for understanding respond by sending white blood cells towhat actually occurs when you the place of injury… Inflammation, which in medicine is considered an important walk barefoot: part of the healing process, is really an artifact caused by lack of electrons inYour skin in general is a very good your tissues,” explains Dr. Oschman.conductor, and for acupuncturists inparticular there is an especially potent This “grounding” research has discoveredpart of the body that is right in the that if you place your bare feet on themiddle of the ball of your foot, known ground after an injury, electrons willas Kidney 1 (K1). This spot conductively migrate into your body and spreadconnects to all o the acupuncture through your tissues. Any free radicalsmeridians, which in turn connect to that leak into the healthy tissue will be26 /KidsNaturally

Show us your toes to WIN!Share a photo of your bare feet on ourFacebook page, and you’ll be entered for achance to win great prizes ~ includingthis awesome children’s book!Enter between March 15 and April 30, 2015 Filled with earthing ideas, inspirational artwork, a lyrical text for younger children and informative text boxes for older children, From the Ground Up is a picture book that doesn’t just entertain... it actually facilitates true healing!immediately electrically neutralized. which has a profound impact onThis occurs because the electrons are cardiovascular disease. Through anegative, while the free radicals are method called “zeta potential”, itpositive: cancelling each other out. has been determined that when you ground to the Earth your zeta potential“So really what is happening with rises, which means your red blood cellsEarthing is that you’re protecting your have more charge on their surface,body from collateral damage – damage forcing them apart from each otherthat takes place because we have and thus causing your blood to thindisconnected ourselves from the Earth and flow easier. It also causes yourby putting rubber and plastic on the blood pressure to drop!bottoms of our shoes.” The ideal location to walk barefootThe many benefits of Earthing is on or near the ocean water, as sea water is a great conductor. Also, sinceOne of the theories about Earthing is your body contains mostly water, itthat it occurs because of accumulative creates a good connection.damage to your body caused by freeradicals caused when you get an injury, A close second would be a grassyby chronic inflammation, from the food area, especially if it’s covered withyou eat, or breathing poluted air, etc. fresh morning dew. According to Dr.The body has been proven to collect Oschman, concrete is a good conductorand store electrons, so that if you go as well, for those city or urban dwellersbarefoot you will take in electrons and surrounded by asphalt and concrete,your body will have them available as long as the concrete has not beenat any point in time where you might sealed or painted.have an injury or begin with disease. Being barefoot outdoors is one of theEarthing has the capability of thinning most inexpensive and powerful waysout your blood, making it less viscous, of incorporating Earthing into your daily life, and will also help speed up tissue repair and ease muscle pain.• Spring 2015 27

What do you know about budgets? Financial stress can not only affect your health but also your family’s.If you are like most Canadians, your budget as a PDF file or onto ayou do not have a household handy Excel sheet. Alternatively, youbudget. This can affect not only can just download the Excel file foryour ability to pay your bills and completing at your leisure.•unforeseen expenses, but it canalso prevent you from savingfor a large purchase like a newcar or a house. A little moneymanagement, however, can turnall that around.Knowing where to start is one ofthe largest hurdles to overcomewhen making a budget, so theFinancial Consumer Agencyof Canada has created a FREEBudget Calculator tool to help*On their website, you canenter the required information,including income, savings andexpenses. You will soon see whereyour money goes. It will also show youwhere to put more of your money soyou can reach financial goals. Oncedone, the tool also allows you to export*Google “Budget Calculator” or click HERE to link to it!28 /KidsNaturally

Tap reliableonline tutorsto helpwith mathhomework– By: newscanada.comHigh school students have a lot on their Offered by TVO, Homework Help isplate when it comes to figuring out an online math service that providestheir future. It can be overwhelming free, one-on-one tutoring by Ontario-to choose a direction while keeping certified teachers to Ontario studentsoptions open. in Grades 7 to 10. It includes 24/7 resources such as interactive videoThis can be further complicated for tutorials, listen-and-learn sessions thatstudents experiencing challenges in are developed by teachers and basedcore courses like math, a discipline that on classroom learning, and live one-is needed in an ever-increasing number on-one online chats with tutors Sundayof professions. For example, jobs in the through Thursday evenings.STEAM sector – Science Technology,Engineering, Arts (functional design) “The tutors were really helpful andand Mathematics – continue to expand. nice,” Alexandra notes. “Even if you’re stuck on a problem, they will explainFor Grade 10 student Alexandra, it a few times and will help you all theadjusting to high school math came way through to the end of the questionwith its share of difficulties. “In Grade to make sure you understand it. It made9, my math teacher noticed that I was me more confident in my classroom,struggling with some of the chapters because if I wasn’t clear on the lessons,we were learning,” Alexandra explains. I knew I could always go to the 24/7“So she suggested I check out an online resources and check out the videos,math tutoring service called Homework even when the tutoring chat was notHelp. My teacher had recommended it available. I would go home when I hadto other students and she saw them math homework and I would look forimproving, so I thought I would give it those resources.”•a try.” You can access this resource by clicking here: Spring 2015 29

MAY 31 2015 Use #carfreeappleby for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share your experience!

VISIT GREATER ROCHESTER, NYAAccTcceeHsssEsibibPlelEeRAAFffEffooCrrdTdaaGbblEeleTAEEnWnggAaagYgi!ninggDozens of family-friendly attractions! Greater Rochester is home to an incredible amount of family-friendly fun— • world-renowned museums with interactive exhibits • historic sites, theater, sporting events • picturesque parks • scenic outdoor settings, and so much more!TRoDopce-hFseTastetmiennraiislUytai.oSn. ! Your family will have a blast exploring our region, being active, learning, and spending time together! Your Funtastic getaway starts now ®2014 VisitRochester

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