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Ansar Issue 2 Complete (April-May 2016)

Published by Marvin E. Gillis, 2016-03-23 12:59:33

Description: Ansar Issue 2 Complete (April-May 2016)


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THE ANSARS - PAGE 2 2nd CEREMONIAL MASTER, Stan Harris (Jann) 521 N. Illinois St., Atwood, IL 61913 578-3890 MARSHAL, Rusty Petty (Tara) 145 N. Illinois, Springfield, IL 62702 741-9302 HONORARY MARSHAL, David Reynolds (Gloria) 2032 N. 7th St., Springfield, IL 62702 306-2648 CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD, Matt McClure 467 S. Durkin Dr., Springfield, IL 62704 836-0122 OUTER GUARD, Jason Cutright (Angie) 17607 Shady Lane, Petersburg, IL 62675 891-1624 HONORARY OUTER GUARD, Russ Bergin (Joann) 202 Chestnut, Danville, 61832 497-6209 DIRECTOR, Steve Guilliams (Jodee) THE ANSARS 11600 Mossy Cup Lane, Athens, IL 62613 636-8735 Published Bi-Monthly By Ansar Temple HONORARY DIRECTOR, Mike Cunningham (Janet) A.A.O.N.M.S. 2108 N. 9th, Springfield, IL 62702 652-7761 630 SO. 6th ST., SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS 62701 CHIEF OF STAFF, Wally Stutz, P.P. (Connie) Telephone Area Code 217, Phone 525-1771 Periodical Postage Paid at Springfield, IL. P.O. Box 99, Cisco, IL 61830 669-2332 The Ansars (USPS 026-660) POSTMASTER: Send address changes to MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN, Leonard Carroll (Candy) 630 So. 6th Street, Springfield, IL. 62701. 3418 W. Walker Road, Macon, IL 62544 433-8881 FEBRUARY-MARCH CIRCUS CHAIRMAN, Jason Cutright (Angie) Volume 74 - Number 1 17607 Shady Lane, Petersburg, IL 62675 891-1624 Devoted to promoting interests of Ansar Temple in particular and of ASST. CIRCUS CHAIRMAN, Mike Cunningham (Janet) Shrinedom in general. Forms close ten days before date of issue. 2108 N. 9th, Springfield, IL 62702 652-77612016 ANSAR SHRINE BOARD OF DIRECTORS ANSAR TEMPLE OFFICERS & ANSAR SHRINE BUILDING, INC. Ed Camacho, Chairman Gerry Williams • Richard Smith • Blaine Scott Robert Bollman, P.P. Terry L. Petty P.P. • Chuck McEvers, P.P.POTENTATE, Ed Camacho (Lori) BOARD OF GOVERNORS - ST. LOUIS HOSPITAL Alex Rabin • Chris Clem Mike Donaker, P.P. - Associate Member101 N. Bergman Dr., Thomasboro, IL 61878 898-9376 EDITOR, Terry Cutright, P.P. (Jane) 17201 Woodland Lakes Dr., Petersburg, IL 62675CHIEF RABBAN, Gerry Williams (Angie) 891-1305 [email protected] N. Elizabeth St., Spfld., IL 62702 753-0435ASSISTANT RABBAN, Richard Smith (Lynelle)931 Stevens Circle, Forsyth, IL 62535 521-2367HIGH PRIEST & PROPHET, Blaine Scott952 Oak Ave., Neoga, IL 62447 823-3693 GET THE WORD OUT!!ORIENTAL GUIDE, Sam McEvers (Jeanine) USE THE ANSARS AS YOUR VOICE!!P.O. Box 145. Bluffs, IL 62621 754-3454 2016 ANSARS DEADLINESTREASURER, Robert Bollman, P.P. (Janice) June - July • May 1, 2016 August - September • July 1, 20162071 Geary Rd., Cantrall, IL, 62625 487-7936 October - November • September 1, 2016 December - January • November 1, 2016RECORDER, Terry L. Petty P.P. (Susan)240 Yeoman Dr., Springfield, IL, 62704 787-05451st CEREMONIAL MASTER, Leonard Carroll (Candy)3418 W. Walker Road, Macon, IL 62544 433-8881

ANSARETTES REORGANIZED THE ANSARS - PAGE 3  The Ansarettes were orga- want in joining Ansrettes. bership then addressed all lone if you need more informa-nized in 1988 by then First We found they did not want these concerns. The mem- tion or would like to receiveLady, Muriel Runyen, whose to participate as the original bership was unanimous a schedule of the luncheons.spouse was 1988 Potentate, Ansarettes had been formed. in passing the following:   Any new widow wishingJames Runyen. She felt that The format was pretty much   As of Jan. 1, 2016, there will to join Ansarettes for the firstmany widows wanted to con- what they had participated be no by-laws to adhere to. time may do so by contactingtinue to support the Shrine in with other clubs and they The luncheons will be strictly any Ansarette they already areas much as they could, in the felt “they had already done for fun and socializing and for acquainted with or by con-ways their spouses had done this in their lives,” They now fellowship and supporting the tacting either Ruth or Ivalone.for so many years. With the wanted time for less obliga- Shrine Circus and the Chil- A membership applicationassistance of other widows at tions and time for just having dren’s Hospital by donations. form needs to be completedthat time, Ansarettes was cre- fun - with a “laid back” style The luncheons will be held on along with submitting a oneated with a catered lunch, a of luncheon with no by-laws, the second Thursday of each time check for $15.000 forplanned program, and then a etc., to follow, where you month at 11:30 a.m. at the Star processing to R. A. Bower,formal business meeting. For had to make reservations a Lite Cafe in Taylorville (aka 708 Virginia Ave., Taylorville,the most part, these past 27 week in advance, hold elec- the Round Table). The address IL 62568. All checks areyears, the Ansarettes met on tions of officers and commit- is 102 E. Park or Rt. 29 East. made payable to Ansarettesthe second Saturday of each tees and possibly having to   Each person attending or- and always indicate purpose.month at the Shrine Temple. serve in leadership roles. They ders from the menu, pays From Jan. 01, 2016 there  Many changes have taken wanted the weekends free to their own lunch expenses for are no annual dues to through these years in spend with family and family food, drink and tips. Calls   If any person who is a wid-trying to stay updated and activities with grandchildren, will be made several days in ow, a Shriner, or has any con-current to keep the member- etc., Most important they still advance only as reminders of nection to the Shrine happensship on the rise, The last two wanted to financially support the luncheons, not to obtain to be in Taylorville when weyears, we made a concentrat- the Shrine Circus and the a reservation as in the past. are holding our luncheons,ed effort in trying to attract Shrine Children’s Hospital.  Contact persons for the please feel free to come bynew member, with few results.   With the help of Muriel new Ansarettes will be Ruth and share your friendshipIt was then time to re-evaluate Runyen, prior to her death A Bower (217) 824-9630 as with us. Have lunch or justwhat the new widows may on Oct. 26, 2015, the mem- coordinator and M. Ivalone a cup of coffee. You will be Ashbrook (217) 824-3373 will our guest, and please know be financial recorder. Do not you are always WELCOME! hesitate to contact Ruth or Iva-Illinois Valley Shrine Club Ansarettes Hold First Holds Valentine Party 2016 Luncheon   On Jan. 14, 2016 the An-   Several of the regular at- sarettes held their first lun- tendees either were out of cheon for the reorganized club the area on trips or still had at the Star Lite Cafe in Tay- icy sidewalks and driveways lorville. Eleven ladies braved and did not want to venture the cold temperature to at- out. Those who did attend tend the new luncheon for- were in agreement this lun- mat. There were five non-An- cheon was really a fun time sarettes in attendance. Three full of wonderful fellowship completed new applications and are eagerly looking for- and two more applications ward to future luncheons. were taken to be completed.  Illinois Valley Shrine Club nearly 40 in attendance, it was NOTICEheld their Valentine Party on a very nice evening. Our next Ansar has the opportunity to appoint aFebruary 13. During the party big event will be the Illinois full member and an association mem-a presentation was made to Valley Shrine Club Fish Fry, bers to the St. Louis Shrine Hospitalour long serving secretary/ that will take place on April 16. Board of Directors. Nobles who mighttreasurer Mark Mulconrey,  Pictured from right to be interested in filling one of these po-who will be leaving Beard- left are Potentate Ed Cama- sitions should call Ansar at 525-1771stown to live in Belleville. cho, Illinois Valley Shrine for information and qualifications.The club presented him with Club President Jack Bell,a nice jacket with the IVSC Mark Mulconrey, Kathylogo embroidered on it. With Bell and Penny Mulconrey.

THE ANSARS - PAGE 4 The Shriner’s Pledge: “I Pledge Allegiance to my Flag and to the Country for which it stands; One Nation under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All!” THE POTENTATE’S MESSAGEEs Selamu AleikumGreetings my fellow Nobles, (Hafa Adai!)  It is hard to believe how time is flying! As the saying goes, “timestands still for no man”. By the time you get this message we will beinto the month of April. So many events will have passed and I hopeyou have been following the, “2016 Events at a Glance”, in the pre-vious edition of the Ansar. My Lady Lori and I would like to extendour sincere thank you for all the support you have given us thus far.  Your Divan Officers have been busy traveling to Club and Unitsmeetings over the past few months. I applaud you for puttingplans in place to raise money for our St. Louis Hospital. Whiledoing so, I ask that you emphasize the “Having Fun” in this year’smotto to help your fund raisers be more pleasant and rewarding.And don’t forget, submit your fund raiser request to the Temple.  Parade season is just around the corner. Now is the timeto ensure our parading equipment is in tip top shape. Remember, we are ambassadors to the greatestPhilanthropy of Helping Children regardless of their ability to pay. We are in the public eye and arejudged by how we conduct ourselves. Wear your parading uniforms and Fez with pride. Conduct your-selves with the utmost of professionalism so we can leave a legacy for the upcoming Nobles to follow.  Membership, Membership, Membership! Some Club and Unit meetings I have attended have had lowmembership attendance. Some of this may be a result of the season where a lot of our members flockwto the south. I believe we can do much better with our attendance and club participation. We needvto reach out and ask our existing members why they’re not attending. We are lacking in the recruit- wment and retention of members. This isn’t anything you haven’t heard before, however it needs to be fmentioned. We need to act on finding replacements for ourselves and retain the ones we already have. h g Again, I continue to look forward to your continued support. We have the great-west bunch of Nobles, with the greatest philanthropy, who have dedicated a great deal ofgtime and energy in support of our Hospitals. Whatever your contribution, always keep in Pmind that we are “having fun and helping kids”! God bless! And, thank you for all you do. s t c Ed Camacho w Potentate 2016 o fHAVING FUN - HELPING KIDS e t r c

THE ANSARS - PAGE 5Students Raise Funds for Hospital   It’s hard to believe that we are already gearing up for an- other Ansar Shrine Circus! I would first like to thank Il- lustrious Sir Ed for giving me the opportunity to be this years Circus Chairman. The Ansar Shrine Circus fea- turing Royal Hanneford will be held, November 11, 12 & 13 at the Prairie Capital Con- vention Center in Springfield. As you read this the Cir- cus Kickoff for Ad Sales will already be in the books. Coloring book ad sales are a big part of the Circus fun- draising efforts. If you are interested in becoming an ad salesman, please con- tact the Ansar Office and we will get you up & running. On February 25, the 4th grade class of the Virginia Elementary School pre- As always we are lookingsented Illustrious Sir Ed Camacho with a check for $2000.00. This fund raising for more corporate sponsorsamount came from doing a Math-a-Thon and inviting the Chicago Wizards to as well. If you know of any-perform at their school.  one interested in this pro- Since the start of the fund raisers in 1994 to present (23 years) the 4th graders gram or would like more info, please don’t hesitate to ask.of Virginia Grade School have raised over $46,000.00 for our St. Louis Hospi-tal. Continue to watch this arti-  Pictured are the 4th graders with teacher Ms. Rusky and nobles present to cle for future Circus Updates.accept their contribution. The class was treated with milk and donuts. Jason Cutright Circus Chairman 2016MEMBERSHIP MINUTE The Super Bowl Party went They also have their own TV tions. Our parade season has moving along with theirwell. Approximately 60 indi- for showing movies or playing started. Invite them to come start up. If you would likeviduals (adults and children) video games. We only hope and watch a parade and expe- to be a part of this group,were in attendance to enjoy to build on this space. There rience the fun and fellowship. contact the Shrine, fun and fellowship. We will be no need to hire a baby- Parading is a very importanthad 2 TVs set up to view the sitter when attending func- way to be seen in our com- The first Ceremonial of 2016game. Soft couches and chairs tions at the Shrine Center. munities. Keep putting our took place on March 11th inwere brought in for the serious emblems out to be seen. Wear Carlinville. A full report willgame (commercial) watchers. While we continue to grow your club or unit shirts proud- be provided in the next Ansars.Pre-game activities included our membership, we must also ly. If you don’t have a shirt,several bags matches and a continue to activate the mem- you might to consider getting Thank you for all you do fortable full of Left-Right-Center bers we have. This in itself one. Put a medallion on your the Shrine and our Children.competitors. Thank you to all helps grow the membership. vehicle. The Shrine Centerwho brought in food. If any- has medallions available for Len Carrollone left hungry, it was their To all Top Line Signers; if sale. And never pass up an Membership Chairmanfault. The younger children you haven’t seen your nobles opportunity to talk about ourenjoyed the day as well with in a while, check on them. hospitals. How many people 217-433-8881the new “Kids Room”. This Give them a call and make a can say they own 22 hospi- [email protected] is stocked with craft and special invitation to the next tals? . . . Only a Shriner can!coloring activities for all ages. function you are attending.  Our Under 50 Club is To all nobles; invite fellow Masons to our social func-

THE ANSARS - PAGE 6ANSARMEMBERSHIPJan. - Feb. • 2016MEMBERSHIP 3,013CREATIONS 0ASSOCIATE 0AFFILIATIONS 1RESTORED 2DEMITTED 1SUSPENSIONS 1EXPIRED MEMBERS 18BAD ADDRESS PINUPS BEING SOLD REPORT   Nobles Stan Braden and Jason Chase are pictured with some of the “Love to the Rescue’ pinups sold at Mike and Stan’s in Charleston.Theodore R. Miller Timothy T. PrattJames W. Newman Rocky L. KramerVirgil M. Grffe Martin D. AdamsRussell R. Cole Wilbur G. BarrowCharles R. Downs Gerald M. OrwigGlenn L. Calhoun Craig M. Rich-Harold D. Smith ardsonWesley L. Mendenhall Richard K. SmithAlvin L. Watkins Jr.Donald E. Bricker Justin K. MorfeyWilliam R. Cook Sr. Brian D. DayGary M. Calhoon Larry L. MeredithC. Keith smith Sr.Robert L. Cain Scott A. BrownfieldJames L. Denison Michael D. WilliamsJANUARY, 2016William E. Wayland Jr. Harry C. Sydes Marvin C. Gaston Robert W. Clements Kevin A. CraigFEBRUARY, 2016Donald Lynn Allspach John E. RootWilliam E. Stuemke Jr. Russel W. Davis Shelby D. Lynn

Legion of Honor Serves THE ANSARS - PAGE 7 Pancake Breakfast Eastern Illinois Shrine Club Plans Pote’s Gala The Nobility of the Eastern a room should call the hotel Illinois Shrine Club will cel- directly (217-431-0020) and ebrate the ascension of our tell them this is the Eastern fellow EISC noble Ed Cama- Illinois Shrine Club block. cho to the illustrious office of Potentate of the Ansar Shrine Any interested Nobles may with a gala event, which will contact EISC President Keven be held on Saturday, May 14 at Forney at 217-354-2831 or the Danville Boat Club. There email at kevenforney@gmail. will be a social hour from 6 P com OR send a brierf note with to 7 PM, with dinner starting their name, contact informa- at 7. We will have a band to tion, number of reservations supply music for dancing and needed and a check for the a short program to honor Il- entire amount to: EISC, PO lustrious Ed and his lady, Lori. Box 315, Danville IL 61832. Cost is $30 per person, with Dress is semi-formal or our deadline being April 23 business-appropriate, but for securing reservations. The tuxedos are not expected. Best Western Riverside Inn We hope a large number of in Danville has a small block the Nobility will join us in of rooms available until April celebrating this achievement 2. Anyone wanting to reserve of our brother and friend. A busy December for the EISC  The Legion of Honor Pan- Potentate’s Ball held on Satur- The nobles of the Eastern old alike with his magicalcake and Sausage Breakfast day, April 23 at the Abraham Illinois Shrine Club hosted talents and the younger chil-fund raiser held February Lincoln Hotel in Springfield. two traditional events in De- dren were treated to assorted28th was very successful. Hope to see you all there. cember. On December 12 our Holiday stories by Miss Mary.There were twenty eight good   We will be parading in Quin- club hosted its annual Christ-workers that did an awe- cy on Saturday, April 30th, mas Party at Gao Grotto for On Saturday, December 19 our Shriner Kids. This year six of our Shrine Kids were we had 16 kids and their able to go on a shopping trip, families, plus 15 Shriners to courtesy of the members of bring the total to nearly 80 the Gao Grotto. Each child people at our event. Each had a $100 limit and members Shrine child received a gift of the Grotto and the EISC from Santa and all children in accompanied them as they attendance received a Christ- enjoyed their spree. It is al- mas treat bag, with everyone ways touching when you see having their choice of cheese- a child take that opportunity burgers or chicken strips and to buy something for a sibling fries. “The Great Dave” Wer- or parent, as most of them do. nick astounded young andsome job serving the crowd for the annual Dogwood Pa-that came to eat. Thanks to rade. Please come and jointhe hard workers and to all us to show your support. We Capitol City SC to meet April 7those that came to support us. are invited to the JD Garner  Our 85th International As- BBQ Cookoff in Roodhouse,   Please join us for Capitol City Shrinesociation Legion of Honor Ilinois. Our Ladies Brunch Club’s first meeting in 2016 on Thursday,convention is being held will again be held in May. April 7 at Ansar Shrine Center in Spring-April 6 – 10 in O’Fallon, Il-  We meet the last Tues- field, with refreshments at 6:00 p.m. andlinois, at the Regency Con- day of the month with the dinner at 7:00. Dues this year will be $5 toference Center and Hilton exception of June, July, Au- help the club to rebuild its account. PleaseGarden Inn. Jim Pulley is gust and December and in- come with ideas for new fundraisers, and re-serving as the Internation- vite all Shrine veterans to member, every meeting is a Ladies Night!al Commander 2015-2016. come to our stated meetings. The Potentate’s Pre-Ballwill be held on Friday, April Tom McKinnie22nd at the Temple with the Publicity Director

THE ANSARS - PAGE 8 PROVOST UNIT TO BE FORMED escorts to liaise with localMOTORCYCLE RAFFLE HELD law enforcement at Shrine events and to provide social Nobles, outlet to Nobles who share   The Potentate has asked me a similar professional back- to form a Provost Unit within ground. Membership in this our Shrine. Membership to unit will not require you to this unit requires that you be an relinquish membership in any active or retired law enforce- other Shrine unit; this will ment officer. This includes lo- be strictly a secondary unit cal, county, state, federal and/ for each Noble. We will also or military law enforcement. strive to avoid any scheduling   The purpose of the Pro- conflicts between your pri- vost Unit will be to provide mary and this secondary unit. Shrine dignitary and security   If you are interested in par- ticipating in this unit and/or you know of anyone that meets the meets the membership guidelines that might wish to participate, please feel free to call me at the number below. Fraternally, L.H. “Buddy” Parker Provost Marshal, Ansar Shrine (618) 910-0601 The drawing of the Harley- on Saturday night, Feb. 27.Davidson motorcycle raffle It was a great evening of fel-sponsored by the Charleston lowship and fundraising. WeMoose Lodge No. 1388 for would like to thank everyonethe benefit of the Corn Belt for their continued support!Shrine Club was conductedAnsar Shrine ClownCLINIC TO BE HELD The Ansar Shrine Clowns will host a Make-up and Balloon Mak- Vidalia Onion Salesing Clinic on June 4th, 2016 in conjunction with their month-ly meeting. It will begin at 11 am at the Ansar Shrine Center. The Vidalia Onions for this year’s sale will arrive the 1st week of May. This clinic is ideal for not only current Clown members to brushup on their skills but also for potential members or those who have They are 10 lb. bags that will sell for $ interest in becoming a member of the Ansar Shrine Clowns. Cost to the Club/Unit is $5.50 per bag. Please place your orders by calling For more information on this event , please contact Myron Mendenhall, P.P. at 217-725-1891 Unit President Ben “TiDi” Lauderbach at 217-899-2580 no later than April 11, 2016.

THE ANSARS - PAGE 9Potentate Ed Camacho and his Lady Lori invite you to an evening in theSouth Pacific Saturday, April 23, 2016 At the Abraham Lincoln Hotel Beginning at 5:00 p.m. with cocktails andfine dining, followed by dancing to the 71 Band Cost is $140.00 per couple SCHEDULEComplimentary photos will be available Hospitality room open 1 to 5 p.m. Cocktails in Ball Room at 5 p.m. The Friday night pre-ball is included with your Pote’s Ball tickets Grand Promenade at 6 p.m. Black Tie/Business Attire/Fez Dinner/Program at 6:30 p.m. Dancing from 8 to 11 p.m. Call reservations to the Shrine Center 525-1771 by April 18, 2016A block of rooms has been set aside at the Abraham Lincoln, a Double Tree Hotel, 7001 E. Adams, Springfield, IL 62701 for $87.00/night. Call the hotel direct at 544-8800. Friday Night Pre-Ball April 22, 2016 at the Ansar Shrine Center Join Potentate Ed and Lady Lori for a luau at the Ansar Shrine Center. Refreshment starts at 6:00 p.m. with dinner at 7:00 p.m. With dancing to the RANSOM Band 8:00 p.m. to Midnight.Cost is $40.00 per couple if only attending Friday night. Call reservations to Ansar, 525-1771

THE ANSARS - PAGE 10Super Cycle needs riders  The Super Cycle had a to the roster and you will beshort parade season in 2015 added to our insurance. Ourbut it was fairly successful. uniforms are black pants andWe, as many of the units, white shoes and shirts, and ahave had trouble getting fez. If you have not been ableenough members to come out to join a unit, this would beto the parades. We feel that a good time to come out andthe parades get our Shrine try it out and keep our Shrinehospitals more attention than club’s name in front of peoplemost of our functions. and help support us so we  We have decided to ask can continue to help out thenearby clubs and units to kids.consider joining the bike to   We are planning our springhelp us out. Our unit dues meeting in April or May, withare only five dollars, and you more information to come asdon’t have to purchase any- the date gets closer. If anyonething to come ride with us. needs more information you Clowns attend chili cookoffAnsar has informed us that all can contact the Temple or   Several members of the An- are right around the corner. sar Clown Unit attended the If you have a local paradeyou have to do is be a mem- our 2016 president, Jared performed at the annual Joe coming up in the spring andber of Ansar in good standing Fritz.and we can add your name DeFrates Chili Cookoff held would like to see the clowns February 21 in Springfield and there, just squeak one of our Mini Mule Brunch helped make the day a special noses and we will do our best one.. They are pictured with The Ansar mini mules champagne brunch members of the Ansar Divan. to be there. See you soon. . .will be on April 10 from 9 am until 1 pmat Cedar Crest Country Club in Quincy, Il-   Spring and summer paradeslinois. The cost is nine dollars for adultsand four dollars for children 10 and under.

NEW SALEM SHRINE CLUB NEWS THE ANSARS - PAGE 11. This will be a Ladies Night. ways busy  and on the move.d Refreshments will be at 6pm   Always remember that thes and dinner  at 7pm. Reserva- road to becoming a Shriner tions are a must Please call starts with becoming a MA- 528-0829 or 691-2450. We SON. Bring  that prospec- invite all nobles to come and tive  Mason  with you so he enjoy an evening with an very can see what joy there is to outstanding group that is al- being a Mason and a Shriner. Bass Federation contributes to hospital   On January 30, 2016, the raised from 50/50 drawings Illinois Bass Federation conducted during Open Bass (IBF) held its 2016 Presidents Tournaments throughout the Conference at the Wynd- year and a Charity Shrine ham Hotel in Springfield, Bass Tournament conducted IL. At this conference the on Lake Springfield. The Il- Federation President Steve linois Bass Federation has Tatum presented Illustri- been contributing to our ous Sir Ed Camacho with a children’s hospitals since check for $2,230.00 for the 2005, and since the onset St. Louis Shriners Hospital. of their contributions, they   This charitable money was have given over $26,000.00t Shriners Hospitals for Children: New Salem Shrine club Where Hope and Healing Meet just held its  8th annual Op- Shriners Hospitals for Children® is a unique portunity Drawing on March health care system with a reputation for finding 5 at Wankel’s  Pioneer Ware- answers, and giving families hope for their child’s house north of Petersburg. future. At our 22 locations in the U.S., Canada Again this event was sold out.  and Mexico, children receive expert care for An outstanding prime rib din- orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries ner was served. The pictures and cleft lip and palate, regardless of the families’ show the crowd enjoying ability to pay for services. Since opening our first the festivities of the evening. hospital in 1922, we have provided care to more The final drawing this year than 1 million children, regardless of the families’ came down to one winner.    ability to pay. This has been an outstand- Greenview Amvets Hall just A History of Expert Specialty Care Educating Future Health Care Leaders ing fund raiser for the Shrine south of Greenview on Rt. 29. The first Shriners Hospitals for Children – opened in the Shriners Hospitals for Children is comitted to conducting club for quite sometime. The This Dinner has a very limited 1920s – were established primarily to care for children who high quality innovative research in the areas of burns, club members would like to number of tickets available. had contracted polio. Today, the majority of the 22 Shriners orthopaedic/musculoskeletal and neurological injury thank everyone for the great If you are interested in tick- Hospitals for Children provide care for children with all and disease in order to improve the care and quality of support that has been given ets please contact Jason Cu- types of orthopaedic conditions, including clubfoot, hip life of children with these conditions. The organization’s them in this project.  With- tright at  891-1624. Refresh- disorders, limb deficiencies and deformities, scoliosis, and research efforts not only benefit our patients, they out that support these proj- ments will be at 5pm with orthopaedic difficulties related to cerebral palsy and other contribute to the overall body of medical knowledge. ects wouldn’t be successful. dinner served at 6 pm.     neuromuscular conditions. The health care system is also proud of its role in The New Salem Steak & The April Stated meeting In the mid-1960s, Shriners became aware of a lack of medical education. By maintaining relationships with Lobster Dinner will again be of New Salem Shrine club medical expertise in pediatric burn care and opened three several medical teaching facilities, Shriners Hospitals for held on April the 9th at the will be held on April  11th hospitals specializing in acute and rehabilitative burn care. Children fosters an academic environment committed to at the Petersburg VFW. 111 These hospitals are the only ones initially established providing high-quality education for its medical staff and N. 7th St. in Petersburg. This exclusively for the treatment of pediatric burns and expert care to all patients. is a stag event with  refresh- related conditions. Be Part of Our Mission ments 6 to 7 dinner served At all Shriners Hospitals for Children locations, our at 7pm.  Please call your A fourth hospital in our health care system offering patients receive both expert treatment and support that reservation in to either Rich treatment for burns also provides care for orthopaedic encourages healthy, high-quality independent lives. Whiting at 691-2450  or conditions, spinal cord injury and cleft lip and palate. The health care system depends on the generosity of Scott  Boastick  528-0829  These hospitals continue to be pioneers in pediatric burn donors to carry out this mission of improving the lives treatment and research and are recognized as leaders of children. The regular meeting for the in the development of improved and innovative month of May will be held on treatment techniques. To learn how you can support our efforts, visit May 11th at Chesapeake Sea- or call 855-401-4897. food House in Springfield. In the early 1980s, the Shriners fraternity opened the 2014 Patient Care Statistics: nation’s first pediatric spinal cord injury rehabilitation In 2014, Shriners Hospitals for Children provided care centers. There, patients have access to a complete range to 127,426 patients regardless of the families’ ability to of services needed to recover to the fullest extent possible. pay for services. To learn more about the health care system, please visit Cleft lip and palate is the health care system’s fourth service line. Facial clefts are one of the most common birth defects in the U.S. Despite the frequency of its occurrence, and the severity of the deformities, care for patients with cleft lip and palate can be difficult to obtain. Shriners Hospitals for Children is committed to improving care for children with this condition through a comprehensive, coordinated program of clinical excellence, teaching and research. Eligibility Admission to our hospitals is based solely on medical need. All children, under the age of 18, are eligible for care if there is a reasonable possibility they could benefit from the specialized services available. All services are provided regardless of the ability to pay.

THE ANSARS - PAGE 12DAUGHTERS OF THE NILE please contact PQ Jill Walch friends or give back becauseOn Sunday, March 13, 2016, dered them have comment- at 217-483-6036. They are you’re so thankful for allwe held a beautiful installa- ed on how wonderful they also available online at that YOU have -- Daugh-tion ceremony to install the feel to sleep on and that they ters of the Nile can fill thisnew core of officers of Abe- wash and dry fast. These and at checkout select Abe- need and at the same timeba Temple No. 42. We are sheets are 1,200 Thread ba42 in the group code box. we help children who arevery honored to have Judy Count Luxury Sheets! They   The Dockside Tumblers in need. Anyone interestedDeMundrum as our Queen are micro-fiber material are sold out, but we still in joining our fraternal or-for the ensuing year. We that truly feels like Egyp- have folding fans for sale, ganization, please contactwere pleased to welcome tian Cotton. They come in which are wonderful be- Pr. Recorder Jill Walch.our 102nd Potentate, Il- 12 colors: Eggplant, Sage, cause they are one piecelustrious Sir Ed Camacho, Aqua, Cream, Chocolate, and they fold up into the Jill Walch, PQand his Lady Lori. We look Gray, Navy Blue, Camel, handle, making them small Pr. Recorderforward to working together White, Lavender, Burgundy and easy to carry in your Abeba Temple No. 42with Queen Judy, as well as and Mocha. Available siz- purse. These are selling for 217/483-6036 (H)the Shriners, for our love for es: California King, King, only $5.00. This item has 217/725-6137 (C)the Shriners Kids. The heart Queen, Full and Twin (our our Daughter of the Nileof all we do is to benefit the Twins fit Twin XL also). Logo on them and the say- Paper CrusadeChildren of Shriners Hospi- Each set includes a fitted ing “Working Together for Articles Neededtals. Because of our mem- sheet, a flat sheet, and two the Children.” Again, if youbers’ work, along with the pillowcases (twin sheets are interested in purchasing Stan Harris, Paper CrusadeShriners, we help to make have one pillowcase). They a folding fan or two, please Chairman is asking for yourmiracles happen every day have extra deep 18 inch contact PQ Jill Walch. help! He is in need of articlesfor countless children and pockets that fit most pillow   Like all of the fraternal about local Shrine Kids fortheir families. What a bless- top mattresses! The cost organizations, membership publication in our annualing! Let’s all work together is only $40.00/set for any is the key to keeping our Paper Crusade Paper. Pleasetoward that third Gold size!!!! Remember any of Organization alive. LA- submit Articles to him byPlaque at the St. Louis Shri- these items make wonder- DIES - Have you just re- June 1, 2016. If you have anyners’ Hospital for Children. ful birthday or anniversary tired? Have empty hours questions about this pro-  We still have sheets for gifts. If you are interested to fill? Are you bored with cess please feel free to con-sale! Everyone that has or- in ordering the sheet sets, your everyday life? Maybe tact him at 217-369-6144. you just want to make new FIRST LADY’S FUND RAISERS The First Lady is sponsoring severalfundraising ideas this year. Pictured above are two of theideas. My theme this year is the hummingbird, becauseit relates to my love of the little things and also to my lifeas a Hospice Nurse. My scarf has hummingbirds in vari-ous forms, and will sell for $30. $5 of each sale will goto the building fund to support the temple. I will also havehand painted wine glasses and various wine bottle coversand vests for sale. There will be different seasonal itemsat each Stated Meeting. It will be so much fun to add toyour collection as the year progresses! I look forward to\"Having fun, helping kids\" all year long and contributing tothe building fund, so that our Shrine can continue to grow.

THE ANSARS - PAGE 13Share Your Fraternal Pride onShriners International Awareness DayOn June 6, 1876, the Imperial Council, the governing Plenty of Ways to Participatebody of the Shriners fraternity, was founded. Tocelebrate and recognize this important milestone in Here are a few ways both nobles and temples can get involved:our history, Shriners International has declared June6th Shriners International Awareness Day. On this day, »» Wear your fez on Shriners International Awareness Daynobles everywhere are encouraged to celebrate their when appropriate (during an official Shriners function).great fraternity and raise awareness of the importanceof our organization in their communities. »» Show your pride in Shriners International by wearing a hat, shirt, lapel pin, or other item with the fraternal logo. Shriners International urges all nobles to display their pride inthe fraternity by wearing a fez (when appropriate), hat, shirt, lapel »» Organize an event at your temple or in your local, or other item with the fraternity’s logo. In addition to wearing Inviting the public to participate will increase awareness andShriner apparel, Shriners International encourages all temples and interest in both your local temple and Shriners International.Shrine clubs to organize special events at their temples and in theircommunities to honor the achievements of the organization. These »» Promote Shriners International Awareness day on your templeevents will also support membership efforts. The more information website and social media pages. Announce the date at all clubwe share about our fraternity, the more we build potential for and unit meetings to ensure all nobles are informed.membership growth. »» Distribute the Shriner Primer and pocket petition to potentialShow Your Pride and Celebrate Our Heritage prospects during community events.“Shriners International Awareness Day is the perfect time »» Hold an Open House at your show and share our pride in our great fraternity. Pleasetake the opportunity to celebrate our heritage and history, »» Host a Media Night.share your own story of being a Shriner, and resolve to bean even more active and involved participant in both yourfraternity and philanthropy,” said Dale Stauss, ImperialPotentate. “Sharing our pride and showcasing the manyways our fraternity impacts our lives and our communitieswill energize our nobles and inspire potential members tolearn more about us.” This international day of recognition is an annualopportunity for Shriners to share information about thefraternity, its history and the benefits of becoming part of anorganization dedicated to fun, fellowship and philanthropy.We hope that every Shriner and every temple will participate in thisimportant opportunity to honor our fraternity. We look forward to newsof your successful Shriners International Awareness Day activities. OSAPR15SYFP

THE ANSARS - PAGE 14 First Lady Lori Camacho Invites you to join her on her Ladies Trip to ST. CHARLES, IL Please join Lori on June 3-5, 2016 as we travel to the St. Charles/Geneva area for a fun filled shopping excursion in downtown Geneva, the Geneva Commons, the newly expanded Chicago Premium Outlet Mall & the Kane County Flea Market. The cost of the two nights hotel (dbl Occu- pancy) at the Hilton Garden Inn in St. Charles & round trip transportation is $250.00 per person In order to save your seat in the van, a deposit of $125 is re- quired. ThefinalpaymentwillbeduebyMay31. Whenmakingres- ervation, please let us know if you have a particular roommate. Reservations are to be made to Candy Carroll 3418 W. Walker Rd., Macon, IL. 62544 • 217-855-3895 Lincolnland Clan #28 Annual Meetin’ GLSA offersAenxcsiatirngShrine Temple Thursdeleea, dAeprrsuhlip28th - Shine sippin’ at 6 Possum Guts ‘n Coon Innerds at 6:30 Meetin’ to fall-o the chow We gonna have a dis-cussin’ bout Clan doin’s n’ don’t’ns and clan impotent persinz


ANSAR Temple Ansar Temple Office Hours PERIODICAL Monday - Friday A.A.O.N.M.S. 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM POSTAGE PAID 630 S. 6th St., At Springfield, IL Springfield, IL 62701SponsoringSHRINER’S HOSPITALSFor ChildrenCanada Shreveport, LAChicago, IL Spokane, WAErie, PA Springfield, MAGreenville, SC St Louis, MOHonolulu, HI Tampa, FLHouston, TX Twin Cities, MNLexington, KYLos Angeles, CA BURN CAREMexico Boston, MAPhiladelphia, PA Cincinnati, OHPortland, OR Galveston, TX Salt Lake City, UT Northern California“The World’s Greatest Philanthropy”

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