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#NEPAL HEALTH HEALTH IN NEPAL AN OVERVIEW By Ken Subedi Nepal being a poor country with at least 45% of the population living below the poverty line, only 27% of the population having access to adequate sanitation and 30% lacking access to safe drinking water; malnutrition, infection, and different diseases are much more prevalent here. Nepal also has a diverse range of landscapes and climatic conditions, due to this geographical constraint transportation and communication is very limited, making it difficult for people in rural areas to access health care. On top of that, the country is highly susceptible to natural disasters such as earthquakes, recurring floods, and landslides and not much has been done in the sector of health preparedness and mitigation. Very few hospitals barely meet the earthquake- resistant standard and according to WHO (World Health Organization), the ratio of doctors to the population is one doctor to every 18,000 persons. With Neonatal Disorders, Ischemic Heart Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Lower Respiratory Infection, Diarrheal Disease, Road Injuries, Stroke and Diabetes being the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in Nepal, the life expectancy in Nepal is 71.5 years. Due to lack of proper nutrition, almost 50% of infants under the age of three suffer from stunted growth and the Infant Mortality Rate of the country is 32.20 per 1000 live births. The Maternal Mortality Ratio is 239 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. However, Maternal Mortality Ratio has significantly decreased over the years, in 2016; roughly 12% of deaths among women of reproductive age were classified as maternal deaths. Despite such great challenge Nepal has made significant progress in improving the health of women and children. Some facts that show improvement in healthcare: The mortality rate during childbirth has decreased The mortality under the age of five has decreased Nutrition in children have improved Life expectancy rose from 66 years in 2005 to 71.5 years in 2018 Both government and private sector health services are available in Nepal, which often has poor service and facilities, often failing to meet the global standards. Most of the major hospitals with the latest health technology and equipment are centered in urban areas with the supply chain to remote areas often exacerbated. Therefore, the rural areas have very few health posts and clinics where it is impossible to perform surgery or even an important diagnosis. MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

# NEPAL HEALTH So, if the people from rural areas have serious health issues, they have no यको ार choice but to rush to the nearest urban city with a good hospital. The hospitals in the urban areas also rarely live up to their hype as they frequently face the challenges of health staff absenteeism, lack of supervision and medical staff strikes. The diverse climatic conditions of the country accompanied by poor hygienic practices and sanitation is offering a home for the continuous emergence and reemergence of several life-threatening human infectious diseases. Climate change is a major factor that has a direct impact on the spreading of Vector- Borne Diseases and Nepal is highly susceptible to climate change. Most of the common diseases of Nepal such as Malaria, Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis, and Visceral Leishmaniasis are climate-related. Since, temperature, precipitation, humidity, and other climatic factors adversely affect the reproduction, development, behavior and population dynamics of the arthropod vectors of these diseases, a change in the climatic pattern can make Nepal highly vulnerable to such Vector-Borne Diseases. The current infectious diseases found in Nepal are Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Lymphatic Filariasis, Visceral Leishmaniasis, Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Leprosy, Gastroenteritis & Cholera, etc. Despite the ongoing efforts to prevent and control communicable diseases, Nepal is still facing challenges in accurately identifying, diagnosing and reporting infectious diseases owing to the remoteness of communities, urban- centered healthcare infrastructures, and lack of specialized laboratories with skilled professionals. Waste management of Nepal particularly poses a constant threat to the public health system. Furthermore, Nepal is also prone to many natural disasters, particularly earthquakes, floods, and landslides. Effort and investment are needed to prepare for and mitigate the impact of natural disasters and climate change. The government has taken the initiative to start a public health insurance plan in the fiscal year 2016-17 and as per the recent updates, the plan is almost complete and soon to be active. Under this plan, a family of up to five members should pay a premium of Rs. 2,500 annually to avail health services up to Rs. 100,000. A family comprising more than five members must pay Rs. 425 for each additional member. This would qualify them for an additional insurance cover of Rs. 10,000. Another great progress in Nepal's overall health status is the utilization of IT-based platforms to serve the Nepalese community. Organizations like Top Doctors Online (TDO) and other online Health caretakers, Nepal have already taken the initiative to provide online health services such as 24-hour online consultation and nursing care, remote blood sample collection, online clinical laboratory, etc. As Nepal understands the power of information and communication technology, this modern approach to health care can be a great tool to strengthen the overall health status of Nepal. २०७७ को शभु ार , स-ु वा MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

# HEALTH TECH SOME OF THE BEST FITNESS TRACKERS IN THE MARKET Fitbit Versa Lite Measures heart rate, sleep time and restlessness; Bluetooth LE, smart notifications from phone Samsung Gear Fit FITNESS 2 Pro TRACKERS Heart rate tracking, Your Mini Personal Trainers activity tracking, GPS, Android/iOS By Angha Ravi compatibility It’s 11 AM. You are an administrator. You are running around the floor, Fitbit Charge 3 trying to pull through that critical project deadline. You barely had time to change into decent clothes in the morning, let alone work out. And now, 15+ exercise you are struggling through the guilt of overlooking your health. Does this modes, deep sleep, help? and REM sleep No. monitor, swim- You know what does? proof, smart Imagine a fitness wearable that counts your steps and calories. It would notifications probably tell you that you have already burnt your fair share of calories running around. It would show you an elevated heart rate and prompt you Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to calm down. It would be your fitness guru at a time when you really need one. Bluetooth 5.0LE, Technology is empowering us with increasing control over our bodies each swim-proof, day. With the proliferation of fitness wearable’s, we get a steady stream of color display, insight into our state of health, helping us master the art of staying healthy Android/iOS Fitness wearable’s include fitness watches, fingertip devices, armbands and compatibility other such devices dedicated to measuring various body parameters. Their most common functions are counting steps and calories burnt, though MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH many affordable fitness trackers can now track more sophisticated functions like heart rate, sleep cycles, etc. The advancements in tech,   |    04

# HEALTH TECH Honor Band 5 medicine, and data churning have PseudoTrainer: Modern fitness trackers made them reasonably accurate and come outfitted with readymade and 14-day battery life, consistent. customizable training programs to help Trusleep,TruSense, you stay in shape. Although one size Bluetooth 4.2, But the question remains – are fitness doesn’t fit all, these programs are as good swim-proof trackers worth your money? as your gym buddy. They give you a plan Here are the top 6 reasons why they to start with and the stats are a constant Apple Watch are: source of support. Series 5 Motivation: We tend to put more Lifestyle Transformation: Features like Beyond fitness efforts into achieving measurable sleep timer are transforming the idea of tracking, Heart rate goals. Fitness trackers help you set fitness. It’s not just about an hour or two tracking, activity Specific, Measurable, Achievable, of sweating it out in the gym anymore. It’s tracking, GPS, etc. Realistic, and Timely – i.e SMART – a lifestyle transformation. With timely Apple Watch is goals. Monitoring your daily progress tips, training programs, and a wealth of much more on your trackers lends you a sense of information on your regular activities, This is the most acclaimed direction and a sharp focus on these fitness trackers can trigger small lifestyle smart watch in the world with goals. changes that improve the overall quality features like Messaging, of life. Shopping, Camera, Voice ProgressTracking: Have you burnt Assistant, Apps & more through enough calories yet? Are you Diet Monitoring: The latest fitness getting ample sleep to get you gadgets are also integrating diet tracking through the busy day? Is your internal into their wide array of features. Weight age increasing or decreasing? With management is as dependent on balanced fitness trackers, you get your answers food intake as it is on exercise. Easy instantly. access to the nutritional values of different foods on these trackers helps us plan our meals better. Shared Fitness Journeys: Most fitness devices now connect to the cloud and allow you to share your activity stats with friends and family. Not only does it help add more of them to the fitness bandwagon, but it also incentivizes us to meet our shared goals. Ease of use: Fitness trackers today are focused on providing a smooth customer experience. They accept a variety of inputs like your age, gender, and level of activity to churn out specific objectives and plans for you. Navigating through the various options is now designed to be much easier in highly compact wearables. Fitness trackers are like mini personal trainers that eliminate estimation and put you on the fast track to better living. It that’s what you are gunning for in 2020, what better time to get one? MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

# TRENDING IN HEALTH Acute Acute Gastroenteritis is infectious awareness, most people don't take Gastroenteritis diarrhoea that leads to the their diet and health seriously which inflammation of the gastrointestinal makes diseases such as diarrhoea By Dr. Kinjal Kanani tract causing the symptoms of much more susceptible. vomiting, abdominal cramps, nausea, diarrhoea and sometimes A recent study from 2016/17 even fever. It is a common global shows that around 1,184,120 cases illness seen among mostly children of Gastroenteritis were reported in and infants. Nepal and the national incidence of Gastroenteritis per 1000 under-5- Acute Gastroenteritis occurs all year-olds decreased from 422 to over the world, affecting people of 1000 in 2015/16 to 400 to 1000 every age, race, and background in fiscal year 2016/17. but it's much more prevalent in developing countries like Nepal, where a huge portion of the population is still poverty-stricken and illiterate. Living a hard laborious life, hardly managing the basic resources, and with a lack of MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

# TRENDING IN HEALTH Causes reduce the risk of Acute Acute Gastroenteritis is most Gastroenteritis. Some safety commonly caused by Rotavirus, a precautions and preventive measures virus that mainly affects infants and to avoid the risk of Acute children. Rotavirus is commonly Gastroenteritis are: found to be affecting people with an immature or weakened immune Regularly keeping your kitchen system. So, infants and young and utensils clean and sanitised. children, the elderly, and HIV Washing your hands before patients are highly prone to Acute handling food, after the toilet, Gastroenteritis. after touching animals and before eating food. Symptoms Drinking clean and purified water. When a person is infected by Developing a strong and healthy Rotavirus and has Acute immune system through exercise Gastroenteritis, the person's body and a healthy diet. will be indicating different signs and symptoms. The primary symptom of Rotavirus which causes Acute Acute Gastroenteritis is diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis can be transmitted which is the frequent passing of from person to person. So, it is very loose or watery bowel movements. important not only for the people Although diarrhoea is the first seen prone to the virus but also for people main symptom, there are many who are suffering from Acute other signs and symptoms that Gastroenteritis to follow these follow. Symptoms of Acute preventive measures and keep Gastroenteritis are: themselves and their environment clean and sanitised in order to Diarrhoea prevent the infection from spreading. Vomiting Abdominal cramping The situation of Acute Gastroenteritis in Nepal Fever Nausea Acute Gastroenteritis is a vicious threat to Nepal's Loss of appetite health status; it is an epidemic that has taken the lives of Fatigue thousands of children. Taking note of this problem, in Headaches 2017 AD, the Government of Nepal teamed up with the Dehydration Ministry of Health and Department of Health Services Epidemiology and Disease Control Division to launch These symptoms range from mild to National Preparedness and Response Plan for Acute severe and start appearing within Gastroenteritis/Cholera Outbreaks in Nepal from July 1-3 days after the Rotavirus 2017 to 2022 AD. Other research studies are also being infection. The symptoms may last conducted around the topic of Rotavirus and Acute anywhere from 2-10 days. The Gastroenteritis mainly to perform genotyping of the affected person should consult a virus and to obtain any additional information about the doctor immediately if the treatment and prevention of Acute Gastroenteritis. symptoms start to get severe or last for more than 5-7 days. In some cases, the symptoms are found to disappear within 3-5 days and reappear again after several days. Prevention There are several preventive measures that can be adopted to MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

# TRENDING IN HEALTH Garcinia Cambojia What does the research say? There are conflicting results about this AN ADJUNCT FOR LOOSING WEIGHT supplement. While HCA in Garcinia Cambojia does trigger fat loss, the results vary. Meera is in her forty’s and is trying hard to lose weight. However, it may provide a modest weight-loss She is 5.4’ and weighs 90 kgs. Unhappy with her current when combined with diet and exercise. condition, she finally decides to visit her nutritionist to get a solution to her problem. She discusses her problem Safety and side-effects of Garcinia Cambogia that she is unable to lose the desired amount of weight, It is seen that Garcinia Cambogia is safe in the which discourages her to adhere to the diet and fitness majority of the individuals if taken as per the regime. The nutritionist understood her routine in detail recommended dose, or up to 2,800 mg of and suggested Garcinia Cambogia in addition to her HCA per day. However, adverse effects if current plan. She makes Meera understand that diet and present can have the following indications: physical activity are really important for losing weight. Garcinia Cambogia may help as an adjunct for losing It is recommended that if you have some weight. medical conditions or take some medications, consult a physician before starting to consume Garcinia Cambojia is a famous supplement for losing weight. It is known to Garcinia Cambogia. Moreover, its lower cholesterol and curb your appetite. By triggering weight loss, it also consumption is not recommended beyond helps in managing blood glucose level. Well, features of Garcinia Cambojia 120 days. does appear impressive, but is it worth the hype? Let’s find out. Recommended dosage What is Garcinia Cambogia? Choose a supplement that contains 50–60% Before going into details, let’s talk briefly about this supplement. Garcinia HCA. It is normally recommended at the dose cambogia is a popular weight-loss supplement. It is extracted from a fruit of 500 mg, three times a day, 30-60 minutes Malabar tamarind or Garcinia gummi-gutta. This fruit is too sour to be before meals. It is best to follow instructions consumed raw and is rather used in cooking. The active ingredient of this on the label. Of note, Garcinia Cambojia fruit is hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that aids weight loss is present in its peel. shouldn’t be stopped abruptly. Consult your doctor who will advise you on how it should How does it help in losing weight? be stopped. It is seen that Garcinia Cambogia can cause weight loss up to 2 pounds over a period of 2-8 weeks. The mechanisms by which it triggers weight loss are: Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit-derived Blocks fat production: It alters blood fats and prevents the production of new fatty acids. The main reason behind this is the inhibition of citrate lyase, supplement that is seen an enzyme that plays an important role in fat production. So, Garcinia to boost weight loss Cambogia reduces blood fats and prevents the risk of weight gain. Lowers your appetite: Consuming Garcinia Cambogia releases a hormone when combined with an serotonin that suppresses your appetite. adequate Some additional benefits of this supplement include: diet and exercise regime. 1.Lowering insulin level As the results vary for 2.Improving insulin sensitivity everyone, it is 3.Improving blood sugar levels recommended 4.Reducing inflammation to consult a physician or nutritionist before consuming it.. MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

# TOPDOC SPEAKS \" IN CASE YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR A SOLUTION TO LOSING WEIGHT WHILE NOT COMPROMISING ON YOUR SLEEP OR WORK THEN YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE\" An interview with Sophia Sam M.Sc (CND), CDE, CBN, Head of Dept. , Dietician, NABH Co-ordinator & Management Thunga Hospital, Mumbai, India Team TDO met with senior dietician & nutritionist Sophia How long does it take for its effect to be seen? Sam, M.Sc (CND), CDE, CBN, HOD - Dietician, NABH Co- On average, Garcinia Cambogia has been shown to cause ordinator & Management from Thunga Hospital, Mumbai, weight loss of about 2 pounds (0.88 kg) more than a India to understand her opinion and perspective on placebo, over a period of 2–12 weeks. It also depends & Nutraceuticals and natural food supplements available in varies from person to person & how regular & honestly is the market. the supplement consumed There is a latest trend of growing adoption of Nutra Since Garcinia Cambogia is the nutra product, What's your products in global market and consumers are switching to it view regarding the growing trend of Nutra / Health as a healthy and natural alternative for achieving their supplements in the world? health, fitness and beauty goals. The exclusive interview is There’s no harm in growing trends of nutra health captured here. supplements in the world as far as it shows results & improves one’s diseased condition . Can this supplement be taken by everyone? This supplement cannot be taken by everyone as Garcinia In today's busy lives leading a healthy lifestyle and Cambogia (Malabar tamarind/ brindle berry) contains maintaining your weight can be really difficult and costly. hydroxycitric acid along with polyphenols, luteolin, and Getting up early in the morning or eating salads in the night kaempferol which has side effects. It leads to headaches, is not everybody's cup of tea and the sedentary lifestyle also nausea, dizziness and dry mouth. adds to your misery. In case you are searching for a solution to losing weight while not compromising on your sleep or Garcinia cambogia may cause a decrease in blood sugar work then you have come to the right place. levels & increase in the level of acetylcholine in the brain, hence people who have diabetes & Alzheimer’s Garcinia Cambogia is a 100% herbal dietary supplement that disease/dementia shouldn’t take Garcinia Cambogia It’s also helps in reducing weight and detoxifying the body. It not not safe during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. It may only reduces new fat cells formation effectively but also interfere with the following medications and supplements stops emotional hunger. Hence to ensure the safety of the too like iron, potassium, calcium, antidepressants, statins, consumers, the supplement keeps the product free of any montelukast (Singular) and warfarin (Coumadin) chemicals, fillers, binders, artificial colors or fragrances. It works as an Energy Booster for an Active Body as the 70% Garcinia cambogia isn’t monitored by the FDA for safety HCA (Hydroxy Citric Acid) present in the Garcinia and effectiveness, hence the supplement should be taken supplement inhibits the body from making new fat cells and only after discussing with their doctors. Garcinia cambogia makes your body feel full for longer duration thereby as a supplement is a good nutra product too, but as per my burning the old fat cells. It also works as the safest weight advice, losing weight naturally through exercise, proper diet loss solution in the market as it is made up of 100% natural & a healthy lifestyle pattern is the key to success. herbal supplements only. MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

# TRENDING IN HEALTH UTERINE PROLAPSE WHAT WOMEN SHOULD KNOW? BY TEAM TDO Sonal is a 36-year-old active female. She has 2 daughters, elder one being 3 years old and the younger one being one year old. After the birth of her second daughter she noticed something coming out her vagina and not being able to hold urine. She was unable to exercise or walk for long without appearance of these symptoms. This is when she decided to consult her gynaecologist. It was only when the gynaecologist examined her, she came to know that she had a uterine prolapse. She was told by her doctor that since she came early, this problem could be treated without surgery. Now Sonal can do all her activities without any discomfort. The body of a woman undergoes various changes during different phases of life, such as childbirth or pregnancy. Any woman who has been through this phase knows how challenging these phases can be with a myriad of complications, uterine prolapse being one amongst them. Want to know more about this condition? Read on more to improve your understanding of uterine prolapse.

# TRENDING IN HEALTH Uterine prolapse is a common 1. Pregnancy continuous period of time may problem. But due to the lack of public 2. Complication during delivery cause stress on the waist. As a awareness and health education, it has 3. Delivering a large baby result, muscles in that part of the been existing as a complicated 4. Obesity body are strained and this might problem in Nepal. A 2005 survey 5. Lowering of estrogen hormones lead to uterine prolapse. Avoid found out that more than 6 lakhs heavy lifting if possible and use people are suffering from uterine after menopause your legs instead of your waist or prolapse in Nepal, among which, more 6. Chronic constipation or issues with back when lifting. than 2 lakhs people needed Maintain a healthy weight immediate surgery. the digestive process Additional weight in the abdominal So, What is Uterine Prolapse? 7. Bronchitis or problem of chronic area puts pressure on the pelvic The uterus of a woman is supported floor, increasing the risk of uterine by various muscles and tissues. When cough prolapse. Maintaining a healthy these muscles and tissues weaken, the 8. Difficult work or heavy lifting weight prevents this stress and uterus slips down. The slippage of the Besides these, there are also other thus lower the risk of uterine whole uterus or some part of it or factors that can increase the risk of prolapse. protruding out of the vagina is called uterine prolapse. Though they do not Treatment uterine prolapse. play a direct role in causing uterine Treatment is not required in all cases prolapse, some indirect factors that of uterine prolapse. Your doctor will can increase the risk of weakened advise treatment or precautionary muscles are: measures depending on your condition. If treatment is required, the The problem of uterine prolapse is 1. More than one vaginal birth type of treatment depends on the witnessed more in a postmenopausal without surgery severity of uterine prolapse. woman. But this can occur in women Non-surgical forms of treatment of any age. It can be seen in any 2. Increasing age options include precautionary woman who is an adult from the 3. Excessive fats in the body measures and/or pessary. prospect of reproduction. We can 4. Pelvic surgery Pessary estimate that this number has grown 5. Hereditary history of weak tissue Pessary A pessary is a device further at present. But many women Preventions inserted into the vagina to prevent are now aware of this disease. Although menopause and other the slippage of the uterus and However, due to shame and fear, very conditions causing uterine prolapse other organs located at the waist. few women seek medical help. are inevitable, uterine prolapse is not. Pessary A pessary can be used with Symptoms The good news is certain an advice from your gynaecologist Now that we know what is uterine precautionary measures can aid in depending on which stage you are prolapse, let’s understand what its preventing uterine prolapse. Some of in. Ring Pessary, Gehrung Pessary, indications are. Although mild uterine them are: Gellhorn Pessary, and Cube prolapse doesn’t show any remarkable Pessary are four types of Pessary. symptoms, moderate to severe Kegel Exercises Ring Pessary is widely used type of condition may have the following Kegal’s or Kegal exercise is a Pessary for uterine prolapse. But as symptoms: workout to strengthen your medical assistance for uterine muscles around your waist and prolapse is usually sought at the Pain or sense of heaviness in the buttock. This can be done as per last stage in Nepal, pessary rarely pelvis your convenience in the morning, comes into play. Tissues protruding out from the afternoon or at night and Surgery vagina strengthens the area where your Surgery involves the removal of the Trouble in passing out urine and reproductive organs including uterus or placing the uterus in its stool. vagina and uterus are located. This position using surgical materials. Unable to hold urine. exercise is not only fruitful for In cases where the uterus is Feeling as if you are sitting on a uterine prolapse but also for other removed, mensuration cycle will rounded object or a small ball. conditions. stop after the surgery. As the Feeling as if something is going to Prevent constipation uterus is removed during surgery, a come out from the vagina Constipation causes the stress on woman cannot be pregnant again. Causes the muscles around the uterus and Let’s now understand what can cause increases the risk of uterine this problem. The main cause of prolapse. So, drink plenty of water uterine prolapse is the weakening of and fluids and eat fruits and, beans. supportive muscles and tissues. Some etc. of the causes of weakened muscles Avoid heavy lifting work and tissues are: Heavy work and heavy lifting for a MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

# TRENDING IN HEALTH So, those women who are planning for their next baby should not seek surgery. The Problem of Uterine Prolapse in Nepal According to the report published in the International Journal of Women’s Health, Surgery is done in Nepal at any stage of Uterine Prolapse. Early marriage in the rural areas of Nepal and child delivery at an early age accounts for the increased increasing problem of Uterine Prolapse. People go on continuously delivering babies without using the methods of family planning and this has also contributed in to this problem. Such practices are found particularly in the rural areas. Lack of proper care from the family and society at the time of pregnancy and after child-birth. Child- birth also increases the weakness in women. The problem of uterine prolapse can be minimised by eating nutritious food, taking proper rest, avoiding heavy lifting and by not giving birth to many children. It is recommended to consult your doctor in case you have any symptoms of uterine prolapse or in cases of doubts. TOP DOCTOR SPEAKS Team TDO met with Dr. Kabita Sah Swarnkar (MBBS, MD in \" THERE IS Gynaecology & Obstetrics) from Pokhara Academy of Health Science to discuss female health problems in Nepal. NOTHING TO BE The exclusive interview is captured here. ASHAMED OF....\" What age-group females come more for this complain? I have seen females between   20 – 65 years of age coming for An interview with uterine prolapse in my OPD. The reasons vary for different age groups. For instance, females between 20 – 30 years get uterine Dr. Kabita Sah Swarnkar prolapse majorly due to childbirth. For the age-group of 35 – 40 years, the common reason is any pelvic surgery or pregnancy. MBBS, MD - Gynaecology & Obstetrics After a pelvic surgery, if the woman doesn’t rest, it puts pressure Pokhara Academy of Health Science on the pelvic organs. During delivery, the trauma and pressure created throughout the childbirth may weaken the surrounding areas. For women between the age of 45-65 years, the common cause is hormonal imbalance. As estrogen, a hormone, supports the uterus, deficiency of estrogen during old age causes uterine prolapse. Do they come at an initial stage or later? How do you handle the shyness and taboo regarding such a disease. As most of the women are unaware about their problem during initial phase, they mostly come during the later stage. Most of them also avoid talking to a healthcare professional as they feel shy about it. MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

# TOPDOC SPEAKS We have to create awareness about why uterine prolapse \"I am sharing you one case . occurs in the first place and measures to prevent them. There is one patient of age 40 years who came Preventive measures like kegel exercise can be done anywhere and thus should be practiced by all females. We to  my OPD with the complaint of something should also create awareness about the symptoms. Some of coming out of her vagina since 4 years and it the common symptoms of uterine prolapse are: 1) Pelvic heaviness or pulling goes inside after pushing. Other complaints 2) Increase in vaginal discharge included: Foul smelling vaginal discharge, 3) Difficulties with sexual intercourse Difficulty in completely evacuating her 4) Urinary leakage, retention or bladder infections 5) Bowel movement difficulties, such as constipation bladder, Abdominal pain while heavy work & 6) Lower back pain Irregular menstruation since one year. This 7) Uterine protrusion from the vaginal opening 8) Feeling of something coming out of the vagina woman has 5 kids and undergone 4 abortions. 9) Weak vaginal tissue All this made her pelvic muscle floor really Most common causes for weak pelvic floor muscles weak. After a lot of counselling, I convinced her 1) Multiple pregnancy to undergo physical check-up. While examining 2) Vaginal delivery: Including trauma ,delivering a large baby her, I found a 4th degree prolapse which would 3) Menopause: Due to decrease of hormone estrogen 4) Immediate heavy lifting after delivery require surgery. She was asthmatic and a 5) Straining during bowel movements smoker. To control asthma, she was advised to 6) Smokers: chronic cough 7) Genetical factors quit smoking. During that time, she used pessary for symptomatic relief. Once her We can only achieve this by educating masses through asthma settled, we could do her surgery. If she media platforms such as newspaper, radio, and television. had come in initial stages, surgery could have Moreover, it is important for them to understand that it is not to feel embarrass about and thus they shouldn’t hesitate been avoided.\" in discussing their problem. Some precautionary measure include: My message to all women “ There is A. To perform a proper Kegel: Tighten the pelvic floor nothing to be ashamed of in muscles, at the time of urination stop and hold for 5 seconds take a 5 second break and repeat for three sets ,10 times discussing your problems. Your per day. health comes first. Treatment in B. We can use Vaginal pessary in 2nd or 3rd stage ,it initial stages is easy. So, consult a supports and keeps uterus in its position C. Estrogen therapy during menopause doctor before it's too late.\" D. Maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise E. Managing chronic cough and quit smoking F. Avoid heavy lifting works G. prevent and treat constipation Is there advice you would like to give to prevent this problem? I would like to give them advise to consult with doctor on time. Don’t hesitate in talking about this problem with your family or friends. MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

WHATS NEW According to the World Health Organization, 24, 300 lives can be saved by 2025 in Nepal, just by undergoing a health screening. How does Preventive Health Screening help? Introducing TDO LABS Preventive Health Screening has the following benefits: Our services to Identify, Tracks your physical health Assess, Manage or Prevent a Assists the doctor to diagnose a condition, improving disease. We provide: patient care Aids in detecting disorders at an initial stage Investigations at your Reduces healthcare spending by diagnosing a disease in a doorstep preventive stage Health risk assessment Lowers the mortality rate by diagnosing both communicable based on your blood reports and non-communicable diseases Anytime anywhere Doctor Consultation Investigations are important at all stages of treatment. It Dietary modifications, if includes: required Treatment from expert Diagnosis It is a process of finding a specific cause for your problem. A blood test helps the doctor in the same. It also helps the doctor to understand the stage and progression of the disease condition. Monitoring It helps in understanding the extent to which the disease is controlled. Blood tests helps to know if the disease is improving, stable, or progressing. Screening It involves studying of individuals who don’t have any disease but at a higher risk of developing them. Blood tests help in catching the disease in the initial stage. Prognosis It helps your doctor to understand likelihood of having a disease in the future. Blood tests such as genetic tests allow to take preventive measures if required. MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

# WHATS NEW TDO Labs partners with SRL Diagnostic Nepal Pvt. Ltd. to offer best service to its customers at the most affordable rate. Here is how the use of the latest technology has helped SRL to get faster and more accurate results. \"The use of fully automated systems in the lab has reduced the chances of error in day to day practice. All the samples, once collected are bar-coded, is read by the bar code reader in the machine. This has reduced the swapping of the samples and simultaneously reduced errors of reports. There is more than one machine for each department as a backup, so as to reduce turn around time for the tests. Furthermore, in cases of breakdowns, the second machine is used for testing. The cobasintegra 400 plus is the primary machine for biochemistry. The backup is Cobas c111. we have two Cobas E411 and one Tosoh AIA 360 for hormone analysis. Newer machines are added to ensure better results we have installed machines with newer technologies eg IFA, HPLC, EIA, etc.Finally, for assurance of accurate results, internal Quality control is mandatory and we follow NABL guidelines for internal quality control. We participate in EQAS with NPHL. Regular inter-lab comparison is performed with SRL Diagnostics, Gurgaon, and SRL Diagnostics Mumbai.\" - Mr. Brijes Das Head - SRL Diagnostics Nepal Pvt. Ltd. TDO LABS PACKAGES MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

HEALTH 2020 Want to know what future holds for ASTROLOGY, you this year in terms of your health? Our experts reveal precautions that can keep you healthy. Discover your health astrology forecast Aries: Stress may have an adverse impact on your health This year, for all the Aries, stress can play a major role in creating an adverse effect on your health. Keeping a healthy physical body is crucial in keeping a healthy state of mind as well, and the same goes for vice versa. Suggestions: You can indulge in hobbies such as singing, dancing, and sports to keep you in a fresh state of mind which, in turn, will make you more creative, energetic and fresh. Precautions: The time period after the 23rd of March seems sensitive and there are chances that you may fall sick with some serious health issues, and thus you will have to take care. Pay heed to these issues, even if it’s a minor one and treat them with due remedial measures promptly to avoid any complications. Taurus: Overeating can pose trouble this year As June 29 sees Mars entering into Aries, be careful with your health. Avoid over-eating and maintain a healthy diet that will steer you clear from health issues. As a Taurus, you are inclined towards binge eating, but you will have to be strong. Suggestions: Curb your urges and choose a healthy lifestyle as it will make you more agile and less prone to health issues. At such times it is mind over matter. Try to not make it a habit to eat outside food. Precautions: Calories will be your enemy, but you will have to give them a tough fight if you want to lead a healthy life. Gemini: Keep a check on your blood pressure In terms of health, you need to make it your number one priority. Some issues might crop up regarding the subject and you may have to start taking precautionary steps for a safe future. Suggestions: Till the end of March take good care of yourself as you seem prone to having some issues. Precautions: If you have issues of blood pressure, take yourself more seriously. Take measures where you can steer clear from issues pertaining to health. Reducing the consumption of salt will do well to you. If you have any respiratory issues that bother you, then visit your physician without delay and get yourself treated at the earliest. Polluted places must be avoided at all times as they have a greater effect on the respiratory organs. Cancer: Save yourself from little injuries As Mars enters its sign from Aries, it then moves further and passes through the tenth house. This denotes that you shall be occupied with your work for the time being. Suggestions: Since Mars has an eye over your sign, you are likely to get injured unexpectedly. So be careful during this period and drive your vehicle carefully to avoid any kind of unnecessary trouble. Precautions: Follow traffic rules. Even when traveling with others, make sure they are not indulging in rash driving. Stay away from wet floors and slopes as well. As funny as it sounds, these are the places that cause the maximum number of accidents. MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

Leo: Expect an old illness back As the weak Jupiter and Saturn move together towards the sixth house, health issues might crop up uninvited. Stress, injuries, diseases- name it and you may be vulnerable to them all. Suggestions: Keep track of your health as you are likely to get affected by an old illness that was cured in the past. It is best to keep your physician in the loop and only take the medications that are prescribed by him. Precautions: Avoid coming up with home remedies to fight the illness. As enticing as they sound, not all medicines work. Besides, you never know what the side-effects can do to your already weak health. Virgo: Take prompt actions for your health issues From March 23 till the end of June, if you are prone to health issues like diabetes and blood pressure, then they might seem to nag you. Also, a kind of disorder in your digestive system might take place. Suggestions: Prompt actions will curb the issue, and you can make it out of it. Keep an eye on your eating habits. A proper diet can reduce the chances of getting any digestive issues. Precautions: Consuming fat-free food must be your mantra for a healthy lifestyle. Reducing the consumption of salt will do well to you. If you have any respiratory issues that bother you, then visit your physician without delay and get yourself treated at the earliest. Polluted places must be avoided at all times as they have a greater effect on the respiratory organs. Libra: No major health issues predicted, but don’t take any disorder for granted Nothing seems to harm you if you start taking the right precautions. There does not seem to be any major health issues, apart from the minor cold and light fever. Suggestions: If you are prone to health issues like diabetes and blood pressure, then they might seem to nag you a little. Also, a kind of disorder in your digestive system may take place. Precautions: Prompt actions will curb the issue, and you can make it out of it. But do not take any illnesses for granted either. Do not skip your yearly check-ups and only take prescribed medication from the doctors for any health troubles. Scorpio: A healthy diet will be beneficial this year The sixth house of this sign is related to health, illness, and diseases. The planetary positions of this year indicate that the immune system is all set to improve this year. Even if you happen to fall ill, you are to recover fast. So, do not worry. You shall be able to fight it with the utmost strength. Suggestions: If you suffer from health issues such as diabetes, obesity, blood pressure or gastric issues, take the utmost care of your health in the coming time. Precautions: Refrain from eatables and soft drinks with high sugar content. Following a clean diet will always prove to be beneficial. Consult a proper dietician or nutritionist who will help you out as well. MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

Sagittarius: Health will be great. Thank you, Jupiter! The sixth house in this sign is all about health, illness, and diseases. For most of the year, Jupiter is weak in the sixth house, indicating minor health issues. Getting a consultation from a physician and taking a remedial medicine may work temporarily. This is due to the positive influence of Jupiter during this time frame. You may not face any major health issues this year. Suggestions: If you have a long-term illness, you need to be more than careful about your health. Precautions: Temporary solutions are not the best way to deal with things. Take full advantage of the position of Jupiter and do away with bad health. Capricorn: Keep salt and junk food at bay The presence of two major planets in your sign brings in immense positivity. You are likely to enjoy good health. Minor flu may hit but rest assured. You may not face any major health issues this year. Suggestions: Following a restricted diet can prove to be beneficial, thus consult your nutritionist or physician for planning your diet. Avoid the intake of sugar in the form of sweets, chocolates, and soft drinks, as what is foretold in your Precautions: If there is a habit of adding salt to your food after preparation, avoid it. Raw salt acts as a poison and thus, the intake of such a poison at this stage can prove to be harmful. Aquarius: Nagging health issues may require your attention The planetary positions at the beginning of the year indicate that with regards to health, things are to keep on fluctuating. Common cough and cold can trouble you often. However, you will be able to manage this minor issue comfortably. No major health issue is going to catch up with you. Suggestions: If you are being troubled by a nagging health issue like irregularity in blood pressure, then you need to remain much careful. Precautions: Have a regular check-up to keep tabs on any fluctuation. Take due remedial measures promptly to keep the issue in control. Taking due measures promptly helps to prevent a lot of complications. Pisces: Prevention is always better than cure In regard to your health, you are to enjoy good general health for most of the year. No major health issue will bother you. However, common cold and cough can trouble you. Suggestions: Take due remedial measures to keep things under control. You need to pay attention to even minor looking health issues. Besides, the planetary positions of this year indicate that your immune system needs to be improved. God forbid there comes an illness your way, do not worry. You shall be able to fight it with the utmost strength. Precautions: If you suffer from health ailments that are disrupting your day-to-day life, you need to be up-to-date with your doctor appointments. Following a healthy diet can prove to be beneficial, thus consult your nutritionist or physician for guidance. Avoid the intake of excess sugary and fatty items. MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

# ON A lighter note ON A lighter note ON A lighter note ON A ON A lighter note lighter note MAIDEN ISSUE I AAYUSH   |    04

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