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malayalampathram global volume 1 issue 12

Published by gayathrijohns03, 2022-11-12 17:12:33

Description: malayalampathram global volume 1 issue 12


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VOLUME: 01 ISSUE: 12 NOVEMBER 13-19, 2022 aebm-fw-]{Xw t•m_¬ PUBLISHED FROM TEXAS, USA PAGES 26 THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL, 2510 SCARLETT TRACE, PEARLAND, TEXAS, USA 77584 PH: 979 665 3421, 832 692 0988 NEWS DESK Ph: 994 661 6415 (Kerala) e mail: [email protected], [email protected] ADVERTISEMENT e mail: [email protected], [email protected] sI.]- n. tPm¿P- v tdm_- n≥ Ce- °- m´- v Pqe- n amX- yp kpt- c{- μ≥ sI ]t- ´¬ sIh- n≥ tXma- k- v sIh- n≥ Hme- n°- ¬ bp-F-kv C-S-°m-e Xn-c-s™-Sp-∏n¬ hn-P-bn® a-e-bm-fn-Iƒ°v ae-bmfw]{Xw t•m_-ens‚ A`n-\\-μ-\\-߃ ae-bm-fn-I-fpsS hnP-bØn¬ A`n-am\\w hmt\\mfw A-ta-cn-°-bn¬ \\-S-∂ C-S-°m-e Xn-c-s™-Sp-∏n¬ hn-hn-[ ÿm-\\-ß-fn-te-°v a¬-k-cn-®p P-bn-®-h-cn¬ a-e-bm-fn-I-ƒ \\nc-h[n. an-tkm-dn kn-‰n ta-b-dm-bn tdm-_n≥ C-e-°m-´v, t^m¿-´v s_≥-Uv Iu-≠n P-Uv-Pn-bm-bn sI.-]n. tPm¿-Pv, 240˛mw Pp-Uo-jy¬ Un-kv-{Sn-Œv tIm¿-´v P-Uv-Pn- B-bn kp-tc-{μ≥ sI ]-t´¬, t^m¿-Sv-s_≥-Uv Iu-≠n aq-∂mw \\-º¿ tIm¿-´v P-Uv-Pn-bm- bn Pq-en am-Xyp, C-√n-t\\m-bv P-\\-d¬ A-kw-ªn-bn-te-°v sI-hn≥ Hm-en-°¬, kv-t‰-‰v sk-\\-‰n-te-°v sI-hn≥ tXm-a-kv F-∂n-h-cm-Wv hn-P-bn-® a-e-bm-fn-I-fn¬ Nn-e¿. C-Xn¬, tdm-_n≥ C- e-°m-´v, sI.-]n. tPm¿-Pv, Pq-en am-Xyp F-∂n-h¿°v CXv c-≠mw Dugw. Ch¿s°m∏w \\n-c-h-[n C-¥y-°m-cpw hn-P-bn-®n´p-≠v. IqSp-X¬ hm¿Ø-Iƒ hnti-j-߃ 2, 3 t]Pp-I-fn¬.... Ata-cn-°bn¬ \\n-∂p-≈ bm-{Xbv°nsS bp-F-kv ho-k: C‚¿-hyq a-e-bm-fn hn-am-\\-Øn¬ acn®p A-ta-cn-°-bn¬\\n-∂v tI-c-f-Øn-te-°p-≈ bm-{Xbv°nsS, hn-am-\\- H-gn-hm-°p-∂ co-Xn hym-]n-∏n-°pw Øn¬ h®- p≠- mb- lrZ- b- mLmX- s- Ø XpS- ¿∂- mWv acWw kw`h- n®- Xv Atac- n°- bn¬ j-W¬ F-b¿-t]m¿-´n¬ `m-cy- „kz¥w teJ-I≥ bpF- k- n¬ apºv t]mb- n´- p≈- h- ¿- tImh- nU- n\\- papºv 12 e£- t- Øm bsv °m∏- w h∂- nd- ß- nb- - tij- w tI- °pw ÃpU- ‚ v hok- b- n¬ C‚¿h- yq f- w hok- b- ps- S \\S- ]- S- nb- mW- v Hc- p h¿- \\n∂- v tIc- f- Ø- n- cf- Ø- nt- e°- p≈- C≥U- nt- Km hna- m- C¥- yb- n¬ hok- ]pX- p°- p∂ Ah- Hg- nh- mI- pw. jw \\S- ∂- nc- p∂- X- v. \\ne- h- n¬ hok- te°- p≈- bm{- X \\Ø- n¬ bm{- X XpSc- shbmW- v lr- In´- p∂- X- n\\- p≈- Ime- ]- c- n[- n 15 am- b°v nsS ae- b- mf- n Zb- mL- mX- ap≠mbX- v. AS- nb- ¥- c- kc- Øn¬ hy‡- nK- X- C‚¿h- yq ]q F∂- m¬, _t- bms- a{- SnI- v A]- v- kØ- n¬ \\n∂- v HºXv amk- a- mb- n hna- m\\- Ø- n¬ lr- kml- N- c- yw IW- °- ns- eS- pØ- v hn- ¿W-ambpw H-gn-hm-°n \\¬-Ip-∂ tUj- ≥ apºv sNb- X-v n´- ns- √¶- n¬ A- Ipd- ™- n´- p≠- v.- Zb- L- mX- s- ØXp- am-\\w, ss]-e-‰v apw-ss_F-b¿- 't{Um]- tv- _mI- kv- v' coX- n Nne- Ãp- Xn\\- mb- n t]mt- I≠- n hc- pw. S¿∂- v acn®p. ]- t]m¿´- nt- e°- v Xnc- n®- phn´- p. hna- m- U‚ ,v _nk- n\\- k- ,v Sqd- nÃ- v hok- I- ƒ- ¥f- w aÆ- n¬ a- \\w em≥U- v sNb- vX- DS- ≥ Xs- ∂ °v _m[- I- a- m°- p∂- X- v C\\nbpw Xp- t\\mc- a- `h- \\- n¬ ]t- cX- \\- mb- Fw apws- s_ \\m\\- mh- X- n tlmk- ]v- n‰- n- Sc- ps- a∂- v bpF- k- v Fw_- k- n Ad- n- sI tXma- k- ns- ‚ aI- ≥ amX- yp tXm- en¬F-Øn-s®-¶n-epw A-t∏m-tg- bn®- p.- ak- mW- v (_m_- p 72) At- ac- n°- - °pw ac- W- w kw`- h- n®- nc- p∂- p. \\m- bn¬\\n∂- v tIc- f- Ø- nt- e°- p≈- bm- ´n¬ `mc- ybs-v °m∏- w kt- lmZ- c- s- ‚ I-gn-™- \\m-ep h¿-j-Øn-\\n-S- {Xb°v nsS, tZml- b- n¬\\n∂- pw tI- a-I-s‚ hn-hm-l-Øn¬ ]-s¶-Sp- bn¬ Ime- mh- [- n Ah- k- m\\- n®- _n1, cf- Ø- nt- e°- p≈- hna- m\\- Ø- n¬ h- °m≥ h∂- X- mb- nc- p∂- p. _n2 (Sqd- nÃ- ,v _nk- n\\- k- )v hok- I- ƒ- ®p≠- mb- lrZ- b- mLmX- s- Ø Xp- `mc- y: tdmk- n amX- yp. a°- ƒ: tXm- °v C‚¿-hyq H-gn-hm°ntb-°psa S¿∂- v ac- W- a- S- ™- X- v. \\h- w_- ¿ 11 ak- v amX- yp, Ipc- y≥ amX- yp(Cc- ph- - ∂mWv kqN\\- . \\v sh≈- nb- mg- vN- \\yqt- bm¿°- n¬ cpw bpFk- vF) At- ac- n°- b- ne- p- \\n∂- p≈- JØ- ¿ Fb- ¿t- hk- v hn- ≈ a°- ƒ\\m´- nt- e°- v Xnc- n®- n´- p≠- .v 2023 ]I- pX- nt- bms- S bpF- k- v ho- am\\- Ø- n¬ tZml- la- Z- v C‚¿\\- m- k e`- n°- m\\- p≈- - Ime- X- ma- k- w tIm- hnU- n\\- p ap≥]- s- Ø \\ne- b- nt- e°- v FØ- n°- pw. hok- hn`- mK- Ø- ns- e Po- h-\\-°m-cp-sS F-Æ-hpw h¿-[n-∏n- °m≥ Xocpa- m\\- a- mb- n´- p≠- v. Pn20 A-[y-£-]-Z-hn C-¥y-bv-°v: {]-Im-i-\\w sN-bv-X tem-tKmbpsS t]cn¬ hnhmZw „Fw sI eme≥ F√- m k¿°- mc- pI- f- pw cmP- ys- Ø P- bpw kzb- w Db- ¿Ø- n°- mW- n°- m\\- p- j]v- a- ms- W∂- pw cmP- oh- v F∂- t]- ¥yb- ps- S tZi- ob- ]X- mI- b- m°- m\\- p- \\ß- f- pw cmP- ys- Ø a- pt- ∂m´- p\\b- n- ≈ _ns- P]- nb- ps- S X{- ¥a- ms- W∂- m cp Xs- ∂ Xma- c- b- pa- mb- n _‘- s- ∏- ≈- \\n¿t- Zi- s- Ø- Ph- ml- ¿e- m¬ s\\- C-¥y AS- pØ- h- ¿j- w Pn20 cmP- y- °p∂- X- n¬ {i≤- n®- ps- h∂- pw At- ±- Wv tIm¨{- Kk- v Nq≠n°- m´- nb- X- v. ´X- ms- W∂- pw _ns- P]- n Xnc- n®- S- n®- p.- ldv- p Xnc- k- Iv- c- n®- nc- p∂- ps- h∂- v A- lw ]d- ™- p. t±l- w ]d- ™- p. 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CX- p ‰pw {][- m\\- a- {- ¥n \\t- c{- μ tamZ- n {]- Unk- w_- d- n¬ Hc- p h¿j- t- Ø°- v C- s°m≈- p∂- X- mWv temt- Kms- b∂- v ]- sR´- n°- p∂- X- ms- W¶- ne- pw tamZ- nb- pw Imi- \\- w sNb- Xv- p. ¥y A[- y£- ÿ- m\\- w Gs- ‰S- p°- pw.- d™- nc- p∂- p. shd- pw Nn”- w am{- Xa- - _ns- P]- nb- pw kzb- w s]m°- n°- mW- n- √, C¥- y°- mc- ps- S knc- I- f- ne- qs- S H- °m\\- p≈- G- X- h- k- c- h- pw F{- X \\m- Imh- nb- pw ]®- b- pw Ie- ¿∂- \\n- CXn\\- ns- S, C¥- y Pn 20 cmP- y- gpI- p∂- hnI- mc- a- pƒs- °m≈- p∂- k- Ww sI´- pw D]- t- bmK- n°- ps- a∂- v P- dØ- n¬ Pn20 Fs- ∂g- pX- nb- temt- Km- ßf- ps- S A[- y£- ]- Z- w Gs- ‰S- p°- p- tμi- a- mW- ns- X∂- pw At- ±l- w Nq≠n- bdv- mw ct- aj- v ]d- ™- p.- bn¬ Xma- c- b- n¬ `qa- n Cc- n°- p∂- X- p ∂-Xp-am-bn _-‘-s∏-´v C-d-°n-b °m´- nb- nc- p∂- p. t]ms- eb- mW- v Nn{- XoI- c- W- w. kzm- tem-tKm-bp-sS t]-cn¬ tIm¨-{K- Xma- c- C¥- yb- ps- S tZi- ob- ]p- X-{¥y-Øn-s‚ 75˛mw hm¿-jn-Im- kpw _ns- P]- nb- pw XΩ- n¬ hmI- t-v ]m- tIm¨{- Kk- v t\\X- mh- v Pb- dv- mw j]v- h- pw al- me- £- av- nb- ps- S Cc- n∏- n- tLmj- t- hf- b- n¬ cmP- yØ- n\\- v A`- n- cv cq£a- mb- n. _ns- P]- n ]X- mI- b- n- ct- aj- mW- v temt- Kms- b Ip‰- s- ∏S- p- Sh- pa- ms- W∂- mWv _ns- P]- n h‡- m- am\\- m¿l- a- mW- v Pn20 A[- y£- ]- Z- h- n- se \\nd- ß- f- pw Xma- c- b- n¬ temI- w Øn cwK- s- ØØ- nb- X- v. 70 h¿j- w hv sjl- kv- mZ- v ]q\\- mh- e- ]d- ™- Xv. sb∂- v At- ±l- w ]d- ™- p.- Cc- n°- p∂- X- pt- ]ms- eb- p≈- t- emt- Km- ap≥]- v tIm¨{- Kk- ns- ‚ ]X- mI- C- kzmX- {- ¥yØ- n\\- p tij- a- p≠- mb- NOVEMBER 13-19, 2022 „MALAYALAM PATHRAM GLOBAL DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER

MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA bpF-kns‚ aÆn¬ hn-P-b-s°m-Sn ]m-dn-®v \\n-c-h-[n a-e-bm-fn-Iƒ A-ta-cn-°-bn¬ \\-S-∂ C-S-°m-e Xn-c-s™-Sp-∏n¬ hn-hn-[ ÿm-\\-ß-fn-te-°v a¬-k-cn-®p P-bn-®-h-cn¬ \\nc-h[n a-e-bm-fn-I-fpap≠v. an- tkm-dn kn-‰n ta-b-dm-bn tdm-_n≥ C-e-°m-´v, t^m¿-´v s_≥-Uv Iu-≠n P-Uv-Pn-bm-bn sI.-]n. tPm¿-Pv, 240˛mw Pp-Uo-jy¬ Un-kv-{Sn-Œv tIm¿-´v P-Uv-Pn-B-bn kp-tc-{μ≥ sI ]-t´¬, t^m¿-Sv-s_≥-Uv Iu-≠n aq-∂mw \\-º¿ tIm¿-´v P-Uv-Pn-bm-bn Pq-en am-Xyp, C-√n-t\\m-bv P- \\-d¬ A-kw-ªn-bn-te-°v sI-hn≥ Hm-en-°¬, kv-t‰-‰vsk-\\-‰n-te-°v sI-hn≥ tXm-a-kv F-∂n-h-cm-Wv hn-P-bn-® a-e-bm-fn-I-fn¬Nn-e¿. PU- Pv- n Pqe- n amX- yp [n°- p∂- ps- h∂- X- mW- v At- ±l- Ø- n- \\n®- X- v.- \\m¬]- X- p h¿j- a- mb- n bp- tdm-_n≥ C-e-°m-´v ho≠pw sSI- vk- k- ns- e G‰- h- pw he- nb- s‚ {]h- ¿Ø- \\- anI- h- v. Fk- ns- eØ- nb- n´- v. Iu-≠n-I-fn¬ H-∂m-b t^m¿-Sv- an-tkm-dn kn-‰n ta-b¿ ]Z-hn-bn-te°v s_≥U- v Iu≠- naq∂- mw \\º- ¿ tIm tImh- nU- v{]X- nk- ‘- nb- ps- S Im- 2009 ¬ \\S- ∂- Xnc- s- ™S- p∏- n¬ ¿´- v PU- Pv- n Pqe- n amX- yph- pw CX- p c- eØ- v P\\- I- ob- a- mb- apt- ∂‰- w Img- v- Pb- n®- v Iu¨k- n¬ saº- d- mb- n. 2011 „tPm-kv I-Wn-bm-en Kc- Ch- ‚pI- ƒ kwL- S- n∏- n°- s- ∏- ≠mw Xh- W- b- mW- va¬k- c- Ø- n\\- nd- - Nh- ®- p. hmI- kv- nt- \\j- ≥ \\nc- °- n¬ epw 2013 epw FX- nc- n√- ms- X Iu¨- ´p. s]mX- pP- \\- h- pa- mb- n IqS- pX- ¬ C- ßn hnP- b- w kz¥- a- m°- nb- X- v. ae- - Iu≠- n kwÿ- m\\- Ø- v H∂- ma- X- v F- kn¬ÿ- m\\- m¿Y- nb- mb- n Pb- n®- p. F- an-tkm-dn kn‰- n tab- d- mb- n ae- b- m- Ss- ]g- I- ph- m\\- pw Ah- c- ps- S {]i- \\v- - bmf- nI- ƒ Dƒs- ∏s- SC¥- y°- m¿ G- Ønb- X- v tPm¿P- ns- ‚{]h- ¿Ø- \\- a- nI- - ¶ne- pw 2015 ¬ cm{- „ob- Poh- nX- Ø- n ߃ a\\- k- ne- m°- m\\- pw km[- n®- p. sd-bp-≈-t^m-Sv-s_≥-Uv Iu-≠n- hps- Im≠- mW- v. tImh- nU- v ]c- nt- im- ¬\\- n∂- v sNd- ns- bmc- p CS- t- hf- s- bS- p- fn-bm-b tdm-_n≥ C-e-°m-´v ho- Hc- p bps- sW‰- U- v kn‰- nb- mb- n an- bn¬ sUt- am{- Im‰- nI- v Sn°- ‰- n¬CØ- - [\\- , tcmK- nI- f- ps- SBt- cmK- y kwc- - Øp. ]n∂- oS- v A©- ph- ¿j- Ø- n\\- v ti- ≠pw Xn-c-s™-Sp-°-s∏-´p. tbm- tkmd- n kn‰- ns- b Db- ¿Ø- pI- F- hW- h- pw Pb- w t\\S- m≥ km[- n®- p. 15 £W- w F∂- nh- b- °v- v {]t- XyI- ]- jw 2020 em-Wv Xn-c-s™-Sp-∏n¬ em≥U- m t^m¿U- ns- \\b- mW- v tdm- ∂X- mb- nc- p∂- p At- ±l- Ø- ns- ‚ e- h¿-j-sØ-\\n-b-a ]-cn-⁄m-\\-hpw cn-K-W-\\ \\¬-In.t^m¿-´v-s_≥-Uv a¬k- c- n®- v ant- kmd- n tab- d- mb- X- v. _n≥ ]c- mP- b- s- ∏S- pØ- nb- X- v. £yw. AX- n\\- p≈- AwK- oI- mc- w Iq- \\me- ph- ¿j- w PU- Pv- mb- n Cc- p∂- A- kIv- qƒ A[- ym]- nI- b- mb- jo_- b- m- Snb- mW- -v Cu h- nP- b- s- a∂- v tdm_- n≥ \\p`- h- kº- Ø- pa- mb- mW- v CØ- h- W- Wv `mc- y. tcmK- nX- v, sle- ≥t- ac- n, kv- sIh- n≥ Hme- n°- ¬ Ig- n™- c- ≠- p h¿j- w ant- km- Ce- °- m´- v ]d- ™- p.- Pqe- n Xnc- s- ™S- p∏- v tKmZ- b- n¬ Cd- - t\\l- F∂- nh- c- mW- v a°- ƒ.- C-√n-t\\m-bv kw-ÿm-\\-Øn-s‚ dn kn‰- ns- b At- ac- n°- b- ns- e G‰- - ßnb- X- v. 103a- X- v P\\- d- ¬ Ak- wª- nb- nt- e°- v hpw \\√- \\K- c- ß- f- ns- em∂- mb- n h- Ig- n™- c- ≠- p h¿j- w \\S- ∏- ne- m- ]Ø- mw hb- k- n¬ ^ne- U- ¬^- n- kpt- c{- μ≥ sI ]t- ´¬ sU-tam-{Im-‰n-Iv-ÿm-\\m¿-Yn-bm-bn f¿Ø- ns- bS- pØ- , ae- b- mf- nI- f- ps- S °nb- ]≤- X- nI- f- mb- nc- p∂- p At- ±l- - bb- n¬ FØ- nb- Pqe- n kIv- qƒ hn- 240˛mw PpU- oj- y¬ Unk- {v- SnŒ- v a¬k- c- n®- ae- b- mf- n sIh- n≥ Hme- n- am{- Xa- √- Gj- y≥ hwi- P- c- ps- S A- Øns- ‚ apX- ¬°- q´- v. 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F¶- ne- pw 2015 ¬ cm- Xa- mb- \\nI- pX- n`- mc- w AS- nt- ®¬∏- n- {„ob- Poh- nX- Ø- n¬\\- n∂- v sNd- n- °ms- X kpÿ- nc- a- mb- Hc- p `c- W- sbmc- p CS- t- hf- s- bS- pØ- p. ]n∂- o- kw-hn-[m-\\-am-Wv tdm-_n≥ C-e- Sv A©- ph- ¿j- Ø- n\\- v tij- w 2020 °m´- v \\S- ∏- ne- m°- nb- X- v. emW- v Xnc- s- ™S- p∏- n¬ a¬k- c- n- ®v ant- kmd- n tab- d- mb- X- v. kn‰- n Ãm^- nt- ‚b- pw Iu¨k- n- ent- ‚b- pw kl- I- c- W- t- Øms- S I- gn™- c- ≠- p- h¿j- a- mb- n kI-v qƒ, \\- 2 NOVEMBER 13-19, 2022 „MALAYALAM PATHRAM GLOBAL DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER

MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA C-√n-t\\m-bn-bn¬ A-´n-a-dn P-b-hp-am-bn \\-_o-e; ]n-d-∂-Xv ]p-Xn-b N-cn-{Xw „]n.]n.sNdn-bm≥ ®p Ah- ns- S- ]ª- nI- v kIv- qf- n¬ {]m- Ia- yqW- n‰- n Hm¿K- s- s\\k- d- mb- n tlmw N-cn-{Xw Ip-dn-®v C-¥y≥ hw-i-P; ta-cn-em≥-Uv Ya- nI- hnZ- ym`- ymk- w e`- n®- \\_- oe- SuW- n¬- tkh- \\- w A\\- pj- vTn®- nc- p- e-^v. K-h¿-W-dm-bn A-cp-W an-√¿ A´na- dn hnP- b- Ø- ne- qs- S C√- nt- \\m- ∂p. bv P\\- {- ]X- n\\- n[- n k`- b- ns- eØ- nb- thm´- nß- n\\- p≈- A- h- I- mi- w, K¿- G‰- h- pw {]mb- w Ipd- ™- - C¥- y≥ `O- n{- Zmh- I- mi- w, hnZ- ym`- ymk- w, Sm- At- ac- n°- ≥ ap…- nw h\\- nX- F∂- Ivk- v XpS- ß- nb- hnj- b- ß- ƒ Db- ¿- ]Z- h- n \\_- oe- kø- Z- n\\- v. Øn]- nS- n®- mW- v Xnc- s- ™S- p∏- v {]N- m- cW- w \\S- Ø- nb- X- v. 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CX- ns- \\ bps- S {]h- ¿Ø- \\- ß- ƒ N¿®- m hn- G_- ´- n\\- v XI- ¿∏- ≥ hnP- b- w. t]mƒ Wv. j-b-am-b-Xv tPm¿-Pn-s‚ ]m-S-hw sNb- Xv- thm´- pI- f- n¬55.7- % G_- ´- v sIm≠- p am{- Xa- mW- v. t\\-Sn-b-t∏mƒ, F-Xn¿-ÿm-\\m¿-Yn s_s- ‰m H.d- q¿s- °°- v 43 iX- a- m\\- w t^m¿S- s-v _≥U- v kI-v qƒ A[- ym- thm´- pI- f- mW- v e`- n®- X- v.- ]nI- b- mb- jo_- b- mW- v `mc- y. tcm- lnX- v, sle- ≥t- ac- n, k\\v- l- F∂- n- 67 iX- a- m\\- w thm´- pI- ƒ FÆ- n hc- mW- v a°- ƒ.- Ig- n™- t- ∏mƒ Xs- ∂ s{KK- vG_- - ´ns- ‚ hnP- b- w Dd- ∏- n®- {]h- ¿Ø- I- ¿- Bt- Lmj- w B- c- w`- n®- ncp∂- p.. NOVEMBER 13-19, 2022 „MALAYALAM PATHRAM GLOBAL DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER 3

MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA Xn-c-s™-Sp-∏n¬ P-bn-® G-‰-hpw Iq-Sp-X¬ hm¿-jn-I h-cp-am-\\w \\yq-tbm¿-°v K-h¿-W¿-°v, a-e-bm-fn-I-sf a-{¥ Ip-d-™ hm¿-jn-I h-cp-am-\\w a-bn≥ K-h¿-W¿-°v A-`n-\\-μn-®p „]n ]n sN-dn-bm≥ sSI- vk- k- ns- e Kh- ¿W- ¿ s{KK- v cpa- m\\- w 153750 tUmf- ¿ B- W- v. cpa- m\\- s- Ø°- pd- n®- v Iu¨k- n¬ Hm- G_- ´- n\\- p e`- n°- p∂- hm¿j- nI- h- Kh- ¿W- ¿a- mc- ps- S hm¿j- nI- h- ^v ktv- ‰‰- v Kh- ¨s- a‚ v {]k- n≤- oI- - bp-F-kv C-S-°m-e Xn-c-s™-Sp- A-ta-cn-°-bn¬ Xn-c-s™-Sp-°- cn®- _p°- v Hm^- v ktv- ‰‰- kv- ne- mW- v C°- mc- yß- ƒ hy‡- a- m°- nb- ncn°- p ∏n¬ hn-hn-[ ÿm-\\-ß-fn-te-°p s∏S- p∂- kwÿ- m\\- Kh- ¿W- ¿a- mc- n ∂X- v.- C√- nt- \\mb- v kwÿ- m\\- s- Ø- a¬k- c- n®- p hnP- b- n®- ae- b- mf- nI- ƒ- ¬ G‰- h- pw IqS- pX- ¬ iº- f- w \\yq- Kh- ¿W- ¿ hm¿j- nI- hc- pa- m\\- Ø- n¬ °v A`- n\\- μ- \\- w Ad- nb- n®- v ae- b- mf- n tbm¿°- v Kh- ¿W- ¿ ImØ- n tlm®- - 8˛mw ÿm\\- Ø- mW- v. 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MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA tIm-hn-Uv t{]m-´o≥ aq-e-ap-≠m-Ip-∂ lr-Z-bØns‚ X-I-cm-dn-\\v C-¥y≥a-cp-∂v^-e-{]-Zsa∂v]T-\\w bp-F-kn-se ta-cn-em≥-Uv k¿-h-I-em-im-e-bn-se K-th-j-I¿- Cu-®-I-fn-epw F-en-I-fn-epw \\-S-Øn-b ]-co-£-W- ß-fn¬ -\\n-∂m-Wv C-°m-cyw hy-‡-am-b-Xv. „tkma-\\mYv hniz≥ hm¿Ø- m GP- ≥k- nb- mb- ]nS- ns- F- Imc- W- ß- ƒ D≠- mI- ms- a∂- v ]T\\- w sI-]n-F-kn e-fn-X-bv-°pw {]-Xm-]v dnt- ∏m¿´- v sNb- Xv- p.- ]d- b- p∂- p.- tIm-hn-Uv tcmK- Ø- n\\- p Imc- W- a- m- t]mØ-\\pw-B-Z-c-hv \\¬-In Du¿P- Ø- n\\- mb- n •qt- °mk- ns- \\ F®- sv- Fh- n, knI- sshd- k- pI- - Ip∂- km¿k- t- -v Imh- -v 2 sshd- k- ns- e hn-L-Sn-∏n-°p-I-bm-Wv (ss•-t°m- sft- ∏ms- e- Cus- shd- k- pw ic- oc- Ø- n- sF-F^v-F-^v-sF t{]m´- o≥ aqe- a- p≠- mI- p∂- lrZ- b- Ø- - ssek- nk- )v km¿k- -v t- Imh- -v 2 ssh- se Nne- `mK- ß- s- f am{- Xa- mW- v tI- Ic- m¿ ]c- nl- c- n°- m≥ C¥- y≥ \\n¿- dk- v sNø- p∂- X- v. {μoI- c- n°- p∂- s- X∂- v Hcp apX- n¿∂- C-h¿-°p ]p-d-ta a-e-bm-fn-Iƒ-°v{]n-b-s∏-´ c-≠p-t]-cp-sS kn-\\n-a- anX- ac- p∂- v ^e- {- ]Z- a- ms- W∂- p ]T- Kt- hj- I- ≥ ]d- ™- p. \\w. 2Un-Pn a-cp-∂v sN-√p-tºmƒ Iƒ Iq-Sn tlm-ta-Pv hn-`m-K-Øn-ep-≠v. ss•t- °ms- sek- nk- v F∂- {]{- Inb- ]T\\- Ø- ns- e Is- ≠Ø- e- pI- ƒ bpF- k- ns- e tac- ne- m≥U- v k¿h- - XS- b- s- ∏S- pw. 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Iq´- mb- va- b- ps- S hnP- b- Ø- n\\- mb- n ktv- ]m¨k- ¿j- nt- ∏m, kw`- mh- \\- I- - dh- . s_∂- n tXma- k- v (hnI- mc- n) lq-Ã-Wn-se ss{I-kv-X-h hn- tfm \\¬I- m≥ Xme- ]v- c- ya- p≈- - kpa- - {_mb- ≥ Sn. amX- yp (I¨h- o\\- ¿) 832 izmk- ka- ql- s- Ø- Gt- Im]- n∏- n®- v - \\k- pI- ƒ°- v AX- n\\- p≈- A- h- k- c- w D- 6592- 250 NOVEMBER 13-19, 2022 „MALAYALAM PATHRAM GLOBAL DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER 5

MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA k-a-\\z-b-bp-sS 'tI-c-fo-bw 2022' i-\\n-bm-gv-N kv-Im¿-_-tdm-bn¬ k-a-\\z-b Im\\- U- b- ps- S t\\X- rX- z- hpa- mb- n _‘- n∏- n®- p \\n¿Ø- pI- F- cmP- ym¥- c- hnZ- ym¿Y- nI- ƒ°- v 10 tUm- ∂ e£- ya- mW- v tIc- f- ob- Ø- n\\- p≈- - fd- pw a‰- p≈- h- ¿°- v 15 tUmf- d- pa- mW- v Øn¬ 'tIc- f- ob- w 2022' i\\- nb- mg- v- Xv. sSmd- t- ‚mb- ns- e G‰- h- pw anI- ®- Sn°- ‰- v \\nc- °- v. \\me- p t]c- S- ß- p∂- N kI-v m¿_- t- dmb- n¬ \\S- °- pw. ssN- Xnb- ‰- ¿ HmU- nt- ‰md- nb- ß- f- n¬ H∂- m- Ip-Spw-_-Øn-\\p-≈- Sn-°-‰n-\\p 50 \\ok- v Iƒ®- d- ¬ sk‚d- ns- e ]nk- n b ]nk- n tlmw Xnb- ‰- d- n¬B- [- p\\- n- tUmf- d- mW- v.- tlm Xnb- ‰- ¿ lmf- n¬ sshI- n´- v \\m- I kmt- ¶X- nI- kwh- n[- m\\- ß- ƒ D- en\\- mW- v ]c- n]- mS- n. ]t- bmK- n®- mW- v ]c- n]- mS- n \\S- °- pI- cm{- Xn `£- W- w Dƒs- ∏s- Sb- mW- v Sn°- ‰- v \\nc- °- .v do¬‰- ¿ tdmb- v tPm¿- tIc- f- Ø- ns‚ X\\- X- p Ie- mc- q]- - tIc- f- ob- Ø- ns‚ `mK- a- mb- n \\S- - PmW- v tIc- f- ob- w 2022s‚ ssS‰- n¬ ßf- pw Hm¿°- k- v{- Sm Km\\- t- af- b- pw Øp∂- \\d- ps- °S- p∏- n¬ hnP- b- n°- p- kv-t]m¨-k¿. 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MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA _-lv-ssd≥ tem-I a-X ku-lm¿-Z k-tΩ-f-\\-Øn¬ bp-F-kn¬ Imd-]-I-S-Øn¬ a-cn-® a-e-bm-fn {]Xn-\\n-[n-bmbn A-ar-X-kz-cq-]m-\\-μ-]p-cn A-`n-`m-j-I-s‚ kw-kv-Im-cw \\-hw-_¿ 12\\v _lvssd-≥ `-c-Wm-[n-Im-cn l-a-Zv _n≥-Cu-k A¬ J-eo-^ cm-Pm-hv B-Xn-Yywh-ln-® tem-I a-X ku-lm¿- sS-Iv-km-kv kwÿ- m\\- Ø- ns- ‚ X- Z k-tΩ-f-\\-Øn¬ C-cp-\\q-dn-e-[n-Iw a-X-ta-e-[y-£-∑mcmWv ]-s¶-Sp-ØXv. eÿ- m\\- a- mb- HmÃ- n\\- n¬ Imd- ]- I- - SØ- n¬ ac- n®- bph- A`- n`- mj- I- ≥ P- _lvssd-≥ `c- W- m[- nI- mc- n la- - Ãn≥ Ing- t- °X- n¬ tPmk- ^- ns- ‚ (35) kwk- Iv- mc- w \\h- w_- ¿ 12\\v i- Zv _n≥C- uk- A¬ Je- o^- cmP- m- \\nb- mg- Nv- \\S- °- pw.- hv BX- nY- ywhl- n®- temI- aX- ku- Ume- k- ns- e sk‚ v.t- ac- ok- v a- e¶- c- It- Øme- n°- tZh- me- b- Ø- n¬ lm¿Z- kt- Ωf- \\- Ø- n¬ {]X- n\\- n[- n- cmh- ns- e 9 aW- n°- v kwk- Iv- mc- ip- {iqj- ^ne- nt- ∏mk- v am¿ ktv- X^- - bmb- n amX- m Aa- rX- m\\- μ- a- b- n aTw t\\mk- v sa{- Xmt- ∏me- oØ- b- ps- S apJ- y Im¿-Ωn-I-Xz-Øn¬ \\-S-Øp-∂-Xpw sshk- v sNb- ¿a- m≥ kzmanAa- rX- - XpS- ¿∂- v 1.3- 0 \\v kwk- Iv- mc- w tIm- t∏¬ tdmf- nwK- v HmI- kv- v ska- nt- Ø- kzc- q]- m\\- μ- ]- pc- n ]s- ¶S- pØ- p.- cnb- n¬ .- {^m≥k- nk- v am¿]- m∏- b- °v- v ]p- Ume- k- v It- cmƒ´- W- n¬ Xma- k- n- °p∂- ]p\\- e- q¿ sh´- nØ- n´- Ing- t- °- dt- a C- uP- n]- Xv- ns- e A¬A- k- ¿ ]- Xn¬ tPmk- ^- v h¿K- ok- v,]Ø- \\- w- Xn´- IqS- ¬ joe- `h- \\- n¬ joe- tPm- ≈n Ca- ma- pw A¬A- k- ¿ k¿h- I- - emi- me- ta[- mh- nb- pa- mb- sjb- vJ- v A-l-Ω-Zv A¬ Xm-bn-_v Dƒ-s∏- sSbp≈ aX- tae- [- y£- ≥a- msc D ƒs∏S- pØ- ns- °m≠- mb- nc- p∂p temI- Øns‚ {i≤ t\\Snb Cu alm Xm\\- μ- a- b- na- TsØ {]X- n\\- n[- oI- c- n®- v cq]- m\\- μ- ]- pc- n ]s- ¶S- pØ- X- v. k-^v F-∂n-h-cm-Wv am-Xm-]n-Xm- °ƒ. sP≥k- n tPmk- ^- v GI- k- ktΩf- \\- w.- Aa- rX- k- zc- q]- m\\- μ- ]- pc- n t^md- w Hm- Cc- p\\- qd- ne- [- nI- w aX- t- ae- [- y£- - tlmZ- c- nb- mW- v.- Ch¿s°m∏- a- mW- p amX- m Aa- r- ^v Ub- t- emK- n¬ kzman Aa- rX- k- z- ∑m¿ tbmK- Ø- n¬ ]s- ¶S- pØ- p.- Zp-_m-bn¬C-¥y≥hy-h-km-bn-sb-bpw`m-cy-sb-bpw Xn-c-s™-Sp-∏v {Sw-]n-\\v {]lcw, sIm-e-s∏-Sp-Øn-b {]-Xn-°v h-[-in-£ tdm¨ Un-km‚n-kn\\v apt∂‰w C¥y≥ hyh- k- mb- ns- bb- pw `mc- y- cyb- ps- S Xe- , Ig- pØ- v, s\\©- v F- „]n ]n sN-dn-bm≥ ak- m®- ps- k‰- kv- v Kh- ¿W- ¿ÿ- m- t\\S- ns- °mS- p°- p∂- X- n¬ ]c- mP- b- s- ∏- ∂nh- nS- ß- f- ne- mb- n 14 Ipt- ؉- nc- p- \\-tØ-°p-≈-a¬-k-c-Øn¬ {Sw-]n- ´t- ∏mƒ InwK- v ta°- ¿ F∂- v Ah- - sbb- pw Bk- q{- XnX- a- mb- n sIme- - ∂p.I- nS- ∏- pa- pd- nb- ps- S ]pd- Ø- p IS- - bpF- k- v cm{- „ob- Ø- nt- e°- v i‡- - s‚ ]n¥- pW- b- p≠- mb- nc- p∂- sP^- v Imi- s- ∏´- {Sw]- ns- ‚ cm„- ob- `mh- n- s∏S- pØ- nb- tIk- n¬ {]X- n°- v h- ∂ Cb- mƒ Zº- X- nI- f- ps- S aI- f- p- ssUepwsUt- am{- Im‰- ÿ-v m\\- m¿∞- n bpw A\\- n›- nX- Ø- nemb- nc- n°- p∂- p. 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MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA I-en-t^m¿-Wn-b A-kw-ªn-bn-te-°v F-Iyp-sa-\\n-°¬ s^-tem-jn-∏n-s‚ B-`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ kn-Jv h-\\n-X P-kv-ao-‰v Iu¿ ^ne-U¬^n-b-bn¬ kw-bp-‡ {In-kv-a-kv- B-tLm-jw Cu- h¿-j-sØ -{In-kv-a-kv- B-tLm-j-Øn-s‚ ap-Jym-Xn-Yn- Im-Ø-en-Iv k-`-bp-sS jn-°m-tKm sk‚v tXm-a-kv I-en-t^m¿-Wn-b t_t- °g- kv- v ^n kn-tdm a-e-_m¿ cq-]-X-bp-sS \\-hm-`n-jn-‡-\\m-b _n-j-∏v am¿ tPm-bn-B-e-∏m-´m-Wv. ¬-Un¬\\n-∂p-≈- tUm.-P-kv-ao-‰v „Po-tam≥ tPm¿-Pv °¬ s^-tem-jn-∏n-s‚-B-`n-ap-Jy- \\mb- _nj- ∏- v am¿ tPmb- nB- e- ∏- m- Iu¿ s_b- ¬v k- v Ie- nt- ^m¿W- nb- m A-kw-ªn-bn-te-°v Xn-c-s™-Sp-°- N-cn-{X kav- c- W- I- f- pd- ß- p∂- \\K- c- - Øn¬ \\S- Ø- n hc- p∂- kwb- p‡- ´B-v W- .v IqS- ms- X ae- b- mf- n Ia- yqW- n- s∏´- p. Hc- p C¥- y≥ knJ- v h\\- nX- C XmZ- ya- mb- mW- v Ie- nt- ^m¿W- nb- A- Øns- e kt- lmZ- c- k`- I- f- ps- Ss- F- {Ink- a-v k- B-v t- Lmj- ws- FI- yØ- ne- q- ‰nb- ps- S DØ- a- kpl- rØ- p°- f- mb- kwª- nb- n¬ AwK- a- mI- p∂- X- v. Iy thZ- nb- mb- FI- yps- a\\- n°- ¬ s^- sS ]c- k- ]v- c- w kl- I- c- n®- v {Ink- Xv- p- bpF- k- v tIm¨{- Kk- av- m≥, {_b- ≥ sUt- am{- Im‰- nI- v ÿm\\- m¿Y- nb- m- bn 35 Ak- wª- n Unk- {v- SnŒ- nI- v \\n- temj- n∏- v Hm^- v C¥- y≥ N¿®- k- n- tZh- s- ‚ Xnc- p]- nd- h- n Hc- pa- n®- mt- Lm- ^n‰- kv- v]m{- SnI- v, tPm- k^- v UnP- ne- m- ∂pw a’- c- n®- Ch- ¿ dn∏- ª- n°- ≥- ÿm\\- m¿Y- nb- mb- e‰- oj- s]c- k- n- s‚- B`- na- pJ- yØ- n¬ kwb- p‡- {- In- jn-°p-hm-\\pw, H-cp-an-®v {]-h¿-Øn- tam (s_≥t- ke- w, tab- ¿) XpS- ß- n- s\\b- mW- v ]c- mP- b- s- ∏S- pØ- nb- X- v.- kav- k- v Bt- Lmj- w Unk- w_- ¿ 3 °mh- p∂- taJ- e- I- f- ne- qs- S {Ink- X-v o- b \\nc- h- [- n kma- ql- nI- kma- pZ- mb- n- ab- °- pa- c- p∂- n\\- pw aZ- yØ- n\\- pw Zp- ioe- ß- ƒ°- pw AS- na- b- mI- p∂- tcm- i\\- nb- mg- Nv- D®- I- g- n™- v 2.3- 0 apX- ¬ b aqe- yß- s- f Db- ¿Ø- n ]nS- n°- m\\- p- I t\\X- m°- f- ps- S km∂- n[- yh- pw N- KnI- s- f ip{- iqj- n°- p∂- t_t- °g- v- kv ^o¬U- v dn°- h- d- n k¿h- ok- k- v ^neU- ¬^nb tPm¿Pv hmjnwK- vS amb- nB- Z- yI- me- IpS- nt- b‰- °- m¿ Xp- Sß- pI- f- n¬ D≠- mb- nc- n°- pw.- saU- n°- ¬ Ub- d- Œ- d- mW- v Pk- va- o‰- v. Bt- cmK- y kwc- £- , hm´- ¿ Izmf- n‰- n, ¨ sslkvIqƒ Hm-Un-t‰m-dn-b- S-ßn-h-®-Xm-Wv. X-e-ap-d-I-fn-eq-sS FI- yps- a\\- n°- ¬ s^t- emj- n∏- n- Øn¬ \\S- Ø- pw.- ssIa- md- p∂- \\Ω- ps- S ]mc- º- c- yw- D- s‚ t\\X- rX- zØ- ne- p≈- {- Ink- va- k- v- kmt- lmZ- c- ob- \\K- c- Ø- ns- e ae- - b¿Ø- n]- nS- n®- v \\S- Ø- p∂- C- uh- ¿j- - ]pX- ph- ’- c- mt- Lmj- Ø- nt- \\mS- \\- p_- - Fb- ¿ Izmf- n‰- n, `h- \\- c- l- nX- c- ps- S {]- bmf- nI- f- ps- S CS- b- ns- e {Ink- Xv- ob- sØ{- Ink- a-v k- B-v t- Lmj- Ø- ns- ‚ ap- ‘n®- v ^ne- U- ¬^- nb- kn‰- nb- n¬ \\n- i\\-v ß- ƒ F∂- nh- ]c- nl- c- n°- ps- a∂- Dd- ∏- mW- v Ch- ¿ Xnc- s- ™S- p∏- n\\- p ap- k`- I- f- ps- S Hs- Ømc- pa- b- ps- Sb- pw k- JymX- nY- n- ImØ- e- nI- v k`- b- ps- S jn- ∂pw A∂v FI- yps- a\\- n°- ¬ Zn\\- w- ºp thm´- ¿a- m¿°- v \\¬I- nb- X- v.- lI- c- W- Ø- ns- ‚b- pw {]X- oI- mfl- I- - °mt- Km sk‚ v tXma- k- v knt- dm a- Bb- n {]J- ym]- n®- n´- p≈- - Ad- nb- n∏- pw- amb- n \\ne- s- Im≈- p∂- FI- yps- a\\- n- e_- m¿ cq]- X- b- ps- S \\h- m`- nj- n‡- - Hut- ZymK- nI- a- mb- n D≠- mb- nc- n°- pw. kπn-sa‚v, tlmw tP¿W-¬, _p≈-‰n-≥, ]pkvX-I-߃, amK-kn≥ XpS-ßnbh G‰hpw Ipd™ \\nc-°n¬ ]q¿W DØ-c-hm-Zn-Ø-tØmsS sNbvXp-X-cp∂p „REPORTING NEWS „COMPILING AND EDITING „PREPARATION OF INTERVIEW, FEATURE, ETC. „SPECIAL REPORTS „TYPESETTING ON CONTRACT „PROOF READING „LAYOUT & DESIGN „GRAPHIC DESIGNING „ILLUSTRATION „ADVT. WRITEUPS „ADVERTISEMENT DESIGNING „COVER DESIGNING „ALL KIND OF PRINTING RESPONSIBILITIES,BINDING WORKS, ETC. ]≈n s]cp-∂m-fp-Iƒ, D’-h-߃, ¢_v˛A-tkm-kn-tb-j≥ hm¿jn-ImtLmj-߃ XpS-ßnbh-tbm-S-\\p-_-‘n®v kvs]jy¬ kπn-sa‚p-Iƒ, tlmw tP¿W-epIƒ, _p≈-‰n-\\pIƒ XpS-ßnbhbpsS FUn-‰nwKv & te Hu´v h¿°p-Iƒ UnPn‰¬˛{]n‚v cq]-ßfn¬ G‰hpw Ipd™ \\nc-°n¬ Xøm-dm°n \\¬Ip-∂p. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL: 979 665 3421 (TEXAS, USA), 994 661 6415 (KERALA) 8 NOVEMBER 13-19, 2022 „MALAYALAM PATHRAM GLOBAL DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER

MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA MALAYALAMPATHRAM SPORTS C-¥y-bv-°v Z-b-\\o-b ]cm-Pbw; tem-I-I-∏n¬ Cw-•-≠v-˛]m-°n-ÿm≥ ss^-\\¬ „_n_n≥ tPmk^v dn¬ Xs- ∂ Cw•- ≠- v ktv- Im¿ 50 ]n- ¬ A\\- mb- mk- w hnP- b- Ø- ns- eØ- n. slb- ¬k- mW- p If- nb- ns- e Xm- s°b- mW- v {Ink- v thmI- kv- ns- ‚ ]- ∂n´- p. slb- ¬v k- v 29 ]¥- n¬\\- n∂- pw Ae- I- vk- v slb- v¬k- v Gg- p knI- v- cw. 13 \\v sa¬_- W- n¬ \\S- °- p∂- ¥n¬ hn°- ‰- v Io∏- ¿ tPmk- v _S- !v e¿- Sz‚ n20 temI- I- ∏- v ska- nb- n¬ C- _-Sv-e¿ 36 ]-¥n¬-\\n-∂pw A¿-[ kpw \\me- p t^md- pw AS- n®- p ]d- Ø- n- ss^\\- e- n¬ ]m°- nÿ- m\\- pw Cw•- - °p Iym®- v \\¬I- n cml- p¬ aS- ß- n- sk©- d- n XnI- ®- p. 10.1- Hmh- d- n¬ (61 bt- ∏mƒ _S- e-v ¿ aq∂- v knI- k-v pw H≥- ≠pw G‰- pa- p´- pw.- bX- v. ¥yb- °v- p Zb- \\- ob- tXm¬h- n.- ]¥- v) 100 IS- ∂- Cw•- ≠- v 16 Hmh- d- n ]X- p t^md- pa- mW- p t\\S- nb- X- v. c≠- mw ska- n ss^\\- e- n¬ C- B-Zyw _m-‰n-ßn-\\n-d-ßn-b C- XpS- ¿∂- v tcml- nX- v i¿a- b- pw hn- ¥y 20 Hmh- d- n¬B- d- p hn°- ‰- v \\„- - cmS- v tIme- nb- pw tN¿∂- v ktv- Im¿ 50 ¥ys- b ]Ø- p hn°- ‰- n\\- mW- p Cw•- - Øn¬ 168 d¨s- kS- pØ- p. lm¿Z- n- IS- Ø- n. {Ink- v tPm¿Z- m\\- mW- v tcm- ≠v tXm¬]- n®- X- v. tSmk- v \\„- s- ∏´- v Iv ]mfi- y (33 ]¥- n¬ 63), hnc- mS- v lnX- v i¿a- s- b ]pd- Ø- m°- nb- X- v.- _m‰- nß- n\\- nd- ß- nb- C¥- y 20 Hmh- - tIme- n (40 ]¥- n¬ 50) F∂- nh- c- p- dn¬-B-dp hn-°-‰v \\-„-Øn¬ 168 sS A¿[- sk©- d- nI- f- mW- v C¥- y- kqc- yI- pa- m¿ bmZ- h- n\\- pw Xnf- ß- m- d¨s- kS- pØ- p. b°v- p Ic- pØ- mb- X- v. \\mb- n√- . 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NOVEMBER 13-19, 2022 „MALAYALAM PATHRAM GLOBAL DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER 9

MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL hmeyw 01 e°w 12 -\\-hw-_¿ 13-˛19, 2022 teJ\\w „Ipcy≥ tPm¿Pv Iq´n-°¬ FUn-t‰m-dn-b¬ Fw. sI. eme≥, No^v FUn‰- ¿ I-∏-en-se \\m-hn-IcpsS Imcy-Øn¬ A\\n-›n-XXzw \\o°Ww C-Izn-t‰m-dn-b¬ Kn\\- nb- n¬ XS- ™- ph- ®- {IqU- vHmb- n¬ Sm¶- d- ns- e \\m- K-h¿-W¿-am-cp-sS Nm≥-k-e¿ ]-Z-hn-bpw hnI- ¿ C\\- nb- pw ss\\P- oc- nb- b- n¬ FØ- nb- n´- ns- √∂- kqN- \\- \\m´n¬ am{X- ap-dp-Ip-∂ {]-Xn-k-‘nbpw a√ hntZi C¥y°- mc- nepw Akzÿ- X Db¿Øp∂- X- mWv. 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IqSpX- ¬ hnh- c- ß- ƒ°- v: - 1800 425 3939 F∂ or [email protected] bpw klmb- n°- m≥ Ignb- p∂ ssIIf- pa- mWv Hcp hy‡n- F∂- sh- \\ºc- n¬ _‘∏- t- S≠- X- mW- v. whatsapp: 9946616415 bpsS {][m\\ BkvXn.- F. ]n. sP A_Zv- pƒIemw _sv- sk‰- v hg- nbmWv CXn\\v At- ]- £ \\¬tI≠- X- v. iin[- c- ≥ \\mb¿ MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL _lvssd≥ THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, NOVEMBER 13-19, 2022 „MALAYALAM PATHRAM GLOBAL DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED FROM TEXAS, USA Chief Editor: M K Lalan Associate Editor: Sabu Pulintharakunnel Layout and Design: Thapas Creations, Kottayam 10

MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA d-jy≥ F-Æ: C-¥y-bp-sS \\n-e-]m-Sv tkm-Wn-btbbpw cm-lpent\\bpw i-cn-sb-∂v a-{¥n P-b-i-¶¿ C-Un ho-≠pw tNm-Zyw sN-øpw C-¥y-bpw dj- y- Ønbt- ijw kwkmc- n°- pI- bmb- n- Npa- X- e- b- pf- f- dj- y≥ D]- {- ][- m\\- - \\mj- \\- ¬ sld- ƒU- v Zn\\- ]- {- Xh- pa- m- ¿P- p≥ J¿s- Ks- bb- pw tNmZ- yw sN- cp∂- p At- ±l- w. tImh- nU- v al- ma- m- a{- ¥n sU\\- nk- v am‚pt- dmh- pa- mb- pw btv- X°- pw.- tkmW- nb- , cml- p¬ F- bpw X-Ωn-ep-≈- cn, km-º-Øn-I {]-Xn-k-‘n-Iƒ, Pb- i- ¶- ¿ N¿®- \\S- Ø- n. ]m›- m- bn _‘- s- ∏´- I≈- ∏- W- w shf- p∏- n- ∂nh- ¿°- v Hml- c- n ]¶- mf- nØ- a- p≈- - _‘- w Cc- pc- mP- y- hym]- mc- XS- k- ß- ƒ F∂- nh- - B- Xy cm-Py-ß-fp-sS {]-Xn-tj-[-ap- °¬ tIk- n¬ tkmW- nb- Km‘- n, bM- v C¥- y≥ Iº- \\- n Zn\\- ]- {- Xw G- ߃°- pw sa®- a- p- tKmf- kº- Z- vhyh- ÿ- s- b tZmj- I- - s≠¶- ne- pw FÆ- Cd- °- pa- X- ns- b cml- p¬ Km‘- n F∂- nh- s- c F≥- s‰S- pØ- X- pa- mb- n _‘- s- ∏´- kmº- - ≈X- pw k¥- pe- n- c amb- n _m[- n®- ka- b- a- mW- nX- .v Cu- Pb- i- ¶- ¿ \\ymb- oI- c- n®- p. t^mg- kv- sv- a‚ v Ub- d- Œ- t- d‰- v (CU- n) ØnI- CS- ]- mS- pIfmWv CU- n ]c- n- Xh- pw Zo¿L- I- m- hnj- b- ß- ƒ°- p ]pd- t- a `oI- c- X- , Im- ho≠- pw tNmZ- yw sNb- tv- X°- psa∂v tim[- n°- p∂- X- .v CS- ]- mS- ns- ‚ `mK- a- m- ekmº- Ø- nI- k- emh- ÿ- m hyX- nb- m\\- w XpS- ß- nb- h- - temI- Ø- ns- e aq∂- ma- s- Øh- - kqN\\- . bn tImS- nIƒ hymP- Iº- \\- nI- ƒ h- l-I-c-W-Øn-s‚ sbms- ° C¥- yd- j- y N¿®- b- n¬ hn- enb- FÆ- D]- t- `m‡- ms- h∂- \\n- gn ssIa- md- ns- b∂- hnh- c- w AS- nÿ- m- jb- a- msb∂- pw At- ±l- w ]d- ™- p.- eb- n¬ P\\- ß- f- ps- SB- h- i- yw IW- - Ch- c- S- °- a- p≈- - tIm¨{- Kk- v t\\- \\a- m°- nb- mh- pw tNmZ- ywsNø- ¬.- ]›- mØ- e- Ø- ne- p≈- X- pa- mb- n amd- n- °ns- eS- pt- °≠- X- ps- ≠∂- pw At- ±- Xm°- s- f ap≥]- v tNmZ- yw sNb- vX- - sb∂- v hnt- Zi- I- mc- y a{- ¥n Fk- v. 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MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA A-ar-X F-Iv-kv-{]-kv cm-ta-iz-c-tØ-°v; k¿-°m¿ t_m¿-Uv Zp-cp-]-tbm-Ks∏Sp-ج: th-fm-¶-Æn- B-gv-N-bn¬ c≠v Zn-h-k-w tamt´m¿ hm-l-\\ N-´w t`-Z-K-Xn sN-øpw tPm¨k≥ Xpf-kn-h\\w Øe- m°- pw. ÿnc- w k¿h- ok- v hc- p- Hut- ZymK- nI- hml- \\- ß- f- n¬ t_m¿- Hm^- v tIc- f- ' F∂- t_m¿U- v hb- v- ∂t- Xms- S \\nc- °- pI- f- n¬ Ipd- h- p≠- m- °m≥ N´- {- ]I- mc- w Xs- ∂ A[- nI- m- Xncp-h-\\-¥-]pcw˛a- [- pc- Aa- rX- Ipw. Xnc- ph- \\- ¥- ]- pc- w- a- [- pc- Aa- r- Uv hb- °v- p∂- X- p kw_- ‘- n®- p hy- ca- p≈- h- c- mb- n Ch- c- ps- S ]Z- h- nI- ƒ X FI- vk- v{- ]k- v cmt- ai- zc- t- Ø°- p ‡X- hc- pØ- m≥ tIc- f- tamt- ´m¿ Dƒs- ∏S- pØ- pw.- FI- k-v {-v ]k- v s{Sb- n≥ cmt- ai- zc- t- Ø- \\o-´p-∂-tXm-sS cm-ta-iz-c-tØ-°p hml- \\- N´- w t`Z- K- X- nsNø- p∂- p. °p \\o´- m\\- pw Fd- W- mI- pf- w- t- hf- m- tIc- f- Ø- n¬ \\n∂- p≈- B- Z- yÿ- nc- w a{- ¥na- m¿°- pw Xpe- y]- Z- h- nb- ne- p- ¶Æ- n dq´- n¬- Bg- Nv- b- n¬ c≠- pZ- nh- - k ¿h- ok- mb- n Aa- rX- amd- pw. hym]- I- amb Zpc- p]- t- bmK- w I- ≈h- ¿°- pw am{- Xt- a tIc- f- k¿°- m kw hoX- w k¿h- ok- v \\SØ- m\\- pa- p s≠Ø- nb- X- ns- \\Ø- pS- ¿∂- mW- v Ggv ¿ F∂- t_m¿U- v hb- °-v m\\- mI- q. Im- ≈ -ip-]m¿-i-Iƒ-°v sd-bn¬-th Xnc- ph- \\- ¥- ]- pc- Ø- p \\n∂- p cm- h¿j- Ø- n\\- pt- ij- a- p≈- - t`Z- K- X- n. 92 dn¬ t_m¿U- v hb- °v- m≥ A[- nI- m- t_m¿U- v AwK- oI- mc- w \\¬I- n. {Xn ]pd- s- ∏S- p∂- s{Sb- n≥ ]nt- ‰ Zn- (F) hI- p∏- ne- mW- p am‰- w. AS- pØ- - ca- p≈- a‰- p≈- h- ¿°- p t_m¿U- ns- ‚ hk- w D®- t- bms- S cmt- ai- zc- Ø- v F- h¿j- a- mZ- yw CXv \\ne- h- n¬ hc- pw.- \\nd- Ø- n¬ \\nb- {- ¥W- a- p≠- .v Nph- ∏- p tIc- f- Ø- ns- ‚ Gs- d°- me- a- mb- p- Øpw. k¿h- ok- B-v c- w`- n°- p∂- Xob- - t_m¿U- v F√- mh- ¿°- pw hb- °v- m\\- m- ≈ c≠v Bh- i- yß- f- mW- v h¿j- ß- - XnI- ƒ kw_‘- n®v C\\nbpw Adn- {]X- n]- £- t- \\X- mh- v, \\nb- a- k- `- m In√- . Cu- N´- ß- s- f√- mw A´- na- d- n°- - fp-sS Im-Øn-cn-∏n-s\\m-Sp-hn¬ bm- bn∏v D≠mb- n´- n√- . k]v- o°- ¿ F∂- nh- c- ps- S ]Z- h- n t`Z- - s∏S- p∂- ps- h∂- mW- p hna- ¿i- \\- w. `c- - Ym¿Y- ya- mI- p∂- X- v. K-Xn-bn¬ F-Sp-Øp-]-d-bpw. No-^v WL- S- \\- mÿ- m]- \\- ß- t- fX- v, Ãm‰- yq- cm-ta-iz-c-tØ-°p t]mIp∂ sk{- I´- d- n, AU- oj- \\- ¬ No^- v sk- ´d- nÿ- m]- \\- ß- t- fX- v F∂- nh- kw_- - ]pX- nb- s{Sb- n\\- mb- Fd- W- mI- p- tIc-f-Øn¬\\n-∂p≈ bm{X-°m¿ {I´- d- n F∂- nh- s- cb- pw Dƒs- ∏S- pØ- pw. ‘n®- N´- Ø- n¬ Ah- y‡- X- b- ps- ≠- fw- t- hf- m¶- Æ- n ss_h- o°- e-v n (sIm- Gsd _p≤na- p´- \\- p`- h- n®- mWv CXp- \\ne- h- n¬ k¿°- m¿ {]t- XyI- a- mb- n ∂pw Is- ≠Ø- nbn´p≠- v. √w, sNt- ¶m´- hg- n) bmY- m¿Y- ya- mI- p- hsc bm{X sNbvXnc- p∂- X- v. A\\- ph- Z- n®- h- ¿ F∂- KW- Ø- ne- mW- v ∂t- Xms- S Ct- ∏mƒ- Bg- N-v b- ns- emc- n- Ch- ¿. 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MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA Nm≥-k-e¿- ÿm-\\-Øp\\n-∂v K-h¿-W-sd \\o-°p-∂-Xn-\\p-≈- Hm¿-Un-\\≥-kv cm-Pv-`-h-\\n¬ „F≥ cm[m-Ir-jvW≥ e`- n®- m¬ AX- v C ^b- ¬ hg- n kzo- hI- e- mi- me- I- f- ps- S Xe- ∏- Ø- v Nm≥- ´ns- ‚ ip]- m¿i- I- ƒ IqS- n ]c- nK- W- n- In√- . k¿h- I- e- mi- me- b- n¬ F√- m Ic- n®- v \\S- ]- S- n kzoI- c- n°- m≥ Kh- ¿- ke- d- mb- n \\nb- a- n°- p∂- X- v DN- nX- a- m- ®mW- v k¿°- m¿ Xoc- pa- m\\- s- aS- pØ- - A[- nI- mc- h- pw Hm^- nk- pw A\\- ph- Z- n- kwÿ- m\\- s- Ø 14 k¿h- I- e- mi- m- W¿°- p km[- n°- pw. _p[- \\- mg- N-v tN- hn√- - F∂- ]q©- n IΩ- nj- ≥ dnt- ∏m¿- Xv. 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MALAYALAMPATHRAM SUPPLIMENT MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA aebm-fw-]{Xw t•m_¬ MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL SUPPLIMENT lr-Z-b-kv-Xw-`-\\-߃ s]cp-Ip-∂p, 40Zn-h-kØn\\nsS32e-£w hn-hm-lw; hn-]-Wn-bnte°v hn-S-]-d-b-Ww Cu Po-hn-X-ssi-en-tbm-Sv 3.-75e-£wtIm-Sn tem-I-Øv lr-t{Zm-K-ß-sf Xp-S¿-∂v a-cn-°p-∂-h-cn¬ 80 i-X-am-\\w t]-cpw lr-Z-bm-Lm-X-sØ-Xp-S¿-∂pw 20 „_m_p cma-N-{μ≥ i-X-am-\\w t]-cpw lr-Z-b-kv-Xw-`-\\-sØ Xp-S¿-∂p-am-Wv. \\m¬∏Xv Znh- k- Ø- n\\- ns- S C¥- y- „Fw sI eme≥ bn¬ Ac- t- ßd- pI- 32 e£- w hnh- m- lß- s- f∂- v k¿t- h dnt- ∏m¿´- v. lm¿´v A‰m°v F∂- kU- ≥ \\h- w_- ¿ \\me- v apX- ¬ Unk- w- Im¿U- nb- mI- v Ad- Ã- pI- ƒ C¥- yb- n _¿ 14 hs- cb- p≈- Znh- k- ß- f- n¬ \\- S°- p∂- - Cu hnh- ml- ß- ƒ°- mb- n cm- ¬ {]XnZ- n\\w IqSnhcnI- b- mW- v. 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MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA MALAYALAMPATHRAM SUPPLIMENT A-\\p-cm-K Km-\\w t]m-se, A-g-In-s‚ A-e t]m-se. . . sNdpIY „iymw {iocmKw IS- ∂- v lrZ- b- Ø- nt- es- °mg- pI- n..- .- - hn´- pX- c- m≥ Rm≥ Hc- p°- a- mW- v.- the- ns- I´- v IS- ∂- v Ab- mƒ ho- ]t- £ F\\- n°- d- nb- mw, -hn-´p-X-cm≥ ´nt- e°- v \\S- ∂- p ..- .- - H∂- pI- n¬ \\ns- ‚ IuX- pI- w I- Rm≥ H-cp-°-am-Wv.- Ab- mƒ B ]m´- ns- ‚ Dd- h- nS- w gnb- pt- ºmƒ \\o aS- p°- pw. ]-t£ F-\\n-°-dn-bmw, H-∂p-In¬ \\n-s‚ Iu-Xp-Iw tXS- n sal- d- ns- ‚ apd- nb- n¬ FØ- n- Nne- t- ∏mƒ B If- n∏- m´- tiJ- - _m_- p°- b- ps- S Aa- qe- y tiJ- c- ß- - cØ- n¬ ]pX- nb- Hs- cÆ- a- mb- n A- fn¬ sal- d- n\\- v G‰- h- pw C„- a- p≈- h≥ amd- nt- b°- mw.- Km\\- w..- .- - AX- pa- s- √¶- n¬ \\ns- ‚ Nc- S- v h- I-gn-bp-tºmƒ \\o a-Sp-°pw. ]t- £ B t\\c- w Ah- ƒ Ah- n- enI- f- n¬ ssIIme- nf°- p∂- as- ‰m- Nn-e-t∏mƒ B sS C√- mb- nc- p∂- p- Ab- mƒ Ah- ns- S cp ]mh- b- mb- n \\ns- ‚ H∏- w D≠- m- InS- ∂- XS- n°- t- kc- b- n¬Cc- p∂- p.- tb°- mw..- .- - I-fn-∏m-´ ti-J-c-Øn¬ ]m´- v Ig- n™- t- ∏mƒ ]pd- t- Øb- v- c≠- pw F\\- n°- v Bt- emN- n°- m≥ ]p-Xn-b H-sc-Æ-am-bn °nd- ß- m≥ XpS- ß- nb- X- mW- v..- .- - Iqs- S Ig- nb- p∂- X- √- ame- n\\- o ..- .- - A-h≥ am-dn-tb-°mw.- At- ∏mf- mW- v tai- ∏- pd- Ø- v h®- n- AX- ps- Im≠- v am{- Xa- mW- v a\\-  - v cp∂- IS- e- mk- v {i≤- b- n¬ s]´- X- vXv. sIm≠- v dj- oZ- v Xnc- n®- v hc- t- W F- B¿t- °m Fg- pX- nb- IØ- v t]ms- e- ∂v Rm≥ {]m¿∞- n®- X- v..- .- - \\o F- .Hc- n°- e- pw t]mÃ- v sNø- mØ- IØ- p- t∂mS- v £a- n°- pI- ..- .- - Iƒ°- mb- n Ah- f- ps- S Ae- a- mc- nb- n¬ kz¥- w Iq´- pI- mc- n..- H-cp Zn-h-kw F¶- n¬ Hc- p Znh- k- w- es- Im≠- Im¿t- aL- ß- ƒ X\\- n°- v Ab- mƒ Xs- ‚ \\S- Ø- w XpS- ¿- Hc- p Ad- Xs- ∂b- p≠- v.- sal- d- p∂- nk- kp¬^- n°- ¿..- .- - ]n∂- n¬ Hc- p ag- b- mb- n s]b- sv- Xmg- n- ∂p..- .- - CS- t- Ø ssI sIm≠- v Ab- mƒ dj- oZ- v kX-v œ- \\- mb- n Ah- ns- S X- tij- w ac- W- a- mI- ne- pw kt- ¥mj- w bp∂- X- mb- mWv dj- oZ- n\\- v A\\- p`- h- - s∂ \\n∂- v t]mb- n..- .- - F-∂v ]-d-™p-Xo¿-∂-t∏m-tf-°pw s∏´- Xv. \"Hc- p ]pj- ]v- w am{- Xs- a≥ ]q¶- - As- XS- pØ- p..- .- - B t\\c- w tdU- nt- bm Cß- s- \\ Ah- f- ps- S IÆ- pI- ƒ \\nd- ™- pX- pf- p- eb- n¬ \\n¿Ø- mw Rm≥ HS- ph- n¬ {]ob- s- ∏´- ame- n\\- n°- ,v- ]mS- n..- .- - ºnb- nc- p∂- p..- .- - taL- ]- mf- nI- s- f Dc- p°- n \\o°- n- \\os- bØ- pt- ºmƒ- \" dj- oZ- ns- ‚ Im- Cu Znh- k- w \\Ω- ps- S Poh- nX- Ø- n- \"A\\- pc- mK- Km\\- w t]ms- e..- .- .- .- .- - s°m≠- v kqc- y≥ Xs- ‚ tXP- k- v ho- XpI- f- n¬ t\\¿Ø- Hc- p Xc- wK- a- mb- n Ag- I- ns- ‚ Ae- t]ms- e- \" ss\\a- nj- nI- a- mb- IuX- pI- ß- ƒ- s≠S- pX- nc- n°- p∂- p..- .- - Zmt- k´- s- ‚ i–- w I¿W- ]- S- ß- s- f se G‰- h- pw at- \\ml- c- a- mb- Znhk- - ]pd- Ø- v sal- d- ns- ‚ i–- w °v Hc- p apg- ph- ≥ Znh- k- s- Ø hnc- - ßf- n¬ H∂- v Xs- ∂ Bb- nc- n°- pw.- A-bmƒ B I-S-em-kv A-Xv kX- IqS- ms- X X≈- n\\- o°- m≥ Ig- n- t]ms- e Ah- ns- S h®- p..- .- - bpt- am ame- n\\- o ? 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IpS- pw_- Ø- n¬ k- \\n¿Ø- m≥ km[- n°- pw. tPme- nc- wK- - AwK- oI- mc- w t\\S- ns- bS- p°- m≥ Ig- n- ¥p„- n \\ne- \\- n¬°- pw. ]pW- yÿ- - Øpw ]pt- cmK- X- n ImW- s- ∏S- pw. km- bpw. IpS- pw_- Ø- n¬ kzÿ- X- \\n- eß- ƒ kμ- ¿i- n°- pw.- NOVEMBER 13-19, 2022 „MALAYALAM PATHRAM GLOBAL DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER 15

MALAYALAMPATHRAM SUPPLIMENT MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA A-em-kv-I: -]m-Xn-cm kq-cy-s‚ \\m-´n¬ bm-{X-I-sf C-„-s∏-Sp-∂ H-cmƒ bt- ∏mƒ cm{- Xn ]{- ¥≠- p aW- n A- Ic- S- nI- s- f ImW- mw. ∂ma- s- Ø Db- c- a- p≈- ( Cc- p]- Ø- n- Dƒs- °m≈- p∂- kwÿ- m\\- a- mW- v A- t∏mg- pw kqc- y≥ Xe- °- p apI- f- n¬ A∂- v cm{- Xn hm¬U- nk- n¬ F- \\mb- nc- Ø- n ap∂- q‰- n]- Ø- p AS- n) am- emk- I-v . sSI- k-v mk- v kwÿ- m\\- Ø- n Poh- nX- Ø- n¬ Fs- ¥ms- ° ImW- - Xs- ∂, th\\- ¬ Ime- Ø- p s^b- ¿ °n≥e- n ]¿h- X- w I¨I- pf- n¿s- ° s‚ c≠- nc- ´- nb- p≠- v Ae- mk- Iv- b- ps- S Ws- a∂- v B{- Kl- n°- p∂- pt- hm, A- _m¶- kv- n¬ kqc- y≥ Ak- Xv- a- n°- m- Øn. C-Xn-t\\m-S-Iw X-s∂ t^m- I≠- p .B- d- mw Znh- k- w ^b- ¿ _m- he- p∏- w. 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MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA MALAYALAMPATHRAM SUPPLIMENT tbm-Km-k-\\- ]-cn-io-e-\\w tbm-Km-k-\\-߃ \\Ωƒ (tbm- „tUm.cmtPjv ISa- m≥Nnd Kt- ]mk- tv- Ng- kv- v) ]c- nNb- s- ∏´- pX- p- Sß- nbncn°- p∂- p.- {i≤- nt- °≠- - Imc- yw t\\csØ ]d™- nc- p∂ inY- ne- oI- c- W- hym- bma- ß- ƒ ]c- ni- oe- n®- X- n\\- pt- ij- w am{- Xt- a- Bk- \\- ]- c- ni- oe- \\- Ø- n\\- v apX- nc- mh- q F∂- X- mW- v.- ]c- ni- oe- \\- {- Ia- w, {]t- bmP- \\- ß- ƒ, {i≤- nt- °≠- I- mc- yß- ƒ F∂- o- {Ia- Ø- ne- mW- v ChnsS tN¿Ø- nc- n- °p∂- X- v. {i≤- t- bms- S hmb- n®- v lrZ- nÿ- - am°- nb- t- ij- wam{- Xw ]c- ni- oe- n°- m ≥ {ia- n°- pI- .- A¿-≤ N-{Im-k-\\w {Sm-h≥-Iq¿ lu-kv tI-c-f-Øn-s‚ tbm-Km-k-\\-]-cn-io-e-\\-Øn¬ A-„mw-K-tbm-K C∂v aq∂ma- s- Ø Bk- \\- a- mW- v ]- {]mtbm-KnI Pohn-X-Øn¬ kz-sØ-∂v k¿-°m¿; hn¬-°m≥ cn-N-b-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂-Xv.- \"A¿-≤\"F- ∂m¬ ]I- pX- n. \"N{- I\" F∂- m¬ N- tbm-Km-k-\\- ]-cn-io-e-\\w cm-P-Ip-Spw-_-Øn-\\v ]≤Xn {Iw. Cu Bk- \\- Ø- n¬, ic- oc- w Hc- p A¿≤- N- {- IØ- ns- ‚ BI- rX- n 1930 em-Wp {Sm-h≥-Iq¿ lu-kv \\n¿-an-°p-∂-Xv. kzm-X-{¥y-Øn-\\p ti- kzoI- c- n°- p∂- X- n\\- m¬, Cu Bk- - jw tI-{μ k¿-°m-cn-s‚ \\n-b-{¥-W-Øn-em-bn-cp-∂p CXv. 1948 ap-X¬ \\Ø- ns- \\ A¿≤- N- {- Imk- \\- w F∂- v 1965 h-sc tkm-hn-b-‰v Fw-_-kn {]-h¿-Øn-®n-cp-∂-Xv Chn-sSbm-Wv. hnf- n°- p∂- p.- Xe- ÿ- m\\- s- Ø {- Smh- ≥I- q¿ lu- ´n-s‚-bpw {Sm-h≥-Iq¿ lu-kn-s‚- ]-cn-io-e-\\ {I-aw Nn{X-߃: A-Zn-Xn {]m¨ cm-Pv, cp-{Z C≥-Ãn-‰yp-´v Hm-^v Iƒ-®-d¬ B¿-´v-kv & k-b≥-kv bpw DS- a- ÿ- mh- I- mi- w Xnc- ns- I B- kv ssIa- md- p∂- X- p kw_- ‘- n®- hm hi- ys- ∏´- v Xnc- ph- nX- mwI- q¿ cmP- I- p- F√- m hnc- e- pI- f- pw Hc- pa- n®- v ap- tbm-Km-k-\\-]-cn-io-e-\\-Øn¬ C∂v aq∂m-a-sØ B-k-\\-am-Wv ]-cn-N-b-s∏- ¿-Ø-Iƒ A-hm-kv-X-h-am-sW-∂p Spw_- w tI{- μ k¿°- mc- n\\- p IØ- p t∂m´- v As- √¶- n¬ Xmt- gm´- v Nq≠- n- kwÿ- m\\- k¿°- mcns‚ hni- Z- oI- - \\¬I- ns- b¶- ne- pw- Cu- ÿe- ß- f- ps- S s°m≠- v Ac- s- °´- ns- ‚ ]n≥`- mK- - Sp-Øp-∂-Xv.- \"A¿-≤\"F-∂m¬ ]-Ip-Xn. \"N-{I\" F-∂m¬ N-{Iw. 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MALAYALAMPATHRAM SUPPLIMENT MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA Nm-t°m-®-\\pw P-b-kq-cy-bpw hn-\\o-Xv {io-\\n-hm-k≥ Nn{Xw \\n-th-Z-bpw tN¿∂v F-¥m-Sm k-Pn... ap-Ip-μ≥ D-Æn A-tkm-kn-tb-‰v-kv tKm-Uv-^n tk-hy¿ _m-_p c-N-\\-bpw kw-hn-[m-\\-hpw \\n¿-h-ln-°p-∂ Nn- hn-\\o-Xv {io-\\n-hm-k-s\\ \\m- kn_- n amX- yp Ae- I- kv- Bv- W- v kw- ta°- ∏- v: l - ≥ h≠- q¿, If- d- nÃ- v: {Xw am-Pn-Iv s{^-bnw-kn-s‚ _m-\\-dn¬ en-Ãn≥ Ão-^≥ \\n¿-an-°p-∂p.- KoX- w ]I- ¿∂- nc- n°- p∂- X- v.- {ioI- v hmc- nb- ¿.- kp{- ]ow kpμ- d- pw bI- \\- m°- n A`- n\\- h- v kpμ- ¿ \\mb- - am^- nb- ii- nb- pa- mW- v Nn{- XØ- ns- ‚ Ip-©m-t°m t_m-_≥- - Pb- k- q- Iv kwh- n[- m\\- w sNø- p∂- 'apI- pμ- ≥ F-Iv-kn-Iyq-´o-hv s{]m-Uyq-k¿- ss^‰- .v hnF- ^- F-v I- k-v v kq∏- ¿s- sh- DÆ- n At- kmk- nt- b‰- kv- 'v Xnb- ‰- d- pI- - am¿: {]Z- o]- v tat- \\m≥, A\\- q]- v cm- k¿ : t_m_- n cmP- ≥, hnF- ^- Fv- - cy Nn{- Xw 'F¥- mS- m kP- n' ^Ã- v fn¬ N¿®mh- nj- b- a- mb- nc- n°- pI- b- m- Pv Fw. s{]mU- £- ≥ I¨t- {Smf- ¿: Ikv- v : sFd- nk- v ÃpU- nt- bm, BI- v- ep°- v t]mÃ- ¿ ]pd- Ø- nd- ß- n. \\nt- h- Wv. a-t\\m-Pv ]qw-Ip-∂w, ku-≠v Un- k¬ aoU- nb- sse≥ s{]mU- yqk- ¿- Z tXma- k- vB- W- v Nn{- XØ- n¬ \\m- ssk≥: cmP- v Ipa- m¿ ]n, Ie- : hn- am¿: hn-\\o-Xv ]p-√q-S≥, F¬-tZm bnI- b- mb- n FØ- p∂- X- v. 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MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA MALAYALAMPATHRAM SUPPLIMENT aqhn sdhyq MOVIE NEWS MOVIE NEWS aebm-fw-]{Xw t•m_¬ Pbw tNmZn®v hmßn, P-b P-b P-b P-b tl... B-kn-^v A-en- Nn{Xw Iq-a≥; N¿-®-bm-bn ss¢-am-Iv-kvjm-_p D-kv-am≥ kw-hn-[m-\\w sN-øp-∂ eq-bn-kv dn-eo-kn-s\\m-cp-ßp-∂p. C-{μ≥-kv {]-[m-\\ I-Ym-]m-{X-am- Ip-∂ Nn-{Xw \\-hw-_¿ 25 \\v Xn-b-‰-dp-I-fn-se-Øpw.-Xn-c-°-Y-bpw kw-`m-j-W-hpw a-\\p tKm-]m-e≥. CSm≥ tN´- ≥ C´- p]- g- I- nb- DS- p∏- v, k-l-\\-Øn-s‚ t£]- lmk- yØ- ns- ‚ AI- º- S- nb- n B-kn-^v A-en-bp-sS Ic- nb- d- n- Bk- n^- v. Cuh- ¿j- w dne- ok- v sN- th-en-s°-´p-Iƒ ¬ 'Pb- Pb- Pb- Pb- tl' Ah- X- - bXv- Nn{- Xß- ƒ FS- pØ- pt- \\m°- n- ]Tn°- m≥ tN´- ≥ ]Tn® apj- n™- X-I-cp-tºmƒ, A-Sp-°-f-bn-se cn∏- n°- p∂X- v. se hº- ≥ ln‰- mb- n amd- nbncn°- p- bm¬C- u ]c- nW- ma- w hy‡- a- mW- .v - Xmf- pI- f- p≈- ]- pk- Xv- I- w, If- n°- - m≥ a-en-\\-P-ew `¿-Øm-hn-s‚-bpw Ib- mWv Iqa- ≥. tN´- ≥ If- n®- p- aS- pØ- - If- n∏- m´- w. 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MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA ae-bm-fw-]{Xw t•m_¬: Ncaw B¿. tKm-]m-e-Ir-jv-W-]n-≈ X-¶-Ω ^n-en-∏v t{K-kn ^n-en-∏v kq-k≥ G-{_-lmw jn-\\p tPm¿-Pv ssk-a¨ \\yqP- g- k-v n: aW- ∏- ≈- n¬ ]pX- nb- ho- ^o-\\n-Iv-kv: tIm-´-bw ]p-Xp-∏-≈n \\mc- I- Ø- m\\- n: ]S- pt- Xm´- v ]n. hn. ^n- Smºm: \\-ßn-bm¿-Ip-f-ß-c s]-\\n- IW- Œ- n°- ´- v: At- ac- n°- b- ns- e km- tb¬ ho´- n¬ ]mÃ- ¿ tUm.Fw. G- aql- y kmwk- Iv- mc- nI- cwK- s- Ø {]- ´n¬-B¿.- tKm-]m-e-Ir-jv-W-]n-≈ hmt- g]- d- º- n¬ s]m≥h- b- e- n¬ ]t- c- en∏- ns- ‚ ]X- \\-v n t{Kk- n ^ne- n∏- v (78) {_l- ma- ns- ‚ `mc- y kqk- ≥ G{- _- apJ- \\- pw t^ma- b- ps- S ap≥ HmU- n‰- - lmw (enk- n - 67) Smº- mb- n¬ A¥- - dp-am-b ]n.‰n. tXm-a-kns‚ a-Iƒ (79) A¥- c- n®- p. C¥- y≥B- ¿a- nb- n¬ X\\- mb- hn.k- n. ^ne- n∏- ns- ‚ `mc- y X- {_qa- mf- n¬ A¥- c- n®- p. Ipº- \\- mS- v th- cn®- p . 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Xnc- ph- √- XpI- e- t- ic- n ]- Pn KW- ]- X- nπ- m°- ¬ (No^- v P\\- d- ¬ \\n¬ ]t- cX- \\- mb- X¶- ∏- ≥ BN- m- tcX- \\- mb- h¿K- ok- ns- ‚ aI- f- mW- v. amt- \\P- ¿, F≥F- ¬k- n), tPmk- pI- p- cn-bp-sS-bpw km-hn-{Xn-bp-sS-bpw a- kt- lmZ- c- ß- ƒ: eqk- n, h¿K- ok- ,v A- ´n hmg- N- mc- nb- n¬ (B\\- n°- mS- )v , tPm- I≥ cwK- c- mP- v (55) A¥- c- n®- p.`- mc- y: ∂Ω- , tdmk- Ω- , t{Xk- ymΩ- , \\n¿a- - jn Rm-h-≈n-Iq-¥m-\\w (I-cn-¶p- cm[- nI- . a°- ƒ: Z£- nW- , kmc- wK- v.- e, sPk- n, tdmk- tv- ac- n.- ∂w).- NOVEMBER 13-19, 2022 „MALAYALAM PATHRAM GLOBAL DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER

MALAYALAMPATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBAL MALAYALEES, PUBLISHED FROM USA VOLUME 01 ISSUE 12 NOVEMBER 13-19, 2022 MALAYALAM PATHRAM GLOBAL-THE DIGITAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR GLOBALMALAYALEES For Private Circulation Only cm-Po-hv Km-‘n h-[w: \\-fn-\\n Dƒ-s∏-sS F-√m-h-sc-bpw hn-´-b-bv-°m≥ kp-{]ow-tIm-S-Xn D-Ø-c-hv ap≥ {]-[m-\\-a-{¥n cmP- oh- v Km- bmW- v tIk- v ]c- nK- W- n®- X- v. 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Bs- I 55.7- 4 e£- w thm´- ¿a- mc- mW- v kwÿ- m\\- Ø- p≈- X- .v tIk- ns- e {]X- nb- mb- t]c- d- nh- m- Xb- ps- ≠∂- v hn[- nb- n¬ ]d- ™- n´- p- °ms- a∂- pw sslt- °mS- X- n \\n¿t- Z- fs- \\ kp{- ]ow tImS- X- n Ig- n™- - ≠v.- t]c- d- nh- mf- s- \\ hn´- b- b- °v- m\\- m- in®- nc- p∂- p.- tab- v 18\\v hn´- b- ®- nc- p∂- p. CX- p Nq- bn kp{- ]ow tImS- X- n ]pd- s- ∏S- ph- n- ≠n°- m´- n \\f- n\\- nb- pw ch- nN- {- μ\\- pw ® DØ- c- h- n\\- p ka- m\\- a- mb- n `c- W- - 1991 tab- v 21\\mb- nc- p∂- p Xa- ng- \\-v m- ka- ¿∏- n®- l¿P- nb- ne- mW- p Xoc- pa- m- LS- \\- b- ps- S B¿´- n°- nƒ 142 {]I- m- ´ns- e {ios- ]c- pw]- pØ- qc- n¬ F¬S- n- \\w.P- Ã- nk- pa- mc- mb- _n.B- ¿.K- h- mb- v SnC- b- ps- S Nmt- h¿ B{- Ia- W- Ø- n¬ A[- y£- \\- mb- s_©- n\\- v apº- ms- I- cmP- oh- v Km‘- n sIm√- s- ∏´- X- v. B-e-∏p-g A-Xn-cq-]-X F-∏n-kv-tIm-∏¬ hn-Im-cn tIm-b-º-Øq¿ Im¿ kv-t^m-S-\\w: X-an-gv-\\m-´n¬ ^m.-s^¿-Wm-≠-kv Im-°-ti-cn A-¥-cn-®p F≥-sF-F-bp-sS hym-]-I sd-bv-Uv cq-]-X-bn¬ IqZ- mi- I- f- ps- S Npa- X- - tkh\\w A\\pj- vTn®- p. 2020 apX- ¬ F≥-sF-F-bp-sS \\n-co-£-W-Øn-ep-≈-h-cp-sS ho-Sp-I-fn-em-Wv DtZym- cq]- X- b- ps- S IqZ- mi- I- f- ps- S Npa- X- e- - eb- p≈- F∏- nk- vt- Im∏- ¬ hnI- mc- n bp≈- F∏- nk- tv- Im∏- ¬ hnI- mc- nb- m- K-ÿ-¿ BZyw At\\z-j-W-Øns\\-Øn-b-Xv. ^m.s- ^¿W- m≠- k- v Im°- t- »c- n (53) bpw ks-v ]j- ¬ kI-v qf- mb- km¥- z≥ A¥- c- n®- p. 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Ønb- s- X∂- pw dnt- ∏m¿´- p≠- v. With over 20 years of contracting and construction experience, we’ll bring our wealth of knowledge and insight to provide the most complete industrial solutions for your next development. WHY CHOOSE US? GET IN TOUCH 1/14 A, Kadavil Building, „Complete Residential Services Package „Complete Commercial Services Package Karunagappally, Vallikkavu, „Use of Sustainable Resources & Environmental Practices Clappana 690525, Kollam, India, Kerala. OUR SERVICES We specialize in complete service packages, from research, design, and development. CALL US (+91) 7012-429-569 (+91) 9496-037-378 (+91) 9846-637-378 DESIGN CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT [email protected] Our award-winning team of Our contractors and construc- Trust our project managers to Career with us architects tackle each project tion team deliver results with work with you 1-on-1, each with passionate and creativity. precision and accuracy. step of the way. Published by M. K Lalan (Chief Editor: Tel: 979 665 3421, 832 692 0988 Associate Editor : Sabu PuNlOinVthEaMraBkEuRnn1e3l-1P9h,:29092426„61M6A41L5A.YALLaAyoMutP:ATThHaRpaAsMCGreLaOtiBoAnsL,DKIoGtItTaAyLamWEPEhK: L9Y24N9E8W7 S19P7A9P. ER

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