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GR 1 & 2 -Aug Newsletter

Published by Hifza Khanum, 2021-09-03 06:01:58

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Awesome August

From the Desk of Principal ‘Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do. We are proud to announce the third edition of our Newsletter of this academic year which will take you through the different celebrations of the month. It is overwhelming to acclaim the enthusiastic and young minds of CPS who has participated in various activities and events and made it a fruitful month. The future of the country depends upon its students. Perseverance, dedication and commitment to one’s life will determine the future of India. This month turned out be a memorable one as the atmosphere was filled with nationalism and oneness. We in CPS celebrated 75th Independence year on August 15th and our students participated in the virtual celebration, leaving no stone unturned. Sense of patriotism filled the air with cultural events enthralling the audience, on this auspicious day despite this covid situation. The Flag was hoisted with a limited staff followed by the National Anthem. It was joyful and heartening to see children participating in the virtual celebration with zeal and zest.‘Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational.’ The dedicated staff in CPS enjoys a professional learning community that works collaboratively to ensure that the individual and diverse needs of students are met through an academically rigorous and differentiated instructional programme. We remain focused and committed to encouraging all students to be confident, caring and self- motivated, while becoming contributing members of the community. We will educate our students to face the challenges of the new era. My sincere thanks to our parents for the unconditional support rendered and my best wishes to the young minds of CPS. ‘Together we can do great things and make it a successful journey.’ Warm regards, Judith Singh. Principal

Centre of Excellence for Enrichment (COE) ‘ Excellence is a journey taken by choice, interest and preference and shaped by experience where the joy lies in the journey itself.’ Cambridge Public School successfully launched the Centre of Excellence for Enrichment on Saturday, 24th July 2021, a new learning experience to empower our children with the 21st Century learning skills. It is one-of-a-kind platform designed for the students to pursue their passion and follow their dreams. This program focuses on the co-curricular activities and goes beyond curriculum to enrich the lives of the students. Some of the main features of the COE are- •Customised exclusive age specific programs. •Hands on skill development with experiential learning. •Delivered by domain experts. •Access to exclusive content •Collaboration across campuses & •Certified courses. The COE program for Grade1&2 includes Music, Coding, Art and Communication Skills. Students of these grades attended demo classes organised by the learning partners, Cambridge Assessment English, ProGrad Junior, Trinity College London, Bloom & Grow and Torrins Music. The students enjoyed the thoroughly enjoyed the classes conducted by the domain experts. So, let’s join hands to make our children world-ready for tomorrow because ‘BRILLIANCE IS THE NEW NORMAL.’

INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS “ सारे जहाां से अच्छा हहदंा सु ्तान हमारा It was a red-letter day in the history of India when the country got her freedom on August 15, 1947. This day is celebrated to keep the spirit of patriotism alive and pay tribute to all the bravehearts who हम बलु बलु े है इस्की sacrificed their lives to gift us a free India. The students of Cambridge also celebrated this special day ये गलु लस्तान हमारा ” virtually with great enthusiasm. The Indian flag was hoisted by the Principal in school and the students presented an enthralling programme virtually. The students took pride in being an Indian, in their address to the audience they not only paid tribute to the martyrs but also laid emphasis on the role of today’s youth in future India. Patriotism and music have been blended together in countless melodies. The melodious rendition by the students evoked love for the country and also showcased its rich cultural diversity A wind of patriotism and National integration blows across the country on this day. Celebrating events and festivals in our school has become an integral part of learning and building a strong cultural belief. JAI HIND!

Social Studies Week “Be The Change That You Want To See In The World” – Mahatma Gandhi We, at Cambridge Public School conducted the social studies week from 9th August to 13thAugust 2021. First day began with an origami activity where students made a fan using the Indian tri colour: saffron, white, green and blue colour papers. During the process of making the fan the students were explained the significance of each colour. On second day, students were taught how to draw the National Bird of India -The Peacock. Students drew the peacock, coloured it and titled it as National bird of India. They were educated that peacock was a part of Indian custom and culture, so it was declared as the National Bird of India in the year 1963. On the third day, the students participated in fancy dress, representing the freedom fighters of India. They recited a slogan of patriotism. At the end of the sessions and activities, the students felt proud of their country and had a feeling of oneness. JAI HIND!! Grade I

Social Studies Week S S Wocial tudies eek was conducted across sections of Grade 2 from 9th August to 13th August 2021. The children participated in many thrilling and exciting activities organized throughout the week. These activities focussed on creating awareness amongst the children about the Freedom fighters and National Symbols of India. The little ones of Grade 2 participated enthusiastically in the activity of Drawing and Decorating the National Flag of India using pulses and rice. They also enjoyed trying their hands on drawing and colouring any one of the national symbols of India. The students with the help of their parents participated in Fancy Dress with great zeal. They were dressed up in different attires depicting the various freedom fighters of our country. Learner Outcome: The Social Studies week included fun filled activities that were thoroughly enjoyed by the students as well as the teachers. The activities were aimed to make the children realise the importance and significance of Independence Day in India. Students gained knowledge of how the tri- color flag guides the people of the country and is a symbol of pride. They also learnt about the importance and significance of the National Symbols of India. Drawing the lotus taught the students that this beautiful flower is a symbol of purity and growth. The students were motivated by the freedom movement of India, and they were ignited with the spirit of patriotism and love towards their motherland. Grade II

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to Hey! To imagination, and life to everything” Click on listen… our image “Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other because rhythm MUSIC and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul” – Plato. Music plays a very important role in our lives; it raises our moods, lifts our spirits, or makes us calm and relaxed; it can touch the chord of our soul where words can’t reach. Music plays a very effective role in a child’s brain development. Singing engages both sides of our brain. Science has proved the fact that musical training can change brain structure and function for the better. When a child sings, it gives him an immediate feeling of pleasure. I have noticed in my class the moment I play a song most of the children get engrossed in it immediately. I have also noticed the urge to sing in them. Teaching Music in virtual classes was a big challenge. I, as a music teacher had to kindle the interest in the children and get them focused to learning music virtually. We started with the basics – the SWARAS. I made the children understand that they can’t learn singing without learning the swaras like someone can’t learn a language without learning the alphabets. Today, I am surprised by the way they have responded and have started practicing sincerely. It is now more than three months since my students started learning music and I feel proud and happy to write that most of them love to learn music and can sing in complete melody. A child can build his carrier in music and shine in life, only if he gets the proper guidance and support. -- Keya Hari. Music Teacher, CPS

Being a Grandparent isn’t a big A Guiding Light! thing It’s a Million little things! The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money… but rather a legacy of character and faith. What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humour, comfort and lessons in life.

Life skills – the art of living Importance of teaching Life Skills in school Life skills are the set of skills that enable students to understand certain values that further help them to live a happy and a meaningful life. Students can achieve self-awareness and learn how to appreciate humanity in others and foster kindness and positivity. Instilling life skill education in primary grades in school, helps in developing and supporting mental wellbeing in children. Topics like ‘kindness’, ‘being content’, ‘being on time’, ‘being honest’ etc. are included as short modules in the textbook and taken up in the class once every week. Fun and simple to do activities (drawing, story-telling, video and songs, real life examples) are used as a medium to inculcate the values among the students. Children get to learn positive values and grow up to be mentally strong and resilient young adults. It makes them cooperative and improves their interpersonal and social skills. Teaching life skills contributes significantly to the holistic approach in education and is an essential step in helping our children develop good habits and sound judgement for long term stability, wellness and success. --NIDHI SARKAR

Student’s Corner Ms. Neha Matta II E

60 Hour Teacher Training Programme, EuroSchool Teacher Assessment Test and the coveted Learning Management System called Argus.

ENGLISH ORIGAMI: MAKING A PAPER HOUSE Origami helps eye hand co-ordination, sequencing skills and improves concentration in children. The activity was done for the chapter Asma’s House. Children enjoyed the paper folding activity. They labelled their houses with interesting creative names. Grade I

ENGLISH ORIGAMI: MAKING A PAPER HOUSE Origami helps eye hand co-ordination, sequencing skills and improves concentration in children. The activity was done for the chapter Asma’s House. Children enjoyed the paper folding activity. They labelled their houses with interesting creative names.


Chapter: AIR GENERAL Balloon Activity to SCIENCE Show That Air has Weight. Description: Children were asked to tie an inflated and deflated balloon on either side of a scale. A thread was tied in the middle of the scale. Learner outcome: When we hold the thread that is tied in the middle, the scale lowers automatically to the side of the inflated balloon and this proves that air has weight.

Activity 1: To make a Human Skeletal system using Matchstick or Earbuds. Skeleton is the framework of bones that gives shape to the body. For hands on learning students were asked to make a skeleton using match sticks or ear buds. Learning Outcome: Students learnt how a Human Skeletal system is formed. This activity helped the students to understand that the bones play a vital role in giving shape to human body. They understood that without bones, our body movements are not possible. Activity 2: Drawing on the topic ‘Save Water’ Water is very precious. It is essential for the survival of all living beings. Various human activities have resulted in water pollution, and it is important to save water. In this activity, students drew a poster in their scrapbook highlighting the importance of water. Learning Outcome: Students learnt different ways of saving Water and understood the importance of Water. Grade II

G. Science

ह दंि ी

Art Corner – Grade I MAKING A FRIENDSHIP BAND Friendships help children develop important life skills like getting along with other people and sorting out conflicts and problems. Children with these skills are less likely to have social and emotional difficulties later in life. Studies have found that friendships enable children to learn more about themselves and develop their identity. Children celebrated Friendship Day by making Friendship band during the Art and Craft class. They made friendship band using craft paper.

HUES Art Competition – Grade I-II

Ms. Meena Chandra won the prize from CPS

VIRTUAL PARENT TEACHER MEETING ‘A TEACHER SHOULD INSPIRE A CHILD TO REACH ACADEMIC SUCCESS; A PARENT SHOULD INSPIRE THEIR CHILD TO USE THAT SUCCESS IN A WAY THAT INFLUENCES POSITIVE CHANGE IN THE WORLD’ The team successfully conducted the First Virtual Parent Teacher’s Meeting on Friday,06 August & Saturday, 07 August,2021. The First Unit Test result was shared with the parents and the academic progress of each student was discussed. At Cambridge, we believe that as teachers and parents, we work together in building every child’s future. We are happy that parents have shared their feedback and supported us in imparting knowledge through virtual classes. We will always value the support given by our parents and make learning an enjoyable journey for our students.

BELLES LETTRES E- LIT FEST 2021 Manifest the Literature Festivista Euro School North Campus, Bangalore organised the E-lit Fest on Friday, 27 August & Saturday, 28 August,2021. Our students embarked on this literary journey and participated in the competitions to create memories. The response and enthusiasm to participate in the events was overwhelming. A preliminary selection was held and the final registration was done. Mas. Bickramaditya Chakraborty and Ms. Swarnasri Sinha from Grade 1, participated in’ Express Store’ (Pick & Speak). Their handwork and talent won the hearts of many and their talk was appreciated by the judges and the audience. Grade 2 students, Ms. Samvidha Matthur & Ms. Samriddhi Vyas participated in ‘Teller of Tales’ (Story Telling). The girls put up an excellent show and narrated a story with perfect expression and presentation. Ms. Samriddhi Vyas made us all proud as she won the first place in the Story Telling competition. She put up a brilliant performance and was appreciated for her narration and enunciation.

Fruit Day \"An apple a day keeps the doctor away” Fruits are an important part of a healthy eating pattern and a good source of required vitamins and minerals. Fruits are also acknowledged for their vital role in the prevention of diseases caused due to the deficiency of vitamins. Fruit Day is celebrated in school to create more awareness amongst the children about the nutritional and health benefits. The students of Grade 1 & 2 celebrated Fruit Day on 25th of August by participating in fun activities. Grade 1: Making a Fruit Crown Students with the help of the teachers made paper crown and drew fruits on it. They also watched a video which highlighted the importance of eating fruits. Grade 2: Making Lemonade The children prepared lemonade and learnt that lemon is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Learner Outcome: The children understood the importance of eating fruits. They acknowledged that including fruits in their diet prevents various diseases as they are rich source of vitamins which keep the body healthy.

Grade I

Grade I

Grade I

Grade II

Grade II

EDITORIAL Cambridge Public School is a store house of creative minds. Every child is born with a spark of creativity in him. It’s our responsibility to propel the students into the realm of imagination. We are really proud and exuberant to acclaim that we are ready with the second issue of the Newsletter which will surely unfold the precious moments of the month. We are sure that the positive attitude, hard work, sustained efforts and innovative ideas exhibited by our young minds and the enthusiastic participation of the students in different activities portrayed will surely stir the mind of the readers and take them to the surreal world of unalloyed joy and pleasure. We have put in relentless efforts to bring excellence to this treasure trove. This herculean task of editing the Newsletter would not have been possible without the sincere support of the members of the editorial committee- Ms. Anuradha, Ms. Ankita Mathur, Ms. Nisha Vyas, Ms. Shwetha, Ms. Rosy M, and Ms. Nidhi Sarkar. We are also thankful to Ms. Hifza Khanum for the creative design and technical support. On behalf of the editorial committee, I would like to express my heartful gratitude to everyone who has worked for this Newsletter. - Ms. Elizabeth Mathew

Editors and Content Ms. Anuradha Singh Ms. Ankita Mathur Ms. Nisha Vyas Designed by Ms. Hifza Khanum Ms. Shwetha H P Ms. Rosy M Ms. Nidhi Sarkar

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