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Published by judith, 2019-09-18 13:44:10

Description: North DFW Real Producer Magazine
Mani Raveendran and the
dallas & beyond real estate group

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international agent Photography By Hope Harrison ManiWrittenByDaveDanielson RAVEENDRAN WINNING WORLDWIDE Mani Raveendran, and his team, large firm, specializing mostly in larger remembers. “I also wanted to be dif- help their clients win. But the technology and healthcare companies.” ferent in the type of service I offer to efforts they put forth each day my clients … to manage their expec- go beyond Dallas. Mani’s experience in the consulting tations and their way of dealing with world taught him all aspects of business. situations in the real estate process. In fact, as the founding member of the What I mean by that is, in real estate, Dallas & Beyond Real Estate Group “My consulting background gave me it’s about psychology, finance, and with Keller Williams International, good experience in understanding marketing. So those are the elements Mani is leading an effort that helps processes, people, and the technology I really tried to focus on.” people win worldwide. aspects of various differences,” he recalls. “I think that has given me a Diverse Benefits Setting the Stage for Global Success good segue to apply that background Mani has found a perfect fit living and Growing up in Chennai, India, Mani in marketing, finance, consulting, and working in Dallas. may have been destined for the real relationship aspects and put that into estate success he has earned. That’s what I’m doing now in real estate.” “With my background coming into the because his family was deeply in- country as an immigrant, it has given volved with real estate. Investing in the Future me an appreciation for what it takes In 2008, Mani began getting involved to run a team that’s diverse … and that In 1998, Mani came to the U.S. to in real estate investing. As time enables diversity and inclusion. And I pursue and earn his master’s degree passed, real estate made sense as a think that really coincides with what while attending school in Dallas. That next step in his growing career. Dallas has become over recent years. was 20 years ago, and he has been The city is a very multicultural place.” here ever since. In the past 11 years in the industry, Mani’s career has grown — along Today, Dallas & Beyond Real Estate is a Mani’s path to excellence started in with being able to help his clients powerful blend of teamwork and talent. another career field. expand on a global scale. “We have a great ten-member team, “I have a strong background in mar- “I came into this business wanting to including five full-time agents, and keting, finance, and technology. For do something different with my back- five back office team members. Our about 15 years prior to entering real ground in marketing and technology. agents are also diverse. To serve estate, I worked as a consultant for a But that was just the beginning,” Mani client interests in Asia, the Middle 2 • August 2019

From Left to Right: Alpana Dubey, Junaid Ahmed, Eva Hines, Mani Raveendran, Jumana Allen, Elizabeth Hang It’s about East, Europe, and South America, we have full-time investors there about possibilities that exist here whole- client care people across the globe, ranging from and to build equity in the international space.” heartedly the Asian-Pacific region to South America,” Mani adding value points out. “All of us are serving our client base Mani and his team offer their international clients in terms of here in Dallas, yet we have the strengths of being several targeted advantages. financial dispersed across the globe.” impact. If we “We assist people moving to the U.S. with the sale can take the When he’s not working, Mani enjoys giving back — of their former homes and the purchase of their stress away especially with local efforts that involve education. new ones here,” he explains. “We also work with from our In fact, in 2018, Mani was named as an Immigrant businesses and support their expansion into new clients, that Journey Award finalist. He was one of 22 immi- global markets. And on the buyer side, we enjoy is true value. grants in North Texas who were honored for their being that resource for those who are looking to leadership in business, profession, advocacy, and invest in overseas properties.” community service—and for their many contribu- tions to North Texas and the United States. In the process, Dallas & Beyond Real Estate coor- dinates a number of behind-the-scenes activities to You’re also likely to find him training for, or com- help their clients win on the world stage. peting in, triathlons — an active pursuit he has enjoyed for the past few years. As Mani explains, “To be effective with this level of international business, we also partner with orga- Making a Difference Globally nizations that help our clients with various aspects Mani specializes in creating success by building of financing, taxes, marketing data and strategies, relationships around the world. investment trends, currency and exchange rates, regional markets, and cross-cultural relationships.” “Most of our business is done locally, but part of my job is to travel to bring in investors,” Mani empha- Achieving customer satisfaction is key. But Mani sizes. “So, I travel to different countries to talk with explains his team reaches that goal through a deep • 3

sense of open advice and In fact, the firm averages eight sold consultative honesty. homes each month, has more than 150 five-star client reviews, and consistent- “When it comes to working with ly ranks among the top one percent of our clients on the listing side of all Keller Williams Realty firms. the equation, we serve clients by identifying their goals and needs, “I think the real success in real estate and educating them on the market happens when one of my clients and type of potential buyers, includ- calls me and puts his trust in me ing what they should and should not when it comes to helping him and his do,” Mani says. “We see ourselves family,” Mani points out. “It’s about as being more of a counselor than whole-heartedly adding value in trying to please our clients all the terms of financial impact. If we can time. Because I think when you focus take the stress away from our clients, too much on trying to please them, that is true value. The financial value emotion can get involved.” we bring might be that we negotiated a certain amount they could not have Making an Impact done by themselves. Or it could mean This deep sense of service makes a that we sold a house that may have distinct, bottom-line difference. taken another 30 to 45 days to sell—a longer timeframe that may have pre- “It’s really about keeping our clients’ vented them from doing other things interests first and be accountable for they had planned for.” each and every dollar,” Mani says. “It’s really who we are as we keep our As Mani reflects on what it takes to win promise to our clients to work with worldwide on behalf of his clients, he integrity. It’s what we stand by.” does it by taking a truly global view. Dallas & Beyond Real Estate has defi- “I encourage others to look at the long about being client-centric, rather than nitely achieved lofty goals in the pro- haul and not to focus on short-term short-term goals.” cess of serving its growing client base. success. Everything you do should be (469) 451-6330 [email protected] 4 • Month Year

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