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Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training Annual Report 2017-2019 (MCVET)

Published by kupid299, 2020-07-23 23:38:34

Description: Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training Annual Report 2017-2019 (MCVET)


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1 2017/ 2018/ 2019

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Annual Report Cover 1 Table of Contents 2 Message from Board President 3 MCVET Board of Directors 4 Message from Executive Director 5 Staff Directorate 6 Mission 7 History of MCVET 8 MCVET Housing Programs 9 Services at MCVET 10 2017 Financials 11 2018 Financials 12 2019 Financials 13 Highlights at MCVET with Captions 2017 - 2018 14-26 MCVET’s Message of Hope Choir 27 Highlights at MCVET with Captions - 2019 28-34 MCVET Education/ Employment/ Training 35-37 Thank You to All MCVET Donors/ Partners/ Sponsors/ Supporters 38-45 MCVET’s 2020 Veterans Day Virtual Run & Walk Fundraiser 46

3 A MESSAGE FROM OUR BOARD PRESIDENT Evelyn Marshall Gaines The Board and Staff of MCVET share a set of common beliefs: the understanding that military service is a selfless and honorable sacrifice and the conviction that our nation’s veterans deserve the best care possible as they travel the road of recovery in order to rejoin their communities as productive citizens. Over the past 25 years, MCVET provides services for over 9,000 homeless veterans. MCVET works hard to adhere to its core mission of “Veterans Helping Veterans.” To achieve our mission, we rely heavily upon support of our service organizations, business, the community, individual donors and volunteers. MCVET has a reputation for wise stewardship of the funds we receive in support of our services and programs. We know our supporters want to see how their contributions help veterans and their families. As a result, we believe this annual report reflects sound fiscal management. On behalf of our Board of Directors, Staff and Veterans at MCVET thanks again for your continued support as we Continue to make a difference in the lives of our Veterans.

4 BOARD OF DIRECTORS First Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Executive Committee Robert L. Saylor, II Michael Rutland Howard H. Moffett Col. Walter J. Mitchell Executive Committee Director Director Director Lee Rosenburg Joseph L. Edmonds Daniel P. Hanson Louis ‘Buddy’ Sapolsky Director Director Emeritus of the Board James M. Schofield Betty Stahm & Executive Committee Robert V. Hess Chester Silverman Alumni Representative Mary Pratt

5 MESSAGE FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Jeffery L. Kendrick, USAF (Ret.) In 1993, four men set out to create a building for homeless veterans to escape life on the streets by providing temporary shelter. They envisioned a place of welcome and acceptance. A place where camaraderie could be formed based upon similar military experiences, where meals could be eaten, showers taken, and a place to sleep each night safely. Did these men envision that homelessness for veterans would still exist today, and that on any given night more than thirty-seven thousands of these men and women who served would sleep on the nation’s streets? Probably not, but thanks to their grit and determination, we stand as the beacon of hope for those needing comprehensive services to eradicate homelessness. Now fast forward with me to 2019, where now almost twenty-five years later, we at The Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET) take great pride in knowing their vision remains strong, and unique. Strong, because we continue to place special emphasis on our primary goals; recovery, employment and permanent housing. Unique, by continuing to believe that services must be places before the rush to housing. A stance that does not make us popular with some, but we continue to believe that the over nine thousand veterans who have at one time called MCVET home, know that we have always continue to and will never deemphasize placing their needs first. MCVET now stands as the premier program in the nation for providing comprehensive services to those who have served and suffer from homelessness. One of the most exciting things to happen this past year was the opening of our own Intensive Outpatient Clinic where we can now provide therapeutic services to those veterans in drug addiction crisis. This has proven to be one of the most inclusive processes MCVET has ever taken, and I am proud to be part of an endeavor that will be the further expansion of our services. I want to personally thank each board member, staff employee, volunteer, corporate sponsor, and supporter, who has put their faith in this organization, and our mission from the beginning to the present. At MCVET we are fully committed to honoring the vision of those four men and providing hope to all homeless men and women who have worn the uniform.

6 STAFF DIRECTORATE Jeffery Kendrick, B.S. USAF (Ret) Executive Director Ext: 0 [email protected] [email protected] Rheebe Bryant, LCSW-C USA(Ret) Director of Student Services Ext: 221 [email protected] [email protected] Lola Onabiyi, ACA, MBA Director of Finance & Administration Ext: 222 [email protected] rwashington@mcvet. Laurie T. Fragier, US Navy (Ret) Director of Operations Ext: 233 org Cereta Spencer, MSHM, MAOM, CTA Directorof Development & CommunityEngagement Ext: 235 [email protected] [email protected] Rose Washington, M. Ed., LCAD-C Clinical Supervisor Ext: 227 [email protected] ADMINISTRATION [email protected] [email protected] Dowan Jones Executive Administrative Assistant/Training Ext: 211 [email protected] [email protected] Carolyn Griffin Assistant Comptroller Ext: 213 Ezekiel Pankey [email protected] Compliance Officer, QEAS, Follow-Up Counselor Ext: 224 [email protected] [email protected] Dr. Rebecca Hawkins, LCSW-C Ph.D. STUDENT SERVICES Ext: 236 [email protected] Silvia McGirt, MSW Case Manager Ext: 240 [email protected] Candice Vice, MSW, LMSW Case Manager Ext: 220 Phyllis Willis, MSW Case Manager/Treatment Ext:230 [email protected] Case Manager [email protected] Ext: 286 [email protected] Mildred Busch, B.S., USA (Ret) Benefits Counselor Ext: 244 [email protected] Bernard Jones Evening Case Manager Ext: 244 [email protected] Paul Kutniewski, AAS Intake and Outreach Specialist Ext: 251 Gary Maynor SRO Resident Manager Ext: 247 [email protected] Lawrence Ngashu, MHA Case Manager [email protected] Michael Reaves OPERATIONS Ext: 215 [email protected] Stanley Daniels Chief Security Officer Ext: 219 [email protected] Thomas Cameron Food Services Supervisor Ext: 229 James Howard Maintenance Supervisor Ext: 242 Kenneth Pitts Chief Supply Officer Ext: 253 Supply Clerk Adobolia Buford, BSBM DEVELOPMENT New Business Development and Workforce Officer Ext: 246 Preston McCray, ADT IOP Ext: 226 Stacey Dempsey Russell, BSW Counselor Ext: 285 Tirimisiyu Shola Gbadamoshi Certified Supervised Counselor Ext: 203 Administrative Assistant

7 MISSION “To provide homeless veterans and other veterans in need with comprehensive services that will enable them to rejoin their communities as productive citizens.” “It Takes An Entire Community to Help A Veteran Heal.”

8 History of the Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training, Inc. The Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training, Inc. (MCVET) was established in 1993 by four veterans with ties to several Veterans Service Organizations including Veterans of Foreign Wars, Jewish War Veterans, American Legions, Disabled American Veterans and Vietnam Veterans of America. They envisioned a veterans’ program that was dedicated to veterans in need and specially homeless veterans. The program would be developed in a military model, which empowers the veterans, establishes an environment of teamwork, camaraderie and rewards hard work with success. The program envisioned by our founders has evolved and grown into our current program. MCVET now operates five housing programs including a Day Drop-In, Emergency Shelter, Bridge Housing, Service Intensive Transitional Housing and Single Room Occupancy (SRO), which functions together as one system. The housing segments are built on the common experiences of entering the military as a new recruit. Veterans in the program all share this common bond. The program is a place of comfort and familiarity for each veteran. MCVET returns each veteran to a place in their lives where they have experienced success and where they understand the link between hard work and the rewards that come with it. MCVET gives veterans the opportunity to live in an environment where they can place their trust in everyone around them and concentrate on the work of moving from dependence to independence.

9 HOUSING PROGRAMS AT MCVET Day Drop-In Program Available from 9AM – 4PM provides shelter, clothing, toiletries, case management and crisis intervention to homeless veterans who choose not to enroll in our program. Our Day Drop-In Program also serves as a Code Blue Shelter during winter months. Emergency Shelter MCVET’s Emergency Shelter can safely house up to 50 homeless veterans while they prepare for movement into our Transitional Housing Program. VA Psychologists, Health Care Professionals, MCVET Benefit Counselors and MCVET Case Managers assess veterans. MCVET works with each veteran in the Emergency Shelter to begin establishing an individualized plan that addresses his or her specific barriers to success and sets the path to independence. Transitional Housing Veterans can live in MCVET’s 120 bed Transitional Housing for up to two years. Each veteran works with an assigned Case Manager to achieve goals established in their individualized Service Strategy. Each veteran has access to services that include vocational rehabilitation, life skills development, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Outpatient Program (OP), employment, training and education placement. Single Room Occupancy (SRO) MCVET’s SRO is a housing facility subsidized by Section 8. It is an essential resource to our veterans providing the ability to move into housing while maintaining contact with the resources available at MCVET.

10 SERVICES AT MCVET Case Management Prospective residents undergo assessment by a trained case manager performing intake duties to (a) determine whether they meet the criteria of homelessness and (b) verify their veteran status in accordance with the mission of the program. If accepted, the resident is referred to the Veterans Affairs for physical and mental health treatment, as needed. During the first 60 days of residency at MCVET, each resident is assigned to a case manager and attends addiction recovery classes daily. They receive individual counseling and on-site assistance including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse and assistance with family problems. They are also assigned to a benefits counselor who assists with VA entitlements. Substance Abuse - Mental Health After 60 days, the resident may move to the Transitional Housing Program where they are required to attend life skills and substance abuse classes, Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous meetings and work in conjunction with a case manager in the development of an Individual Service Strategy (ISS). The ISS is a long-range plan used as a tool to outline education, employment and housing goals and to document strategies for helping the resident stay drug free. Education - Employment The Education, Training and Employment (ETE) program's goal is to involve the residents of MCVET in higher education or skilled training programs that will enable them to secure first-rate employment and higher paying salaries.



13 “Two words should never go together HOMELESS VETERANS.”

14 MCVET’s 2017 & 2018 Highlights with Captions














28 MCVET’s 2019 Highlights with Captions






34 Photo Captions By: Cereta Spencer, MCVET’s Director of Development & Community Engagement

35 MCVET’s Education, Training & Employment Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) The Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) is the only federal program dedicated to providing employment assistance to homeless veterans. HVRP is funded by Department of Labor-VETS. HVRP programs fill a special need because they serve veterans who may not be eligible for other programs and services. The employment focus of HVRP distinguishes it from other programs for homeless veterans, which concentrate on emergent needs such as shelter, food, and substance abuse treatment. The objective of HVRP programs is to enable homeless veterans to secure and keep jobs that will allow them to re-enter mainstream society as productive citizens. It is through this supportive program that the following participants in the MCVET program were given the opportunity to obtain training and education: 2017 Participants Glenn Tillman: Allstate Career - CDL-B Kenneth Gierisch: CCBC - Home Inspector Course Brown, Kyle Brown: Stratford University - Culinary Training Michael Weis: MITAGS - Maritime Training Brian Garland: BCCC - Computer Networking Huey Rouse: BCCC - Addictions Counseling Megal Moore: NATS - HVAC Training Anthony Grahe: Allstate - CDL-B Rodney Brown: Allstate - CDL-B Clinton Mooney: Allstate - CDL-B Bryan Kline: Allstate - CDL-A David Kanku Kabongo: Stratford University - Culinary Training Anthony Abney: SW Design - Graphic Design Training Jacob Goodman: SW Design - Graphic Design Training Lawrence Boyd: SW Design - Graphic Design Training Byron Leighton: SW Design - Graphic Design Training Terrance Royster: Pearson VUE - GED Gilbert Lewis: Points of Expression -Tattoo and Piercing Derrick Pride: Stratford University - Culinary Training Robert Barnes: Avara Hair School - Barber Training Frederick Jones: Allstate - CDL-B Larry Windham: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills John Johnson: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills James Cowsill: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Ronald Sessoms: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Byron Hoffler: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Kevin Alford: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Stanley Pemleston: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Charles DuBois: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Rozier Meekins: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Ian Brown: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills George Mulvenna: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Lorine Vines: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Scott Halterman: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Michael Taylor: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Otis Fischer: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Gregory Barnes: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills Kevin Ray: BCCC - Basic Computer Skills

36 2018 HVRP Participants Roy Mack: All-State Careers - CDL Class A Rodney Britt: McCall Handling Company - Forklift Certification Christopher Pinkett: North American Trade School - CDL Class A Bobby Canady: Top Knowledge Health Institute - Certified Nursing Assistant Byron Ford: NCIA - HVAC Certification Tony Allen: NCIA - CDL Class B Kenneth Nunez: NCIA - Auto Mechanic Esa Simon: All State Careers - CDL Class A Artis Ross: NCIA - HVAC Certification Arnold Williams: NCIA - CDL Class B David Kabongo: NCIA - HVAC Certification Amos Sharpe: NCIA - CDL Class B Kim Magazine: NCIA - CDL Class B Ronald Gonzales: North American Trade School - CDL Class B Howard Mitchell: UMUC Computer Technology Industry Association (Comp Tia) Mary Bok: Aramark /Employment Kevin Demick: McCormick/Employment DeAndre Jensen: FED EX/Employment David Washington: Henry Hoggs Lawn Service/ Employment Keith Handy: McCormick/Employment Francisco Rivera: Celadon Trucking Company- CDL Class A Larry Daniels: Maryland Transit Authority/Employment Andrew Foote: COR Construction Institute - Construction Certification Vernon Player: BCCC - General Studies William Bragg: NCIA - Auto Mechanic Jimmy Harrington: North American Trade School - Welding Andrew Gray: McCormick/Employment Kenneth Emerson: NCIA - Auto Mechanic Marlow Talley: Exquisite Models LLC Armed Security/ Employment Jeffrey Sanford: Montgomery College - Emergency Response Management Franklin Bennett: Aramark/Employment James Miles: Aramark/Employment Margaret Langlois - Caroline Center Sister of Notre Dame - GNA Certificate Edward Whittles: M.S. Electrical Training LLC - Arc Flash Grounding and Bonding Certification

37 MCVET’s Workforce Development and Training Led to the numerous Employment Opportunities in 2019 MCVET Veterans’ Employers VA Health Care System, Baltimore VA Health Care System, Loch Raven VA Community Resource & Referral Center (CRRC) VA Maryland Annex Garrison Forest Veterans Cemetery Baltimore National Cemetery Fort Meade VA Clinic DePaul Industries Melwood Blind Industries National Aquarium Maryland Zoo Securitas Allied Barton S.A.F.E. Management Coastal Sunbelt Aramark Bridge Haven MD Food Bank Chimes The Baltimore Crisis Hotline Peapod Pandora Medifast Marriott Hotel Hyatt Regency Hotel Johns Hopkins Hospital Mercy Hospital Gulf Coast Enterprises McCormick Spices Domino Sugar Butler Security Champion Security A and G Electric Company Incorporated Al Packer Ford Whiting and Turner Construction Applied Artistry Bakery Express – Mid Atlantic, Inc Baltimore County Public Works Berry Plastics Corporation Dryclean Depot Headwind Corporation Homeview Contractors, Inc Industrial Power Solutions Clorox Products Manufacturing Company, Inc Joe Corby's Wholesale Pizza, Inc K&W Finishing, Inc Martin's Caterers Constar Wholesale Groceries 84 Lumber USA Lumber

38 Rexel England-Transportation Company Sysco Goodwill Industries /Stores JB Hunt Schneider National CSX-Railroad Company Family Dollar Stores CDME Cycling Hampden Moving and Storage Waco Products, Inc The Kane Company Second Chance Comer Construction-Building Co BSC America Cintas Federal Express Lowes Military Sealift Command SAIC Corp Compass Information Systems Allied Trailers ALBAN PITT OHIO Swift Transportation Fleet Transit, Inc Paychex Waco Products, Inc Independent Can Company BECON Broadway Construction Services SMART Securecare Services, Ltd Bechtel Communications Civic Works Patriot Solutions UPS Store #4949 World Information Technology Solutions Mac Tools Enterprise-Baltimore Futech Great Scott Cleaning Systems Johnson and Johnson Associates DK Floors-Baltimore Diverse Concepts Blushae Caterers Cain Contracting American Dynamic Ventures Apperson Plumbing, Inc Thompson Windows US Express Transportation

39 THANK YOU To All MCVET Donors/ Partners/ Sponsors/ Supporters Abba Ministries Amer Legion Aux Post 116 AMVET Dept of MD Serv Baltimore Co Cancer Program ABC Behavior Health Amer Legion Post 116 AMVET Dept of MD Serv Baltimore Orioles Foundation ABC - Good Morning America Amer Legion Aux Post 121 Foundation, Inc Baltimore Patriots Fans Abidun Onabiyi Amer Legion Post 121 Anderson Fire Protection, Inc Baltimore Ravens Abigail Ritter Amer Legion Aux Post 122 Baltimore Style Magazine Abbie G Thomas Amer Legion Post 122 Andre Smith Baltimore Sun Ace American Insurance Co Amer Legion Aux Post 127 Baltimore Veterans Commission Active Networks Amer Legion Post 127 Andrea K Anderson Bank of Amer Employee Giving Adam Kruger Amer Legion Aux Post 130 Andrea Blackstone Campaign Adobolia Buford Amer Legion Post 130 Ainsley Crawford Amer Legion Aux Post 131 Andrea R Marshall Barbara Adeboye Al Smith Amer Legion Post 131 Albert R Counselman Amer Legion Aux Post 136 Andrea D Smith Barbara Ann Hess Alexander Brown Amer Legion Post 136 Andrew Dennison Barbara Hettleman Alexander Whitney Amer Legion Aux Post 148 Andrew Holter Barbara Morgan-Braxton Amer Legion Post 148 Andrew Poulos Barry Bach Alex Cooper Auctioneers, Inc Amer Legion Aux Post 156 Andrew Seff Barry Cline Amer Legion Post 156 Andy Funk Alex Sapunov Amer Legion Aux Post 166 Andy Mortenson Barry H Groeschler Alexander Fakeri Amer Legion Post 166 ANGARAI Alfay Manning, Jr Amer Legion Aux Post 168 Barry Wikes Albert C Muse Amer Legion Post 168 Angela A Greene-Gebele Barry Nabozny Alfred M Schmidt Amer Legion Aux Post 172 Battelle NexGen Employee Alfred Street Baptist Church Amer Legion Post 172 Angela D Staats Resource Group Allan Myers Amer Legion Aux Post 183 Angela Volpe-Baird Beatrice B McKinley Allen Webb Amer Legion Post 183 Angela Ripley Beatrice S McQuarrie Alta L Paronto Amer Legion Aux Post 191 Angels of Many Colors Beatrice Thomas-Ward Akash Pahuja Amer Legion Post 191 Anisa S Kupiec Beckett Hess Akil Trice Amer Legion Aux Post 192 Ann Clapp Bedford T Bentley, Jr Alan Frazier Amer Legion Post 192 Ann Clark Gray Bee Hive Lodge 66 Alexander P Brown Amer Legion Aux Post 194 Ann Gray Benjamin Barsam Alice Carroll Amer Legion Post 194 Anna L Smith Benjamin C Hughes Alko Outlet Amer Legion Aux Post 196 Bekah Flake Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc Amer Legion Post 196 Annapolis Striders, Inc Bernard Jack Young Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc Amer Legion Aux Post 200 Bernard Jones Allison H Terrell Amer Legion Post 200 Anne Mayerick Amada Senior Care Mid- Amer Legion Aux Post 206 Anne D Bailliere Bernard S Watts Maryland Amer Legion Post 206 Anonymous Donors Amazon Smile Amer Legion Aux Post 217 Anthony Bethea Bernard Young America Workforce Exchange Amer Legion Post 217 Anthony McCarthy Bernard Zempolich American Marketing Amer Legion Aux 255 April Espie-Spencer Association Amer Legion Post 255 Arash Pahuja Bessie Bromley American Legion Auxiliary Amer Legion Aux Post 256 Arcade Floors Carpet One, Inc Department of Maryland Amer Legion Post 256 Armed Force Gear Beth Ann Mentusky American Legion Auxiliary Amer Legion Aux Post 275 Art With A Heart, Inc Northern Central District Amer Legion Post 275 Betty A Wheatley Amer Legion Aux Dept of MD Amer Legion Aux Post 278 Arthur C Grant Amer Legion Aux Post 19 Amer Legion Post 278 Betty J Stahm Amer Legion Post 19 Amer Legion Aux Post 282 Ary Schropp Amer Legion Aux Post 22 Amer Legion Post 282 Arlette Thomas Betty J Brown Amer Legion Post 22 Amer Legion Aux Post 297 Ashley Powers Amer Legion Aux Post 29 Amer Legion Post 297 ATI Betty Morris Endowment Amer Legion Post 29 American Legion Riders Athletes Serving Athletes Beverly Burns Amer Legion Aux Post 38 American Charities AT&T Telecommunications Beverly Caperton Amer Legion Post 38 American Charities Giving AT&T Workforce Fundraiser Biz Amer Legion Aux Post 47 Campaign Audrey R Hawley B Jones Amer Legion Post 47 Augustus McMillan Blair Cross Amer Legion Aux Post 60 America's Charities Auxiliary of Counties Four VFW Blanda Dale Amer Legion Post 60 Blue Star Mothers of America Amer Legion Aux Post 70 American Marketing Association Avaris Concepts, LLC Amer Legion Post 70 America’s Warrior Partnership Bmore Together, Inc Amer Legion Aux Post 109 Ameriworks, Inc Ave Childrey Amer Legion Post 109 Amy E Keane Back on My Feet Board of Education of Carroll AMVET Backpacks For Life Foundation County AMVET Auxiliary Baltimore AMVETS Post 8 Bobbie Hess Baltimore City Fire Fighters BODYARMOR Sports Drink Local Union 734 Boeing Intelligence & Analytics Baltimore City Police Bonita B Savage Department Bombas Baltimore Community Boyd Rutherford, Lt Gov of MD Foundation Bradley S Callahan Brandan O'Kane Bread of Life Full Gospel Brenda Demnowicz

40 Brenda G McCoy Charm City Run Covenant Guild, Inc Denise Wright Brenda Miller Charleatha Cherry Covington Dennis O May Cheryl Ford Department of Labor License Brendan Sisk Chavez C Franklin Craig Francis and Regulation Cheryl Campbell Department of MD VFW, Inc Brenton M Facey Cheryl Ford Craig Piper Department of Veterans Affairs Brett D’Alessandro Cheryl R Hickox Craig R Bandes Cheryl Stull Department of Vital Records Brian A High Crossan O’Donovan Chesapeake Bay Chapter USA Dept of MD VFW, Inc Brian Baublitz Crystal Bradley Dept of MD VFW Auxiliary Brian K Jachimiski Chesapeake Employers C S Gray Dept of Veteran Affairs Cadre Brian Sisk Insurance Curtis Russell Derrick Compton, Sr Bridgette Binns Chesapeake Human Cushman Wakefield Real Desikan Harish Bridgette Lundfelt Resources Assoc Estate Agency Devin Spencer Brockett Horne Chesapeake Urology Custom Ink, LLC Diamondz Events, LLC Brooks Benefit Services Chester Silverman Diane Eaton Brown Advisory Board Chester Wilton Cynthia J Gwosch Diane Shell Brown Insurance Service Chi Szeto Diane White BRS Electrical Contractor, Inc Dalila Wilson-Scott Digging & Rigging, Inc Bruce M Brudette Chris Black Damitra Newsome Di J Nail & Hair Salon Bryan Marine Dan Balkin Dionne Spencer Bryan Sisk Chris Hartstein Dan Zbri Direct Mortgage Loans Bryon Zumbrum Chris Van Hollen Dana Williams DIRTBUSTER Cleaning Serv, Inc B & T Services, LLC Christi Hess Daniel P Henson,III Division of Workforce Christian Thomas Daniel Kennefick Development Calvary Baptist Church Dixon Gibbs, Jr Christine A Huie-Roy Daniel S Loechner and Adult Learning Cam Electric, Inc D L Buccino Candace Fallin Christine C McKay Daniel T Sheffield D O D Army CECOM Candice L Richardson Christine Smith Darcel Donofrio Dominick A Cipolla Candice Vice Christopher D S Donham Darrea Fragier Donald Carter CareFirst BlueChoice Christoher Mutascio Darrell Truesdale Don Grauel CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Daronta L Briggs Don Tartasky Christopher J Sisk Darrly Lankford Donald Grauel Carl J Rutledge Disabled American Veterans Donna Grigsby Christopher Sullivan (DAV) Donna J Mell Carlos Brown Christopher Trapp Disabled American Veterans Donnubari G Gbaanador Cariny A Nunez Chuck Kahanov Aux Dorie Miller VFWA Post 5367 Carol Eakin Burdette Chuck Ritz Darlene Jolly Doris Brodhurst Carol Maher Cindy Goad DAV Chapter 4 Carol Manzo City of Baltimore Development DAV Glen Burnie No 13 Dorndell S Grinnage Carole A Timanus Corp DAV Chapter Post 22 Old Caroline R Stewart CITYpeek Glory Dorothy A Habersham Carolyn Griffin C Joan Goeller DAV of MD War Memorial Bld Dowan Jones-Reaves Carolyn Gutermuth Clarence Davis DAV Paul Thompson Memorial Downtown Diane Clayton A Deaver Chapter1 Downtown Locker Room-DTLR Carolyn H Hayman Claude Larkins DAV Post 30 Dress for Success Greater Claudia Hansley DAV M R Sarge Warehime Baltimore Carolyn M Crooks Clifton Harding Charter 33, Inc Dror Meital Carolyn Maloney Clinton Jobes David Baker Dylan Murray Carolyn Mueller Clinton Jones David Cross Dwayne Washington Caryn Sagal David Gradwell E Brierley Carrol Catalyst IT Service Cody Pierce David Jackman Cathie Plouzek Colin Tarbert David Lease Earl P Galleher, Jr Cathy Crouse Cathy Genesi Combined Federal Campaign David McSherry Earlean P Burns Cathy Stultz Combined Federal Campaign Earnest Byner Catharine M Wyland Volunteers David Winpigler Earnest Fitzgerald Catherine Pugh Comcast David Max Eastern Star Prince Hall Eureka Catherine Rutland Comcast NBC Universal Chapter 11 Catherine Whitecar Foundation David Jackman Easter Seals Center for Urban Families Commander Alicia Knecht E Brierley Carroll Common Cents Coins, LLC David K Moore Ed Wilson Cereta D Spencer Community College of Ed W Overington Baltimore David L Porter Edith D Jamison Chad McGowan Community Foundation Ohio David White Edmund Barrett Charles Allen Valley Dawan Spencer Charles Baugh Concierge Mortgage Dawn Gregory Edward Allen Charles B Hawlwy Conheads Men’s Grooming D Dritt Amin Charles E Burdette Conley Henderson Deb Seltzer Edward H Wahrheit Charles S Dutton Connie L Overington Debbie Blum Edward M Land Charles Erving Auxiliary Connectivity Solutions Debby Cassell Edward W Williams Charles Gatling Constellation Debrah Matthews Edwin T Johnson Charles Jones Deborah Bell E E Streets Mem Post 5118 Charles Leach Constellation Newenergy, Inc Deborah Gaddy Electric Vehicle Institute Charles McCurdy Deborah Setzer Charles O’Donovan, III MD CONT Casualty Company Delaney Rakosnik Elijah Fragier Connectivity Solutions, Inc Delta Theta Sigma Sorority, Inc Charles Patterson, Sr Coppin State University Delightful Blessings Church, Inc Elijah Moore Cornelia Rivers Delores Jackson Elise P Fitzgerald Charles T Vogel Cornelya Moms Denise Chambers Charles Werhane Denise Robinson Charles Williams Family

41 Eliot Goldberg Gabrielle M Kozera Henry Holzman Jasper Spencer Gail S Knoedler Jason Barker Elizabeth Coppinger Gail Sanders Henry Irving Jaya Nagda Elizabeth Cotton Gail Yeiser Hepisy S Mitchell Elizabeth Jones Gary K Kodeck Herbert C White Jaye Brown Elizabeth Mack Gary Maynor Elizabeth Snider Gary Morrison Hirsch Electric, LLC JDOG Junk Removal Elizabeth Stoll Gary Williams Jeanette Novak Elizabeth Stover George Barnes Home Depot Foundation Jeanette Wilson Elkton Memorial VFW Post George Bowman Homeless Veterans Jeanne Bowman 8175 George Coppinger Reintegration Program Jeanie Graves Ellen Sauerbrey George Goers Hope and Peace Foundation Emma E Matthews Horseshoe Casino Jeffery L Kendrick Emilio R Valdivia George Lambert House of Resurrection IJC Empowerment Temple Church Howard Rutherford Jeffrey D Foy Enterprise Community George O’Korie Jeffrey Williams Investment, Inc George Larkins Howard H Moffet Enterprise Foundation George M Cobo Jeffrey D Wallop Erik Rodriquez George Okorie IAP World Services Annapolis Eric Rosch George Sigler Support Jeffry Brotman Erik M Earley George W Owings III, Project USNA Erika Wilkins Secretary of MD Dept of Ignatius Hobson Jel Cap Vending Erin Brice Veterans Affairs IHOOT Foundation Jen-Ai Notman Ernestine Bethea Georgia Renner Ilene Nathan Jenna L Bohrer Ernestine J Pollitt Geraldine Burns Independent Ins Agents of Maryland Ernie Beck Geraldine Diggs Inez A Tate-Franklin Jennifer Elkin Etta Banks G & G Solutions Integrate Baltimore Eve Hess Ginny Kearns Insurance Women of Jennifer R Smith Evelyn M Gaines Give With Liberty Mutual Baltimore, Inc. Match Foundation Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc Jerry Jackson Event Brite Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Jerry O Pittman Glen Horenberg Iris B Rieck Jesse C Leblanc Exelon Corporation Jack R M Pierce, Sr Exelon Cyber Grants Glenda Harp Jacobs, LLC Jesse Cockrell Exelon Foundation Glenn Coleman, Sr Jacqueline Anderson Exelon Militaries Actively Glenn Horenberg Jesse J Harris Connected Glenn L Gebele Jacqueline Gasch Jessica Jackson Ezekiel Pankey Jewish War Veterans Facebook Fundraising & Glenn M Brewer Jacqueline Gilden Jim Evans Charitable Giving Joan Rumenap Faith Albert Gloria Dorsey Jacqueline Holloway Jocelyn Jones Faith A Wade GoFundMe Online Jaqueline Knight Jodi H Howe Faith Baptist Church Fundraising James Howard Joe Jackson Faith Churn-Smith Goetze’s Candy Company, Inc James Gray Joe Lancaster Falls Road Running Store Goldsborough Insurance James A Gregory Joe O Smith F B Harvey, III Services James A Wood Joel Nathanson F & B Laundry Gold Star Mothers Maryland John Angelos Fannie L Allen Chapter, Inc James Bennett John Isaacs Fay Lipsky Goodwill of Greater John Brown Faye A Shimizu Chesapeake James Cardinal John McGee Felix Guinto Govans Presbyterian Church Gibbons John Meyerhoff and Ferguson Tool Repair Governor’s Office of Community Assembly 0379 Lenel Srochi-Meyerhoff Fund Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Initiatives James Gregory Joan Rumenap Fix Our Debt, LLC Grant Sloan James M Chios JoAnn Fisher Flair Hair Salon and Greater Chesapeake Charitable James Hacke JoAnn Robinson Barbershop Foundation, Inc James Lawrence, III John B Patterson Fleet Feet Sports Greater Towson Republican James S McDonnell, III Fort Meade Officers’ Spouses’ Club James Mobley John B Pavek Club Foundation James Paige Fr Dutton Gregg Stoehr James Schofield John C Eline Frances McLhinny Chapter 15 Group Benefit Services James Terrell John F Jenkins DAV Gwen Moore Jamie Griffin John Hoffman Francis Holiday Guintos Helping Hands Jan Klimovitz John H Spencer Frances Kasher HA Co Memorial Ladies Aux Jane F S Smith John H Strom Francis Payne VFW Jane Lacroix John Kaufmann Post 5337 Jane Papenberg Frank B Coakley Hadley Leach Jane Perkins John Lowman Jane S Valdivia Frankel & Chesapeake Cadillac Halee F Weinstein Janes S B Lawrence John P Weigand Frankie Velez Janet E Campbell John T Whitman Franklyn Baker Hampton Garden Club Janice Chance John West Free State Homebrew Club Harold Hayley Janice Fragier-Welch Johns Hopkins Community Guild Harry E Yeiser III Jaqueline Gilden Partners Hazelwood Elementary Jarrod Grimm John Strom Friendly Inn Healing Dawgs Foundation Jan Starr Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc Jasmine E Anthony John Whitman Friendly United Charity Baptist Helen Daniel Jason Campbell Church Helen Kimmel Jason E Dull Jon Goddard Henry Haendler Jason Simpson Jonathan Kaplan Vodzak Jonathan Maher Joseph and Susan Simmons Charitable Fund Joseph C Gelineau, III Joseph Crawley Joseph L Buie

42 Joseph L Edmonds Reserve Lucretia McClenney Matt Praay Joseph Miller Assoc Unit 24 Matthew Bielecki Joseph Moran, Jr Langkuhn, Inc Lucy A Tyson Matthew Kessler Joseph and Susan Simmons Larry Boltansky Matthew Lee Charitable Fund Lawrence J Hogan, Lucy L Howard Maysa Leak Josephus Ollison Gov of Maryland Luke Stratman Mayor’s Office of Workforce Josh Hellenbrand LaKisha D Turnet Lula Roe Development Joshua Campbell Laronda Ferguson Brewer Lyn Lang Maureen West Joy Mays La Shuan Bethea Lynda Hess McKesson Foundation Latasha Ferguson Lynn Sanders MECU of Baltimore, Inc Joyce Brown LaTonya Savage Maintaining Active Citizens Megan Capinegro Laura A Bristol-Garnett Mallory Richards Meghan Brody Joyce England Laura Ann Greaney Mamie Murray Melanie Reeder Juan Webster Laura Gardner Manasseh Hezekiah Melvin Miles Judith Holt Laura M Smith Melvin Smith Laurel Elks Lodge 2283 Marantha Baptist Church Melvin Spence Judith A Protas Metropolitan United Methodist Lauren E Lake Margaret J Edney-McCargo Church Judith C Rosenberg Martha W Galleher McCormick & Company, Inc Julia Carolan Lauren Isley Maria Hazelwood-Lucas McGrath Family Julie Eugenio Lauren Sullivan Maria Anderson MCVET Alumni Association Julie Williams Laurie Benner Medstar Health Junetta Barnes Laurie T Fragier Maria Lucas MEDSYS2 Kara McGee Melissa Rothstein Karen Barrans Lausanne S Alomar Marilyn Bentley Mercy Hospital Karl Busch Marilyn Gower Merrit Management Corp K Chan Laverne Smith-Boykin Marilyn Mosby K Jackson Lawrence Cager Maria Brown Michael D Sisk, Sr Karen Hall Lawrence Ngashu Maria Zickuhr Karyl Rosen Lawrencia C Pierce Marine Corps League Michael D Moss Kate Myers Leadership VA Detachment 770 Michael Haynie Katherine Meskell Leadership VA Alumni Michael Hettleman Association Marion Carter Michael McHale Katherine Murray Lee C Chambers Michael Reaves Lee Luby Marion D Brown Michael S Reed, II Katherine O’Donovan Lee B Rosenburg Mark Crooks Michael Rutland Kathleen D Bauman Leesa Mattresses Mark Kozak Michael Snowden Kathleen S Earlbeck Lefty Curkeys Mark McKinnon Michael Theroux Kathleen Hurley Leigh Saylor Mark Snyder Michael Palumbo Kathryn Summers-O’Rourke Leroy Schmelz Maria Carter Michael Robinson Kathy Moran Leslie Byrd Mario Lloyd Michael Steinhardt Katie L Calise Leslie Monfred Mark Lemmon Michael Werthheimer Katie Counselman Caple Lester Poretsky Family Martin Jones Mid-Shore Community Keia McCants Foundation Foundation Kelly A Fickus Lester R Reeder Martha F Ruffin Mike Shell Lewis Thomas Mildred Busch Kelly S Wood Levern Singletary Martha J Lockwood Military Mama Martha Marani Military Officers Association Kelly T Hardy Liberty Mutual Military Order of the Purple Kelly Miller Martin Schugam Heart Kelvin Millner LifeBridge Health System Miller Family Fund Ken Gierisch Lily Milliner Martin Zemel Miriam Dorsey Ken Praay Linda Baynes Mission BBQ Kennedy Krieger School Linda Freud Marvina J Dahl Michelle Fitts Kenneth Brown Linda Jolly Michelle Shek Kenneth W Favors Linda L Singh Mary A Grier Mitchell Goetze Kenneth Murray Linda Logan Mitchell Wade Kenneth Pitts Linda Mac Williams Mary Bok Kenneth Samet Linda Panzone Mary B Griffin Monique A Kelly Ken Oxford Linda Stern Mary Claiborne Monumental City Brewing Ken's Foods, Inc Linwood Blackston Company, LLC Kerri Roman Lions Club Mary D Lake Morgan State University Kevin D Stoll Lisa F Baker Morgan State University Alumni Kevin Kacin Lita N Peters Mary D Lum Association Kevin Murphy L Jones Mary E Rodman Morgan State University Kid Times Enterprises, LLC Lloyd S Mailman Elementary School Jazz Ensemble Kim Framski Lois A McLaughlin Mary H Brown Morris & Ritchie Associates, Inc. Kimberly Jervey-Reynolds Lois D Balser Mary McGee Morris Street Kimberly Piper Lola Onabiyi Mary Moran Most Worshipful Prince Hall Kimberly Walz Jonah Geller Mary Pratt Grand Lodge of Maryland Knights of Columbus Fourth Mary Slicher M & T Bank Degree Loren C Shipley Martha Poch Knott Foundation MaryAnn Barry M & T Charitable Foundation Korean War Veterans Lorene Irving Maryland Academy Physician Kristie N Jachimski Lorene M Irving Assistants Mt Pilgrim Baptist Church Kristina Wells Lori Stephen Maryland Army Natl Guard Mt Winans Baptist Church Kweisi Mfume Maryland Center for Kwen Murphy Louis M Sapolsky Hospitality Training Ladies Aux of the Fleet Maryland Food Bank Louis R Parker Maryland Line Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Maryland Workforce Exchange Martha W Gallegher

43 Muse Foundation Pasorie Fornah Ray Klimovitz Rob's Barbershop Community Pass IT On, Inc Ray Woodson Foundation Myra Fragier Pat Hirst Raymond Glock Rodney C Smetana Patrecia Williams Raymond Klimovitz Roland C Cross NABVETS, Inc. Patricia Ann Walker Raymond Watson Romeo Donofrio, Jr NAF Financial Services Patricia Ensor Rosemary’s Beauty & Patricia Price RCC Weddings & Events, LLC Barber Shop Nakisha Powell Patricia Jannotta Patricia Rock RCM&D Ronald C Carter Nancy L Brown Rebecca Hawkins Nancy L Connor Patricia R Wheeler Rebecca S Mozingo Ronald E Hill Nancy Portnoy Ronald M Jackson Foundation Naomi Grand Court Patricia Walker Regina M McCarthy Rosalind Salmond National Aquarium Patrick Fisher Rosalind Smith National Pan-Hellenic Council Pattie Robinson Regina Rasmussen Rosalyn M Burton Nathan Gurley Patty Barry Regina Yaroch Nathan Patton Patty Sipes Reginald Durr Rose Bean Paul Brown Reginald Haysbert, Jr Nathaniel R Staten Paul D Savanuck Mem Post # 888 Reginald Jordan Rose P Trapp Jewish War Veterans of The Rose Washington Nathaniel Thomas United States of America Regine M Rasmussen National Coalition for Homeless Paul Grieve Roseline Taylor Veterans Paul Jaenke Regis & Kathleen Flynn National Out of Area Campaign Paul Kutniewski Remington Row Clinic Rosemary D Flynn NBC-Steve Harvey’s Little Paul L Thompson Memorial Renaissance Baltimore Rosemary LaMacchia Big Shots DAV Aux Unit 1 Harporplace Hotel NCIA Paula Schugam Rosetta Anderson Neil Demchick Paula Singer Renada C Hamer Netta Bott Paulette Neumann Rosette Swan Network For Good Paulette Parker Dorsey Renditions Washington Ross Tobin NewDay USA Foundation DC, LLC Roxanne Berry New Israelite Church of PayPal Rene Felipa R T McGann Deliverance Renee Coshin Coolbaugh Ryan Bowerman New Life Evangelical Baptist PayPal Charitable Giving Fund Renee Kehoe Ryan Marine Church P D McAllister Retired Officers Wives Club Newman's Own Foundation Peggy McGrath Rheebe Bryant Russell Poch New Psalmist Baptist Church Rhonice M Applebery-Burnett New Vision Life Church Peggy Wirth Rick Kehoe Russell Lane Nexius Richard A Drabic Rusty Yeiser Ngozi Dibia Penny Footman Richard A Paronto Ruth Rosen Nicole Johnson People Encouraging People, Richard and Rosalee C Ruth Wilson Nicole C Solich Inc Davison Foundation RWBC Nigar I Abramova Pershing Angles Rich Lang Nick J Mosby Pershing Rifles Richard A Schaefer Safeway Nikolas D Pharris-Ciurej Pepsi Richard Devilbiss, Jr Safeway Foundation Niren Nagda Perma Stitches Richard C Riggs Sally T Grant Peter Boettinger Richard H Schoen Sally Midgett Noah Spencer Peter Legg Richard Whitecar Sally Miller Noble Realty Advisors Richie Lane Sabrina Black Noel Trask Peter S White Rick Dyer Sam Sudler Norbert Robinson Rick Lane Samatha Hauf Norman Zickuhr Philip R Dorsey Rick Law Samantha Kruger Northern Central District Philip Scambler Rick Stafford Samuel Bottom American Legion Auxiliary Right Direction Technology Samuel Burns Dept MD Philip Wetzler Solution Northrop Grumman Corp Rita M Jones Samuel G Sudler III Northrop Grumman Employee Phyllis Buff RK2, LLC Charity Phyllis Outten Robert Allen Sandi Dutton 98 ROCK 97.9 Phylis V. Buff Robert Blandford Sandie Nagel Oana Brooks Phyllis Willis Robert Feldman Ocie F Williams Plug Ugly's Publick Sandra Amundson Office of Minority Health U S House Restaurant Robert C Lessick Food & Drug Administration Pleshette Askew Sandra Kendell Ogochukwu Ekwuabu P Miller Robert D Smith Sandra Rayford Olatokunbo S Fashola Portera Rehabilitation Robert Grubach Sandra Serrano Old Mill Middle School South Preston Curvey, Sr Robert Hammock Sandra Spencer Olivia R Owens PSA Insurance, Inc Sandra Tillman Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc Preston McCray Robert Hankard Operation Hug A Veteran Printworks Md LLC Sandy Spring Lions Club, Inc Opioid Workforce Priscilla D McAllister Robert L Cooper Innovation Fund Private Sector Campaign Robert L Cross Sanford M Shapiro Organization of Hope, Inc Project Place Robert Lesher SAP Software Solutions Ourania Smetana PTG Consulting Group Robert L Hannon Sara L Hutchison Our Angels of Many Colors Purnell Martinez Robert Marshall Sarah E Platt Our Mother’s Lane Service Radio One in Baltimore Sarah Seff Lewis Pamela Engle Radisson Hotel Baltimore Robert Saylor, II Pamela Miller Downtown Inner Harbor Sarah De Santis Ralph L Vordemberge Robert Shields Ramona G Seidel Robert Smith Sarah R Wyeth Randell Michael Robert West Sarai Burnett Randy Vehslage Roberta Sorsen Sarita Olson Robin Schmehl Schwab Charitable Foundation Robin Williams Scott Baker Sean Mykietyn Sebastian Hess Sergeant Pushup

44 Seymour Smith Street Survivors of The Wilkes School Baltimore Seven Oaks Senior Center Maryland, Inc Thelma Harrington VA Health Care System, Severna Park Elks Sue Lachenmayr Theresa Alexander Loch Raven Lodge #2482 Sue Weckesser Theresa Y Smith VA Maryland Annex Shanae Spencer - Williams Suited Boutique Thomas Andreola VA Medical Center, Shannon Hodgson Suited to Succeed Thomas Bonner Perry Point Shari B Tompkins Thomas Cameron VA Medical Center, Sharion Phillip Summit Group Thomas G Savage, Sr Martinsburg W VA Sharon Bynum Thomas Jenkins Vanguard Sharon Cross SunTrust Foundation Thomas Shaffer VA Training Academy Sharon Farrow Thomas Sords Hopkins Plaza Sharon Hines SunTrust United Way Sharon Jacobs Campaign Thomas Vandenoever Valerie E Fraling Sharon L D' Ambrogi Susan Brown Sharon Smith Susan Cohen Thomas W Snider Valerie J Anderson Shaw Wilgis Susan Koller Tiger Davis Valerie Taylor Shawn Holmes Susan Hackerman Timothy Biliski Valors Mission Merriman Susan Hoffman Timothy Burdette Venable Attorneys at Law Sheila A Dixon Susan Holzman Timothy Cooke Venkat Subramanian Timothy Hale Ventura Solutions, Inc Sheila Mitchell Susan Jaenke Timothy P Rider Tirimisiyu Shola Gbadamoshi Verna L Fleming Sheila Riggs Susan K Cross T J Bryan Shelly Flowers Rice Toks S Fashola Veronica C Hughes Shelly Poulos Susan M S Donham Tom James Tayloring Co, Inc Veronica Young Shelley Severe Susan Mullen Tom Kelleher Vestry of Trinity Church Sheri B Land Susan Rudolf Veterans of Foreign Wars Sheri Stern Susan Teneza Tony M Howell Aux National Sherrie Connelly Susan Truitt Headquarters Fund Shirley C Grimes Suzanne Whitman Towanda F Williams Veterans of Foreign Shirley E Hendley Sydell Gould Tower Cares Credit Union Wars (VFW) Shirley H Cline Tabrizi’s Restaurant Veterans of Foreign Wars Tamela J Brittingham TowerCares Foundation Auxiliary Shuffles Saloon Veteran Owned Businesses Tammi S Murrill Towson Elks Lodge 469 Veterans Transplantation Sibyl B Gibbs Towson University Association Silvia McGirt Tanisha Nixon VFW Aux Post 350 Tara M Bandes Toyota Financial Services VFW Post 350 Sinai Hospital Tarsha Weary VFW Auxiliary Post 467 TD Bank Toyota Motor Credit VFW Post 467 Site Support Services, Inc Corporation VFW Aux Post 652 Telegent Engineering, Inc Tracy W Hickox VFW Post 652 Smartlink LLC Tracy Knox VFW Aux Post 10028 Teltronics Tower, Inc Tremayne Lipscomb VFW Post 10028 Sons of The American Legion Terral Thomas Travelers Insurance VFW Aux Post 1858 Southwest Design Terry Donahue Trinity Episcopal Church of VFW Post 1858 Spirits West/RK2, LLC Textron Systems Towson MD VFW Aux Post 2562 Sports Suds The Abell Foundation Tri-State Elks VFW Post 2562 Sports Tickets Unlimited The Albertstons Companies T Rowe Price VFW Aux Post 2621 St Andrew’s Christian Foundation Troy Rodgers VFW Post 2621 Community The Benevity Community Truist by Fronstream VFW Aux Post 2678 Church Impact Truth Chapter 19 VFW Post 2678 Stacey Dempsey Russell Fund Tyler Stallings VFW Aux Post 2916 St Elizabeth Ann Seton General The Chesapeake Bay Chapter Tyrice Gorham VFW Post 2916 Assembly 1620 USAWOA Tyron Cromwell VFV Aux Post 5118 St Joseph Church The Columbus Foundation Tyson Foods VFW Post 5118 St Mary’s United Church of The Cooper and United Iron & Metal VFW Aux Post 5337 Christ, Inc Levinson Families United States Armed Forces: VFW Post 5337 Stanley A Seidel The Daily Record Air Force - Army - Marine Corps VFW Aux Post 5367 Stanley Daniels The Dr Pat Show – WOLB 1010 AM Navy - Coast Guard VFW Post 5367 Stanley Gaines United States Naval Academy VFW Aux Post 5633 State of Maryland The Gott Company, Inc United Way of Central Maryland VFW Post 5633 State of Maryland Treasurer's United Way of Central Maryland VFW Aux Post 6506 Office The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg MCVET Employees Campaign VFW 6506 Foundation United Way of Greater VFW Aux Post 7460 Steeley Spencer - Black Philadelphia & S New Jersey VFW Post 7460 The Henson Dev Company Unity Post 751VFW of The VFW Aux Post 7472 Stephanie H Avery USA, Inc VFW Post 7472 Stephanie Poulos The Home Depot Foundation University of Baltimore VFW Aux Post 8126 University of Georgia VFW Post 8126 Stephanie Wiggins The Ivy Bookshop University of Maryland VFW Aux Post 8185 The LCPL Matt Snyder Camp University of Maryland VFW Post 8185 Stephen Prichett Snoops Project College Park VFW Aux Post 8950 Steve Nickel The Family of LCPL Matt University of Maryland VFW Post 8950 Steven Boggs Snyder Health System VFW Aux Post 10077 Steven Burnett, II University of Michigan-Flint VFW Post 10077 Steven Deckelbaum The Love of Christ Foundation VA Baltimore Clinic Steven Malloy VA Baltimore Regional Office Steven Tazza The Marion I & Henry J Knott VA Health Care System, Strategic Resources Dept Foundation The Mission Continues Stratford University The MOVEMENT Team The Umbrella Syndicate The Woman’s Club of Towson, Inc

45 VFW Aux Post 10159 Warren Ward Chapter No 347 VFW Post 10159 Washington VA Veterans Network at Comcast Waters AME Church Women Veterans United Veterans of Jessup Correction Wayne Klimovitz Committee, Inc Institution W Miller Veterans Transplantation WeCare Private Duty Association Services, Inc Women's Club of Towson, Inc Vibeke M Shanley Weekend Backpack for Victoria Holt Homeless Kids Women's Giving Circle Vietnam Veterans of America West & West, LLC Wounded Warrior Project Virginia A Brashears Wesley Davis W P Carey Foundation Virginia L Rutherford Westley Freedom United WPOC 93.1 Voices of America Method Church Xscape Hair Studio Vybhava Vijayabhaskar William A Jamison Yelp Walbrook Senior High School William Balfour Yoni Nabozny Alumni Association William Bauman YourCause Corporate Walden University William D Byron Employee Giving Programs Washington Post William J Ganz, Jr Zachary Kerns Waters AME Church William Kelleher Zamar Ministries Wayne Klimovitz William Maloni Zamar Worship Center WBAL TV 11 William Miller Zelmira Benlis WBAL Radio 97.9 FM/1090 AM William G Reisz Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc WBFF FOX 45 Zion Church of the City of WEAA 88.9 FM William L Balfour Baltimore WJZ TV13 WLIF 101.9 Morning Show William Randolph WMAR TV 2 William Renner WRBS 95.1 SHINE FM William Stewart W P Carey Foundation Inc. Willie Sanders Wilma P Billie Berry Walker P Stump-Coale William P Carey, II William Smith Walter J Mitchell, Jr William Vavra Wilson N Trueheart Jr Women of the Moose Fredrick


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