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May 2022 Newsletter

Published by Rylle Tenoso, 2022-06-15 13:21:14

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May 2022, Vol. 1 TPV MONTHLY DISPATCH The TPV Newsletter Welcome to TPV's Newsletter where we rundown the latest news, updates and initiatives focusing on employee recognition and development, engagement, and DE&I initiatives. In the Loop... NEWS AND UPDATES... Amazon announces Prime Day 2022 Theme: Amazon recently announced that Here are the Key messages from this Take this year's Prime Day campaign year's theme. the Survey! theme will be \"TOGETHER\". This concept is seen as being together, Prime brings it — and us — Teleperformance Japan begins its existing as one - the coming together together. It should always feel Great Place to Work® certification of thousands of unique souls whose welcoming – to everyone. It’s an journey. combination creates the success of annual celebration that we can all Amazon in any form today. be a part of. We invite you to make your voices The concept of Together takes DEI count and help keep our workplace a Look into one step further by enhancing the productive and safe workplace this month's edition: idea of belonging: it is about through the GPTW Survey. Together stopping “fitting in” and starting to with other TP geographies, we are From the Front Lines - 2 be valued for one’s true authentic aiming for global re-certification and Employee Spotlights self, and being part of the group continue to be a Great Place to Work® Show Off What You Are Working On... because of that. as One TP! We appreciate all employees for In Case You Missed It - 3 the set of unmatched experience, Please check CCMS communications Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion (DE&I) skills, perspectives, and insights for the survey link. The survey expires Fun and Engagement they bring to the work June 17, 2022. This is open to What's Next? environment. employees who joined the company Did you know that,,, We are humans helping other before April 28, 2022. humans; we relentlessly support and recognize each other, and are grateful for our diversity. We are ONE. We are all essential and we jointly contribute to exceptional customer experience, and the existence and growth of our company. THE ICHIBAN 41 - MAY RAP PERFORMERS...

From the Front Lines... EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHTS... Show Off What You Are Working On... Name: Aika Takahashi Name: Tsuyoshi Kono Position: Team Manager Position: CSA Q: How would you describe your team? A: There are many new hires in my team, One of the Hall of Fame – Above 80% and there are still many areas for RAP for 5 consecutive months improvement. Which only means there is a lot of room for growth. My team is Q: What are 3 words to describe Name: Kaho Hosokawa composed of people who will grow to Teleperformance? Position: Team Manager become aces in the future. A: Cooperative Spirit: Even if we are all work-at-home employees, we still work Q: What’s your favorite thing about closely with each other. the company? Positive Thinking: We take things A: Flexibility. You can become a manager seriously and think constructively to if you are competent, regardless of solve problems. your academic background or Robust Organization: Has a very solid experience. organizational structure that allows everyone to focus on their own role. Q: Who are some of your major influences at work, and why? Q: What is your definition of success? Q: Complete the sentence: I am A: Actually my husband. He is also an A: To keep returning good results to good at… administrator in a different industry, but our customers, clients and company. A: I'm good at Muscle training! he is busier than I am. I know that even There is no achievement because in such a situation, he does not cut success is to keep succeeding. On the Q: How long have you been corners and is sincere about his work. other hand, I believe that you are a doing this activity? So I can also do my best and always success as long as you can always keep A: I have been doing this activity think, \"I'll do my best, too!\" aiming for a better you, even if the for about a year now. present is not good enough. Q: Share the best piece of advice Q: What benefits do you get from anyone has ever given you. Q: What is the best advice you have performing this activity? A: I was having a philosophical discussion ever received from someone? A: I t helps reduce stress, promote with a friend, during which I heard him A: An old Chinese man named Guan Yu health, and improve your style. It say, \"Man is the only animal that is not said, \"Jade may shatter, but it never makes your body less likely to satisfied with what he is.\" I was loses its brilliance.\" It means that even if gain weight even if you eat a lot. impressed.. a piece of jewelry shatters, it does not lose its light. In other words, even if you Q: What advice can you give to Q: In your opinion, how can a lose confidence, it does not mean that others who would like to company best embrace diversity? your value is diminished, and there is no develop this skill too? A: To discard prejudices and need to lose confidence. Even if you fail A: It is important to start with preconceptions and not to deny new at something, if you can absorb it as an even 5 minutes a day! Imagine values. I think so! experience, it is not a failure. yourself as the person you want to be, and keep going at your own pace without overdoing it.

In Case You Missed It... FUN AND ENGAGEMENT DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION (DE&I) Here is a rundown of all the fun engagement activities conducted What is discrimination? at teleperformance. Direct Discrimination - When one person is treated less favorably than Ebisu Shrine Morning Sweeping another in a comparable situation on the grounds of national origin, gender, cultural traditions and customs, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, age, marital status, religion, physical appearance, state of health, genetic characteristics, nation, belonging to an ethnic group, or political opinions, etc. TP DE&I PILLARS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace isn't just an idea, it's an integral part of our company culture. We aim for impactful, data-driven, and lasting change. At Teleperformance, we stand together. We are Online-Cooking Event unified in our acceptance of one another, and vehemently oppose any form of intolerance. Here, we are all equal, regardless of color, age, religion, gender, or culture. Daniel Julien Chairman and CEO - Teleperformance WHAT'S NEXT? Are you ready for the next big thing? The Golden Star Awards: Celebrate Greatness June 10, Rewards and Recognition Be involve as we celebrate employees who are at the top of their game, and are the best at what they do (no matter the time or circumstances). Later this month: Photo Contest 2022 International Children's Day June Pride Month Prime Day Communication DID YOU KNOW THAT? Japan Has The World's Shortest Escalator The basement of More’s Department Store in Kawasaki, Japan, has the world's shortest escalator. It is called the “Puchicalator.” This 5-step tall escalator moves downwards to cover a distance of only 2.7 ft. Although there is hardly any justification for the existence of this escalator, it has managed to make a proud entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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