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Draft B-Weekly Highlights 08 July 2022 (1)

Published by rafinternalcomm, 2022-07-11 06:58:31

Description: Draft B-Weekly Highlights 08 July 2022 (1)


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Weekly Highlights 08 July 2022 - Issue No. 143 In this issue Dear Colleagues HOW THE RAF DERIVES BENEFITS THROUGH IMPLE- July is National Savings Month and there is no better MENTING THE VALUES ENTRENCHMENT PROGRAMME time for South Africans to get proactive with their savings AND 360-DEGREE VALUE-BASED ASSESSMENT habits. THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN MANAGING PEOPLE WITH National Savings Month is an initiative that was instituted DISABILITIES IN THE WORKPLACE in 2001 by the South African Savings Institute (SASI), a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing a savings CORPORATE WELLNESS WEEK, 04 – 08 JULY 2022 culture in South Africa. The objectives of the campaign include raising awareness of financial planning and saving MASTER YOUR MINDSET AND BUILD MENTAL RESIL- and getting all citizens informed and active when it comes IENCE to investments and savings. NEW POLITICAL DECLARATION TO HALVE ROAD Initiatives such as National Savings Month bring about TRAFFIC DEATHS AND INJURIES BY 2030 A MILESTONE greater levels of financial and economic literacy among ACHIEVEMENT adults and children in South Africa. This initiative goes a long way to establishing a culture of saving at a national LANGUAGE TIPS - THE MISSING ARTICLE level. THE FUN PAGE For many South Africans, 2022 has already been a difficult year financially and they have had to readjust their Letters to the Editor budgets because of the rise in inflation, petrol costs, and food prices. This is over and above the fact that we are We invite our readers to share their just recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic; the 2021 comments, feedback, and suggestions July unrests in some parts of the country; and the recent with us. Readers are encouraged to submit floods in KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape. In the current their letters, of no more than 200 words, to economic environment, many more people may think that [email protected], [email protected] they won’t be able to save any money at all. However, and [email protected] We are looking people from all income groups can benefit from saving, forward to hearing from you. and we all need to start somewhere. Editor: Thabang Mahlatsi ([email protected]) Saving money is important and possible for people at all Sub-editor: Tholakele Radebe ([email protected]) income levels. Even in this ailing economy, it is within Senior Reporter: Naziphi Mpokela ([email protected]) our power to put at least a small amount of money away. Editor-In-Chief: Anton Janse van Rensburg ([email protected]) Just remember the simple rules – start saving as soon as possible, set achievable goals, build an emergency financial buffer, invest, and be disciplined. Enjoy this week’s Highlights! Kind regards Internal Communication


THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN MANAGING PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES IN THE WORKPLACE by Change Management First, we need to understand that People with 1. Question: What Is the Standard Definition of Disabilities (PWD) are not a homogeneous group. PWD? For instance, some may have a physical disability, a sensory, intellectual, or mental disability. They Answer: In terms of the Code of Good Practice on the may have had a disability from birth or may have Employment of Persons with Disabilities, the focus is on acquired their disabilities in their childhood, teen- the effect of a disability on the person in relation to the age years or later in life, during further education or working environment, and not on the impairment. The while in employment. They all encounter different Code defines persons with disabilities as “persons who barriers which have to be overcome in different have a long-term or recurring physical or mental impair- ways. Their disabilities may have a minimal impact ment, which substantially limits their prospects of entry on their ability to perform their duties in the work- into, or advancement in employment.” place and take part in society, or a major impact, requiring considerable support and assistance. 2. Question: What Is the Importance of Continuous Awareness Programmes and Reinforcement Work- As previously communicated, the purpose of the RAF shops for PWD in the Workplace? PWD Strategy is to ensure the employment inclusion of PWD within the Fund and to create awareness and Answer: It is important for the RAF as an organisa- advance the knowledge of disability management. The tion that must achieve its set targets and the National FAQs below are prepared to assist management and Development Plan (NDP) 2030 targets to conduct employees to prepare for the implementation of the awareness programmes for non-disabled employees above-mentioned strategy. in preparation for the recruitment of PWD in specific departments. One of the most difficult challenges that PWD face when trying to access mainstream pro- grammes are negative attitudes they experience from their fellow employees and the lack of management programmes to support them in the workplace. The following organisations provide assistance with disability management in the workplace and can be contacted for assistance: • The National Council for Persons with Disabil- ities in SA (NCPPDSA) a non-governmental or- ganisation promoting the rights and enhancement of quality of life for PWD. CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE Continues to the next page 3

THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN MANAGING PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES IN THE WORKPLACE (CONT.) • Disabled People South Africa (DPSA) – a disability, since they know their specific reason- national institution promoting awareness of the able accommodation needs best. Employers can, issues faced by PWD in South Africa. where reasonable and practical, also consult technical experts for advice on reasonable ac- 3. Question: Should an Employee with a Disability commodation. Disclose Their Disability to the Employer? 5.Question: What Is Defined as Reasonable Accom- Answer: All employees have the right to privacy and, modation? therefore, no employee is obliged to inform their em- ployer of a disability or impairment. However, should Answer: Reasonable accommodation refers to mod- the impact of the disability be such that reasonable ifications or changes to the way a job is normally per- accommodation is needed, it will be to the advantage of formed, that make it possible for a suitably qualified the applicant or employee to disclose their disability. person with a disability to perform on a par with ev- eryone else. The type of reasonable accommodation required would depend on the job and its essential functions, the work environment and the person’s spe- cific disability. Very often, only minor adjustments are necessary to make the workplace accessible to PWD. Employers are also encouraged to work towards univer- sal access for PWD, which means that one adjustment can meet the special needs of different disabilities. • The Employment Equity Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation for individ- uals with disabilities unless such accommodation would cause undue hardship. It refers to the pro- vision of conditions, equipment, and environments that enable individuals with disabilities to perform their duties effectively. 4. Question: Why Should the Employer Provide Source: 4 Reasonable Accommodation to Employees with Persons with Disability in the workplace: Persons with Disabilities and Not Everyone? Disability: An Asset, Promoting the Rights to work of Persons with Disabilities: Answer: All designated employers should “reasonably Monitoring Framework, accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities.” This is both a non-discrimination and affirmative-action requirement. The aim of this accommodation is to en- able employees with disabilities to perform the essential functions of their jobs. • This requirement does not only apply to the RAF but every employer. An employer may be obligat- ed to make reasonable accommodation available when an applicant or employee voluntary disclos- es a disability-related accommodation need, or when such a need is self-evident to the employer. The employer should consult the person with a CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE

CORPORATE WELLNESS WEEK, 04 – 08 JULY 2022 Researched by Thabang Mahlatsi and Aviwe Peter Corporate Wellness Week takes place from 04 – 08 The RAF recognises that almost any existing or antic- July and highlights the importance of a healthy ipated problem can be successfully managed or ad- work environment. In the 21st-century work envi- dressed, provided it is identified in its early stages and ronment advanced digital communications and in- a referral is made to receive the necessary assistance. novations have contributed to an increase in highly Employees who have difficulties that may affect their pressurised work environments. job performance and well-being are encouraged to vol- untarily and confidentially seek assistance by contact- The World Health Organization (WHO) shares, “A ing Employee Wellness Services (EWS) at their local healthy workplace is one in which workers and manag- office and/or their 24/7/365 days EAP on 0800 777 467. ers collaborate to use a continual improvement process This programme is a benefit to the employee and is to protect and promote the health, safety and well-being provided at no cost to themselves and their immediate of all workers and the sustainability of the workplace.” family members. Research conducted by the WHO reflects that the average person spends a third of their adult life in the workplace and that is why corporate wellness should be promoted. Negative outcomes such as decreased productivity, a higher rate of absenteeism, and a poor- er work ethic are often the result of an unhealthy work environment. Maintain your health and wellness by participating in wellness programmes offered by the Road Accident Fund (RAF) such as the ICAS Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) or initiatives supported by your re- spective medical aid scheme. CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE Continues to the next page 5

CORPORATE WELLNESS WEEK, 04 – 08 JULY 2022 (CONT.) EWS recommends these simple steps which can help you face life’s uncertainties/challeng- es a bit better: Be kind to yourself. Some people are better at dealing Seek support from those you trust. Many people with uncertainties than others, so don’t beat yourself isolate themselves when they’re stressed or worried, up if your tolerance for unpredictability is lower than a but social support is important, so reach out to family friend’s. Remind yourself that it might take time for the and friends. stressful situation to resolve and be patient with your- self in the meantime. Control what you can. Focus on the things that are within your control, even if it’s as simple as weekly meal Reflect on past successes. Chances are you’ve over- planning or laying out your clothes the night before a come stressful events in the past – and you survived! stressful day. Establish routines to give your days and Give yourself credit. Reflect on what you did during that weeks some comforting structure. event that was helpful, and what you might like to do differently this time. Ask for help. If you’re having trouble managing stress and coping with uncertainty on your own, ask for help. Develop new skills. When life is relatively calm, make EWS can help people develop healthy ways to cope a point to try things outside of your comfort zone. From with stress. standing up to a difficult boss to trying a new sport, taking risks helps you develop the confidence and skills that come in handy when life veers off course. With everything that is happening around us these days, the only thing that is certain is that change is inevitable. One way we can overcome uncertainty is by building resilience. We build resilience by unpacking our negative experiences, by reducing stress, creating predictability, and staying present. Limit exposure to news. When we’re stressed about Source: 6 something, it can be hard to look away but compulsively receiving news updates only keeps you wound up. Try to limit your check-ins and avoid the news during vul- nerable times of day, such as right before bedtime. Thabang Mahlatsi is a Specialist: Internal Avoid dwelling on things you can’t control. When uncer- Communication, based in Eco Glades tainty strikes, many people immediately imagine worst- case scenarios. Get out of the habit of pondering on Aviwe Peter is an Intern: EWS, based in Eco Glades negative events. Take your own advice. Ask yourself: If a friend came to me with this problem, what would I tell her/him? Imagining your situation from the outside can often pro- vide perspective and fresh ideas. Engage in self-care. Don’t let stress derail your healthy routines. Make an effort to eat well, exercise and get enough sleep. Many people find stress release in practices such as yoga and meditation. CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE

by Employee Wellness Services and ICAS CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE Continues to the next7page

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NEW POLITICAL DECLARATION TO HALVE ROAD TRAFFIC DEATHS AND INJURIES BY 2030 A MILESTONE ACHIEVEMENT by Naziphi Mpokela have died on the world’s roads since the invention of the automobile, more than the number of deaths in the First World War or in some of the worst global epidem- ics. WHO is the lead agency for road safety in the United Nations and supported the President of the UN Gen- eral Assembly in preparing this High-Level Meeting in collaboration with other UN agencies. The World Health Organization (WHO) welcomed Through the declaration, governments from around the the political declaration to be adopted by mem- world commit to provide leadership and coordination ber states during the High-level Meeting of the UN at the highest level of government to ensure all parts General Assembly on Global Road Safety. It made of society are included to act on road safety and com- a commitment to cutting road traffic deaths and mit to boost policies and actions to reduce deaths and injuries by 50% by 2030, a milestone for road safety injuries. The declaration calls for the development and and sustainable mobility. funding of national and local plans with clear targets and funding. The meeting took place from 30 June – 01 July 2022 under the theme: “The 2030 horizon for road safety: securing a decade of action and delivery.” “Road safety affects everyone. We step from our homes every day onto roads that take us to our jobs, schools and to meet our vital daily needs. Yet our transport systems remain far too dangerous. No death should be acceptable on our roads. The future of mobility should promote health and well-being, protect the environment and benefit all,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, WHO. “It will require transformative leadership from the highest levels of government to act on the Political Declaration to make that vision a reali- ty.” “Road safety affects everyone. We step from our homes every day onto roads that take us to our jobs, schools and to meet our vital daily needs. Yet our transport systems remain far too dangerous. No death should be acceptable on our roads. The future of mobility should promote health and well-being, protect the environment and benefit all,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, WHO. “It will require transformative leadership from the highest levels of government to act on the Political Declaration to make that vision a reali- ty.” Worldwide, road crashes currently kill around 1.3 mil- “Road traffic deaths upend countless lives and cost lion people each year – more than two every minute, countries around 3% of GDP each year,” noted Dr and more than 90% occur in low- and middle-income Etienne Krug, Director of the Department for Social countries. Crashes are the biggest killer of children Determinants of Health, WHO. “This is an unacceptable and young people globally. More than 50 million people price to pay for mobility. Putting safety at the heart of CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE Continues to the next page 10

NEW POLITICAL DECLARATION TO HALVE ROAD TRAFFIC DEATHS AND INJURIES BY 2030 A MILESTONE ACHIEVEMENT (CONT>) our mobility systems is an urgent health, economic and healthy and environmentally sound modes of transport. moral imperative. Let’s work together to scale up what works, save lives and build streets for life.” It also highlights that responsibility for road safe- ty stretches far beyond health and transport. Urban In September 2020, the UN General Assembly adopted planners and engineers must prioritise safety as a core a resolution to proclaim the Decade of Action for Road value in all transport infrastructure while businesses Safety 2021–2030. WHO and the UN regional com- can influence and contribute to strengthening road safe- missions, in cooperation with other partners in the UN ty by applying safety-first principles to their entire value Road Safety Collaboration, have developed a Global chains. Plan for the Decade of Action, which was released in October 2021. Countries and cities guided by the plan are seeing dra- matic reductions in deaths. For example, the Colombian The plan calls for continued improvements in the de- capital of Bogota halved deaths over 10 years through sign of roads and vehicles, enhancement of laws and a set of integrated actions, including wide-ranging tech- law enforcement, and provision of timely, life-saving nical improvements and regulatory reforms that were emergency care for the injured. In addition, it promotes driven by strong leadership. Naziphi Mpokela is a Specialist: Internal Communication, based in Source: 11 Eco Glades declaration-to-halve-road-traffic-deaths-and-injuries-by- CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE 2030-is-a-milestone-achievement

LANGUAGE TIPS - THE MISSING ARTICLE Researched by Tholakele Radebe Omitting the article the from before the proper modifies a plural noun, as in “Spice Girls songs topped name of an organisation or a location is a common the music charts seven times.” error—even, surprisingly, in content produced by such entities. In each of the following sentences, the article is awkwardly absent. Discussion and revision of each sentence shows how to resolve the problem (unless there is no problem because of how the name is treated). 1. Young people are increasingly accessing news sources on their phones, according to Pew Re- search Centre. To test whether an article belongs before a proper Example: name, change the name to a generic reference, such as centre in place of “Pew Research Centre.” “Ac- Where is the Claimant? cording to centre” does not make sense, so, just as it would be appropriate to insert the before centre, insert Articles exercise it before the proper name: “Young people are increas- ingly accessing news sources on their phones, accord- Can you add articles (a/an/the) where necessary in ing to the Pew Research Centre.” the following text? (Some articles have been included for you, but others are missing.) When you are done, If the proper name modified a following noun, howev- er, as in the following sentence, no article is required: please compare your answers to the correct ones given “Young people are increasingly accessing news sourc- es on their phones, according to Pew Research Cen- below the text. tre staff.” (The is optional if the staff have already been referred to.) Harvard referencing system has two essential com- ponents: brief in-text references throughout your as- 2. Heaven’s Gate cult committed mass suicides in signment and comprehensive list of references at the California in 1997. end of your assignment. The in-text reference should give date that work you are referring to was published, The same test is appropriate in a reference such as this family name of author and, in case of quotations, page one. “Cult committed mass suicide in California in 1997” where quotation was found. It is easy system, once you works as a headline (where articles are often omitted) understand it. but not as a sentence, so insert the before the proper name: “The Heaven’s Gate cult committed mass sui- Answers cide in California in 1997.” The Harvard referencing system has two essential com- However, in this case, strictly speaking, the cult mem- ponents: brief in-text references throughout your as- bers, not the cult, committed suicide, so this revision is signment and a comprehensive list of references at the better: “Heaven’s Gate cult members committed mass end of your assignment. The in-text reference should suicide in California in 1997.” (Here, because the sub- give the date that the work you are referring to was ject refers to individuals, not a single entity, the test isn’t published, the family name of the author and, in the required, but the article should be included if the mem- case of quotations, the page where the quotation was bers have already been mentioned earlier.) found. It is an easy system, once you understand it. 3. Spice Girls topped the music charts seven times. Source: References to groups of performers should be treated the same way, but only if the name refers to the individ- uals: “The Spice Girls topped the music charts seven 12 times.” Again, the article is not required if the name exercise-4-missing-articles Tholakele Radebe is a Copy Editor based in Eco Glades CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE

THE FUN PAGE As part of marking Coporate Wellness week, we decided to take a humours look at how not to encourage health and wellness in the workplace. Enjoy! NOTE TO READERS: What kind of content would you like to see on this page in future editions? We would love to hear from you! Kindly send your suggestions to: [email protected]

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