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Weekly Highlights 14 April 2022

Published by rafinternalcomm, 2022-04-14 08:34:39

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Weekly Highlights 14 April 2022 - Issue No. 131 In this issue Dear Colleagues National RAF Employee Award Winners – Best The Road Accident Fund (RAF) would like to wish Manager Award Recepient: Thapelo Rammabi – all employees a safe Easter holiday period. In our Eco Glades national calendar, this period would normally see National RAF Employee Award Winners – Best a spike in traffic on our roads as members of faith- Male Award Recipient: Samuel Lee Thaver – based organisations and holidaymakers head out Durban to different destinations. Since the outbreak of the National RAF Employee Award Winners – Best COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, Innovation Award Recipients: The Learning and this will be the first time in over two years that these Development Unit – Eco Glades holidays are celebrated without any lockdown alert levels. GETTING TO KNOW THE REGISTRY − ARTICLE 9 President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the ROAD USERS URGED TO BE CAUTIOUS OVER EASTER existing restrictions on gatherings would continue as WEEKEND a transitional measure, meaning that both indoor and outdoor venues can take up to 50% of their capacity What You Need to Consider if You Are Hitting without any maximum limit. While there have been the Road over the Long Weekend promising developments with our country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has not fully Covid-19 Statistics escaped the clutches of this dreadful virus. This means that vigilance and adherence to all COVID-19 the fun page safety measures are a requirement as we go about with our activities during the Easter holiday period. Letters to the Editor Most importantly, Government continues urging We invite our readers to share their citizens to vaccinate as that is the best weapon comments, feedback, and suggestions against the virus. Wear a mask at all times when in with us. Readers are encouraged to submit closed-off spaces and sanitise your hands regularly. their letters, of no more than 200 words, to The onus is on all of us to ensure that the country [email protected] and [email protected] does not experience a resurgence of the COVID-19 We are looking forward to hearing from infection waves. you. Road safety is another matter which the RAFzins Editor: Thabang Mahlatsi ([email protected]) need to be aware of. For those who will be travelling, Sub-editor: Tholakele Radebe ([email protected]) the RAF urges all employees to be safe on the Senior Reporter: Naziphi Mpokela ([email protected]) roads. Amongst other things, please ensure that your Editor-In-Chief: Anton Janse van Rensburg ([email protected]) vehicle is in a good driving condition; avoid speeding and reckless driving; do not drink and drive, and rest every few hours to avoid fatigue. Enjoy this week’s Highlights Kind regards Internal Communication

National RAF Employee Award Winners – Best Manager Award recipient: Thapelo Rammabi – Eco Glades by Thabang Mahlatsi really learn to acknowledge hard work and excellence in others because it improves morale, builds self- confidence, encourages creativity, innovativeness, etc. I have surely grown from this experience. More than anything, I feel that it has given me a greater sense of responsibility to continue to lead with decorum and in- tegrity in a more determined manner than ever. Achiev- ing success would not have been possible without collaboration and teamwork across the organisation, including Executive support. 2. The financial year has just commenced, what motivational advice do you have for other RAF employees? Colleagues Thapelo Rammabi My advice to my colleagues is to make a commitment Acting General Manager: Risk Management to make a difference in our own corners. We must always look for opportunities to do things better and (Head Office) smarter than before, to explore other creative ways of National RAF Employee Award Winner doing things and challenge the status quo. A combina- tion of self-discipline and a desire to make a difference Best National Manager Award will provide the necessary recipe to succeed. If you don’t believe in yourself, others can’t be expected to be- In this issue, we bring you Thapelo Rammabi, our lieve in you. Integrity is the quality we must all develop. Best National Manager in the RAF! Thapelo has a It helps to build trust, set, and maintain high standards, wealth of management experience and institutional and builds our reputation. knowledge that we can all benefit from. We need to demonstrate extraordinary persistence, be Let’s find out below what she has to say about receiving responsive and courteous because our level of re- her accolade and her advice to other employees of the sponsiveness will be the quality we will be recognised RAF. for. Most importantly, we need to break the silos, we can’t achieve our goals if we work in silos, we need to 1. How does it feel to win the Best National engage, collaborate more, support one another and Manager Award at the RAF? share information. We are not in competition with one another. We have a single vision, same objectives and It’s an absolute honour and quite inspiring, I must set targets, same pool of financial resources and same admit. I suppose recognition for a job well done is just mandate. We all bring to the workplace different skill one of the most basic emotional needs for any human sets that, taken together, will ensure that the RAF is and even more fundamental for employees. It doesn’t able to execute its legislative mandate effectively. Let matter what a person’s job is, everyone appreciates ac- us harness each other’s strengths and qualities, reach knowledgement of the effort they’ve put into something. out for assistance, and offer assistance where we can. I suppose I was inspired to work even harder because I Most importantly, let us not forget to continue develop- was fortunate that my boss also gave good and positive ing ourselves through the opportunities offered by our feedback about my work and it just motivated me to do employer. even better every time. I appreciate those that took their time to nominate me, this would not have been possible without their effort and for that, I’m grateful. We must CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE Continues to the next page... 2

National RAF Employee Award Winners – Best Manager Award recipient: Thapelo Rammabi – Eco Glades(Cont.) by Thabang Mahlatsi Management of the RAF really can make a difference. To managers, I would say we need to bring out the best I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heart- in others. Leadership does not occur in a vacuum. It felt gratitude to the entire leadership of the RAF for involves working with others, selling them the organ- their support, encouragement, and cooperation. The isational vision, instilling in them a desire to achieve, pandemic has been an ultimate leadership test, and as motivating and persuading them. We need to be more the RAF, we were privileged to have the CEO leading tolerant of those less competent than ourselves, provid- from the front. I’m sure that I am speaking on behalf of ed that they are willing to make an effort to perform to all employees when I say we are eternally grateful and the best of their abilities. We need to display a level of super proud of our CEO, he was phenomenal! I’m lost optimism that rejects any prospect of failure. Any failure for words, maybe one day I will have an opportunity to should be viewed as an opportunity to begin again, bet- write a piece about this. Watch this space! ter prepared than before. Compassion and empathy should be the core of em- I am also grateful to the members of the Crisis Manage- ployee management to provide employees with the ment Task Team (CMTT) for their robust engagements support they require in order to thrive in the post-pan- and contribution, for their dedication and perseverance. demic world. Some of the practices we adopted during This award is dedicated to the CMTT! We have collec- the pandemic should be carried over to the post-pan- tively demonstrated that the RAF can function seam- demic world to establish a progressive work environ- lessly using consistent practices and single policies ment. We need to adjust if we are to be a resilient across the RAF. We have established union-manage- organisation. ment cooperation characterised by the mutual aim of improving organisational performance, promoting health And finally, focus on the 10 C’s of leadership by Mi- and safety in the workplace and sustainability, which in chael Pegg. According to him a leader should be: Char- turn benefits both the employer and employees. Thank ismatic, Caring, Committed, have Crystal-clear Vision, you to all shop stewards that have played their role with be Communicative, Consistent, Creative, Competent, integrity and decorum. Let us continue to harness those Courageous, Crazy (well, just a little) to think that you relationships and learn from this phase of our lifetime that together, we can achieve more. ThCaobmanmguMniacahtlaiotnsi, ibsaaseSdpeinciEacliost:GIlnatdeernsal CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE 3

National RAF Employee Award Winners – Best Male Award Recipient: Samuel Lee Thaver – Durban by Thabang Mahlatsi We continue shining a special spotlight on the 1. How does it feel to win the Best National recipients of the National RAF Employee Award Male Employee Award at the RAF? Winners announced about three weeks ago in a cer- emony held in Durban. This week we spoke to some It is an utmost honour to be regarded as one of the best of the winners about how they felt after receiving in the Fund! This is truly humbling for me. I would like to their awards. think that I work hard and try to encompass the Values and humanitarian objectives that I hold dear to my heart in my everyday tasks, and to know that I am doing it right is truly heart-warming. 2. The financial year has just commenced, what motivational advice do you have for other RAF employees? I would say that each financial year begins with its own difficulties but always remember that it also begins with its own opportunities for you to be the best employee you can be and the best human being you can be. Strive to change someone’s life and the rest will follow. And always remember, we are in this together, no mat- ter how difficult things may be as we are a family, the RAF family. Samuel Lee Thaver ThCaobmanmguMniacahtlaiotnsi, ibsaaseSdpeinciEacliost:GIlnatdeernsal 4 Officer: Determinations (Represented Claims), Durban RAF 2021-22 Best Male Award Recipient CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE

National RAF Employee Award Winners – Best Innovation Award Recipients: The Learning and Development Unit – Eco Glades by Thabang Mahlatsi 2. The financial year has just commenced, what motivational advice do you have for other RAF employees? I think some part of the response to this question was already given above, however, the motivation we can give to Team RAFzin is we should always strive for solutions wherever there are problems. We know that most successful people are the ones who have identi- fied problems in society and provided solutions for them. Therefore, RAF employees should look into pro- cesses and identify areas which seem to have bottle- necks or areas where there are productivity issues, and come up with innovative ideas which can bring about improvement to our processes for better performance or delivery of service. It is also important to note that the focus should not be bringing innovative ideas to win or to become the best employee or innovator in the organisation. That is not why we are employed. Instead, we are employed to provide an excellent service to our claimants. If being customer-oriented becomes our main focus, our con- tribution to the organisation will be noted, appreciated, and rewarded. The Learning and Development Unit, based in Eco Glades (Represented at the award ceremony by Tshepiso Mamanyuwa and Thato Tshikomb) RAF 2021-22 Best Innovation Award Recipients 1. How does it feel to win the Best National In- ThCaobmanmguMniacahtlaiotnsi, ibsaaseSdpeinciEacliost:GIlnatdeernsal 5 novation Award at the RAF? Honestly, it feels good and very encouraging. It pro- vides a sense of accomplishment and sincere gratitude to the team. This is a great success for the entire Hu- man Capital Department, which in fact is the organisa- tion’s success, and when the organisation succeeds in its operations, satisfaction for our claimants is guaran- teed. The sole purpose of the RAFzin community is to pro- vide excellent service to its claimants, and the best way to do that is for Team RAFzin to continue to fine tune its services by coming up with innovations which will make it better, if not the best. CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE

GETTING TO KNOW THE REGISTRY − ARTICLE 9 by Vannesa Mathope Vanessa Mathope: Registration Officer egories: routine inspection, inspection of the approved Menlyn file plan implementation, inspection of approved filing system maintenance, appraisal inspection, occasional The National Archives and Records Service of inspection, and comprehensive inspection (NARSSA South Africa (NARSSA) (2007:47) states, “The 2007:223-229). Ideally, these inspections should take records management programme should be regu- place annually. When conducting these inspections, larly monitored to ensure that it is effective and the Records Management Compliance Test for Officials that it meets the requirements of the National of Governmental Bodies and Statutory Bodies also Archives and Records Service of South Africa Act.” known as Annexure 25:NARSSA Records Management This means heads of governmental bodies should Performance Criteria is used to measure an organ- require that compliance monitoring is regularly isation’s compliance against the required standard undertaken to ensure that the records systems, (NARSSA 2007:223-229). On completion of the inspec- policies, procedures and processes are properly tions, should there be anything that the organisation’s implemented (NARSSA 2007:47). Put simply, the practices did not comply with, NARSSA officials make Records Manager on behalf of the organisation recommendations to assist the organisation in improv- should invite NARSSA to assess records manage- ing and employing better methods for managing re- ment practices of the institution at least once every cords that may enhance their record-keeping processes year. This is on page 9 of the RAF’s Records Man- (NARSSA 2007:229). Furthermore, NARSSA (2007:47) agement Policy, section 7.10.2. asserts that the Records Management Performance Criteria mentioned above can be used as a checklist by Today’s topic is Compliance Monitoring found on page the RAF as a basis to work from to monitor the organ- 47 of the NARSSA Policy Manual. In terms of sec- isation’s compliance with the NARSSA requirements tion 13(2)(c) of the NARSSA Act (Act No. 43 of 1996), in terms of policies and procedures. This is echoed by the Records Management Division is responsible for the RAF’s Records Management Policy, Section 7.10: inspecting governmental bodies such as the RAF to Inspections by the National Archives. determine whether their records management practices conform to the policies and procedures communicated Section 7.10.1 of the RAF’s Records Management Poli- by doing inspections. These are divided into six cat- cy communicates that “In terms of the National Archives and Records Service of South Africa Act, No.43 of CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE 1996, the National Archivist is entitled to full and FREE access, at all times to all Records in the Custody of the RAF.” Then, section 7.10.1 of the same policy contin- ues to communicate that “The Records Manager must facilitate the request for such access contemplated in paragraph 7.10.1.” Let me translate. In terms of section 7.11 of the RAF’s Records Management Policy entitled “Monitoring and Reporting” the office of the Records Manager “must conduct annual assessments of Re- cords created, maintained, used, retained and disposed of by the RAF, and report findings to ICT Management.” Anyway, should the office of the Records Manager and the registries in the regional offices known to us as Correspondence and Document Management Services decide to come together and manage records uniformly, the office of the records manager will conduct prelimi- nary assessments at the regions. This will be done to determine the kind of inspections that might be required from NARSSA because they vary. Section 13(2)(c) of the NARSSA Act assigns the governing body NARSSA the responsibility and powers to inspect governmental Continues to the next page... 6

GETTING TO KNOW THE REGISTRY − ARTICLE 9 (Cont.) bodies such as the RAF (NARSSA 2007:231). As much I know, it sounds too good to be true. Believe me, it as there are six different types of inspections that can is that simple to monitor compliance in records man- be conducted, based on what has been discussed on agement and by extension the registry. The irony in getting to know the registry for the past few weeks, today’s article is that everything that I have brought to most of these inspections are irrelevant because these your attention has been done before. It is nothing new. record-control mechanisms either do not exist or they The RAF was inspected only once by NARSSA − in are not fully implemented yet. Therefore, the only 2016. NARSSA employees conducted a comprehen- inspection that may be applicable to the RAF at this sive inspection at the RAF’s Pretoria and Johannes- moment might be the comprehensive inspection. burg Regional Offices between 26 and 29 September 2016, in response to an invitation sent out by a records According to NARSSA (2007:232-233), the purpose management senior official based in the RAF’s Head of a comprehensive inspection is to cover in-depth all Office. I know this because I was a records champion at aspects of records management practices in a govern- the time. The purpose of this feature is to create aware- mental institution. This kind of inspection is considered ness about our records management obligations in ideal for organisations that are experiencing wide-rang- terms of the NARSSA Act. Therefore, I will not tell you ing record-keeping challenges. NARSSA (2007:232- what NARSSA’s report contained. I only mentioned that 233) stipulates that the process of conducting a com- prehensive inspection is as follows: • A NARSSA official sends a comprehensive inspec- records management compliance monitoring has been tion questionnaire to the organisation to be inspect- done before in the RAF so that we do some introspec- ed. tion and evaluate whether we are all adhering to our Records Management Policy that was emailed to all of • The organisation completes the questionnaire and us on 09 February 2021. sends it back to NARSSA for processing. Now that we are all aware that we have a records • NARSSA sends officials to the organisation to management obligation in terms of the NARSSA Act, conduct an on-site inspection based on the issues I would like to challenge my Correspondence and raised in the questionnaire. Documents Management Services colleagues to do a self-confidence assessment. They must use Annex- • NARSSA officials compile the inspection report and ure 25:NARSSA Records Management Performance send it to the organisation that was inspected. Continues to the next page... 7 • Ideally, there should be a follow-up response to the inspection report. CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE

GETTING TO KNOW THE REGISTRY − ARTICLE 9 (Cont.) Criteria from pages 223 to 229 of the NARSSA 2007 nels of communication and enables an organisation to manual, then start the conversation with the office of perform its functions. The registry is the link between the Records Manager. I am hopeful that now that you the organisation it serves, the various sections/compo- know better, you will do better. This 120-day theory can nents of the organisation and the outside world” while it be a reality, my registry people. However, whether or reveals that “Technology is only a tool used to automate not this happens the registry has the final say, NOT ICT the creation, processing and management of records” as we have been made to believe over the years. After (NARSSA 2007:12). all, the registry controls all channels of communica- tions both internally and externally. I believe NARSSA OWN YOUR REGISTRY, MY CORRESPONDENCE (2007:203) declares, “Registry controls the formal chan- PEOPLE! Sources: references used in this article is available on request The list of Vanessa Mathope is a Registration Officer based in Menlyn. CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE 8

ROAD USERS URGED TO BE CAUTIOUS OVER EASTER WEEKEND by Government Communication and Information System The Minister said the campaign’s focus will be on safety belts, roadworthiness of vehicles, fatigue, drunk driving, pedestrian safety, and dangerous driving (speeding, recklessness and overtaking on barrier lines). Mbalula said government is cognisant that the upcom- ing Easter weekend will be challenging, with an in- crease in traffic volumes. The Minister of Transport, Mr Fikile Mbalula, joined In January and February this year, 1,823 people lost by Transport Deputy Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga their lives on South African roads. This was higher com- and Gauteng and Mpumalanga MECs for Roads, pared to the 1,521 fatalities in the same period in 2021. Transport and Public Works respectively, Jacob The Minister warned drivers with expired licences of the Mamabolo and Mohita Latchminarain, officially final opportunity provided by the current regulations, launched the Easter Road Safety Campaign. This which extends the grace period by 30 days from the happened on Tuesday, 14 April 2022 on the N12 in date of the end of the state of disaster. Breswol, close to the Gauteng/Mpumalanga border. The RAF team from the Stakeholder Relations Depart- Minister Mbalula called on road users to exercise cau- ment and Marketing Unit, along with other agencies of tion as law enforcement prepares to man routes over the Department of Transport, attended the Minister’s the upcoming Easter weekend. He said this period launch at Breswol. The RAF team had an activation “requires of us to skilfully deploy resources if we are to stand where they, amongst other things, promoted the succeed in arresting [road] carnage”. Fund’s brand and services, and road safety, and en- couraged motorists to take regular breaks. With many South Africans travelling to various destina- tions for the Easter period, traffic volumes are expected to be high. Traditionally, busy routes during this period include the N1 from Gauteng to Limpopo, the N3 from Gauteng to KwaZulu-Natal, the N2 from the Western Cape to the Eastern Cape, the N14 from Gauteng to the North West and the N12. As part of the campaign launch to promote respon- Source: 9 sible road use during the Easter period and beyond, the Minister demonstrated the use of law enforcement launches-2022-easter-road-safety-campaign-12-apr-11- technology that traffic officials will be using. He said a apr-2022-0000 reduction in road fatalities should be driven by innova- tive solutions that result in behavioural change. CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE

What You Need to Consider if You Are Hitting the Road over the Long Weekend Researched by Naziphi Mpokela Keep your tyres correctly inflated Incorrect inflation affects steering, acceleration, brak- ing and road grip. Under-inflated and over-inflated tyres affect the performance and life of the tyre. Check your car’s guide (often found in your manual or on the inside of the driver’s door) on how to inflate your tyres. You may require a different pressure, especially if you’re travelling with lots of luggage or a trailer. Check that your tyres are not damaged in any way Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer The most frequent type of tyre damage that occurs people are travelling abroad and prefer to travel is tread damage, followed by sidewall damage, bead domestically. This, added to the fact that we’re damage and inner liner damage. All of these left un- reluctant to fly because of the enclosed space in checked could cause significant damage to your tyres aeroplanes, means that many more vehicles are and their performance. It is suggested that you go to an now travelling on our roads. accredited tyre dealer for more information and assis- tance with the right type of tyres. The South African Tyre Manufacturers Conference (SATMC) is urging motorists who will be travelling over the Easter holidays to do safety checks before they commence their travels. “Now that lockdown restrictions have been suspended, we expect many people on the roads this Easter break,” said Nduduzo Chala from the SATMC. IF YOU HAVE TO DRIVE Continues to the next page... You can do the following to ensure the safety of your vehicle on the road over the Easter break: 10 CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE

What You Need to Consider if You Are Hitting the Road over the Long Weekend (Cont..) Sit correctly Ensure you have basic tools Your seatbelt should be worn correctly (across your In case of emergency, always have the following on waist as well as over your chest between your shoulder hand when travelling long distances: a cell phone and neck) and at all times. It prevents you from being charger or battery pack, a fire extinguisher, a hazard thrust too far forward when the airbag goes off. If worn triangle, a spare tyre and tools to change your tyre, a incorrectly or not at all, and the airbag goes off, you set of jumper cables, a tow rope and a flashlight. could break your ribs or worse. Don’t put your legs up on the dashboard. Should an accident occur, you could break your legs, feet and hips. Sit with both feet flat on the floor of the car and take regular breaks instead. Don’t overpack your car Save important emergency numbers Make sure that you can see out the back of the car with Make sure that you’ve saved all the relevant numbers your rear-view mirror. Keep all luggage in the boot. No for emergency services and know at least three num- luggage should be able to fall over to the front seats bers of family or friends so that you can call them from from the back of the car. someone else’s phone should yours run flat. “It is expected that the roads will be tremendously busy over the Easter weekend. People will be travelling to friends and family, as well as coastal areas, for their vacation. We expect many busses, taxis and other ve- hicles on the roads,” says Chala. “Having motorists stay safe on the road during the Easter break remains our top priority,” he added. Shtcodtot-3pcuasorc:4n/e/dsw:i8dwbe-wr4-.icifo-2yle.oc-ou4.r0ze6a-5h/m-it9toi4nt2og3r-it-nhcge0/-7irncodbau5dse-to0ryvc-ebnr7e-tfwhes-/wlohnagt--wyoeue-kneenedd-- CLICK HERE FOR NEXT PAGE Naziphi Mpokela is a Specialist: Internal Communication 11 based in Eco Glades

THE FUN PAGE This week we take a humorous look at, Easter. Enjoy! NOTE TO READERS: What kind of content would you like to see on this page in future editions? We would love to hear from you! Kindly send your suggestions to: [email protected]

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