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Published by Builder Trade In Program, 2016-08-18 11:04:25

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Keller Williams Realty andThe Jill Heffernan Team Present:

Keller Williams Realty is #1 in North America with over 700 offices and now worldwide! Keller Williams Builder Trade In Program™ #1 Builder Trade In Program in the U.S. covering over 40 states and 100 cities nationwide#1 Builder Trade In Program sold over 3,000 homes nationwide for over $1.3 billion in volume (2015)

National Builder Trade In ProgramWant to buy a new home but need to sell first? Let us help you open the doorto your new home.Often homeowners want to sell their current home and buy a newly built home.They often run into problems with the builders who don’t want to sell a newhome with contingencies attached – the homeowner would have to sell theirexisting home first.At the Jill Heffernan Group, we have solutions to this problem.

National Builder Trade In ProgramPreferred Option:Traditional Sale with variable commission structure to allow pricing flexibilitywhich will attract the most buyers quickly.With a proven track record as the number one listing agent for Keller Williams-Madison, selling your home will always be our preferred “go to” strategy.

National Builder Trade In ProgramAdditional Options:Lease Assistance:Should you decide to keep your current home as an investment property and build wealth foryou and your family, the Jill Heffernan Group Inc., will assist you in securing a tenant andwriting the lease contract. If you are not comfortable with property management, we canhandle that too through our KW leasing experts.Lease Buyout:This option is for clients with a current obligation to an Alabama Residential Lease whowould like to take advantage of the historically low interest rates and move forward on thepurchase of a new home today. If this option appeals to you, the Jill Heffernan Group Inc.can assist in the buyout of that lease.Cash Buyout:For clients who simply must react now to capture a unique buying opportunity, we offer theoption of a cash buyout utilizing our National Investor Pool.

Top 10 reasons a buyer should buy a New Home.1. It’s Fun. You get to Design it. And, it’s under Warranty.2. Floor plan is designed for you and your family and your lifestyle.3. Everything is new never used and selected by you.4. More energy efficiency saves thousands over time.5. New homes cost less to run and maintain.

Top 10 reasons a buyer should buy a New Home.6. Superior safety codes and design.7. Advanced technology and energy saving appliances8. Quicker appreciation over the first five years.9. Special financing incentives.10. Periodic inspections and code checks.

Is a New Home for You?1. What exactly are you looking for in a home?2. What location would be best for your family?3. What personal needs does your family have for your home?4. Why are you thinking of moving?5. Are you happy to move?6. When do you need to move?7. Who else is involved in making this decision?

Is a New Home for You?8. Will anyone else be living with you?9. Tell me about your present home?10. How did you happen to pick your present home? Did you work with anagent at that time?11. Do you have children?12. What school districts do you prefer?13. When are you both available to look?

Is a New Home for You?14. Do you know what price range you are interested in or what monthlyinvestment you’d be comfortable with.15. Have you talked with a mortgage consultant yet?16. Where will your initial investment be coming from?17. Are you prepared to purchase today if we find the right house?18. How would you know if you found the right home? (Would you know when you walk in?)

Do I need to use a Realtor to buy a new home? Universal Co - BrokeThat smiling sales agent on site at a model home represents thebuilder and the builder only. They are not there to “help” you, theconsumer. They are there to get the builder the most money for theirhome. No matter how comfortable you are with your negotiating skills, Istrongly recommend having a real estate professional represent you sothey can help you through all phases of the process. . There arethousands of dollars-worth of “fees” associated with a home purchasecontract. Do you know what they are and who is responsible for payingthem?As your Realtor, I do know what they are and I will help you negotiatefees, upgrade options, financing terms, closing costs, and much more.

Do I need to use a Realtor to buy a new home? Universal Co - BrokeAs your Realtor, I will help you understand your contract and contractual obligations toensure you do not miss out on important opportunities throughout the process such aswhen you may schedule construction inspections, to what point you can make changesin the construction process, etc. I will help you understand how contract clauses, riders,and upgrade options affect you and make sure you understand your obligations andneeds before you sign on the dotted line .As your Realtor, I will fight for you and I have far more pull with a builder than you.Issues OFTEN arise in construction of a new home and you may not get the answeryou want if you are asking a builder to fix something you do not agree with. However,builders need to maintain their reputations with Realtors® because Realtors®sell their homes… over and over again… and can quickly affect their salesnumbers if our clients are not satisfied. Realtors know building standards and how torepresent to you.

Do I need to use a Realtor to buy a new home? Universal Co - BrokeWould you go into a court of law without a lawyer to fight for you?Would you go into a court of law and have the other person’s attorney fight for yourrights?Why would you go into the largest purchase of your life without someone to fight for youthere too?***In reviewing the builder’s standards, there may be many factors to consider not only inthe short term but the long term. This knowledge could save you OR cost youthousands of dollars annually. For instance, cabinetry & flooring-what is standardand what is an upgrade? Energy efficiency from the windows and insulation to theappliance package, in the efficiency in cooling & heating of your new home.Landscaping, what is or isn’t included? And the list goes on,……My responsibility is to know the differences and guide you in the best scenario for youand your family.

Do I need to use a Realtor to buy a new home? Universal Co - BrokeIt is easy to get swept up in the excitement of touring a beautiful model home. However,it is important to have a Realtor bring you back to reality and ensure this home reallydoes fit your needs. A builder’s sales representative is there to sell you on all the goodpoints of the neighborhood but your Realtors® will look out for your best interest when itcomes to researching important points such as flood plains, property tax variances,potential for commercial construction in your “back yard,” changing school zones, HOARules and much more!In order to serve you in the fiduciary standards that I uphold in my business, I am goingto ask that you fill out and sign the Universal Co Broke. This form will allow you freedomto visit new construction communities and open house events if I cannot be with you.You can take it with you so that anyone that is representing the “seller” knows that youhave someone that is looking out for your needs-representing YOU!

When you click on Submit Form, you get a copy andwe get a copy. You can show this to the onsiteSales Agent in any community to show that youhave representation.

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About Me!I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington where I later attended Belleview College and received my degree in Marketing.After college, I was working in the retail sales field where I met my husband. Shortly after marrying, my husband received ajob transfer to beautiful North Alabama where we have lived with our three children since 1999.Upon moving to the Madison area, I continued my career in the Real Estate field. Within five years, I became an investor inthe well-known and respected Keller Williams Realty. I am also an owner of over nine Keller Williams’s offices in Alabama,including the Keller Williams office located off Hughes Road in Madison. Over the years, I have received many regional andlocal awards including the Top Listing Agent for North Alabama. I not only specialize in listing and selling in the Madison areaand Luxury Homes, but I also am Relocation Certified. I have a team, The Jill Heffernan Group, which performs at a highlevel with excellent systems in place for a top notch, smooth transaction with sales averaging from 65 – 100 homes per year.My hard work and dedication doesn’t stop there. My passion is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society where I do volunteerfund raisers for Team In Training. I participate in half marathons and triathlons for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society andTeam In Training. I am an endurance athlete that will give all my energy required for the most important transaction of yourlife! That being said, I am also • National Radio Talk Show Host Endorsed • New Construction Certified • Southeast RegionAwards Top 5 Alabama Teams • Southeast Region Awards Top 10 Agents • Top Individual Alabama Agent • Top IndividualAgent – Southeast Region • Highest Team Listing Units • Highest Team Listing Volume • Highest Team Listing Closed.I live in Madison County, I work in Madison County, and I sell Madison County. Let me take care of yourReal Estate needs.

Contact UsThe Jill Heffernan Team1593 A Hughes RoadMadison, AL [email protected] Website: Home Construction Website: Business Page: BTIP Page:

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