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Powercab – Ashis Sen, Founder & Chairman ( Cover Story ) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021

Published by Ruban William, 2021-03-25 12:29:53

Description: Powercab
Offering World-Class Quality Elevators for the Country at Jaw-Dropping Pricing Since 1992

The invention of elevators has changed the town planning landscape. With them, gone is the need for tedious climbs. Today’s buildings are touching the sky, and to climb the stairs to reach the top floor seems absurd if possible. Thanks to the invention of elevators, modern buildings are empowered to climb higher and higher.

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FEBRUARY 2021 SIGHT INSIDE THE BUSINESS WORLD The Business Sight's Future 10 Most is in automation Influential Why would I Business place my bet on Leaders Hyper in 2021 Automation in the post pandemic business Founder and Chairman Offering World-Class Quality Elevators POWERCAB for the Country at Jaw-Dropping Pricing Since 1992

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04 COVER STORY Ashis Sen Founder & Chairman Powercab 24 32 The Future is Why would I place my bet on in Automation Hyper Automation in the Post Pandemic Business CONTENT

10 12 10 Anant Pandirkar Director Emirates Logis�cs India Pvt. Ltd. 12 Dr. Sharmila Amin Chairperson & Member Board Globe Forwarding Agencies India Pvt. Ltd. 26 14 Abheek Du�a Senior Vice President Henson Group 18 Ajay Bakshi Founder & MD 22 Metamorphosis Unlimited 20 Mohamed Saieed Co - Founder Potensia System 22 Himanshu Bha�, 18 14 Raja Praneeth Founders RAHI ENGenius Solu�ons LLP 26 Arshdeep Sethi Managing Director RMZ Corp 20 30 28 Raghav Beriwala Partner Shyam Future Tech 30 Manish Kumar Managing Director - APAC Scala: A STRATACACHE Company

COVER STORY ASHIS SEN Founder and Chairman ANIRBAN SEN Director

Offering World-Class Quality Elevators for the Country at Jaw-Dropping Pricing Since 1992 The inven�on of elevators has changed the town planning landscape. With them, gone is the need for tedious climbs. Today’s buildings are touching the sky, and to climb the stairs to reach the top floor seems absurd if possible. Thanks to the inven�on of elevators, modern buildings are empowered to climb higher and higher.

As technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, With such a vast, exclusive range of products, it is revolu�onizing the way our world works today. The Powercab puts the safety of its customers first. Its R&D li� and elevator industry is no excep�on to this team designs all elevators with power backup and revolu�on as li�s and elevators are simplifying people’s emergency lights and fans in cases of power failure. lives with just the touch of a bu�on. The innova�on in Powercab does all of this and s�ll offers its li�s at a the li� and elevator industry is unlocking new horizons jaw-dropping price. Customers simply do not believe to enhance people’s lives even further. that a company can offer such li�s at such a price range. The Indian li� and elevator sector is changing due to technological advancements. The spurt in growth is a For nearly three decades, the company has been direct result of urbaniza�on and the enactment of the manufacturing the whole fabrica�on materials along Real Estate Act. The industry is touted to reach USD 2 with control panel units. With its own material, billion by 2023 as there is increase in residen�al and Powercab empowers local manufacturing and hence, it commercial buildings across the length and breadth of can keep its price that suits the market condi�on rather the country. another reason behind the growth is than its profit. Along with compe��ve pricing, because adop�on of smart, efficient, and end-to-end, state-of-the-art, and cost-effec�ve elevator environmental-friendly elevators. solu�ons, it also offers robust and efficient grievance management services. Among the top players in the industry, Powercab is the name to be reckoned with. It is an industry leading firm A STELLAR PERSONA WHO based in Kolkata. Established in 1992 by a stellar CHANGED THE GAME personality – Mr. Ashis Sen – Founder & Chairman of Powercab, the company has been serving the needs of Mr. Ashis embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in the clients since 1992. In nearly three decades, the 1992. With �ght budget capital, he established the company has sold a number of elevators and currently company. It was the �me when the li� and elevator has more than 7500 li�s opera�onal across major industry was dominated by mul�na�onal developer states such as West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Tripura, companies. But this fact did not deter him as he Assam, Ranchi, Cu�ack, Bhubaneshwar, Puri, Siliguri, observed these companies were charging a he�y sum Alipurduar, Jamshedpur, Agartala, Seuri, Rampurhat, for the services. Mr. Ashis decided to do something and in some SAARC countries like Nepal, Bhutan. about this and the rest is history. Powercab offers 360-degree elevator solu�ons and Mr. Ashis’s idea to start a company came from the comprehensive maintenance services. Because of this desire to help the common man. unique approach, the company has differen�ated itself from interna�onal brands as well as local brands. Its To this day, Powercab offers high-quality, high-efficient strategy has won numerous customers over �me and li�s and elevators that are on par with interna�onal the strategy is the driving force behind the company’s standards, and keeps profit as minimum as possible. unparalleled success. Since the founda�on of the company is based on helping the common man, Mr. Ashis has ins�lled the DIFFERENTIATING FROM OTHERS & spirit in the next genera�on as well and ensured STAYING AHEAD OF THE CURVE con�nuity. Under the leadership of Mr. Asish, Powercab, since its The commitment to supply li�s and elevators at a incep�on, strived to go that extra mile for customers. reasonable and bearable price for society stands tall This value has set numerous new benchmarks in the and high. Recalling the �mes when common people totality of elevator solu�ons. Powercab, because of its were stressed due to ridiculous fees, Mr. Ashis asserts, strategies and benchmark se�er trend, is a go-to partner for many in Kolkata and West Bengal. With its “At that time, due to the bad economic condition of product range to match every need and requirement, India and people neglecting to purchase properties, the company is paving way for its clients by offering culminated in the real estate business performing Collapsible Door Elevators, Manual Sliding Door inadequately and simultaneously, the lift industry Elevators, Manual Telescopic Door Elevators, Manual being affected badly. We just realized it was time for swing Door Elevators, and Centre Opening Automa�c us to step in and provide for the people in need.” Door Elevators.

SHAPING THE FUTURE OF INDIAN LIFT Powercab will be expanding by on-boarding franchise model & ELEVATOR INDUSTRY and it has the vision to launch at least five franchises in the NE region of the country. Its other plan is to augment elevator Mr. Ashis is ac�vely trying to build the future of the Indian technology so that li�s and elevators consume less power and elevator industry and he is aiming to transform the Indian li� become more efficient. and elevator industry into a manufacturing hub for all the world. He has already set the gears in mo�on as Powercab is Mr. Ashis is paving the way for the company to expand its coming up with a state-of-the-art factory in Kolkata. The footprint while striving to curb the rates and maintain quality. factory is poised to become a leading factory in the li� and He is propelling the company to new heights with his stalwart elevator industry. Mr. Ashis expects to complete the project entrepreneurship, commitment, and responsibili�es towards by 2023. society. The factory will be fully equipped to handle all component AWARDS FOR EXCELLENT SERVICE produc�on an elevator requires and that too on large scale to reduce produc�on cost and improve quality. The move is Powercab has received several accolades for its excep�onal geared towards reducing the pricing even further and put an service since its beginning. Some of the prominent awards the end to the monopoly of giants in the region. company received are: EXPANDING FOOTPRINT • Udyog Ratna - Award in the year 1999- towards industrial development in West Bengal. “It gets way better since Powercab is also coming up with a first-of-its-kind showroom in South Kolkata, which will • Transworld gold star - Award in the year 1999 - New Delhi - manifest elevators and their different parts, wherein buyers Towers Highest Achievement in selling the product in metro can directly pay a visit to choose their products to post a city Kolkata. hands-on experience – just like in a car or bike showroom. We take pride in our R&D which has pipelined several • Excellency - Award in the year 1999 - Towards designing and ground-breaking innovations projected towards our vision produc�on. 2021,” states Mr. Ashis. • Gold Medal - Award in the year 2001 - towards services and products. • Excellence award of extraordinary achievements ‘India's Development - current Scenario’ in Hyderabad. • Rashtriya Pra�bha Puraskar - Award in the year 2013 in Kolkata - Towards services and produc�on.

COMPANY NAME Business Sight's Powercab 10 Most Influential “Offering World-Class Quality Elevators for the Business Leaders in 2021 Countryat Jaw-Dropping Pricing Since 1992” MANAGEMENT CityCash Ashis Sen “Tap to Pay” Founder and Chairman Emirates Logis�cs India Pvt. Ltd. “Bringing Value to Customers Across globe Vineet Toshniwal with Comprehensive Logistics Solutions” Founder & CEO Globe Forwarding Agencies India Pvt. Ltd. Anant Pandirkar “A Performance-Driven Company Offering Unparalleled Director Shipping, Logistics, Project Freight Management, Transportation, www.emirateslogis� & Custom Clearance Solutions” Dr. Sharmila Amin Henson Group Chairperson & Member Board “Spearheading Licensing, Consulting, & Servicing for Microsoft” Abheek Du�a Marolix Technology Solu�ons Pvt Ltd Senior Vice President “Successfully Innovative” Ranbir Aggarwal Metamorphosis Unlimited Managing Director “Morphing the HR Consultancy Niche to Enhance Profits via People” Ajay Bakshi Potensia System Founder & MD “Offering Bespoken World-class Technology Solutions to the Global Market” Mohamed Saieed Co - Founder RAHI ENGenius Solu�ons LLP “Start With Small, and Rise Step By Step” Himanshu Bha�, Raja Praneeth RMZ Corp Founders “Building the Space of Tomorrow ,Today.” Shyam Future Tech Arshdeep Sethi Managing Director “Creating Custom and Dynamic Solutions” Scala: A STRATACACHE Company Raghav Beriwala Partner “Movers & Shakers of Global Marketing Technology” Manish Kumar Managing Director - APAC

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Anant Pandirkar Director P eople in the logis�cs industry Emirates Logis�cs is a pioneer in Emirates Logis�cs India has centralized its opera�ons by having func�ons of Finance, HR, are called the movers and shakers of providing Freight and Logis�cs Administra�on, Informa�on Technology and a state-of-the-art back-office in HO which help the world. Because of its rigorous solu�ons. the organiza�on and its branches to be more focused on business genera�on. efforts, goods reach corners of the STAYING AHEAD OF THE world. With a wide network, mass PROPELLING COMPANY CURVE movement, distribu�on, storage, TO NEW HEIGHTS “During one of the project shipments taken transporta�on, manpower the industry for Tanzania, a�er discharge & custom formali�es were done while in-transit came to is one of the fastest-growing industries Mr. Anant Pandirkar – a passionate know the road which leads to the site is not in in the world. Changing business personality about logis�cs and proper condi�on. We had to hire road dynamics, rising customer expecta�ons shipping, who is delivering integrated contractors to make temporary road and new technologies are the driving logis�cs solu�ons to the customers is arrangements which was not part of our force behind the industry’s innova�ve taking the company to new heights in logis�cs scope, but we ensured the cargo approach and rapid expansion. India. His efforts are geared towards reached the consignee’s place safely. The consignment consisted of transformers and Leading from the forefront with accomplishing all the func�ons of the stability of the cargo was at stake. This incident made us confident in providing innova�ve ideas, Emirates Logis�cs logis�cs ver�cals, giving exemplary real-�me logis�cs solu�ons in Africa.With Groups presence in 28 African countries it was India a group company of Sharaf Group, services to customers, and offering possible to cover 1500 kms for inland utmost sa�sfac�on to all employees. des�na�on. Groups exper�se and huge Dubai is leading the way in offering network in Africa allows us to handle any His leadership style is based on a interior and Trunkey projects with DDP/DDU.” reliable & trustworthy shipping states Mr. Anant. solu�ons. Headquartered in Dubai, the united front as he believes in inclusive growth & togetherness. With such innova�ve approaches, Mr. Anant company has its presence with own spearheads various opera�ons. Another example of his passionate leadership can be offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, “India is a huge economy with a big taken from Afghanistan’s shipments. When Kenya, Malaysia, Egypt & Morocco and coastline. The scope of logistics has lack of infrastructure, exper�se, and a very vast group network worldwide. increased over the years and experience in this territory was refraining the company to venture, he traveled to In India, Emirates Logis�cs has 17 opportunities are increasing day by Afghanistan personally and met partners, and branches offering freight forwarding & day. Having a presence across many oversaw the whole opera�on. With a logis�cs solu�ons & 14 loca�ons cities of India and also working with duty-first a�tude, he inspires confidence in serving 3PL & Supply Chain facili�es a group that has offices all across the both employees and clients. along with 84 group offices. Together globe gives the organization a with many divisions, the company is multi-culture dimension. There is a opera�ng and servicing a vast customer good amount of employee base across industry ver�cals. The engagement, inter-department company is seen as a leader in the coordination and hence inclusiveness logis�cs sector because of its unique is a key area of our operations,” objec�ve which is to bring value to its asserts Mr. Anant. customers through its comprehensive This has empowered him to Logis�cs capabili�es, but s�ll, be under-commit and over-deliver and flexible to provide customized solu�ons hence, he is driving the growth of the to each customer to meet their unique company in India. business needs. 10 www.emirateslogis�

Business Sight's 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021 Bringing Value to Customers Across globe with Comprehensive Logistics Solutions UNPARALLELED LEADERSHIP Mr. Anant describes himself as a learner and hence, his leadership style is inclusive of people and clients. He observes how things are changing and then, he dra�s a plan to adapt to the changes. In doing so, he also iden�fies and encourages leadership in individuals thereby empowering the company as a whole. His visionary approach will ensure that future genera�ons already have leaders. Mr. Anant has already secured Emirates Logis�cs’ future. Mr. Anant describes himself as a learner and hence, his leadership style is inclusive of people and clients. He is a keen observer, listener, and has a minute eye for detailing. In doing so, he also iden�fies and encourages leadership in individuals thereby empowering the company as a whole. His visionary approach has ensured that there will be leaders at all levels. Mr. Anant has already secured Emirates Logis�cs India’s future. RETAINING AN UPPER HAND “We follow strict credit policy & all shipments are scrutinized with necessary documentary evidence. Our emphasis on compliance is of very high level. All necessary statutory & regulatory adherences are given utmost importance & there is no deviation. Our client selection is done with an utmost emphasis on line of business, nature of cargo, the scope of work, and the same goes for our vendors,” claims Mr. Anant. Under his leadership, Emirates Logis�cs India has become a one-stop logis�cs and shipping solu�on for partners and clients. | February 2021| SIGHT INSIDE THE BUSINESS WORLD 11

Dr. Sharmila Amin Chairperson and Member Board T he logis�cs industry is playing a Se�ng an Example for all For the last 30 years, Dr. Sharmila has vital role by enabling quick Women in Male - executed several projects in the power shipments through the Dominated Industry genera�on, petrochemical, fer�lizer, transporta�on network, with the automobile, oil & gas, and other core rapid adop�on of new Dr. Sharmila Amin – Chairperson & industry sectors. Dr. Sharmila has Member Board of Globe Forwarding pioneered the role of women in the technology. The current genera�on Agencies, is se�ng an example for all logis�cs business and is considered to be women. The logis�cs and shipping one of the most successful personali�es expects their shipments and packages to industry is dominated by male figures in the industry. She serves on the boards but this did not deter Dr. Sharmila from of mul�ple companies, the most arrive as fast as possible, with the most becoming an exemplary leader in the prominent being HOEC (Hindustan Oil sector. Having broken the glass ceiling Explora�on Company). With her in-depth sophis�cated tracking systems. The she is enabling other women in the insights and specialized experience in field, an industry leader with more projects and Oil & Gas logis�cs business, logis�cs niche has taken note of this fact than three decades of experience she she currently heads Bertling Logis�cs (I) con�nues to blaze a path in the global Pvt. Ltd. and is spearheading Global and hence, the world is witnessing a logis�cs industry 30 years a�er her Forwarding Agencies opera�ons. ini�al foray into it. sudden growth in infrastructure and A Woman on Mission Dynamic Persona integra�on of technology. Dr. Sharmila Amin’s work ethic, Dr. Sharmila Amin began her career commitment to the job, discipline both Globe is at the forefront of the integra�on with the renowned firm AFL Pvt. Ltd. professional and personal, and a thirst for of technology and logis�cal opera�ons to a�er comple�ng her Bachelor’s Degree knowledge have always helped her deliver the best results; we are paving the in Commerce – with a major in Finan- achieve and exceed expecta�ons and way to the summit. It is a dynamic cial Audit. She handled different goals. Opening the doors for women at performance-driven company providing responsibili�es in the many depart- the highest levels in the logis�cs business skilled services in logis�cs and shipping. ments at the company enabling her to was a long-standing goal and slowly but Its proac�ve and innova�ve approach has grasp a vast amount of knowledge steadily she has managed to reach it and helped to deliver tailored logis�cs and about the logis�cs and freight industry. help mentor fellow women in the logis�cs shipping solu�ons to major clients in the A�er a long successful s�nt at AFL, she business. oil & gas, energy, and mining sectors in went on to become a part of the the most distant and challenging regions Managing Commi�ee at CRC Limited, Taking the Leap & Making worldwide. post which she was tasked with becom- a Difference ing the head of Panalpina’s – Projects Globe is renowned for its undisputed Div. (Pan Projects) Oil and Gas logis�cs Whenever an opportunity has presented performance, and we push the boundaries business for South Asia. itself, Dr. Sharmila did not shy away in terms of service delivery to our clients. from it. She took the path less traveled by This approach has resulted in building deep long-term rela�onships with our clients and core supplier partners. Via this approach that the company achieves the level of understanding, openness, and collabora�on necessary to develop the right solu�ons to the most challenging issues. 12

Business Sight's 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021 We are a Performance-Driven Company Offering Unparalleled Shipping, Logistics, Project Freight Management, Transportation, & Custom Clearance Solutions women tradi�onally and took on the challenge. The thrill of execu�ng a large project and the sa�sfac�on of the clients concerned con�nued to mo�vate her to take on bigger and more complex projects. As she progressed, her accolades grew and her name made headlines. Turning the Tables Around Dr. Sharmila joined Global Forwarding Agencies in 2014. The task in front of her was enormous as the company was debt-ridden and not performing well. She took the mantle and put the company back on its feet. Her exemplary transparency and ethics with employees, clients, and compe�tors have won her the respect and apprecia�on from all quarters. | February 2021| SIGHT INSIDE THE BUSINESS WORLD 13

Abheek Dutta Senior Vice President T he ini�a�ve from Microso� – Azure Expert Managed “The majority of our architects, engineers, and developers Service Provider (MSP) is a global program, highligh�ng are former Microsoft employees, which means we have and promo�ng only the most capable partners. The relationships with Microsoft product groups and executives program is intended to help organiza�ons around the that give us access to roadmaps and knowledge not globe iden�fy the top partners. The IT giant has recognized only generally available to our competitors. Today, we have 32 partners across the world. These partners meet the most more than 650 employees and partners servicing hundreds stringent standards and hence, they are Azure Expert MSP. By of clients in dozens of industries. From cloud and valida�ng their skills, customer success, and possessing an ability on-premise support to licensing — the Henson Group to scale next-gen managed service offerings, these partners are consistently delivers world-class results for its clients the leaders in the ini�a�ve. worldwide,” asserts Mr. Abheek Dutta – Senior Vice President of Henson Group. Among them is Henson Group – a US-based company focused on the deployment of Microso� technologies for the home country The company also employs the following strategies to stay and interna�onal market as well. The firm is recognized by ahead of the curve: Microso� and its partners; therefore, Henson Group is recommended by them for licensing, consul�ng, and servicing to • Deliver extraordinary service corpora�ons of all sizes and shapes. • Address customer pain points • Focus on a narrow niche For its excep�onal services spanning over 15 years, Henson • Create a powerful offer or guarantee Group bagged dozens of awards and has a huge clientele • Create a memorable culture worldwide. The company’s sole belief in innova�ve technologies • Create a cause marke�ng effort is the driving force behinds its success. It also believes such • Become a social business technologies can improve workplace trends and create dynamic environments, empowering the workforce to achieve new The Persona Behind Transforma�ve heights. Changes Staying Ahead of the Curve Mr. Abheek began his career at TCS as a so�ware engineer. He has more than a decade and a half of experience under Clients and customers buy the Microso� products and solu�ons his belt. He has many s�nts at various managerial posi�ons directly from the company, but a�erward, they require at giants such as IBM. His unique ability to harness assistance That is where Henson Group comes in and takes the transforma�ve changes is the reason why Henson Group mantle to help the clients and customers. This opportunity held choose him to Lead the technical delivery across the globe a massive poten�al and Henson Group was able to turn it to its for all henson group companies advantage and therefore, opted to become a Cloud ServicPartner. Mr. Abheek possesses a skill set that is equivalent to the world-class leaders and he puts them to use to sketch an apt This was the �pping point and a�er the decision, the company business plan, hire and retain a skilled workforce, create a did not look back ever. brand appeal, give back to the community, and posi�ve experiences for customers. With such strategies, the company retains an upper hand as it is on the mission to be the best and most trusted cloud solu�ons “I followed my heart and my gut feeling along with a posi�ve partner globally. It does this by offering hassle-free migra�ons a�tude towards life and work. The restlessness within me and world-class support, simple and transparent cloud licensing, has got me where I am today. I found an opportunity to reliable and responsive customer service, and explore the niche technology like cloud compu�ng which is on-�me/on-budget consul�ng services. currently leading the IT market,” states Mr. Abheek. 14

Business Sight's 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021 Holis�c Offerings Spearheading Licensing, Henson Group offers the following services to clients worldwide: Consulting, & Servicing • Licensing for Azure, Office 365, and other cloud products for Microsoft • Azure Migra�ons from Rackspace and other COLOs • Azure Stack Deployments On-Premises • Azure IaaS migra�ons to Azure PaaS services • Azure Performance Op�miza�on Assessments • Azure High-Availability Recommenda�ons • Azure Cost Reduc�on Reviews • Azure Security Audits • Azure Penetra�on Tes�ng • Azure VM Monitoring • Azure PaaS Monitoring • Other Deployments: Office 365, Intune, EMS, SQL, SQL, Windows 10, and Hyper-V • Outsourced IT Provider for Backups, Admin Tasks, Patching, etc. • Desktop/Laptop/Mobile End-User Device Support | February 2021| SIGHT INSIDE THE BUSINESS WORLD 15

Ajay Bakshi Founder & MD T hough technologies are Metamorphosis Unlimited leverages scien�fic Hence, with the right set of people, advancing at a tremendous pace, tools and processes like psychometric we can deploy the right person for businesses around the world s�ll assessments, business simula�ons, the right requirement, and this is need people. AI and ML are Competency-based interviews, HR Analy�cs to what we at Metamorphosis slowly ge�ng implemented but they are diagnose performance gaps and create Unlimited are renowned for,” asserts s�ll far cry from human capabili�es. customized solu�ons to bridge the gaps, Mr. Ajay. Therefore, when it comes to people HR enabling high performance. plays a vital role. The HR func�on cannot Stellar Leadership behind Dynamic Entrepreneur be overlooked from the point of view of Upscaling of the Company poten�al as well as the cost and resource. Mr. Ajay has played key roles and has It has immense poten�al to propel Leading the company with visionary goals, Mr. s�nts with the world giants such as companies and fill the talent gaps in the Ajay Bakshi – Founder & Managing Director of Vodafone Global Services (India), organiza�on, but at the same �me costs a Metamorphosis Unlimited, is a Senior HR Pruden�al Global Services India, and lot and consumes a lot of resources that thought leader, Ex CHRO, Board Director, and Sterlite Technologies and Power. It was impact growth and revenue. Business Leader. He has extensive experience at Sterlite where he was introduced to in HR, Sales, and Business leadership with an transforma�ve ini�a�ves like ESOPs, As there are several priori�es on experience of two and a half decades in trans- Balance Score Card as a strategic level, organiza�ons’ list, they find it difficult to forming organiza�ons through people. and Performance Management address every need of employees. This is ini�a�ve, Organiza�on restructuring. where HR consultancies come in and takes the burden off the shoulders. HR “Owing to my experience as CHRO and board He implemented these ideas to drive consultancies play a key role in maintain- director across various multinational and produc�vity and efficiency to manage ing company’s culture and mo�vate the large Indian corporate, I have first-hand top talent programs and leadership workforce. experience of the challenges that the development programs by tying-up companies go through. This is when I with leading ins�tutes like IIM- Metamorphosis Unlimited is among the Ahmadabad, Bangalore, and IIT- top HR consultancies in the country. realized the need for an opportunity that the Mumbai. Having a sound understanding of the companies could use to help drive various challenges a company faces, organizational transformation initiatives as His rigorous efforts were recognized by Metamorphosis Unlimited offers unparal- well as good quality HR initiatives at the several organiza�ons and hence, he leled solu�ons, addressing every pain same time. With limited choices, most was bestowed with the following point of various organiza�ons across the awards: industries. Metamorphosis Unlimited companies had to eventually head to bigger brand names that had extremely high pricing believes in accurate diagnosis of Leo and the quality did not meet the require- • Best Global HR strategy recognized people issues which drive performance ment of businesses of all sizes. Determined by Business World for Vodafone Global gaps in Organiza�on and individuals to overcome these stumbling blocks, I start- Services India perform to poten�al. ed reaching out to people with strong corpo- Established in 2016, Metamorphosis rate experience, and eventually, this was not • Dream companies to work for Unlimited quickly bridged the gap and just about the academic knowledge but it (Ranked number 11) Times of India poised itself as a thought leader in the Ascent for Vodafone Global Services industry. It is on a mission to build was more about on-the-job practical experi- India ence that they bought to the table. This was an opportunity where one could leverage sustainable organiza�on capabili�es by this pool of experienced consultants to give • HR leadership awards from Business harnessing the poten�al of Talent Capital value to organizations whether they are world and Economic Times through engagement, enablement, and multinational corporations or a family-run design or deployment of a business-cen- business or large Indian corporate or even • CHRO of the year from India Human tered HR strategy. the government sectors. Capital Summit 18

Business Sight's 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021 Morphing the HR Consultancy Niche to Enhance Profits via People • He has been recognized as top 100 Influen�al HR leaders in • Metamorphosis Unlimited has been awarded 10 most prom- ising consul�ng forms by Consul�ng review magazine 2020 the Asia Pacific HRM • Metamorphosis Unlimited has been awarded as the best Steering the Company in New Direc�on consul�ng company of the year MSME sector in 2020 award by Times Under the leadership of Mr. Ajay, Metamorphosis is expanding its footprint overseas as well. Its outstanding performances • Leap and presented by Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi ,Minister assure interna�onal organiza�ons of its capabili�es and of State Government of India for MSME ,Animal Husbandry,- hence, the company is being warmly welcomed by the global dairying ,Fisheries market. • Metamorphosis Unlimited has received an award for The company has already started delivering its services in the excelence in the field of Human Resource management and UK and South Africa in mul�ple loca�ons as it has already Higher Educa�on and Human Resource conclave in 2017,2018 worked with MNC clients, Indian corporate houses, Business & by Elets and Ministry of Higher educa�on Government of corporate heads, Government sector to drive performance Rajasthan and people capabili�es. | February 2021| SIGHT INSIDE THE BUSINESS WORLD 19

Mohamed Saieed Co - Founder O rganiza�ons have migrated or are an extraordinary persona. With an business is so that your job can be migra�ng to IT infrastructure exclusive eye on the details, Mr. Saieed something that thrills you. Most people thanks to the boost in the looks at the finest and most minute issues. would love to have work that centers on effec�veness of processes and The habit has ensured success as he something they care deeply about. It’s opera�ons. Streamlined IT infrastructure believes ignoring the details is way to �me to break out of your passion. Let’s get is the backbone of today’s firms. disaster and things start to get out of real: not everything you enjoy could make Therefore, increasing the lifecycle of hand. If such a scenario occurs, success a business that makes money. Watching a hardware and keeping all so�ware can all but be forgo�en. Another football match will never pay us money,” applica�ons updated has become of excep�onal quality Mr. Saieed has is his asserts Mr. Saieed. utmost importance. Regular updates and percep�on of failure. He looks at it as rigorous maintenance are essen�al for stepping stones and also a huge Despite all the challenges, the most maintaining a posi�ve and healthy opportunity to learn lessons so that he troublesome according to Mr. Saieed is business process management. could avoid similar mistakes in the future. finding the right people. It is difficult to align people with the company’s vision Precisely for this purpose, Potensia An ambi�ous person, Mr. Saieed always and making them understand the current Systems is recognized in the global takes ini�a�ve and appreciate the efforts situa�on. market. The company is a go-to partner of others. With these core values, he leads that keeps suppor�ng organiza�ons even the company to the path of success. BACKGROUND OF THE a�er implementa�on. It is a company that “Things don’t happen overnight. Values LEADER is commi�ed to keep standing by its clients for the long run. Potensia Systems need to be developed and fostered; they Mr. Saieed has completed his educa�on in became to serve the universe via need to be cultivated and nurtured. We Computer Science at Swansea University, technology for a be�er life. The company can’t pick them up and drop them at a and later to add to the skillset he pursued believes people with faith and trust can an MBA. Been nominated on mul�ple deliver as everyone has a poten�al whim or because we get bored or occasions for the Top tech leaders and purpose in life. sidetracked by some distraction,” states Entrepreneurs, he brings innova�ve ideas Mr. Saieed. It also believes in work together to morph SCALING THE CHALLENGES to the table. the lives of people and hence, s�cking to the same goal is challenging as human When the Covid19 pandemic hit the THE FUTURE AFTER factors come into play. Potensia Systems, world, everything was thrown into chaos. COVID19 however, cul�vates and nurtures habits Mr. Saieed too had a fair share of troubles essen�al for the long run. and challenges. Again, his perspec�ve Life a�er COVID19 has been changed so about the situa�on played a key role in much. Adap�ng to a new life needs more THE FACE BEHIND determining the future of the company. flexibility to cope with the new changes. EXCEPTIONAL LEADERSHIP He is not only remarkably tackling the Human interac�ons have been less; online challenges of the pandemic, but also zoom mee�ngs, virtual training, and event Mr. Mohamed Saieed - Co-founder & Chief delivering his clients with excellent IT solu- are the trend now. Potensia Systems is Execu�ve Officer of Potensia Systems, �ons. standing up for the updates and changing its internal strategy and communica�on Co-founder of Teqneia, and Board “Whether to start a business is a decision I with its clients to serve them best. member at Hove Ins�tute, is at thehelm of must make. There’s another thing I get to the company. He possesses an a�tude decide: what that business does and how With these strategies, the company is of never giving up and this has translated can we provide the best with high differen�a�ng and building its own into persistence that truly turned him into compac�on. One reason to start a iden�ty. 20

Business Sight's 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021 Offering Bespoken World-class Technology Solutions to the Global Market | February 2021| SIGHT INSIDE THE BUSINESS WORLD 21

RAHI ENGenius Solutions LLP Himanshu Bhatt & Raja Praneeth Founders Two friends, Raja Praneeth Kumar Pothagani and Himanshu Devvrat Bha� together started RAHI ENGenius Solu�ons LLP- RahiES in November 2016 with the vision to provide comprehensive mechanical engineering solu�ons. Before the incep�on of the company, both the partners were working with MNCs on projects related to Mechanical design and fabrica�on in different capaci�es. RAHIES - PROVIDING INGENIUS SOLUTIONS IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING RAHI ENGenius Solu�ons LLP derives its name from ini�al le�ers of both partners and meaningfully, they are on a long journey of professional growth. The objec�ve was to do something progressive for society along with individual growth. While serving their client as a reliable partner, they also provide training to young professionals and work with the 'Make in India' concept. The company has a long-standing experience in the Design and Detail Engineering of Pressure vessels used in Oil and Gas Refineries, Petrochemical and Fer�lizer industries. They are adept in New Product Development and design of Special Purpose Machines (SPM) used in Heavy engineering and Pharma industries. With excellent capability in Conceptualiza�on, 3-D Modelling, Assembly and Finite Element Analysis, the firm also performs process improvement studies for cycle �me reduc�on, automa�on and cost savings in different fields. 22

Start With Small, and Rise Step By Step Business Sight's 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021 INNOVATING PROFFERED SERVICES HIMANSHU BHATT - AN EMBLEM OF RAHI ENGenius Solu�ons LLP offers various Mechanical EXCELLENCE Engineering related services. These include: Mr. Himanshu Devvrat Bha� has 15 years of rich experience in Sta�c Equipment Design and Detail Engineering. He pursued his • Sta�c Equipment Design - The firm designs pressure vessels Bachelor of Engineering from Bhavnagar University, Gujarat in for Oil and Gas refineries and Fer�lizer industry. It offers a 2006 and has a good command of various so�ware including complete package to its clients star�ng from bid stage support PVElite, Compress, StaadPro, SolidEdge, AutoCAD, VBA etc. to AS-BUILT documenta�on which includes various manual calcula�ons and so�ware analysis, fabrica�on drawings, techni- During various phases of his career, he has worked on different cal support and others. RahiES also provide consultancy types of pressure vessels and heat exchangers like Ethylene Oxide services for various technical audits like ASME, PED, IBR etc. For Reactors, Coke drums, FCCU package units, SRU package units, this, they also maintain various design package valida�ons, CDU-VDU and other Columns. so�ware licenses and Design Engineer Cer�fica�ons from various ins�tu�ons. Mr. Himanshu Bha� holds chartered engineer qualifica�on from The Ins�tu�on of Engineers, India and professional membership • New Product Development and Welding Automa�on - The from various ins�tu�ons like IEI, IIIE, ASME etc. firm designs and develops Special Purpose Machines (SPM’s) to suit customer requirements, e.g. In-Situ M/c’s for flange facing RAJA PRANEETH - AN EXEMPLIFIED and boring, various types of welding posi�oners. They also conduct feasibility studies and work on the new process and LEADER method development. All these efforts are targeted to deliver cycle �me reduc�on and cost op�miza�on. Mr. Raja Praneeth owes 15 years of experience in Machine Design and NPD. He has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Technology- • Training and So�ware Valida�on – RahiES provide various Mechanical Engineering from S.V.H. College of Engineering, training at ins�tu�ons and engineering companies, via the Machilipatnam Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh and online and offline pla�orm. Also, they develop VBA based Master’s Degree in Engineering – Produc�on from M S University, customized applica�ons for office produc�vity, engineering Vadodara, Gujarat. drawing automa�on etc. He has been felicitated with the “Best Innova�ve Design of the Year Award” for in-situ machine design and has secured second prize in the “Quality Circle Compe��on” organized by QUIMPRO. He has also received innova�on awards for plasma cu�ng of SS tubes and in-situ machining and has been accorded with a cer�ficate of merit for developing fixtures for overlay in nozzles and elbows. | February 2021| SIGHT INSIDE THE BUSINESS WORLD THE STRENGTH OF THE COMPANY With the two partners, team RahiES comprises more than 35 young professionals, including graduate trainees and engineers having 14 years of industry experience. The biggest strength they find in the company is the most ethical business prac�ces and professionalism along with technical competencies that match their tagline “providing ingenious solu�ons in mechanical engineering.” They believe in the philoso- phy of star�ng with small steps and rise step by step. 23

The FUTURE is in AUTOMATION This ar�cle wasn’t wri�en by a Tech Bot, but it could well have been. That, along with thousands of other use cases, is why automa�on will be big in the years to come. Over the course of last two years, all major tech conferences had discussion on innova�on in ar�ficial intelligence, machine learning, robo�cs or other automated solu�ons. In the pandemic, automa�on became one of the top 3 subjects of discussions in virtual tech events. Each of these discussions gives me a convic�on that knowledge is fast evolving and adop�on con�nues to accelerate. While the technology levers are more obvious, I have always been fascinated by the psychological triggers of automa�on across manufacturing and services. The Psychology of Automa�on Independent vs Interac�ve A Harvard Business Review study suggests that each job Work that can be carried out independently are more should be deconstructed into smaller tasks before we automatable than work which requires collabora�on iden�fy specific tasks for automa�on. HBR segmented between various stakeholders. For example, designing a the characteris�cs of work into three spectrums. web banner based on a theme and context are being automated at various levels. Such has not been the case Physical vs Mental of wri�ng business plans which needs collabora�on. Perhaps, this is because that interac�on with humans Automa�on of laborious work has been prevalent since require more communica�on skills and empathy. the onset of the industrial revolu�on. Human intelligence which drives mental work was deemed not Repe��ve vs Variable to be replaceable un�l recent years. Cogni�ve collabora�on between man and machine is the ideal Repe��ve jobs are mundane. Ge�ng bored on the job solu�on for the best of both worlds. However, algorithms can be indica�ve of the presence of highly repe��ve running machine learning have chances of being biased, procedures in the workflow, and the lack of challenge. and should not be used to make important decisions, say Working on boring jobs impacts morale, mo�va�on and giving a judicial verdict. Tasks which primarily lives on the engagement. digital realm (such as sending a series of emails) are more automatable than work in the real world (like Machines do not get bored. They are highly efficient with serving in a corporate cafeteria). repe��ve work, and excellent at performing jobs with simple decision rules. Variable work with limited 24

varia�on is an excellent case for AI interven�on. But, highly variable work is less automatable. Automa�on is omni-present in mul�ple sectors. The two that I come across most are the manufacturing and services. Industry Automa�on Industries are under constant pressure – to improve product quality, boost factory efficiency, stay compe��ve, enhance safety, be secure , and remain profitable. Con�nuing to drive opera�onal efficiencies through tradi�onal cost-cu�ng measures now provides only marginal gains. Indus- try 4.0 is about the significant transforma�on taking place in the way goods are produced and delivered – moving toward industrial automa�on and the flexible factory. To stay compe��ve, factories and warehouses must leverage the industrial inter- net of things and digitaliza�on to become much more agile and efficient. Industry 4.0 will help make smart machines smarter, factories more efficient, processes less wasteful, produc�on lines more flexible and produc�vity higher. Built on the founda�on of smart, secure, wireless connec�vity there are opportuni�es to extend machine life through predic�ve maintenance, support rapid material handling, monitor every detail of the shop floor, and leverage collabora�ve robots simultaneously with mobile communica�on. This will help factories realize their goal of becoming a fully automated factory. Services Automa�on Customer experience is the anchor of strategic and compe��ve advantage of many service-oriented industries. Companies are seriously inves�ng to make their IT processes simple. It is not the service itself, but the way it is experienced that creates a differen�a�on in the customers’ minds. We have just launched an automated service issue resolu�on engine that’s contact less, secure AI-enabled and con�nuously learning. It has the capability to capture, analyze, respond and resolve service issues at faster �me, lower cost and global scale. Automa�on also allows high customisa�on or personalisa�on for an enterprise or a customer - o�en in dynamic real-�me – a service that is engineered for all. Workplace-automa�on is turning mainstream. Now what? Do we all lose our jobs? Can we get robots to work for us while we stay home and snooze? Between those extremes, people are using automa�on at work and life. They’re discovering its flywheel effects in produc�vity, crea�vity, efficiency and convenience. The technology is taking drudgery off the table and freeing up brain power for higher-level tasks. Ar�ficial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning — whatever you’re doing, if you don’t understand it — learn it,” says Mark Cuban, the tech entrepreneur and reality TV star. “Otherwise you’re going to be a dinosaur within three years.” Rajnish Tripathi is the CEO of AITL and Execu�ve Vice President of He drives revenue and growth for ICT projects, repairs and services. He also nurtures key customer rela�onship for strategic accounts. He leads the new innova�on technology busi- ness from idea�on to com- mercialisa�on. 25

Arshdeep Sethi Managing Director The Indian real estate industry is es�mated to be worth US$ 1 trillion by increasing manifold - from lease manage- 2030. This excep�onal growth rate is ment so�ware to complete opera�onal growing exponen�ally - powered by the a�rac�ng and will con�nue a�rac�ng transforma�ons. And RE companies, rapid economic growth the country is global capital into the country. especially the dynamic ones such as RMZ witnessing. Despite the global pandemic, Corp, are adop�ng or experimen�ng with we see an increasing demand for com- Real estate has, thus far, mostly been them on an unprecedented scale. mercial office spaces, not to men�on untouched by technological disrup�ons, residen�al, retail and warehousing which, in other industries, have brought RMZ Corp is the country’s largest private- spaces. about massive, transforma�ve changes. ly-owned real estate owner, investor, and However, the situa�on is changing rapid- developer. Our massive transforma�ve Economists predict that by 2025 the ly! The number of startups catering purpose is to disrupt the way people view contribu�on of real estate in the coun- exclusively to the real estate industry is work. Our deeply-unifying purpose is to try's GDP will rise to 13%. The industry is 26

Business Sight's 10 Most Influential Building the Space of Tomorrow ,Today. Business Leaders in 2021 build smart, engaged and quan�fied communi�es by leveraging including Real Estate, Telecom / Infrastructure, and Insurance. our integrated digital pla�orm. Expanding swi�ly over the past During his career, Arshdeep has held key leadership posi�ons at 18 years, we own 67 million square feet of real assets spread Bhar� Enterprises, Max New York Life, Punj Lloyd, and Colliers over six Indian ci�es, valued at US$10 billion. Interna�onal. These spaces are home to over 200 enterprise customers. We He currently spearheads the Mergers & Acquisi�ons (M&A) have embarked upon a hyper-growth trajectory, which leverages team and has been the driving force for all joint ventures and exponen�al technologies to build a 1 Million member quan�fied strategic alliances at RMZ Corp. While his efforts are for RMZ community with over 800 enterprise customers across real Corp, their implica�ons are much more comprehensive and assets over 85 million square feet valued at over US$15 billion. showcase brand India in a posi�ve light globally, par�cularly in the investor community. Armed with cu�ng-edge technology, innova�on, and smart design, RMZ stands on the threshold of the future of space. SCALING THE CHALLENGES PROPELLING THE ORGANIZATION TO In Arshdeep's words, \"Challenges mo�vate me, make me push NEW HEIGHTS myself to find a solu�on. In the early 2000s, selling the India story was, to put it mildly, tough. However, we believed it and RMZ Corp is governed by an Execu�ve Board, of which Arsh- are proven right with every passing day and year. Slowly but deep is one of the key members. As a Managing Director, Arsh- surely the government and other agencies are bringing in deep is in charge of defining the company's growth strategy and reforms that are cu�ng the proverbial red tape to shreds. We strategic vision and implemen�ng it. Furthermore, he also leads have seen a massive transforma�on in the country's infrastruc- the fund-raising efforts for RMZ Corp and has raised over USD 1 ture and have seen it rise in the rankings for ease of doing billion in foreign direct equity investment (FDI) from global business. We have shown the best of global investors that India investors such as the Qatar Investment Authority, Mitsui is a great place to do business. RMZ Corp has, on its part, given Fudosan, Barings Private Equity Partners India, AIG, Wachovia, outstanding returns to its financial partners �me and again and and others. am quite elated to say that I have played my role in it.\" Recently, RMZ Corp and Brookfield concluded the largest trans- \"Recently we have been faced with the COVID19 pandemic ac�on in the history of real estate in India when RMZ Corp which is s�ll rearing its head. RMZ Corp embarked on a compre- divested a part of its por�olio to Brookfield for US$ 2 billion. hensive health and safety programme for all its proper�es to Arshdeep was at the helm of the transac�on and led it for RMZ, ensure the safety and well-being of the people working out of and has helped RMZ achieve its aim of becoming a zero net-debt our proper�es. The efforts resulted in RMZ Corp being the first company. company in the world to get the coveted WELL Health-Safety ra�ng for Facility Opera�ons and Management, a ma�er of great As Arshdeep states, “RMZ Corp operates at the highest levels of pride for the hard work and efforts of team RMZ.\" professionalism and holds itself up to the highest standards of corporate governance while still being privately held. I and rest THE LANDSCAPE AHEAD of the Executive Board chart the way ahead keeping our entre- preneurship hats on. We always seek to build connections that The world is transforming. And to keep up with it so is RMZ Corp. lead to win-win solutions while leveraging our unique tech- Leaders like Arshdeep are making sure that the company and the nological and other capabilities.\" industry are scaling new heights as India progresses. Arshdeep is presently leading RMZ Corp’s endeavour to digitally-transform DYNAMIC PERSONA itself into a company of the 21st century via sustained digital insurgency and capacity development that provides excellence Arshdeep plays a pivotal role in defining, shaping and in delivery. The en�re effort will be data-driven and shall focus implemen�ng the strategic vision of the organiza�on. With over ul�mately on crea�ng connected buildings, best-in-class 25 years of extensive experience managing businesses, member experience and outstanding shareholder value. The Arshdeep has held strategic posi�ons in various industries ul�mate aim is to drive growth while at the same �me safe- guarding the future and crea�ng growth pla�orms that provide | February 2021| SIGHT INSIDE THE BUSINESS WORLD the best experiences for our members. 27

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While we believe in the power of a business plan, we Engage, Counsel & Interconncet the breed of india to investors to elevate the success of an entrepreneur DEVESH CHAWLA Founcer & CEO 125+ Ci�es 1500+ Investors Trained 38k+ Entrepreneurs 250+ Ecosystem Partners

Manish Kumar Managing Director-APAC L ike a living en�ty, marke�ng is Propelling STRATACACHE Before STRATACACHE constantly evolving. The pace of evolu�on to New Heights Possessing a Masters of Project has accelerated in recent years, thanks to Mr. Manish Kumar – Managing Director Management and Masters of Technology Management from the Australian the introduc�on of leading edge of STRATACACHE (APAC), helms the Na�onal University, coupled with an MBA in Marke�ng, Mr. Manish has an technologies. Such unprecedented changes Asia-Pacific opera�ons of the company accomplished career in technology, strategic acquisi�ons, and global have never been witnessed by the since April 2018. Mr. Manish is tasked business. Before taking the mantle at STRATACACHE, he was Vice President at marke�ng industry. The paradigm shi� has to oversee sales, services, and support an established web security solu�ons company, where he iden�fied channels made big waves in the sector. As the world ac�vi�es across the STRATACACHE and opportuni�es in each market segment. is ge�ng increasingly tech-savvy, brands, aligning opera�ons with Dynamic Leader Making a organiza�ons are ac�vely seeking region-specific needs in the digital Difference innova�ons to reinvent their marke�ng media/marke�ng technology market. When the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc in the business world, many strategies and stay at the forefront. He concurrently holds the posi�on of businesses were forced to change strategies to overcome the challenge. As Vice President, Investments Asia-Pacific a business leader, Mr. Manish recognised the impending crisis and began working Among such innovators is STRATACACHE - at STRATACACHE Capital, helping to on an improvised strategy to mount the response by redesigning the company's a company that offers unique and lead deal discovery and investment on solu�on offerings and adjus�ng its business roadmap to ensure that it intelligent digital signage, digital a global scale. remains relevant in the new normal. merchandising, mobile enablement and \" It gives me great pride to note that STRATACACHE APAC has emerged from customer engagement solu�ons. A leader A visionary, innova�ve, and dynamic the pandemic much stronger than before - both in terms of business and cultural in the digital signage industry, leader, he has been instrumental in resilience. STRATACACHE has experienced steady growth across APAC STRATACACHE constantly pushes the establishing STRATACACHE in APAC and and made extraordinary progress amidst a challenging global economy. We will envelope of innova�on and delivers for�fying the brand as the global continue to leverage our strengths and optimise our portfolio to suit the state-of-the-art solu�ons to transform the leader in the digital signage industry. evolving needs of the market,\" says Mr Manish. customer experience, influence behaviour His swi�ness in iden�fying key growth and ul�mately drive sales. markets/ver�cals was the prime reason behind the company’s unparalleled STRATACACHE is a retail technology expert, success in APAC. He is currently customer experience strategist and spearheading country-specific innova�on partner, trusted by the world’s go-to-market strategies to elevate biggest brands. It delivers interac�ve brand awareness and extend the brand solu�ons, smarter signage, and customer footprint in APAC. insights through adver�sing technology and digital media. All its solu�ons are secure, With an exclusive focus on results scalable, and easy to deploy. instead of standing out, Mr. Manish leads the company in such a way that STRATACACHE has its global headquarters building a brand comes prior to being in Dayton, Ohio. In Asia-Pacific, there are 8 in the limelight. He ensures that the offices, two warehouses, a factory and a team is always empowered and the customer experience centre to serve the delega�on is at the right levels. He also fast-growing region. Its worldwide network ensures that a posi�ve, nurturing, and of partners and developers drive over 3.1 inspiring culture is ins�lled within the million so�ware ac�va�ons and 1.9 million organiza�on and everyone looks fully managed digital signs for customers in forward to going to work every day. more than 100 countries. 30

Business Sight's 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021 Movers & Shakers of Global Marketing Technology A year later, Mr. Manish is heartened to claim that STRATACACHE APAC has made significant progress and has launched new innova�ve solu�ons and products to cater to the new normal. This meant pu�ng in place a new opera�ng model built around the customers and supported by robust processes. Revolu�onising Digital Transforma�on Under the leadership of Mr. Manish, STRATACACHE APAC will con�nue to revolu�onise digital transforma�on and drive growth by enhancing its solu�on offering, strengthening brand presence, increasing sales, and expanding strategic partnerships. STRATACACHE is currently building a new MicroLED factory in Eugene, Oregon to make next genera�on displays for retail experiences including curved, transparent and ultra-low power interac�ve display devices. In the future, STRATACACHE envisions building a MicroLED factory in India as well to enable the growth of high performance displays for use across dozens of industry segments emerging in the Indian marketplace. | February 2021| SIGHT INSIDE THE BUSINESS WORLD 31

For managing and governing the company, what we need good strategic planning, organiza�on, and ul�mately the execu�on of the plan. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everything abruptly changed. A new working pa�ern has been introduced, “WFH” aka Work from Home. And now many of the big companies are endeavoring to implement this on a regu- lar. Technology leaders are imposed, to adapt the standard procedure for RPA and hyper-automa�on alterna�ves to tradi- �onal System Integra�on as the pandemic escalated the digital demands. System Integra�on existed so far in the market. It is considered an extravagant technique to bring all the systems together and get them to work together. Se�ng up the whole system required specialized engineers with broad sets of skills. Due to high obscurity, companies need to find discerning methods through which they can operate, control and build the competency to survive in the market. For this dredging the right opera�on technique to increase the efficiency, with mini- mum cost, rapid �me and scalability, Robo�c Process Automa�on act as significant. A crucial ques�on emerges here, What would be learning curve ? In the post pandemic market only visionary businesses thrive ,which can predict the market curve and adapt themselves to the changes , I was intrigued when I found the reasons for the downfall of the gaints like Nokia, surprisingly it was not due to the reluctance for the change or arrogance of being a gaint on their field but it was they could not forgo the no�on of changing the business model which was very successful at that point of �me and adapt to a newer model which was more of an experiment which bring us placing our bets in the era of post pandemic ,my bet being hyper-au- toma�on. Use of RPA to adapt the ‘new normal’ a�er covid-19 1. Increase responsiveness turbulent changes RPA system s�mulates people to stay open and adapt to new changes of doing things along with flexibility. Organiza�ons are perpetually looking for process improvement called as process-driven are currently most successful in the market. Example- Amazon, Uber. Bots are more efficient and effec�ve in terms of offering training when economic success depends on how fast and how people acclima�zed to the new condi�on. 2. Provide opportunity in the direc�on of digi�za�on Organiza�ons tend to adopt RPA will be based on taking commi�ed ac�on toward digi�za�on. Scaling automa�on at the enterprise level will enhance the pace of digital development and leveraging strategic thought in the long run. According to Mc Kinsey's research, half of the top economic performers rely en�rely on digital offerings. 26% of digital incumbent acquired the new digital business in long term profitability, with no short-term gain. 32

3. Data Security Maintaining social distance has increased the use of online communica�on via the available means, mainly, social network- ing apps. So, this required addi�onal security breaches compared to the �me before the pandemic. RPA ul�mately reduces cybersecurity risk as it enables the enforcement of more effec�ve cyber opera�ons. Whenever compliance a�acks are detected, 4. Promo�ng remote workforce Work from home has started as a necessity and one of the prominent precau�ons in Covid-19. People were quite happy at the beginning, as it tends to increase flexibility and increased produc�vity. RPA leverage to ensure a streamlined process, and hence higher produc�vity as well as strong connectedness among the employees despite physical distancing. Why Hyper automa�on is my bet post covid-19? Hyper Automa�on can be considered as ‘boon’ as it makes a significant contribu�on to minimizing the business disrup�on due to covid-19 related restric�ons. To ensure popula�on health, a remote working shi� was perhaps the most applied mea- sure among the precau�on. We can’t deny that covid-19 will have a profound impact on most of the social and economic life. When the covid-19 effect starts to diminish and consequently, when we expect to get back ‘New normal’. This will be going to be very different from our lives before the pandemic. Definitely, there will be a complex change in the working environ- ment, a new way of serving the customers, and working with suppliers. Many lo�y organiza�ons are suffering due to high maintenance costs and opera�onal impact-related re-engineering appall- ingly integrated old-IT. Instead of re-engineering, the organiza�on could opt for a new business model or approaches; An emerging technology Hyper automa�on streamline enterprise opera�on and reduce cost. Automa�on set off a digital workforce pla�orm for the establishment of business resilience. With Hyper automa�on, so�ware users build a so�ware robot or bot which can learn, imitate, and can execute business opera�ons unlike RPA ,hyper automa�on integrates Deep Learning and neural network models which can mimic human behavior with an astounding accuracy ,our team has deployed couple of them in North America Conclusion According to a recent brain survey, it is es�mated that more than 84% of the organiza�ons will adopt RPA in their business opera�on a�er the post-covid-19 pandemic. Global Robo�cs Automa�on so�ware revenue will reach $ 1.89 billion in 2021, with a growth of 19.5% from 2020. A�er covid-19, RPA will help from the first step of the automa�on journey, including pilot phasing. Hyper automa�on will deliver automa�on in a frac�on of the �me mimicking the human response. It can automa�cally start working, scale on-de- mand, and keep working at 100% capacity non-stop. Venugopal Vemula CEO Veloxtech Solu�ons

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