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Published by Diem Ngoc, 2021-12-24 12:28:53

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Topas Ecolodge WELLNESS TOUR Ready to start the journey?

NAME TOUR Treasure trail LISTEN TO NATURE TO UNDERSTAND YOUT SOUL! 4 DAYS 3 NIGHTS AT TOPAS ECOLODGE The tour package is designed not only to bring moments of rest and relaxation, but also a journey to build a healthy lifestyle through experiential activities and health care. Activities guided by professional coaches, including running training sessions through the most stunning roads in Sapa, immersing in local life and culture, listening to yourself and the sounds of the mountains, combined with an unforgettable vacation at Topas. Come with your friends and family and enjoy this trip. After moments of finding yourself again, we believe that high-class service experiences will always be a great reward for you and your family. Price: 19.059.700 VND Please scan the QR code to get a true sense of the natural atmosphere we intend to bring

PSAA ✩ Detailed program: Inclusions: Round-trip transportation service between Hanoi and Topa's resort. Stay at Topas Ecolodge for three nights in a Premium Executive Bungalow. Trekking routes and village visits with local guides and professional long-distance running coaches Yoga - Meditation session with a Professional Coach The consultation and healthcare session will be handled by specialist physicians. Standard 3-day dinner at Topas Ecolodge. Meals, according to the nutritional menu and vegetarian menu at Topas Ecolodge, are individually designed in a reasonable and scientific manner. Free water and food during activities (it is recommended to bring your own water bottle) All entrance tickets and sightseeing permits to the local village and Hoang Lien National Park are included. Not included: Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and juices. Personal travel gear Personal insurance

✩ Terms of Service: A minimum of four athletes, local guides, and other staff are required to start the Trekking journey and visit the village. Cancellation policy: Cancellation 30 - 15 days in advance, charge 50% of the total amount; Cancellations made 14–7 days in advance will result in a 70% charge of the total amount; Cancellation within 6 days prior to the departure date, or no show, will be charged 100% of the total amount; The price is per person in VND and includes government VAT; Cancellation of booking will not be refunded. However, this can be deferred to the next one, free of charge, 14 days before the current departure date. Please note that you are responsible for personal travel insurance in suitable condition and health for the entire duration of the program.



M ENU Topas Ecolodge created two unique menus to offer the best service available: 1 NORMAL MENU With low-carb foods that are healthy and nutritious 2 VEGAN MENU With green foods, full of nutrients and healthy

5:30 -> 10:30 am: DAY 1Adopt the pace of nature A Limousine picks you up from Hanoi to Sapa Town - Topas 11:30 am: Ecolodge Resort. You will proceed to the On the trip, you will be restaurant for lunch, which will provided with snacks and consist of healthful cuisine designed specifically for the mineral water. package (including a nutritional menu or a vegetarian menu for 11 am: your choice). You are present at the resort. The ▲ S W I M W E A R R E G U L A T I O N department in charge will greet and guide you through the AT TOPAS: check-in procedures. Please wear black or dark-colored When you check-in, you will swimwear when bathing in the be given a bamboo water resort's pools. The resort has bottle (engraved with the ready-made swimwear for you if Topas logo). you need it.

1 pm: You are free to rest or participate in Topas Ecolodge activities – This is the time to assist tourists in finding themselves. You can take the time to pedal to visit the neighboring village over the suspension bridge - The home of the Red Dao people, famous for their traditional brocade embroidery. Alternatively, pay a visit to silversmiths and traditional paper-making families. Guests can also unwind in the resort's swimming pool, read a book, or enjoy a cup of coffee on the resort's windswept balcony. 5 pm: A Yoga Instructor will lead you through Yoga - Meditation activities. It will enable visitors to clear their minds, forget about their troubles, immerse themselves in nature, and gain a better understanding of their own bodies and health. 7 pm: You will enjoy a cozy dinner with the sound of the stream and other interesting sounds from nature.

NORMAL ME NU Lunch Stir-fried Rau Cai meo with garlic Grilled black chicken with honey, served with brown rice Herb steamed pork Sweet and sour fish broth Fruits Dinner Vegetable salad Banh troi tau Ca tam hotpot Beauty tea

hcnuL Stir-fried Rau Cai meo with garlic VEG Sauteed mushrooms with vegetables AN renniD Pan-fried lemongrass and chili tofu Steamed tofu with herbs, served with brown rice Sweet and sour fish broth Fruits Vegetable salad Banh troi tau Mixed mushroom hotpot Beauty tea

LISTEN TO NATURE TO Deep in UNDERSTAND YOUR green SOUL breath DAY 2 6:30 am: Sound healing with singing bowls - A method of healing with bells constructed with an unique vibrational frequency that influences the human psyche - will kick off your day. Bells are utilized for deep relaxation, stress alleviation, holistic healing, and chakra balancing in addition to meditation. You awaken the awakened in yourself every time you utilize the spinning bell by ringing it and turning it. You can also take a Yoga session, which will help tourists appreciate the fresh air of the Northwest in the early morning.

7:30 am: You begin your day with a nutritious breakfast prepared according to your customized menu, which includes traditional SaPa cuisine to round out your meal. Breakfast will be served on-site.

9 am: You start the trekking journey in Hoang Lien National Park - This trip can help you connect with each other, not only connecting with your companions but also connecting with mother nature. On the route, you can witness the first rays of the sun, admire the picturesque villages hidden in the forest of the ethnic minorities, and take in the breathtaking natural scenery of the Northwest. Visitors will experience freedom, comfort, and deliverance in the midst of nature on this excursion.

All of the essential equipment for the trip will be provided to you. At the sights, there is a guide with extensive knowledge of the mountains and forests. There are guides in groups and support from A-Z. The porter team carries luggage for you. There are specialized motorbikes available in the case of an emergency to get the members out of the jungle as quickly as possible. Medical: The guides are equipped with a medical box (including medicine for basic diseases and first aid equipment) and essential survival tools (such as a knife, a fire tool, a compass, a lifeline, etc.). ▲ Note: If you are unable to attend due to health reasons, please tell the front desk as soon as possible so that the department in charge can make appropriate arrangements.

12 pm: You will stop and enjoy lunch right in the heart of nature. Tables, seats, and ovens are provided. On the spot, you will be served grilled food (grilled chicken, grilled stream fish, brown rice balls, and grilled vegetable skewers). Desserts are also available (fruits). After a long journey, you can loosen up by soaking your feet in the cool stream and letting the rushing water massage your feet. 3 pm: You will return to Topas Ecolodge. Take time to rest and take care of yourself. 5 pm: You will visit Nam Cang Village. You can walk the trails or use our free bicycle service (register before use at reception), watch the sunset, and get a real look at this magnificent village. Observe the local lifestyle and activities. Take photos and interact with the Red Dao - Capture special moments as the sun sets between the mountains and the forests. Not only that, but you'll have the opportunity to discover more about the lovely locals.

7 pm: You can have dinner with other tourists in the group in front of the swimming pool under the yellow light between the mountains and the forest (This is the time when you can talk and get to know each other). After a day of exploring nature, a cozy dinner with loved ones will undoubtedly be a memorable climax. 8 pm: You can join a meditation session to ensure the best sleep. Ensure your health to have more interesting experiences, listen to your body and soul.

TOPAS ECOLODGE NORMAL MENU Breakfast Pho Sapa Smoothie (Can choose: Banana+Mango; Lunch Apple+Banana; Strawberry+Banana) Vegetable salad Coffee/ tea Stir-fried Rau Cai meo with garlic Dinner Grilled ca suoi Grilled Lon cap nach Stir-fried chayote with garlic Lam rice Shiitake mushroom soup Fruits Salmon hot pot Herbal tea served with ginger jam + Nut

VEGAN Breakfast Vegetarian mixed vermicelli Smoothie (Can choose: Banana+Mango; Apple+Banana; Strawberry+Banana) Coffee/ tea Lunch Vegetable salad Stir-fried Rau mam da with garlic Grilled vegetables (Mushrooms: chicken thighs, enoki mushrooms… + bell peppers + pineapple…) Lam rice Pumpkin lotus seed soup Fruits Dinner Stir-fried chayote with garlic Shiitake mushroom soup Vegetable hot pot Herbal tea served with ginger jam + Nut

DAY 3 flow on wild beat 5:30 am: 6:30 am: You can start your day with a Wake up to the sound of Sound healing method - Help the mountains in the you provide full energy, increase majestic scenery and start your sense of happiness, get rid with a nutritious breakfast. of thoughts and worries to enter A typical local meal will a new day with a fresh spirit. surely leave you in awe. Besides, you can also join a Yoga class, guided by a professional coach, to start an energetic morning, mentally preparing for an exciting adventure on a long day.

8:30 am: A high-class limousine car will pick you up, depart from the resort, move to Ban Den, and take you to Ta Van Village - Crossing the small, winding road on the mountainside, you will encounter many stunning natural landscapes. There are local guides to closely follow the group in each village. You have the option of going on a walk, immersing yourself in nature, and capturing spectacular mountain moments, or you can hire a local motorbike service (charges excluded).

Ban Den - Ban Ho: In the Ban Ho area, in addition to two streams, Muong Hoa and La Ve, there are a series of other streams and waterfalls such as Ca Nhay, Seo Trung Ho, etc. which can fulfill visitors' aspirations. Coming here allows you to enjoy not only the scenic green landscape, poetic airy space, and remarkable architecture of wooden stilt houses that have long been associated with ethnic people's lives, but also to live in a pleasant and warm tourist atmosphere and participate in community activities. Ban's brocade weaving is not only a destination to purchase one-of-a-kind souvenirs, but also a site where visitors can observe the highland women's ingenuity through weaving fabrics and producing blankets, sheets, and pillows. Grab a basket and follow the locals here, you will enter the wildest, densest bamboo forests to learn how to pick herbs and distinguish some of the most significant herbs used in healing.

SA PA Ban Ta Van: Without the high-rise buildings and without the city's smog, all that Ta Van has is a simple yet romantic scene with a high blue sky, vast terraced fields of ripe rice, rustic thatched cottages, and small dirt roads strewn with wildflowers on both sides. It all creates for you a strange and peaceful upland scene. You can put on the traditional costumes of the nation to experience the life of the locals. You can also purchase at the markets a variety of local specialties that can be used as gifts for relatives or friends.

12:30 pm: After leaving the town, you'll head to the restaurant for some delectable local fare (rice, wild boar with armpits, grilled stream fish, etc.) 2 pm: After a full day of interesting adventures, you return to the hotel, get a massage, and unwind. 5 pm: You can experience massage services, have acupressure, herbal foot bath, pulse, and diagnose and consult health problems with the resort's experts: psychological diseases, osteoarthritis, insomnia, vestibular disorders, headaches, etc. And was guided through some exercises to improve health to do at home. 7 pm: You will have dinner cooked by a professional chef and enjoy a musical performance by the Red Dao people.

NORMAL MENU TOPAS ECOLODGE Breakfast Con sui Sapa Smoothie (Can choose: Banana+Mango; Apple+Banana; Strawberry+Banana) Coffee/ tea Lunch Stir-fried Rau ngong with garlic Papaya salad with meat Grilled salmon Thit trau gac bep Seven-color sticky rice Herbal lotus root soup Fruits Dinner Vegetable salad Papaya soup Grilled sturgeon with salt and pepper, served with brown rice Herb steamed pork Lotus seed seaweed soup Banh ngo Páu pò cừ

VEGAN TOPAS ECOLODGE B Con sui chay Sapa Smoothie (Can choose: Banana+Mango; Apple+Banana; Strawberry+Banana) Coffee/ tea L Stir-fried Rau ngong with garlic Vegetarian papaya salad Lotus seed vegetable soup Stir-fried noodles with tofu with vegetables Herbal lotus root soup Baked potatoes and corn Fruits D Vegetable salad Papaya soup Braised tofu with vegetables, served with brown rice Grilled bell peppers with fragrant leaves Lotus seed seaweed soup Banh ngo Páu pò cừ

TOPAS GEDAY 4ECOLOD 5:30 am: call the soul Enjoy a cup of ginger tea or coffee while back watching the dawn and admiring the extraordinary panorama of clouds and mountains here - start a new day full of excitement. At the infinity pool, guests can engage in a Yoga session. Alternatively, use the Sound Healing approach to immerse oneself in mystical sounds. 8:30 am: Enjoy a breakfast designed specifically for you, with a wide range of nutritious foods that don't skimp on the Sapa mountains' trademark flavors. You have the option of dining at the Stilt House restaurant or ordering room service.

10 am: Goodbye Topas Ecolodge Sapa, at the end of the journey, you will return to Hanoi at around 4pm by car of Topas Ecolodge. See you again!

MNUE Normal BREAKFAST Banh day Páu Plâu Bun Cha Sapa Ginger jam + Nut Biscuit Coffee/ tea Vegan BREAKFAST Vegetarian Banh day Páu Plâu Vegetarian Bun cha Sapa Ginger jam + Nut Biscuit Coffee/tea

love, peace, and joy TOPAS ECOLODGE

TOPAS ECOLODGE TIPS We encourage you to bring boots for the most immersive experience when exploring the villages and truly living in the country's culture. In addition, trekking equipment is also essential for a complete trekking session. To complete the tour package, we recommend that you do not bring any digital technology or work documents. We encourage you to fully participate in the schedule provided by Topas Ecolodge to optimize efficiency. Above all, ensure you have such a relaxed mind and good health to make this voyage a triumph! We hope that throughout our journey, you will be able to uncover yourself, be joyful, and genuinely heal. Thank you from the bottom!

GROUP 7 MEMBERS Trương Đình Phương Quân Đoàn Thành Công Tôn Nữ Bảo Châu Võ Thị Ngọc Chi Nguyễn Phương Linh Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Diễm goodbye! TOPAS ECOLODGE

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