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Home Explore A 17 01 18 NEWSLETTER 20170423 - FLIP - BELLWETHER WARNING Amazon Is Now Attacking Your Achille's Heel - Blie Ocean Red Ocean

A 17 01 18 NEWSLETTER 20170423 - FLIP - BELLWETHER WARNING Amazon Is Now Attacking Your Achille's Heel - Blie Ocean Red Ocean

Published by richardscherry, 2018-01-17 19:14:27

Description: A 17 01 18 NEWSLETTER 20170423 - FLIP - BELLWETHER WARNING Amazon Is Now Attacking Your Achille's Heel - Blie Ocean Red Ocean


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NEWSLETTER April 23, 2017 BELLWETHER WARNING: Amazon Is Now Attacking Your Achille's HeelEssential MUST READ 2005 Book: “Blue Ocean Strategy”:

From: Richard Cherry TCN [mailto:[email protected]]Sent: Sunday, April 23, 2017 2:10 PMSubject: BELLWETHER WARNING: Amazon Is Now Attacking Your Achille's Heel - Blue Ocean StrategyBELLWETHER WARNING: Amazon Is Now Attacking Your Achille's HeelAn Essential MUST READ 2005 Book: “Blue Ocean Strategy”:“How To Create Uncontested Market Space and Make The Competition Irrelevant”.By Professor W. Chan Kim and co-authored by Professor Renee Mauborgne.Published By Harvard Business Review.Essentially how major markets change.A strategy we’ve all seen before like HOME DEPOT who created a classic Blue Ocean Strategy.Red Oceans: Red from the blood of those whose narrative is unwaveringly Conventional.Blue Oceans: Open entrepreneurial oceans with radical strategies that change old Conventional Markets into newVibrant Markets with no competitors.We created a Blue Ocean with the Rapid Delivery Market in which Jeff Bezos capitalized.We are creating the next Retail Blue Ocean against Amazon’s now Red Ocean with The Consortium Network.THE STRATEGY:When a Blue Ocean turns Red – It’s Time For The Next Blue Ocean.It’s Simply A Matter Of Time.Dear;We all know E-Commerce is the future of Retail. How are you doing against Amazon ?Amazon's Next Scheme Is Intended To Annihilate Your E-Commerce Sales PERMANENTLY . . . But Not The Way You’reThinking.We’re now in the last inning; Jeff’s winning the Retail Growth Game 53% to 47% AT GREAT COST TO YOU.Not to worry, We’re Your BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY to counter Amazon when all else fails as itappears has already happened according to Bloomberg, Credit Suisse & Emarketer.As if Amazon’s Critical Mass Marketing (Devastatingly Viral Marketing) isn’t bad enough. (Right Click to SeeArticle)

Followed by Amazon’s Armageddon closing more Retail Stores than ever before AT GREAT COST TO YOU.“It's no secret that department stores have lost ground to online retail king Amazon”. (Right Click to See Article)Amazon’s Next Diabolical Scheme Is To Annihilate Your E-CommercePERMANENTLY:

But Not The Way You’re Thinking.Amazon Is Now Attacking Your Achille’s heel Over Which You HaveNo Control:Your Achille’s Heel: Third Party Rapid Delivery Providers.First, Jeff Bezos picked-off the low hanging fruit the easy way: Same-Day FREE Prime Deliveries against your In-StoreSalesBut now, in the final inning, he’s attacking a more interesting adversary: B&M Stores’ Third Party Rapid DeliveryProviders.Jeff’s diabolical scheme is to unequivocally and quickly finish the Retail Growth Game in a way that nobody is expecting:Within the next 12-36 months, without lifting a finger against you;Amazon will easily annihilate your Third Party Rapid Delivery Providers thus a big part of your future E-Commercegrowth aspirations.And there’s absolutely nothing you or your Third Party Providers can do about Jeff’s formidable Critical Mass MarketingPower.It’s like a Giant stepping on a bunch of irritating Ants.It’s Simply A Matter Of Time.But you still have Your BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY: The Consortium Network of UNITED Retailers patientlyawaiting your command to attack Amazon with a powerful pincer counter attack.Jeff’s Diabolical Scheme Is A “No-Brainer” With Unchallenged Critical Mass Power:Remember; we’ve never been wrong in our forecasts because we’re Jeff’s Only Nemesis.You see: in 1974 we started The First Third Party RAPID Delivery OF EVERYTHING in Los Angeles & Toronto known as TheStreakers, aka. Staples in Texas, originally selling Office Supplies delivered Instantly with Rapid Delivery Vehicles similarto Snap-On Tools (Streakers was eventually bought by the founders of what became Staples Office Products)Then in 1987, we started Holly Home Supermarkets, the first RAPID Grocery Delivery program using conventional minisized cars.This was the start of things like Webvan, Kozmo and Peapod.In 2004, as we expanded our product base and service levels, Holly became The 30 Minute Mall: The 30-Minute RapidHome Delivery of EVERYTHING (not just groceries or restaurants).On July 25, 2006 we were granted Patent #7,082,409 for “Fully Integrated On-Line Interactive Purchasing ClubIncorporating Extremely Rapid Fulfillment”.In 2007, as we further broadened our product range thus 30MinuteMall was rebranded to The NOW Mall which hassince been copied by virtually everyone MINUS our patented items and our “Secret Sauce” thanks to Sol Price founder of

(Price Club/Costco) and Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza, Creator of the 1st 30 Minute DeliveryNetwork; ALSO Our Mentor & One Of Our FoundersBy 2009, it became obvious to us that Third Party Services could not survive alone for myriad reasons, beyond Amazon,(The Blue Ocean Had Turned Red)Therefore, we began The Consortium Network: The Ultimate Rapid Home Services Network Club.The Consortium Network includes ONE Basic Principle we were taught by our numerous iconic retail mentors:CUSTOMER FOCUS (also see page 30)So we watched as Jeff morphed from his 3-10 day Warehouse Delivery Model into copying our Rapid Delivery Model lessthe important parts like the Patent and The “Secret Sauce”.Look carefully and you’ll see direct copies of all the above in every subsequent Third Party Delivery system includingAmazon (In a Blue Ocean)But they are all missing the Patent and the “Secret Sauce” that are the keys to The Power of The Consortium Networkand the success of any Rapid Delivery System (The Next Retail Blue Ocean)So we intimately understand the inner basic workings of both groups (Amazon & Third Party Delivery Systems) but moreimportantly we know their problems and those they haven’t yet discovered.So we know Jeff’s capabilities, methods AND LIABILITIES (like Conventional Warehouses that we also employed and thenscrapped as they were a huge liability in many ways to Rapid Delivery which Jeff has just recently begun to discover).But he hasn’t been able to discover our “Secret Sauce” which is why he is struggling to perfect cost-effective 30-45minute service (Octocopters etc. aren’t the answer for an interesting bunch of reasons) (Right Click HERE forconfirmation)The “Secret Sauce” We Learned From Numerous Retail Icons Like Sol Price, HarlandSander & Tom Monaghan Is Essential For The Eventual Success Of INSTANTGRATIFICATIONRight-Click to see why.AMAZON’S Strategy Is Clear And Simple For The Annihilation Of ThirdParty Rapid Delivery Providers:

As you know, Amazon already offers FREE Delivery to their Prime members (which now includes almost everybody at$99 per year for FREE Prime Deliveries AND WITH AN EXCELLENT SERVICE RECORD which Third Party Providers can’tafford).Third Party Rapid Delivery Services with huge overheads & marketing costs simply can’t match Amazon’s excellent“FREE” Prime Delivery and Critical Mass Marketing (Viral Marketing).So these Third Parties progressively retreat to the easier to sell & more profitable Restaurant, Fast Food & Grocerydeliveries until Amazon methodically overtakes these few remaining markets with better, more powerful services.Amazon is notorious for doing that WHEN THEY’RE GOOD & READY TO DO SO and Jeff’s already making progressivelycalculated strides to this goal.Third Party Retail Delivery Services are still not profitable and require significantly more funding that is becoming scarceand thus more expensive, if it’s even available (see Article)In many cases, like Uber & Lyft, their losses are in the staggering mega-millions and some even in billions on revenuesroughly equal to or double their losses, none of which are forecasted to reverse in the near future. Madness, SheerMadness. (See Article)The only way they can return these Mega-Millions/BILLIONS to their Venture Capitalists (See Article) is from the PROFITSthey hope to make ON THE SALE OF YOUR PRODUCTS.Those Mega-Millions/BILLIONS in YOUR PROFITS should be in YOUR banks.To remain viable and return those Mega-Millions to their VC owners, most of them progressively resort to PriceSkimming and Bait & Switch Pricing to YOUR CUSTOMERS to survive, (see important article) a practice previously usedfor decades that, at that time, most major retailers & restaurants banned as some of you will remember.These scurrilous tactics cause even more of YOUR customers to switch to Amazon who practices high level CustomerFocus that he most likely learned from us and our iconic retailer mentors.The compounding fact is there are so many of these Third Party Delivery Services competing fiercely with each other(The Red Ocean) (see article) they are not paying any attention to their biggest threat: AMAZON, compounding theirfinal demise.USPS, FedEx and UPS will survive as 30-45 minute and same-day delivery is not their core business and their next-daydelivery is not cost-effective against Amazon.It’s time for Your BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY The Consortium Network to begin your Beta Trials TO BE READY(The Blue Ocean) to protect your exposure when all else has failed.It’s Simply A Matter Of Time.THE REALITY:You Must Protect Your E-Commerce Sales With YOUR In-House Services OR FACE AMAZONWITHOUT ANY OFFENSE OR EVEN DEFENCE.

But you tried that years ago and couldn’t make it profitable or even cost-effective . . . and many couldn’t evenmake it work, like Walmart, because it’s a totally different business.We understand Conventional Methods are your preferred strategies, like Third Party Delivery Systems, because youunderstand them.However, UNITING with other powerful retailers who share your dilemma allows you to CONTROL YOUR OWNPROFITABLE IN-HOUSE SERVICE allowing unused portions to be shared with others for stability, cost effectivenessand higher service levels.You will discover the Conventional Methods of Today (A RED Ocean), will be replaced with Unconventional Methodsof Tomorrow (A BLUE Ocean), similar to cars vs. horses, airplanes vs. trains, Amazon vs. B&M and most likely yourown company vs. others when it first started.IN-HOUSE delivery has always failed primarily for 4 reasons: Not Enough: (1) Orders (2) Drivers (3) Margin (4) Customers(Click Here, see Page 18)UNITING Offsets All These Fundamental Reasons For Rapid DeliveryFailure.And ADDS (1) POWERFUL Viral Marketing (2) Higher Efficiencies (3) Lower Costs (4) A HUGE New CustomerBase (Click Here To Explore How & Why)It’s Simply A Matter Of Time.Amazon’s Achille’s heel: Your BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY: THECONSORTIUM NETWORK,THAT YOU CAN OWN, ALSO ADDS: 1. Unconditional FREE FULFILLMENT & Delivery – Prime is conditional AT NO COST TO YOU 2. EVERYTHING Delivered In A Flash including Groceries, Fast Food, Restaurants, Pharmacy AT NO COST TO YOU 3. 30-45 Minute Delivery AT NO COST TO YOU 4. 24 / 7 / 356 Delivery AT NO COST TO YOU 5. NO MINIMUM ORDER – AT NO COST TO YOU 6. The Network’s 35 Year “Secret Sauce” 7. Profit Retention now going to Amazon and your Third Party Providers 8. Beyond excellent service records YOU CONTROL based on our 35 years industry experience adjusted BY YOU to current requirements 9. The “Secret Sauce”

10. Patents, Trademarks and other intellectual properties as barriers to entry by others INCLUDING AMAZON.NONE OF WHICH AMAZON CAN SUPPLY – nor can any Third Party Provider.It’s time to return the profits on your E-Commerce sales TO YOUR COMPANY, not to a high risk, over-extended ThirdParty Provider . . .And also for you, in the last inning, to finally counter Amazon AT NO COST TO YOURemember: 1. YOUR NUMBER ONE REASON FOR UNITING AGAINST AMAZON IS: THE CONSORTIUM’S OMNI-POWER VIRAL MARKETING.The Consortium is 12 Times more powerful than Amazon. (Right Click Here, see Page 1 & 8 foranalysis)The most powerful Third Party Provider has less than 1/1,000th the power of Amazon.In other words Amazon is 1,000 Times More Powerful Than The Largest Third Party Provider –As The Consortium Network is 12 Times More Powerful than Amazon –The Consortium Network is 12,000 Times More Powerful Than the Largest Third Party Provider –THERE IS SIMPLY NO COMPARISON – It’s Like Comparing Giants to AntsChallenging Amazon with a Half-dead Ant instead of the 12 times greater now Sleeping Mega-power Consortium Giant isridiculous. (Right Click Here, see THE POWER on Page 3 and the Back Cover of this 2015 book) 2. YOUR NUMBER TWO REASON FOR UNITING AGAINST AMAZON IS: Unconditional Free Delivery, Of EVERYTHING, in 30-45 Minutes, 24 / 7 365, AT NO COST TO YOU with No Minimum Order, PLUS THE NETWORK’S “Secret Sauce” and added profitability with and the Secrets to Service that is unequalled. 3. YOUR NUMBER THREE REASON FOR UNITING AGAINST AMAZON IS: FULFILLMENT & DELIVERY COSTS & STABILITY AT NO COST TO YOU (Your in-house E-Commerce shipments, FedEx, UPS etc. are OUTSIDE the UNITING Program which is for your In-Store Rapid Fulfillment & Delivery customers against Amazon – so The Consortium is an ADDITIONAL power not a replacement power) AT NO COST TO YOU.TO SEE THE OTHER 7 REASONS CLICK HERE – SEE NETWORK FAQs

Thank You for your increased interest in our Newsletters outlining your past, present and future ALTERNATIVES for E-Commerce.We also appreciate the increasing number of Read Receipts we receive. We do pay attention.And it does help motivate us to continue providing you up-to-date and meaningful information on your E-Commerceoptions.We are Your BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY when all else fails to counter Amazon, which is inevitable, but soonerthan later – 12 – 36 months maximum for Amazon’s annihilation of your Third Party Achille’s heel.It is very apparent to us from the increasing Read Receipts you are sending us that you are getting closer tounderstanding this Blue Ocean Strategy and the Third Party risks you run –As well as the importance of ending Amazon’s Armageddon of your stores’ growth with The Consortium’s Formidable12X Power when all the component parts finally make sense to you AT NO COST TO YOU.You See The Simplicity Of Uniting Using TheConsortium Network as your BLUE OCEAN STRATEGYis: 1. You Would Be Helping the myriad local Mom & Pops and mid-sized retailers who are also being devastated by Amazon 2. Using your Major Marketing Power together with the other top Retailers Major Marketing Power 3. For which you get the benefits of the Consortium AT NO COST TO YOU 4. In exchange for your MAJOR MARKETING POWER contribution to the Network. 5. And that marketing power at the moment isn’t helping you ALONE against Amazon. 6. Using your Latent Power United to win against a now Gigantically Powerful Enemy who has almost won the last inning of The Power Growth Game that you are currently losing 7. Assures you of finally countering Amazon and regaining your past growth levels AT NO COST TO YOU.It’s Simply A Matter Of Time.However, time for your 2017 Beta Trial is running out in order to be ready for the 2017 Yearend Holiday Season which isa critical part of any Retail Beta Trial.As well as the importance of ending Amazon’s devastation of your growth sooner than later YOUR BLUE OCEANSTRATEGY AT NO COST TO YOU.Click here to see complete Consortium Details THAT WE REGULARLY UP-DATE as new information is available SO KEEPWATCHING.Thanks

Richard CherrySmithsonian Computerworld & President’s Award Recipient.Founder Of The Consortium Network & The Now Mall (Previously Known As: The 30 Minute Mall)PH: 305-807–2725 or Email: [email protected] Us When You’re Ready To Begin Your Consortium Beta Trials Just In Case Your Present Objectives ToCounter Amazon Fail Sooner Than Later.To join the Consortium, you have numerous options – Here’s the top three 1. Lead Marketing Partner – Principle Retailer Leader, Owner 2. Major Marketing Partner – One of 7-10 Active Retail Leaders, Owners 3. Anchor Marketing Partner – Non-Owner, Major Associate Retailer 4. To see other options (Click-Right Here – see “Marketing Partners”:)Click-Right Below For More DetailsThe Battle Of The Titan:Amazon Against The Consortium Network: You & One Million UNITED Local Area Stores.It’s Simply A Matter Of Time.

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