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Hard Work Integrity Innovation

ISI GROUP C07 OCEOMessage 10 INSPIRE Talking Leadership with an Obama Leader Global Camstar Celebrates Five Years of Success How ISI GROUP is Helping Strengthen the Kingdom’s Infrastructure The Rise of Codingate 16 LEARN How Shared Learning is Powering ISI GROUP ISI GROUP is #EachForEqual Unlocking Cambodian Potential 4 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE

COMMUNITY Making Dreams Tangible 22 Plastic, Climate and Us Building from Ashes ONHealingMelodies 30 FUN Stronger Than Ever ISI GROUP Welcomes the Year of the Rat Phnom Penh Seen in a New Light 23 Years and Counting 38 ART & CULTURE Cambodia’s Music Education Hits a High Note Treeline Art Exhibitions OUR FOUNDERS A tribute to our founding parents ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 5

The collective effort of staff across teams and companies of ISI GROUP is what keeps us always growing and always developing. It’s what keeps innovation alive and our creativity flared. Thank you for your work and thank you for making sure that I keep growing and developing with you too. KANG LENG | ISI GROUP CEO 6 IISSIIGGRROOUUPP FFOOCCUUSS MMAAGGAAZZIINNEE

Kang Leng ISI GROUP Chief Executive Officer Dear ISI GROUP Family, I’m also incredibly proud of GCS, Chungkang and Soundskool for remaining on the cutting edge in their People say time flies when you’re doing what you love and industries. I agree. I consider it a privilege to have worked alongside such capable and unified teams throughout the group, to At the dawn of the new decade, we will continue to end the decade with remarkable accomplishments. improve our efficiency, especially through leveraging our key resources across the business units. We will invest Thanks to the disciplined, innovative minds at ISI STEEL in forming stronger customer relations and developing and Fuxin, these two companies were recognized by ISO, our human capital to be better than we were yesterday. the world’s largest international standard-setting body. We will also continue creating and distributing the best The last quarter of 2019 also saw the successful relaunch products to our nation, serving our people and ensuring of the ISI PIPE, another evolutionary stage for the re- our impeccable safety standards. nowned product line of ISI STEEL. Likewise, Fuxin made a revolutionary leap in their pre-engineered steel building I hope you enjoy seeing the future we’re building toge- system, helping to build an environmentally sustaina- ther every day in this magazine. Thank you all for your ble Cambodia, faster and better. Meanwhile, Urbanland contribution to the success of ISI GROUP and I look started to develop KMH Park, Phnom Penh’s newest forward to writing to you in the next edition. master-planned community and Codingate opened their official head office. ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 7

OUR GROUP MEMBERS Our companies lead markets across Cambodia’s most rapidly growing sectors. United in our common vision we continue to move forward, diversifying our portfolio and building on our successes. 01 BUILDING & MATERIALS 02 PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT 03 INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO 8 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE

OUR GROUP PORTFOLIO Our companies lead markets across Cambodia’s most rapidly growing sectors. United in our common vision we continue to move forward, diversifying our portfolio and building on our successes. KMH SUPER CUP ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 9


INSPIRE Ms. Zoë Ng has hit numerous headlines as a co-founder of Urbanland’s award-winning project, Raintree Development. Talking Leadership This time, we share insights from Zoë on her personal with an Obama leadership philosophy and experience in the Obama Leader Foundation Leaders: Asia-Pacific program. Through the program, Zoë met many high-profile individuals such as actress Julia Roberts, CEO of AirAsia Tony Fernandes and President Obama and Mrs. Obama. What left the deepest mark in Zoë’s heart, however, was seeing the capacity of other chosen leaders and how they’re tackling the greatest problems in the world today. “They’re such extraordinary people and they lead in different ways,” said Zoë. “But if we look at some of the commonalities, I’d argue that everyone in the cohort is highly resilient, empathetic, critical and eloquent,” she continued. Zoë noted that different leadership styles work for different people and in different situations. Particularly, as a female leader, it comes with a specific set of challenges. “To overcome them, I think first is embracing your gender, second is working hard to demonstrate your capability and third is fact-based self-advocacy,” said Zoë. Generally, with her team, Zoë likes to keep things fast-paced, personal and non-hierarchical. “I think personal and professional worlds really mix. If you want to be working closely with the team, you have to know what’s going on in their lives to a certain degree.” But with rich work experience ranging from McKinsey & Com- pany to Google and now Raintree, when was the most forma- tive period in Zoë’s leadership journey? “Oftentimes, there’s this myth that the career choices you make and the job you do play the most important role in shaping your leadership style,” said Zoë. “Work can expose you to a lot of leadership archetypes, but finding what truly works for you usually comes through the deepest, most personal relation- ships you have,” she added, stressing how vulnerability and the nature of those relationships could make you ask self-reflective questions that transforms you both personally and profession- ally. With a passion to drive positive social change, Zoë was grateful for being selected for the Obama Foundation Leaders: Asia- Pacific program. In this one-year leadership development and community engagement initiative, she has so far participated in skill-building workshops, leadership development training and a community service project, among other activities. “The way I view this, it’s a real opportunity to do better work. It’s about tactically understanding how I can work better to have a deeper impact on the community I live in,” said Zoë. ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 11

INSPIRE Global Camstar Celebrates Five Years of Success In January, ISI GROUP senior leaders, international brand Since then, GCS has grown to be a trusted partner for representatives and hundreds of staff and customers both local and international trade professionals, distrib- came together to celebrate five years of Global Camstar uting top-tier construction materials in over 800 depots (GCS). and 120+ projects around Cambodia. In four years, GCS’s employees ballooned from 32 to 134 people. GCS Managing Director, Mr. Rada Yem, revealed on stage that the company’s success in the last five years was Facing forward, GCS will continue to strengthen the pil- thanks to their superior services, product quality and lars of their human resources to maintain product quality communications. Later, discussion about GCS’s rebrand and exceptional services to remain at the forefront of the in 2015 earned a roaring round of applause from the audi- market. “Human capital is critical for success,” said Mr. ence as they were reminded of how fast GCS’s reputation Rada Yem on the stage. “We’re fortunate to have formed has grown to be an industry renowned name. the right team from the start,” he continued before elec- trifying blue confetti sliced through the air and everyone Formally Camstar, the company was rebranded to Global stood up for a toast. Camstar as it grew and started to integrate more interna- tional brands into its distribution line. 12 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE


INSPIRE How ISI GROUP is Helping to Strengthen the Kingdom’s Infrastructure The new Construction Law passed in November 2019 Likewise, our building material distributor, Global Camstar laid bare the dire need for a tighter rein on the quality in (GCS), continues to deliver world-class construction Cambodia’s booming construction sector. In 2019 & 2020, products to create well-rounded building projects for accidents in the Cambodian construction sector resulted customers. in lives lost and it’s an occurrence that is unacceptable. They are also committed to removing counterfeit prod- ISI GROUP recognizes that, as a corporation leading the ucts that try to leverage off their brand from the market, building materials and property development sectors, our working with the Ministry of Commerce to combat this work carries weight in shaping Cambodia’s urban land- problem. scape. Thus, with integrity in our DNA, we always strive to achieve and work in line with international standards at Quality and safety standards are also top priorities to every level of our businesses. our heavy steel structure builder, Chungkang. Without compromising benchmarks, they provide clients with To ensure our commitment is validated, in 2019, ISI STEEL steel construction components that are durable, and and Fuxin were awarded with ISO certifications, indicat- affordable. This is evidenced in many high-profile projects ing that all their products and services meet applicable including Phnom Penh One Park, Hershey Valve and Gold statutory and legal requirements. Tower 42. The two companies did not stop there. The same year While the question of quality versus quantity keeps saw ISI STEEL successfully launch ISI PIPE rebrand and surfacing in our industries, for us, the answer is obvious. Fuxin upgrade their prefabricated steel building system ISI GROUP is honored to be made up of companies that to make it even safer and efficient. do business for the greater good, that produce and sell products and services that meet international safety and quality standards. Then, we act on every part of our vision, which is to create and build a better living for all. 14 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE

INSPIRE Rise of Codingate From a Social Project to Award-Winning Tech Company In a world full of competitive startups, especially in the “By becoming the first to innovation,” said Mr. Pisith Cambodian market, becoming an established company is Yeen, Codingate Digital Marketing Manager. “The world not a small feat. Condingate accomplished such achieve- is notably shifting towards digitalization. It’s changing ment and is still growing. every aspect of our lives, including the way we work. It is important to foresee and visualize the way businesses August 2019 saw Codingate open their three-storey head will run in the next five or ten years and have a clear plan office in Boeung Kak, Phnom Penh, where more than 60 on what to do to prepare that,” he added. young professionals develop innovative digital solutions to improve business processes for companies. In only six The digital transformation is coming, with Artificial Intel- years, Codingate has bootstrapped out of their social ligence, Machine Learning and Automation hot on its tail. project status and progressed to produce 200+ web and With key focuses in these areas, Codingate is commit- mobile app development projects across 15 industries. ted to continuously utilize their skills to help enhance With other prestigious awards under his belt, Codingate business practices, efficiency and economic growth in CEO, Mr. Sopheakmongkol Sok, was also on the Forbes Cambodia. 30 under 30 Asia 2017 list. But in such a dynamic startup ecosystem, how exactly can one stand out from the crowd? ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 15


LEARN Powering ISI GROUP with Shared Learning At ISI GROUP our teams are made up of talented and driven indi- viduals who bring a variety of skills and experiences to the table. When we take these individual skills and work together to achieve a common goal we’re practicing shared learning. The Association for Talent Development believes that, ‘being a shared learner is a great way to close the skills gap, create new organizational re- lationships and power your organization’. I would have to agree. When we cooperate and work towards a common goal, the variety of opinions, experiences and knowledge of a diverse team adds to the outcome. Ideas are shared and we realize that we can rely on each other to find the solutions we need. Last year many shared learning sessions were held across ISI GROUP. ISI STEEL, Fuxin, HKA, Urbanland and KMH Industrial Park took part in project management coaching to enhance and strengthen the capac- ity and skills of project teams across those businesses. Over a three month period, the teams were required to share their experiences, good and bad, in order to better prepare each other for the future. ISI GROUP Corporate Communications team had their first ever Strategy Day, where businesses gained a better understanding of what their colleagues from across the group were doing, learnt from this and improved organizational relationships. Urbanland also hosted leader- ship training, where a deeper understanding of leadership foundations and self-reflection meant each person could cultivate their capacity. ISI GROUP CEO, Mr. Kang Leng, has also noted an improvement in shared learning and the benefits of this. “Since the establish- ment of ISI GROUP in 2018, I have witnessed our people across the business units coming together as one big family. We have more group initiatives planned than ever before and we are working collaboratively with harmony and creativity,” he said. These events, and other shared learning experiences, shape our people and how we do things at ISI GROUP. When shared learning is embedded in our corporate culture, we know that we can find answers within our internal team. We know that, with our shared knowledge, we are best equipped to conquer the challenges of today and can lead our businesses and people with strength into the future. By Sarah Cowley | Group Corporate Communications Manager ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 17

LEARN “ISI GROUP has a special place in my heart. The group’s open approach to capacity development provides a place where individuals from different levels with different skill sets, aspirations and attitudes can come together and leverage collective intelligence. Take the ISI GROUP Communications Strategy Day for example. It was inclusive, respectful, professional and fun. Having a chance to see and discuss what all the Marketing and Communications teams across the group plan for 2020 gave me new ideas on how to move forward. I’m grateful to be working in a group that always seeks to add significant value to each employee and help them reach their highest potential.” Mr. Chetra Kang, Chungkang Sales Supervisor 18 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE


LEARN Unlocking Cambodian Potential ISI GROUP Joins the National Career and Productivity Fair The search for talent in the market is always highly com- “At ISI GROUP, we want to provide young petitive. With the skill gaps as wide as ever in Cambo- professionals with a nurturing workplace dia, corporations have to work hard to attract the best that allows them to learn and grow as people. well as untap their full potential” The National Career & Productivity Fair is a key moment Mrs. Linda Soy, ISI STEEL Assistant HR Manager in the year for employers, including ISI GROUP, to woo the most potential candidates and showcase the career At the latest edition of the National Career & Productivity benefits on offer, beyond just salary. Fair, we were incredibly humbled to see hundreds of young, career-driven people interested in what we were offering. As corporations like ISI GROUP play a powerful role in We are excited for the future of employability in the King- closing the skills gap in Cambodia, it’s important that we dom and look forward to seeing how it will grow from here. also allow room for young employees to make mistakes and use their creativity to find their own unique solutions. 20 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE

LEARN ISI GROUP Is #EachForEqual ISI GROUP is proud to join the global celebration of In- at least one female panelist’, ‘Support women to have a ternational Women’s Day (IWD) for the second year. This voice and be heard’ and ‘International Women’s Day is year we partied to the theme #EachForEqual, a notion of everyday.’ On top of this, our guest speakers from various ‘Collective Individualism’: that we are all parts of a whole backgrounds also shared moving stories, connecting and our individual actions, conversations, behaviours and and inspiring everyone to keep moving forward as one. mindsets have an impact on our larger society. Collec- Finally, our MCs drew the night to a close with the reve- tively, we can make change happen and create a gender lation of ISI GROUP’s ambassadors to the Global Summit equal world. of Women. The announcement was met with a round of applause, sealing the night with hopes and dreams. ISI GROUP #EachForEqual was an event run by women, for women. For the first time, our celebration was a wom- However, the quest for gender equality is something that en-only gathering where participants enjoyed food and needs all genders to participate! At ISI GROUP, we are all refreshments as the sun set over Raintree Building and #EachForEqual. Thank you to our male colleagues who took part in empowering activities. We were proud to see celebrated International Women’s Day in their own ways participants’ messages on the ISI GROUP vision board as well. We can’t wait for next year! such as ‘I pledge to only moderate panel discussions with ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 21


Making Dreams Tangible ISI GROUP and World Pop Rebuild a School in Rural Pailin Despite being one of the world’s fastest growing econ- In addition to the school rebuild, we also donated school omies, Cambodia has yet to be able to distribute its supplies, books and bicycles to improve the students’ economic gains equally. A UNICEF report, published in learning experience. The presence of two new class- August 2019, states that over 79 percent of poor children rooms since the rebuild has also resulted in more grades in Cambodia live in rural areas, where a lack of basic edu- being taught and the number of students who attend cation services are still prominent. increased. To help tackle this problem, ISI GROUP partnered with “I came here in 2011 and I had to resort to teaching under World Pop Customer Foundation to rebuild a school in a tree then. All I’ve wanted is a proper school,” said Mr. Cheng Thom Village, Pailin Province, which around 100 Deng Touch, Cheng Thom Primary School Teacher. rural families rely on for their children’s education. We are proud of our member companies, ISI STEEL, Fux- Adapted from the Mekong Homes model, the new school in and GCS who contributed to this project, helping us to is made from prefabricated steel and ISI STEEL’s new create and build a better living for all. polyurethane roof tiles, complete with solar panels, library and playground. ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 23

COMMUNITY Plastic, Climate and Us From the world’s historic fires to the fast melting of the We have invested in reusable water bottles for staff Arctic, climate change is becoming more sinister every across all of our businesses in an effort to drive day and it’s driven largely by human activities including down our reliance on single use plastic. We believe plastic consumption. that each person’s individual actions drive change and want to support our staff in making that happen. The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) reports that in 30 years, the greenhouse gas emissions Leading the way in corporate social responsibility in from plastic production and management could amount Cambodia’s hospitality sector, Urbanland’s Treeline up to 13 percent of the Earth’s carbon budget, enabling Urban Resort, has also replaced almost all their the global temperature to rise above the alarming line of single-use plastic items with reusable, renewable or 1.5°C. compostable materials such as palm leaves, wood, cotton, among others. They also partner with spe- According to UNDP Cambodia, around 10 million plastic cialized, trusted organizations to maximize practical- bags are used on a daily basis in Phnom Penh alone. If ity in every step. the world continues current consumption patterns and waste management practices, by 2050 there will be If anyone can flip the script on global warming it’s around 12 billion tonnes of plastic litter in landfills and the us, but we need to keep pushing and work to change environment. our habits. We are taking steps in the right direction, but this is a long-term plan. We have to commit now, To ISI GROUP, the power to change lies in collective glob- tomorrow and years to come, so we leave the world al efforts. That’s why teams across ISI GROUP have been in a better place for our children, grandchildren and actively taking steps to curb our single-use plastic waste great children to come. since June 2019. Through awareness campaigns, internal contests and product replacements, we have been able to make a dent in reducing our monthly plastic consump- tion across our businesses. 24 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE


Did you know? According to UNDP Cambodia, the total volume of plastic worldwide has reached 8.6 billion metric tons, equivalent to one billion elephants. At present, only 9% of plastics are recycled, with 91% of plastics ending up in landfills, our environment and oceans. 26 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE

How can you help ? Use your ISI GROUP eco bottle! This new bottle will keep your drinks chilled or hot on the go and can be given to vendors to fill with your favorite drinks. Every time you refill your ISI GROUP bottle is one less plastic bottle or cup that goes to waste. ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 27

COMMUNITY Building from Ashes CCF’s Strongest Home Model to Date In March 2019, a blaze in Phnom Penh’s Steung Meanchey The building and construction materials we donated for community left 52 families homeless. ten houses conforms to international standards, helping to ensure the future safety of the community. Fortunately, the community is supported by Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF), an international non-governmen- Giving back to our local communities is the goal of ISI tal organization aiming to empower Cambodia’s most im- GROUP’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pro- poverished children. Within weeks, CCF received enough grams. Being able to use our expertise to help build a donations to rebuild the community, which ISI GROUP is better living for all alongside organizations such as CCF grateful to be able to be a part of. is incredibly humbling and rewarding. The new community, which officially opened in January “We don’t know what we’d do without CCF and all the 2020, is built on CCF’s most successful home design donors,” said Mrs. So Soun, whose brand new home was model, with even bigger and bolder concepts. Metallic burned down during the fire. stilt houses now stand on the ground once filled with fire- prone makeshift shacks. The steel and zinc materials used are of superior quality and strength, some of which we provided through ISI STEEL. 28 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE

COMMUNITY Healing Melodies KMH Foundation Supports Children’s Hospitals Through Music In the inaugural charity event in January, three pianists “He [Dr. Richner] built this beautiful place yet it had never held the audience spellbound at Siem Reap’s Kantha Bo- been graced by music until his death. I never played with pha Auditorium with their improv performances of jazz him or for him, but I knew that he was still playing music and classical music. on the side, besides his job as a doctor,” said Mr. Faja. Initiated by Soundskool CEO, Mr. Gabriele Faja, the In 2019 the Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospitals treated Piano Trilogy was created to support the Kantha Bopha over 1.1 million outpatients, including facilitating over Foundation, an organization founded by the late Dr. Beat 30,000 births and conducting more than 26,000 surger- Richner that provides free healthcare to 85% of Cambodi- ies. an children. The KMH Foundation, our CSR Program, was proud to be the primary sponsor of such a meaningful As a local corporation that believes in giving back to the event. communities where we do business, we’re humbled to be able to support this impactful momentum that’s improv- As the first concert held at the auditorium since Dr. ing life for the younger generations. Richner’s passing, the Piano Trilogy was carried out in a quiet, attentive atmosphere, which is the kind of music event that Mr. Faja and Dr. Richner discussed about in the past. ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 29


FUN Stronger Than Ever “It’s about the memories we create and the friends we make along the way.” ISI GROUP Cup Returns The annual football festival offers teams many chances Embodying our mutual desire for a deeper connection to show their willingness to collaborate and support and unity through shared activities ISI GROUP Cup each other, making room for more personal and authen- returned for its second season in 2019. This year, ISI tic interactions. GROUP Cup brought 11 teams onto the KMH football field. “I’m just so grateful to be a part of a team that believes in unity,” Said Mr. Leangsim Chhan, KMH United Team The teams were made up of all management levels and Captain. “Anything is possible as long as we beat with types, including the CEOs of ISI GROUP and our mem- one heart,” he added, content that, despite the end ber companies. For two months, they competed until result, his team is still standing strong together, which is Fuxin United took the crown in the final match against mainly what ISI GROUP Cup aims to inspire. KMH United on December 10. “However, the main purpose of ISI GROUP Cup is not about finding the winner,” said Mr. Sovann Siek, KMH Foundation Senior Program Manager. ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 31

FUN ISI GROUP Welcomes the Year of the Rat Our member companies gathered together again to celebrate Lunar New Year 2020, the year of the rat in the Chinese Zodiac. In Chinese culture, rats are regarded as being smart and nimble with plenty of vitality and enterprising spirits. Rats also symbolise wealth and surplus. Due to their reproductive success, traditionally married couples also prayed to them for children. For the rest of the year, we all at ISI GROUP wish you and your family health, prosperity and longevity! 32 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE

FUN Phnom Penh Seen in a New Light The Archi-walk Photography Challenge, hosted by Urban- Those taking part in the challenge were invited to attend land Asia, HKA & Partners and Raintree, in collaboration creative learning sessions including an architecture walk with Khmer Architecture Tours, was designed to foster in Phnom Penh through the masterpieces of the Vann creativity and ignite passion towards our local, and often Molyvann and the French Colonial eras. underappreciated, architecture and design. Out of 800 photo submissions, 10 photographs were selected for They were also encouraged to explore different angles awards and honorable mentions during the celebratory to capture the architectural wonders that otherwise may evening. have gone unnoticed. Mr. Hok Kang, architect and founder of Urbanland Asia During the final reveal, honorable guests were even asked and HKA & Partners, shared some advice on how to ex- to guess the photographer of each of the top 10 photos! perience the depth of our Khmer architecture. “I feel the This small touch helped to add more excitement on top space with all five senses and take the time to absorb the of the awe-inspiring winning photos. glorious three-dimensional form. Only then can you really say that you’ve seen it,” said Mr. Kang. Inspiration is sometimes hidden in plain sight. “You don’t always have to look for it in something that’s thousands of miles away. We have so much on our doorstep in Cam- bodia,” said Mr. Kang. ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 33

FUN 23 Years and Counting 34 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE


ISI GROUP Celebrates Its 23rd Anniversary and the End of a Decade Held under the theme of “Plant Tree, Plant Life”, our latest annual party wrapped up 2019 in style. The ISI STEEL factory compound was lavished in forest green and swamped with group-wide employees deep in the celebration spirit. This long-awaited night was filled with fun, food, drinks, games, great prizes and live performances from our employees as well as professional artists. With our environmental appreciation underlying the atmosphere, we also reinforced our commitment to single-use plastic reduction and brought forth a proposal for building a sustainable future by planting one million trees in three years. As Mr. Kang Leng mentioned during his speech, without plants, we’d be like an engine with no oil. “So here is a challenge: Can we celebrate our 26th anniversary by having planted and nurtured one million trees?” said Mr. Kang Leng. “I feel confident in the strength and synergy of our people. Together, we can!” He added, marking the beginning of our one-million tree journey. 36 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE



Cambodia’s Music Education Hits a High Note In November 2019, Soundskool organized the first ever Super Star Awards, a student music competition that showcased the progress of professional music education in Cambodia. The students’ musical skills were a sight to see, leaving the audience with smiles plastered on their faces. Well-equipped and highly organized, the event is yet another celebratory example of Soundskool’s commitment to helping the King- dom recreate a vibrant music scene and carry on its legacy of musical innovation seen in the Golden Age of Cambodian Rock and Roll. ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 39

ART & CULTURE Treeline Art Exhibitions Treeline’s acclaimed art exhibitions are part of the hotel’s efforts in promoting Cambodia’s contemporary reemerging national art scene after an estimated 90% of the country’s working artists were targeted and executed during the Khmer Rouge regime. While a new generation of young and exciting artists are making waves, there remains a lack of art infrastructure — from art schools to exhibition spaces and museums. Treeline aims to fill this void through its year-round programme of exhibitions at the open-air gallery and through its permanent collection artwork by some of the country’s best artists, displayed all around the property. Face Forward Ti Prasap 40 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE

Shadow of Change II The Cities Vann Molyvann ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 41

Treeline Supports Cambodia’s Emerging Artists Treeline Gallery aims to support young The selected artists will be required and emerging contemporary artists to work closely with the Treeline Gal- and build an inspirational platform lery Curator, Meta Moeng, to create that cultivates a deep appreciation for at least three art pieces and they will the arts. then take part in a group exhibition held later this year at Treeline Gal- For the first time, grants have been lery. Congratulations to our winners: awarded to six outstanding Cambodi- Kong Siden, Prum Ero, Prak Dalin, Hul an artists through ISI GROUP’s KMH Kanha, So Vitou and Tyl Kan! Foundation. 42 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE

Join us in our environmental commitment to planting one million trees by 2023! Let’s act together to create a greener and cleaner Cambodia. For more details, stay tuned to your email inbox and Yammer. ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 43

OUR FOUNDERS Our Founders They turned ISI GROUP from a family-run busi- ness to one of Cambodia’s most successful corpo- A tribute to our founding parents for more than rations, inspiring us to continue dreaming big and 20 years, the legacy of our founders, Lok Oknha expanding our scope throughout the Kingdom. Kang Meng Huy and Lok Chumteav Khun Heang, Our founders’ honest approach to business and has formed an attitude of family, harmony and hope for a better Cambodia also shaped our vi- unity among every one of us at ISI GROUP. sion which is to create and build a better living for all. We aim to create and build a safe and happy workplace that our staff can call home and bring society up as ISI GROUP grows. Through the foot- steps of our founding parents, we have come to deeply understand that unity is strength. We can only grow when everyone else does, so we can move forward as one. 44 ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE

WIN A $50 PIZZA VOUCHER 1. What does GCS stand for? 2. How long has ISI GROUP been in business? 3. What are the two companies that are recognized by ISO? Please submit your answer by scanning The winner will be chosen via lucky draw and contacted directly after two weeks of the magazine publication. ISIGROUP FOCUS MAGAZINE 45


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