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Published by robert.tunwell, 2021-02-22 22:07:14

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CPRA NEWS Our SPRING/SUMMER 2021 young HEROES CPRA NEWS is also available on line. Visit our website: Printed February 2021

In this Issue INTRODUCTION LAPTOPS FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN ..................... 32 FROM THE CHAIRMAN....................................... 3 SUGGESTION FOR A MORE ECO-FRIENDLY LIFESTYLE.................................. 33 AROUND CARPENDERS PARK TAKE USED MASKS HOME WITH YOU ............... 33 CALLING ALL STUDENTS…................................. 33 AAWA THE RIDE FOR WATER.............................. 5 LIBRARY SERVICE UPDATE ...................... 35-36-37 FROM OUR YOUNG COMMUNITY....................... 6 CITIZENS ADVICE.............................................. 41 WALK OVER CANCER.......................................... 7 FROM THE AUTHORITIES CARPENDERS PARK ............................................ 7 NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH.......................... 45-46 MY HAPPY HOUR ............................................... 9 DEAN RUSSELL OUR MP ................................... 47 CARPENDERS PARK LADIES‘ CLUB..................... 13 FRANCES BUTTON CARPENDERS PARK HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY .. 17 COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S REPORT ................. 48-49 CARPENDERS PARK CHURCH ............................ 19 LOCAL ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES................... 49 CARPENDERS PARK AND SOUTH OXHEY ABOUT CPRA METHODIST CHURCH....................................... 23 COPY FOR NEXT ISSUE...................................... 50 ATTENBOROUGH SURGERY .................... 24-25-28 USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS ........................ 51 FAMILY & WELLBEING CPRA NEWSLETTER DISCAIMER ........................ 52 CARPENDERS PARK IN BOOK ............................ 31 CPRA COMMITTEE ........................................... 52 HERTFORDSHIRE FAMILY CENTRE SERVICE ....... 32 HOME SCHOOLING YOUR 3-11 YEARS OLD?...... 32 Adver ser index ADAMS EYE CARE ....................................... 4 M.C.P. ELECTRICAL APPROVED ALL LOCK SECURITIES................................ 22 CONTRACTORS.......................................... 20 BELL CARPENTRY & JOINERY..................... 30 M.K. GINDER & SONS ............................... 28 BOLTON TRAVELS LIMITED ....................... 14 MANJI & CO .............................................. 48 CARPENDERS PARK BUILDERS (CPB)............ 8 MRK PLUMBING & HEATING ..................... 35 CARPENDERS PARK CARE.......................... 12 P.A. BARHAM LTD ..................................... 12 CARPENDERS PARK FENCING .................... 36 PEACE HOSPICE CARE........................... 42-43 CARPENDERS PARK NURSERY ................... 38 ROOTS HAIRDRESSERS .............................. 13 CARPENDERS PARK NURSERY U-FLORIA ... 39 SABAT ACCOUNTANTS .............................. 30 CENTRAL GARDEN SERVICES ..................... 17 SAW GENERAL BUILDERS........................... 18 COOK FLORIST............................................ 9 SPICERS CARPETS AND BEDS ..................... 21 DB JONES PHARMACY............................... 29 T.J. WATSON............................................. 18 DEFINITION .............................................. 14 TARRANTS TIMBER LIMITED ...................... 40 FOCUS EYECARE ....................................... 34 TERENCE SPINKS ....................................... 22 GEM TREE MANAGEMENT SERVICES.... 26-27 TOE-TAL FOOTCARE .................................. 23 HARROW GARDENING SERVICES............... 19 TOUCH OF GLASS - RICKY HODGSON ........ 10 HOMESTEAD CAREHOME ......................... 16 TREVOR WARNER...................................... 20 JADE IN A BOX BAKES ............................... 11 UTILITY DEALS........................................... 40 KEN HODSON COMPUTERS....................... 46 VJG ROOFING SPECIALIST............................3 KEN HORN—OXHEY BOWL CLUB .............. 15 WALSH AND MCGRATH FUNERAL.............. 50 KP ROOFING..............................................44 2

From the C h a i r m a n INTRODUCTION Chairman: David Coltman Email: [email protected] Phone: 07775 696087 We must take a moment to offer our condolences I personally cannot wait to be notified of my to all our residents that have lost loved ones and appointment for the vaccine and look forward to friends to this awful pandemic. better times and some sort of normality. I urge you all to accept your place to receive the However, we must also step back and reflect on vaccine and we can get back to normality and how it has brought the community closer together, stop the daily figures rising and stop this when you venture out for your daily walk you will pandemic spreading. We can then resume to find new friends you never knew you had, people having our Annual General Mtg in April 2021. unknown to you will greet you and say. “How are With the cooperation of all Parish, District and you?” and wish you well. County Councillors they cannot possibly object. The date will be on all the notice boards With that in mind we must thank all our throughout Carpenders Park. wonderful frontliners: The local Co-op, the Postmen, Attenborough I have been asked by my fellow Committee Surgery and Bushey Health Centre, The Refuse Members to advise you that I will be stepping collectors and Officers from TRDC, Raj the down from my position as Chair of The Chemist, all the local shopkeepers, our vigilant Residents’ Association in March as I have been Police Officers, the local delivery teams from selected to stand as a candidate in the Amazon and the like, and of course our local forthcoming Council Elections in May. Cllrs. No doubt there are volunteers and local staff I may have missed; the list is endless. David Vaughn Gatrell Mobile: 07985 359543 Tel: 0208 386 0426 3 OULTON WAY, WD19 5EJ. CARPENDERS PARK Specialists in:  TILES & SLATES REPLACED  GUTTER CLEANED, REPAIRED & RENEWED  RE-CEMENT WORK OF CHIMNEYS, STACKS, HIPS & RIDGES  FLAT ROOFS RENEWED & REPAIRED REF: 1M024262 CPRA NEWS 3

Your local Op cians in South Oxhey for over 30 years Is now closed due to redevelopment BUT all pa ents’ personal records have been transferred to our other branch in Harrow weald. Staff members at South Oxhey will be there to welcome you. 411 High Road, Harrow Weald, HA3 6EL Tel 020 8427 3201 / 020 8428 5152 Situated near Harrow Weald Bus Garage and Opposite Waitrose, Iceland & Lidl Supermarkets with free parking up to 2 hours As VARILUX SPECIALIST CENTRE we supply bespoke spectacle lenses We will offer you special discounts for your valued loyalty over so many years and con nue to provide the same, if not be er, op cal services to all exis ng and new Pa ents. £20 off Voucher for you and your family On purchase of a complete pair of Spectacles On produc on of this voucher. Terms & condi ons Apply 4

AAWA AROUND CARPENDERS PARK The Ride for Water As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown my 5 miles into the ride and I suffered a dreams of riding the Prudential 46, following mechanical fault. My seat kept lowering last year’s Prudential 19, seemed almost lost itself, causing my saddlebag to rub onto my until Stanmore Jaffery’s announced their long back wheel and slowing me down. awaited end of Summer sportive a 42 mile Thankfully, the team came to my rescue and ride to Windsor in aid of the Ali Asghar after some minor adjustments we were on our Water Appeal charity run by WF-AID. way again. The ride was scheduled for the 13th of The journey to Windsor was relatively easy, which we knew was going to September and I spent good be the case seeing as it is mostly ‘downhill’ from the few weekends out on my bike, mosque. On arrival, we did a loop of the castle allowing us with my Dad, training to ride to take-in its magnificence and to take some photos before the distance. My fundraising sitting down to a much needed sandwich snack. page on JustGiving was all set up and the donations were pouring in. As event day drew closer and closer I tried to get as much on and off the bike training and fitness done as I After filling up our water could. Unfortunately, due to bottles, we commenced the ride circumstances beyond back to the mosque. This was anyone’s control the ride was much harder than the journey postponed and rescheduled for to Windsor as we were going the 11th of October. uphill and fighting against the wind. The final hurdle and the On Sunday the 11th of real test of strength for our October, after my usual light breakfast, my dad drove me, quad muscles was the Green with my bike, to Stanmore mosque. Lane climb which unfortunately beat all of us and we had to come off the bikes On arrival, I was greeted by the and climb it instead. On lovely smell of our mosque tea, which instantly helped to wake me up. reaching the top we all quickly jumped back onto our bikes and continued the journey to the mosque where we were greeted Everyone who was participating in the event by several cheers, our medals and some much was greeted to a heart-warming and motivational speech by the SJ Ladies core needed chocolate. team. After this, we got into our teams and prepared to head off. I was placed within the Overall, the event was fantastic. It certainly fast group, which was headed up by Fatema made up for the loss of not being able to ride Somji. in the Prudential 46 and I managed to raise approx. £1,100 for charity. Shahina Chandoo(16 Years) CPRA NEWS 5

From our Young Community As a teenager living through a pandemic, I’ve day in April and then getting emailed my encountered many changes, adaptations and results which were given by a teacher. And restrictions from everyday life. then starting college trying to follow COVID restrictions and guidelines. I think overall The main one being the changes of school students have been one of the most impacted life. From going to school everyday sitting in groups of people during this time. a crowded classroom being lectured about the importance of GCSE, to leaving on a random A Carpenders Park Teenager 6

Walk AROUND CARPENDERS PARK Over Cancer I’m a student at St. Joseph Catholic Primary happened in lockdown. After that we went school in year 4 and over lockdown I am home on our slay and I was pulling my home schooling. brother. Lockdown has been very hard for everyone I love to walk with my Mummy and we are but there have been some good taking a walk challenge to raise things that happened in it too. money for Cancer Research UK this March: every day 10,000 I went to school for four months steps. I can’t wait to start, this is and I had a very good time. I our third time we are helping really enjoyed seeing my friends raise money. Please join us if even if it was just for four you can. You will be doing months. something good for yourself and also for others. It was snowing in January so my family and I went to a close field My and we made a huge snowman. My Mummy helped me putting answer to lockdown is think my snowman head on top, then I put the eyes and mouth. We positive and do things that make forgot to bring carrots so the snowman did not have a nose. It you happy. Ivana was one of the best things that Carpenders Park Do you like photography or you took a lovely picture of Carpenders Park? Please send to us and we will publish in the next edition. CPRA NEWS 7

All general building work undertaken  Extensions  Pa os  Driveways  Block Paving  Drainage and all ground work  Garden Landscaping  Fencing  Roofing Call for a free es mate DAN / SHANE 07394 488 412 COVID 19 safety guidelines will be followed (Both owners are Carpenders Park residents) 8

My AROUND CARPENDERS PARK Happy Hour much and that I would love a cup of tea. Not I was walking home one day, after finishing only did she make me a cup of tea but offered my Chair Yoga class at the Community Hall, biscuits too. enjoying the fresh air and looking at the gardens full of flowers. A front door opened She then began to tell me the story of her life. and an elderly lady came out. She was using Her mother had died when she was a baby, two walking sticks and was wearing soft leaving her two sisters and herself with their slippers. She began walking across the front father who was a merchant sailor. garden which was quite uneven. Sadly, he was unable to care for the children as he had to work because there was no State I was concerned she might fall so I asked her help in those days. His sister agreed to foster if she would like my help. She said that the two elder girls but was unable to take in would be great and she took my arm. We the baby. went to the house next door that turned out to Her father had to leave her in the care of a Dr. be her home. She explained she had been Barnardo’s orphanage. visiting her next door neighbour who had He was able to pay for her upkeep and used to recently been diagnosed with cancer and was visit her when he was on leave from his rather depressed. voyages. My lady then asked if I would like to come in She was well looked after there and went on and have a cup of tea. I did not have to get to tell me that at the age of twelve the home in a hurry so I said thank you very CPRA NEWS 9

Friendly reliable local Glazier and glass expert. Designing and building stained glass windows for the last 20 years Call us for all your glass and glazing needs Mobile: 07941 081005 Email: [email protected] Follow us in our Facebook page: Touch Of Glass 10

AROUND CARPENDERS PARK government passed a law saying every child kitchen as children do, for small goody treats. at all the orphanages in the country should be Ivy left the Palace to get married and bring up told their names. her own family. She and her husband were able to celebrate their 60th wedding Up until then, she was known as number 12. All the children anniversary. were called together and told their names and she found out The family sent a letter to the her name for the first time was Queen asking for a congratula- Ivy. tion card and also mentioned about Ivy being a cook at At aged fourteen, she had to Kensington Palace when the decide where she would like to Queen was a child. The Queen earn her own living. Ivy thought sent the certificate and a little that since she liked to eat quite a letter saying she remembered Ivy lot of food, it would be a good idea being a cook at the Palace. to work in a kitchen. She was then apprenticed as a cook at Soon afterwards, I left Ivy feeling Kensington Palace. She worked her way up and I had spent such an enjoyable became a qualified cook. hour with her that since then I have always called this My Happy Hour. At that time the Queen and Princess Margaret were young children. They used to visit the It cost me nothing but my time and I hope that Ivy enjoyed it as much as I did. CPRA NEWS 11

Plumbing, Hea ng & Gas Engineering  Boiler Maintenance & Installa on  Boiler Servicing  System Upgrades  Breakdown Repairs  Chemical Power Flushing Email: [email protected] Call: 07831 363182 12

Carpenders Park AROUND CARPENDERS PARK Ladies’ Club I normally write this report as our activities standing members – Linda Sankey and Jean come to an end for the year and give details of Underdown and they will be greatly missed. our forthcoming programme for the New Year. As soon as we are permitted to open, we look forward to welcoming back all Unfortunately we are no nearer our members and hopefully to resuming our programme some new faces. If you are new than we were during my last to the area or would like more report in June. However, we information about joining, are keeping our fingers crossed please give me a call. Our that with vaccinations for Covid meetings are held in the 19 having begun, we can look Community Hall on the first forward to our normal activities Monday evening of the month, beginning again, hopefully by except on Bank Holidays. the late spring or early summer. Let us hope that 2021 will be a It has been a lonely and difficult time for a lot better year for everyone. of our members. We are sad to report that during this time we have lost two of our long Angela Tongue – Admin Secretary 020 8428 4552 • His & Hers, Cut & Blow Dry • Hi-lights, Low-Lights • Semi-Permanent Colouring, Tints, Perm • Styling for weddings & Special Occasions CHILDREN WELCOME! Call us 020 8428 6862 4 The Parade, Carpenders Avenue, Carpenders Park, Watford WD19 5BL CPRA NEWS 13

DEFINITION UNISEX HAIR, TANNING 020 8428 8151 All aspect of hairdressing Specialists in colour Latest in fashion cuts Keratin smoothing treatments from £150 Retired charges Tuesday & Wednesdays Reduced children’s cutting prices Stand up sunbed, Clean COVID safe environment Staff barbicide trained wearing PPE and using screen dividers Gift vouchers available Appointments advised but not always necessary Follow us on Facebook for regular promotions @Definition Hair Salon 18 The Parade Delta Gain, Watford, WD19 5BL 14



Carpenders Park AROUND CARPENDERS PARK Horticultural Society It is usually at this time of the year that I harvesting. This year my wife announce the date of our Annual Show but as collected seeds from several we were unable to hold either our AGM this shops; bought tomatoes and year, a date has yet to be set. However I am dried them out for a few days. confident that we will be all able to meet up They were then planted and we in September 2021 and continue the tradition. ended up with so many plants. So start thinking about the sowing, growing It must be remembered that and making now in anticipation! these seeds will not give you a genetically identical plant to the parent and in In the last news letter I wrote fact some seeds may not grow at all. However an article about how my the results were lots of wonderful free tomato garden was a sanctuary in plants which we grew in pots at home and on these difficult times. It the allotment and gave to friends. We also had continues to give me great success with onions, garlic, potatoes, beans, pleasure, watching the pumpkins and soft fruit. There is something changes over the seasons. As wonderful about eating produce you have a family we grown yourself and for some reason they have been lucky enough to always taste better! have some growing space at an allotment nearby and so We wish you a Happy New Year and look much of the time has been forward to seeing you in September. spent digging, planting and Robert Tunwell Central 12 years experience Garden Services All aspect of garden Maintenance undertaken. Discount for Senior Citizens Treework undertaken Call Vince for your FREE Estimate 07930 117522 CPRA NEWS 17

SaW General Builders Steve and Warren Kelly, Family run business Extensions • Refurbishments • Patios • Fencing • Carpentry • Roofing • Brickwork • Painting • PVC Facia • Driveways • Decking • Loft Rooms Call: Warren 07976 445056 Steve 07956 386827 References available from Carpenders Park Residents. View our work on our web site. EXTERNAL / INTERNAL DECORATIONS LOCAL SERVICE Web: Email: [email protected] Telephone: 07973 256 978 18

Carpenders Park AROUND CARPENDERS PARK Church is, for many, the starting point of their One of the blessings of living in journey of faith, or that which sustains their Carpenders Park in 2020 was that we had faith as life gets hard. Our wonder is tied so much nature around us. Walking up to up with our worship. To worship is perhaps Merry Hill or taking a walk in the woods best described as allowing our wonder to by the cemetery can do so much for us. Just have a focus. For us, as Christians, that taking a stroll in our streets we see a focus is Jesus. At the heart of our faith is a carnival of colour and variety, with blooms man who lived for most of his days, an both cultivated and wild along the way. ordinary, everyday life: but in that Even for those who’ve had to stay inside so mundane life he brought the divine. This is much of the last year, a glance out of the such a mystery for us, but it can also be so window may bring beauty inside. encouraging. A ‘wonderful life’ maybe is not one that is full of grand adventure, but That feeling, of being struck by the beauty one that may be lived in the most everyday of something, in ways we can’t necessarily place, but it is us that is full of wonder in express, is often best summed up as that everyday. ‘wonder’. When people talk of the ‘Wonders of the World’ they are not, I If you would like to join us one Sunday, to think we have to admit, imagining our find about a bit more about wonder, corner of the world here in Carpenders Park worship and the story of Jesus, you are - we’re just an ordinary place. But we can always welcome. It is likely that when you have moments of wonder in the ordinary; read this we will still be meeting online, via not least in taking time to pause awhile and Zoom, before we can go back to meeting at enjoy the nature we happen to see. St Meryl school. We meet at 11am, for a short 40 minute service, and time to stay on For Christians, as with other people of and chat, if you’d like (or simply listen to faith, understanding nature as God’s the service). creation, does not lessen our sense of wonder at the world around us, but draws To know more contact Bryan Jukes us in to a bigger picture. To have wonder at [email protected] Harrow Gardening Services Complete Garden Care, Rubbish Cleared, Pressure Cleaning, Gutters Cleared 18 Dorchester Avenue, North Harrow HA2 7AY Tel: 020 8427 2857 Mobile: 07973 250 926 CPRA NEWS 19

Looking For An Electrician? M.C.P. Electrical Approved Contractors 24 hour Emergencies - Rewires - Fault Finding Immersion Heaters - Showers - Cookers - Sockets Lights - Fuse Boards - Telephone Points FREE Visual Inspec ons and Quotes Any Size Job Welcomed Special Rates for Senior Ci zens Garden Electrics - Storage Heaters Mobile: 07958 402371— 07943882412 20


ALL LOCKS SECURITIES We offer a complete service from non-destruc vely gaining access to covering locks on windows, doors, garages, safes and outbuildings. We open, supply, fit, replace and repair any types of locks ensuring the security of your property or premises, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, providing you with all round peace of mind.  24 hour Rapid Response  Gaining Access  Lock Repairs  Burglary Repairs  Lock Fi ng  Glazing  Insurance Work  Double Sealed Units For FREE quote please call: Office 020 8386 1036 Mobile 07973 638006 Special Rates for Carpenders Park Residents PHYSICS & MATH TUITION to GCSE & A-Level Terence Spinks PhD (Carpenders Park) £35 per hour (one-to-one sessions) £30 per hour (on line by Zoom) DBS Certified Tel 07443 543 568 Email: [email protected] 22

Carpenders Park & AROUND CARPENDERS PARK South Oxhey Methodist Church, (CPSO) 122 Prestwick Road, South Oxhey, WD19 6LA Click on “Carpenders Park & South Oxhey Minister: Rev. Richard Lowson: 01923 223906. Methodist Church – home”. Click on the arrow Website: (Bus: W19 and No.8 stops in Prestwick Road, in the blue box. (Turn on your volume). almost outside the Church). Church contact: Jenny (0208 428 6375) BREADMAKING ZOOM. All are welcome – especially beginners. ALL AREAS OF THE CHURCH ARE FULLY ACCESSIBLE FOR THE DISABLED. We are going to try Bread Making Zoom sessions led by our minister Richard. These will be on the SADLY, DUE TO CORONAVIRUS, LIVE 2nd & 4th Thursday of each Month (starting SERVICES AT CHURCH WILL NOT BE Thursday 11th February at 10am) TAKING PLACE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Please visit our website. Ingredients / Shopping list will be posted on our church website and for details of how to get your HOWEVER, each Sunday we post a 30-minute Zoom invite: Service led by our Minister, Rev. Richard Lowson and members of the Methodist churches at MESSY CHURCH (run by members of churches Bushey, Bushey Heath and CPSO. These have in South Oxhey and Carpenders Park) will also proved very successful and can be viewed all remain closed until further notice. When we do re week. Why not get on-line and see for -open, we will meet at 3.45pm – 5.30pm at the yourselves? Methodist Church on the 3rd Sunday of each month (except August). Please watch the website. Search for “”. Graham Spendlove MCFHP, MAHFP For all the family, for the treatment of Corns, Callus, Ingrown or Thickened Nails, Nail Trimming and other complaints. For an appointment that will last between 40 minutes and 1 hour, at a cost of £30 in your own home at a time to suit you, book now on 07799 033974 CPRA NEWS 23

COVID-19 VACCINATION INFORMATION FOR OUR PATIENTS IN DECEMBER 2020 ATTENBOROUGH SURGERY WAS ONE OF THE FIRST GP SURGERIES IN THE UK TO OFFER THE COVID-19 VACCINE TO THEIR PATIENTS AGED 80 AND OVER. AS THE VACCINATION PROGRAMME IS ROLLED OUT OVER THE COMING WEEKS/MONTHS OTHER AGE GROUPS AND AT RISK GROUPS WILL BE INVITED IN TO THE SURGERY FOR VACCINATION AS ADVISED TO US BY NHS ENGLAND  All appointments for the COVID-19 Vaccina on will take place at our main site at Bushey Medical Centre, London Road, Bushey, Herts WD23 2NN.  Pa ents will be given 2 vaccina on appointments 3 weeks apart and pa ents must a end both appointments.  Please do not contact the Surgery to book an appointment. The Surgery will contact you when the COVID-19 vaccine is available for your age group or at risk group. 24

AROUND CARPENDERS PARK NEW PATIENTS ARE WELCOME TO REGISTER Surgery Website Telephone lines open Monday to Friday from 8.00 Local Hospitals Watford General Hospital 01923 244366 Mount Vernon Hospital 01923 826 111 St Albans City Hospital 01727 866122 Hemel Hempstead 01442 213141 Community Nursing District Nurses 01923 686815 Health Visitors 01932 235322 Monday Bushey Medical Carpenders Holywell Tudor Centre Reception Park Surgery Surgery Surgery Tuesday 020 8428 0355 01923 243130 01923 223724 01923 231 633 08.00 - 12.30 08.00 - 18.30 08.00 - 18.30 Wednesday 14.30 - 18.00 08.00 - 18.00 08.00 - 18.30 08.00 - 18.30 08.00 - 12.30 08.00 - 18.00 08.00 - 18.30 Thursday 14.30 - 18.00 08.00 - 18.00 08.00 - 18.30 08.00 - 18.30 08.00 - 12.30 08.00 - 18.00 08.00 - 18.30 Friday 14.30 - 18.00 07.00 - 18.30 08.00 - 12.30 CLOSED CLOSED Most Saturdays 14.30 - 18.00 each month 08.00 - 18.30 08.00 - 12.30 CLOSED CLOSED Most Sundays 14.30 - 18.00 Check dates 08.00 - 18.30 09.00 - 13.00 CLOSED 15.00 - 19.00 Pre-booked CLOSED 09.00 - 13.00 Pre-booked The GP Partners at Attenborough Surgery This gives our patients access 24 hours a would like to thank all our patients for their day/7 days a week to an Online Consultation patience and support during the COVID-19 Form that can be sent into the GP at any Pandemic. It has been a difficult time for all time and will be assessed by the end of the Staff working in the NHS but the response next working day. The Doctor will contact from our patients to new ways of working you via a phone call, text or video including telephone and video consulting has consultation and where necessary a face to been truly inspiring. As you are aware we face appointment can be provided if have been open to all patients throughout the required. We have already introduced this as crisis and would continue to encourage our a pilot service which has been very patients to contact us should they have any successful and we would now encourage all medical issue that needs to be discussed. our patients who have access to the internet to contact us in this way. As a result of the success of our telephone and video consulting we have been able to CHANGES TO OUR CLINICAL TEAM introduce our ONLINE CONSULTATION OPTION which can be accessed via our We have recently been able to recruit in- Website at house Physiotherapists, Mental Health CPRA NEWS 25



Workers and House Dieticians who will Care Alliance. Work alongside our clinical team of Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Health Care Assistants, Contact our Reception Team for details of Health Coaches, Social Prescriber and any of the above services you may require. Receptionists. The new members of the Team will be available across all our sites. Travel advice and immunisation service We also work closely with all other members of the local Community Health Team. If you have an overseas trip booked please ask our Reception Team for an appointment HEALTH CARE SERVICES AVAILABLE with our Travel Nurse for advice and TO ALL OUR PATIENTS immunisations as appropriate, ideally at least six weeks in advance of your trip. Contraception services including coil and implant, Anticoagulation (Warfarin) Patient Group Monitoring, Minor Surgery, Joint Injections, Physiotherapy, Counselling, Midwifery and The Surgery would like to recruit new Antenatal care, Carers Health Checks, members to our Patient Group. Please contact Ceara Keane at the Surgery if you Extended Hours appointments (Saturdays are interested in becoming a member. and Sundays), Video appointments and access to evening and weekend appointments NEW: FOLLOW ATTENBOROUGH as part of our joint working with Watford SURGERY ON FACEBOOK 28



Carpenders Park FAMILY & WELLBEING In Book The virus is airborne and highly infectious. As many people on the estate already know, It starts with flu symptoms, confusion and Carpenders Park featured in a book written sleepiness, which worsen until one day they in the 70's by Leslie Thomas called Tropic just don’t wake up. It decimates the of Ruislip. The blurb states, \" Tropic of population and leaves chaos in its wake. Ruislip is a sage for life on a modern executive housing estate, seething with the Now Zoe has to find a way to survive. fears, snobberies, frustrations and lusts of well-heeled young couples trundling uneasily Luckily, when the pandemic strikes, she towards middle age\". already has a greenhouse full of vegetable seedlings, but not everyone around is as This book is not to everybody's taste but prepared. many of the places described are on Carpenders Park or nearby, although there is Can she avoid the people quite a lot of artistic licence. I hunting for food: the ‘knockers’ like books or TV programs where who don’t always just knock? they are set in familiar setting or And will her strategy of stay in, places I have visited. hide and wait, be enough? In September I enjoyed watching As you can see quite a topical a TV programme called Us, in the book written before the Covid- first programme I noticed a scene 19 outbreak! at the Rickmansworth recycling centre, the second my old school I love the fact that all the places and the third had scenes in the actually exist and you can restaurant at the garden centre! clearly identify the locations on the estate and the wider area. Last year I was asked by a local At the time of writing it is resident if I minded being a available on Amazon as a hard character in a book set on the copy as well as downloadable on Kindle or estate. I thought very little of it at the time as an audio book. The reviews are very but was excited when it was published in positive, with 4.5/ 5. 2019 written under pen name Emma Zeth and titled The Lucky Prepper. So, if you, like me, you like to read about areas you know or even 'growing your The blub on the back of the book reads: own', why not find out what the authors predictions of life during a global What do you eat when the shops run out of pandemic? food? Zoe loves teaching science, she loves her Robert Tunwell garden, and most of all she loves her quiet peaceful bungalow. Then at school, people start falling ill. CPRA NEWS 31

Hertfordshire Family Centre Service Did you know that our family centres are The Public still open and running bookable Health Nursing appointments in their centres? Service will continue to run their appointment only They are also running a range of recorded clinics and health and development reviews sessions for children and virtual information during this period. and guidance for parents via Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp Keep an eye on their social media channels and Microsoft Teams. for what’s on in your local area. Home schooling We hope this helps to bring learning to life, your 3-11 year old? in a fun way, in these difficult times. The public access version of StayWise Everything from games, videos and brings together many interesting information from emergency educational resources from the emergency services and all linked to the national services and voluntary safety organisations curriculum. so you can easily find trusted resources to help with home schooling linked to age #SavingLivesThroughEducation groups, themes and curriculum areas. Laptops for School Children With schools set to remain shut until March, Information on how to donate a device or many children have an added challenge of how to access a device are available here: sharing IT equipment between siblings or parents who are also trying to work or learn online. articles/5SqHJMTKZx5sYhlltXJvB1Q/give- a-laptop The BBC's Give a Laptop scheme lists organisations accepting unwanted IT equipment for school children to use. Local companies accepting donations include: ITVET: Bishops Stort- ford; Computer Friendly: St Albans; Saracens Sport Founda- tion; Vodaphone: Great British Tech Appeal (by post). 32

Suggestions for FAMILY & WELLBEING a more eco-friendly lifestyle Climate change is still firmly on the agenda, If you are a parent of young children and while many businesses are reducing the HERTS Reusable Nappy scheme is waste and looking to instil a 'circular something to look at and all ages may benefit economy' there is much that we as from our Sustainable Hertfordshire Initiative individuals can do too. BBC Newsbeat shares tips from sustainable sustainable-hertfordshire/sustainable- bloggers, with more suggestions on hertfordshire.aspx our Remember your Reusables page. recycling-waste-and-environment/recycling- and-waste/wasteaware-campaigns/ reusables.aspx Take used masks home with you Disposable face coverings are still littering streets in some areas, causing a risk to street cleansing crews, residents and local wildlife. The best place for used disposable gloves, facial masks, tissues and wipes is in your rubbish bin. Take them home with you to dispose of safely. Calling all students.... Environmental Campaigners Hubbub have launched another round of their Design by Nature competition encouraging university students and recent graduates to generate innovative ideas for a more sustainable future. Winning ideas will be put into practice and trialled over Summer, with seed funding potentially available for the most promising. CPRA NEWS 33


Hertfordshire FAMILY & WELLBEING Library Service My books have always been my friend and a archives.aspx where you will also find a useful great resource all of my life to assist me with section on “Frequently asked questions”. It is the different career pathways in Nursing and free and you can then use the full range of the Education. I use the library on a frequent basis library services. It is FREE to borrow books and I am sure like other residents, I missed and when the libraries are closed, you may use going to the library when it was twice in your membership number and PIN straight Lockdown and the different tiers. away to borrow e-books and I would like to let you know all the audiobooks on “BorrowBOX and different resources you can use use the other online resources. with your Hertfordshire Library What is BorrowBox? It is a com- card/ membership if you cannot plete e-library (9,000 books/2,500 access Oxhey Library in Bri- audiobooks) in one app. I can read dlington Road, South Oxhey. the latest best sellers and take my favourite book wherever I go. I use it on my It is possible to join Herts Library Apple iPad and it can be used also on Kindle Service online by visiting: Fire and with Google Play. You can read or h ps://www.her libraries-and-archives/libraries-and- listen online or download it to read offline, if 1A Fairfield Avenue, South Oxhey, Watford, WD19 7ER CPRA NEWS 35

you are on your daily walk. You can reserve to mention just a few but there are over 130 or take-out ebooks/audiobooks that day for magazines online free. free after you have looked through the Many people missed their daily newspapers if BorrowBox catalogue online. they could not get out to the shops, but you Overdue Charges for Books and Magazines can still read a daily newspaper online free by can add up, so renew them online or at the downloading the PressReader app from the library. If the Library has your email address internet. they will remind you by email. This is useful When Libraries were closed for access if you have taken out a lot of books and may because of the Government’s Guidelines have temporarily mislaid one of them. There Advice on Tiers, you could order “Ready are no overdue charges for e-books and e- Read” packs. This allows customers to audiobooks which has saved me lots of fines! collect a pre-selected book pack (6 in a pack Oxhey Library at Bridlington Road, South for adults/ 12 in a pack for children) to read Oxhey also has a range of free up to date at home. You will be notified when it is ready magazines to borrow for a week but if the for collection from the door of the library library is closed, you can still access these whilst observing social distancing guidelines. magazines online with the RBdigital app. You can request a pack online or you can This also gives you access to free Audio- contact the Library Service on 0300 123 4049 books, plus digital magazines “Good House- if you cannot complete an online form. keeping”, “BBC Countryfile”, “BBC Music” “Crime and thrillers with a punch” or “Health 36

and Wellbeing” are some of the choices. FAMILY & WELLBEING Access to the online database “Ancestry” is either because of concerns about their health also free at the moment to all library members and wellbeing or for family members or for working remotely, courtesy of ProQuest and Home-schooling their children when the its partner Ancestry. Why not spend some time schools were closed or being on furlough. It researching your family? I found a long- lost has given many people time to re-assess their relative of my husband which has meant lifestyles or professional development. Most meeting relatives who lived in New Zealand. regrettably, for some people the home confine- I visited the Oxhey Library the week before ment has exacerbated their existing anxieties Christmas and there were lots of the latest best and depression, at a time when access to sellers on the shelves, lots of the latest maga- professional help has been limited. Help is zines .Additional efforts in keeping every- available with the Reading Well Books on where sanitised and safe within the building Prescription - there is an online catalogue or with COVID-19 procedures in place (the your health professional may recommend one books / magazines are not put immediately for you. There are 4 collections: Reading Well back on the shelves when they returned ,as books on Prescription on anxiety, depression, they are kept separate for 72 hours). The phobias and some library staff sanitise eating disorders, to during the day the Self Help - a mixture public PCs/ the photo of books giving copier / the self- support and advice for service kiosks. The County Council Library young people about staff had done a wonderful job re-opening the bullying, self- harm. Reservations are free. library as soon as they could after the first Music can help during the day and you can lockdown. They kept it open in spite of the also borrow CDs / DVDs and The Performing subsequent increases in infection and I saw Arts library will continue to offer an order- how pleased they were to have visitors to the and collect- service for orchestral, vocal and library. They are now taking bookings to use a play sets. ACCESS NAXOS MUSIC Library PC at the library, book online /or book a slot is a streaming service. The Library licence on the phone (24 hours in advance) before you allows 10 users to have access at a time so you want to attend the Library to use the comput- may have to try several times if access is denied as it may already be in use. ers. UNIVERSAL CLASS will give you access Hertfordshire County Council has confirmed to 500 Online courses on Business, Test there are no plans to relocate the Oxhey Preparations, teacher resources, there are 45 Library, despite rumours that Three Rivers online courses. The Reference Library is also District Council had “other plans” for the site. online, you can read reference books and It is such an asset to the community and I am homework resources including Britannica sure present and future residents will value it online. This will help you with some ques- in the years ahead. tions that your children may ask you if you are Home-schooling them. The COVID-19 crisis has confined many Parish Councillor residents to their homes for long periods, Angela Arnold CPRA NEWS 37



TARRANTS TIMBER LIMITED Harrow Garden Centre, Headstone Lane, Harrow HA2 6NB Telephone: 020 8421 5989 We carry large stocks of sawn and prepared timber, skirting, cladding etc. Also a full range of sheet materials, i.e. MDF, Plywood, Chipboard etc. We also have a cutting service. Vast selection of Fencing, Decking and Garden Sheds All competitively priced. Daily Delivery Service FREE PARKING Website: E-mail: [email protected] 40

Citizens advice FAMILY & WELLBEING I want to take advantage of the current receive it. However, you can choose to accept online deals as going to the shops is not a replacement or repair. After 30 days (and possible. What happens if something goes before six months) the seller must offer you a wrong, or if I change my mind after seeing repair within a reasonable timeframe. If this something in reality? I don’t have money isn’t possible, they must offer you a to lose right now. replacement or a refund. Ask the seller for the easiest way to send the item back. You You’re not alone being cautious about shouldn’t have to pay. shopping online. Over the last year Citizens Advice Consumer Service has dealt with just If you order something and it doesn’t arrive, under 123,000 cases in relation to online it’s the seller’s responsibility to make sure the shopping. item is delivered to you. If the seller used a courier, they should chase the courier to find Most of the time, when you buy something out what’s happened to your order - it’s not online you automatically get a 14-day your responsibility. ‘cooling-off period’ which starts the day after you receive your order. There doesn’t need to Check the delivery address you gave the be anything wrong with the item for you to seller. Then contact them and ask where your get a refund. Many online sellers may offer order is. If the seller claims they've delivered more time, so make sure you check the terms it or don't know where it is, you can ask for a and conditions before purchasing. redelivery. You might also be able to get a refund in some circumstances. There are some exceptions, like buying something bespoke or perishable, like flowers Check out the Citizens Advice website or or chocolates. There are also exceptions if the contact the Consumer Service helpline on product is sealed, like face masks or CDs. 0808 223 1133 if you need more help. If you do decide to return your item, you need We are now open for limited face to face to tell the seller you don’t want the item advice, by appointment only. Please contact within 14 days of receiving it. Once you’ve us by telephone Monday to Friday 10am – told the seller, you’ve got 14 days to send it 4pm on 0800 144 8848. Other direct line back. The seller has to pay you the refund local office telephone numbers are on our within 14 days from when they receive the website and you can also contact us directly item. via email through our website - You may have to pay the cost of posting something back to the seller but you don't Our CAB needs you! If you can spare 2 half have to return the item in its original days a week & are interested in volunteering packaging as long as you’ve wrapped it as an adviser please get in touch. Email: safely. If you don’t wrap it safely and the [email protected] Full item gets damaged, the seller can reduce your training given. Free refreshments. Travel refund. expenses reimbursed. Lovely company! It’s a good idea to get a certificate of posting from Royal Mail when you post the item. You can use this to prove to the seller that you posted the item. If you buy something online and the product is faulty (i.e. it’s broken, unusable or doesn’t match what was advertised), you have 30 days to ask for a refund from when you CPRA NEWS 41




Neighbourhood Watch FROM THE AUTHORITIES I have to say it was nice to say goodbye to passwords can be reset, so use a strong 2020 and to start the New Year. Let us all password that is different to all your others. hope that we will get back to something like ‘normal’ in the coming months and end the 2. Use 3 random words isolation and loneliness that many people experienced last year. Weak passwords can be hacked in seconds. Three random words is the We may have noticed that we have recommended way of generating passwords, experienced an increase in cybercrime and as it is easier to remember and takes trillions online scams and fraud during the last year, of years for a computer algorithm to crack. so I thought I would use this opportunity to Start with your most important accounts (such put together an article about Protecting Your as email, then banking and social media) Passwords and increasing your security and replace your old passwords with new online. We have certainly spent more time at ones. home and on our online devices during the The Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) lockdowns, and I am sure Christmas shopping recommends looking around the room and online increased by a massive percentage in picking three things you see, or perhaps the run up to Christmas as compared thinking of a favourite food. (e.g. to visiting actual shops! So we should Applepiecustard) all be aware of the need to keep our passwords strong, protected and You then need to add capital letters, secure. numbers and some punctuation marks and your password becomes PROTECT YOUR PA$$WorD Applep1eCu5Tard!) One third (34%) of people say that they’re Please do not use this example more concerned about cybercrime than otherwise the whole of Carpenders physical crime and a startling 1 in 5 people Park will have the same email are a victim of cybercrime! You could be address!! more at risk than you might think. If strengthening your passwords is something 3. Save your passwords in your browser you keep putting off, or you feel overwhelmed by the sea of online security Saving your password in your browser means information, you’re not alone. letting your web browser (such as Chrome, Follow the instructions below and Safari or Edge) remember your password for PROTECT YOUR Pa$$W0Rd in 4 easy you. It is safer than using weak passwords, or steps. using the same password in more than one place or writing them in a little book which could easily be found! This will help to make sure you do not lose or forget your passwords. 1. Create a separate password for your 4. Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) email account. Your personal email account contains lots Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a free of important information about you and is security feature that gives you an extra layer the gateway to all your other online of protection online and stops cyber accounts, including banking, social media criminals getting into your accounts - even if and online shopping. they have your password. If your email account is hacked all your other 2FA reduces the risk of being hacked by CPRA NEWS 45

asking you to provide a second factor of Companies fix the weaknesses by releasing information, such as getting a text or code updates. When you update your devices and when you log in, to check you are who you software, this helps to keep hackers out. say you are. Check with your provider if the online You should also back-up your data services and apps you use offer 2FA – it’s regularly. Backing up your data means also called two-step verification or multi- creating a copy of your information and factor authentication. If they do, turn it on. saving it to another device or to cloud storage Start with the accounts you care most about, (online). such as your email and social media. It also means that you will always have a Banking: Your bank automatically carries recent version of your information saved. out an extra security check if you use online This will help you recover quicker if your banking, so you don't need to turn this on data is lost or stolen. yourself. However, you should check that your bank has your correct phone number so For more information, and step-by-step they're able to text a code to your mobile or instructions, please visit the following call your landline to confirm it's you. website: and Additional Tips to Keep Safe Online It is always a good idea to update your Carpenders Park North devices as out-of-date software, apps, and Sue Thompson 0208 428 3384 operating systems contain weaknesses. This [email protected] makes them easier to hack. Ken Hodson Computers Computer Hardware and Software Repairs PCs and iMacs Upgrades and Advice for Home and Business No fix, no fee all repairs - you have nothing to lose. Low hourly rate. Most repairs carried out in your home If not, the computer will be picked up and delivered back to you [email protected] Telephone: 01582 794723 Mobile: 07974 156743 46

Dean Russell FROM THE AUTHORITIES Our MP 2020 was a tough year for many of us, with in order to aid the recovery of businesses many of us having to adjust to teaching our across the country. Rolling out the biggest children from home whilst working from NHS Immunisation Programme is a logistical home. We had to endure months without see- challenge, but I am pleased that GPs in our ing friends, family and colleagues. We were area have already started to distribute the vac- unable to visit our favourite pubs or restau- cines. GP practices are working through their rants for many months, and Christmas and patient lists and will contact people when it is New Year celebrations were held on a much their turn to be vaccinated. smaller scale. I would like to add that we are indebted to 2021 is a New Year that will bring new chal- those that put themselves forward for the tri- lenges, but I believe that there als, as well as those that have are things to look forward to. been working tirelessly in My focus will be on the roll laboratories. This scientific out of my Mental Health First breakthrough that has given Aider scheme. We are all us reason to hope is down to aware that the global pandemic them. had a significant economic I know the economic impact impact, but it also had a huge has been incredibly difficult impact on people’s Mental for many businesses that have Health. impacted by repeated clo- This is why transforming the sures. As we enter 2021 we Mental Health of our town is a can all do our bit to help personal priority of mine and them come back stronger by even though COVID-19 shopping locally to grabbing slowed down my Mental Health First Aider a bite to eat or a coffee from a local cafe when initiative, I look forward to rolling it out on a out and about. So many of our businesses did wider scale this year as we aim to get 1,000 incredible work to support our community Mental Health First Aiders trained in our during the pandemic, so I’m hopeful we will schools, local businesses and community all support them in the coming months and groups. If you are interested in signing up beyond. please do let me know by contacting me on I have been fortunate to work closely with [email protected] Councillors and residents across Carpenders I am also excited to see the impact that the Park throughout my first year in Parliament. I vaccines will have. There is no doubt that the would like to thank you all for the work you have done to help your neighbours and the fallout from COVID-19 will continue to be a local community. I look forward seeing as challenge, but I am hopeful that the mass vac- many of you as possible as soon as the guid- cination programme will enable life to return ance permits. to some form of normality as soon as possible Best wishes, Dean Russell MP CPRA NEWS 47

Frances Button Hertfordshire County Councillor’s Report As I write this on New Year’s Day, we are in genuine recognition that, whilst Highways is Tier 4. Whilst I look forward with real hope the most visible County Council service (we to 2021, with the continued roll-out of see the roads and pavements around us), it is vaccines, I cannot help reflecting on how the the underlying public services linked to social world both outside and inside Carpenders Park care which are absolutely vital. They are also has changed over the past twelve months. very expensive to run. They include supporting those carers working in residential ‘Change Management’ was one of the buzzwords years ago and I recall homes, providing day care visits, or it being very widely used, in with dependents living at home; business, in management and in supporting too those families with schools. We are now all being particular pressures, children not in forced to manage change in our lives, school, issues related to domestic in ways we never previously violence, mental health issues, considered. My twin grandchildren, working with the police, providing aged 7, in USA have not been lunches during the school holidays allowed in school since Easter 2020 for qualifying children. Demand for and are hoping to return after Easter all these costly services has risen this year; meanwhile they learn from home. sharply because of the pandemic. At The problems COVID-19 has brought are the same time the County Council has world-wide. continued to run the fundamental services that we take for granted, such as Libraries, Fire & Nearer to home, for the first time there seems Rescue Service, the Household Waste Need a Hand with Accounting? Let us make things easy! With over 45 years’ experience, we deal with a wide variety of businesses including: Pharmacy, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Opticians, Antiques, Care homes, Retailers, Wholesalers, News agents & Off- licences, Builders, Rental Property, Property Management Companies, Car garages, Motor dealers, Self-Assessment Returns and many more Call us for a free consultation to help with your tax affairs or any general tax advise you may require. 48

Recycling Centres, and Trading Standards. The FROM THE AUTHORITIES Anti-Fraud Service has never been busier: I consider the increase in fraud and ‘scams’ in including in Romilly Drive, Little Oxhey Lane, recent times a disgrace. Alva Way, Lower Tail, Hangar Ruding, and Foxleys. Sometimes roads or pavements As Chairman of Hertfordshire’s Audit require substantial rebuilding, as was the case Committee, I keep a very close eye on finances. in Romilly Drive. Sometimes better value can It looks as if we will be spending £1.2 billion - be achieved where the substructure is still yes £1,200,000,000 - this year, split between sound, by extending the life of a road or services at a cost of almost £1 billion, and more pavement. This is done by patching and then than £200,000,000 on capital to cover libraries, putting a new surface over the top. schools, fire stations, etc. This is significantly more than initially budgeted because of the Through the winter, the benefit of the street additional cost already in excess of £130 light upgrade to more flexible and cheaper LED million – yes, £130,000,000 - of keeping the is evident. The hours of darkness on residential services all running through these COVID-19 roads (now 1am – 5am) have been reduced by a times. The Government has provided new third (previously midnight – 6am). grants to Councils to help cover these additional costs, but at some stage additional We are lucky to have so many trees in costs will need to be paid for. Carpenders Park. In addition to new planting in recent years, I have been insisting that our Meanwhile the County Council’s budget trees in the pavements and verges are inspected, proposals are for a 2% increase in Council Tax kept safe, and properly maintained. This winter plus an extra 2% for Adult Social Care to help has seen an extensive programme across both fund the extra number of people needing our residential roads and the main roads of support, the ongoing COVID-19 recovery Oxhey Lane and Little Oxhey Lane. Trees programme, and salary increases including for have been pruned, dead wood cut back, and those working in residential, nursing and where appropriate, dead or badly diseased trees supported living homes. have had to be felled with the stumps removed later and the ground made good. Some of the Other budget proposal highlights include an new trees planted last year that died during the extra £10 million to improve drainage where very dry April/May have already been replaced, increasing and changing rainfall patterns and a programme of replacement planting will through Climate Change are bringing more be continued next year. highways flooding, an extra £12 million for new pilot projects for ‘sustainable Herts’, and Thank you to all who have worked so hard to £53 million to invest in new Special Schools. support our community in so many ways. Please do continue to do so and to report Alongside all of this, Hertfordshire continues highways faults on-line at its ongoing investment in Highways across Carpenders Park. Roads and pavements have or both had significant repairs and improvements on 0300 123 4047. [email protected] Local Elected Representatives MP Mr. Dean Russell [email protected] 01923 296 790 County Councillor Mrs. Frances Button 07713 743063 District Councillors Mr. Shanti Maru 07400 414 344 Mrs. Donna Duncan 07534 080 736 Mr. Mike Revan 07545 287 872 Parish Councillors Mrs. Angela Arnold 07951 031 806 Mrs. Donna Duncan 07534 080 736 CPRA NEWS 49

Copy for the next issue If you like to write an article for the next edition, please let us know. We are always happy to hear from the residents. Be aware deadline for next submission is: Saturday 3rd July 2021 Early submission is always very welcome. Illustrations, logos and photographs are always very welcome. Please note submissions should be sent to [email protected] CPRA NEWS is a free magazine that enable It is useful guide to local businesses. local businesses to target local customers in a cost effective manner. Free listing in our website: It is truly local. The majority of the advertisers operate in or closer area. There is evidence that local services are preferred by CALL: 07773 912160 the UK population. Or email: [email protected] Our rates: 1/2 page 1 issue 2 issues full page £ 40.00 £ 80.00 £ 80.00 £ 160.00 50

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