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High School Student-Led Activities

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#60yearsofstories Kinder Extracurricular Activities Program • Monday through Thursday • Session III • 2019-2020

IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO REMEMBER: • Students can register for a maximum of 2 activities. • Kinder Flamenco and Kinder Ballet are both ALL YEAR ACTIVITIES and you will not need to re-register your child for Session III. Please notify the Activities Coordinator if your child will not continue any of the mentioned activities. • The Session III of Kinder Extracurricular Activities begins on Monday, March 30 until Thursday, May 28. • Saturday morning Swimming will start on May 9. Kinder Extracurricular Activities Program - Monday through Thursday (Session III) DAY: MONDAY Activity Description Fee Teacher Space Limit Kinder Co-Ed Little Kickers is an international franchise that brings professional coaches to $ 40.00 per session - This fee needs Irene Samaniego 12 students Soccer Academia Cotopaxi and works with our students. They will focus on teaching to be paid by March 20 at the cashier’s a great soccer program in a “pressure free environment.” Students will work office with confidence, respect, coordination, control, and teamwork. In case of rain, students will play indoors. DAY: TUESDAY Activity Description Fee Teacher Space Limit Storytelling With Stories will come alive with puppets, props, and children’s voices! $10.00 - This fee needs to be paid by Jacqueline Batlle 12 students Puppets & Props Children will actively engage in read alouds and create puppets and props to March 20 at the cashier’s office retell some of their favorite stories. Let their imagination and creativity soar Space Limit through playful tales! 10 students DAY: THURSDAY Activity Description Fee Teacher Recycled Art In this class students will have the opportunity to explore with recycling $5.00 - This fee needs to be paid by Ana Julia Egues materials, and together we will use these rescuers to create unique art pieces. March 20 at the cashier’s office By taking this class students will have the opportunity to practice using their motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, and being a risk- taking. Arts teaches learners about color, layout, perspective, and balance: all techniques can be later transferred in their academic work. 2

Activity Description Fee Teacher Space Limit Fee Lego Club Children are natural engineers, they are constantly asking questions and Maria Jose Suarez 12 students imagining new ideas. LEGOs are ideal for children to use to build their ideas and they allow for them to be creative and to solve problems. Every Tuesday, we will be challenged to build different LEGO creations, be sure to bring your imagination with you to build epic towers, beautiful balconies, robots, and basically anything that your mind can think and create! DAY: SATURDAY - TIME: 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Activity Description Teacher Space Limit Saturday Morning Kinder swimming is designed for students who need to learn how to swim. This Fernando Villacis & 12 students Swimming program is offered on Saturdays from 9:30 to 10:30 am. It is tailored Ennio Leon specifically, to meet the needs of our Kinder students. The focus of the class is using fun games, toys and activities to help children learn swimming and survival skills. Our Kinder program is a fun, fully supervised (6 swimmers per instructor) and structured session that will challenge and enhance your child’s physical abilities, build their confidence, flexibility all while they learn valuable swimming and survival skills. Important information to remember about this class: • The temperature of the water is 29 degrees Celsius. • The time for getting ready (in the locker rooms) before the class is from 11:00 am to 11:10 am. • The class begins at 11:15 am until 11:50 am. 40 minutes is the correct class time for children at this age, given the water temperature and the dynamics of the class. • At 11:55 am students go to change in the locker rooms. • If a child is late to class; he/she will miss that time and it cannot be made up. The following are the dates that children will receive classes: May: 9,16,23,30 June: 6, 13 THERE WILL BE NO CLASSES ON THESE DATES: Saturday, April 18 due to a Swimming Tournament Saturday, April 25 International Festival Saturday, May 2 due to Labor Day long weekend vacation 3

Art Associated Student Body (ASB) Book Circle The Art activity will embrace ASB is the High School Student Government. The aim of the Book Circle is to create a collaboration as we will work on The President and Vice-President, together space where AC students can read stories pieces together. We will value the with the House Captains are elected by the and novels as a group and get the chance diversity that each member has in the High School students in April and their to analyze and discuss them with others. club through art and creativity. mandate lasts for one year. Their The Book Circle encourages a culture of responsibilities include organizing School reading and allows students to bond with Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Larralde  Spirit Events. They are the voice of the student others over their love for books.  Location: Annex 414 body and represent them in conversations Day & Time: Tuesday & Thursday involving the AC HS Administration. ASB runs Faculty Sponsor: Susan Gallé 3:00 - 3:50 pm our student assemblies and they meet once a Location:B-30 week to plan activities, assess what has been Day & Time: Thursdays 3:15-4:00 pm done and find more areas where they can have a positive impact on Student Life on campus. Faculty Sponsor:  Mr. Fuentes Location: C-36 Day & Time: Monday GC Time

Climbing EEE Giving Back Climbing encourages teamwork and an EEE is about Empowering, Educating, and Giving Back is a good opportunity for active lifestyle. Although it is generally a creating Equality within our community. We students to get involved in Community solo-sport, we have found that it is easier to want to shed light on some very important Service by helping people that are not as improve when surrounded by other people topics, particularly issues related to gender, fortunate as themselves. The first project is  who are willing to give feedback, support, that are ever-present in our modern world. This is a “school materials drive”. Giving Back  is and advice on technique. aligns with AC's Mission Statement because we reaching out to organizations that need                                                 want people to get involved to be educated support and the drive is one way to support Faculty Sponsor: Juan Jose Fuentes          about what is happening around the world and them. Come and join us, the more hands and Location: El Muro Climbing Centre        help create change. We want people to be hearts involved, the more effective we will Day & Time: Saturdays or Sundays, present, to stand up for what they believe, and be.  11:00-1:00 pm to help be the change they wish to see.  Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Fuentes Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Moreland  Location: C-31 Location: B-32 Day & Time: Thursdays every other week Day & Time: Wednesday 3:00 - 4:00 pm from 3:15 to 3:45 pm

Jazz Combo Knitting for a change Math Games The Jazz Combo provides musicians Knitting for a change SLA embraces Math Games helps you develop problem- with the opportunity to explore ethical student leaders that are also solving skills in a low-pressure different facets of the jazz medium, empathetic and it encourages environment. Regardless of existing including improvisation.  We play collaboration. Students will learn how to experience or level, members will be music from a variety of styles and knit headbands and scarves to be then provided with accessible mathematical periods: swing, rock, latin, blues, etc. donated to cancer patients or service challenges and encouraged to share their Depending on our progress as a group, organizations. This is also creativity, ideas on how to approach them. Both we will perform in various venues service and action.  individual and cooperative learning throughout the year. opportunities (including games, puzzles, Faculty Sponsor: Amparo Jacome  and interactive activities) will be provided Faculty Sponsor: Allison Schmidtke Location: HS Commons   so that students can push themselves Location: Room #C17 Day & Time: Thursdays, 3:00-4:00 pm intellectually in a variety of ways. Day & Time: Thursdays, 3:00-4:00 every two weeks. Faculty Sponsor: Fiona Hoyle Location: #C28 Day & Time: Thursday 3:00-4:00 pm

Mighty Mantas Model United Nations Mighty Mantas focuses on spreading awareness and collecting Model United Nations is a simulation of what happens in the information about giant manta rays on the coast of Ecuador. We United Nations General Assembly. As delegates of a particular are collaborating with Fundación Megafauna Marina del Ecuador country, students address contemporary global issues and crises (FMME), an Ecuador-based foundation that conducts research along with other delegates through the drafting and debate of and raises awareness to help conserve marine Megafauna resolutions. The activity provides students with the opportunity populations. With help from this foundation, we will educate to improve their writing and public-speaking. It fosters children in Puerto Lopez about the manta rays and the collaboration and open-mindedness since students need to importance of pollution prevention, as well as raise funds to understand issues from multiple perspectives. Finally, MUN also purchase a tracking device that will be attached to a manta ray to helps to raise students’ awareness of what is happening in the gather more information about the animal. By creating this world and what is being done by the international community to activity, we would be much closer to achieving our goals, learning solve difficult problems, thus promoting global citizenship. about the giant manta rays and involving the community in trying to protect an important, unique and beautiful aspect of Faculty Sponsor: Allison Schmidtke and Thomas Bonnet Ecuador’s natural diversity. Location: C-31 Day & Time: Mondays, 3:00-4:00 pm Faculty Sponsor: Paloma Martínez Carbajo Location: HS Commons or C-33 Day & Time: Wednesdays, during lunch

National Art Honor Society National Honor Society The National Art Honor Society was established in 1978 in the The National Honor Society is a worldwide student organization that United States by the National Art Education Association for High recognizes the most outstanding students within a High School. The NHS School students. Its purpose is to assist student members to is constructed upon four pillars: scholarship, service, leadership and attain their highest potential in all forms of art, and to raise character. In order to be accepted into the National Honor Society, you awareness of art education throughout the school and must have demonstrated excellence in the four pillars.  To be eligible to community. Member students are eligible to apply to the Charles apply for the National Honor Society, you must maintain a GPA of at least M. Robertson Memorial Scholarship, a special four-year 5.75 out of a seven-point scale, beginning in the ninth grade.  scholarship to the Pratt Institute's School of Art and Design in The Academia Cotopaxi NHS Chapter looks forward to continuing our  New York. student-led service projects, which aid our school and local communities. The NHS plans to continue its partnership with Niños de Fátima, a center Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Bordaguibel that offers child care services, education, and food to more than one Location: Annex 414 hundred children between the ages of two and six from low-income Day & Time: Each Wednesday during lunch in the cafeteria. families.  Over the years, the efforts of the NHS have helped the center to equip a medical center that provides routine physicals and appropriate treatment to help maintain the children’s basic medical needs.   Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Gallé Location: B-30 Day & Time: Every other Tuesday, from 3-4pm, occasionally during lunch

Operación Sonrisa Rainbow Student Led Activity Sweet Morning Charities Operación Sonrisa provides reconstructive The Rainbow activity offers a Sweet Morning Charities is a student- surgery to children and young adults developmentally appropriate opportunity run coffee shop that happens every affected by malformations and for High School students to have an Friday morning in the Upper School deformations, such as cleft lip and palate, increased understanding and respect for cafeteria. Students work on a volunteer who do not have the means to afford it. LGBTQ+ issues. We are an inclusive group basis serving coffee and baked goods to Students will volunteer to assist both the of students whose mission is to the AC community, donating all profits patients and their families before, during, innovatively advocate for equality for all, to local organizations chosen by the and after the surgery. This project will education, and building awareness in the students.  encourage students to participate in more process of creating ethical and activities with global significance, and will knowledgeable students.  Faculty Sponsor: Amanda Frank grow their sense of empathy towards Location: Upper School cafeteria communities different than their own. Faculty Sponsor: Delaney Keyes Voeller Day & Time: Friday 7:15 - 8:15 am   Location: B-32 Faculty Sponsor: Rosy De Labastida Dates & Time: Wednesday 3:00 - 4:00 pm Location: #B33 Day & Time: Tuesday 3:00- 4:00 pm

Tennis Voices of AC Fitness Tennis invites players of all levels to Members of Voices of AC will attend The Fitness activity offers students the have a fun time learning and enjoying different events at Academia Cotopaxi to opportunity to get fit with their friends in the game. Our goal is to introduce interview community members so they a safe and fun environment. Students will beginners to the game, offer may share their stories. Our mission learn to follow a workout routine, develop opportunities for improvement, statement is: We are a team that wants to full body strength, flexibility and feel promote tennis in school, and showcase the AC experience, preserve our energized. Each session will contain a hopefully set the foundations for a history, and celebrate the diversity of our different workout, provided by the “Nike future AC Tennis Team.  community.  Training App”. During the course we will also touch topics like hydration, food Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Fuentes Faculty Sponsor: Harrison Shulman options, and general wellness habits. Location: Tennis Courts Location: HS Commons Dates & Time: Wednesday 3:00 to 4:00 Day & Time: Monday 3:00-4:00pm Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Fuentes Location: Athletic Center  Day & Time: Monday - Thursday (students are able to choose what two days they will be attending.) 3:00 - 4:00pm

HS Athletics Program Mr. Fuentes Soccer Swim Team The AC Swim Team includes students from 5th to Soccer is a QISSA sport, league in which we 12th grade. The activity runs year round and  they participate with our Junior Varsity and Varsity represent AC in school and club meets, as well as teams. Girls Soccer is a Semester 1 sport, and Boys internationally. During the 2019 - 2020 school year, Soccer is a Semester 2 sport. On top of QISSA, our the Swim Team will travel to St. Paul, Minnesota in teams also participate in the Junior Varsity December, and to Sao Paulo, Brazil in May. Invitational Tournaments, AASSA Tournaments and CAISSA Tournaments. Basketball Volleyball Basketball is a QISSA sport, league in which we Volleyball is a QISSA sport, league in which we participate with our Junior Varsity and Varsity participate with our Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. Basketball is a Semester 2 Sport. On top of teams. Volleyball is a Semester 1 Sport. On top of QISSA, our teams also participate in the JV QISSA, our teams also participate in the  Junior Invitational Tournaments, AASSA Tournaments Varsity Invitational Tournaments, AASSA and CAISSA Tournaments. Tournaments and CAISSA Tournaments. Junior Varsity is for athletes that have not turned 16 by September 1st of the school year.  Varsity is for students that have not turned 19 by the same date.

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