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Published by LRMS LUCENA, 2022-01-18 06:05:03

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Message My warmest felicitations to the Schools Division of Lucena City for scoring 50 years of educational service to its constituents! It is, indeed, fitting to lavish on “The Golden Years of SDO Lucena City: A Glimpse to its Glorious Past and Glance to a Promising Future” despite the pandemic challenges that saddle us. There are 50 years of golden reasons to keep us inspired, moving forward with resilience, agility, creativity, and resourcefulness, and innovating ways for continuous improvement in delivering education to our learners. As DepEd Lucena City celebrates these years of growth and development for all its teachers and learning leaders, let it also be an occasion to renew commitment and upgrade performance in the service of the Filipino learners. That everyone in the organization invests their hearts and efforts in the cause of preparing the learners for life. Their future starts now. We cannot wait for tomorrow to do them a favor. The teachers and learning leaders remain at the forefront of this advocacy to pursue quality education for life. Let us stand steadfast to this commitment, purposeful amid adversities, heroic in our little and big ways, and always ready to affirm our services in the face of challenges. Let us continue making ourselves relevant and wielding the power within to transform education for future-ready citizenry. Again, congratulations and good luck to more years of service to the Lucena City community. Sulong Edukalidad!

Message My warmest congratulations and best wishes to DepEd Lucena City as you celebrate your 50th founding anniversary as one DepEd community. With your theme, “The Golden Years of SDO Lucena City: A Glimpse to its Glorious Past and a Glance to its Promising Future, Deped Lucena can proudly boast of its 50 years of dedication and commitment to provide quality basic education services to all Lucenahins. My grand salute to DepEd Lucena City family, then and now, for this milestone achievement of shaping and educating the minds of the learners for half a century. Your years of dedicated service in the department are a significant part of history and I look forward to your growth and promising future. My appreciation as well to DepEd Lucena for your recognition of my outstanding performance and contribution then as a teacher and for always making me part of your success over the years. It has been an honor to be once part of your teaching workforce. I will forever be indebted and exceedingly grateful for the learning experience and developmental opportunity DepEd Lucena City has given me. Again, congratulations on your significant milestone and best wishes for another 50 years of success!

Message Warm greetings to all! As the Schools Division of Lucena City celebrates its 50th Founding Anniversary , I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the Division officials, teaching and non-teaching personnel, Division stakeholders, and everyone involved in achieving the vision and mission of the Department Your hard work in serving our learners has been truly remarkable. For 50 years, Lucena City has continuously provided learners with quality basic education and it became more apparent through the Division’s responsiveness to the needs of the learners during the pandemic. Each and every- one’s effort became a contributor in the realization of the Department’s goal that education will continue even during a crisis. Indeed, the programs the Division has implemented and continues to implement are true reflections of the celebration’s theme, “The Golden Years of SDO Lucena City: A Glimpse to its Glorious Past And Glance to a Promising Future’. Over the years, your jobs may have become difficult, you all have sacrificed a lot. But the city will not achieve this golden milestone without everyone’s involvement. From the Schools Division Office to the Local Government of Lucena City to the parents and guardians, and to the Divis ion ‘s partners, I salute you! Just like how you continued the excellent service of your predecessors, future generations will look at you for ins piration. Continue to shine and move. Continue to become excellent public servants. Continue to become the Luce- nahin you are proud to be. May this celebration further ignite everyone’s passion and dedication in providing quality basic education that is accessible, inclusive, and liberating.

Message Headdress on for the Schools Division Office of Lucena City which is joyfully celebrating 50 years of amazing and unwavering service and passion to holistically develop our young learners. This momentous event is not just an institutional anniversary, but also a celebration of a family that grew together in the line of public service. A happy family whose dedication and creativity makes education an extraordinary and transformational experience for the learners and the community. We in DepEd have always taken pride in our role as builders of future society, and in the last five decades, SDO Lucena City has been instrumental in creating positive development not just in the city but also in CALABARZON and the whole country. This milestone is a testament of your steadfast commitment in providing quality basic education which fulfills the vision and mission of our department to produce graduates who are wellequipped with essential knowledge and skills for nation building. The anniversary theme “The Golden Years of SDO Lucena City: A Glimpse to its Glorious Past and Glance to a Promising Future” perfectly reflects your invaluable contributions to the efforts of our Department in ensuring that our learners receive the best possible services that they deserve., as well as your strong optimism for the future that is exceeded only by your willingness to work collectively for common goals. Your sterling achievements over the years prove that untiring pursuit for excellence, compassion for every learner, and dedication to public service can create impactful and inspiring progress even in the most challenging times. I applaud the fantastic efforts of all SDO Lucena City personnel who, despite the challenges of the pandemic, brilliant- ly and courageously provide heartfelt services to our clientele. The team has taken the Division to greater heights defying all odds and going beyond expectations to reach the learners. Tunay na arugang CAL- ABARZON! Headdress on for SDO Lucena City! Praying for your many more years of unparalleled successes with the learners at the core. Your BIDA (Best Innovations through Dedicated Actions) power is an inspiration to us all. Best regards and God bless everyone. Hugs!

Message This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Schools Division of Lucena City. I feel very fortunate to serve as Schools Division Superintendent at this time, as this remarkable milestone gives me even more reason to express my pride in this noble educational institution, both for its role as an engine of opportunity and molder of competencies and values of Batang Lucenahins. How our Schools Division Office has evolved over the last half-century, is most compelling. Being an independent institution for 50 years and how it went on to transform with its illustrious history- into what today is something that everyone should be proud of. I believe that it has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of alumni and impacted many lives through its educational, cultural, and meaningful programs and events. This institution had a great privilege to educate talented students who embody the aspirations and exhibit the drive of those who strive to make their life better. Our SDO’s story is the story of a community — of DepEd and LGU officials, teachers, learners, and stakeholders who embrace the role it is always destined to play and anchored on the institution that recognizes that its past, present, and future are inextricably intertwined. Our theme for the cele- bration “The Golden Years of Lucena City: A Glimpse to Its Glorious Past and Glance to a Promising Future” is indeed a recognition that represents a cause for optimism and a source of confidence, and a call for thoughtful, intentional action. Our celebration is the time to reconnect, share stories and realize how good life has been to us all. Let’s rejoice and reminisce because you are ‘home’ to where your journey had its foundational steps. May all of us be blessed for our continued support and inspiration for the welfare of Batang Lucenahin learners. Congratulations and Mabuhay! God bless us all.

Message SDO Lucena City thrives even in the most challenging times. Years before the COVID-19 pandemic, it has synergized its core to deliver basic education services for the Lucenahins, banking on upskilling and reskilling its teachers and education leaders to provide optimum service. Providing the best service for 50 years is never an easy task and would not be possible without the people who devoted themselves to public service. You were the wings beneath the wings of SDO Lucena City in championing these hurdles. We share with you this milestone for being truthful and committed to the purpose of providing quality and relevant education for our learners. As we traverse the next 50 years, may you continue to keep your passion for providing the best service for our learners. May you not get tired and weary from the toils of the day’s work but find the inspiration and solace that learners need you the most. For our education leaders, may you transform more teacher-leaders and strengthen collaboration and shared practice to change the educational landscape for the greater good of all its stakeholders. Congratulations, SDO Lucena City! May you keep shining and be a beacon of hope for the Lucenahins! PHILLIP B. GALLENDEZ OIC - Assisstant Schools Division Superintendent

Message My sincerest greetings of gratitude and congratulations to the 50th Anniversary celebration of being an Independent City Division of SDO Lucena City! This momentous event has paved the way to convey my grand salute to our organization. Having been a part of the SDO Lucena City Family since the beginning of my profession as an educator, has shaped me to be a better educator and a leader in the fulfillment of God’s given mission to provide quality education to every young generation. The success of my entire career beginning from a teacher in the classroom, a principal of many schools, an education program supervisor and now the chief of the Curriculum Implementation Division, proves how fortunate I am to be in the nurturing and loving arms of SDO Lucena City. To the proponents of the grand celebration of this historic occasion, thank you for making SDO Lucena City proud of its achievement not only for the holistic development of Batang Lucenahin but for the continuous services rendered by fellow advocates of quality education. To all the internal and external stakeholders who have been very generous in extending indefatigable support to make the DepEd Lucena City reached the peak of the achievement on its golden independency, my profound thanks, and congratulations too! You have made it successful in its endeavor of honing the JOSEPHINE T. NATIVIDAD Chief Education Supervisor - CID

Message I am so delighted you are here to celebrate fifty years of service in Schools Division of Lucena City (SDO Lucena). Many professionals, alumni, parents, teachers, learners, stakeholders, local government units and other partners have helped to make this founding anniversary. It has been an honor to be the Chief Education Supervisor of the School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) for the last six year. Staying in SDO Lucena City for more than twenty-eight years teach me how to be a better educator and leader in this endeavor. Witnessing how the organization grow and coup up with the different challenges were satisfactorily improved and resolved by the different leaders as the years go by. As we celebrate the 50th Founding Anniversary, I salute the important contribution that the school heads, supervisors, teaching and non-teaching staff by providing learners basic education and other support services. I also express my deep gratitude to the past and present leaders to make SDO Lucena a better one and better place to work. Congratulations SDO Lucena! EPIFANIA F. CARANDANG Chief Education Supervisor - SGOD

A Glimpse he Division of Lucena City was separated from the of the City provincial schools Division of Quezon Province in 1961 Schools when Luc ena became a chartered city. It would be remem- bered that the former Congressman of Quezon Province Dr. Amelita O. Balagtas Manuel S. Enverga played a big role in the chartering of Lu- cena as a city. The Division Superintendent of schools for the Province of Quezon acted as “ex-officio” superintendent of the newly created city schools. In 1971, Section 86 of the Charter of the City of Lucena was amendedbytheactofCongressthroughtheeffortsofCongressmanMoises Escueta. By virtue of the amendment, the City Schools Division of Lucena became completely independent from the Division of Quezon with Dr. Enrica L. Pandy (+) as its officer-in-charge on December 27, 1971. As Officer-in-Charge of Lucena City, Dr. Pandy organized a skeletal office staff and supervisory team to help coordinate the activities of the city schools. Through local arrangement, the following were admitted as members of the team: former Sangguniang Panglungsod Secretary Ernesto N. Jalbuena, in charge of plantilla, appointment and communications, Luz I. Tirona (current Division Cashier) as clerk typist and Eudocio Brucal (retired Supply Officer) as utility worker/janitor. The following educators were designated in the different offices: Jose Abella for Agriculture, Delia Jalbuena for Health Education, Fe Villabona (+) for Science and Math, Rosario Natividad for Physical Education, Aniceta Trinidad for Home Economics, Alicia Arenas for Media Education, Cosme Sandoval (+) for Filipino and Social Studies and Diego Fisico (+) as Supply Officer. On November 27, 1974, Dr. Enrica L. Pandy became a full-pledged Schools Division Superintendent. With her official appointment, the first batch of Education Supervisors were equally appointed. They were Mrs. Melania Patao (+) for Health, Mr. Jose Larracas (+) as GES I for Adult Education on February 6, 1975, Mrs. Ester Camba (+) as GES I for Filipino on June 30, 1975, Mrs. Veronica de los Santos for Science and Mathematics and Mrs. Rogelia Cusi (retired) as GES I for Physical Education on July 1, 1975.

Other Division Supervisors who were appointed later were The division also boasts of 6 secondary schools, the Mrs. Paz Jardin (+) for English , Mrs. Florentina Ravina (retired Lucena City National High School located in Ibabang Dupay, Assistant Superintendent of Lucena) as GES I for Social Dalahican NHS, Cotta NHS, Gulang-Gulang NHS and Studies, Mrs. Gloria Maniquez (retired) for Filipino followed by Mrs. Ibabang Talim NHS, all of which were through the effort of Natividad Agbayani v(+), Mr. Sesinando Aguilar for Industrial Arts, the City Mayor (now City Administrator) Ramon Y. Talaga Jr. Mr. Luis Licardo (retired Assistant Division Superintendent of DepEd Quezon) for Elementary Agriculture, Mr. Rodrigo Flores (+) for All levels of education are available in Lucena. Aside Music and Arts, Mrs. Loreto Saddam (+) as Private Schools from the mentioned 44 public elementary schools and 5 public Supervisor, Mrs. Anita Villariba (+) for Mathematics, Dr. secondary schools, there are also 41 private schools which all Rebecca V. de Ocampo (retired Assistant Superintendent of Lucena and offer basic education. Out of these private schools, 5 of them offered full-fledged superintendent of Marinduque and Palawan) for Research tertiary level. These are Sacred Heart College, Manuel S. Enverga and Evaluation and Mrs. Rosa Lascano (+) for Non-Formal Education. University Foundation, Maryhill College, St. Anne College and Calayan Educational Foundation. The city has also a City College which was Lucena City Division is now on its 50th year as a founded by no less than City Administrator Ramon Y. Talaga Jr. Its main separate division from the province of Quezon. It is now composed building is situated at the City Hall Annex in Better Living Subd. It now of four districts from the used three districts: Lucena North which has an annex building located at Ibabang Dupay which is just adjacent to has 14 schools, Lucena East with 9, Lucena West with 11 and Lucena LucenaCityNHS.The16-roombuildingservesstudentsofthecitycollege South with 10 garnering a total of 44 schools, the last of which is the while half of it serves the secondary students. The city is also proud to have Dalahican Elementary School Extension which is located in the coastal St. Alphonsus Regional Major Seminary located at area. Brgy. Isabang which is just in front of City Hall Annex. Department of Education LUCENA CITY ublic schools had been operating in Lucena, Quezon Lucena East I and Lucena South 2 in 1964; Lucena East 3 in 1965; (now Lucena City) since the 1900s. Schools then Lucena East 4 in 1967 and Lucena West 3 in 1967; Lucena East were ran and managed by the country’s colonizers 2 ES and Dalahican ES- 1968; and Lucena East 8 ES in 1969. specifically the Spaniards and the Americans. In 1903, the first The 70’s proved to be more historical for all educators in Lucena City Gabaldon type of building for the elementary was because it became an independent division in 1971. Thus, within the 50 erected in Iyam by the Americans which was named Lucena years from then, more public schools were born. Aside from the birth Elementary School. Its first teachers were the Americans. of schools, the division added another district. Long before, it only had This school was meant only for fifth and sixth graders in the 3 – the Lucena North, Lucena East and Lucena West. With the booming municipality. Thus, after finishing Grade Four in the number of public schools, the division proposed a Lucena South District neighboring schools, the pupils would go to Lucena Elementary to which was permitted by the Bureau of Public Schools in 1971. It was also finish their intermediate grades. With the increasing population of the in 1971 when Lucena West 1 was named as one of the pilot schools in municipality and with the departure of the American after World War II, the Southern Tagalog Region, thus making it the center of academic excellence Filipino teachers took over and Lucena Elementary eventually became Lucena in the elementary. As an independent division, it created more schools. West I Elementary School offering complete Lucena West 2 was born in 1970; Lucena North 2 – 1973; Lucena North elementary. 3, Lucena East 5, Lucena East 6, Lucena East 9 and Barra ES in 1974 and Names of the different schools then were named according to the Kanlurang Mayao and San Lorenzo ES – 1975. The year 1980 saw the barrios where they belonged. According to history, the emergence of BLISS ES and Reymar Compound ES in 1991. In the 20th following schools were founded on the dates opposite the schools: Iyam century, Domoit ES was born in 2002; Hermana Fausta ES – 2004 and Elementary in 1901 which eventually became Lucena Elementa- Bocohan ES – 2007. ry with the Americans naming it such together with the construction Then city mayor Ramon Y. Talaga Jr., displaying sensitivity to the growing of the first elementary Gabaldon Bldg. in 1903; Cotta Elementary (now population of Lucena City and having only one public secondary school Lucena South I) – 1937; Mayao Castillo ES – 1936; Silangang located in the city, the Quezon National High School (not belonging to Mayao- 1938 and Ilayang Dupay ES- 1938. These were the existing schools in the city division although located in Lucena City), he decided that it was the 1930’s. In the 1940’s, more schools were opened for the public: Gulang- time to open a city high school to accommodate the big number of high Gulang ES-1940; Ibabang Dupay ES (now Elvira Razon ES in honor of its school graduates. Thus, the Lucena City NHS was opened to the public donor Dra. Elvira Razon Aranilla)- 1941; Ibabang Talim ES-1942; Isabang in 1993. Sensing that more high school graduates could not afford to go ES- 1945; Mayao Parada ES- 1946; Ilayang Talim ES- 1947; Salinas ES- 1949. to the said high schools, Mayor Talaga again opened more secondary The 50’s saw the birth of two more public schools- Lucena North I ES and schools in big barangays – one in Dalahican, the Dalahican NHS and Talao Talao ES in 1958. With the Cotta NHS in 1999. Thereafter, upon the request of the people from chartering of Lucena as a city in 1961, more and more schools were construct- Gulang-Gulang, a secondary school was also built in that area. Gulang ed. Gulang was opened in Ibabang Talim naming it Ibabang Talim NHS. The year of the 60’s saw the emergence of more public schools in Lucena City. This was the period when Lucena eventually became a city. First on its list was Camp Nakar ES- in 1960; Lucena West 2 ES and Ransohan ES- 1962; Zaballero Subd. ES, Ibabang Iyam ES and Mayao Crossing ES in 1963;

A Glimpse of the Public City Schools In 1901, when the American soldiers occupied Lucena, they decided to educate the masses. They selected intelligent young boys and taught them the 3R’s – reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. After teaching these boys, they selected those who learned best and asked them to teach the others. One of these selected was the late Candido Pelipada, also of Iyam. Many more boys were educated by these Americans until a Gabaldon type of building was erected in 1903. It was at this time that the girls were allowed to study Silangang Mayao which is located at Maharlika Highway was in this school. All the children went to this school to learn the able to come up with a school in 1938 thru one of its landowners, focus of the time – the 3R’s. Since there was marked increase in the pupil the barrio’s known philanthropist Mr. Mateo Diala. He donated a 1 enrollees, five private buildings available in the municipality were rented to ½ hectare land for the purpose. Its first teacher was Mr. Manuel Isaac accommodate them. These were Salvacion, Querubin and who eventually became its first principal from 1946 to 1959. Now, Evangelista buildings in Ilaya District, Lavadia Building in Ibaba District, a travelers passing through Maharlika Highway going to Bicol cannot building in Radyo Pantok, Allarey Building near the public market, Abulencia help but turn their heads to this remarkable school Silangang Mayao Building in Cotta, and the Malaya Building near the park. Directions then ES. Through the years, it has made its mark in terms of big enrolment were merely called Ilaya and Ibaba and schools were named after these and beautiful infrastructure. buildings. Anybody then who would wish to be directed would just be Ilayang Dupay had its first institution in 1939 in a room merely pointed to either Ilaya or Ibaba and Red V or Iyam. Typically, if attached to the house of Anastacio Tadiosa. Its first and only teacher someone would go to the provincial hospital, he would just say he would go was Mr. Crisanto Tadiosa, one of the very few education graduates to Ilaya and if he would go to the market, he would say he was going to Ibaba. of Lucena. When the second world war broke in 1941, the school When World War II broke out in 1941, schools were closed closed due to bombings and reopened only in 1942. In 1949, Mr. and temporarily, and they resumed only in 1945. With the 5-year gap, Mrs. Sixto Ramos donated a new school site and named it Ilayang no school records could be dug even if there were places which Dupay Primary school. It was only in 1961 that it was able to become a secretly held classes. The records were either gutted by fire or were complete elementary school. Ilayang Dupay ES is now the center of not recorded at all. Due to some years’ closure of the schools, there celebration every August 19th since the big monument of the late was a huge surge of enrolment when schools resumed. Thus, primary President Manuel L. Quezon stands there. History reveals that it was classes were opened in the población while intermediate classes were held in this barrio where Pres. Quezon had his first taste of political life. He in Iyam Gabaldon Bldg which was now called as Lucena Elementary School. was the first Cabeza de Barangay of this place and was his first In 1937, Domingo Abulencia who was one of the pioneer settlers passport to becoming a great of Cotta, where Lucena South I ES now stands, gave one room of his house politician of the country. to be the learning center of the community with Mr. Julian Palmiery as the teacher. Later, another class was created on the ground floor of the house of Lorenzo Figueroa with Ms. Rosa del Mundo as the teacher. Classes had to stop when World War II broke out thus, no school records were available from 1941-1943. Through the years, progress made its mark in the barrio until it was able to build more and more school buildings.

Brgy. Gulang Gulang had no school before the second Mr. Hilaron Zaporteza of Mayao Parada, seeing a great world war since there were already rented buildings for the purpose. need of the children in the place to be in school, offered a part However, after the war, to address the growing demand for education, of his house to be used as a school in 1946. After four years, the division of Tayabas (now Quezon) rented room in the house of Mrs. sensing that the place was already too small for the growing number of Juana Armamento and its first teacher was Ms. Purificacion Baluyot. pupils decided to donate ½ hectare of his land. However, it The house was located near military camp Wilhelm which was later easily got flooded during rainy season thus together with the barrio named Camp. Guillermo Nakar. In 1940, couple Aquilino Daleon and captain then Aniceto Dalida looked for a more suitable site for Laureana Abadilla donated a 5,000 sq. m. lot purposely for a school. a school. Luckily, Mr. Leon Lustado and his wife Dolores had an Thus, it became the center of learning of the people from the place. unproductive lot near the railroad track. They and Zaporteza’s agreed Just like the other schools, it too was closed during the war. The school to trade their lots so as to give a decent school to children to Mayao reopened in1947 and handled multi grade classes for several years. Parada. That is where until now the school Mayao Parada is located with Noted teachers then were Ms. Josefina River, Mrs. Mercedes Ramos, Mrs its first teacher and who later become head teacher -Mr. Jose Larracas. Magsalin and Mrs. Teresa Reyes. It had its first principal in 1961 in the As early as 1947, Ilayang Talim was already holding multi person of Mrs. Emiliana Salazar and she managed the school until 1970. grade classes for its children. A certain Mr. Sevilla donated the 4,251 Ibabang Dupay had its share of having a school also for its sq. meter lot for the purpose. Its first teacher was Mrs. Lourdes children. The school was led by Mr. Jose Pavon of Red-V Coconut Gonzales. Just like its neighboring school Ibabang Talim, children Product Ltd. With the help of Juian Zoleta, Mrs. Florencia suffered a lot of difficulty finishing their elementary after the fourth grade Cuevas and Mrs Natividad Conjares. After the war, the school due to distance. Their only means of transportation was a carabao-drawn reopened in June 1947. Then barrio lieutenant Justiniano or horse-drawn cart. It was just good that with the passing of years, Padua and parent Severino Conjares requested the family to with Lucena as very promising economically, Ilayang Talim is so easy Teofilo Aranilla to lend them a certain portion of their vast land to reach now, what with the concrete read the people are now enjoying. for the school. The Family agreed and the parents constructed the In the 1940’s, children from barrio Salinas had to take a long school made of coconut lumber and nipa. Finally, the Aranilla walk or rode on carabao/horse pulled cart to the town proper just to be Family donated the said lot to the school. After so many years, Ibabang in school. It was only 1949 when the kids experienced having a school of Dupay ES became Elvira Razon Aranilla ES in honor of the donor. their own when Mr. Jose Salvacion lent the barrio a portion of his land. Ibabang Talim, which has always been known as one Its first teachers were Mrs. Teresita Lagos and Mr. Busa. In 1958 though, of the biggest coconut growing barrios in Lucena, opened a Dona Rosario Torres de Medel who hailed from the place donated one multi grade class for its learners in 1942. The classroom was made hectare of her land to be used for the school. This school, which used from bamboo and nipa shingles. Pioneer teachers were Leon to be called as a “school near the riles” is now very progressive and the Sabelora, Arturo Abella and Dominador Saturno. The place is quite children are enjoying what their counterpart from the población enjoy. far from población and children after finishing elementary in Lucena Lucena North I ES (now) used to be called Salvacion Elementary School in Iyam. At present, the road to Ibabang Talim Elem. School in honor of the owner of the building the school from the national highway is fully concreted and transportation is rented. At present, it is now called Lucena North I Elem. School and now easy because jeepneys and tricycles ply to and from the place. is situated already in a 1,362 sq. meter lot in Barcelona Extension. The barrio of Isabang was totally a forested area before There were only few residents in barrio Talao-Talao and the war. Only four houses were found in the said barrio and some most of their children would go to población to study. Finally, in nipa huts around. The first school was at the residence of Mr. 1958, the first school was constructed through the effort of the Mayor Ignacio Rago in 1930. Fifteen years thereafter, in 1945, the Lucena Casto Profugo. Five years after, barrio captain Vidal Venuya was government bought a 5002 sq. meter lot amounting to Php 250.00 able to request for a Php 5,000.00 allocation for a new school from Mr. Domingo Salamillas. The first school building was a center building. Some years later, another school building was constructed of commerceand it is now very popular because of its subdivisions. through barrio captain Ben Ramos and Councilman Primitivo Satin.

In 1960, a small class for Grade 1 was organized and held its class inside the compound of Camp Wilhelm (now Camp Guillermo Nakar) just before Lucena become a city. This was taken care of by Gulang-Gulang ES. A year after, a Grade II class was organized with Mrs. Pilar Licardo as its first head teacher with two teachers. They called their small school Camp Wilhelm Primary The year 1963 also saw the birth of another school, Mayao School. In 1966, more classes were organized and some more classes Crossing ES and it is situated in a 5,000 sq. m. lot donated by occupied a soldiers’ barracks called Quonset Hut. After some years, Magdalena Alcoreza with Mrs. Concepcion Evangelista as the enrolment continued to grow and since there was no more available first principal. The school is a complete elementary school. space in Camp Wilhelm, they went out and occupied a multi-purpose Barangay Marketview used to be a part of Mayao pavement building occupied by the PACD through barrio captain Crossing and no formal school yet till 1964. It was just good Gregorio Antenor. Since it was a pavement, the teachers put some that Dolor Subd. donated open space of 1.04 hectare to the city dividers to make them look like classrooms. It became the children’s government as a future school site. Thus, a schoolroom for Grades shelter for so many years. In 1972, while a Girl scout encampment I-IV was constructed with Mr. Esteban Arenas. As its first principal. was going on in Camp Wilhelm, Martial Law was declared. The sitting Marketview, having a huge population even rented private house for general then requested that classes move out for security reason. Thus, additional classrooms. In 1970, Marketview Elem. became Lucena they transferred to Josephine Subd., Purok Maligaya, also in Gulang East I ES and began to offer complete elementary to the public. At Gulang. This time, they were now offering complete elementary. Their present, it is now considered as the central school of Lucena East District. full-pledged principal was Mrs. Pilar Licardo once more. They were Actually, Lucena South II ES in Cotta used to be housed able to occupy a lot which was the open space for Josephine Subd. It was first at Sacred Heart Bldg. but was gutted down by fire in1964. agreed that they could construct a school in the said open space as long In the same year a new school building was built, this time at as they didn’t get the basketball court which served as the recreation Capitol Homesite Subd. and was named Lucena East II ES. The center for the homeowners. Now, the school is called Camp Nakar ES. 12,934 sq. m. lot where it was built was donated by Mr. Damaso Nicodemus who was the owner of the said subdivision. Upon the The people of Lucena City became more aggressive since creation of Lucena South District, it was renamed Lucena South II ES. Lucena East III ES is located in BelAir Subd. by its chartering. School bloomed in almost all the barangays. Not to be which a portion of the land where it stands right now was outdone were the residents of Torres Subd. in Iyam. It constructed an donated by the Unson Family. Its first school building was annex school of Lucena West I and named it Torres Subd. ES with its constructed in 1980 thru its first principal Miss Adela Ladiana. first principal Mrs. Sofia Javierto. Through her, they were able to secure Lucena East IV ES was founded in 1967 with Mrs. Paz a 1.186 sq. meter lot from the farmer Mayor Pedro Torres. It paved the Jardin as its first head teacher. It only offered primary grades and way to becoming a separate school and thus named it Lucena West II ES. was just renting a building of the Casino Family. A year after, they The Barrio of Ransohan was formerly called Rancho rented another building, the Recio Bldg. to accommodate the since the place was merely a land for animals like cows, carabaos, growing enrolment with Mrs. Magdalena Victorino as its head horses and goats owned by Don Felimon Perez, and it was purely an teacher. In 1970, the said Recio Bldg. was sold to the Magallanes agricultural land although it was fronting Tayabas Bay. It was Family thus the school was renamed Magallanes Bldg. with Mrs. actually a part of Brgy. Salinas which was owned by Don Eufrocino Consolacion Madrinan managing. Through the effort of Mrs. de las Alas and Atty. Alfredo Bonus. In 1962, it became a separate Madrinan, Mrs. Purificacion de Ungria donated a lot to the city barrio called Ransohan and the people requested for some teachers government to serve as school site for public school children. The to teach their children. Thus, no matter how far from the población, donated lot was a dead-end road leading to Bonifacio St. More children were able to receive proper elementary education. Now, buildings were constructed in 1972 Ransohan ES is a very progressive school with a large enrolment. until the Casino and Magallanes buildings were vacated. In 1963, Mr. and Mrs. Exiquiel Zaballero Lucena West III ES (formerly Lucena West V) built donated a 13, 621.20 sq.m. lot to Lucena City government under in 1967 located at the back of Lucena West I ES used to be Mayor Casto Profugo for the purpose of an establishment of a only as one of the buildings in the compound. However, when public school. In honor of the lot donor, the school was named Agripino the West I population ballooned, the division office of Lucena Zaballero School and later named as Zaballero Subd. ES. It started with decided to separate it as an affiliate school which was then called only two classrooms intended for Grades I and II pupils under Mrs. Lucena West V. However, when the original West III ES located at Emiliana Salazar as principal. At present, school was considered as one the old City Hall was gutted down by fire, Lucena West V became of the biggest schools of the city and is oftentimes the seat of the city Lucena West III with Mrs. Vicenta Caparros as its first principal. conferences, seminars and workshops and even regional conferences.

Lucena East II ES, as it is called now, used to be Tantuco ES since the public school in that Barangay 5 was then merely housed at Tantuco Bldg. This was in 1968. For several years, this Tantuco ES held classes in the building until in 1985, then principal of the said school, initiated to purchase a lot specifically for the purpose. Luckily, Assemblyman Mariano Agcaoili donated a lot from nationalfundmeasuring450sq.m.AfamousChinesebusinessman,Don Benito Yao donated a six-classroom building and the school was named after him, Don Benito Yao ES. From then on, more school buildings were constructed since the school was situated in the heart of the city and that most children would attend here. Due to big class siz- es, the school was divided into two –Lucena East II-A and Lucena East II-B but the latter is now an independent school, Lucena East VI ES. Dalahican ES, in 1968, used to be termed as Paaralang Nayon ng Dalahican with Mrs. Magdalena Victorino as the pioneering principal. During the SY 1974-1975, with its huge pupil population, the school was divided into two: Paaralang Nayon ng Dalahican I and Paaralang Nayon ng Dalahican II. In the same school year, Lucena South District was born with Mrs. Bibiana Tañada as the officer-in-charge (equivalent to district supervisor) with Ms. Elisa Peras now as the principalofthePaaralangNayonngDalahican.ItwasduringtheSY1983- 1984 that the school was changed to Dalahican ES which it carries until now. At present, the school is the biggest school in Lucena South District. Lucena East 8 ES which is located in a place popularly known as Little Baguio in Ibabang Dupay. In 1969, it was just an extension of Ibabang Dupay ES (now Elvira Razon Aranilla ES) offering only two grade levels, Grades I and II with Mrs. Estrella Pineda as its head teacher. Through her, the parcel of land where they were having classes, was donated by Lucena Heights Subd. owned by the Barcelona Family. With the donation and with more school buildings constructed, the school began to offer complete elementary. In the late 50’s, a small school headed by its head teacher Mrs. Praxedes Bukas was constructed at Sisa St., in a 3.127 sq. m. lot belonging to Quezon Educational Association, now Quezon Public School Teacher’s Association headed by its president then Victoriano Quejano. On Dec. 24, 1989, the lot was donated to the city government in the presence of then Mayor Cesar Zaballero. The school is now called Lucena West IV ES. The Daleon Compound in Zaballero-Millar Subd. was once the center of learning for primary pupils in 1978. Through the generosity of a donor of 1,798 sq m. lot, the school was able to have its own building in Purok Santolan, Brgy. 2. Its pioneer principal was Mrs. Fe Bonus. At present, it offers complete elementary and also enjoys as an adopted school of Sacred Heart College. Lucena North III ES was once an annex of Luce- na West III ES. It is located in a 200sq. m. lot donated by Elisa Abellanosa Jalbuena in 1974. From then on, it became an independent school as Lucena North III ES with Ms. Concepcion Reyes as its first principal. Before having its concrete building, they used to hold their classes in classrooms made of nipa and had them barong-barong style. It was only in the latter part of the year that the teachers and pupils were able to acquire a Marcos Pre-fab building.

Likewise, Lucena East V ES started also in 1974 and The Lucena North II Elementary School was once had its first small school built in a lot donated by Mrs. Paz located at Victoria St., Zaballero Millar Subd. and at Daleon Allarey. Miss Loreto Cortes was its first principal. In 1980, spouses Compound in Brgy. XI. Through the initiative of the city Joselito and Josefina Barcelona donated a lot in Barangay VI where an government and an anonymous donor of a piece of land, the school is now annex building was located. The lot has an area of 1,111 sq. m.. located at Purok Santolan. At present, the school which now offers a This area, though, was lessened by a portion given as a right of way complete elementary is an adopted school of Sacred Heart College. going to Market View Subd. Mr. Naazon Ojastro then exchanged their lot with the school lot so as not to disrupt what the school had In 1975, a 3-classroom Bagong Lipunan Bldg. was been enjoying. Right now, the school has proven to be a progressive constructed in the corner of Genes Aguilar St. and Don Alfaro St. school as evidenced by its growing enrolment through the years. which was merely a satellite school of Lucena East III ES. Its first principal, Mrs. Estrella A. Pineda took the initiative to look for a Lucena East VI ES was established in 1974 as an lot donor for educational purpose. The school stood on a 3,390 sq. extension school of Lucena East IV. It started with a bungalow type m. lot, a portion of which measuring 2,172 sq. m. is owned by the building offering only Grades I-IV. In 1978, to complete the grade provincial government and was for lease since 1990. Finally, a levels, two classes (Grades V and VI) from Lucena East II ES were good-hearted philanthropist Dona Feofila Zaballero Unson donated transferred to Lucena East VI and that paved the way for the a 1,198 sq.m. lot for the said school. The school grew and grew until school to become a complete elementary school and carried its title it became an independent school which is now known as Lucena East Lucena East VI ES with Miss Nenita Lusterio as its first principal. VII ES. At present, aside from offering complete elementary, it also offers special education classes for the hearing impaired, the mentally In 1974, three classrooms were constructed in challenge and the visually impaired. The said SPED center popularly a lot in Sto. Rosario Subd., Brgy IV donated by Miss Paz known as Sentro ng Paglingap at Pagasa, was registered at the SEC since Allarey. The kind lady had always been known to be so generous 1988 thru Mrs. Estrella A. Pineda and then PTA president Rogelio Veluz. and had soft spot for children who could not afford to go to schools requiring them to ride before reaching the place. Through the years, Lucena East VII Elementary School used to be a the school grew and known as Lucena East IX ES. Its first principal satellite school of Lucena East III ES. It started with a 3-classroom was Ms. Loreto Cortes who was the main reason for the donation. Bagong Lipunan Bldg. in 1975. Its first set of teachers were Mrs. Lydia Aranas, Mrs. Apolonia Alcazar and Mrs. Armenia Nuyda. Through Touted as a remote area in Lucena City, Brgy. the initiative of the then principal of Lucena East III Mrs. Estrella A. Barra had so much difficulty in sending its school children to the Pineda, the school site was donated by the city government to the poblacion for distance reason. One had to ride in a banca for at least 20 city division schools and was called Bagong Lipinan School. With the minutes to reach Cotta, the nearest barrio. Thus, the people there increase in enrolment, it became an independent school and was tried to rent houses just to accommodate pupils and let them named Lucena East VII ES which it carried until now. So far, it is already experience schooling at least in the primary level. Pupils who a school offering complete elementary with some special education wished to graduate in the elementary had to go to Lucena South I classes for the hearing impaired, the blind and the mentally disturbed. ES in Cotta. This was the reason why very few would graduate in the BLISS ES is relatively a new school. It was the late elementary. It was only in 1974 that a decent school building was built Mayor Mario L. Tagarao who approved of the building of Bagong offering complete elementary with Ms. Lourdes Hirang as principal. Lipunan Improvement Site and Services during his term in 1980. He Kanlurang Mayao ES located in Execitive Village is awarded this area to 50 families within the said community. situated on a 4,462 sq. m. lot donated by spouses Francisco Banaas and Eventually, a school was built which started as a satellite of Benita Lisan. The school was established in 1975 with RP-US Dalahican ES and Mayao Crossing ES with Mrs. Fely Monasterio as its BayanihanTypeBldg.Itinitiallyofferedprimarygradesonlybutbecamea first head teacher. The school occupied 1,134 sq.m. BLISS site families completeelementaryin1980withMrs.AuroraObozaasitsfirstprincipal. grew bigger and thus pupil population also increased. With the said marked increase, more buildings were constructed and somehow an San Lorenzo ES was opened in 1975 under the name expansion of the land area also took place. With such a big enrolment Lucena North III. Its head teacher then Mrs. Concordia Talabong now, it became an independent school offering a complete elementary. requested Fr. Hermenigildo Lagustan, then parish priest of St. Isidore to allow them to use the building near the church as class- rooms for GradeS I-IV classes. In 1977, two extension classes for Grades V and VI were added with Mrs. Arminda Edano as its prin- cipal. In 1978, Mrs. Elena Dialola of San Lorenzo Subd. donated a 1,026 sq m. lot for the school. With the donation, San Lorenzo ES became its permanent name and was permanently separated from its mother school Lucena North III ES. The school services public school children from Purok Rainbow, Purok Riverside, Purok San Francisco and Purok Central- all from Red V District of Ibabang Dupay.

One of the youngest schools in the division is Reymar Com- Bocohan ES is a relatively very young school having opened pound ES located in Brgy. Gulang- Gulang. It was established as a its doors to the residents of Brgy. Bocohan in 2006. Brgy. Captain satellite school of Gulang-Gulang ES in 1991 under the supervision Romulo Lagar appealed to Engr. Napoleon Ravanzo to offer a lot of Mrs. Angelina Mendoza. The 680 sq. m. lot was donated by the for a school building. And he did donate a 500 sq. m. lot. The first Homeowners Association of Reymar Compound through its presi- 2-classroom building was then built through an allocated fund from dent Leah Gonzales with city approved resolution no. 3821 penned the DepEd as requested by then Cong. Proceso Alcala. Thus, the by then City Mayor Cesar Zaballero and Vice Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga residents now had an easy access to a school headed by lsabang ES Jr. It started with just one building offering Grades I and II only. A principal Mrs. Remedios Davila. A year after, another 2 classrooms were year after, with the abrupt increase of enrolment, it became a complete added through the funds of the same Congressman. Today, Bocohan elementary with Mr. Felix Avillo (now a city councilor) as its head ES is already offering complete elementary after 4 years of existence. teacher. Although it was already offering complete elementary. it was Due to the growing population of Lucena City and with the still a satellite school this time under llayang Dupay ES. It became an growing student population, the people of Lucena City clamored for independent school only in 1999 and was thus given a full-fledged a public high school specifically in big, major barangays. Heeding to principal. Today, it has already grown in number and more school the great demand, Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga Jr. responded to the call buildings were added to accommodate the big enrolment each year. and moved a great effort to come up with one. The city government decided that since the school lot donated by the Aranilla family The children from Brgy. Domoit used to go to neighboring measuring 1.5 hectares, was too big for just the elementary, it opted schools like Isabang ES and Gulang Gulang ES for their elementary to create a high school beside it occupying one half of the lot. The education. But things changed in 2002 when Brgy. Capt. Enriquito first public secondary school was Ibabang Dupay NHS (now Lu- Trinidad and his councilors requested the local government to estab- cena City NHS) by the virtue of Republic Act 1192. The move was lish a school in the said barangay claiming that though their children strongly supported by the then Schools Division Superintendent Dr. attended the mentioned schools, there were still plenty of children Leonora Guerrero, Asst. Supt. Mrs. Azucena O. Romulo, then who could not go to school due to financial reason and due to distance. principal of Elvira Razon Aranilla ES Evelyn Villabroza, District They claimed that there was a vacant lot in their place with an area Supervisor Ricardo Orinday and the PTA. Initially, the first batch of of 15,095 sq. m owned by 1st Ebank. The Armed Forces of the Phil- enrollees used a classroom from the elementary. After two months, ippines donated the first school building followed by a 2-classroom the late Congressman Marcial Punzalan Jr. donated a 2-classroom building from the Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Finally, building. During that time, the location was still a huge rice field and the barangay claimed its first school in 2003 which was first a satellite was so muddy. In fact, the three pioneer teachers had to improvise school of Gulang Gulang ES under the supervision of Mrs. Edilberta comfort rooms for them and the students, had their canteen under the E. Baja. During the latter part of the school year, it was declared as an shade of a big tree and the teachers even had to go to Malacanang Palace independent school with Mrs. Fe Pabilonia as its first head teacher. to draw their salary and this took a long time for them to do so. Then The people of Brgy. Hermana Fausta dreamed for a long English Supervisor Mrs. Lolita L. Sta. Ana took charge of the school. time of a school for their children. It was so difficult for the folks to send their children to school because it is quite far from the pobla- Each year, the school made marked improvement through cion. Through the efforts of the residents and well meaning concerned the assistance of the city government. It constructed more and more citizens, they asked the DECS (now DepEd) to send to their baran- school buildings to accommodate the huge number of enrollees gay teachers who could organize classes in their place. They convert- coming from the whole barangay of llayang Dupay and even from ed an old building which used to be a garment factory donated by the nearby barangays. In 1999, it had its first full-fledged principal a French NGO, ASMAE into four classrooms. To accommodate the in the person of Mrs. Epifania Carandang (now Education Program big number of school children, multi grade classes were organized. Supervisor of ICT). After some years, the City Council enacted The lot housing the classrooms is still owned by the Hermana Fausta Ordinance No. 2026 series of 2002 renaming lbabang Dupay NHS to housing community though. Seeing the difficulty of the kids going Lucena City NHS and approved on January 21, 2002. Section 2 of the to school, walking a long distance and braving the rains during the Ordinance established the foundation day of the school every 17th rainy season, well meaning people like Cynthia Suarez Eleazar, being of July each year. Today, LCNHS is a very much improved school. the manager of the livelihood project that time, extended assistance It now has 8 buildings with complete school facilities including a to facilitate the transfer of the use of the garment factory as a school. covered-gymnasium that can house as much as 3 thousand people which She even spearheaded solicitation of school supplies for distribution wasconstructedduringtheadministrationofMayorRamonY.TalagaJr. to the kids. Seeing that the kids and teachers have already settled, After three years of existence and seeing the need for more this was then endorsed to the DECS and it became a satellite school public high schools, Mayor Talaga created an extension high school of Silangang Mayao ES. With its current principal then, Mr. Briccio in Brgy. Dalahican in 1999. For its first year of existence, the school Batanes, he requested some teachers from his school to go to Brgy. held its classes within the compound of Dalahican ES of which Hermana Fausta to teach the kids there designating Mr. Matusalem two classrooms were used with only three teachers to handle the Asia as the teacher-in-charge. For years, the pupils were cramped classes. Designated teacher in charge was Mr. Rolito Inojosa (now the in that small old building until finally, a new building was granted legitimate full-fledged principal). With its growing enrolment in the through Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga Jr. with the initiative of Mr. Ricardo following years, the school held classes also in a vacant place under the Mapaye who was already the principal of Silangang Mayao ES. For St. Raphael Church which was several meters away from Dalahican ES. so many years, the school existed without electric and water supply.

The teacher made use of the place by placing wood The teacher made use of the place by placing wood dividerstoaccommodateenrollees.Now,theuseoftheplacewasthrough dividerstoaccommodateenrollees.Now,theuseoftheplacewasthrough the request of the PTA headed by its president Felipe Cabigonda. The the request of the PTA headed by its president Felipe Cabigonda. The students stayed there for one year and then moved again to Dalahican students stayed there for one year and then moved again to Dalahican ES since its principal then, Ms. Gloria Banog, lent two more rooms ES since its principal then, Ms. Gloria Banog, lent two more rooms for the use of the high school students. It would be noted that during for the use of the high school students. It would be noted that during those years, the teachers had to sacrifice handling class sizes ranging those years, the teachers had to sacrifice handling class sizes ranging from 100 to 135 just to address shortage of teachers. Most teachers from 100 to 135 just to address shortage of teachers. Most teachers then would remark that once you were already inside the classroom, then would remark that once you were already inside the classroom, you could not go out anymore for there was no more space to move. In you could not go out anymore for there was no more space to move. In June, 2006, a lot was finally bought by the city government along the June, 2006, a lot was finally bought by the city government along the highway which is just a kilometer away from the elementary school. highway which is just a kilometer away from the elementary school. Right away, the city government constructed a 12-room building. Seeing Right away, the city government constructed a 12-room building. Seeing a big enrolment, then Congressman Proceso Alcala donated a 4-class- a big enrolment, then Congressman Proceso Alcala donated a 4-class- room building beside the big building and added another room after room building beside the big building and added another room after a year. In 2010, Dalahican NHS became an independent school with a year. In 2010, Dalahican NHS became an independent school with its principal Myla B. Berry. Some months after that, another 16-class- its principal Myla B. Berry. Some months after that, another 16-class- room building was constructed to accommodate the huge enrolment. room building was constructed to accommodate the huge enrolment. Former Mayor Bernard Tagarao, together with the Former Mayor Bernard Tagarao, together with the Sangguniang Panglungsod presided by former Vice Mayor Raymundo Sangguniang Panglungsod presided by former Vice Mayor Raymundo Adormeo passed a resolution on August 2, 1999 for the creation of Adormeo passed a resolution on August 2, 1999 for the creation of another high school in Lucena City, this time in Brgy. Cotta. Just like another high school in Lucena City, this time in Brgy. Cotta. Just like Dalahican NHS, it also started as an extension high school of Lucena Dalahican NHS, it also started as an extension high school of Lucena City NHS. Initially, it occupied an old building of Lucena South II ES. City NHS. Initially, it occupied an old building of Lucena South II ES. At present, it is now housed in its own school site beside the Lucena At present, it is now housed in its own school site beside the Lucena South II ES with 7 buildings complete with facilities. Three of which South II ES with 7 buildings complete with facilities. Three of which were funded by the national government through Cong. Marcial were funded by the national government through Cong. Marcial Punzalan Jr. The latest unit in a 2-storey 12-classroom building con- Punzalan Jr. The latest unit in a 2-storey 12-classroom building con- structed under the administration of Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga Jr. Worth structed under the administration of Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga Jr. Worth mentioning here is the acquisition of the school site through the same mentioning here is the acquisition of the school site through the same mayor. mayor. Not to be outdone is Brgy. Gulang Gulang which also made Not to be outdone is Brgy. Gulang Gulang which also made a strong move to come up with its own public high school seeing that a strong move to come up with its own public high school seeing that its big barangay counterparts were already boasting of their own high its big barangay counterparts were already boasting of their own high school. And since Gulang Gulang prides itself of also having a huge school. And since Gulang Gulang prides itself of also having a huge population, it also appealed to the city government that it also be population, it also appealed to the city government that it also be provided with one. With the joint forces of Mayor Ramon Y. provided with one. With the joint forces of Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga Jr, Brgy. Capt. Anselmo Regis Jr., former SDS Dr. Talaga Jr, Brgy. Capt. Anselmo Regis Jr., former SDS Dr. Yolita S. Amiscosa and OIC-ASDS Felix F. Avillo, the dream became a Yolita S. Amiscosa and OIC-ASDS Felix F. Avillo, the dream became a reality. The groundbreaking of the new school site situated at reality. The groundbreaking of the new school site situated at Zaballero Subd., Purok Malayong Pinag-isa, Brgy. Gulang Gulang Zaballero Subd., Purok Malayong Pinag-isa, Brgy. Gulang Gulang dated August 24, 2005 was a grand fiesta for the residents and dated August 24, 2005 was a grand fiesta for the residents and students. Finally, on March 8, 2006, witnessed by the huge number students. Finally, on March 8, 2006, witnessed by the huge number of residents of Brgy. Gulang Gulang, city government and DepEd of residents of Brgy. Gulang Gulang, city government and DepEd officials, teachers, and students, the first 2-storey 8-classroom officials, teachers, and students, the first 2-storey 8-classroom building funded by the city government was blessed and inaugurated. building funded by the city government was blessed and inaugurated. Gulang Gulang NHS started as an umbrella of Gulang Gulang NHS started as an umbrella of Lucena City NHS with Mr. Rolito Inojosa as its first head teacher. Lucena City NHS with Mr. Rolito Inojosa as its first head teacher. The school offered only first year level with merely 147 enrollees. The The school offered only first year level with merely 147 enrollees. The second year of operation added a new year level and with increase second year of operation added a new year level and with increase in enrolment, another 7-classroom building was added funded by in enrolment, another 7-classroom building was added funded by the DepEd and a 4-classroom building which was donated by the the DepEd and a 4-classroom building which was donated by the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Another pride of the said Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Another pride of the said school is their formal tie-up with Ayala Foundation Inc.-GILAS school is their formal tie-up with Ayala Foundation Inc.-GILAS Project and Syrex Corporation which made it possible for it to come Project and Syrex Corporation which made it possible for it to come up with a complete establishment of Information Communication up with a complete establishment of Information Communication Technology (ICT) laboratory. This really makes the school com- Technology (ICT) laboratory. This really makes the school com- parative with the rest of the secondary schools in the division-both parative with the rest of the secondary schools in the division-both public and private. On August 2, 2007, Gulang Gulang NHS be- public and private. On August 2, 2007, Gulang Gulang NHS be- came an independent school with its principal Anicia J. Villaruel. came an independent school with its principal Anicia J. Villaruel.

However, after some years of operations, the Mayor felt the need for a more responsive educational institution run solely by the City Government thus the City College of Lucena was born. On October 8, 2001, with the whole support of the SanggunianPanglungsod,anordinanceandsubsequentlybecamealaw, was passed authorizing the city government to operate the city college. The Board of Trustees is composed of the following: Chairman, Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga Jr., Members are Coun. Wilfredo Asilo, Mr. Vitaliano Nanagas, Dr. Pablo Nanagas, Dr. Rebecca de Ocampo, Mr. Julian Ong. Mr. Ricardo Pascua and Mrs. Azucena Romulo. The late Mr. Danilo Cada, who hardly pushed for the collage creation was the officer for Special Concerns. Mayor Talaga emphasized that the initial students would be all scholars. During its first three years of operation, it held classes at the former Sangguniang Panglungsod Building. With its growing population, the City Government constructed a new bui lding, still inside the city hall annex, intended for the said higher educational institution. Celebrating its 10 anniversary this year, the City College keeps growing under its president, the former Schools DivisionSuperintendentofDepEdQuezon-Mrs.AzucenaOrtizRomulo. The residents of Brgy. Ibabang Talim, who have been experiencing difficulty in traveling to the high schools in the poblacion, made an appeal to Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga, Jr. to put up one also in their place. Heeding to the clamor, Mayor Talaga requested Mrs. Editha Huelva the elementary principal to lend at least two rooms to accommodate first year entrants. The school became an annex of Gulang- Gulang NHS. The school is now in its third year of operation and has already three levels. It seemed as a political quest of Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga. Jr. to provide the marginalized Lucenahin a quality training/college education that will alleviate them from poverty. This quest inspired him to establish the Dual Training and Livelihood Center under RA. 7684 in Lucena City in cooperation with the late Congressman Marcial Punzalan, Jr., Southern Luzon Polytechnic College (SLPC) Lucban and some Batangas Industrial Firms in early 1994. It was managed by the Southern Luzon Polytechnic College- Lucban and was financially assisted by the City Government of Lucena.

A Glimpse After a Decade: The Emerging Schools Karen Ann T. Salvanera T he Schools Division of Lucena City continued its quest in providing quality education to Batang Lucenahins. The increasing demand in education has resulted in at least one positive thing: realizing the dreams of the Barangay and City Officials to have schools in all barangays of Lucena. It was then apprehended that education can emerge stronger than before by producing additional places for boundless learning experiences. With this, additional schools emerged after a decade. Due to the growing population of Dalahican June 11, 2012, when another ElementarySchool,anannexofitwasestablishedin2011.Dalahican high school was added. Lucena City National Elementary School Annex is located at Purok 1A Ilaya, High School-Mayao Parada Extension (now Barangay Dalahican catering 211 Grades 1-4 learners, Mayao Parada Agricultural Integrated High handled by 5 teachers under the leadership of Mr. School) was established through the efforts Jefferson R. Alojado (June- November 2011) and Mr. Enrique A. of the former LCNHS Principal, Dr. Anicia Cuario (November 2011-May 2012). Since 2012, the school has J. Villaruel, its first OIC Mrs. Ritchelda D. offered a complete elementary from Kindergarten to Abadilla together with former SDS Dr. Grade 6 with Mrs. Lilian B. Paredes as school head (May Aniano M. Ogayon, Barangay Chairman 2012-October 2019) and Ms. Rosa Linda D. Garcia Victor Cantos and Mayao Parada Council- (October 2019 -present). It started with one school building (RYT ors, as well as Mayor Roderick A. Alcala. In Building), completed in 2010, as it grew with additional school 2013, the school saw another opportunity buildings (Serbisyong Suarez Building 2012, Alcala Building to acquire a new site for the 2-storey- 2-CL- in 2013, two-storey four-classroom-PPP Building in 2015 and PPP building that reached its completion DPWH BOD School Building in 2017). From the small school in 2014. With the advent of K to 12 pro- category, it is now one of the medium schools in the division. grams, LCNHS-Mayao Parada Extension Amidst pressure and conflicts to accommodate the needs opened its Senior High School program in of the families of Barangay Ransohan, Lucena City National High 2016.The proposed name of LCNHS Mayao School-Ransohan Extension was opened with 63 enrollees on June Parada Extension as 4, 2011, under the leadership of Mr. Rodolfo A. Sena Jr., Master Mayao Parada Agricultural Teacher I who was assigned as Teacher-in-Charge. Through Integrated High School was approved the collaborative efforts of Mayor Ruby C. Talaga, City through the Sangguniang Panlungsod Res- Administrator Ramon Y. Talaga, Barangay Chairman olution No. 17-139 Series of 2017 on De- Ricardo E. Hernandez, Dr. Aniano M. Ogayon, Dr. Ani- cember 11, 2018. The MPAIHS Rural Farm cia J. Villaruel and Mr. Sena, LCNHS-Ransohan Extension School Integrated-Diversified Farm was was opened in SY 2012-2013 in accordance with Barangay launched on March 19, 2019 and certified Resolution No. 24 s.2011 promulgated in December 2011. In 2014, by the Department of Agriculture (DA) LCNHS-Ransohan Extension was award- – Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) as ed with one unit two-classroom by DepEd. Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA). On LCNHS-Ransohan was hailed as National November 10, 2021, the school was Awardee in the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations confirmed by the Regional Office-Field (TAYO) for their project Mangrove Reforestation Program on Technical Assistance as Passer of SBM Level III February 24, 2015 which was held at Malacañang Palace. based on their validation through the dynamic leadership of Mr. Rey G. Aleman, school head.

Thru the never-ending commitment, drive Lucena Dalahican National High School also and passion of Dr. Anicia J. Villaruel, Principal of had its extension at Barangay Barra. June 02, 2014 Lucena City National High School and Dr. Aniano M. was the opening of its first year of implementation. Ogayon, the Schools Division Superintendent, It catered 82 students in School Year 2014-2015 with Lucena City National High-Mayao Crossing Extension 4 teachers and 2 classrooms borrowed from Bar- effectively started its operation on May 26, 2014 at ra Elementary School. In 2017, the donor Apolopaz the premises of Mayao Crossing Elementary School. Pawnshop signed the deed of the donation of the It consisted of 4 teachers who had been transferred proposed school site located at Villa Apolonia Sub- from the main campus. It began with 88 students in division, Brgy. Barra, Lucena City. The school site 2 makeshift learning areas. With the support of the has an area of 2,000 sq. meters. With the help of the Sangguniang Barangay of Mayao Crossing, it Brgy. Council headed by Brgy. Chairman Amelia P. enacted Resolution No. 019-15 on March 10, 2015, Sobrevinas and LGU Lucena led by the City Mayor allocating P2,800.000 for the acquisition of a 10,000 Roderick A. Alcala, the school had already request- square meter parcel at Purok Langka II to be used ed for the construction of instructional classrooms. as the school’s permanent location. On the oth- Mrs. Carmen H. Macatugob was the first school head er hand, the Transfer Certificate Title No. T-85141 (June 2014-July 13, 2018), Mrs. Quincy Clarize A. Se- was issued by the Mayor Roderick A. Alcala. As it lidio, TIC (September 2017-May 2019) and Mr. Ra- grows into its new role and responds to the needs mil Villadiego (June -July 12,2019). At present, LD- of the community, 9 Temporary Learning Spaces NHS-Barra Annex caters 419 learners with 8 TLS for (TLS) were constructed for 420 learners on January academic classroom and 1 TLS bifurcated intended 4, 2019. Today, Lucena City National High-Mayao for faculty room/and office catering 15 faculty mem- Crossing Extension is composed of 535 learners, 16 bers headed by the school head, Mr. Abel D. Otico. teachers and 5 non-teaching personnel under the In 2015, Lucena East VII Elementary supervision of its school head, Dr. Lorelie A. Jasul. School-Annex was established under Miss Teresita C. Abdala, principal. The school site is located at Blk In the same year, 2014, another extension 14 Lot 8, San Pedro St., La Milagrosa Subd. Brgy. IX, school of LCNHS was opened in Ilayang Dupay. Lucena City. The location is a former basketball court Through the concerted efforts of the Barangay intended for recreation of the homeowner association. Council headed by Hon. Alex M. Abadilla and It was donated by General Realty Corporation to the the 7 Councilors, Dr. Anicia J. Villaruel, Dr. City Government of Lucena. The lot area of the school Aniano M. Ogayon and Mayor Roderick A. Alcala, site is 1068 sq. m. with lot no. 104747. Mr. Guillermo Lucena City National High School-Ilayang Dupay Flores, PSDS (2015), took over the management of the Extension was established. Barangay Resolution school after Mrs. Abdala’s retirement in 2015. He estab- (Kapasiyahan Blg. 11 Series 2014) paved lished the opening of the school through transferring way to its creation. In its first year of 3 teachers of Kindergarten and 3 teachers of Grade I operation, LCNHS-IDE borrowed 1 from Lucena East VII-Main to start the school opera- classroom of Ilayang Dupay Elementary School. It tion with 3 sections of both Kindergarten and Grade started with 31 students and 3 teachers with Mrs. I. During the time of Dr. Sorina P. Gloria as principal Ritchelda D. Abadilla as the first school head. The in 2016, she initiated the offering of kindergarten to succeeding years, a portion of its ground beside the Grade V at the extension school. Upon the assump- school fence was lent for the temporary learning tion of Mrs. Paulina P. Labitigan in 2017 as principal spaces that were built due to additional grade levels. of Lucena East VII Elementary School, she initiated Teachers-in-Charge who served were Mr. Anthony S. the offering of complete grade levels from Kindergar- Ramos, Mrs. Evangeline C. Nieva and Mr. Jose Virgel ten to Grade VI. Mr. Allan L. Jumpalad led the school L. Adriano. After 4 years, it moved to the school site as the first Head Teacher in 2018 until 2021. However, purchased by the City Government of Lucena the school was still under the supervision of the school thru Mayor Alcala in 2018. It is located at Purok Principal of Lucena East VII Main due to the absence Manggahan Brgy. Ilayang Dupay. The first lot of school ID. In 2021-2022, Mrs. Shirley De Torres has has an area of 5,109 sq. meters while the second served as the school principal while Ms. Judeia N. Tav- lot which is adjacent to the first lot has an area as has served as the Officer-in-Charge of the school. of 13,467 sq. m. In 2021, the school entailed 215 learners from Grades 7-10 and 10 personnel with Ms. Xandra Leah S. Dames as the school head.

In 2016, through the collaboration of SDO The school started with 65 Grade-7 Lucena City, Barangay Council of Mayao Castillo and students and 3 faculty members namely Ms. Maica G. City of Government of Lucena, an extension school Lavarez, Mr. Chris Charles A. Ibardelosa and Mrs. in Brgy. Mayao Castillo was opened with barangay Pelagia R. Regio who served as Officer-in-charge resolution (Kapasiyahan Bilang 57 Serye 2016) and from 2016 to present. March 30, 2017, was a red named Lucena City National High School Mayao letter day for GNHS Bocohan Extension because Castillo Annex (proposed as Jose Ng Jao it was set as the ceremonial signing of the deed of National High School) with 3 teachers namely Sherin D. donation of the 413 sq. meter buildable lot donated Bustamante, Jacquiline S. Monterero and Josephine G. by Mr. & Mrs. Alaine Paul Ravanzo to be used for the Pabellano as Teacher In-Charge with 68 first batch of construction of the soon to rise Napoleon Ravanzo enrollees under the supervision of Dr. Anicia J. Villaruel National High School. As per agreement, the said lot former Principal II of LCNHS-Main. Learners used would be donated with the condition that the school one classroom of Mayao Castillo Elementary School. be named to their late father Napoleon Ravanzo. The school has been blessed to have one-hectare lot The establishment of another extension donor named Mr. Rolando T. Jao wherein the Deed of school of Gulang-Gulang National High school in Donation was signed last October 9, 2017. It Barangay Domoit began with an analysis of data already had a lot title transferred and named to the from students of the said barangay. Class attendance Department of Education in October 2019. LCNHS - records and reasons why students are often absent from Mayao Castillo Annex is now in its sixth year with 275 class were one of the bases of Gulang-gulang National learners from Grades 7-10 with 12 teachers led by High School (GNHS) Principal, Mr. Rodolfo A. Sena Mrs. Bustamante as TIC supervised by Dr. Rolito M. Jr., to continue the desire to open a secondary school Inojosa; Principal III of LCNHS-Main. The school in Barangay Domoit, Lucena City. With the help of currently occupies the 8 TLS funded by the City Dr. Anicia J. Villaruel, Juliebeth Obciana-OIC of Do- Government located at Purok Central, Brgy. moit Elementary School, Lowell B. Busa- TIC, Coun- Mayao Castillo since January 2019 also, a cilor Roldan A. Alcantara, Barangay Chairman Nar- single- storey, two-classroom building dito R. Abastillas and all Barangay Councilors along donated by Mr. Francis Chua through Federation of with the Officers of Department of Education, Lucena Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Division led by Dr. Aniano M. Ogayon as Industry, Incorporated in coordination with Lucena Superintendent, Dr. Joepi F. Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Inc. Falqueza OIC- ASDS has executed the represented by Mr. Gaspar K. opening of the Gulang- Gulang National High Ong as the Federation President. School-Domoit Annex. Through the Barangay Gulang-GulangNationalHighSchool-Bocohan Resolution number 2016-008 adopted by the barangay Extension is one of the youngest Junior High Schools council on April 4, 2016, the Secondary School was in the division which formally started on June 13, established and classes started on June 13, 2016. As a step 2016, through the joint efforts and initiative of Dr. in the establishment of this school, Mr. Sena appointed Aniano M. Ogayon, Schools Division Superintendent, Mr. Lowell B. Busa to be the school head in April 2016. Hon. Mayor Roderick A. Alcala, Dr. Anicia J. Villaruel, With the establishment of additional Brgy. Captain Romulo Z. Lagar, Mr. Rodolfo A. Sena Jr. elementary and secondary schools, SDO Principal I of Gulang-Gulang National High School, Lucena continues to flourish over time. Mrs. Pelagia R. Regio, Teacher In-Charge of GN- HS-Bocohan Extension and Mrs. Ma. Lhea P. Comia, Officer In-Charge of Bocohan Elementary School. It is situated at Purok 2, Brgy. Bocohan, Lucena City.

List of Private Schools for SY 2021-2022 NORTH DISTRICT Maranatha Christian Academy Sacred Heart College Little Angel’s Home of Learning Inc. Saint Philomena School, Inc. Infant Jesus Montessori Center, Phils. Bristol Integrated School La Sapienza Learning Center, Inc. Int’l. School for Better Beginnings Twin Hearts International School of Lucena City, Inc. Lucena Northside Learning Center Inc. St. Anne College Lucena Inc. Steppingstone Integrated School of Lucena City Inc. Alpha Centauri Educational System, Inc. Niño Divino Children School, Inc. Digitech College (Digital Communication and Tech- EAST DISTRICT Kids on Keyboard Computer Enrichment Center Inc. Quezon Center for Research and Studies Inc. Immanuel Christian Learning Center, Inc. Ark Technological Institute Education System, Inc. Lucena Adventist Elem. School ABE International Business College-Quezon Province BWEST College One In Christ Church School of Lucena Maryhill College Children’s House A Montessori School Lucena Inc. Harmony Christian Educational Foundation , Inc. St. Augustine School of Nursing-Lucena City Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation St. Michael TVET Training and Assessment Center Inc. Rosarian Centre Creative Education Foundation, Inc. Yllana Colleges of Business and Arts, Inc. WEST DISTRICT Metro Lucena International Learning Center, Inc. Baptist Voice Bible College ALEC Learning Center Prime Elite Integrated School St. Gerard School, Inc. Growwe Learning Center, Inc. (Pleasantville) Sr. Teresa of Sto. Nino Center, Inc. AMA Computer College - Lucena City Scuola Gesu Bambino Christ the Lord Institute Foundation Inter-Global College Foundation, Inc. Harvest of Hope Foundation, Inc. Christian Academy of Lucena City Inc. Jubilee Christian Academy of Lucena City, Inc. SOUTH DISTRICT Good News Christian School Holy Rosary Catholic School Lucena Hope Academy Livingstone Christian Academy Our Lady Therese Integrated School Philippine Tong Ho Institute Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. UCCP Magill Memorial School Incorporated Philtech Institute of Arts and Technology Inc.-Lucena City CSTC College of Sciences, Technology and Communication, Inc. Love and Learn Kiddie School Inc. STI Education Services Group, Inc. - Lucena Casa del Niño Jesus de Cotta

The Transformat SDO

tional Leaders of Lucena

Jenny Curia, Elham Monteiro & Cleanthel Pennelope I. Baria

L iteracyandnumeracyareliketheyinandyangof Q uoting Carol Ann Tomlinson words, education. They tackle entirely different topics, yet, Assessment is today’s means of modifying tomorrow’s both of them go hand in hand in forming the basic instruction, it cannot be denied that assessment is a vital foundation of learning. Aiming to nurture the component in any learning process. learning competencies of Batang Lucenahins in terms Aside from having it as a basis of how the of literacy and numeracy, SDO Lucena through CID students perform in learning tasks, assessment implements Project 4BS (Bawat Bata Bumabasa resembles a lens for the educators to understand the Bumibilang at Sumusulat). This project also students learning, to identify the barriers in education answers the call of the Department of and to gauge the effectiveness of the teaching instruction. Education’s Hamon: Bawat Bata Bumabasa (3Bs Initiatives) to intensify the learners’ performance in Project LEAST (Leveling up of Mathematic, English Filipino and all other learning Elementary And Second- areas in both elementary and secondary levels. Like a ary Skills Towards Mastery) is the SDO farmer cultivating his field, Project 4BS carried out Lucena-initiated project that focuses on series of learning activities to the 58 schools in improving the division performance in the quarterly Lucena City to ensure that numeracy and reading assessment.Thiscouldbedisplayedthroughtheresultsofthe intervention/remediation will take place amidst midyear and year-end assessments as well as the school pandemic. implementation of DepEd Order No. 31, s. 2020. These activities include P4BS cum ELLN Despite the struggle of being in pandemic, Project LEAST Launching, Parents Education in the Administration did not settle for less when it comes to implementing of Phil. ECD and Reading and Numeracy Assessment, activitiessuchas:monitoringthecomplianceofschoolsonthe ParentsandTeachersEducationinTeachingEarlyLiteracy, Launching of ELLN Community Learning Pantry, P4BS interim guidelines for assessment, gathering and cum ELLN Program Implementation Review, P4BS analyzing assessment results to pinpoint gaps for possible cum ELLN Education Summit, Division Writeshop on the Development of P4BS and ELLN Instructional interventions every quarter (Pre/Post Assessment Materials, “Mga Kwentong may Kwenta” and Launch- every quarter/ Midyear and Yearend Assessment), ing of 3:00 o’clock Reading Habit using “Mga Kwentong monitoring the conduct of National assessment (EPT, NAT may Kwenta.” Combining the forces of the teachers, 6, NAT 10, ELLNA and A & E), conducting orientation on the integration of Strategic Intervention Materials in instruction, providing Division Training- Workshop on Test Construction, conducting Division Quarterly Evaluation-Workshop on Test Questions, organizing Division Webinar on Multi-Modal Assessment and providing Technical Assistance on the utilization of activity sheets/worksheets, learners’ Self-monitoring Tool and Individual Learning Monitoring Tool in the conduct of review / remediation classes. However, the pandemicprovedtobethebiggestadversityinimplementing Project LEAST. It is challenging to plan and conduct assessment when the health, safety and well-being of learn- ers, teachers, and personnel are at risk. The lack of gadgets and means of communication hinders the monitoring of the progress of the learners and the delivering of feedback. Yet, despite of these setbacks, the project can provide standard- ized test such as Pre-test, Post-test, Mid-Year and Year End Assessment. This project also trained teachers and school heads focusing on assessment, pedagogy, SIP and SIM.

Students are always told to never stop learning, to keep With the full intention that no learning areas will be left behind in terms of educating themselves and to treat every situation as an curriculum enhancement, a series of opportunity to learn more. Meanwhile, it is the educator’s role to be the activities encompassing all the facets in supplier of information and to have a cache of activities to support the learning are also administered. These learning process. That is why, the CID Unit of SDO Lucena is activities include the conduct of the continuously innovating the curriculum to support the needs of following activities namely the learners. Through Project CLIMB (Curriculum and Learning Capacity Building on the Provision of Innovations Mold Batang Lucenahin), SDO Lucena ensures that Technical Assistance in ALIVE in line with the learning needs are met through equitable access, various Curriculum Implementation and learning, and life skills activities by managing the implementation of basic Delivery, Division MUSABAQAH, educationcurriculum,specialcurriculumprogramsandsupportactivities. IPEd Program PIR, Monitoring of IPEd Implementing Schools, Division Bearing in mind that education should be readily available Virtual Training-Writeshop on the to all, Project CLIMB directs various activities covering all learning Development of Contextualized DLPs and areas. There are Capability Building in Journalism for School Paper Wordlist, Retooling of IPEd AdviserandJournalists,DivisionSchoolsPressConferenceandCliniquing Implementers on DepEd Order No. Program for RSPC and NSPC. The conduct of Schools Sports 62. s. 2011 and DO no. 32 s. 2015, Competition and Capability Building for New MAPEH Teachers in Mobilization Advocacy & Public Teaching Music offers windows of learning opportunities for both the Awareness (MAPA) through Literacy teachers and students in MAPEH Department. Meanwhile, activities Surveillance & such as Regional Science and Technology Fair, Regional Festival of Community Mapping, Monitoring Talents and Division Training-Workshop on Science Investigatory of CLCs and LCs learning sessions Project pave new learning discoveries in the field of Science and (Project AGAP- ALS GAbay sa Technology. It is also important to note that learning starts in Pamayanan), Advocacy campaign on the foundation of young minds. So, activities such as crafting of Skills Enhancement Program (SEP) intervention materials in ECD by the end of FY 2021, monitoring for Grade 10 completers through of 20 SPED Teachers on the implementation of Special Education in ALS Caravan, Division Training the New Normal and 120 Kinder teachers in Teaching Pedagogical sponsored by De La Salle Lipa, CID Approaches in Kindergarten, conducting Training to 20 SPED Pre-Planning, CID-Mid Year and Year teachers in Handling Children with Special Needs in the New End, CID PIR, Crafting of Division Normal, and Training for teachers in Teaching Pedagogical Policy Recommendation and Division Approaches in kindergarten and all learning areas were also given Festival of Talents in all Learning Areas. attention. For the secondary level, orientation to TVL Learners and Parents on Joint Delivery Voucher Program (JDVP) for Effective and By continuing these activities, there Efficient Program Implementation, monitoring the is no doubt that Project CLIMB will implementation of Joint Delivery Voucher Program provide a stair of valuable learning (JDVLP) to ensure adherence to implementing guidelines of TVL learners and private institutions were given attention. experiences to both teachers and students.

D eveloping the intellectual capability of As educators, motivating the learners will a learner will be in vain if the teaching of moral always be a part of any learning process. To values will be left behind. That is why Project recognizetheLucenahinlearnersandtheoutstanding Revive 4ML or Revisiting, Enriching and implementers of this project, there is also a Validating Ideals in Values Education for desire to develop and implement the Merit Maka-Diyos, Makatao, Makakalikasan at System of Project REVIVE 4ML. The awards to be Makabansang Lucenahin is created. This given are Project REVIVE 4ML Outstanding School project is anchored on the mandates of the Implementer for the schools which best Republic and specifically of the Department that the basic education system should develop implemented Project REVIVE 4ML, Project citizens equipped with values through Arti- REVIVE 4ML Model Learner Award for the cle XIV, Section 3(2) of the 1987 Philippine Lucenahin learners who best show and Constitution, Republic Act No. 10533, and demonstrate the 4ML (Maka-Diyos, Republic Act No. 8491. In line with the said Makatao, Makakalikasan at Makabansang mandate, Project REVIVE 4ML aims to revitalize Lucenahin), and Project REVIVE 4ML Outstanding learners’ positive attitudes in ameliorating towards Teacher Award for the teacher who exhibited and Godliness, mindfulness, resilience, patriotism, implemented the given criteria that exceeded the multicultural diversity, global expectation of Project REVIVE 4ML guidelines. citizenship and responsibility to the community, environment and the country innate to Lucenahin. Throughout the conduct of this project, one research and a local policy with Primer were already developed and implemented.

META (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance) No man is an island, especially when you are an educator. Now that we are living in a modern and fast-changing world, one of the educator’s roles is to be flexible and adaptive to the new trends in the educational system. We need all the help and assistance that we can get for us to continuously improve our teaching performance so we can fully address the diverse needs of our learners. Thus, it is very fitting that one of the projects of CID Unit is the provision of technical assistance, not only to the teachers but also to the school heads. Project META (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance) is designed to closely monitor and evaluate the ef- fective implementation of all the programs and projects cas- caded to schools through quarterly program implementation review as well as observation of classes and post conferences. Since Project META is also a response to RA 9155 stipulating that supervi- sor should oversee school heads, and in turn should supervise teachers. Supervisors regularly give professional guidance, technical assistance and learning support to enhance the instructional, supervisory and administrative competence of school heads with the purpose of improving curriculum implementation and instructional deliv- ery. In return, school heads are tasked to develop the school education program and school improvement plan which imply that they are responsible in supervising teachers among other duties. To ensure the effective implementation and operations and improve school performance, Project META is conducted through the Intensified Three-day Monitoring and Supervi- sion Scheme where EPSs and PSDSs focused on a specific school for three days to conduct its monitoring and provision of technical assistance. The focus of the monitoring and supervision was not limited to the instructional and administrative com- petence of the school heads and teaching effectiveness of the teachers, but all the domains covered in the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers and School Heads. Thus, Project META is aligned with the thrust of the Department of Education to continuously improve the quality of Basic Education and implement an efficient and effective quality assurance mechanism and reinforce the supervisory skills of instructional leaders. Yet, like the other projects, pandemic hurls obstacles in the conduct of Project META. Regular conduct of face- to-face monitoring of schools was done virtually in consideration of the risks of going to schools. However, virtual mon- itoring is also being faced with the challenge of poor internet connectivity. Likewise, the conduct of class observations became limited because only few schools offered online distance learning modality, so it is difficult to provide technical assistance without knowing the real scenario. Despite these challenges, the determination of all the EPSs and PSDSs pre- vails. There is a notable improvement on the instructional leadership and administrative leadership competence of the 100% or 58 school heads observed during the conduct of supervision and from the results of some research regarding the competence of the school heads and teachers. Another achievement that was highlighted by Project META is schools’ constant participation to various PPAs of the Department since the monitoring of its implementation. Because of its success and effectiveness, the CID Unit vowed to continue implementing Project META along with some improvement and refinement in proving technical assistance in a way that it will adopt to the new set up of learning and in consonance with the new trends of education. Utilization of Management Information System as well as continuous crafting of research relative to the project will also be part of the improvement of Project META.

CID-REAL (Contextualization, Indigenization and Development Relevant to Evaluation Assessment and Localization of Learning Resources) Learning resources is a vital tool in the teaching and learning process as they provide support in the acquisition of knowledge and skills by the students. But if these resources are not accessible and readily available to the learners, they will lose their purpose no matter how well-designed they are. CID-REAL or Contextualization Indigenization and Development: Relevant to Evaluation, Assessment, and Localization of Learning Resources, is a program of the CID UNIT of SDO Lucena that was estab- lished to improve access to quality learning resources that address the identified needs and support the improvement of learners’ per- formance target in schools. To ensure the success of the program, CID-REAL has several projects under its wings. Among the projects are Project ASSESS (Adequate School Support for Efficient and Sustainable Services in the provision of learning resources) and Project M&E: Way to Action Research (Monitoring and Evaluation of the utilization of localized learning resources) which are being conducted through monitoring the activities via online as scheduled in the Monthly and Weekly Monitoring Plan. Meanwhile, Project TWILL (Training of Writers, Illustrators, Layout artists and LREs), Project DRILL (Development & Redevelopment of Indigenized & Localized Learning Resources), Project SDLRE (School/Dis- trict-based Learning Resource Evaluation) and Project DELLR (Division-based Evaluation of Localized Learning Resources) are anchored on the QMS Learning Resource Management System (LRMS) Evaluation Process Manual and are being conducted either online or through limited face-to-face as requested by the school heads. Lastly, Proj- ect STORY (Storytelling at the Library hub) is being conducted monthly spearheaded by the SDO librarian where volunteer Education Program Supervisors and teachers serve as story writers and tellers of their own stories. Sometimes, stories of experts are also being used after their consent is acquired. With the full intent of having the learning resources fully accessible, CID-REAL managed to overcome adversities it came across in the conduct of the program. Despite having insufficient LRs allocated and delivered by the Central Office & Regional Office and not enough teachers who are willing to write, Project ASSESS, and Project TWILL successfully accomplished the conduct of activities by 100%. Identification and profiling of writers, layout artist and illustrators with appropriate terms of reference was also accomplished. Although there is a conflict in terms of schools’ time allocation in reviewing and evaluating the localized learning resources, each school has still developed Strategic Intervention Materials (SIM) and Learning Activity Sheets (LAS) which have been used as supplementary learning materials. There were developed modules used for reading remediation activities, created video lessons to address the needs brought by pandemic and developed Storybook manuscripts by storytellers. IPEd DLPs were also developed and evaluated to provide quality learning resources to Sama-Badjao learners and LASs for ALIVE for Muslim learners. Meanwhile, for the Project SDLRE & Project DELLR, an overwhelming 133% accomplishment on the expected output was achieved. All outputs were approved by the CID Chief, presented to the ASDS and SDS and submitted to the Regional Office and were then distributed to the concerned users. Thus, copies are reproduced at the school level for utilization of the learners. As stated by C.S. Lewis, the task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts, for some it is easy to let go of the students who cannot meet the needed expectations to pass their grade level but as educators of Lucena City, cutting down jungles or leaving these students behind is never an option. We will always find ways to cultivate and improve the curriculum instruction for the Batang Lucenahins. Because we know that no matter how arduous the process is, the future of our learners will always be worth it.


Seeing the beauty of sunrise is a chance to look forward a new beginning. Improving the quality client -service given by SDO – Lucena City, it breaks a new ground in preparation for ISO Cer- tification on November 20, 2017. With the intensive monitoring of the different departments like School Governance and Oper- ations Division (SGOD) headed by SGOD Chief, Dr. Epifania F. Carandang, Curriculum and Implementation Division (CID) su- pervised by the CID Chief Mrs. Josephine T. Natividad and the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent (OSDS) managed by the SDS, Dr. Aniano M. Ogayon during that time, sustaining and achieving the ISO standards, a recommended certification I took place on November 20, 2018, and with the shared efforts in t is fascinating to see how successful people solve preparing the essential documents and records among the offic- difficulties… embracing new things. Others see es as the year passes by, and through the exceptional leadership impenetrable walls as challenges to accept and obstacles to of Dr. Hermogenes M. Panganiban, the current Officer -in – conquer. Their aptitude to see beyond things outside their Charge, OSDS, the success of everyone’s effort, finally reached its capabilities in order to achieve what is intended for the people goal, a fruitful journey progressed. The SDO – Lucena City was they serve fuels their confidence in the face of challenges. Driven ISO Certified on December 5, 2018. by a challenge, passion and love for improving services and be- coming more responsive to the needs of the client, the Schools The collective experiences from beginning to the end, resulted to Division a happiness, an achievement, – comes from experiences that have Office of Lucena City ensures delivery of Basic Education services more meaning and purpose, experiences that are beyond our in Lucena City through the provision of technical assistance to own self. A challenging and worthy experiences connected them elementary and secondary schools, and implementation of better to promote the strengths of one another and embrace the education standards and policies. weaknesses around them. The hurdles may be daunting like be- ing non-compliance to the ISO Standards but delving into every Education systems have diverse types of clients, although they go detail of it overcomes their comprehension to have it by steering by different names: students, teachers, parents, and other series of seminars, rescheduling of the activities and conducting stakeholders, the service in education refers to the experience capability building, allowing all thoughts to be heard and pre- students and stakeholders have when interacted with their school. sented appropriately, to improve internal systems, enable to real- The pursuit of ISO certification is truly a worthy goal, it serves ize the aspects on improving feedback mechanism and practicing a bigger purpose – to serve a truthful and timely client-service. religiously the process of client satisfaction and documentation. With a never-ending commitment and passion of Dr. Aniano M. The year of preparation through a series of workshops and con- Ogayon, CESO V, Schools Division Superintendent, in SDO Lu- sultation opened opportunities to work together, strengthened cena City, a fire ignites and gives light to start moving forward the team and served its purpose in the achievement of the goal with the ISO 9001 Certification that promotes international stan- – delivery of effective and efficient client service and sustained dard on Quality client satisfaction. Management System (QMS). The ISO Certification of SDO Lucena City is a testament of a strong commitment in providing plans in addressing risks and opportunities that consistently provide services that comply with “Qualityiswhenthecustomerreturns,and the statutory and regulatory requirements. Being ISO-certified the product does not.” only indicates that our quality management system has been judged to be suitable and effective, but the real job begins when it is implemented consistently. – Anonymous

Strengthening ICT: The system was continually used as of the first quarter Document Tracking System of the year 2020 until the whole Luzon was placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine due to COVID-19 In compliance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements for a Quality pandemic. The DTS was temporarily unused until June 2020. The division had a difficulty meeting the unique needs of the Management System, the Schools Division Office of Lucena City aimed system due to its limited system modification. In lieu of this, to enhance clients and stakeholders’ satisfaction through improved Dr. Hermogenes M. Panganiban and Dr. Gerlie M. Ilagan processes. The SDO Lucena decided to initiate the automation of its together with the top management proposed availing a processes. One of these is in custom-made software which allowed the division to documentation, the Document Tracking System. customizethesoftwaretocateritsneedsinordertomaximizeitsuse. The enhanced Document Tracking System was then Prior to the implementation of the Document Tracking introduced to the division personnel last November 8, 2020 and by System, all incoming and outgoing documents in the division November24,2020,itwasfullyimplementedinthewholedivision. office were manually arranged, organized and tracked in the different (2020-ICT-014, “Utilization of the Enhanced Document Tracking respectiveoffices.Withthesaidsituation,manualprocessingofdocuments System in Schools). The division conducted an online evaluation affected the delivery of services, thus, productivity. It takes time to survey to assess the effectiveness of the pilot implementation on search the submitted documents and track its progress especially if the the use of the DTS from December 18, 2020 to January 13, 2021. documents have a lot of signatories and needed to be passed and The respondents (randomly selected) involved were school heads, handed down to different offices. Instead of dropping by and visiting in the teachers and division personnel. The result showed positive Division Office to follow up the development of the submitted feedback on the use of the DTS, thus, increase in productivity. documents, teachers and personnel can just track the status of their documents online in the comfort of their work area or even at home “We are what we repeatedly do. by using the Document TrackingSystem. If a thing’s worth doing, it’s Excellence, then, is not an act, but a worth doing well. -Chinese proverb. habit.” The top management headed by Dr. Hermogenes M. P – Aristotle anganiban, Schools Division Superintendent and Dr. Gerlie M. Ilagan, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent As of now, the DTS is still being utilized in the and the Division ICT Unit headed, Ms. Cristina B. Rogelio, IT Division of Lucena City. Aside from this, the ICT Unit Officer I pioneered the use and implementation of the DTS. also uses the Teacher Applicant Ranking System (Excel The Document Tracking System commonly heard and referred Format), a tool used to assist the school ranking committee in as DTS is an automated, web-based document tracking solution hiring qualified applicants. The division also uses the Online which helps the division personnel to easily manage documents Feedback with the goal of attaining specific feedback from coming from the different schools in the Division of Lucena. Every clients. SDO Lucena City also have the DepEd Lucena SGOD incoming document submitted in the Records Section was given a Unified Integrated System Partnership Database, a system specific DTS number which all DepEd Lucena personnel can use to used for partnership and linkages. The division’s platform track the flow of their documents. It contains the source, location, in promoting its programs and projects can be accessed in descriptive details and the status of a particular document. All the SDO Lucena City official website, sections and units in the Division Office have their own dashboard which office personnel use to fully manage their own database A good document system helps organize files, system. An email notification is also sent to the email address provided keeps track of all documents, speeds up workflow and in the submitted document. The owner of the document can just search improves accuracy. As SDO Lucena City marks its 50th online regarding the status of the documents such as whether it is year, we look back to its provided quality education forwarded to the respective unit or it is already approved and for release. and service and hope for a more promising future as all DepEd personnel continuously strive for improvement. As mentioned by the IT Officer I of the Division ICT Unit Head, Ms. Cristina B. Rogelio, “The use of the Document Tracking System aimed to help SDO personnel to respond immediately to queries regarding the status of the submitted documents, monitor the processing of documents, and more importantly to prompt those in charge to perform their tasks in the least possible period.” Through this, updates on the status of such documents are done in a more convenient way. SDO Lucena City launched the use of the Document Tracking System in partnership with SDO Lipa City, the system provider last December 4, 2019. The pilot testing for the Division personnel was done on December 5, 2019 and December 10, 2019 for the School Heads and ICT Coordinators. The following year, January 6, 2020 marked the full implementation of the Document Tracking System in DepEd Lucena City. (2019-ICT-028, “Implementation of Document Tracking System) Quality comes not from inspection, but from improvement of the production process. – W. Edward Deming.

TAPATAN PLUS Igniting Passion, Service and Commitment Janela Marie F. Pabellano O ne thing that gives satisfaction to educators In TAPATAN PLUS, being unable to meet the ends is no longer a sin. SDO is to prove that they have contributed something signif- TAPATAN PLUS Teams determine school icant to the lives of their students. For that reason, most situations, needs, aspirations, plans, teachers are too frantic when it comes to monitoring be- strengths, and weaknesses; provide cause they want to prove themselves. Everyone needs to enabling interventions and strategies to defend themselves by showing off what they did for their schools to help them achieve goals and learners. facilitate continuous improvement. This activity also highlights the Focus Group However, a complete turn of scenario happened Discussion mainly on school heads, when TAPATAN PLUS was introduced to SDO Lucena in teachers, students, parents, and stakeholders. 2019 by the OIC-Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Her- mogenes M. Panganiban. TAPATAN PLUS which stands Despite limited mobility due to for TAlakayan at PAnayam para sa Tapat na Aksyong pandemic, TAPATAN PLUS Teams Napapanahon Paglilingkod sa Lucenahin Unahin, Sisi- hurdled the challenge and conducted it patin, is a division-initiated program that aims to address using online platforms. To continue issues and concerns in the whole division particularly the giving technical assistance and ensure the schools. Schools were grouped according to their districts delivery of basic education services, SDO and SDO Personnel were assigned to districts to conduct Lucena implemented TAPATAN PLUS 2.0, focus group discussions and address school concerns. which is focused on the interventions based Nevertheless, this program is intended not to rate or look on the agreement from the previous year. at how great a school is but to extend help to schools with difficulties. Furthermore, this also discussed and checked the situation of the schools, particu- larly its adjustment in the Learning Continuity Plan. Moreover, through the services provided by TAPATAN PLUS 2.0, teachers can feel more motivated to continue doing their best as they know that SDO Lucena fully supports them in any educational change. Although the pandemic made a great distance among one another, it never became a hindrance in achieving goals. Indeed, many doors had closed, but many routers had opened, which made opinions be uttered and voices be heard. Through TAPATAN PLUS, passion, service and commitment are ignited because everyone’s voice matters.

UGNAYAN Connects and Reconnects Different stories, messages, and inspirations of diverse people A Ludilyn Alvasan very familiar dynamic music that resounds whenever an episode is about to begin…. UGNAYAN (Usapang Gabay para sa Napapanahong Aksyon, Yayakap sa Angat na Naisin) sa SDO Lucena plays a big role in the realization of SDO’s goals in the new normal. He also shared that the The Covid-19 pandemic posed a great impediment especially in the field of education. However, it did not stop SDO Lucena delivery of services was City’s prime movers to reach the field and make both ends meet. UGNAYAN hopes to serve as an avenue for all the SDO personnel to be aware of the improved because of the utilization of programs, projects and relevant activities implemented in the division. Likewise, through UGNAYAN, open communication is strengthened online modalities in transactions. through the discussion of issues which are addressed in real time. Head of the Production Team, Mrs. Myla K. Mendiola shared that long-distance The fifth episode was aired on communication via Zoom or other platforms and conduct of interviews with people at the comfort of their homes or anywhere they desire can be done. June 3, 2021, entitled Ugnayang Telecommunication is now possible in real time. They are not only heard but seen as well during live interviews. Even virtual rooms have been Makakalusugan. This segment installed and ICT personnel were able to upgrade their skills to adapt to the new normal. Top Management has been very supportive. This program emphasized the importance started even during the time of ASDS Girlie M. Ilagan who painstakingly supported every episode. The program caters the needs of all teachers and of COVID-19 Vaccination personnel of SDO Lucena City. Their views and stands are heard, and the Top Management is there to listen and act on matters that need prompt action. Campaign against the risks of Meanwhile, each episode of UGNAYAN was hosted by SDO’s COVID-19. Various medical most energetic and talented teachers from different schools and SDO personnel. Equally, each episode has a different relevant topic. personnel starred in this episode. September 29, 2021, when the pilot episode of Online UGNAYAN sa SDO LUCENA was aired through Facebook Live entitled Kaya ng Pinoy, Kaya ng Meanwhile, the 6th episode Lucenahin! It tackled various issues, plans and preparations for the new normal education set up particularly in SDO Lucena. Relevant Ugnayang Balik Tanaw sa mga persons from the SDO particularly OIC-Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Hermogenes M. Panganiban and ASDS Pananaw was aired live on Girlie M. Ilagan presented their plans and solutions in the new normal. This came with the hashtag #kadepednatinto. September 9, 2021. It became the opening salvo of the National Teachers Month Celebration. Some segments brought excitement and a lot of surprises to the teachers and live viewers. There were games, raffles, and quiz bee for groups of teachers from each school of the four districts about a glimpse on SDO’s history. Likewise, learners, teachers and school heads experiences and practices in the new normal were featured. SDO Lucena City aired episodes that connected and reconnected SDO The second episode focused on Saludo sa Gurong Lucenahin! aired on personnel, school heads, teachers, October 20, 2021. In this segment, SDO relevant persons answered some questions learners, parents, and stakeholders. gathered from different schools and stakeholders. True enough, every obstacle has its right solution. UGNAYAN CID Chief Josephine T. Natividad graced the event and shared the plans bridges gaps in the new normal. and programs that would best support the teachers and school heads to educate To attain our goals even in times of Lucenahin learners in the opening of classes. Some video clips of interviews from pandemic, everyone in the SDO has teachers at different schools were shown in the episode. Moreover, BHROD their vital role. Leaders who take Director Jennifer E. Lopez shared her inspiring message and provided technical charge of UGNAYAN as SDO Lucena assistance to SDO Lucena City. have shown their enormous passion for the continuity of quality education. Furthermore, an episode with the title, Ugnayang May Puso para sa Because of its positive impact to the Lucenahin featured some teachers who elaborately explained how they projects and programs of the division, support students’ learning through various activities and school programs. more episodes are still being looked Ugnayang Makalider was the first episode for 2021 aired on March 9, 2021. It forward to, ready to unleash potentials showcased the programs and projects that promote literacy and numeracy and connect more hearts and minds. enhancement. Dr. Panganiban emphasized that the SDO delivered the basic services promptly and well.

“In everything That certain value is very you do, put contagious that makes GOD first and everyone who becomes part of TBL He will direct Family imbibe . The strong support you and crown of the whole team makes it even your efforts more effective and remarkable. with success.” TBL is known for its execution during parade, ~Proverbs 3:6 participation in opening programs in different sports events and T he guiding verse keeping the billeting quarter clean and green. The well-defined steps, that put Team Bagong Lucena in loud voice, unique hand gestures, the sports limelight with so much dignifiedlook,well-wornuniforms, admiration and pride. This has creative props, and well-mannered been the mark of the team in all participation make them stand out. activities and endeavors that Not only during the pro- they do, to honor God first. The gram or conduct of events where values that the TBL Officials discipline is seen, but also in instilled among athletes, their daily routines. You will coaches, trainors and the rest be amazed how they organize of the team transcend because things; how they always keep their it is shown not only in words rooms clean; how they greet the but more so through actions. officials and even those in charge of Like a ray of light that logistics; and how the officials touches and reaches infinite maintain orderliness; most directions, the good values being importantly, how they give shared and shown reached many gratitude to the Lord and had a domino effect. The before and after eating. Respect, discipline has become compassion, and commitment part of their character and overflowastheyperformtheirtasks. eventually a culture. That important value made TBL enjoy the pride of being on top as Most Disciplined Delegation for 5 consecutive years.

In 2011, TBL was 3rd place and 2nd place in 2012. Year 2013 when Team Bagong Lucena had its first taste of victory as 1st Place Most Disciplined Delegation. This really inspired them to work even harder to prove worthy of the recognition. In 2014, no competition in that certain category was held. They remained victorious in 2015 for capturing again the 1st Place of being the Most Disciplined Delegation. Still sipping the sweet taste of victory, they remained persistent and captured it for the third time. Their efforts paid off when TBL was declared as the Most Disciplined Delegation in 2016. Not only that, TBL was also awarded as the Cleanest Delegation in the same year. Discipline among members of TBL Family has become a culture that led them to capture the 1st Place Most Disciplined Delegation for the fourth time in 2017. The undisputed TBL proved once more that they were worthy of that laurel. For the fifth time, they captured the 1st Place Most Disciplined Delegation in 2018. However, in 2019, TBL ranked 2nd as Most Disciplined Delegation because the TBL Officials did not let the delegation join the parade due to bad weather conditions. Considering the health and safety of everyone was the top priority. That gesture intensified the respect of the delegation to the TBL Officials. They proved once more that TBL is not only a delegation but a family. Many innovations sprung because of the motivation they felt in performing assigned tasks. All committees excel in doing their assignments. To capture all the efforts, sacrifices, successes, and blessings of the team, The BLEss (Bagong Lucena Express) was launched as the official newsletter of TBL in 2016. With all these notable accomplishments and recognitions, the whole Schools Divi- sion of Lucena imbibed the culture of discipline that TBL started. It has become the source of inspiration in creating the division mantra “Team Bagong Lucena, Edu- kasyon ay Una, Kultura ang Disiplina, Lucenahin, Angat Ka!” This mantra is not only indicated in the official communications of the division, not only integrated in programs and projects but engraved in the hearts of division personnel, school personnel and learners. What makes all these things happen? The value of discipline. Sharing common values, goals and aspirations being directed by leaders who implement policies and regulations worthy of emulation. Nonetheless, all these will not be possible without the good leadership of the following : Mayor Roderick A. Alcala, former SDS Aniano M. Ogayon, former ASDS Joepi F. Falqueza, former ASDS Babylyn M. Pambid , OIC-SDS Hermogenes M. Panganiban, CID-Chief Josephine T. Natividad, SGOD Chief Epifania F. Carandang and the one who started it all, the TBL’S Athletic Manager and EPS I-MAPEH Joey L. Jader. Working hand in hand with the athletes, coaches, trainors, officials, supervi- sors, school heads, parents and all the staff of TBL makes everyone win the crown of success.

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