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Judy's Diary Week 3

Published by mrsa, 2021-02-05 16:39:15

Description: Judy's Diary Week 3


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You are reading JUDY’S DIARY The newsletter for Judy’s Preparatory School. Our MOTTO: small steps…BIG CHANGES! Website: / Email:[email protected] Phone Number: 0811-966-3611 / 0902-035-0597 / Week 1 Newsletter: 1st – 5th February, 2021 A very warm welcome to the adorable Mahmood Announcements & Reminders Ibrahim into the Nursery Cuddles Class. We are To celebrate Valentine’s day this year, the delighted to have you chidren are expected to come to school dressed here at Judy’s in their home clothes and some wacky hair to Preparatory School. compliment. It is a tradition at JUDY’S to donate Welcome to an exciting early years’ experience!!!! items to the orphanage on this day and this has been successful with contributions from you, our parents. Items that can be donated are clothes, toys, learning resources and food items. Kindly speak with Ms. Joy at the reception to communicate your drop off dates and time. Thank you.

Star of the Week Anaya Nwosu –Playgroup Marble – For tracing These children have distinguished themselves in numbers and counting to 20 most areas worthy of applause this week and therefore have won for themselves the Star of the week. Jotham Osogbue- Reception Sparkle – For Read and spelling independently. Great Job Jotham!!! Ubong Usoro – Toddlers Pebbles – Actively participating in class. Daniel Ola- Nursery Cuddles – For identifying the Just for Fun numbers 1 – 40 independently and following class instructions

Parents Workshop Thank you for attending the parents teachers workshop this week. We hope we were able to provide a little insight into how we teach the children and the expectations for this term. We look forward to a collaborative session with you all. The workshop for the Toddler Pebbles class will re-scheduled and parents will be notified of the new date. Here are some of the pictures from the workshops.

Toddlers Pebbles Playgroup Marble Expressive arts and design: It was such a thrilling Literacy: We are learning to identify, sound and show moment for the Pebbles as they made colourful finger the action for the letter /t/ while also identifying it as puppets, sang and danced to ‘The Ten Little Fingers’ song. an initial sound in words. Physical Development: The pebbles had so much fun both indoors and outdoors building on their gross and motor skills. They went through the caterpillar tunnel, rode on the bikes and went back and forth on the swing. Mathematics: We sorted and counted objects according to size (Big and Small). Understanding the world: This week we learnt about foods that farm animals eat and we were delighted to know that some animals eat some vegetables that humans eat (rabbits eat carrots) .

Nursery Cuddles Reception Sparkle Literacy: We had an amazing time using our knowledge Expressive arts and design: We made a paper of letter sounds to start blending some two letter words. mat/basket using cardboard papers. Someof the words we blended are; am, an, at, as. Some of ushavealso learning to write our surnames Understanding the world: We are learning about independently. paper and things that can be made from paper. Understanding the World: We brought various opposite items from home and we enjoyed talking about them with our friends. Mathematics: We are larning about 3D shapes (solid shapes) cone, cuboid, sphere, cube, cylinder, pyramid and Mathematics: This week got us sorting objects by colour their properties. and size. We compared more quantity by more or less.

Focusing attention PICK UP & DROP OFF POLICY. Paying attention is a skill your youngster can develop Kindly be reminded that during drop off, children are over time with practice. Try these ideas to give him plenty to be handed over to an adult at the front entrance of opportunities. inside the school compound. They will be received by Tap interests: Improve your child’s concentration by a member of staff and taken directly to their classes. taking advantage of activities he loves. For instance, if he Please note that we do not allow parents/visitors enjoys snapping together tracks for his toy train, suggest inside the building during the school hours. a shape or size to make, and let him work on building it. Join in: Nothing will make your youngster want to stay During pick-up, parents are required to wait in the with an activity quite like having you play, too. Find things reception area while children brought down by their to do together that require close attention. You could try teacher. Kindly notify the school ahead if someone concentration building games like “Red Light, Green else will be coming to pick up your child. They will also Light” and Simon Says. Or pretend to be mimes, and copy be required to provide the pick-up card for each other’s moves. confirmation. Avoid interruptions: While your child is busy with a task, such as sorting his blocks by color, try not to interrupt him. Allowing him to stay focused will help him build his attention span himself. Try another: When your little one begins to lose interest in an activity, encourage him to do “one more” before he stops—attempt one more basket, try to balance on his bike one more time, put away one more book. Over time, these small increases will add up. Note: If you’re concerned about your youngster’s attention span, talk to his teacher. She can tell you if she has any challenge in that regard.♥ Worth quoting One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others… Lewis Carroll That a tigers legs are so powerful that they can remain standing even when dead.

Kindly check class Dojo on a daily basis for more pictures and updates. For feedback, comments and suggestions, please do not hesitate to use our contact details above or email [email protected] Thank you for reading and please stay safe. Mrs. Omolara Akinwolere. Director – Judy’s Preparatory School

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