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PPT FOR PDF-converted

Published by electronicsxiissmb, 2020-06-01 05:16:26

Description: PPT FOR PDF-converted

Keywords: electronics


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ELECTRONICS PAPER-1 SYLLABUS CHAPTER-I ELECTRONICS INSTRUMENTS CATHOD RAY OSCILLOSCOPE (CRO) Detail study of CRO , How a CRO displays waveform, Block diagram of CRO Front panel controls, Application of CRO. FUNCTION GENERATOR Basic element of function generator DIGITAL MULTIMETER Digital Multimeter Block diagram and details

ELECTRONICS PAPER-1 SYLLABUS CHAPTER-II DC POWER SUPPLIES Block diagram of power supply Half wave rectifier, Full wave rectifier ,Bridge rectifier, filter circuits L, LC, CLC π filter Load Regulation , Line Regulation , Zener as voltage regulator , Basic principle of voltage regulation using transistor circuit, voltage regulation using transistor current control Circuits, Three terminal regulators ,SMPS.

ELECTRONICS PAPER-1 SYLLABUS CHAPTER-III TRANSDUCERS Classification of transducers , Selection of transducers, Types of transducers, Thermistor, LDR ,Capacitive transducer , LVDT Piezo electric crystal, Loads speaker , Gas sensor ,Opto coupler.

ELECTRONICS PAPER-1 SYLLABUS CHAPTER-IV OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER Necessity of OP-AMP, Block diagram of OP- AMP, OP-AMP parameters, Linear application of OP-AMP, Inverting and non- inverting amplifier , Buffer amplifier, Concept of virtual ground , Adder , Sub tractor, Integrator ,differentiator circuits.

ELECTRONICS PAPER-1 SYLLABUS CHAPTER-V MODERN ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATION The element of communication system, Types of electronics communication, Survey of communication application, Types of electronics communication, Electronics spectrum, Concept of bandwidth, AM principle ,Modulation index and percentage , of modulation ,Sidebands and frequency domain .

ELECTRONICS PAPER-1 SYLLABUS CHAPTER-V MODERN ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATION Frequency modulator, Types of communication , Satellite communication, Concept of digital communication, Introduction to modems, Introduction to computer network, Use of fiber optics in communication, Reviews of some communication applications , Concept of FACSIMILE cellular radio and RADAR

ELECTRONICS PAPER-1 SYLLABUS CHAPTER-VI STUDYOF INTEGRATED CIRCUIT Block diagram of pin functions and application of IC 555 and IC 741

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