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Accessories NEWSLETTER N - POINT 22.04.2022

Published by urban, 2022-04-21 07:03:03

Description: Accessories NEWSLETTER N - POINT 22.04.2022


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22.04.2022 NEWSLETTER

LATEST NEWS AVAILABILITY FROM: 02.05.2022 NUVO PROTECTIVE GLASS anti shock scratch resistant rounded oleophobic edges coating Illustration crystal easy photo clear application NUVO tempered glass screen protector protects the display of your device against damage and contamination. Thanks to its special surface treatment, it does no affect the colours and the touch operation of your display. MOBILE DEVICE MODEL CODE AVAILABILITY Honor X8, black N-SKL-HO-X8-CIE 23.05.2022 Honor X7, black N-SKL-HO-X7-CIE 23.05.2022 Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G, black N-SKL-HO-M4L-CIE 23.05.2022 Huawei Nova 9 SE, black N-SKL-HU-N9SE-CIE 02.05.2022 Motorola Moto E20, black N-SKL-MO-E20-CIE 02.05.2022 Motorola Moto G31, black N-SKL-MO-G31-CIE 02.05.2022 Motorola Moto G60, black N-SKL-MO-G60-CIE 02.05.2022 Oppo A96, black N-SKL-OP-A96-CIE 02.05.2022 Oppo Reno 7 Lite 5G, black N-SKL-OP-R7Z-CIE 02.05.2022 Oppo Reno 7 5G, black N-SKL-OP-R7-CIE 02.05.2022 Xiaomi 12, black N-SKL-XI-12-CIE 16.05.2022 Xiaomi 12 Pro, black N-SKL-XI-12P-CIE 16.05.2022 NUVO FLIP CASE AVAILABILITY FROM: 23.05.2022 Illustration photo NUVO synthetic leather flip case. The case protects the phone very effectively from dust and other abrasions. Of course, the user has access to all the important connectors on the phone and can use it to the fullest extent. Inside the case, there is a handy place to store credit cards, business cards or small cash. MOBILE DEVICE MODEL CODE AVAILABILITY Xiaomi 12, black N-FPX-XI-12-CIE 23.05.2022 Xiaomi 12 Pro black N-FPX-XI-12P-CIE 23.05.2022 2 | [email protected] | +421 918 937 501

NUVO PROTECTIVE CASE LATEST NEWS AVAILABILITY FROM: 02.05.2022 flexible material shock resistant perfect cut holes phone buttons protection easy application Illustration photo NUVO protective case in an elegant design. Cases for mobile phones made of rubber are an excellent protection against bumps and scratches. They mainly protect the back of the mobile phone body, therefore we recommend adding to the mobile phone nuvo protective glass. MOBILE DEVICE MODEL CODE AVAILABILITY Honor X8, transparent N-GU-HO-X8-TRA 23.05.2022 Honor X7, transparent N-GU-HO-X7-TRA 23.05.2022 Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G, transparent N-GU-HO-M4L-TRA 23.05.2022 Huawei Nova 9 SE, transparent N-GU-HU-N9SE-TRA 23.05.2022 Motorola Moto E20, transparent N-GU-MO-E20-TRA 02.05.2022 Oppo A96, transparent N-GU-OP-A96-TRA 16.05.2022 Oppo Reno 7 Lite 5G, transparent N-GU-OP-R7Z-TRA 09.05.2022 Oppo Reno 7 5G, transparent N-GU-OP-R7-TRA 09.05.2022 NUVO SILICONE CASE AVAILABILITY FROM: 23.05.2022 Silicone – non-slip surface pleasant to the touch Polycarbonate – a solid base that provides greater resistance to shocks and falls Microfiber – soft interior that makes your phone more scratch-resistant in cases when dust or other dirt gets between the case and the phone NUVO silicone case also protects the bottom of the phone where the connectors are. Illustration photo MOBILE DEVICE MODEL CODE AVAILABILITY Xiaomi 12, blue N-SI-XI-12-MOD 23.05.2022 Xiaomi 12 Pro, blue N-SI-XI-12P-MOD 23.05.2022 | [email protected] | +421 918 937 501 3

CONCLUSION In case of any interest do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: [email protected]. We hope that the information you received by email will help you to choose the right accessories for your portfolio. We wish you a successful sale. THANK YOU ĽUBOŠ ANDACKÝ MARIAN JAZBEC EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR SALES DIRECTOR [email protected] [email protected] +421 918 689 602 +421 905 014 412 4 Ilustračné 3. priezračne 6. jednoduchá čisté aplikácia

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