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Published by Dr.Enrique Segura, 2021-11-27 15:10:33

Description: NFTOPIA


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2 About Us NFTOPIA was created to enhance the NFT purchasing experience and offer exclusive art pieces from high end profile artist on the blockchain. Simplifying the NFT space by adding elegance and sophistication by using specialized coding, and state of the art blockchain technologies to improve user experience. This project aims to solve the distortion of art collecting that is happening on other platforms. By focusing on exclusivity driven by the native token $TOPIA, designed specifically for the NFT marketplace. Our Mission Our Vision We aiming to create a premium and exclusive We want NFTOPIA to be the place where marketplace where serious investors can every art collector can easily manage easily navigate and invest into digital art. Art through the exclusive art collection that that has to be verified and carefully considered our platform offers. We want to create before being allowed on NFTOPIA. Most other an ecosystem where people can use NFT Marketplaces are heavily saturated with our native $TOPIA and enjoy the many low quality art and often do not require many benefits that our marketplace offers them. checks before an individual can sell items. We aren’t positioning ourselves as comparable or even competitive in respect to those marketplaces, as we want to position ourselves as an exclusive designer marketplace. 3 What We Do Our Main Services. Full tokenomics: total number of tokens, distribution of tokens (team, advisors, treasury, liquidity, private, presale, public rounds, etc.), vesting conditions for each distribution, etc. Description 1,000,000,000 Tokens Total 45% of total supply burned at launch 100 BNB soft cap for presale 200 BNB hard cap for presale 9% buy and sell tax 7% to marketing wallet 2% to automatically fund liquidity pool Manual weekly / monthly buybacks and burns Buybacks / burns proportionate to volume reports

4 Our product Visual side We are launching our NFT Marketplace on the BSC network, with the native $TOPIA token. Which means our transaction costs are much lower than compared to the ETH Network. We are aiming to intergrade a tier system into the platform, which people must purchase to be able to get exclusive access to premium art and more. We also will build a state-of-the-art “Pawn Shop” mode: Artists will have their art appraised by our team of specialists (this will eventually be automated), and then the art will be paid for their pawn option which will incur interest. If the pawn defaults, the art will be kept and sold on the marketplace. All 80 to 90% of the profit generated by the pawn shop will be spent in buying back the native $TOPIA tokens. All tokens generated by the profit in the marketplace will be manually burned. Last, we offer a brand new “Art Calendar” option: The feature will allow artist to upload the most up to date information on their brand and strategy, in order to self-feature pivotal drop dates and exclusive information. 5 Technical Side The marketing wallet is rerouting the 7% marketing tax into BNB instead of native $TOPIA tokens before it hits the marketing wallet. This basically means that the marketing wallet is already funded without having to sell any native tokens. 40% of the marketing wallet will always be reserved for marketing. We’re using dedicated full nodes that are deployed and running on a custom- designed distributed infrastructure, which helps ensure peak performance and uptime while confirming transactions. We’re also leveraging the power of multiple AWS instances that all spin up together and phase in / phase out as required to sustain a stable, expandable, efficient, and fast user experience on the website itself. This will be supplemented with high-speed media storage streamlined access to assets using multiple content distribution networks CDNs around the world.

6 OUR ROADMAP Q4 2021 • Launch $TOPIA Token • CMC and CG LISTING • Launch NFT Market Beta • Add Pawn Shop feature • Celebrity Promotions • Influencer Promotions • First Pack Exclusive NFTs Q1 2022 • Finish NFT Marketplace App • Add Art Calendar feature • Grand Public Debut • New NFT Packages • Exclusive Holder Rewards • High-Profile Promotions • Major Buybacks 7 Q2 2022 • NFT Staking Feature • Team Growth / Hiring TOKEN • Holder Rewards Q3 2022 • NFTOPIA Conference Planning • PromotionalBlueprintMeetings • NFT Consolidation • Marketplace Refactoring • Marketplace Optimization Q4 2022 • NFTOPIA Offices • Opening Holder NFT Rewards • Board Meeting • Plan Approval for 2023

8 Check Our Media Channels, and Get in Touch with us Twitter Telegram Instagram Website 9 DISCLAIMER The content of this whitepaper is provided for informa- tion purposes only and shall not in any way constitute investment advice or investment recommendation in any product discussed. Buy at your own risk. It is strong- ly recommended that you seek professional investment advice before making any investment decision. Any investment decision that you make should be based on an assessment of your risks in consultation with your investment advice.


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