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Published by sabrina.dikeman, 2019-08-28 11:21:17

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W ILLAMETTE VA L L E Y INFORMING AND INSPIRING REAL ESTATE AGENTS TOP PRODUCER RISING STAR CHRIS ALDRICH DeeDee Cherubini John L. Scott RE/MAX Integrity AGENTS GIVE BACK Photography by Kathryn Davidson, Kristina Mitchell Photos by Orion HomeSmart Realty Group PREFERRED AFFILIATE Ryan Murphy Marks in Time MARCH 2019

(503) 581-6052 Mendell Gosnell, CPM® [email protected] | 1365 Commercial St SE Salem, OR 97302 Oregon Licensed Principal Broker cmhYloeiaruetenrtetsr Lisa McCormick Senior Mortgage Loan Originator 503.928.8631 O. 503.931.2185 M. 280 Liberty St SE, Suite #100 | Salem, OR 97301 NMLS# 109599 Cherry Creek Mortgage Co., Inc. NMLS #3001. All rights reserved. Oregon License Number ML-4807. 2 • March 2019

THE BIG ASK... publisher’s note By Sabrina Dikeman I absolutely love printing the Willamette Valley Rising Stars: we continue to promote the up and comers. Many Real Producers each and every month! This last times, these features are REALTORS® who don’t even receive the month I spent a lot of time lunching, having coffee magazine yet because they are still getting established. Remem- and visiting with many of our Top Agents here in ber, this only goes to the top 500 REALTORS® based on produc- the Willamette Valley. Their ideas, their nomina- tion. A rising star is someone who has been in the business for tions, and referrals are priceless! Best of all, I get five years or less and is showing early signs of success. to build new friendships and forge priceless con- nections with the best and brightest REALTORS® Partners: We currently are sitting at about 20 partners of the around. I am blessed! Do me a favor and add me to magazine. We LOVE our partners and we want to expand that list your FaceBook page and “Like” Willamette Valley to be a one-stop shop for our top producing agents. Who do you Real Producers on FaceBook as well. We do a lot of know that caters well to agents and wants to work with the best promotions on that platform (with some new cool of the best? Send them our way. stuff coming) and it is a good place to get to know each other a little more. Lastly, I want to make it a priority to be at every event we do this year. There are only four “big” events a year and they are I also have a big ask of you. We are currently only industry leading events. We are planning the next event now… 11 issues into this “new” Real Producers “thing” one word…Casino Night! Details to come! Many agents walk away so we are still just getting started. This is where with a prize and a full stomach every time. The energy is top you come in. As you know, we work off of nomina- notch and it is also a good chance to rub elbows with the best of tions and referrals. This has worked really well for the best. I hope to see you there. us as we trust those we have worked with in the past and we love building the Willamette Valley We are also planning for a few more casual gatherings that RP community. You’ve probably noticed, but four we will be calling “I REALTORS®” Happy Hour. These will of our most common articles are “Top Producers,” be a 5–7 pm opportunity at a local spot to just come together “On The Rise,” “Featured Managing Broker” and as a community outside of our work day! Standby for dates “Agents Give Back.” Beyond these four, we’d love to and details! mix it up a bit here and there! For example: Who is a mentor or someone that has played a big role in Sabrina Dikeman your success? We want to share their story. What Publisher REALTOR® do you know that has a cool hobby, an 503-991-4341 amazing outside interest, excels at an athletic sport, [email protected] or has a second business that is really interesting? • 7

Substance OVERStyle 8 • March 2019

top producer Article written by: Chris Aldrich, Photos by: Photos by Orion CHRIS and watching his parent’s RE/MAX first home and it is so exciting to be a ALDRICH business grow dramatically in the 90’s. part of that.” Aldrich said. His dad entered the business in 1988 doesn’t do flashy, but the proof is in and years later had the opportunity to Although the family business has own and manage the local franchise changed over the years, today both of THE RESULTS RE/MAX Real Estate Masters. His his parents are still active in Oregon mom earned her license and joined the real estate. Although The Aldrich A second-generation real estate professional with business to help build and manage an Team is still affiliated with RE/MAX strong roots in the Salem/Keizer community, you ancillary asset management company it is no longer their family owned could say it fits Chris Aldrich to stick to the tried & which handled the property preserva- franchise. “We are very fortunate true basic-principals. Principals based on excep- tion of HUD Homes, which are FHA to be part of such a dynamic brand tional customer service and advocacy of his clients. loan foreclosures. After Chris Aldrich which is arguably one of the best real acquired his real estate license in 1998, estate brands in the world. We are “Our clients come first! We’re not price point he helped the family business primar- constantly provided top notch tools driven Realtors,” Aldrich said. “There are all kinds ily with the property inspections and and education and are challenged to of people in our community with varying real estate buyer representation in a booming Thrive personally as well as profes- needs and goals. So, we focus on treating everyone foreclosure market. “HUD Homes tend sionally and to adopt an Attitude of as valued clients and building long term relation- to be a low-end real estate transac- Abundance.” Aldrich said. ships built on trust and confidence in our expertise. tion, so we have lots of knowledge of Our transactions most often finish with clients first-time home buyer financing, down Today, the team includes Shelly Sam- turning into cherished friends and advocates.” payment assistance programs, and re- son and Chris’ wife Debbie. Shelly habilitation loans. This is a great mar- joined the ‘family business’ way back Aldrich, who leads The Aldrich Team at RE/MAX ket to be in because we have had the in the early years as Chris’ Licensed Integrity in Salem, gained an interest in real estate opportunity to work with lots of first- Assistant. They are the longest run- sales after nine years in the title insurance industry time buyers and investors and then be ning teammates within RE/MAX able to assist many clients multiple Integrity. In October they will joyfully times as their family needs and equity celebrate their 20th Team Anniver- has grown. There is a profound sense sary. Shelly now provides full real of accomplishment when buying your estate services to our clients. “She my • 9

10 • March 2019

partner and right-arm says, “I love to travel & I’m helping my youngest and without her I would get through college with the pursuit of a career in have gone crazy or Adolescent Counselling. This motivates me”. She gotten a divorce years also contributes financially to a variety of local ago.” Chris says with non-profits like Hope Station, which helps working a broad smile. Debbie class people who don’t qualify for public assistance was licensed a couple but are struggling to make ends meet. Recently she years ago and helps the provided hydro-flask water bottles to Liberty House team where needed, but to be distributed to those who receive services. She primarily works with also has served on the Integrity Foundation com- administrative duties, mittee and votes to support several charities in the special projects and cli- Marion/Polk areas with proceeds gathered from ent appreciation events. other generous RE/MAX Integrity professionals. The team shows its ap- The contributors include brokers in 6 branch preciation to customers offices and they donate to local causes they care with a variety of events about. “Each office is responsible for their own every year. From a fund, so we’re in control of the money that we summer Strawberry Shortcake Social, to a fall Pie Giveaway, and raise in the Salem and Willamette Valley area,” Christmas Santa Event. “All events are focused on our clients and Samson said. Integrity Foundation donates in such their families. It is a great way to say, ‘Thank You’.” Debbie said. a way that even seemingly small donations can have a big impact. “We really get to know the non- The Aldrich Team focuses on offering top quality service and profit and how they serve the community. It’s truly working hard for their clients. That applies to all transactions incredible to see firsthand the really important no matter the price point. “Each transaction is an opportunity to work they do in the community and just makes me build valuable relationships for life, it is not chore. It is a privi- feel good that we can come along side and help lege to be of service.” Shelly says. facilitate that effort.” Although they are considered Top Producers they shy away from The team cares about the community and knows the bright lights and public recognition. “It’s not all about me.” that making a difference and improving the lives of Chris says. Notable their commitment and service to the Salem/ those less fortunate is good for the entire com- Keizer community. munity. “A healthy community is good for us all.” Aldrich said. Aldrich and his wife are proud parents of three boys ranging from senior in high school to senior in college. Over the last three years “We have a philosophy that we were not put they have also been a host family to full-time international students on this earth to serve everybody,” Aldrich said. attending Salem Academy High School along with their boys. While “We’re not trying to be Number 1. We’re just that keeps them busy they are also involved with Salem For Refu- trying to be really good at what we do and treat gees, a group that helps refugee families transition into the commu- our clients with respect. We want to serve them nity. This organization partners with Catholic Community Services in a manner that they not merely get their hous- with the settlement of refugee families and puts a team of people ing needs met, but that they also have a sense of together to help with basic services like housing, school enrollment, accomplishment and pride. We want them to feel medical, transportation, learning English, finding employment, and empowered to get involved in this wonderful com- so much more. “Many of our ‘new friends’ are single-parent families munity and love where they live. We know that, if or large multi-generational families and need help with many of our one is worried about your families basic housing complex and often difficult to navigate community services, and it is needs, it is hard to look beyond that and see the our privilege to be of service.” Debbie says. needs of their community.” Aldrich said. Samson has a beautifully blended family which keeps her busy Serving our clients and our community, that’s really as a mother, step-mother & grandmother. YES, Shelly has 6 our thing. Home ownership is part of that but not grandchildren and counting! The oldest is 20 years and is actively the All In All. serving as a US Marine. Some say she’s a workaholic, but she • 11

on the rise By Rick Osborn Photography by Silver Dream Photography - Pamela Hagedoorn Love ClosingAT FIRST 12 • March 2019

DEEDEE CHERUBINI BITTEN BY REAL ESTATE BUG PURCHASING FIRST HOME DeeDee Cherubini fell in love with the loved it,” she said. “It was so much fun I wanted to room for open houses. The market real estate business when she was a do it over and over again, so I thought it would be a was beginning to rebound from its first-time homebuyer. good career path for me.” low in 2010 during the peak of the     Great Recession. After starting with “We bought our first house in 2010 In 2012, Cherubini, who had been working as an a couple of smaller firms in the Salem and my husband hated the process instructional assistant for the Salem-Keizer School area, she found her professional home and never wanted to do it again, but I District, earned her license and traded in the class- at John L. Scott Real Estate. • 13

“Starting out wasn’t bad,” she said. “The first year full With the current state of the local housing market, time I had 15 closings and I pretty much doubled my their venture fixing up neglected homes has been a totals after that. Because the market was still so slow, good move. This year, there are around 550 proper- I didn’t have to compete as much.” ties available in the Salem area, compared to 200   about a year and a half ago. It also gives the couple a John L. Scott has been the perfect fit for Cheru- chance to work together and have greater flexibility. bini’s professional endeavors. “It just feels like   home,” she said. After interviewing with several “It’s been a great move,” she said. “I would say companies, Cherubini describes the team at John L. financially since the market’s been so good, he’s Scott as being wonderful, helpful and friendly. done really well with fixing up the houses. So we’ll   see how the market plays out. Personally, it’s been “Technically you are working together, but you are fantastic because he used to have to commute every competitors,” she said. “I think in a lot of other of- day and be gone sometimes on the weekends. But fices, it feels that way, but not there.” he’s very self-motivated, so it’s impressive.” Now he   works close to home on his own schedule. Office camaraderie helps, but the profession is   something that truly excites her. In fact, Cheru- The couple is making it a point to get involved in bini was so taken with the business that in 2016 more community activities and nonprofit organiza- she began buying investment homes with some tions. She’s considering the Humane Society due to partners. It’s been such a success that her husband her love of animals. She already volunteers to build left the beer brewing business to work on houses houses with Habitat for Humanity. full-time.       Cherubini met her husband in the Salem area. A “My husband has done most of the work,” she said. Tucson, AZ, native, she came to Salem to attend “Our current house, it needed everything. He did all Willamette University. She earned her degree in of that except the HVAC.” Spanish and Latin American Studies in 2009. Her   husband – the couple married eight years ago – is The couple’s house improvement avocation helped a Springfield native who attended Oregon State them find a permanent place to call home. University and lived in Portland.     “We’ve purchased about five houses together,” she Now, she considers herself a permanent Oregonian. said. “And then we found the house we live in now. We   purchased it as an investment, and I fell in love with it. “It was clear he wasn’t going anywhere,” she said, We gutted it and started putting it back together.” “so I’m an Oregonian now.”   1031 Exchange Questions FREE CONSULATIONS Answered Today! Help Your Clients Use Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges to Preserve Investment Net Worth. Give Toija Beutler and her staff a call. Providing 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange Services Toija Beutler, Attorney 5665 Meadows Rd., Suite 140, Lake Oswego, OR 97035 • 503.748.1031 • Toll free: 844.414.1031 14 • March 2019


Full Roof Replacements (Single, composition or metal) Roofing Repairs • Gutter Installation & Cleaning • Moss Removal 503-446-0918 Call for a fast quote today! 16 • March 2019

2019 By Holly Sears, Shared Government Affairs Coordinator REALTOR® REALTOR® members have the op- portunity to join 1,000 of their col- Day at the Capitol leagues from around the State on April 2, 2019, at the Oregon State Capitol April 2, 2019. in Salem to stand up for real estate State Capitol Grounds industry issues. In the morning, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from the Oregon Association of REALTOR®’s Government Affairs team on legislative issues that affect yourself and your clients. In the afternoon, enjoy a BBQ lunch and then have the opportunity to attend small group appointments with your State Senator and/or Represen- tative. In 2017, over 850 members were in attendance — let’s make an even stronger showing this year! And remember, the event is FREE and includes lunch and one CE credit. Agenda (Location: State Capitol Grounds): 9:00am – Event Start 9:00–10:00am – Registration 10:00–12:00pm – Introductions, Program and Training 12:00–1:00pm – BBQ Lunch with Legislators 1:00–5:00pm – Constituent Meetings with Legislators 5:00pm – Event End Register: visit SHOUT New “Blum Real Estate” Office Open House. OUTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS This is a place for Announcements, Congratulations, and Celebrations. If you have something you’d like to submit, email sabrina. [email protected]. Congratulations Ty Hildebrand & Greg Eide Congrats on the new office! for launching Realty One Group Willamette Valley in Salem. • 17

Kristina Mitchell Life … Young & Wyld 18 • March 2019

Kristina Mitchell gives back by helping young people through volunteering with local Young Life & WyldLife agents give back By Rick Osborn Photography by Photos by Orion Kristina Mitchell – Real Estate Bro- on “sending volunteers into our com- program. Several years later, Mitchell relocated to ker with HomeSmart Realty Group in munity to develop impactful relation- Salem where she kicked off her real estate career Southeast Salem – has made a mark ships with kids.” Young Life is focused and continued working with the established Wyld- in two communities by helping young on high school and college-aged Life and Young Life opportunities in the Salem area. people build positive relationships young people. WyldLife is a version with adult role models. of that program geared toward middle “I really felt inclined to get that started in Astoria,” schoolers. she said. “When I relocated to Salem, I got involved It all started when she was living in in WyldLife at Judson Middle School. I’m also in- Astoria several years ago. A military “It’s for kids who need some kind of volved with the Young Life Mid Valley Committee, wife with a husband stationed at positive role model in their lives,” which is similar to a booster club.” Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Mitchell said. “A lot of these kids Center, she worked as a teacher’s come from homes that have some sort Mitchell’s role with the organization has included aide in the local elementary school. of spiritual element, but we embrace opening her home for meetings, providing meals Mitchell noticed a lack of positive, all kids.” and snacks for the kids and helping them raise structured activities for youth. So she funds to go to camp. The camp is located at the launched a WyldLife program focused With her oldest child in middle Washington Family Ranch in Antelope, OR, where on middle schoolers in the area.  school in Astoria, it made sense for youth from all over the United States have the Mitchell to start with WyldLife, and opportunity to participate in Young Life activities, Young Life is a non-denominational a local high school teacher there was such as play in a water park, ride mountain bikes, Christian organization that focuses working to start a local Young Life play basketball, attend concerts, complete a ropes • 19

course and engage in a lot of other fun outdoor activities in a healthy, positive environment. Fundraising activities often consist of parents pay- ing kids to do yard work and other odd jobs. Mitchell’s oldest daughter, Kaylee (now 19 years old), went through the program, and now her 13-year-old son, Landen, the youngest of the bunch, is in the eighth grade at Judson Middle School and just about to enter high school. Mitchell’s 17-year- old daughter, Makena, is a junior at Sprague High School but hasn’t been able to participate in Young Life as much due to work and school commitments. “I’ve been focused on middle school, but next year Raising teenagers is the hardest job ever, when my son gets to high school, I’ll probably do a and it’s definitely not something you can lot more with the high school,” Mitchell said. take lightly. My devotion to my family is definitely a top priority and, as a military Each meeting consists of fun activities, followed wife, supporting my husband and trying by a more structured program of activities. They to be there for him as well. talk about God as a group and then break up into two groups – male and female – with leaders of the Shortly after Mitchell received word she would receive the scholarship, she same gender to talk about issues they are facing found out that her husband was being deployed. It was good timing. The de- and how life is going. The adults provide ongoing ployment was especially hard on the family, and it was positive to have Mitch- emotional and spiritual support, as well as a posi- ell home more often while she studied, instead of being out at work.   tive influence. “It was really good I could be home with the kids while I was studying because “Our house is not tiny, but it’s not huge by any I think they needed me more than they ever have,” Mitchell said. “Raising means,” Mitchell said. “Last week we had around 12 teenagers is the hardest job ever, and it’s definitely not something you can take boys show up. We have a ping-pong table in the ga- lightly. My devotion to my family is definitely a top priority and, as a military rage and a NERF basketball setup in the entryway, wife, supporting my husband and trying to be there for him as well.” so we move the furniture out and play basketball and have competitions.” One of the biggest challenges moving forward will be finding a meeting location that will fit everyone while continuing to secure as many leaders as pos- sible, as well as financial resources to camp. In her working life, for the past two and a half Since moving to Salem, HomeSmart has provided a great opportunity for years, Mitchell has found her calling as a real estate Mitchell. She had known Jim Sparkman, Principal Broker and owner of broker with HomeSmart Realty Group. She earned HomeSmart, for several years, and he served in the military with Jim Mitchell. her real estate license while her husband of 20 She applauds the training that’s been provided to her. years, Jim Mitchell, was deployed to the Middle East for military service. Today, he’s a colonel with “They have great training here,” she said. “I just felt so much more confident the Oregon Air National Guard. Mitchell had her going into the business with a company that does a lot of education.” real estate studies covered through a military wife scholarship program. Because of her status as a military wife who has moved a lot of times in the line of duty, Mitchell is finding her own business niche with military families. “I prayed that if I was supposed to get into real Soon she plans to get a special certification to help military families secure estate, I’d get that scholarship to get my license and homes, but she already knows most of the ins and outs of that process through quit my job as an instructional assistant,” she said. personal experience. 20 • March 2019

“I’m just taking it day by day, and being grateful ell said. “They’ve had it so easy. Yeah, their dad’s been gone a lot for military I’ve been able to be a military wife and help other service, but they’re so blessed. I want my kids to understand the realities of life.” military families I’ve been able to help with my real estate business because it’s a natural market for An active mom, Mitchell also travels a lot to watch her oldest daughter, Kaylee, me,” she said. “I’ve helped several military families compete in college athletics. The Sprague graduate is attending Seattle Pacific get into homes, and they’ve been fantastic at refer- University – the same school where Mitchell, an Auburn, WA, native, earned ring me and sharing my business cards. I’m grateful her degree in psychology – on an athletic scholarship. Kaylee competes on for that. I do think my experience as a military wife the cross country, indoor track and field and outdoor track and field teams at outweighs any certification I can get, though.” Seattle Pacific. Her cross country team just received word it has qualified to compete in the NCAA Division II Cross Country National Championship in Mitchell also has been able to find other ways to Pittsburgh. Mitchell plans to attend to support her daughter. be involved in the community beyond Young Life, WyldLife and work. She’s helped with the Sprague Between all of the work and family responsibilities and the challenges of being High School graduation party and continues to seek a military wife – even though Jim is based in Salem with the family, he travels out opportunities helping kids. She and her family to Kingsley Air Base in Klamath Falls often – Mitchell continues to find time to look forward to participating in some community selflessly be there for other families’ children in the community through Young volunteer work during the holiday season to help Life and WyldLife. the less fortunate. “It’s important for young people to have positive, trusted role models they can “I’m trying to make sure that my children are aware connect with,” she said, “just to help guide them through this rollercoaster ride of the hardships so many people go through,” Mitch- of teenage life.” • 21

CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL SPECIALIST (CRS) DESIGNATION In our fast-paced world, clients need more than just 16 hours of education through the Residential Real Estate Council. Those can a real estate agent; they need a professional. Some- one who has had the best training offered, who be classroom training or online courses. thinks outside the box, who knows all the details of buying and selling real estate in this new real estate   world. They need a Realtor who has the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designation. The first step is to join the Residential Real Estate Council, followed by taking   The Residential Real Estate Council awards the the required education. Oregon offers at least four classes per year, rotated CRS designation to experienced Realtors who have completed advanced professional train- around the state. Realtors are encouraged to take classes not only outside of ing and demonstrated outstanding achievement in residential real estate. CRS agents are in the their hometown, but also out of state in order to get out and network, meet top 3% of all real estate agents in the United States and average 25 closings per year, compared other agents, make connections. When one CRS agent has a client moving to to 11 for standard Realtors nationwide.   another area, those connections will be at the top of their mind. Who wouldn’t There are two paths to take to obtain the CRS des- ignation, the 60/30/30 Program or the Pro Pro- want another referral check or two per year? There is a cost to join. And yes, gram. Obtaining the CRS designation with the 60/30/30 Program requires a Realtor to have 60 the agent pays for the classes. The CRS designation would more than pay Transactions or $30 million in volume over the most recent three years and 30 hours of education for the time and money to obtain the designation, tenfold. through the Residential Real Estate Council. These hours can be completed by attending classes offered   certified residential specialist designation - Google Search.pdf through the Realtor’s state Residential Real Estate An agent that is part of the worldwide network of Saved to Dropbox • Feb 1, 2019 at 8A53 AM Council, online courses, and/or attending Sellabra- tion offered every February. The Pro Program is for CRS agents will gladly pay a referral fee to another Realtors that have been licensed over 10 years. It requires 150 total transactions or an average of $1 CRS agent because of the high standards they have million per year with at least 40 transactions, and achieved. Once a part of CRS, getting involved is key 22 • March 2019 and marketing to the new contacts that are made. CRS agents get out what put in. Leads happen daily through social media. Follow Oregon RRC: Facebook- Instagram- SEE MORE Wisconsin REALTORS® Association   Wisconsin REALTORS¨ Association: CertiÞed Residential Specialist ... The CertiÞed Residential Specialist (CRS) is the professional designation offered by the Residential Real Estate Council. The highest designation awarded ... Images may be subject to copyright. Learn More Sign up and start the CRS journey at New members are added to the national site where all the magic happens. Go to Residential Real Estate Council Releases '… Intel Logo PNG Image - PurePNG | Free tra… SRS & PSA Boise area real estate, Vince a… oregon to see what Oregon RRC Leadership is up to and new-logo - CRS conß Logos CRS Centre Logo Ð CRS Business Systems out all the posted classes and events. Sponsors Ð 2018 AREAA Global & Luxury … CRS Logo Pos RGB - All Children Reading… CRS Inc. (@CRRSinc) | Twitter CRS | Brands of the Worldª | Download v… CRS | Brands of the Worldª | Download v… Controlled Release Asia Meeting Ð Hosted … Marianne McNally, Certified Residential Real Estate Specialist, CRSSpecialSecondCollectionÐCatholicRelie… CRS Ñ Worldvectorlogo crs-2008-winter_CRS-LOGO-concept1 | th… ß Current Region 12, Regional Vice President for the Residential Real Intel tackles Þrmware vulnerability issue Estate Council, RRC Past-2018 State of Oregon President for theIntelreportsrecordrevenuesforfourthqu… Intel Logo - Download Free Vector Art, Sto… Color-of-the-Intel-Logo - Precision Compu… Residential Real Estate Council, RRC

Websites That Get FOUND! • Search Engine Oppmizaaon • Branding and Graphic Design • Copywriing and Content Creaaon • Photography and Video Produccon Foremost Marketing and Media 503-910-5686 Do you have a new listing that needs cleaning? Residential & EFFICIENT Commercial OIL TANK DECOMMISSIONING All Natural Products E -One-Time Cleanings BILL GOFF CONSTRUCTION -Move in / Move Out OI L TA NK RE M OVA L • LO C AT I N G • T ES T I N G … -Weekly & Bi-Weekly Services SOIL REMEDIATION • ABANDONMENT • CLEAN UP … Turn to Bill Goff Construction for all your environmental consultation needs. Count on our licensed, bonded, and insured business for your … 503-779-5906 environmental consultation. [email protected] 503-559-8670 • CCB #52834 • 23

Real Estate Photos Video Home Tours Client Tessmonial Videos Aerial Services MarksInTimeBoPokhonloinetaot: 24 • March 2019

2019 REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY FORECAST BY OREGON MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION OF SALEM Article Written by: Katrina Albers “Last year was the first year that real importance of recognizing opportu- estate sales decreased since 2010,” nity. He is also on the board of the The Oregon Mortgage Association of Salem hosted stated Matt Mahoney with Home- National Association of Mortgage an event in January to discuss what is on the horizon Star Real Estate. There continues to Professionals. He states that as real or real estate in the upcoming year. The panel speak- be high demand with a low supply estate professionals, it is important ers covered four different aspects of the industry: of homes for buyers. The amount to understand risks and opportuni- real estate, mortgage, escrow, and appraisals. of brokers in the area is continually ties. Regardless of what the market is rising and the amount of transactions doing, there are always opportunities. Patricia Nuttbrock, Escrow Operations Manager per broker is decreasing. A few things One underutilized opportunity is VA for Fidelity National Title started off the event by to take note of: the amount of cash loans; Chris stated that one in four speaking on the continuing rise of wire fraud and buyers has increased as well as the Oregon residents are veterans and how to best protect clients. She emphasized the popularity of investment properties, not nearly enough of them have taken importance of not forwarding wire instructions and rent prices remain high which is advantage of what VA loans offer. through email and to be sure to communicate with driving home sales. For 2019, Matt ex- Rental and investment properties are clients thoroughly. Fraudsters are targeting emails pects the economy to slow down but also areas of opportunity, Chris notes, to intercept communications about wire transfers, rates are still better than they were and now is the time for hesitant escrow closing dates and any information pertain- this time last year. sellers to get rid of their higher end ing to real estate transactions. Patricia mentioned homes, as prices will continue to de- that a safe option is to use cashier’s checks in lieu Salem’s job market continues to stay crease. Another area of opportunity of wire transfers and stated that if a wire transfer strong and with Amazon coming in, that he emphasized was the realm of is going to be made always have a client confirm the this should remain the same through technology as real estate technology wire instructions with the escrow officer over the the year. We should continue to see has become better each year, and so phone with a known number of contact. more out of state buyers as well as has the communication from the Con- Portland buyers. Due to land prices sumer Financial Protection Bureau. Following warnings about wire fraud, James Ba- and building costs, new home con- While the market is volatile, there is umberger, Chief Executive Officer of First Choice struction will likely be in the mid always room for opportunity, growth Appraisal Management commented on what he sees to high price range and we will see and new relationships. in the future for appraisals. James expects 2019 more remodels instead of new home to remain a stable year, similar to 2018. He claims purchases. Matt also believes that as If you would like to attend the next we should expect an increase of desktop apprais- interest rates increase, buyers are OMA event, please add these dates to als, which will be done through tax records and the going to shop more and mortgage your calendar! multiple listing service without a physical inspection lenders will be limited by their rates of the property. This will streamline the appraisal and fees. OMA Mixer on April 11 at Tsunami process and will decrease costs. James was optimis- Taproom from 4:30–6:30. tic about this year’s market but stated that the only Loan officer Chris Bettis rounded Poker Pub Crawl on June 20 Down- thing we can control is ourselves. He made an appeal out the panel by speaking on the town Salem – Time and Locations TBA to take time to increase education and communica- tion in order to improve value for the clients. • 25


Ryan Murphy, of Marks in Time Photography, was born and raised in Albany, Oregon. His parents also still live in the area, although his Dad is originally from Detroit. Ryan’s wife of four years, Jacqui, is from Phoenix and the couple just recently had a baby girl…six-month-old Betty Rose. “We wanted her name to mean something so we named her after Jackie’s grandmother Betty and my mother Rosetta. What an amazing blessing she is,” exclaims Ryan. “Our family is completed with our three cats, Peekaboo and Firecracker, which Jacqui brought with her from Arizona, and our adopted cat Kiki, who came with our house.” • 27

business sponsor spotlight done in the frame that meets your needs. We are also a Zillow Certified. Meaning our client’s videos By Sonja Gumber are uploaded to Zillow where a lot of buyers look. Photography by Marks In Time We are one of only two companies that offer this service. Marks in Time Photography is your one- Growing up in Albany, Ryan attended I had a starter camera, Rebel XT, stop shop for everything you need to market your a private Christian school, Standard and the pictures weren’t the best but listings with photos, videos, web tours, and more. Christian School, through his church. improved with each listing Dave sent My goal is to offer something for every listing from His class was very small, four to be my way. After a while, real estate fixer-uppers to million dollar mansions.” exact, but states that it was a great photography began to fund my radio   experience. After graduating he went career.” Ryan jokes. “We have an amazing staff that offers highly profes- straight into the workforce, start-   sional products.” Ryan continues, “David Langley, ing with a job at Target then moving Out of those experiences, Marks in our editor, went to film school and turns out top into selling cell phones at Costco. Time Photography was born. “It was quality work and has brought our video game up His next job was one that would set a great side hustle even though I only over the past year since he’s joined my team. He re- his future into motion…selling cars. had Dave as a client, but he began to ally makes the video tours flow so the home makes Admittedly he said, “I was terrible sing my praises to other agents in the sense to possible buyers viewing our tours.” at it.” But through a series of events office. I truly enjoyed what I did so I   and clients, he found his way into the worked on improving my business. With more ways than ever for people to book and audio production/IT manager of a As time went on I was able to expand schedule, it’s easy for realtors to integrate their radio station by way of someone sell- the services I offered to my clients. business model into Marks in Time. “People can call ing ads to the car dealership. He used Initially, I started it as a need to help or text 866-RE-Photo or book online at our website to run sound tech at his church so he support my family and it turned into a We also inquired about any open positions at real passion. I’ve always had a service do testimonial videos with happy clients for the the station. Surprisingly there was mentality. I asked myself, how could I realtor’s social media and websites. This has been a one. In Ryan’s opinion, this would be make these realtors’ life easier? So I very effective tool in showcasing a realtor’s service. a much better fit for him. But little studied and practiced and became an We are very affordable. I try to make sure, that did he know how many more doors it expert in my field.” even though we have grown, we keep our pricing would truly open.   affordable for everyone. We do not measure square   When asked what is unique about his feet or count photos. We don’t limit the number of While working for the radio station company Ryan says, “We are now photos either, we will take as many as the project he became acquainted with Dave a full-service production company. requires. We now have three photographers in the Pautsch with Remax Realty in Albany. We have a super fast turnaround and field which makes scheduling quick and easy. My “Dave was looking for someone to offer next-day, same-day, and even goal is to save the realtors time and help them grow take real estate photos for a listing weekend services. We have a whole their business.” he had, and I thought, I could do that. system in place to get your project   “Lastly, I would like to thank all our clients for al- lowing us to help them market their listings as we are thankful for every opportunity. I have made it my goal to make sure Marks in Time Photography gives back to the community and this year we were proud to sponsor Family Building Blocks Untapped fundraiser and the Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s.”   If you are looking for a media production company to help you win more listings and help sell them fast, give Ryan and his team a call!   Marks in Time Photography 866-737-4686 (866-rephoto) [email protected] 28 • March 2019


Simple Ways To SaveOn Your Household Expenses financial fitness By N2 Staff Writer, Elizabeth McCabe Looking to curb your monthly expenses? Become Lay Off the Lattes a penny pincher! Here are a few simple tips to save Are you a latte lover? If you can’t resist the drive-thru for your on your household expenses. caffeine fix, invest in a Keurig instead. It simply makes sense. At an average of $4.45 for a specialty drink, a Keurig can make a specialty cup of coffee for $1.33 or less. Banish Boutique Gyms One of the latest trends in fitness is going to boutique gyms for Pi- lates, yoga and barre. Individual classes can range anywhere from $12 to $40. Monthly memberships can set you back even more. To save money, consider a gym where classes are included in the price. Or better yet, do your workouts at home or a local park. The health of your Brown Bag It family matters. Are you used to eating out for lunch? Brown bag it instead! With an average meal costing at least $10, it can add up to a few Up to 45% of the air you breathe hundred dollars each month. Adopt a healthier lifestyle and save comes from your basement money by packing your lunch. Reserve eating out for special oc- or crawlspace. casions instead. Call today for your free inspection. Lose the Landline 30 • March 2019 Are you still paying for a landline? Save money by losing the landline and relying on your cell phone instead. Say goodbye in the process to telemarketers who often call landlines. Cut the Cable Is your cable bill costing you an arm and a leg? Cut it out. The options are endless for those looking for entertainment. With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling TV and more, you could save on your entertainment cost. Life is too short to see your money go down the drain. With a few simple tweaks to your spending habits, you can save on your monthly expenses. • 31

calendar of events SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY MARCH 24 25 296 03 04 05 10 11 12 MVAR – Government Affairs – Political Action Committee Meeting 12–1 p.m. 17 18 19 MVAR Board of WAOR General Directors Meeting Membership Meeting 9:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m. 8:30–10 a.m. 24 25 26 32 • March 2019

WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 27 28 01 02 06 07 08 09 GRI - Business Communication (MVAR) 9 a.m.–4 p.m. 13 14 15 16 MVAR General PCAR Directors Meeting MVAR Executive 23 Membership Meeting   9:00 a.m. start time Committee Meeting 8:30–10 a.m. MVARCF Board of Directors 8:30–10 a.m. Meeting 20 9–10 a.m. 22 NWAR Board of Directors Meeting 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m. 21 MVAR Special Events MVAR Outreach and Public Committee Meeting Relations Committee Meeting 9–10 a.m. 9–10 a.m. MVAR Professional PCAR General Meeting Development Committee 11:45 a.m. start time Meeting 12–1 p.m. 27 28 29 30 31 • 33

MARCH schedule details Thursday, March 7, 2019 Thursday, March 14, 2019 Wednesday, March 20, 2019 GRI - Business Communication (MVAR) MVARCF Board of Directors Meeting MVAR Special Events Committee Meeting 9 a.m.–4 p.m. 9–10 a.m. 9–10 a.m. CE: 6 hours MVAR Office MVAR Office  Speaker: Barbara Canaday 2794 12th St. SE  2794 12th St. SE OAR Training Room (Second Floor, to the Salem, OR 97302 Salem, OR 97302 right at the back end of the hallway) 2110 Mission St. SE Thursday, March 14, 2019 Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Salem, OR 97302 NWAR Board of Directors Meeting MVAR Professional Development Tuesday, March 12, 2019 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m. Committee Meeting MVAR – Government Affairs – Political Mt. Angel FestHalle 12–1 p.m. 500 Wilco Highway Northeast Action Committee Meeting Mt. Angel, OR 97362 MVAR Office 12–1 p.m. 2794 12th St. SE Friday, March 15, 2019 Salem, OR 97302 Chair: Patrick Sieng MVGAC Director: MVAR Executive Committee Meeting Holly Sears Thursday, March 21, 2019 8:30–10 a.m. MVAR Outreach and Public Relations The GAC meetings are open to all members MVAR Office who are interested in getting an update on 2794 12th St. SE Committee Meeting local issues that could affect your business. Salem, OR 97302 9–10 a.m. MVAR Office  Monday, March 18, 2019 MVAR Office 2794 12th St. SE MVAR Board of Directors Meeting 2794 12th St. SE Salem, OR 97302 Salem, OR 97302 8:30–10 a.m. Wednesday, March 13, 2019 MVAR Office Thursday, March 21, 2019 General Membership Meeting: 2794 12th St. SE PCAR General Meeting Salem, OR 97302 Speaker: TBA 11:45 a.m. start time CE: 1 hour Tuesday, March 19, 2019 Oak Knoll Golf Course WAOR General Membership Meeting 8:30–10 a.m. 6335 OR-22 Salem Scottish Rite Center 9–10:30 a.m. Independence, OR 973051 Adair Clubhouse  4090 Commercial St. SE NW Clubhouse Pl Salem, OR 97302 Corvallis, OR 97330 Thursday, March 14, 2019 PCAR Directors Meeting 9:00 a.m. start time All are welcome Windermere – Dallas 34 • March 2019

CUSTOM KITCHEN SALES Willamette Valley Appliance Sales & Service All Major Appliance Brands! Refrigerators | Freezers | Ranges & Cook-tops | Washers & Dryers | Dishwashers | Microwaves & More! (503)390-0161 4101 River Rd N | Keizer, OR 97303 Factory Authorized Sales & Service • 35


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